‘Count Me a Jew’


Watch Glenn Beck’s gripping speech at Christians United for Israel:



  • WilliamJamesWard

    From a Christian Church that has not been undermined by leftists I hear a question
    come up now and then which is and old question from Joshua 18:3……………
    "And Joshua said unto the Children of Israel, How long are you slack to go to
    possess the land, which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?" Now
    shrinking the borders is out of the question, expansion is the real answer, as
    for the enemies, remember they are the enemies of God and are and will be in
    for trouble that only the Almighty is capable of bringing about. Myself and many,
    many Christians are waiting and wondering is the right generation now in
    Israel, are the hero's of old, Joshua, David, Jonathan rushing in the blood of
    their decendants who should be able and I am persuaded they are, and it
    should only take 300 to sweep away pestilence besetting the land……….William

  • Chezwick_mac

    Unlike Back, I'm not religious. I'd never say "count me a Catholic" even though I was born into and raised in the faith…so I'd certainly never say "count me a Jew". But I'd readily say "count me an Israeli". Americans and Israelis are not just allies, we're brothers fighting for the same cause against the common enemy of a free, humane world.

    • Aubrey

      You just wrote what I have wanted to say for a long time, but just couldnt come up with the right words to express my feelings. Thank you Chezwick.

      • Chezwick_mac

        You're very, very welcome Aubrey.

  • waterwillows

    Well done, Beck……well done.

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    Beck gets a bit maudlin and sentimental sometimes, but I think he does it in the spirit of a girl playing princess, or a boy playing knight. He is just getting started (on his life 2.0), and he truly believes, and he hasn't had time to become cynical or self-conscious. In the end, it is probably a good thing for the fights he fights.

    And, maudlin tone or not, there is nothing childish about the oath "I'll stand with you." I am not sure there is another oath people might take more consequential or deadly than that.

  • Barbee Eckenrode

    Glenn has said what I have felt for a long, long time. I also stand with him. I'm not an eloquent writer, so bear with me. I don't understand the hate for all these centuries. I would give my life to end this hate for the future of all the Jewish people. My belief is that we share the same God and we are only your extended family. Even if you don't believe in God, we are still in the family of Human Beings. I just wish there was something I could do to make a difference. It's such a huge problem-so much bigger than me.

  • AL__

    If you mess with Israel, you mess with me

  • Piera Prister

    Glenn Beck's speech is very powerful, but the world is deaf: Durban III is coming and Israel
    is under attack!
    Piera Prister

  • UCSPanther

    When one stands for Israel, they stand for civilization, rule of law, democracy, decency and tolerance.

    When one stands against Israel, they are standing for tyranny. barbarism, lawlessness, brutality and intolerance.

  • Richard Anderson

    Beck is a Mormon. Mormons believe they are the true Jews and all else are Gentiles and refer to non LDS as gentiles. No great stand of coujrage here.

    • alan g

      nice try. but we are not buying it.

  • effemall

    A very moving speech! Compare that to the truckload of manure unloaded by Obama in his Cairo speech.

  • Lisa Richards

    As a Christian, I am a spiritual Jew, I worship a Jew, so count me a Jew as well!

    • steffi


  • aspacia

    I wish more had Beck's courage. He is targeted by fanatics.

  • lostlegends1872

    Well done, Glenn. Especially liked the part about capturing an aggressor's land not being occupation.

  • Steeloak

    Glenn says what the world does not want to hear – the truth! I stand with Israel too.

    BTW – Where are all the Trolls today? Soros give them the day off? Out celebrating with the Muslim Brotherhood in Tripoli? I wonder…

    • rulierose

      I noticed the absence of haters too. it's lovely here without them!

  • Anamah

    To my friends Glenn and David: I am overflowing with gratitude and admiration; but paralyzed by the urgency to act, eagerness to assimilate, understand despite the rush the language what I read, learn from history, assimilate communicate and translate from English to Spanish. In desperation, I feel lost but I need to address the advance of these same anti-Israeli campaigns, anti-Semitic and anti-capitalist from the Leftists, the Progressives, Soros network, the MSM, radical Islamics, terror groups as Hezbollah and others in Latin America where they seem unstoppable. I want to expose their lies I would go back in time for so many years lost the job but at times I find it a barrier inaccessible. My unconditional gratitude to Glenn and David. I choose to feel love and not give the opportunity to fear.

  • Piera Prister

    Is Glenn Beck a presidential candidate? I would gladly vote for him!
    Piera Prister

  • Anny Matar

    Thank you Mr. Glenn. As an Israeli I always liked watching your programmes, You are clever, eloquent and most of all brave to stand by the underdog against the policy of you present President. Wherever you are, may God bless you.
    Anny Matar

  • http://www.non12steprehabs.org/ see here

    My one belief is that we share the same God and we are only your extended family.