In Britain, Muslim Police Don’t Have to Defend Jews

  • Tzila

    Perhaps it's a good thing that this Muslim policeman refused. I would imagine that the Israeli security there is somewhat relieved.

  • Anamah

    Where have they flushed out the Great of Britain? I could assure you than once upon a time it was really Great, some Britannic had some kind of greatness… but sadly not any more. This Kingdom, the whole country have been thrown away into the sewers all of them are going to be erased from history, and never anybody will remember anything about this imaginary place with no dignity.

  • theleastthreat

    Does that apply to Dr's too? EMTs? Fire Fighters?

  • Ron Carnine

    As a retired police officer I find this highly offensive. Since when are the police allowed not to protect her Jewish citizens? The police services should fire this officer immediately and any other cop who holds this belief. The leadership of the police needs immediately to take action to remove this blight, the attitude and action, and to make sure that official policy points out the responsibility of all officers to serve all citizens of this once great and now cowardly nation. Adolf Hitler is alive and well and living in England.


    Well, I guess he has the right to follow his own religion rules because if we look at this the other way round where a Jewish cop for instant is given the duty of guarding a Muslim council or embassy, he will with no doubt refuse it. Now tell me he is free to do so just cause he is Jewish!

    • 5280crazy

      You can't make a point using your imagination, stick to the facts.
      COME ON MAN!

  • Gwawr

    Sorry hana, we're not buying it.

  • Adam

    You are simply putting out the same old Islamic lies. The most hateful, intolerant societies on the face of this planet are Islamic. There is not one Islamic nation where non-muslims live free of persecution and harassment. 80 years ago, Turkey had a non-muslim population of 20%….today non-muslims are less than 1%. The same holds true for every other nation where Islam gains a majority. Non-muslims are attacked and persecuted until they either convert or leave.
    Secular & non-muslim nations have an obligation to their own citizens to prevent that from happening again. Stop the Islam from spreading it's poison any further!!

  • Sam

    another islamic fairly tale