Charles Payne – Keynote Address

  • Laurie Davis

    Love what he says about upward mobility…..believing you could be better off and wealthier than you are. He speaks of it as an American value and I agree. My Grandparents were from Scotland, part of the British Isles . My Grandfather was a good man, worked hard as a miing engineeer even after he came to the USA however, he always reminded his children that they should remember to "keep their place in society and not to want anything else"….a result of the class system he was raised in.

    Charles reminds us that we are Americans and we believe everyone can be successfull if they work to do so. Love this man…… watch him whenever I can.

    I love Charles Payne….. watch him whenever I can. He has incredible insite and the ability to relate to his audience.

  • damon beckett

    Charles Payne? Isn't he the Charles Payne who voted for obama?