American Liberals and Iranian Mullahs Peddle Fear

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At the time that Fear, Inc was published, for example, Hamas-linked CAIR announced that it had almost reached its goal of raising $650,000 during Ramadan – well over twice the annual budget of, one of the groups the report singles out for attack. The Center for American Progress receives $38 million per year, or almost 100 times the budget of from George Soros and other left-wing sources. As one of the report’s targets observed, “It’s pretty rich that the Center for American Progress, whose 2009 budget was $38,187,695, focuses on 8 organizations receiving about that sum over a period of nine years.

Fear, Inc. focuses on the funding received by five individuals – anti-Sharia attorney David Yerushalmi, scholars Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes, investigative reporter Steven Emerson, and Center for American Security head Frank Gaffney. As journalist Daniel Greenfield notes, “ The Muslim world often blames its problems on the Jews, and Fear, Inc, … does the same thing by claiming that five men, three of whom are Jews (a fourth is employed by a Jew – as the report notes — and receives underwriting from two more Jews), have turned Americans against Islam.”

Fear, Inc.’s distortions start with the description of these five individuals as “the anti-Muslim misinformation scholars we profile in this report.” None of the named individuals has ever attacked Muslims as such, and no credible evidence is provided in the report that they have. All five have been critical of Islamic policies, regimes and political parties that oppress Muslim women, Muslim gays, Jews, Christians and other minorities, suppress freedom of speech and religion, and conduct or endorse terrorist attacks on their religious and political enemies.

Like the New York Times before it, the Center for American Progress attempts to establish guilt by association of its targets with the ravings of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik: “While these bloggers and pundits were not responsible for Breivik’s deadly attacks, their writings on Islam and multiculturalism appear to have helped create a world view held by this lone Norwegian gunman that sees Islam as at war with the West and the West needing to be defended.” But in fact it is Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Muslim Brotherhood who see Islam as at war with the West, and there is no patriotic American who does not recognize that America and the West need to be defended. There is no comment in the report on this, since its agenda, like the Brotherhood’s, is to silence critics, not to answer them.

Fear, Inc. singles out the most prominent moderate Muslim in America, Zuhdi Jasser, and condemns him because he “dangerously and incorrectly labels mainstream Muslim-American organizations as subversive.” But the mainstream Muslim-American organizations Jasser has criticized – CAIR, the Muslim American Society, the Islamic Society of North America and the Islamic Center of North America,” are all Muslim Brotherhood fronts. The report also calls “inaccurate and perverse” Robert Spencer’s statement that Islam is “the only religion in the world that has a developed doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates violence against unbelievers and mandates that Muslims must wage war in order to establish the hegemony of the Islamic social order all over the world.” What the report does not do is offer evidence that this is not the case. This is particularly revealing since it is matter that can be objectively verified: all the mainstream Islamic sects and schools of Islamic jurisprudence do indeed teach that the Islamic umma must wage war against unbelievers and subjugate them under the rule of law. The report does not – and cannot – produce evidence of mainstream Islamic sects or schools that do not teach this.

Scholar Daniel Pipes is accused of defaming CAIR, an organization four of whose top executives have been convicted of terrorist activities. “Without corroborating evidence, Pipes smeared the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, in an article called ‘CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment.’” No specifics are offered as to how Pipes smeared CAIR or how the 7700- word, heavily footnoted article failed to provide “corroborating evidence.”

Such false claims appear throughout the report with no attempt by the authors to substantiate them. “Numerous times,” as critic Mark Tapson observes, Fear, Inc. condemns the “Islamophobes” for claiming that the majority of American mosques are radicalized and preach violence.” The claim appears in David Yerulshami’s study “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques,” which Fear, Inc. says “speciously claims that more than 80 percent of U.S. mosques feature texts that promote or support violence,” – a claim that is hardly unique to Yerulshami. “How is the claim specious?” Tapson asks. “As usual, the report does not specify.”

Spencer’s scholarly credentials are attacked in the report on the authority of “Islamic scholar Carl W. Ernst, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,” Ernst claims that Spencer has no academic training in Islamic studies whatsoever. The claim is false and the authority, Ernst, is a man who flew to Teheran in December 2008 to accept an award from Iran’s Jew-hating, genocidal Islamic supremacist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It should hardly come as a surprise then, that the Islamic Republic of Iran immediately picked up the Center’s report, and its official English language press agency trumpeted the “findings” of the Center’s attack on critics of Iranian terrorism, Jew-hatred and anti-American ravings under the telling title “U.S. Empire Foments Islamophobia.” Terror analysts Clare M. Lopez and W. Thomas Smith, Jr., noted that the Iranian agency PressTV was “funded almost almost exclusively by Iranian petrodollars (oil profits) from the same regime that funds and directs global terrorist organizations like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (the IRGC which is also known as the Pasdaran), the IRGCs Quds Force, Lebananon’s Hizballah, and others; all of which are designated foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. government and other countries.”

Commented Lopez and Smith, “The Press TV articles – to include those who funded and published it – should not be taken lightly. This was not simply an opinion piece. This was a list of names published in international media by a state-run news agency; a state designed by the U.S. State Department as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism.”

In other words, the Center for American Progress, a key component of the liberal establishment in America, published a “report” filled with inaccuracies, misrepresentations and false accusations, which the chief terrorist state in the Middle East has authenticated as a document identifying the enemies of Islam.  This could be counted a perfect score for the Muslim Brotherhood and its campaign in the West to silence the critics of the Islamic jihad.

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  • Flipside

    As I said to Richard Landes, the amount of triple negative syntactic inversions necessary to make this kind of propaganda renders it nearly unintelligible. Is it a coincidence that most Hasbaras “happen to be run by Jews” or is it rather the case that Hasbara is a Jewish thing? Also, I observe that even though the financial donors to FPM do donate to many other causes unrelated to enflaming American hatred and fear of Muslims, that would not stop a bloodcurdling cry from Hasbaras if one of those organizations was pro-Muslim, and if he was making half a mil a year on it.

    • Ted

      You again Flipside, So you are an islamist aren't you? Continuing to run cover for anyone questioning the groups that criticize islam.
      You obfuscate and muddie the facts to misdirect and confuse the issue.
      All I get out of your post was basically was "alluha ahkbar" (spelling?) and kill the infidels. What utter rubish you spew.
      This article points out rather succinctly that no one has been able to refute any of the writings by these critics of islam at all.
      I've seen these critics totally destroy (metephorically of course) any challenges by muslims to try and discredit their statements.
      So what exactly is your point? Is it to defend islam or to just challenge the critics? If it is to defend islam then your in for a rough go, after all everything about islam is in the trilogy for all to see, all you have to do is be able to read. Its not like "kill the unbeleivers" means something other than "kill the unbeleivers". What tool you are!

      • Flipside

        Yes. Me again. No, I am not am Islamist. I know you want to throw a hard-limiter on your perceived opponent. I don’t need to defend Islam. It has a few adherents already. I don’t need to attack Islam either. I live in a free country with an establishment clause. You know darn well what my point is. My point is that this highly lucrative Hasbara hate industry broadcasts fear and Armageddon while trying to keep the US on a permanent war footing internationally and an Israeli-style police state at home. I dont’t believe they should go unanswered. I suggest you be more respectful if you want to take up space. Most of your comment was accusations of being a Muslim.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Considering all of the money Soros spends on propaganda against America and the harm it causes and violence it is intended to create, he should be a prime candidate to receive the 'Drone Award'. Enemies of America must be taken seriously and stopped from continuing their activities which subvert our Nation by spreading intimidation and fear,endangering our citizens with falsehood and misinformation. Freedom in America is not extended to those who wish us harm…………………William

  • heartsfan

    criticing liberals peddling fear??? LOL!!! HA, HA, Ha, what a fu*&king joke!

    Do you morons read these stupid articules on this propoganda website??? All Horowitz and the rest of his minions do is peddle fear… beware the muslim bogie man! whhooooo! scary stuff.
    LOL …get a life people.

  • StephenD

    I just don't know any better. Can one of you enlighten me please and explain where and when Horowitz or Spencer or Yerushalmi or Pipes, et al, have “Peddled fear” and have not presented truth? If I react in fear well, that’s my reaction, not what they peddled. But I digress. Could you be specific and show us where such charges are legitimate? As far as lending any legitimacy toward the false issue of “[it’s] run by Jews….” Rather than addressing the charges made, this approach negates any pretense of scholarly inquiry and instead exposes the anti-Semitism as THE issue. Either step up and address each issue/charge or, well, you may as well shut up.

    • Flipside

      Would it be a false issue if Birkenau were run by Jews? I don’t think so. It is also of import that the anti-PR agency against Islam is run by Jews. It allows one to conclude that a small minority of Jews are religious and cultural bigots and they use money to push their message in the media. Unfortunately for them, there is NO way to make that behavior look good.

      • Ted

        Flipside, can you try again to answer StevenD questions and queries. Because you response simply does not. You simply made a statement in direct opposition to his entreaties to not answer with "its run by jews" I realize you were trying to craft a response, but all I got was "Its a grand conspiracy of the jews" again.
        Frankly I am interested in your response to Steven D's questions.

        • Flipside

          I aim to please. David Horowitz broke out the phrase "Peddle fear" as his categorization of CAP's pamphlet

          Fear Inc. Superficially, it is true. They are peddling a pamphlet called Fear, but really, they are peddling

          a criticism of Hasbaras; peddling the criticism of fearmongering, not fear itself. Having been called out,

          Horowitz is trying to answer with his own pamphlet. Fear of Islamophobia, or "Islamophobia-phobia" is his best rebuttal, e.g. a contorted metanormative, metanegative. Thus he has entered the polemics of a Richard Landes type character.

          Horowitz is now making a point that his organization receives financial support from think tanks and interest groups that have an allegedly diverse clientele, despite the fact that it looks like Jewish nepotism and self-dealing. He makes the point because having verbally attacked Islamic madrassas and PR firms and their finaciers, he has drawn condemnation of Zionist yeshivas and Hasbaras and their financiers.

          As shown by the 2011 Tax form, Horowitz Freedom Center, which used to charge itself with Kulturkampf, and unsolicited control of Popular Culture, rakes in around six million dollars a year and cuts Robert Spencer a tidy check for $500,000 a year for his blogging. Most of his money comes from Grants, but he is structured as a nonprofit, selling a certain ideology to his donors and his readers. The ideology is fear of the left, fear of the Muslim, fear of Bill Ayers. I have been to his lectures. They are deliberately overbooked, underaccomodated local media fiascoes resembling Don King pre-fight exhibition speeches.

          While it is true that Islam contains, as most religions do, fanatical and violent messages of bigotry, Horowitz and Spencer exaggerate it in partnership with dubious intelligence free-agencies, and they give a platform to a lot of impresarios posturing as threat analysts, peer-reviewed writers, screenplay authors and other frauds.

          • Flipside

            Excuse me. 2008 tax form.

          • Ted

            Nope, can you try again. You still did not answer StevenD's primary question. You do remember what that was don't you?

            I get follow the money, blah blah, blah. But wouldn't that only be important when you can prove that the group in question is telling lies? And maybe then it would be a reflection on those supporters of that group wouldn't you think. But what if they are telling the truth, It kinda shatters the premise in your redirected response.

            So what shall I conclude…that the people or entities that support Horowitz etc believe in the truth that has been amply demonstrated and supported by both the facts on the ground as well as the scholarly works and written histories.
            And maybe, just maybe they are supporting him and them to shed light on the opposing groups/people that are truly spreading misinformation and actual propaganda to the uninformed masses. EG. Pay no attention to all those pesky immans who preach death to the infidels, islam means peace and all that rubbish. Come on Flipside can we get you to admit what your real purpose is here.

          • Flipside

            The discussion has shifted here, because I have accused Horowitz of posturing, and of exaggerating the threat of radical Islam in the United States, of making his attacks on others look like attacks on himself, and certainly of aggregating a lot of liars and impresarios at FPM. I have never said there was not an iota of truth to his statements, or in some cases a great deal of truth and even insight. But FPM is really about peddling fear, and mostly Jihad Watch is about peddling fear. Also, I was at the 4/2/01 Boston University anti-reparations publicity stunt where he posed onstage like Elijah Muhammad with a security guard and broadcast his message to a mostly locked out audience and a locked in cadre of local media. He later portrayed the student anger as being mostly against his message, when it was really against his ability to purchase a full page taunt in the BU Free Press and no one else could answer in nearly as much space because of the nature of him purchasing the space. They were also mad because he bought that to rile up the student body and then boxed them out with armed guards and addressed them like Hanoi Rose through loudspeakers while they were corralled in the lobby. Stephen's request however is very expansive.

            David Yerushalmi says America is being Islamicized. That's not true.
            He says Sharia is an existential threat to the country. That's a huge exaggeration. To cover the natural rebuttal, he says Sharia is the opposite of Halacha. That's also a large exaggeration.
            He claimed radical Muslims are trying to infiltrate Congress. How does a brown guy who says PBUH all the time infiltrate Congress?
            He refers to the radical liberal Jew as a "fact of the West." So where's he from then? His opposite of that is a person who believes he is God's chosen people. That's a double lie. That there's a God and that he's racist? His main defender on here is Ben Shapiro who is a sophist. Sophistry is lying.

            DANIEL PIPES lied about Iraqi WMD.

          • Ted

            Actually it is you that has tried to shift the discussion. I have tried to get you to stay on point and address StevenD valid question, that being that no one has been able to refute any of the comments and writings of these islam critics.

            Now you do actually and it seems almost begrudgingly admit that that is in fact the case in this response above.
            But then you go off and continue to accuse them of peddling fear. So please tell me how can the truth ever be considered peddling fear?

            Now if you want to make your own points open for discussion, you can easily do that with a fresh comment on a fresh thread. But most of your responses have been a bit incoherant, disjointed and defintely not addressing the previous comments at all.

        • StephenD

          Ted, Flipside or any of his buddies cannot show any lies by Horowitz, Spencer, Yerushlami, Pipes, or any other in this regard. He just can't do it. He will continually come back around to pointing at "The Jew." Every time these folks are challenged…it's almost comical. You can pretty much count on it. You present a FACT of Koranic hatred toward Jews or "people of the book" and immediately the wheels start turning and soon enough it will come around to the "Zionist that run America" or some other such nonsense. If it wasn't so tragic it would be fun to watch.

          • Flipside

            I guess you just don’t gross exaggeration as lying.

      • marat

        Considering that the bulk of the entire Islamic world has a genocidal attitude towards the Jews (read your Koran–it is THE Blueprint of genocide of the Jews and makes Mein Kampf read like a children’s fairytale), you have a nerve blaming Jews for reacting as they have. Your post falls in line with Islamist groups like Hamas who expect Jews to lay down and let themselves be slaughtered (perhaps posting a sign reading “Jew here” above their heads. I suspect your attitude would be the same vis-a-vis neo-nazi attempts to incite the genocide of blacks or any other group. Ah, but the Jews today are not under the Pharoah’s thumb. The tables are turned, they have power and are not afraid to unleash it for their protection. Their restraint despite attacks upon their people is nothing short of extraordinary. If there were a Nobel Prize for Restraint, Israel would get it.

        • Flipside

          Actually, I would love to see any categorization of the Jews as Jews that did not refer either to God, Nazis, Pharaohs, or Islam, because I am of the mind that Jews have a codependent national psyche. It is not that I have a nerve for criticizing various actions (not reactions) of Zionists. I am well within my due considering the years of attempted mental conditioning in the United States to create through movies and magazines a favorable image of Israel. I am also completely in the right in expecting that Americans start to cash in on our end of Meyrav Wurmser's ideas in the Clean Break paper.

          • Ted

            Pardon me Flipside, but I am leaning on taking this as an insult to all free thinking people myself included, particularly in America.
            Mental conditioning thru TV and movies huh! This sounds again a lot like your conspiracy theories of how once again "the jews" (or their supporters) have a lock on everything we hear and read here in the good ol' US of A. Your paranoid delusions are showing.
            I don't recall any death threats for not watching the correct TV programming that strives to "mental condition" me. Like there is under Islam. Where all information is controlled and if anyone questions the content of that info it is by law a death sentence for blasphemy. Where do you actually get off anyway flipside. Your logic is astoundingly perverse.
            Not only that but your implication is that I/we can't tell the difference. Your assummed intellectual superiority is arrogant. I do also question your analytical skills given the wealth of information available, regarding both current events and historical facts.

          • Flipside

            OK, so you are saying American movies are NOT mostly about either ugly dopy Jewish high school kids at the mall, vain Jewish women having sex and carrying Fendi bags in Arabia, some stupid romance in New York, an alternate superfantasy reversal of fighting the Nazis in WWII, or some guy saving the world from a raving lunatic Muslim with a bomb belt and a nuclear warhead? A re-re-re-remake of the Munich Bombing? Some evil Mengele genetic engineer madman? Cartoon fish with Aspergers and the voice of Albert Brooks? And we don't hear 9/11 related to everything from a box of raisins to toilet paper now? This is supposed to have no cumulative effect on the PG-13 year old?

          • Ted

            It would be good if you could address the substance of my comments and the points they make.
            Howver if I were to respond to this latest rant, I would first say that I disagree with you, its just TV get a grip.

            Now I can't say for sure but do you even live in the US? Because this sounds like your parroting propaganda from a islamic country. And what is it with this obsession you have with the jews anyway?

          • Ted

            Part II
            Now the influence of the media (including TV) can certainly be a whole topic in and of itself. I would and I do object to the deliberate attempts at propganda that is pushed by various orgs and political parties here and probably everywhere. But this is a free market society and when this occurs it is usually pretty obvious and it is called out for it. You however seem to insist that this is once again a grand conspiracy of the jews. For what purpose I cannot fathom. Maybe you can enlighten me.

            But now that we are on the subject, why do you not object to the education system in islamic countries that actually does indoctrinate and brain wash their youth with hatred and intolerance. And if maybe you were brought up over there do you think this obsession with the jews you do have, was influenced by islamic propganda to hate them. I'm just saying the evidence seems to indicate that you have been adversly affected in your thinking and your politics.

          • Flipside

            Because I do not live in an Islamic country.

          • Flipside

            How is telling the truth peddling fear? Easy. Example: it is true that we will all die someday, but a Christian evangelist kook will say “you are going to die any second. What will you do to save your immortal soul???!!!” It is true that Muslims immigrate to the US and bring their religion and customs. But a Zionist kook will say: “The US is threatened by a massive influx of Islamic extremists who want to impose sharia law and turn us all into dhimmis!!!!!!” That is peddling fear. Not only that, but it’s peddling obscure, Jewish fear borne of a guilty conscience.

          • Ted

            That was not an answer, it was just the rantings of an islamist troll!

  • BobSmith101

    Read "Islam is Fear" at :

    Here is the opening.

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

  • mrbean

    There are only three ways to win. The first is by reasonable negotiation a with the real threat of force which only works with fairly civilized cultures, the second is by a limited use of force to create fear, and the third is the use of overwhelming force to eliminate the threat altogether. Liberals naively think they can negotiate their way by empty threats with the leaders and followers of Islam. They only show they don't not "KNOW THE ENEMY"

    Famous line from "The Terminator" which goes something like. " You can't negotiate with it. It has no connsience only a single mission. It will keep coming until it either kills you or you kill it" The only way to defeat the leaders and followers of Islam is the third way..

  • Mark

    You are confused as to what propaganda is.Just as heartsfan is confused as to what peddling fear is.But that is to be expected from seething antisemites.You show your hatred with every post ,no matter what the subject is,which tells us you come to this site for one reason.To demonstrate your superior intelligence over Jews,to wage petty, uninteresting wars of words and to give a voice to your frightened,impotent rage .You do not represent logical thought,common opinions, national interests or rational debate.You are temperamental,childish and tedious .Why don't you try finding a site you agree with and lecture them on your self-important ideals? Like David Duke's site.

    • Flipside

      I know you want to hate anti-Semites, but first you are going to have to find some. That’s just friendly advice. I can’t help you not be boorish.

      • Ted

        Someone help me out do you think its inbreeding or simply islamic indoctrination that produces miinds like filpsides.

  • Deedee

    Soros views himself as a liberal and a rebel that will save humanity from it's own stupidity by forcing his ideals on people.
    People like flipside grovel at his fake idealistic feet,worship at his monied righteousness and generous purchases of common sense,freedom,politicians,power and opinions.They are too blinded by the dollar bills and pseudo intelligence of the Soros of the world to see his true goals.
    Hate,jealousy,fear and greed are cannibalistic emotions that often feed off their liberal hosts.Soros has gnawed away at his own basic humanity and intelligence until he has become a hollowed out shell.
    He must buy viewpoints,ideas,self-respect and credibility while accusing others of the same moral failings he is infected with.

    • Flipside

      Actually, you are wrong. I am not a Soros fan. I know Zionists and rednecks have joined forces in vilifying him. That’s amusing, but it doesn’t make a Soros fan to point out that one if his analyses was correct. Israel is isolating itself. But I do look forward to see how The Lobby begins to attack Leon Panetta.

      • UCSPanther

        You walked yourself right into a corner with that one, chump, and we will remind you of that with every opportunity.

        Can't have it both ways…

        • Flipside

          Is the “military we?”

          • UCSPanther

            "we" the commentators, moron.

            The world ain't like your conspirazoidal fantasies…

          • Flipside

            That seems a lot like "We the couch potatoes." I think you are alone in your belief that people cannot hold a man's one view without holding all of them.

          • UCSPanther


            You are the one who's alone. There are millions of people who think just like us.

            You are just some pest that is trying to prove something by airing his laughable views in an area where they are not welcome.

            If you are too stupid to notice, Ron Paul and George Soros (That's right: Your two favorite idols) are NOT well liked around here…

          • Flipside

            Soros is disliked because of jealousy of his power. Ron Paul is disliked because he's a nice guy. You should like Ron Paul. He should be your President. I hope he does become your President. Maybe we'll just end up with jackass Perry or Obama some more. Hopefully not though. Hopefully we will get a nice smart Libertarian doctor who cuts aid to Israel.

  • alexander

    FuBAR Ack said on live TV he's a muslim

  • Flipside

    Yes. Typo on my part about "Muslim." Anyway. I am thinking about your other question below for a moment. It's better.

  • Ghostwriter

    Once more,we're invited into the warped world of Flipside,where Jews are to be condemned to death simply for wanting to live in their ancient homeland. Where Jews are to be slaughtered simply for wanting to exist on this planet. To him,the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

  • Flipside

    All exaggerating aside, think the Serbians would have something to fear if the KKK decided to lay claim to and move back to the Caucasus. So now Jews want "Judea" and "Samaria." What's to stop them from claiming, Ur, Gaul, Hattusa, Carthage, and Scythia?

  • Fred Dawes

    Long live the ideals of freedom, what we need to do is stop the brainwashing inside this country and start to fight like real Americans.

  • infidel4life

    Islam is the problem.

  • maturin20

    Misters Horowitz and Spencer peddle fear, and very well.

  • davidhorowitz

    I should add, though, that the Koch Brothers should also be roundly condemned for peddling petro-chemicals to Iran, against federal regulations. Even conservatives have to take some serious blame here.