David Horowitz Talks With Larry Levin

  • LarryShepherd

    David Horowitz is correct in the assumption that war will break out in Israel once a Palestinian state is declared. To assume that statesmanship might prevail on the part of the Palestinians, is just so much hopeful thinking. With Egypt's government toppled and potentially controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, along with attacks against the other mostly secular states of Jordan and Syria, the potential for a large scale conflict is fast approaching. The United States government has always been a major supporter of Israel's struggle to exist. But, the current administration in Washington has been sending mixed signals concerning Israel in its struggle to work with the Palestinians. These signals can do nothing but encourage the radical elements throughout the Middle East to rise up and reclaim the very ground of the Jewish nation. This assumes that one would have to consider this to be a 'land grab' acquisition, but they would be missing an important point: Israel's enemies long for the destruction of Israel as a people. Soon, the nations and citizens of the world will be given a choice: Support Israel and allow them to continue as a free people, or turn our backs and watch them die. The choice is that clear. The time for attempts of diplomacy and talking heads will soon be over. Will the West come to the defense of a significant ally? Will we allow the genocide of the Jewish people? Should the unthinkable occur, at least this time the world cannot say, "We didn't know!"