Glenn Beck and the Muslim Brotherhood

Those of you who have been watching Glenn Beck, and particularly those who watched last night’s show will see that he is bringing before an audience of millions the message we have been sending from these sites for nearly a decade — that the global Islamic jihad against the West has formed a working alliance with the secular socialist left both at home and abroad. This “unholy alliance” as we called it was first clearly visible in the anti-American demonstrations opposing the Iraq War. These were mislabled “anti-war” demonstrations by the general media. If they were truly anti-war demonstrations there would have been protests at the Iraq embassy calling on Saddam Hussein to honor the Gulf War truce agreement he had signed and the seventeen UN resolutions that attempted to enforce those agreements. But there was not one such demonstration. Not one.

We pointed out at the time that the steering committee of the largest coalition against the Iraq War — that is against toppling Saddam Hussein — included on its steering committee the Muslim Students Association, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2003, we laid out the facts in an 80 page booklet edited by John Perazzo and me, called Who Is The Peace Movement? We have updated the information in our online encyclopedia of the left at

Everything we know about the collaborations of the Communist left with the Soviet police state, about the collaborations of the New Left with the Vietnamese and Cuban Communists, and about the committees of leftists in solidarity with the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua and the Communist guerillas in El Salvador told us that the current left would be in bed with the Islamic Nazis who now confront us. In 2005 I published a book — Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left — which described this uniting of domestic forces with the external threat, and four years later our Frontpage editor, Jamie Glazov followed it with United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror. We have devoted a section of our online encyclopedia of the left to “Radical Islam’s Alliance With the Socialist Left.” The unholy alliance between Islamo-Nazis and the American left described in these pages is the gravest threat our country has ever faced.

Now Glenn Beck is bringing our warning and the facts on which it is based to millions of Americans in a series of radio and television shows that you don’t want to miss. They are readily available on the web here. Please copy the urls of his shows into your emails and send them to as many people as possible. The time to wake up America is now; the hour is late.

  • mantei

    Thank you for all you do, David. Have been learning from you since before 9/11. Maybe we are finally ready to wake up? I pray so…

  • trickyblain

    Those anti-war demonstrations weren't really anti-war demonstrations. This is because Horowitz tells us so, basing this assertion on a random absenseness of a demonstration in a place he feels should have had one.

    This just a slimy way of attempting to legitimize "his" side's silly demonstrations against a list of unreal grievances perpetuation by Obama, while the mass demonstrations against the Iraq War (of which, maybe 0.1% of the demonstrators in the US had anything to do with Islamism) were "anti-American" — because Horowitz thought it was a great plan.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Could you rephrase that in comprehensible English? Because I can't for the life of me figure out what you're saying, beyond that you think Horowitz is wrong and there is no "unholy alliance."

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Could you rephrase that in comprehensible English? Because I can't for the life of me figure out what you're saying, beyond that you think Horowitz is wrong and there is no "unholy alliance."

      • imdownunder

        trickyblain says it all. He's probably one of Soros' 'journalists' hired to go on these comment boards and just cause confusion with nonsensical comments like his.

        Their purpose is to disrupt our discussions. We need to ignore them.

    • Nick Shaw


    • Maria

      Why no "Pink ladies" anti-war protestors have not been in US from the beginning of Obama's realm? Where are other anti-war groups protesting war in Iraq & Afganistan
      since Obama came into power? All of those protestors rally were well financed by Obama supporter #1 G. Soros. Open your mind. Our country speedy to socialism. I am originally from former USSR and I am so scary to see how many Americans who were so lucky to be born here, understand nothing. You people so narrow minded, ignorent. You don't know actually your own history not to say socialists countries history. Let read Jamie Glazov "United in hate.". I confirm everything is truth there.
      Start to read about Islam. I read Nonni Darwish "Now they call me infidel". After 9/11 people should've be awaken but it is not. You live still in compacency. Too bad, to dangerous.

      • Uwe

        Maria, I am from overseas myself. In the last seventeen years I have been here in
        the U.S.A. I have come to understand that Americans worship their own holy
        trinity: sports, porn & cheap alcohol. Their obsession with sports, spiced up with
        a good amount of heavy porn and then flushed down with chemically enhanced
        cheap liqueur makes me realize that a booty-call in this country is more important
        than foreign policies and substance. That's why the world thinks that they are so
        dumb & ignorant!

        • zsqpwxxeh

          I believe you just described the majority of the human race. You weren't at the last World Cup, by any chance?

          • Uwe

            No, I was not, and I could care less! But we do know that the U.S.A has been the Roman Empire of our time. And I do feel privileged to witness the Roman Empire of our time to be flushed down into meaninglessness by their own institutions & people. I did hear on the radio last week that democracy can only exist by civilized and educated people. And I might add morality and responsiblity for oneself.
            I am not making excuses for Europe, then I believe the whole Western world is a cesspool; and we have been getting what we deserve.

          • zsqpwxxeh

            Is the Eastern world a cesspool, too? Because if it is, then "Is the whole World a cesspool" (to paraphrase Shakespeare); if it isn't, then Kipling was wrong to say that "East is East and West is West and ne'er the twain shall meet." But everyone still loves sports, beer, sex, drugs, rock n roll, etc., even in Asia and Africa and Muslim countries, nicht wahr?

            On the other hand, just shut up.

          • Uwe

            Was soll's ? Die Amis sind wie sie sind. Jeder weiss es doch! Shakespeare ist gut, aber Gott ist besser, nicht wahr? Und ich werde meinen Mund nicht halten, denn ich habe genug von Euren rassistischen Bermerkungen und Euren bloeden Witze, Eure arrogante Ueberheblichkeit und Einfaelltigkeit.

          • zsqpwxxeh

            Ja, wir verstehen uns ausserordentlich gut, Pornforscher.

            Ladies and gentlemen: A latter-day representative of the Master Race has made his appearance. And by his hatred and stupidity ye shall know him.

        • ebonystone

          Uwe and Maria, I have to agree with much of what you say. Many Americans are terribly ignorant both of their own history and of the history of the rest of the world. It's the result of a couple of generations of leftist controlled education and mass media. But not all Americans: just follow the articles and the comments on this blog, and on other blogs like JihadWatch and American Thinker and you'll find lots of Americans who aren't so ignorant. Then there's the success of the Tea Party in the last elections. More and more Americans are catching on..
          And then the Americans aren't the only ignorant ones. Europeans seem to be even less aware of, and informed about, their history and cultural heritage, than Americans. Witness the speed at which they're handing over their countries and their descendants to the Moslem invaders.
          P.S. Where can I get some of that chemically enhanced cheap liqueur? All that I can find in my area is the same old unenhanced bourbon, scotch, brandy, and rum. And it ain't cheap.

        • MixMChess

          I'll take sports, porn and cheap alcohol over backwardness of the Arab/Islamic world any day!

      • Proud American

        Uwe, I don't know what cave you crawled out of or where you live now but I gaurantee you that the majority in the US are nothing like you described. You want to see real Citzens then come out to the country where we can show you the real United States. We are the people that stand for God, the Consitution and our freedoms.
        Before you start bad mouthing something you know very little about if I were you I would shut up and leave.

        • Uwe

          Without foreigners, you'd be lost! Who else will buy your enormous debt? And remember, who will do your menial work around your country if it was not for your neighbours south of the border?
          I have found true Christians here in America but not true Christianity. Most of your Christianity is based on glitz, glamour and money. From what I understand is that most of the so-called Bible-teachings given here is very unbiblical.
          And you have taken your freedoms for granted. First thing I was told when I came here and saw that Americans can't abide by their own laws that these (laws) are only made to be broken.
          So, then, have a cold one and watch the 'Stupid Bowl' this weekend!

    • CanadConserv

      As you know, the refrains were 1) Bush is taking the US to war for Haliburton, 2) Bush lied, people died; and 3) Bush is shredding the constitution.

      And as you know #1 was an outrageous lie.

      Re #2) The Democrats, based on the same evidence Bush had, supported the war…until it became politically beneficial to oppose it. How utterly cynical and calculating. So, naturally, once saddled with responsibility when they came to power, the Democrats and their media were no longer anti Iraq war. The Obama administration even referred to nascent Iraqi democracy as a success story, drawing down troops as per Bush's schedule, not the accelerated one they promised.

      3) Once in power Obama and the Democrats joined in the shredding of the US constitution, maintaining Guantanamo, The Patriot Act, renditions, tribunals, greatly increasing predator attacks, adn whatever else i forget.

      Meanwhile their media is nice and quiet on their behalf, after screaming day after day, headline after headline, about precisely these things when they were Republican and Bush policy.

      Hypocrites all. Quel surprise.

  • scum

    DAVID, DAVID, DAVID, you really want to promote the idiocy of Glenn Beck? Just because he has learned your brand of trumped-up conspiracy theories, doesn't mean you have to buy into his half-backed Van Jones = Hitler = Days of Rage = Ayers = Cloward = Hussein. Really David, did you take too much LDS in the 60s, like the Latter Day Saint himself? I honestly though you above that, but I guess not. Just answer me one question, David: Do you support dictatorship? Be honest… Didn't you learn anything from the crimes of the Shah and Iran? Guess not.

    • Maria

      Who will come after Mubarek? Muslim Brothers, islamists terrorist organization gave birth to the most terrorists organizations including Al-Qaeda. Do you like them? It is what you want? If you are not muslim, sleeping cell in our country, you just ignorant, softly say. Glen beck is right. He has a common sense but you are not. Is Iran with islamist teocrathy better than it was pro-Western Shah? Sure, no. All the world is in danger because it is ayattol's in power there. They want to destroy our county. Do you want it? By the way, Shah made possible economical wellness in country, he was progressive leader. So called democrat (marxist, socialist in reallity) J. Carter supported advent of ayattol's regime.

    • fmobler

      What are the lessons you want David to have learned from the Shah and Iran? Perhaps that (a) autocrats are sometimes a lot better than the totalitarians who replace them and (b) a Muslim demagogue who learns to mix Lenin's eco-political theory with Islam's God-directed self-righteousness has all the tools needed to aspire to history-changing despotism.

      P.S. I was going for a personal record for "most hyphenation in a single phrase", but I'm sure I can do better. One should always be open to personal improvement.

    • dwight hogg

      Of course you ignore the worst Islamic genocidal terrorist regime beign run by fascist Mullahs – Iran. The Shah was a boy scout compared to those running Iran now. Dictatorship is bad but why go from that to what is much worse??????

  • losey

    Horowitz has been doing this for a lot longer than Beck. I've been learning from David ever since I read Radical Son and haven't stopped. Think of what it takes to reject everything in your belief system, take responsibility for what happened in S. Vietnam and Cambodia (2.5 million dead) in your 40s and fight against what you helped create. David is a true patriot and on point once again.

  • Nick Shaw

    Thank God even Beck has awakened to the threat of Islam. In fact, it was heartening to see Bill O'Reilly taking up the banner somewhat last night. Beck is not on right now, Eric Bolling is filling in but, wonder of wonders, he has Robert Spencer on! Things are definately looking up! And to those that said Fox would be more circumspect regarding Islam with a Sheik as a shareholder, take a hike!

    • Nick Shaw

      You'll notice, Obamayomama, I did not say "radical Islam" thank you very much! I expect a cookie. ;-)

  • USMCSniper
  • okrahead

    Jimmy Carter has issued an open letter to President Obama on how to handle the Muslim Brotherhood…

    From the desk of Greatest Ex-President Ever Jimmy Carter:

    To: President Barak Hussein Obama

    Dear President Obama,

    I know that this is a tough time for you right now, which is why I have decided to reach out to you with a helping hand. I realize you have not yet actually asked for my assistance, but I decided that must be because you are just too busy to get around to it. As a result I decided to make things easier for you and go ahead and give you the benefit of my great wisdom and experience as a world leader and peace maker. After all, we Nobel Prize winners have to stick together.

    So, Egypt is all in a mess. Well let me tell you, when it comes to the Middle East being a mess, I know all about it. First of all, look at this President Mubarak fellow. He really is just like the Shah of Iran. He spent years thinking that if he could just play up to the United States and act like our friend, then we would somehow be obligated to bail him out when he finally got into trouble. I have to tell you, that kind of thinking just really chafes my buns. I am sick and tired of all the little people in Egypt, South Korea, Israel, Colombia, Poland, Georgia and Great Britain thinking that we owe them anything. After all, if they can't manage their own affairs, why should we step in for them?

    Look at it this way. Sure the Muslim Brotherhood isn't perfect, but who are we to judge? After all, what country in the world is more racist, imperialist, self-righteous and greedy than the United States? So if the Muslim Brotherhood hates this country, then they must be on the right track. Believe me, I cannot begin to tell you how much hatred I've felt for this country since 1980. I since a lot of that same hate in you, and it makes me warm inside. So if the Muslim Brotherhood recognized the United States for the Great Satan it really is, and wants to throw Mubarak out for siding with the neo-cons and Jews who were running the place before you took over, why should we care? After all, they are only doing what's best for their own country… Read the rest here…

    • dwight hogg

      If you hate the US so much then you should move to Iran or Egypt and be part of the great flowering of the Arab Spring

  • FascistCommunist

    Gross. Bored. Sheep. Both sides. I've got a chalk board. Obama is a centrist. Bush was a puppet. Clinton was a savy perv. Reagan was less consertative than you would want to believe. What's it like to have so much hate in your heart?

  • fmobler

    I did notice that obvious omission. If we have learned anything from Glenn is it to suspect a conspiracy first. I'll bet Grover Norquist is behind this. :)

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Glenn Beck is and always was a complete idiot who never went to college and never knew anything about World History, American History or the US Constitution. People need to wake up to the fact that this fool is just another uneducated charlatan who does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity. He is not and never was a conservative. In short, he is just another opinion pusher which is why he blends in so well with the bigots on Fox News Network. This idiot climbed in bed with Satan a very long time ago as fear, lies, half truths and hate are his only products that he has for sale and he is making big money off of impressionable fools who love being told what to think. Glenn Beck is simply a product of mormon cult theology that he mixes with cherry picked parts of Catholicism, New Age Religions and his personal core as a washed up, dry alcoholic. Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck, Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like them frequently pervert truth, history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their big mouths.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Let me see…you're a liberal democrat? Oh, wait. Salaamu Aleikum, O Sheik.

    • ebonystone

      Well, Obama, Kerry, Algore, and Hillary, and most of the rest of their leftist mob did go to college, and they don't know anything about World History, American History, or the U.S.Constitution either. It looks like they (or more likely, their parents) wasted their money on four+ years of parties and leftist indoctrination.

      "grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth"? Surely you're describing Barack, not Beck. Maybe it's just a typo, the spelling is pretty similar.

      • gbfacts

        @Shiek ok so Beck is an idiot… prove it. Don't just tell us that he is. Where are the facts? So far all you've said are opinions,.

        • simplify

          All Politicians are idiots and liers, today is simply hard to be in a government and not to lie.

          I hate when people compare politics with education. Please, let me tell you to become a politician all you need is money, simple said.

          When politicians get stuck, who they trurn to are advanced educated people, who have specialized in their fields.

          Bingo, problem solved. Then, when they authorize bills and laws, they are just witnessing their own opinions, dont forget they have no opstacles, but lots of money and power around them. It all becomes someone's wish.

          Its simple, someone has to be the last one to make decision after all. Thats how works in every single house hold.

      • David

        Oh, the people that you're talking about do know history, and they also know exactly what they're doing…it is by no accident or coincidence. They have never been for America and they're doing precisely what it takes to bring it down. Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Global Research,com, NewsWithViews, and many other resources worldwide are informing the masses but they have been so dumbed down that they cannot see through the deception…all they can do is consume each other, instead of doing the research themselves.

    • mumma bom bom

      another leftist

    • boo boo shuru

      the way i look at it if the middle east hates americans and wants to kill the americans that have no control over their goverment we should just nuke and be done with it

    • David

      You have just described what you're all about… you're too busy consuming and condemning others when, in fact, you are the one perverting the truth. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. You are the impressionable fool. An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation; nor does truth become error because no one will see it. You would not know truth if it hit you in the face.

  • Nick Shaw

    I too, noticed the exclusion of CAIR, which seemed odd. I'll put it down to Beck not being convinced of the connection whereas he had concrete proof in the case of those he listed. I know, I know, we who come here on a regular basis know better but, Beck is just beginning to explore this subject. Give him time. Fmobler, I object to you implying Beck is a "conspiracy" guy. Not that I am a Beckophile and I may be reading your tone incorrectly. I think he tends to lay the facts out and we are to make the connections through research of our own. If that makes him a conspiracy therorist in your mind so be it but, you can't argue that his facts are incorrect.

  • mark

    Sheikie upsettee? I'm sensing much hate to Beck. I thought the left was all about love and acceptance. "a complete idiot." "Uneducated charlatan" "Bigots at Fox News Network" (libs hate Fox News because it undermined their total domination of the news sources) "Mormon cult theology" "washed up, dry alcoholic"

  • Nick Shaw

    Shake your booty? I have to say, that is original. Too bad your thought process is not. "Fear, lies, half truths and hate"? One would think you are describing Krugman! Let's take them one at a time. Fear, you should have some of this if you want to remain free as the founding fathers intended, as in, "I fear we are in deep doodoo if the progressives get their way!" Lies, if you could point some out I will listen. Half truths, see Lies. Hate, gee, the only person I hear Beck say he hates is Woodrow Wilson. Spoken like one who doesn't listen to Beck, I'm guessing.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Yeah he is letting the cat out of the bag sort of, but at the same time I could do without all the melodramatics and without all the self-hating blame America first anarcho-kook foreign policy he spews. Indeed, he sounds eerily similar to the kind of isolationist foreign policy the Paul’s are notorious for espousing. No wonder he supports gutting the defense department like the Paul’s.

    Anyway, with respect to his understanding of Islam goes, he still has a very long way to go. However, at least he isn’t vilifying and demonizing Geert Wilders as evil incarnate as he was doing just a few months before.

  • Touchdown

    If one needs to know where the crazy, paranoid idiots hang out, it is of course right here. By the way, there are aliens, there is no global warming, Obama is a Muslim, Elvis lives…pick your conspiracy and run with it. We, whoever that is, are out to get you!

  • laura

    Obama is of course Muslim. However, the war in Iraq is not Christian. It installed a leftist/Islamic Government with the Koran as Constitution. The 666 beast state is controlling the USA Government. So, the answer is expelling all Muslims from the USA and ending all foreign wars in Islamic lands. They do us no good and they don't benefit the people to install Islamo-theogenocidal fascism via Islamic States. So, the argument that we should just wage war — with blindness — having no vision of whether the wars are just and promote a positive outcome — is ignorance and propaganda. All the USA Govt is doing is building Islam globally — which is the goal of the NWO/Islamic 666 beast system.

  • Tim gallien

    The muslem brotherhood is funded and run out of the CIA, like AlCIAda or the mujahadeen among many other destabilization teams. Theses teams are deployed to give our nations government a reason to get involved in anything they deem “good for bussines”.

  • Guest

    Did you go to grade school with Mr. Beck to be able to claim he "is and always was a complete idiot?" He doesn't "possess a single ounce of jounalistic integrity?" Not even an ounce? ! Which bigots does he "blend in with at Fox?" Alan Colmes? "This idiot climbed in bed with satan a very long time ago." Are you calling him gay now too? You're wrong about "fear, lies, half-truths and hate being the only products he has to sell" ~ he's a millionaire several times over from book sales, personal appearances, commissions from Gold Line and his tv show. "Grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth?" I suspect this is simply projection on your part. You must hate the other people you mentioned for much the same reasons you hate Mr. Beck; they hold opposite views from yours and are able to back them up with facts you're unable to dispute. Why not just simply change your mind?