Don’t Pepper Spray Them: Expel Them

A bunch of students who think they’re revolutionaries formed a mob at UC Davis the other day, blocked a public walkway and refused to move when campus police requested them to do so. As participants in the Occupy Wall Streets on American neighborhoods and now campuses, these are people who support violence against a democratically elected government at home and terrorism abroad. They are friends and comrades of Jew-haters both domestic and foreign. You will notice the Keffiyehs in the video — but the record of the Occupiers is quite clear — on the matter of Jews, on the matter of violence and on the matter of hatred for their own country.

To be a “revolutionary” in a democratic country is to be a self-conceived and self-declared outlaw. That’s who these students are. Of course they may not realize who they are since the adults around them have conspired not to hold them accountable for their actions. But that’s who they are. I have long been of the opinion that the Sixties might have been avoided if administrators had responded to the illegal occupations of college campuses by expelling the culprits responsible. I see the same mistake being made now by the administrators at UC Davis who in the midst of what is — for them — a public relations nightmare, are groveling before these enemies of civility, decency, public order and the fundamental principles which sustain our Republic.

These demonstrators, these haters of our civic order, have forfeited the right to be subsidized by California taxpayers and to occupy privileged spots at our public universities. They need to be taught a lesson as much as our society needs to learn a lesson.Treating adults as children is bad policy; treating the enemies of American democracy as children and “idealists” can be  suicidal. If we don’t defend ourselves, there is no one else who will.



  • FSM47

    do both

    • mattogilvie55


    • truebearing

      Yes. Why squabble over remedies. Pepper spray the hell out of them, then expel them. Give them a P+ for any classes they were currently taking.

      • Don from BC

        I don't understand. Does that mean you give them a pass with honours? If so, how would that be any sort of deterrence. All you're saying in that case is that you can protest and get a passing grade even if you aren't passing the course.

    • trickyblain

      Seig Heil!

  • Flipside

    This article shows two things very blatantly. The first is David waffling between Marxism and Zionism when it suits his purpose. The second is his relentless attempt to act like a dean of a college without any credentials in that regard.

    • truebearing

      Maybe you rely too much on ideology you don't understand to interpret events and statements you don't understand. Sometimes it's hard to interpret incoherent comments, but I think I'm on the right track with yours.

    • Jim

      Should we no believe that Mr Horowitz is more interested in defending Welfare Queens who have created our country's decomposing state than in defending people striving to restore democracy. Our the country sinks into poverty because of the Wall Street swindlers. Those protesting the swindlers and what they have done to our citizens deserve praise not defamation and pepper spray. Is FPM only following orders from their major financial donors? Wall street has assembled almost a million dollars to fight the Occupiers

  • trickyblain

    Expel them for what?

    Horowitz spends years whining that he doesn't have a chance to have "free speech" on campus (even though he makes thousands doing so), then calls for the expulsion of those who are expressing theirs.

    • truebearing

      Expelling them for breaking the law doesn't prevent them from from speaking their warped minds. They really have earned a good pepper spraying first, however.

      • trickyblain

        Yeah, they were really posing a threat to those d*ckless cowards.

        • truebearing

          I don't believe your characterization of the police as "d*ckless." It really lacks credibility, and so do you.

          The Chancellor wanted the demonstrators removed and the police didn't want to have to physically hurt anyone, so they sprayed them. It wasn't quite the terrible thing you're hysterically making it out to be. Maybe counseling would help you correct your tendency to overreact.

          • trickyblain

            Well, first, I give no credence to your questioning of my credibility. But I'm not a vetrinarian, after all.

            Second, I'm admittedly only making a guess. I have — and have no desire to have — knowledge of the anatomy of the Davis fascists. You say they didn't want to hurt anyone. Pepper spray hurts, from what I hear. "Men" in full body armor and Kevlar helmets have no excuse committing cowardly acts , those that are very reminiscent of firehoses and dogs in the Southern early sixties. Firehoses and dogs don't hurt, right? They were ordered to do it. I don't care — they are scum. And d*ckless.

    • mlcblog

      for being disrespectful and ungrateful sh**-disturbers.

      • trickyblain

        Disrespectful and ungrateful? Like someone accepting thousands of dollars from a university before coming there and insulting the entire faculty, accusing them of all sorts of insane things and launching spittle on everyone within five rows of him?

        If disrespect and ungratefulness are grounds for expulsion, Horowitz should never be allowed on a campus again.

  • mlcblog

    I keep wondering what is really going on at Davis. I know one of their primary objectives is to make the police look bad.

  • Amused

    yea they should do like David did in the 60's , be a communist [with a small "c"as David puts it ] ,be a self described Marxist , hate America , inspire groups like the Weathermen ,SDS , then 40 years later blame the hippies and write alot of books and get rich . But that same ole' hate is still there , just directed at the opposite half of the country this time around .
    Yea ! Expell'em David , they got no right to protest .Damn commie , pinko rats !

    • truebearing

      Sounds like projection to me, Bemused. You're babbling frantically, and hatefully, while accusing Horowitz of hate. You sound like a blithering idiot. I guess that is because you are.

      You Lefties really hate people who see through the Left's lies and abandon the evil cause. People with that kind of insight are dangerous because they can testify to the truth regarding your agenda. Nothing upsets you more than the truth, does it, Bemused?

      I await your incoherent, frothing rant…..

      • trickyblain

        Actually, everything he says about Horowitz is completely true — no frothing.

        "abandon the evil cause" lol

        The evil cause is extremism and fanaticism: left, right, up, down and sideways.

        Horowitz never abandoned anything — he just didn't find the middle. Then got rich because he realized right-wing fanaticism pays better.

      • Amused

        You aren't old enough IMBECILE , I was there , read Davids rantings .You're wet behind the ears punk . David has no insight , no more than a wife beater has insight . I dont hate david , I just know where he's at , and as he pitifully "seeks redemption" , he does so without ever repenting , in facy he contiinues today as he did in the 60's. And scrubs like you suck it up .

        • Amused

          BTW that wasn't for you trickyblainit was for the numbskull calling himself truebearing , who doesn't know hios arse from a whole in the ground , and would be more appropriately called ball bearing .

          • trickyblain

            Thanks – I know. I wasn't there; born in '72. A fraud is a fraud, though…this guy, Horowitz…supporting suppression of speech on a campus while whining about the same ad neausium? Gives fraud a new meaning.

            Absolutely rich. I'm submitting his image to Websters for the definition of "HACK."

    • trickyblain


  • Amused

    Oh and BTW truebearing , you can GFY …maybe someone oughta spray a can of that stuff up your arse .

    • truebearing

      Why don't you try it, Bemused? I'll help you eat the whole can.

      Your stupid, childish comment was basically expressing the wish that you could shut me up. Of course you want someone else to do it because you know you're way to impotent to do it by yourself.
      Since you talk out of your rectum, you project that other people do too, hence your fantasy of shutting me up by doing something that would result in you enjoying an extended stay in your local ICU.

      I'm not surprised that you're an Occumoron.

      Due to my computer's allergy to stupidity, please keep your comment short. Thank you for your cooperation.

      • Amused

        I'll keep it real short arsehole GFY , do it now dont waste anymore time you mindless idiot .

  • rulierose

    I don't know as I'd expel them, but I'd definitely take away their scholarships and their government-sponsored soon-to-be-forgiven student loans.

    this should also go for the disgraceful UC students (mostly at Irvine but other places as well) who refuse to let pro-Israel speakers talk.

  • Jim

    David, if you think those students should be expelled and the university should do nothing about peaceful protests, then take it up with UC President Mark Yudof. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear your opinion.

    • Jim

      To whoever thumbed me down, take it up with Yudof. I'm sure he'd be happy to know why he shouldn't make any policy changes.

  • Rhyscurrency

    Perfect example of useful idiots getting class on respect for others, the cops could have done more IMO.

  • BS77

    Back in the sixties demonstrations at the Universities often meant tear gas, getting roughed up and arrested for blocking entrances, refusing to disperse etc etc. Guess what? The police were often commended for their restraint as the mobs pelted them with spit, bottles and trash. So the cops pepper sprayed the little brats….so what? To see that woman president of the University in tears made me laugh. Things in this country are now so upside down and backwards, it's ridiculous. She should have defended the cops and told the students to get off their asses or be expelled.

    • Jim

      Wrong. She was right to apologize. Those students weren't pelting cops with anything. Nor were they turning over cars like a certain other university. They were sitting in an open quad that anyone could easily walk through and they were pepper sprayed. Fortunately, they were committed to their strong values and fought back with only words.

      Now, what about Penn State? Whatever you think of the OWS cause, the "cause" peddled by the Penn State rioters was automatically 10,000 times worse. They turned over cars in support of a man who sheltered a child rapist! And the police did nothing…

  • Lightning Jack

    What ever economic point these anarchist fools are trying to make has already eclipsed itself under European (Egalitarian) socialism with devastating socioeconomic results.

    Many European Union nation states are in economic turmoil today because of the very entitlement spending schemes these fools are advocating, with no choices left except to implement draconian (austerity) cuts in government-entitlement spending.

    Unfortunately in free and prosperous economies, especially democracies, the socialist-collectivist-anarchist always attempt to move such economies towards less freedom….more government-entitlement spending, regressive taxation and job killing regulations until the burden of the enigmatic, monster welfare state they created brings economic growth to a halt.

  • Jim

    The police made fools of them selves and the spray pictures are all over the internet and they are funny.

  • jjjjj

    who wrote this trash?

    • Jim

      A man with a big mouth who likes to call out and insult individual students and professors at universities but with no balls to go and tell them what he thinks face to face.

  • nonya

    Thinking about going to a school in the University of California system? think again. Find a better school to go to.
    Current student in the UC system?
    do not occupy – drop out.. do not pay one cent more in tuition.
    Vote with your dollars.

    These people are undeserving of your money.

  • kosmetik

    i also think so, great article!