How Not to Defend Yourself as a Jew at Yale

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On a brighter note, the Yale Daily News did publish an intelligent response to the eviction protest by two Jewish undergraduates who pointed out in an op-ed piece aptly titled “Evicting the Truth,” that the demolition of homes by Israel was not a policy of random sadism but an attempt to discourage terrorists from killing Jews — at random. Even these two defenders of Israel, however, couldn’t bring themselves to confront the reality of the SJP attack, which they described as  “silly.” They concluded their argument on this note: “Yale has a long tradition of serious conversation and intelligent dialogue. The time has come for organizations like SJP to contribute meaningfully. Let’s have a real conversation; we’ll even bring the matzah.” Yes, by all means bring the matzah to sup with people who want to obliterate you.

For Yale Hillel’s self-abasing Jews, even sugarcoating your enemy’s venom (“counter-productive,” “hyperbolic,” “silly”) is an insufficient gesture of submission. You must also distance yourself from Jews who stand up to their enemies: “’We try to act constructively and respectfully on these issues, not divisively and hyperbolically,’” said Josh Kalla ’13, Israel Chair on the Hillel Board. Kalla noted that when the David Horowitz Center, a pro-settlement organization, published an incendiary full-page advertisement in the News, the [Joseph] Slifka Center [for Jewish Life at Yale] also published a full-page advertisement, criticizing the Horowitz Center’s approach to the debate.”

We never saw the Slifka Center advertisement that appeared in the Yale Daily News because it was available only in the print version of the paper. When my office called the Slifka Center and requested a copy of the ad from Steven Sitrin, its executive director, Sitrin barked into the phone, “We don’t have it,” and then, in as hostile a manner as he could muster, hung up the receiver.

As it happens, the director of Hillel for the Philadelphia region, Howard Alpert, has characterized the contents of our incendiary advertisement, which we called “The Palestinian Wall of Lies,” as “a factual reply to common anti-Israel propaganda.” For the Slifka Center and Yale Hillel a factual defense of the Jews in the Middle East is “incendiary” because it upsets the Israel-haters. But a campaign to portray the only existing Jewish state as an evil force that systematically demolishes the homes of innocents is not. It’s just “hyperbolic.”

In closing, it should be noted that the matzah overture, with which the two undergraduates concluded their op-ed, was not incidental. To conduct their malevolent attack on the Jews, Students for Justice in Palestine had chosen the precise week when Jews all over the world celebrate Passover, which is religious commemoration of their flight to freedom from slavery in Egypt.

Afterward: After failing to get the cooperation of Mr. Sitrin, we received a copy of the Slifka Center ad from the Yale Daily News. This is the response of Yale’s Jews to Palestinian anti-Semites at Yale: facts are hateful if they offend your enemies, have a talk with the Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

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  • Jim

    Who cares what these nit wits have to say. If Israel were half as mean as they try to make it seem there would be no Palestinians.
    All the Arab countries together could not beat Israel in a war.
    All their wars they tried were to drive the Jews out.How inclusive are the Arabs?
    They are the ones who practice apartheid along with intent to commit genocide.

    • stern

      Unfortunately, the problem is that so many students believe what these nitwits have to say. As David Horowitz is trying to point out, it's well past time that Israel's defenders started actually defending Israel, rather than trying to avoid offending Israel's enemies.

      • Jessamae

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    • John

      What's ironic for me in this article is how the ignorant perpetrators are constantly trying to boost themselves up to a level where they obviously never feel they belong. Is this what they've come to America for? Hmmmm, one would think they came for an education and to do something with their lives that actually benefit them instead of bringing their hatred and trying (and succeeding in some cases) to convince others to hate Israel too.

    • TG Browning

      Who cares what the nitwits say?

      I suspect that people who want Israelis to live without ducking for cover anytime a pizza gets delivered or a car backfires. The reply from the Joseph Slifka Center is so weak as to be pointless. It does nothing to further such goals.


  • bob maram

    although israel and jewish values must have a prominent place in each jew''s being there is a danger of isolating himself if the jew''s response to every important question whether religious, artistic, political or philosophical is ''is it good for the jews''. i am a jew who refuses to feel guilty about enjoying richard wagner''s ''tristan and isolde'' or for that matter the poetry of t.s. elliot. bobmaram

    • stern

      And your point is? And how is it relevant to this article? This isn't about "is it good for the Jews". It's about Israel's very survival. As long as we keep quiet and allow the defamation, lies and libels to continue because we think it's "good for the Jews" to be quiet and reasonable, we allow the dangers Israel faces to keep growing. We need to fight back as loudly and as vehemently as our enemies.

      • WildJew

        Maybe his point is, he stands shoulder to shoulder with Yale Hillel?

    • stern

      Hmm, seems my reply has been deleted. I wonder why? I merely pointed out to bob maram that his points are not really relevant to the article. I also said that I don't think it's "good for the Jews" to stay silent out of fear of offending our enemies. We need to stand up and make noise, loud and clear.

      • MixMChess

        The ZOA used to stand up for Jews, but they are an old mans club now. I went to a local annual meeting of theirs a few years ago and I was the youngest person in the room by at least 60 years!

        Groups like HonestReporting, CampusWatch and StandWithUS are doing some great work but it seems like they need more momentum and need to be more mainstream. I wish those groups would replace the pro-Israel efforts put forth by university Hillel's.

    • Stan

      Hi Bob – some years ago, after many years of being constantly reminded by my non-Jewish friends that I was a Jew and therefore somehow different from them, I decided that questioning everything from the perspective of whether it's good for the Jews is very important. Feel free to enjoy your music and poetry written by antisemites, drive a Bavarian BMW if you wish, but if you don't understand that a strong and self-sufficient Israel is good for not only the Jews but the free world and yourself then you're a self-deluded fool.

  • john in cheshire

    Over the past, say, 100 years, what has the muslim world produced that has benefitted mankind? Over the same period, Jews and Christians have enhanced the world in ways too numerous to list, from engineering and science to the arts and philosophy. You would think that is sufficient evidence of who are the creators and who are the destroyers. Because muslims and socialists can't make the connection leads me to conclude that they have some kind of defective gene.

    • hummingbird

      Exactly, what Israel needs is a PR campaign listing all of their incredible, medical and technilogical discoveries and how they have enhanced the lived of everyone around the world……Along side that they should list all the other countries in the middle east and try to find one thing they have contributed to benefit mankind….I would say that suicide bombings and female circumcision are about it….oh, yes, and some oil. I just can't get why the western world doesn't get it. So frustrating.

  • Fred Dawes

    Jews good people muslim evil people end of story, Jim is right thank you.

  • Marty

    Yale is a dhimmitude enclave. Being a dhimmi these days necessitates the emphasis on Israel bashing and Jew-hatred. This pathetic display of cowardice and hypocrisy is a refection of the progress islam is making on American college campuses. Alumni should be made aware of exactly what sort of education their gifts are supporting.

  • John

    I often wonder how and why many American students get into college. Isn't there supposed to be some critical thinking required? I know we haven't raised a new generation of mental and spiritual giants but how difficult is it to recognize a great big ol' lie? It's difficult to say since most of them still support the big liar. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but our American students could benefit from some education on the difference between right and wrong and good vs. evil. They certainly aren't getting much of it from their angry professors who mostly haven't decided whether they are even boys or girls yet. Our church and synagogue leaders (along with parents and the rest of us) need to have a little more influence.

  • jaythehistorian

    The ad of the traitorous Slifka speaks of peaceful interaction between Jews and Muslims. However, Islam is not a "religion of peace". It was born and spread with the sword and the blood of millions who would not submit . The well-known anecdote about the Clinton WH asking Bernard Lewis the leading non-muslim scholar on Islam for a quote from the Koran about peace says it all. When Mr Lewis gave them a quote about peace from the Koran , he was informed " we used that one already". Mr Lewis replied , (I'm paraphrasing) ' I don't know of any other lines from the Koran which contain the word peace'.

    • josephine

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  • LB Samms

    Re: Indoctrination of Jews across America
    The reason this hatred is being accepted on campuses? Jews across America have been indoctrinated by the Left. For them to react with fury—as well they should—would be portrayed in the media as the very "hate" they are accused of. The Left's strategy is to accuse those with whom they disagree with the very hatred and intolerance that they themselves practice. By smearing and branding the right, and all its causes, with that taint of bigotry, we are kept down, made always to be afraid, and forced to act as cowards.

    • John

      I recently spoke with an Israeli visiting here. Giving my perspective on this situation I told him that the Israelis embodied the fighting and survival spirit of the Israelites of Biblical Israel but that the majority of Jews in America embodied the 1936-1939 Jews living in Europe and believeing Chamberlain's line of logic. "It can't happen here." But it is happening here and again in Europe and they continue to have the attitude of "It can't happen here so let's try to make a pact with the devil." He wholeheartedly agreed with me. I honestly don't know how to wake them up.

  • Questions

    When I was a 20-year-old undergrad, yes, I had my moments of silliness. But they were nothing compared to the idiocies these stoooopid apologists for mass murder routinely utter to glorify the name of "Allah" and destroy the legitimacy of Israel.

  • BLJ

    Anything that happens on a university or college campus these days does not surprise me. It is a fantasy land inhabited by educated derelects and losers. The poor students are just fodder to them.

  • cjk

    Actually this is about something even bigger than Israel or any other nation for that matter. This is about TRUTH. This is about RIGHT AND WRONG.
    I don't support Israel because it consists of Jews, I support it because it is a legitimately formed state according to any historical precedent regarding the founding of states. It is far superior to any of it's neighbors as far as liberty, equity, humaneness, rights, etc. go. It is predicated on peace with all mankind and has ACTED consistently with that premise to the UTMOST of it's ability. Indeed it's greatest sin is resistance and refusal to submit to fiendish adherents of a seventh century terrorist pedophile bent on world conquest. Fiends who are increasingly expanding their power and reach worldwide as evidenced in the article.
    These SLIFKA fools aren't just playing with Israel's enemies, they're playing with the enemies of truth which pose a very real danger to me, my children, and any other man who values what is RIGHT.

    • stern

      You go cjk!!! Well said

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    F., 04/29/11 common era

    So where are the ADL, Hillel, and the other Jewish Establishment "defense" nonprofits?
    Probably engaging in more counterproductive "interfaith" activities. "Ishmael will be a wild beast. His hands will be on everyone, and everyone's hands will be on him."

  • WildJew

    What is wrong with being a pro-(Jewish) settlement organization? I am pro-settlement in Israel and proud of it. Every Jew should be proud that Jews are re-settling our ancient land. Would that there were Jewish communities all over Israel; in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, the Golan and Gaza.

  • Vermont Yid

    With the Yale (and other college and university) Jewish students being the gutless wimps they are, is it any wonder they are under this kind of verbal attacks and intimidation? The Jewish college students in this country are, by and large, a pathetic bunch of pussies. And yes, I DO advocate violence against our enemies.

    • Leon

      Whats stopping you?

  • Steve Chavez

    DON'T YOU GET IT? "Eviction notices, demolished in three days” THE ISRAELI'S, according to this hate and racist group, give notice when the demolition is to begin giving innocents, or terrorists, time to vacate. DO SUICIDE BOMBERS GIVE NOTICE?

    The only way to counter these terrorist supporters is to play their own game! SO, you put signs at the entrance to the Student Union, at bus stops, at coffee shops, classroom buildings, etc… saying "Suicide Bomber will attack at any moment!"

    The Muslim groups always get away with their hate, which is labeled as "free speech," but as David Horowitz knows first hand, his "free speech" is denied, shouted down, shouted over, and due to threats on his life and threat of violence, he must have guards protecting his appearances!

    • willy wallace

      I like it! Perfect! "Suicide Bomber will attack at any moment." This will show how the Israeli's have to live their everyday lives. They never know when a suicide bomber will attack.

      Israel's live in fear, but even hundreds of thousand of Arabs that live in Israel under a regime of freedom, are also victims of these cowards!

      • Steve Chavez


    • varices

      How not to defend or how to defend? Now I am thinking about this awesome news and everything will then be alright. Thanks a lot for what you've done, traitement varices

  • RW Donn

    I think someone needs to put new lyrics to Laura Nyro's "Eli's Comin'". It could start with:

    Jiiiiiihad's comin'!!!!!

  • Leon

    '… is to abuse the memory of the Holocaust'

    Save your fake tears.

    oh, and Islamophobes? So criticizing a group of bigoted anti-israeli students is now off limits?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Yale, down the drain years ago with leftist trash and today yapping for the
    Palestinian frauds tells one thing, the money is flowing from Islam to
    Yalslam. Those behind the anti-semitism at Yale are shameless Leftists
    who instigate hate and destroy any environment of critical debate and open
    ideation which is so necessary for student development. I just feel sorry
    for those students who are so sure of themselves and will inherit a
    World made vile by Leftist terrorism and Islamist masters holding a sword
    over their head…………………………………………………………William

    • josephine

      how not to defend ourselves? I have to agree that defending ourselves also depends on the situation. that seems to be working out so good. nose breathing

  • BS77

    Seeing the stupid hippy trash standing on the Israel flag…typical behavior for brainwashed leftist morons, totally clueless….they wouldn't last five minutes in Gaza. Stand with Israel.
    Send a contribution to plant a tree in Israel. Be a Man…seek the truth. Israel is under siege…by barbarians who are supported by the useful idiots on college campuses.

    • table skirts

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    Since 9/11 there has been over 17,131 attacks by Jihadists, with multiple deaths in each case. These are activated by Mohammed's words in th Koran, Hadiths and Surahs, and used by Mullahs and Imams to inflame the Muslim populace. In our War against Islam, the Guardians of Democracy will focus on eliminating Mullahs, Imams and Jihadists, with impure deaths.

    Sign the "Ban Islam" petition at:


  • Steve Chavez


    Put signs on all university buildings!

  • BS77

    these are the same idiots who carried Mao's little red book in the 60s….idealistic but naive and foolish, impressionable, easily manipulated, indoctrinated by leftist professors, completely ignorant of the real situation in the Middle East…….appalling ignorance.

    • josephe

      oh well, honestly i can't say no to this and let's do try our best and let's defend ourselves too. this would really be so awesome. how to strengthen weak arm

  • gadi

    I would like to see a response to the proposition that permit demolitions discriminate against arabs

  • combatcorpe

    lucky for those bastards not be around me…stomping the israeli flag?i will shove my dick so hard your throat you will choke on cum

  • Israel's BIAS

    More Jewish housing is demolished than Arab housing, FYI. It is actually easier for an Arab to get a permit than a Jew, as are most things which have to do with legality in Israel. The courts here almost 100% of the time, rightly or wrongly go on the side of the Arabs.

    I don't know where you are, that you are so misinformed, probably in Europe or USA, anywhere that doesn't get the Israeli news and has no idea of what is going on in Israel, the number of Jewish houses destroyed, the problem with permits and the really awful bias against Jews, in order to appease the Arabs.

    You should come to Israel and go to the social services dept and see who is taking the money, who is complaining, who is stealing from the state…I already know…it is the Arabs that have 4 wives and 20 kids and take huge welfare checks monthly.

    Not to mention, when a terrorist goes to jail in Israel, an Arab one, he gets a university education and so many perks that no Jew will ever see. Some Arabs are committing terrorist acts in order to get the free college.

    You are a simpleton, Jew hater, that is the one very clear part of your comment.

    • J123

      You mention that "More Jewish housing is demolished than Arab housing, FYI. It is actually easier for an Arab to get a permit than a Jew, as are most things which have to do with legality in Israel."

      I was wondering what your sources are for those two statements. They are great arguments and I would love to help spread them, but I first need a source. Thanks!

  • Fed_Republic

    I wonder if these useful IDIOTS @ Yale realize that they are considered INFIDELS and would be murdered at the first opportunity by the Islamic camel flea hosts.

  • mor_vsm

    I must clarify a point.
    yes Israel demolishes Palestinian homes from time to time for various reasons.
    Before they demolish these homes the residents are given prior notice so that they can settle their situation as fast as possible.
    Now, when the Palestinians demolish Israeli homes there is no warning prior to the demolitions, the rockets just fall by the hundreds on Israeli homes causing destruction and anguish and more hatred on both sides.
    2 weeks ago two Palestinian terrorists went into the home of a family in a settlement in the west bank killing the mother, father, 2 boys aged 5 , another boy aged 3 and a baby of two months.They were all stabbed to death.their actions were praised by the leaders of Hamas as acts of heroism and they got recognition as heroes of the Palestinians.
    Now can anyone say that the Palestinians are a humane people mistreated by Israel?
    These facts I guess are not published in the Yale newspaper.
    Jewish students that truly believe they are pro Israel then they should act on it because it seems to me that they are a bunch of clowns pretending to be pro Israel and pretending to love Israel only as a pastime while in school.As an Israeli I would rather they don't represent me or my people.If any one outside of Israel wants to stand up for us they should do it with courage and a true beleif in their actions.
    I would like to see any reaction to this on Facebook, if anybody is interested please look me up on

  • Mark

    the title of the post reminds me of what Dean Acheson said – "No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies."

  • minaka

    Another sign giving the true flavor of what's going on in the Mid-East besides: "Boom! you have just been blown up by a Palestinian suicide bomber" should be: "If you are a Jew, vacate Yale now, as it is Muslim territory. Leave all your assets and get out. Christians next". This would convey to Yale students how all non-Muslims get treated in any Muslim dominated territory. That's where the ethnic cleansing goes on with no criticism from the Left whatsoever. The Left's double standard means it's fine for Muslims to have superior rights to the few non-Muslims they haven't managed to squeeze out. Instead, the Left criticizes Israel, the nation that did not throw out its huge Arab minority and gives them more rights than they would have in any Muslim country!

  • Lionel Richie

    Horowitzs first question:
    Why would any government, let alone one as humane and democratic as the government of Israel, go around randomly demolishing people’s homes? What agenda would be served by that?

    According to the Israeli Human Rights group B'Tselem 3 reasons: as punishment against the relative of terrorists, for alleged military purposes and for permit violations (that later being due to alleged restrictions on Palestinians getting Permits from Israel and being treated therefore with prejudice by the government. This lead the the Association for Civil Rights in Israel concluded in 2008 that a expansion of Jewish settlements and restriction of the growth of Palestinian towns are "a blatant violation of the principle of equality and in many ways reminiscent of the Apartheid regime in South Africa").

    As a deterrent Israel took the following humane position again from (B'Tselem):
    "The declared objective of house demolitions was deterrence, achieved by harming the relatives of Palestinians who carried out, or were suspected of involvement in carrying out, attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers. Indeed, the main victims of the demolitions were family members, among them women, the elderly, and children, who bore no responsibility for the acts of their relative and were not suspected of involvement in any offense. In the vast majority of house demolitions, the person because of whom the house was demolished no longer lived in the house, either because he was “wanted” by Israel and was in hiding, or because he was being held by Israel and was awaiting a long prison sentence, or because he had been killed by security forces or in the attack he carried out."

    Horowitz later claims:
    In fact the homes that Israel has demolished belong to terrorists who blow up Pizza parlors and buses and Passover services, hoping to kill as many innocent Jews as possible.

    In fact according to this BBC article:

    "Israel's defense ministry has ordered an end to the policy of demolishing the houses of Palestinian suicide bombers and their families. An army committee earlier reported that the policy had little deterrent effect and inflamed Palestinian hatred."

    These a couple of quick facts that the curious and open minded can ponder. No doubt any of these "facts" could be attacked on the own, however seeing as the original article had none this is a start. The question is who are the objective observers In Israel? For those no interested in facts or assume only onside has a bias are of course free to rant if that it makes them feel better.

  • dirtybird

    Placing eviction notices under the doors of Jewish students is more than hyperbolic. It's a way of saying, "we know where you live". I'm surprised no one has raised an issue over this kind of threatening/stalking behavior.

    • bk13

      Doors were put under all undergraduates at Yale, not just Jewish ones. That's why nobody raised the issue.

  • Ha-Emet

    Hillel is not the group to stand up for Israel.

  • piter son

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    • cjk

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  • Cynic

    Lionel Richie says, “According to the Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem” and those who know, ROFLAO!
    As for the BBC, where The US has discovered that several terrorists had the phone numbers of some BBC people in their notes and computers, there are many groups who have been recording its distortions lies and omissions when it comes to reporting on Israel. The very BBC that refuses to make public a report, that its very own governing body commissioned, on its anti-Israel bias.

  • timespost

    One correction. This is not a 60-years history. It is at least 90-years.
    Refresh your memory here:

  • Ex Leftist

    Leftists and their revolutionary allies have control of most universities and have cowed all who don't fit their narrow pretense to diversity. I recently edited a newsletter at my university (a small state U) and, for a poll, asked students how they felt about Obama. One conservative student refused to answer lest she be punished for her viewpoint.

    For a few weeks I wore my "Israel" cap to campus (blue with an Israeli flag) and only got one muttering criticism and a few hard glares. Perhaps not so coincidentally a Jewish student club was formed at this time but disappeared quickly, likely due to a lack of interest.

    This comes at a time when anti-Americanism is going mainstream and bringing anti-Israel attitudes with it. The useful idiots are in charge on campus, from administration to faculty to the student body. When I was a Leftist I used to bemoan the fact that intellectuals are the first to go in a coup … now I will happily silence these confused dolts.

  • Joyously

    End the illegal Palestinian occupation of Israeli lands!

    Expell teh Palestinian interlopers and intruders!

  • Joyously

    The only good Palestinian terrorist is a dead Palestinian terrorist!

  • Yalie?

    Another Yale Daily News Headline

    Yale students remember Holocaust through march, ceremony

    Maybe the students at Yale are not as bad as we think…

  • Steve Chavez

    Cheers or tears from the Justice group on the news of OBL?

  • Joe

    who cares about Israel. Stop this dual loyality crap.

    • cjk

      People who believe in justice and the resistance to abhorrent evil care about Israel you Fu*ken dimwit.

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