Demonic — Coulter’s Valentine to the Left

I have just finished Ann Coulter’s Demonic. I encourage you to beg, buy, borrow or steal this book. At last we have a conservative narrative that not only nails but also encompasses the Left, totalitarian bombers and liberal fellow-travelers, exposes its love of violence, its witch-hunting mentality, its rampant hypocrisy, and destructive nihilism, and puts them all in the historical perspective they require.

The chapters on the grand guignol of the French Revolution and America’s own deranged Weather Underground (now “key advisers to Barack Obama”) are priceless.

Is there another writer on the planet who can write a book that is at once sickening and hilarious; and finally bracing and ultimately satisfying, particularly for those of us who are the indispensable relentless targets of the liberal mob?

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  • BS77

    Ann Coulter does a terrific job in researching and writing her books. Can't wait to read this one!!!

  • Supreme_Galooty

    I love Ann Coulter not because she is somewhat of a babe; not because she has an excellent mind and uses it to good advantage; and not because she has a great sense of humor. I love Ann Coulter because she annoys liberals so completely so as to render them apoplectic. 'Tis truly a marvelous spectacle.

    I also enjoy her books.

    • WildJew

      Re: Ann Coulter and Chris Christie.

      Governor Chris Christie has a Muslim problem.

      He condemned conservative anti-jihadists for opposing the 9/11 ground zero mega mosque. Governor Christie nominated Sohail Mohammed to Passaic County Superior Judgeship. Mohammed is an attorney who allegedly defended jihad terror suspects and is reportedly a Hamas sympathizer. In light of this, why does Ann Coulter at every opportunity promote Christie for US president?….….

  • Alexander Gofen

    This is just to comment on this book promotion: I have not read this book completely, though I did look through its Content and into a couple of chapters. Yes, the liberal mob does endanger America indeed. Yet I do not sign for this "cum laude" promotion of the book for several reasons: mostly because of the blind partisanship, hypocrisy and dishonesty of Ann Coulter.

    The blind water carrying for repooblicans by Mrs. Coulter is far beyond the mere chanting "Demicans ba-a-ad, Repooblocrats go-o-od" (while both are bad and sold). Conservatism of the Repoobs has quite eroded, yet Mrs. Coulter readily dissolved it even more when she accepted a keynote speaker role in the GOPraud crowd.

    It is bad enough when the information is dosed or dodged in accordance with the party line. Mrs. Coulter could choose at least to not touch the explosive topic of the illegitimacy. Alas, she chose otherwise: to lie and to obfuscate the truth in the chapter on "Birthers" as she put it.

    Never mind that an enlightened pundit like Mrs. Coulter ought to understand that an issue of the birthplace solely of a presidential contender is an insufficient qualification. The concept US Natural Born Citizen has always meant (up to the Senate Res. 511, 2008 on McCain) "Born to both American citizens in America's jurisdiction and never after changing his nationality". Alas, during the last years Mrs. Coulter just kept repeating as though she sees no problems with Obama/Soetoro's qualifications, never missing a chance to kick "birthers"

    Yet if the above is too much of abstraction for a prominent pundit, since 2010 a few plainly criminal issues surfaced out, such as multiple fraudulent SS numbers of the impostor (including the current one from Connecticut). And if this is not enough, on April 27, 2011 the White House uttered a coarse electronic forgery of that very Hawaiian BC which Mrs. Coulter refers times and again. If nothing else, this alone dishonors this Nation and the position of American Presidency beyond any limits. Millions of the patriots and peoples of the world are ashamed and do not know if they can believe their eyes, yet Mrs. Coulter has nothing to say (even if the book had been finished prior to 4/27/11). Do you have a shame, Mrs. Coulter?

    • tarleton

      The so called birther story is a complete embarressment to us conservatives…you must be nutty as a fruitcake to take it serious …on second thoughts , if you're some one who originates from behind the ''iron curtain'' then that would exlain everything
      as i've never met anyone from eastern europe that that wasn't a bizarre conspiracy theorist…..''one flew over the cukoo's nest '' hahaha

    • Guest

      The constitution does not define the term "natural born citizen" at all. Andrew Jackson's parents were Irish. Woodrow Wilson's mother was British. So having foreign-born parents is not an impediment to the presidency.

      • Alexander Gofen

        The Constitution doesn't define "is" also. Jackson was the contemporary of the Constitution (the grandfather clause). The parents of a Natural Born person may happen to be foreign born, but they must be US citizens at the time of birth of the contender (the W. Wilson's case).

      • kafirman
        • Alexander Gofen

          What is false? Who is false? The title of your link is:


          So what are you saying?

          I prefer to not bring this decision of the Supreme Court into discussion because the court then did not hear the case about qualifications of a contender as a natural born citizen to become a president (but just a common citizen). In fact no court has ever heard such case – which does not mean as though nobody understood what NBC means. On the contrary: Some Congressmen understood and didn't like it so much, that they have attempted to change the Constitution years before Obama/Soetoro – see links

          • kafirman

            Leo C. Donofrio determined that there IS "[Supreme Court] precedent which states that a natural-born citizen is a person born in the jurisdiction of the US to parents who are citizens…. precedent, not dicta."

          • Alexander Gofen

            OK, then we agree on everything so far, so that your brief comment "false" seems misguiding. We do agree on the definition of NBC which has been operative up to the resolution on McCain, while Ms. Coulter deliberately misrepresents this definition so that Obama seem qualified. Even more outrageous, Ms. Coulter has nothing to say about Obama's purely criminal violations such as multiple fraudulent SS numbers and forged BC.

          • kafirman

            You are rare voice with whom I find myself in near total agreement on most everything. Ann is a genius, but still fails spectacularly as you noted. My "Wrong" comment was to "Guest" not you. Keep up the good work. I wish FPM was clued in to natural law. FPM denies the "self evident" basis of "nature and nature's God." But the same criticism applies to nearly all "conservatives."

    • Maxie

      You reveal your ignorance by referring to Ms. Coulter as Mrs. She is not married but if she were she would be Mrs. Somebodyelse not Mrs. Coulter. Get another hobby.

      • Alexander Gofen

        I care about authors' views expressed publicly. Their personal situation is not of my business.

    • jonhartz

      What is this mixed up ESL trying to say? What a mishmash of poorly written nonsense.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Here is an abridged translation from ESL for Mr. Jonhartz.

        The "conservative narrative" of Ms. Coulter includes such things as misrepresentation of the constitutional requirements for presidency, cover up for violators of these requirements, and attacks on those who tries to expose the violators.

        The "conservative narrative" of Ms. Coulter does not include any mentioning of the purely criminal aspects of this presidency such as fraudulent SS numbers and forged electronic copy of the birth certificate.

        So much of mishmash. Understood?.. Sorry for inconvenience…

    • Justme

      do you have a brain Mr. Gofen?

      • Alexander Gofen

        An indication of presence of a brain is reasoning, and I did offer some, while you – nothing.

        Shouldn't enlightened Coulter's aficionados do better than just silently thumbing down a "heresy"? Or "hit and run" is all they can?

  • WildJew

    I might read this book. Then again, I might not. We'll see. I agree with the premise – the left is the party of the mob – but I've got to confess to having lost a good deal of respect for Ann Coulter ever since she said the Jews need to be perfected.

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Slash-and-burn columnist Ann Coulter shocked a cable TV talk-show audience Monday when she declared that Jews need to be "perfected" by becoming Christians, and that America would be better off if everyone were Christian.,2933,301216,00.htm

    • Beltfed

      Boo-hoo! Ann Coulter's religious beliefs hurt my little feelers!
      Nobody is persecuting you. Ann Coulter, and 99.9999999% of Christians are your best friends in the world, and don't bitch about your religious beliefs. Get over yourself. If you want to engage in righteous indignation, move to an Arab country. They'll give you something to whine about.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      WildJew……….I have questioned all of this also and came to my
      conclusions of Jesus as Mesiah out of the book of Isaiah which
      prophecies His life exactly and death exactly…………Jews are
      stubborn beyond belief and have the scriptures, know the history
      but are not convinced and argument until blood flows out of
      every orifice can not move that stubbonness at all, a great defect
      or a great attribute (talk about mixed bag)…..we shall see. I am
      spiritually drawn to Jerusalem and Israel and my heart is with
      Jewish friends and we are all in the hands of The Almighty……….William

      • WildJew

        Thanks William. I have also read Isaiah and unlike many of my fellow Jews (but like you) I also believe there are passages dealing with the advent of Jesus' life and death. There is no mention that he would be messiah however in that particular incarnation some 2 thousand years back; only God's "servant." The difference between the two of us is a matter of interpretation in light of other similar and related verses. I believe the technical term is hermeneutics. My guess is, Ann Coulter also believes, like you, the Jews are stubborn beyond belief which is why she made the statement to Donny Deutsch about the Jews needing to be "perfected" on the CNBC program. I wonder how many people who profess faith in Jesus, believe the children of Israel are too stubborn to make peace with the Palestinian Arabs. In Isaiah chapter 43 God tells Israel (the Jewish people), "You are My witnesses…I, even I, am the LORD (YHWH), And there is no savior besides Me." Is it just possible William that the Jews (God's witnesses) have it right? Is it possible that God Almighty (YHWH) is our Savior rather than messiah? Is it possible messiah is simply God's servant like David was God's servant? Like Moses was God's servant? If the Jews are right about YHWH as Savior, who is stubborn?

        • WilliamJamesWard

          As I see it Christians have a triune God, Jesus said that "I and the
          Father are one", can you see The Almighty as savior and messiah.
          Stubbornness in the right is admirable and I could not be moved
          in my belief that Israelis have done everything humanly possible to
          bring about peace with the Palestinians who refuse everything which
          tells me they never wanted peace unless Israel is destroyed and
          the Jews dead. Religious thought aside, just from the perspective
          of who is right and who is wrong, it is the Israelis that hold all of the
          high ground and the Palestinians are and will continue to be evil.
          Islam is a curse and Judaism is a blessing to those who are grafted

          • WildJew

            According to the book of John, Jesus did indeed say what you've written, if John can be considered a reliable witness, but he also said, "I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I." It's a mixed message in the gospels. Jesus is portrayed (or portrays himself) different from ordinary men but nevertheless he is a man who submits himself to God's authority. Unlike what he allegedly said in one of the gospels, "all authority" will not be given to messiah. God Almighty reserves all authority to Himself. Needless to say God is one and only one. There are no trinities. "The LORD (YHWH) our God, the LORD is one. Not three gods in one but one and only one. I don't want to aggravate you with my faith. Jews (I think I can speak for most observant Jews) do not see the Almighty as both Savior and messiah. Messiah (anointed one) is messiah. Messiah is a man who is a servant of God, like David. That is why he is called son of David. Remember Jesus referred to himself as "son of man." God has sons (plural). Jews believe God has sons, unlike Islam which reject the idea that God can have a son. God's son is not equal to God Almighty, just as the angels are not equal to God; just as a son is not equal to his father.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            One God, three persons, like the clover leaf, three sides.
            It is admittedly a mystery, "who can know Him" yet in
            the beginning God said "Let us make man in our image"
            There is much to be made of the beginning of Genesis,
            and not being a theologian and not wanting to speak over
            my head I will say the Us is a definate clue. Every book,
            all that are in the Old and New Testaments speak to me of
            a Trinity and there are those who can eloquently and
            concisely make reference to all that is contained that has
            moved so many over the past two thousand years to come
            to that conclusion. Knowing I am out of my league I can
            stand behind faith motivated by a desire for truth and
            knowledge tempered with proper reverence and we are
            all admonished to seek God and as Jesus has said,
            "If you have seen me you have seen the Father"……….William

          • WildJew

            You are right. " God (elohim – "god" or "God" or "gods") said, let us make man in our image."

            "Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak…..So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, "I have seen God (elohim) face to face, yet my life has been preserved." (Gen chapter 32)

            The noun elohim is used with a plural verb in 1 Samuel 28:13. The witch of Endor tells Saul that she sees 'gods' (elohim) coming up (aliym עֹלִים, plural verb) out of the earth; this seems to indicate that the term was used to mean something like 'divine beings' among spiritists in ancient Israel.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Jacob set the standard for us in trying to reach God, never
            give up and keep on keeping on, faith is what God demands
            of us, it pleases Him. Miracle of miracles we have and
            opportunity to transcend the mess man has made of life
            on this planet. For believers in the Divine, the Scriptures
            are there to benefit and guide, keep looking, keep having
            faith in (YHWH), He judges the heart…When you see Him
            you will see Jesus………….William

          • WildJew

            No question Jesus had a heart for God (YHWH). But if you are looking for a man who truly knew God, look to Moses. Moses explained Him better than any one.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Moses is humble and we see in Exodus 3:14 that God
            said to Moses, "I am who I am. This is what you are
            to say to the Israelites "I am has sent me to you"

            We see in John 8:58 Jesus said to them "verrily, verrily
            I say unto you, Before Abraham was I am"………
            Would not Moses refer to Abraham as Father Abraham?

            Reference, John 1:1, John 8:24, John 8:28, John 10:25,
            John 17:5, John 17:24 and Collosseans 1:17……….

          • WildJew

            No because before Abraham was, so also Moses was. Abraham was not Moses' father any more than he was Jesus father. Notice God told Moses: Then he said, "I am the God of your father (not fathers), the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob." At this, Moses hid his face, because he was afraid to look at God." (Exodus 3:6)

            All I am saying is Moses had a better vision of God's nature and character and he explained God better than did Jesus. Surely you would not dispute that. Can you imagine Moses saying in God's behalf to "love your enemies, to pray for them," and "do not resist evil," etc.? Not even self-professed Christian, George W. Bush turned the other cheek after 9/11, nor should he have. Jesus would have counseled that Bush turn the other cheek. Not Moses or David. Who had a better revelation from the Almighty? When Coulter tells me I need to be perfected, she is saying I need to be more like Jesus rather than like Moses or David or Abraham who were not perfected in Coulter's view. Jesus was a great man, but he was nothing like Moses in that particular generation or incarnation. What Jesus is like in the last days, remains to be seen. Then perhaps he will be like Moses and like David who both knew how to recognize evil; how to defeat the enemy. Not so Jesus. Not in that incarnation.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            His mission was to defeat the effects of sin
            which separated man from God and the wage
            of which is death. Christians believe it to be
            a substitutional death, took our place for sin
            debt and thus freed all who would accept His
            sacrafice and thus revealed The Fathers plan
            to redeem mankind, the Jew first and the
            Gentile after. It is on us to decide, the result of
            the decision has tremendous implications.
            Jews like Peter, James, Paul for example
            are the Jews that attest to Jesus with their life's
            blood and I accept that as reliable witness.
            Again as to who Jesus was, for me Redeemer,
            Saviour and Messiah. Those who knew Jesus
            attested to His life, death and resurrection and
            for this died, some horribly and my experience
            is no one dies for what they do not believe.
            Jesus defeated all evil at the Cross and evil
            can not have any hold on us who are freed.
            Jesus is the antithesis of evil and should not
            be thought of by what bad people have done in
            His name, again Colossians 1;17….William

          • WildJew

            No offense intended William but that is the best Christianity can do when comparing a great leader and prophet like Moses to Jesus. You cannot say Jesus' message (albeit a compelling one) had more light and truth in it than Moses' message. It's all about Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross and his blood that Christianity clings to. That is what Jesus has over Moses; his shed blood. Not a way of life he offered before God Almighty. Because unlike Moses' teachings, you cannot live by Jesus' teachings; many of them.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Explicitly Wild Jew, when Moses spoke
            to the "I Am" he spoke to Jesus, God in
            the person of The Son, Jesus the second
            person of the Trinity became man to
            overcome the penalty of sin which was
            death. Moses was a great leader and
            used by God. I believe it was Mount Hebron
            where Moses and Elijah met with Jesus
            about six months before the Crucifixion
            and the close Apostles account tells of
            the Transfiguration of Jesus and He
            was speaking of His coming death and
            resurrection. Jesus is the only person to
            resurrect and conquor death and did so for
            us. Moses great in mans eyes was not the
            Creator God who took on the flesh of man
            and is understood in John 3:16, Jesus
            was man and God, Moses for all of his
            greatness was just a man and there is so
            much more to understand, you are so close
            to understnading the History of Christ Jesus
            and what His life means and who He
            really is. As for what Moses taught it was
            given to him by God, what Jesus taught
            it came from Himself who is God and
            together with the Father created all that is.
            He always was……………………….William

          • WildJew

            I do not believe in every instance what Jesus taught was consistent with what God taught through his prophets; from Moses to Malachi. And herein lies the problem. Obviously Jesus was a learned Jew who studied the Torah. How then could he have gotten so many things wrong, concerning the nature and the threat of evil, how to relate to our enemies (Islamic fundamentalism, sharia, etc., for example), Sabbath, marriage, divorce and things of that nature? If Jesus was God Almighty, who was he praying to? Why didn't he know all things? He confessed he did not know all things. Too many things do not make sense to make the claim Jesus (a mortal) was the Almighty in the flesh, in that God told Moses "no man can see me and live." (Ex 33:20) Jesus got one thing right. God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. God warned us over and over again not to worship Him in any kind of an image or (human) form. Why do Christians worship God in the form of a man when it is prohibited?

          • WilliamJamesWard

            I hope you received my intense
            debate reply, this forum is overdone.

          • WildJew

            Where does one find an intense debate post? It's not in my mail box. Why not begin a new discussion topic on this forum? How did you earn a "101p" rating?

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Look to your inbox, look at any
            comment where you receive a
            reply and at the bottom is a
            message to just print reply
            and hit send…………..How does
            anyone receive a posting
            rating, I have been making
            comments, this would be

      • stern

        where does Isiah say anything about a “second coming”? Where does the post -Jesus life look anything like Isiah’s prophecy of the lion lying down with the lamb? Not so “exactly”, huh?

    • uberchrist33

      The question was, what is her definition of a perfect world, in her opinion. It seems that that portion of the story-line keeps getting missed. I'm pretty sure if you ask a SP liberal, what is the definition of their perfect world, it would be a world without the religious right. What is the difference?

    • Interested party

      WildJew, you provoked an interesting discussion, and I want to thank you for sharing your learning and perspective. I find in respectful arguments of such subjects where I state my position, I grow more articulate in my understanding of it even the times where I don't change my mind at all, and I hope you and your discussion partners so far have had a similar positive outcome.

      That being said, I feel I should point out that Coulter's initial remarks are becoming buried as deeply as they were by Donnie Deutch when he presented a false picture of her sentiments. He proceeded step by step to make it the bottom object of a clause with more than fifth-level dependencies, each step vouching for the truth of the false characterization as its basis, and because of that mischaracterization, all equally misleading.
      (cont'd in part II)

      • Interested party

        This discussion's falsity is not as drastic, but some facts call for some sorting out. What Coulter said was "we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say"–a careful reading of the transcript at the linked story shows it was false when Donny Deutch said "your exact words were 'Jews need to be perfected.'" Fox News reported the exchange incorrectly as well at the top of the story which you quoted.

        Coulter explained in a number of venues that this was basic Christianity, and she cited some general reference books of Christianity But if you're curious about the reference, the substance of which you hit upon in the ensuing discussion and expressed your disagreement, it occurs in the Book of Hebrews chapter 7.
        (cont'd in part III)

      • Interested party

        Part III
        This chapter presents the idea that Jesus' priesthood is higher than the Levitical priesthood, and the author of the Book of Hebrews, quoting from Psalm 110 as applying to Jesus: "You are a priest of the order of Melchizedek, and for ever," comments (Hebrews 7:19) "The earlier [ceremonial] commandment is thus abolished, because it was neither effective nor useful, since the [Old] Law could not make anyone perfect; but now this commandment is replaced by something better–the hope that brings us nearer to God".

        This is basic to Christianity because it distinguishes between the Old Covenant or Testament and the New Covenant or Testament, or at least a very important distinction–the ceremonial parts.

        One last note–in Christian interpretation the origination of a New Covenant is sanctioned by Jeremiah's prophesy of a new covenant in Jeremiah 31:31–"The days are coming…when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel (and the House of Judah)…"

        Thanks to all for their honest expressions of faith and opinion.

        • WildJew

          IP, thanks for your response. Ann Coulter's statement does not shock or surprise me. I am accustomed to this sort of arrogant condescension Coulter exhibits. Ms. Coulter is telling me, she has the truth (the entire truth), while I stubbornly wallow in spiritual ignorance. Coulter is telling Jews WHO – because of our faith in Israel's God and His eternal covenant – have not embraced Jesus as messiah or his death on the cross for our justification, she is thereby saved, while we are damned. Since you brought up the book of Hebrews, let me be honest. The author of the book of Hebrews is as dishonest and dismissive of God's justice and His righteousness as is Ms. Coulter. It is not the levitical priesthood and its sacrificial "cult" that is at issue. It is God's life-affirming commandments – see Deuteronomy 32:46-47; 4:40; 6:24-25, etc. The author of Hebrews (whether it was Paul or whomever) demonstrates an unwillingness to acknowledge God's righteousness, His salvation, His eternal covenant with His people, as well as His justice, by means of the baseless claims he makes therein. Now that I've managed to insult every Christian reader on this site, what else do you want to discuss?

  • John Russell Turner

    I bought the book on the day it was first released, read it that day in one sitting. Ann Coulter's style is delightful, and fun. She's humorous, ironic, witty, easy to read, and very smart. I would love to meet her.

  • StephenD

    Can we all PLEASE stop using the terms set for us. There is NOTHING LIBERAL about the Left. Words matter. It makes it sound like they are the ones that would be for liberty, for personal freedoms, etc. Instead, they support the idea of a select few deciding for the masses. THAT is not Liberal and I refuse to use that term when talking about Totalitarians.

    • Bert

      Excellent point! Terminology matters. The left is NOT liberal but totalitarian. It was a stupid mistake by the right to use the term 'liberal' to describe the left. Harry Truman, and the early liberal Democrats were the ones to confront communism after WWII. Liberal means to tolerate the expression of various ideas and opinions but the left in intolerant of any idea that is outside their extremist ideology.

      • empiricist1

        [It was a stupid mistake by the right to use the term 'liberal' to describe the left.]

        Conservatives are just aping the misuse of "liberal" established by the prestige media and other elites. This misuse had its origin in the Cold War and the purpose was to protect the far left, fellow travelers, Communist front groups and Communists by not acknowledging their existence. To have called a spade a spade would have been denounced as "red-baitng" and "McCarthyism."

    • kafirman


  • Samatha

    There are so many experts who have gone over the so called birth certificate and explained why they know that it is a forgery that it is astonishing that the liberal media has the gall to ignore what they would continually have on their front pages if it was a conservative president's birth certificate but then a conservative president would be a natural born citizen to begin with.

    • WildJew

      Were it proved he is not a natural born American citizen, would Obama be removed from office? What court would rule he should be removed after "the people" elected him? Best to concentrate on removing him from office in November 2012 by means of the ballot, so that he does not further the destruction of this nation.

      • pagegl

        If it were to be proven he is not eligible to serve as President an article of impeachment should be drawn up in the House. voted on, and passed to the Senate. Given the Senate is still controlled by the Dems it might not pass the Senate. Then again, if the evidence shows the current long form birth certificate is a forgery the Senate Dems probably would hurt themselves and their party if they don't pass it.

    • Alexander Gofen


      It was displayed for everybody and filed to FBI that the impostor uttered a coarse forgery!!! Some people do have journalistic honesty. They do try to leave no stone unturned.

      Alas, Mr. WildJew, it appears that we do live in a nation full of idiots if they do not care to be fooled – in full light of the day! If they believe that the only way to rid of a plain criminal at the highest office is … to not reelect him again! And meanwhile to not to turn any stone. If they believe that the only right thing to do is to carry water for a criminal party, which has betrayed its duty even as an opposition party (never mind to uphold the Constitution). The party which refuses even to look into the blatant straight into the face forgery of an official document…

  • Angel

    I have Ann's book and I will read it sometime this summer. I don't agree with Ann Coulter on everything she says. But you guys, I be willing to bet that if we had a discussion on our point of views on political, philosophical, etc. we would not entirely agree on everything. Thank God for that! We need to stop getting bogged down on irrelevant details and concentrate with laser focus on defeating the SOB in the white house.

    David would tell you that we need to learn to think and act as a conservative force to fight the left. This constant bickering amongst ourselves is quite disturbing. We have a job to do let's join in the fight and try to restore something of our freedoms. "Restore the balance to the Force" :-)

  • ArkAshamedOBill

    Ms. Coulter doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t denounce the Left with creditibity in a book that implicitly endorses it. While “Demonic” has a great deal of useful information on the Left’s moral bankruptcy, it is profoundly compromised by her brainless policitical hyperpartisanship and lack of scholarship. This is exposed in her unqualified denunciation of the segregationists.

    The sad truth is that the plight of blacks has been used to advance Leftist causes since the days of the Abolitionists, who, as Daniel J. Flynn’s “A Conservative History of the American Left” makes clear, were leftists, easily explaining why they revered the terrorist John Brown and why William Lloyd Garrison denounced and burned the Constitution on July 4, 1854, before a cheering in Masssachusetts. It also explains why European Marxists fleeing the failed revolutions of 1848 felt at home in the Republican Party, the subject of Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr.’s “Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists.”

    • WildJew

      Forced integration, desegregation, busing, quotas, etc., have not been good for the Black community and are little doubt the fruit of the Civil Rights movement but you would not argue that forced segregation, Jim Crow laws, etc., were a good thing, would you?

  • ArkAshamedOBill

    [continued] She compounds this with ignorance of the fact that the so-called civil rights movement was hijacked by the extreme Left in the late 1950s and the 1960s and subverted into the ethnic special interest movement to promote socialism that it is today. Anyone who has read “Destructive Generation” should know that civil rights was the first campaign of the New Left, the jumping-off point for their subsequent support of the Communist victory in Indochina and the destruction of Israel. Given that many were red blanket babies, their support for blacks was obviously derived from the Communist imperative to bring the races together to create a united proletariat, as Mark Solomon points out in “The Cry Was Unity.” As Mr. Horowitz points out in “Radical Son,” they went on to replace the proletariat with blacks as the vanguard for socialism.

  • ArkAshamedOBill

    [continued] Ms. Coulter clearly isn’t familiar with the shocking Martin Luther King relevations in the first half of the epilogue of Joe Morgan’s “Reds: McCarthyism in Twentieth-Century America,” which shows that King’s organization was largely built by Communists led by Stanley David Levison using a list of people who donated to Communist causes. Morgan reveals that Robert Kennedy knew that King was Communist-influenced in 1961 and that Levison remained a Communist Party member until 1963, adding eight years to the departure date of David Garrow’s “The FBI and Martin Luther King Jr.” Morgan also reveals that it was Levison who persusaded King to merge the civil righs movement with the movement supporting the Communist victory in Indochina in 1965, and exchange caught by an FBI bug.

  • ArkAshamedOBill

    [continued] Richard Gid Powers’ “Broken: The Troubled Past and Uncertain Future of the FBI” says that after King broke his 1963 promise to JFK and his brother Robert to sever his relationship with Levison the FBI leaked the fact that King was Communist-influenced to Southern newspapers, some of which told their readers the truth.

    Driving the segregationists out of the Democratic Party was part of the Left’s campaign to make it into a Marxist party, and when they succeeded in 1972 they completed the role-reversal of the parties. No conservative should endorse this, even implicitly. If Ms. Coulter agrees with King’s observation in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech that fear of Communism is “morbid” and King’s 1964 claim that the Goldwater campaign showed “dangerous signs of Hitlerism,” she should say so explicitly.

  • WildJew

    The Reverend John Hagee (who is actually a vocal supporter of Israel) said: “If you live your life and don’t confess your sins to God Almighty through the authority of Christ and His blood, I’m going to say this very plainly, you’re going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket.” Do you agree with Hagee? The God of Israel will send (already has sent) most of the children of Israel straight to hell (eternal torment) with a nonstop ticket?

  • Patti

    What do we do if Yahoo News is…. demonic?

  • guest

    Truth well spoken. All should read the entire New Testament and gain God's inspired gift of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

    • WildJew

      I have read the New Testament. For me, a Jew, it's a mixed bag. In the Jewish Bible there are passages I find difficult to understand or explain or accept. I neither promote these as truth or falsehood. The notion that blood atones for sin for example is beyond comprehension or explanation, yet many accept it without question. Why? There is no basis for faith in messiah's death as a means of justification, salvation or vicarious atonement in the Hebrew Bible. If it is not in the law or the prophets, why accept it without question? Because Paul said so? If Hagee believes Israel's Jews are going to hell could it account for Hagee not protesting (self-professed born-again Christian) George W. Bush's support for a Muslim-enemy state in Israel's historic heartland?

      "You know what I'm gonna tell those Jews when I get to Israel, don't you Herman?" a then Governor George W. Bush allegedly asked a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman.

      When the journalist, Ken Herman, replied that he did not know, Bush reportedly delivered the punch line: "I'm telling 'em they're all going to hell."

      How can a disciple of Jesus support a Muslim-enemy state in the Holy Land?

  • Morrismajor

    Ow wow, another Coulter book demonizing liberals. If stirring up rancor and anger is a sign of truth & logic, then Hitler was right about the Jews and Germans are the master race since so most people hate him too.

    • Canadian Steve

      The rancor comes from the left. She merely points that out. Antagonistically? Sure. But blame principally lays with the villains, not the messenger.

  • Steve Chavez

    Here at the Albuquerque Borders book store, I have to continually clean up and straighten out conservative books which are hidden, covered, turned upside down, and even placed on top shelves in other sections! But has been, for over a year now, a "Raphael recommends" end cap with Che, Fidel, Communist Manifesto, Soros, and others, books including public comments below the book with one say "Che was a great man." There is also an area covered from top to bottom which plenty of copies each, of books like Rules for Radicals. Those are kept neat!

    Coulter's book is on the "New" shelf and even those are covered with Leftist books and left that way until even in front of the employees who don't bother cleaning up their own shelves!

    Bush's book is completely hidden and covered!

    David suggests "to beg, buy, borrow or steal this book?" Try finding it first!

    To DH, I put your books in front of Rules for Radicals! I thought you'd appreciate that!

    • Canadian Steve

      Your experience is of a type that Coulter points out herself: the left takes aggressive actions against conservative thought being disseminated. To the point, I might add, that – as she and others regularly point out – conservative speakers, like her, need bodyguards, whereas leftists never do, no matter how outrageous they are, e.g., Michael Moore.

      • daniel rotter

        How could/would you know that Michael Moore and leftists in general never use bodyguards? Do you really not see silly you come across making absurd statements, statements that you couldn't possibly know the actual veracity of?

    • Angel

      Get online! it is not hidden and always available

      now what…

      • daniel rotter

        But…but…I thought "the left takes aggressive actions against conservative thought being disseminated" and yet you're saying that "Demonic" is readily available? Well, given that it's written by Coulter, the book probably (I haven't read it yet) represents not "conservative thought" but "conservative thoughtlessness"…so Canadian Steve's initial claim still holds.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If Ann is bringing attention to the defects of the left, great, making fun, great.
    No one is above reproach and all have failings (I hoped I did not have any,
    but am questioning that, maybe). If David says it is a good read, I believe him
    and will read the book and forget my possible inability to be perfect, if at all
    possible, maybe………………………………………………William

  • whitesheperd

    I want to have Ann's baby

  • Ben

    Love the Coulter – I’m enjoying Demonic a great deal.

  • pyeatte

    I am reading the book now – love it. I also think Ann is great on Red Eye.

  • BS77

    Michael Savage said it: "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

    • daniel rotter

      Having listened to Michael Savage, I can only surmise that he meant that statement as a compliment.

  • nina

    Many times the question arises in the comments why so many Jews are Liberals. You have part of the answer in what Coulter said : that the Jews need to be "perfected" which means that they would be perfect if they convert to Christianity. Can't everyone see that this is a disparagement of the Jewish people? For two thousand years they were murdered in the most aweful ways. They suffered the inquisition. All because the Christians wanted them to leave their faith, which by the way is the basis of Christianity, and convert. But the Jews didn't accept this. One would havre thought that now the Christians are more enlightened. But here comes Coulter , and others who think her way, and back to square one. Is there a wonder that Jews prefer liberals? At least liberals don't think that the Jews need to be "perfected." They are perfect as they are.

    • crackerjack

      Coulter's mindset is root anti-Semetic.

      The notion that Jews must accept that their covernant with the Creator through Abraham has been replaced by a new covernant with Christianity through Jesus, was and is the cornerstone to centurys of discrimination and progrome against Jews.

      Christian-Zionism and Evangelism reject Judaism. Support for Israel as a prophetic gathering point for Jews is always under the pretext that the then congregated Jews will renounce Judaism and adopt Christ.

      Coulter, Beck, Palin, Robertson or Graham have repeatedly spoken their minds openly for all to hear. Sadly many are not listening or do not understand.

      • Faustino

        We want you to become Christians because we believe that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the Father but through Him. We'd like you to have that too. It is against Christ to force anyone to accept Him.

      • maxie

        It was Marx who urged Jews & Christians to abandon religion as the 'opiate of the masses' and presented the world with his new secular religion of communism. A large number of Jews took his advice. Very few Christians have.

        • crackerjack

          Communism is an ideology, not a religion. "Secular Religion" is an Oxymoron. Similar "dry water" or "cold fire".

        • crackerjack

          Dream on my friend. Century upon century of Christian oppression to force Christ upon Jews speaks quite another language. Jews have been tortured and slaughterd , the crucifix nailed to their foreheads all over Christendom ever since the First Crusade.

          • Alexander Gofen

            See below.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Nina: It is true that a part of Jewry is nothing-but-ethnic split from the Spiritual Jewry. Those nothing-but-ethnic Jews do fill the ranks of Liberasts very visibly. See my essay

      Those of Christians who insist that "Jews need perfection" represent the so called "replacement doctrine of Christianity". This doctrine did NOT follow from the Gospel itself, but it became dominating in the early and middle ages. Since the 19th century some brands of Christianity abandoned this doctrine. They actually became founders of the modern Zionism even prior to Hertzl.

      Crackerjack: You are wrong equating Christian Zionism with enforced evangelism. You belong to that myopic school, which more fears to be supposedly baptized by Christian Zionists in the future when the Messiah comes, than to be beheaded right now by the Islamic piranhas…

      • WildJew

        Many Christians participating on this forum agree with Ann Coulter; the Jews need perfecting because we lack something essential in our relationship with God. Replacement theology, as I understand it, holds that the Christian church replaced Israel as the "new" people of God; the Jewish people having been rejected and accursed by God because we did not accept Jesus as messiah. This is a pernicious doctrine, is it not? What is the difference between this dogma and that of mainstream Islam whereby God rejected and cursed the Jews because we did not embrace Muhammad as Allah's prophet?

        • Alexander Gofen

          It is pernicious. I do not diminish the terrible effect on the Jews of the (not-from-the-Gospel) replacement doctrine in the past. And yes, not all Christians of the modern time rejected the replacement doctrine, however many did. The numbers of Christian Zionists exceeds the number of Jewish Zionists many times. There dedication to the salvation of Israel exceeds that of Jewry too. It is plain stupid to focus what Christians think must happen when the Messiah comes in the time when right now Israel and the entire civilization is under existential threat from Islam. And Islam, unlike Christianity, does imply annihilation or forceful conversion of Jews and Christians.

          • WildJew

            I'm not so sure it is plain stupid to focus on what some or many Christians think about the Jewish people's relationship with God. If Christians (let us say former President Bush and Ann Coulter for instance) believe the vast majority of Jews have no place in the world to come, what would prevent Christians (then Governor Bush joked that the Jews are going to hell) from either supporting or not opposing the establishment of a Muslim-enemy state in Israel's heartland dedicated to Israel's destruction, since (as one Christian wrote above; but apparently deleted it) the Jews are an incredibly stubborn people?

            I notice on this site "democracy" (the will of the majority) has the effect of stifling dissent by means of shaming dissenters through negative votes. One member above has gotten -22 negative rankings from other readers so far simply because he expressed an opinion! An opinion not to the liking of Ann Coulter aficionados. I am reading Alexis de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America." In a chapter entitled "Omnipotence of the majority" he explains how in America, the mob (the majority) serves to stifle dissent and debate. Perhaps Ms. Coulter would consider that downright "demonic." Yet her fans are doing just that ON this site. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote: "I know of no country in which, speaking generally, there is less independence of mind and true freedom of discussion than in America….literary genius cannot exist without freedom of the spirit and there is no freedom of the spirit in America." That may or may not be true but it is an interesting observation in light of discussions on this site, on this topic.

          • Alexander Gofen

            I repeat, it is suicidal to focus on and emphasize theological differences between Judaism and Christianity now. Now it is suicidal even to bring them in the discussion. These differences are insignificant in comparison with a much greater thereat. For me it is good enough that Christianity in its essence is Zionist, and that means a lot.

            Now the entire Judeo-Christian civilization may parish if we do not put aside those differences. Do not force Christians to say what they are not eager to do. See it as a God's blessing that this time we are on the same side of history.

            As to my negative ranking among the Coulter aficionados: it is OK. Note, that the only thing they do is thumbing me down without any discussion on the merit.

          • WildJew

            You've not read the Bible, have you? I am not talking about the Christian bible but the Hebrew Bible, the so-called "Old Testament." You say, "Do not force Christians to say what they are not eager to do." I am not forcing Christians to say or do anything. I am "watching" what the largely Christian west is doing as much as what the Christian west is saying. But what the Christian west is doing is more important. Christians are making choices even as they are on this site.

          • Alexander Gofen

            I am not a scholar of Torah, but I have read it, and have listened to commentators enough at least to maintain a meaningful discussion. You have not mentioned what particularly I said wrong.

            As to the Christians of the world, they are not monolithic in their views. The only thing which characterizes them all is that they do next to nothing to prevent their own demise in their own home countries. And if Christianity parishes, the Jewry would perish even faster. To continue this discussion, you can contact me by email provided in my link above (Apostasy).

        • Maxie

          Jews have been waiting for the real-deal Messiah for centuries. There have been claimants galore (Shabbtai Zvi most notoriously) but none have qualified.. What exactly would his/her resume have to be in order to be sanctified or would it be completely obvious? Why was Maimonides passed over? In the meantime Jews continue their drift away from Judaism filling the void with left-wing political activism. My guess that is what Coulter was alluding to in a roundabout way.

          • WildJew

            I agree with you, many Jews (especially here in America) are drifting away from their heritage. Yet it is unrelated to messiah. What qualifies messiah to be messiah is pretty well laid out in the prophets; Isaiah chapter 11 for example. For me, Coulter was simply explaining her spiritual superiority to the Jewish people, who are vastly inferior to the exalted Ann Coulter and like-minded believers in Christ; nothing more and nothing less. Coulter looks down her spiritual nose at the Jews who are desperately in need of perfecting.

          • Maxie

            Thanks for the Isaiah ref.

    • Reggie

      Christianity has not, and will never, replace Israel in the heart of God or in the plan of God. All one has to do is look at recent history to know this is true. How many times have the massive Arab nations fought against tiny Israel since 1948? How many times have the Arabs won? The hand of God is with the Jewish people and Israel. God made an eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.

      The question during the early Christian church was this: Can you be a Gentile and be Christian? Christianity was born out of Judaism and the early followers were all Jews. As they spread their Gospel message, the Jewish leaders rejected it so God gave his message to the Gentiles who gladly accepted His message and His Messiah.

      Yes, throughout the centuries, Christians have done horrible things to Jews (read Our Hands are Stained with Blood by Michael L. Brown) and there is no excuse for their behavior. However, today's Christians, for the most part, have a deep love for Israel and the Jewish people and it is because of this love that we desire the Jews to believe in their Messiah, Jesus.

      We have no desire to force Jews to believe just as we have no desire to force Gentiles to believe in Jesus. We will all stand before God, one day, and we will stand alone. Therefore, we must each decide this eternal question for ourselves.

      I believe Ann Coulter made a poor choice of words when she said Jews need to be "perfected." We all need to seek the truth even if the truth goes against our Jewish and/or Gentile traditions and beliefs. As Christians, we are not better than Jews in any way. All we have done is open our hearts to the truth of God and we have gone where His truth has led. If you have a desire to seek His truth, I suggest you read the Holy Bible (the version matters little!) and do a little research. One of the best sites I know of is:

  • Hedley Lamar

    Jews and liberals intentionally mischaracterize the term "perfected Jew". Christians love the Jewish people and wish for them one thing – salvation! Why? Because as gentiles we know we’re only “grafted in” to their trunk through accepting THEIR Jesus as OUR savior. This concept is clearly stated in Bible passages. Gentile Christians believe that Christian Jews are the ultimate in God’s kingdom and that’s what they mean when they refer to them as “perfected”. Bible believing Christians will support and fight for Jews and many even gave their lives for them during WW II. Those who mischaracterize Christian love to be anything else are intentionally being divisive.

    • WildJew

      You speak of Christian love. You say many even gave their lives for them during WW II.

      Reviewers of books on righteous gentiles who risked their lives to save Jews write: "….(very) few in number risked personal harm to selflessly assist Jews from persecution….. (far less than 1%) of non-Jewish Europeans risked themselves and often their families to save Jews from the Nazis…..most Christians stood by and did nothing while the Nazis took their Jewish neighbors to the death camps. Some even cooperated or were themselves perpetrators of the atrocities–often having learned to hate Jews in church."

      Jesus said: "….for I was hungry, and you gave Me nothing to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me nothing to drink; I was a stranger, and you did not invite Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me.'

      "Then they themselves will answer, 'lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not take care of you?'

      "The king will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of these brothers of mine, even the least of them, you did not do it to me.'

    • daniel rotter

      "…Christian Jews…"

      LOL, are "Christian Jews" like "meat-eating vegetarians?"

  • Canadian Steve

    Typically i would agree with you. But in this case, perhaps not. The left is so establishment, so smug, so self-righteous, so biased, that to penetrate its firewall against any conservative thinking, maybe it takes a battering ram like Coulter.

  • evy

    Perhaps if Coulter herself is 'perfected' she needs to take a good hard stare in the mirror and repent of making herself look like anything but. Christians are to flee from all appearance of evil. Looking seductive, forgetting to dress, it just don't look right! And mind your tongue. The Christian has a battle to do, and it isn't against flesh and blood.
    Jew or Gentile, Muslim, Mennonite, red, yellow, black, white, liberal, conservative. We will each give account to the same Creator. You can't have it both ways. Pick up your KJV and start reading if you fall into anyone of those categories, before the next flood catches unawares and takes all away. Are you too afraid to read the truth, or just not interested? SURELY if you are reading this site, you must have SOME interest in right and wrong???

  • nmestate

    First liberals were godless, now they're demonic. When will the Tea Party mob get out their pitchforks and torches and commence with the burnings and auto-da-fes?

    • davarino

      I guess you didnt read the book. Thats what lefties do, not conservatives.

      • nmestate

        No, we read books, but we're a lot pickier. As CS Lewis put it in Out of the Silent Planet, evil is always ready to stoop lower. When I hear the nastiness coming from Coulter and Rush and their flock, I know just what he meant.

        • maxie

          Did you ever listen to AirAmerica; Bill Mahre; Keith Olbermann; Jeneane Garafolo, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Franken et al? The left invented vile hate speech, personal smears and dumpster-diving for anything that might be useful to demean Sarah Palin, her family and/or any other conservative that cross their path.

          • daniel rotter

            Ann Coulter is the QUEEN of "vile hate speech." She once wrote that the fact that Al Gore and Gray Davis were in the military proves that there was something good to be said for "friendly fire," and pretty much endorsed the assassination of former Senator LIncoln Chafee (her column criticizing Chafee was titled "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln").

          • nmestate

            Yes, those folks do get a bit outrageous at times, and I admit their crudity often turns me off. But they aren't pretending to be the only real Merkhuns, true believers in upholding good old godfeering Christian family values while Glen Beck is crying all the way to the bank.

  • davarino

    Bought it, loved it, and wander why the left arent talking about it and pulling their hair out. You guys on the left really need to be pointing out all the mistakes and lies in this book and get the message out. Get out your pitch forks and pikes to go on the rampage.

    : )

    • Canucken

      Why the left aren't talking about it and pulling their hair out? Because they/I don't care. She speaks only to the people on here. It's a 'circle-jerk' book. It doesn't say anything new that she hasn't already said a million times before and yet you lap it up. Enjoy it and keep high-fiveing (how do you spell 'fiveing'??) yourselves. Yawn…..

  • davarino

    So picking up on the "jews must be perfected" phrase, you have in one fell swoop disproved everything Ann has said. So what Ann's analysis is correct, the mob does think simplistically.

  • empiricist1

    "It was a stupid mistake by the right to use the term 'liberal' to describe the left."

    Conservatives are just aping the misuse of "liberal" established by the prestige media and other elites. This misuse had its origin in the Cold War and the purpose was to protect the far left, fellow travelers, Communist front groups and Communists by not acknowledging their existence. To have called a spade a spade would have been denounced as "red-baitng" and "McCarthyism."

  • Stuart Rose

    Now, I haven't read Demonic yet, but I am disconcerted by her attempt, as David celebrates in his mini-review, to corral such a diverse group of liberal and leftists into one ideological pen. I'm not suggesting that Ann can't distinguish Ted Kennedy from, say, Bill Ayers, but she appears in this book to say liberals and Communists are strikingly similar in how they view their world.
    As for her claiming Jim Crow lynch mobs can be dumped in with liberals because many of them were Dixie-crats really raised my eyebrows.

  • mrbean

    I will take Ann Coulter over The View hags anyday. My wife watches this show and asks me what I thought. I told her that I had no such desire to watch two hating whitey black women, a sarcastic half-wit broad, a blond bimbo, and a wrinkled old prune hag show their stupidity every time they open their mouths (usually all at once trying to talk over each other).

  • mrbean
  • Ann

    just started reading this book— it is great—!

  • Hello

    In tony New Canaan, CT, an eight year-old Ann Coulter was overheard calling a group of toddlers "commie pinkos" for sharing their candy with one another. Disgusted, her nanny slapped the young Ann—hard—across the face. Little Ann didn't cry. She couldn't. Instead, she had an epiphany! From that day forward, she vowed to spew the most hateful, hurtful venom she could muster in an attempt to garner the crumbs of attention she so desperately craved.

  • ron

    ann you magnificent bitch !! i read your book !!

  • Asher

    Coulter's book is Bold like herself…Read the truth about the Left who are supposed to champion Democracy but uphold Communist and Islamist Dictatorships…We are in One.

  • Sound&Fury

    I would also recommend David Mamet's book, "The Secret Knowledge". He writes on more of a philosophical level that demands more from the reader, but some of his observations are an indictiment on liberal western society, to say the least. As a former liberal, his insight into the origins and consequences of life in an insular liberal bubble are notable both for their clarity and sense of foreboding when the reader realizes what could happen if this way of thinking carries the day.

  • Djenick

    Bought it as soon as I heard about it. It's actually the first Coulter book I've read, though I've read her column off and on for years. The reason the book appealed to me was because I saw her being interviewed about it the day before its release and she talked about the differences between the French and American Revolutions (covered in chapters 6-8), a subject I had been researching myself. I have come to believe that the French Revolution is the origin of everything wrong in the West today. And Coulter has nailed it: the modern left is the intellectual heir of the French Revolution

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