David on The Sean Hannity Show

  • Tired_of_Ignorance

    Bob Beckel calls himself a "christian", yet he just can't seem to let go of the lunacy and satanically-inspired con game known as modern liberalism, better known as "progressivism". If there is a better case on this earth for "wolves in sheep's clothing" would someone please tell me what that example would be?

    Beckel calling Alinski "one of the great men" has to be a new lesson in blind ignorance, even for the babbling Beckel. Again, Beckel is supposed to be a christian now, and he gives accolades to a person who credits satan for his inspiration for Alinski's rebellion against "the establishment", and also gives credit to satan as the "original rebel." It's beyond my comprehension!

    It seems somewhere deep down there is some hint of political/societal salvation for Bob Beckel. Yet, just as I start "feeling" human compassion for brother Bob he again opens his alligator mouth and allows it to overload his hummingbird rear end!

    It is truly sad what a near-moron this water boy – and part-time Stepford Wife for the democrat party — Bob Beckel was, is and continues to be.

    It becomes all too apparent what the bible means when it states "If possible, even the elect of God will be deceived," and "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."

    That is if, Bob Beckel truly had the transforming experience he claims. Of course, that's between Beckel and God… I for one hope for his sake his "conversion" was truly real, and God will eventually open Mr. Beckel's eyes to the darkness hiding behind the trees he's chosen to place in front of satan's forest.

    God is neither democrat nor Republican. But I can assure Mr. Beckel of something else God isn't… God isn't a socialist/progressive/communist. Even if God were, he's God. He can surely control himself and end the entire argument over fairness, justice and power. Unlike mankind, who cannot even control the most sobering of life's aspects… death!

    Anyone ever notice how even God himself doesn't force his principles or his power on humans? God allows each of us to make our own choices as to what we will believe or blind ourselves to… what we will accept or reject… whether to seek power over others or to love them as true brothers and sisters.

    Love doesn't seek to control. Love doesn't manipulate in order to further one's agenda. Love isn't selfish, it's selfless. Love gives after it has received, as opposed to taking because it didn't receive. God knows only love, and there are no lies or deception to be found in God.

    Leftists do none of the above. How Bob Beckel can continue aligning himself with this bunch of immature, narcissistic, power-hungry bunch of touchy-feely, sometimes psychotic tyrants — who use people's misfortunes (mainly the poor) in order to further their own selfish agendas — is far beyond my comprehension.

    I'm starting to think Mr. Beckel has a screw loose somewhere up there in that thick head of his.

    If there's anything Ronald Reagan did that I'm starting to disagree with it would be de-institutionalizing mental illness. If he hadn't done that, most of these leftist nut-balls would be where they should be… getting help in a hospital for their problems.

    God could open their eyes — except in the case of Bob Beckel, apparently — but he can't if they want to make believe he doesn't exists.

    Mr. Beckel… please open your eyes, and let go of that democrat party romanticism you seem to hold to tighter than life itself. The left is destroying this once God-blessed nation… and indeed the entire world. The class warfare started by these sanctimonious, disingenuous bunch of dividers is criminal.

    "Hello, earth to Bob Beckel!"

    Or maybe that should be, "Hello, heaven to Bob Beckel!"