It’s Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves

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I was not looking forward to my speech at Brooklyn College last night during “Israel Apartheid Week.” The campus atmosphere was so hostile to Jews that no student organization was willing to host my appearance, not even the Jewish organizations – and with 3,500 Jewish students on campus, there were several. My visit was only made possible by the courage of one professor, Mitchell Langbert, who reserved a room in the school library and the bravery of one student, Yosef Sobol, a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine who organized the event.

The college paper, Excelsior, is edited by a 9/11 “truther” who had declared on the Internet that a memorial should be erected to Mohammed Atta and the 9/11 terrorists and who had turned the Excelsior into an anti-Israel propaganda sheet. Despite the fact that the Jews who attend Brooklyn college are members of a minority who are the victims of eight times the number of hate crimes that are committed against Muslims — let alone Arabs — according to FBI statistics, faculty required all incoming freshman to read a single book – about discrimination against Arabs in America: “How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?” Faculty also hired an instructor who was an activist for Hamas and its terrorist state in Gaza.

For two weeks prior to my arrival an adjunct professor at the college had been calling on students and political radicals to protest my appearance, while denouncing me as a “racist” and “McCarthyite.” This professor is a Muslim member of the International Socialist Organization, a communist party that seeks a “dictatorship of the proletariat” in America. He urged students and outsiders to attack the event both outside the auditorium and inside it during my speech.

My bodyguard – a requisite at any campus at which I speak – called campus security two days before the event and was told the policy of the university was that protesters who tried to obstruct my speech would not be removed from the room. Consequently, I was fully prepared for the fact that I might not be able to speak at all and readied myself for the battle.

But then something totally unexpected happened. A trustee of the CUNY system, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, was aware of Yosef’s efforts decided to intervene. He demanded that the university protect the students who had invited me and to see that their event took place. In all my years traveling to over 400 universities this had never happened before. As a result of Wiesenfeld’s intervention, there were seven armed and imposing guards at the entrance to the hall. They inspected each individual, wanding them and searching their bags before they entered. The campus Chief of Public Safety was there too, along with an official from the university who warned would-be protesters that they would be removed if they obstructed my speech.

And so I was able to speak for an hour in a civil atmosphere, and the students who came were able to hear what I had to say. Let me pause here to say that campus violence which comes exclusively from leftists and Muslim radicals, and the obstruction of speakers, which comes exclusively from the same source, would disappear if university administrators did their job and if university trustees met their responsibility to ensure that an appropriate atmosphere prevails on their campuses. Would that there were a hundred trustees like this one.

Brooklyn College is a commuter school and it was a blustery and rainy evening, but the library auditorium was filled with over 100 people, mainly students, virtually all of them either Jewish or Palestinian, with the Jews representing about 80 percent of those present. I began by asking everyone how it felt to go through a “checkpoint” – the “injustice” of checkpoints being a focus of recent demonstrations by the newly created “Palestinian Club” whose members constituted 20 percent of the audience that night. I said, “Well, our checkpoint made me feel safe, and that is the point of checkpoints – to protect the innocent from attacks by people who want to kill them.”

I then addressed the atmosphere of intimidation that prevailed at Brooklyn College as a result of the attacks by the anti-Israel and pro-jihad left. The Brooklyn College administration had ignored and thereby encouraged these attacks as had university administrations across the country in the face of a nationwide campaign by leftists and Muslim activists to silence those who opposed them. I recalled how Nazis and Communists in the 1930s had conducted a joint campaign to break up the public meetings of their opponents and how that had spelled the end of democracy in Germany and the rise of the totalitarian state.

I said the frontline battle in our present war with totalitarianism was the First Amendment’s right to disagree. When protests were designed to shut down speakers, when speakers were defamed in advance of their appearances, one side of the argument was effectively silenced, and if that were allowed to continue we would soon lose our democracy. I said the attacks on freedom of speech had already gone so far in this country that you couldn’t mention terror and Islam in the same breath without being labeled a bigot or an Islamophobe, accused of labeling all Muslims as terrorists.

Even President Bush who had heroically defended us against the attacks of Islamic terrorists could not identify our enemies by name for fear of offending other terrorists and their sympathizers and allies. He could not identify them as Islamic extremists or Islamic radicals or Islamic jihadist which is what they call themselves. I happened to be speaking on the day Congressman Peter King opened his hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in America and had watched the attacks on those hearings on my hotel television screen. I said we had reached a point in our country where we could not even make inquiries about the threat of domestic terrorism posed by militant Islamists who are responsible for 17,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 without being attacked as “McCarthyites” and “bigots.”

This is the primary political strategy of all Islamic terrorists and their enablers – to identify anyone who speaks about Islamic terrorism as someone who is attacking all Muslims as terrorists. The terrorists seek to identify themselves with Islam, to hide themselves and their sinister agendas in the Muslim community and use its numbers as a protective shield. The charge that an attack on one Muslim terrorist is an attack on all Muslims is an insult to the Muslim community and abuse of its members. All Muslims are not terrorists but there are also not enough Muslims coming forward to separate themselves and Islam from the radical jihad, or to condemn organizations like Hamas. Here I mentioned a Muslim, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who had testified that day and who said, “This is our problem, and it is our responsibility to solve it.”

Finally, I praised  Wiesenfeld (but did not feel free at the time to divulge his name) who made the evening possible. He had struck an important blow for democracy at Brooklyn college against the jihadist assault.

I then read a series of statements by Palestinian leaders and by the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood each of which promised to finish the job that Hitler started. Here are two:

Mahmoud Al-Zahar, founder of Hamas said in 2007: “There is no place for you Jews among us, and you have no future among the nations of the world.  You are headed to annihilation.”

In that same year, Ahmad Bahar, Acting Chairman of Gaza Parliament said:

“Be certain that America is on its way to disappear,… Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who these people are, I said. “They are Nazis, and they want to kill the Jews and destroy the Jewish state. Their goal is not peace but to push the Jews of Israel into the sea. On campuses all across America, I said, the Muslim and socialist left are chanting “From the river to the sea…” I was then interrupted by a voice from the audience who turned out to be the Muslim Marxist organizer of the protest, who completed the chant “…Palestine will be free.” I pointed out that the eastern boundary of Israel is the river and the western boundary is the Mediterranean sea, and that this was just another way of saying we want to kill you Jews and destroy your state and push you into the sea. They are Nazis.

I said the embargo on free speech is already so far advanced in America that we speak of a “peace process,” as though there was one. There is not a single Palestinian leader willing to recognize the Jewish state.  Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority want to “liberate” Palestine “from the river to the sea.” How can you make peace with people who don’t want you to exist?  How can you negotiate a peace with Nazis who want to kill you? You can’t. You have to demand that they stop being Nazis or that the people who support them elect other leaders. I said we have to stop capitulating to the censors of our language and call things by their right names. That is the only way to have clarity and to begin to be able to defend ourselves.

I then asked why the left is willing to embrace Hamas Nazis who want to kill the Jews. Leftists would answer this question by claiming that Palestinians are oppressed, and that it is the Jews who are responsible for their suffering. The Jews stole their land and put them under military occupation and have since subjected them to all manner of indignities, like checkpoints. I then said, let’s put off the question as to whether there is any truth in these claims, and just look at the claim that suffering explains their resort to suicide bombings and their desire to kill the Jews and push them into the sea.

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  • Supreme_Galooty

    This is a very encouraging development, and most gratifying. We who love God, we who love life, we who love Liberty are locked in lethal combat with vile, disgusting and aggressive ignorance. Would that knowledge and logic suffice to replace the sword, but it appears not to be the case. This story needs to be told in every college and university in the land until they again respect open dialogue by simply doing their jobs.

    The Supreme Galooty wonders in passing how these abject morons get admitted to these places of "higher learning."

    • ISpeakIn1stPerson

      I think you're the moron who thinks he's all that and decides to speak in third person. We get admitted in based on our intellectuality and knowledge and grades, not our beliefs.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        The Supreme Galooty is mightily encouraged that you think you think.

        • scum

          wow, how lofty.

          • Supreme_Galooty


      • crawbar

        You, potc, are an idiot, I have never yet met a resemblence of an intellect in a Palestinian. That is actually a base of your viciousness – stupidity. I hope Israel one day will wipe up Gaza (first) from the face of the earth. And I hope that Americans one day will understand who they have allowed in their home and will throw you out if you do not stop you vicious attacks on American culture.

    • scum

      Or he could just stop speaking at universities.

      • crawbar

        Scum, you are a scum.

    • Bart

      They are admitted and encouraged (or benignly neglected) by other abject morons. And your characterization of these as "places of 'higher learning'" is unfortunately optimistic, as unumbered colleges and universities, or at best some of their "programs" and courses are simply high school deferred.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    David, you traveled clear across the country to speak to a small audience at a small college for an undoubtedly small fee. But you DID it. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for your ceaseless efforts in promoting and defending human freedom. You're an inspiration!

    • BC

      Brooklyn College is really not THAT small and definitely not Anti-Jewish. I would know, since I've been there for three years, whereas Mr. Horowitz was there for…a day.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        I'm sorry, BC. I didn't catch your point. And how small is THAT small? And in your three years there have you actually learned anything?

        Just curious.

        • BC

          I just meant that he doesn't need to make my school sound like some teeny tiny community "13th grade" school in the middle of nowhere. It's a pretty popular school in the area and often called "A Poor Man's Harvard".

          I've learned not to be judgmental and to look at things more than once. Also to not be biased. And most of all, to research my article before I publish it. Which, I can't say Horowitz did.

          Al the other materials and subjects like Math are irrelevant in this discussion, but I've learned those too.

          • Gerard

            You still haven't substantively addressed any of Mr. Horowitz's main critiques. Are ad hominem attacks and linguistic parsing all they taught you at Brooklyn College?

          • Supreme_Galooty

            He didn't NEED to research it after having actually LIVED it. And I would be embarrassed to compare my school to Harvard in any but the most derogative fashion. Those folks up there in Cambridge have giant egos inversely proportional to their intellects. The Supreme Galooty knows enough of them to know the veracity of that statement, and God help us all if they ever get loosed upon society without adult supervision.

          • BC

            The Supreme Galooty should stop hiding behind a fake name and addressing himself in third person; only schmucks do that. You should also stop assuming that I am a man. Here's the thing – I don't care much for Horowitz's general argument, the only thing I got offended by is how he characterized Brooklyn College, my school that I've been attending, which is why I'm only talking about that. That is why I'm not addressing Horowitz' main critiques. I simply disagree and pretty much am offended by him calling Brooklyn College anti-Jewish and I won't go into why too much because I see that a lot of current students already wrote about that. I'm not a Muslim/Jew lover/hater, I am Switzerland, I'm neutral. I accept everyone that is non-violent equally and that includes Jews, Muslims, Gays and Lesbians, etc. As long as no one gets hurt, I believe everyone should be treated equally and I do believe that the students on my campus ARE treated equally – all types, especially Jews. Also, there is a major for Judaic studies and tons of classes about the history of Jews, etc and there is maybe 3 classes altogether that deal with Muslims at all? How does that portray an anti-Jewish school? Please tell me.

            Also, I simply meant to say that Brooklyn College is a school that offers a good quality of education and thankfully believes in liberal studies and open debates. Now, I don't believe that Harvard is the best school, but people do come out of it successful usually, and the same goes for most students of Brooklyn College – note that I used the word most, not all. I did nowhere in my comment address how those people act or how big their egos are at Harvard. All I meant to say was that considering how little our tuition is, we're still a big and good school.

            Horowitz wanted to create controversy and he did. He feared he'll be attacked and asked for extra security then he asked students and everyone how it felt to go through checkpoints? Please, he's the one that wanted it. Horowitz is the one that seems radical to me, and he just wants to stir up trouble and controversy at schools, THAT'S WHY BROOKLYN COLLEGE AND OTHER SCHOOLS WERE RELUCTANT TO HAVING HIM. We're all peacefully interacting with everyone, and we don't need – and BC certainly doesn't need to pay this fool – to have someone come to our campus and offend us, all of us, including Jews from what I can tell. What does the Supreme Galooty say about that?

          • Chezwick_Mac

            You obviously know NOTHING about the treatment David has received inside the hallowed halls of academe. He's been shouted down so that he couldn't deliver his address at several venues, he's received death threats before speaking, and he's had a pie thrown at his face during a speech (harmless, eh?…except that David wears glasses and could have had his eye put out).

            What does any of this have to do with Brooklyn College, you might ask?

            He was denounced as a "racist" and a "McCarthyite" by an adjunct professor at Brooklyn. His visit was certainly controversial. The problems he's faced at other universities – mentioned above – would certainly be a red flag indicating the need for extra security. And yet, Brooklyn College's Administration wasn't the least bit interested in beefing up security until the intervention of one Jeffery Weisenfeld.

            David Horowitz is not the problem at Brooklyn college or any other university. The REAL problem is leftist/Muslim faculty and students…and THEIR intolerance for any real intellectual diversity.

          • Liberal&Proud

            Don't come to a "leftist/Muslim powered" school – sorry, I had to laugh while writing that about my school of all schools – if you'll just whine and complain about it.

            You know, I spoke to some people about it and most agreed that while he may have had some valid points, his delivery of it was off and that's what caused the controversy. How he said things, not what he said.

          • Supreme_Galooty

            'Also, I simply meant to say that Brooklyn College is a school that offers a good quality of education and thankfully believes in liberal studies and open debates."

            Sorry BC, I don't think you could recognize an honest and open debate if it popped up and bit you on the patootie.

            By the way, you might be right and I might be wrong, but somehow I seriously doubt it. Also I have no contact with any faculty there, so I cannot comment from direct experience. I CAN, however, state that the condition of Academe in America is quite destitute, and poor ol' Brooklyn College is unlikely to be exempt from the overall paucity of excellence. So far in this particular forum I have seen NOTHING of redeeming quality to suggest otherwise.

  • unreceivedwisdom

    It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Horowitz. I thoroughly enjoyed your speech, notwithstanding the repeated disruptions by radical leftist/Islamic plants sprinkled liberally throughout the audience.

    I tried to my best to capture the atmosphere of the room:

  • Ageofreason

    David, you are an amazing man, and I salute you. You have a great heart, that of a lion, yet gentle at the same time. You have inspired me, and taught me. Thank you.

  • Margie

    Dear Mr. Horowitz,

    I'm a Christian and I'm proud of you. Thank you for being one of the rare voices who speaks truth to lies. I am with you and will always be with Israel. You are brave! May the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob continue you keep you safe wherever you go.

    In His Name,

    • dlee227

      Amen to that!! Thank you Mr Horowitz!!

  • MichaelLumish

    Outstanding article, Mr. Horowitz.

    Indeed, it is long, long past time for Jews to stand up for themselves against this ongoing campaign of hatred.


  • BC Student

    To suggest that Brooklyn College is in any way anti-Israeli is an incredibly ignorant comment and it shows because you obviously have never seen what Brooklyn College is like. And the Excelsior may not be my favorite newspaper but they have never done or said anything anti-Israeli, and their editor is definitely not a 9/11 truther. I don't know where you get your information from but I now understand why there were so many students protesting your appearance .. does it make you feel powerful or somehow better about yourself to attack a bunch of college students? You are incredibly misinformed about Brooklyn College sir, and I suggest you educate yourself before posting idiotic blogs like this one.

    • unreceivedwisdom

      You obviously did not read Mr. Horowitz's post. He was not the aggressor in this situation. He allowed the anti-Semites and Islamophiles to make a point during the Q&A session and they threw it away in order to have a temper tantrum. I can tell you, as a Brooklyn College alumnus, that The Excelsior was a rag when I was a student, and I doubt it's improved in the intervening years.

      • An offended Jew

        It's not the best newspaper out there but to call the editor a 9/11 truther? Horror-wits doesn't know that person and he has no basis to make assumptions on him just like he has no facts to make assumptions about my school, which may have been one way in your time, centuries ago, but is a Jew-friendly place now. And that is coming from an actual Jew.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          Your rhetoric deserves opprobrious response. I am curious whether your condition of being Jewish is racial, religious, or affectation. Disregardless, it is my fervent wish that you remain offended until your awakening, at which point I will condescend to further your education should you prove to be educable.

          • An offended Jew

            My eyes are open, it's yours that are sewn closed. What, if I disagree with a Jew that automatically disqualifies me? Nice job, be proud of yourself. We are all allowed to our opinions, even Horowitz. And even me and my opinion – along with other many BC students – is that he's wrong about our school. That must mean something, no? That we all agree that he's wrong, no? And I don't mean that it means we're brain-washed zombies, the other things…what are we…oh, right, radical liberals. It seems to me that it's Mr. Horowitz who's a radical. The rest of us know our school better than Mr. Horowitz or any alumnus who attended Brooklyn College decades ago. No one cares how it was back then, what's important is how it is now. I do not feel disliked or discriminated against on my campus – you're going to tell me I'm wrong about my FEELING/OPINION?

          • GuestWho

            Offended Jew? Not like. Ignorant troll? Most likely.

        • alan g

          Norman Finklestein is a Jew also. Sometimes calling yourself a Jew, just doesn't amount to much of an endorsement. I must say your "Horror-wits" comment gave your biases hatred away. Maybe you would be more believable by being more thoughtful with your comments.

    • Ron

      It's time to go back to school…Obviously you have not compherended one word conveyed by Mr Horowitz

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      If college students weren't a bunch of thick antisemites who love terrorists, then they wouldn't be attacked eh, Jew-hating moron.

  • person

    Oh and to get your panties up in a bunch because for ONCE in our lives we had to read a book about discrimination of Muslims shows how ridiculous you are. Nowhere in the book does it say that Muslims are discriminated against more than Jews… and it is totally fair to have students read it because I've spent the rest of my academic career reading books about Jews, and the Holocaust. Ask any student and they will tell you that in elementary school they learned in depth about anti-semitism (maybe not that complicated term because we were kids) and has read Number the Stars by third grade and the Devil's Arithmetic by fifth grade and, living in New York, visited every Jewish museum in the five Burroughs by seventh grade. It is only fair that someone else gets to have their views heard, without being called a Nazi terrorist.

    • michiganruth

      uh-huh and you're a lifelong New Yorker but you can't even spell "borough"?

      perhaps you never had to read about Islamophobia before was because they hadn't made it up yet. it's the only hated I know that had a name before it even existed.

      • Someone

        You're a lot like Supreme_Galooty. Someone writes a big long statement, and all you pick up on is that they spelled "borough" wrong because you can't really tell them they're wrong – we did read a lot of Jewish literature through school and Muslim literature is not often read…

    • David Horowitz

      Who called anyone a Nazi terrorist — except Nazi terrorists. Are you deliberately conflating Muslims with terrorists or is that just a slip of the tongue?

      • truthin

        That's just stupid David. Move on.

  • Eszter

    I'm a student of Brooklyn College and I think there is an equal of amount of dislike towards Jews or Muslims on my campus, but from my unbiased (unbiased because I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim) view, it seems the Muslims have it worse. Not only is our campus outnumbered by Jewish students, but also our professors. The professor who wrote "How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?" is actually one of my professors, a nice man from Canada – yes, Muslim – but he's very nice and welcomes open discussion in our class and I think the outrage was the school dared to choose a book that was focused on something Muslim – but it is part of our current events, so to me, it seemed appropriate. Not to mention that a lot of Muslims that try to fit into our society ARE discriminated against. As for the professor who is "an activist for Hamas and its terrorist state in Gaza", he's still a credible professor and his class was on the Middle East. Again, seems appropriate to have a class on all kinds of topics, not just topics we favor. We have to be able to freely learn about bad "subjects" as well, not just good ones. And for wanting to learn – or teach – about the Middle East doesn't necessarily mean that the person is a terrorist lover, just that he is interested in a topic and wants to understand it. If more people wanted to understand things, we'd be in a better place instead of shutting it out. As for this part, "The campus atmosphere was so hostile to Jews that no student organization was willing to host my appearance, not even the Jewish organizations – and with 3,500 Jewish students on campus, there were several", I think it's more that our student organizations and perhaps professors are too lazy or overwhelmed to handle things like this. I don't think you should read into things so much . Our school is located in a very Jewish neighborhood – yes, we have other ethnicities floating around too, but I completely disagree that my school's Jews are not backed up or are disliked / discriminated. I believe that you have witnessed this in other schools in other states where Jewish people are not so welcome, but Brooklyn College (and NYC in general) is not one of them.

    • Eszter

      *equal amount of

    • unreceivedwisdom

      That is precisely David's point. Students are not learning freely, they are being indoctrinated into a totalitarian mindset that does not countenance dissenting views.

      • Eszter

        I don't know if you're Jewish, but if you are, then both you and Mr. Horowitz seem to be a bit biased. I believe this happens at other schools, but not at Brooklyn College. We have so many classes on Holocaust – the history of it, the literature of it, etc – and Jewish art and this and that. Not many classes on anything Muslim. It's taboo BECAUSE we are a mainly Jewish school with Jewish alumni who threaten to pull their money at the sight of anything un-Jewish. And then one guy tries to write a book on how it feels to be a problem – since Muslims are much more hated than Jews – and another guy tries to teach others on the Middle East and all Jewish people jump up and pounce because the focus is not on them for a moment. Seriously? Come to my school, see the people and how we all PEACEFULLY interact and then tell me we're Anti-Jewish. I've never met the Middle East professor but I am taking a Postmodern/Contemporary Seminar (focused on post-9/11 literature/media) with Professor Bayoumi who wrote the book, "How Does It Feel To Be a Problem?" and he is the nicest, kindest, calmest person who wants everyone to peacefully interact in our class. For Mr. Horowitz and other Jewish people to write him off as a typical Muslim offends me and I'm just his student.

        I'm obviously not wrong, since many other current BC students pounced on him as well which only proves that you cannot sum up a school by seeing it for a short amount of time, especially if you see it from a biased point of view. He made our school and the Excelsior look like a bunch of Muslim-favoring, Jew-hating place and that is totally not what we are, and I take offense to his article. There is no way that he (or you) know my school better than I do. I spent three years here, he spent what, three hours here?

        • ecool4us

          I agree! I'm also a BC student and everything you said – it's true. We have a great campus and Muslims and Jews coexist – I would say – comfortably with each other – in many cases even studying together and helping out one another with notes, books etc. He shouldn't be on OUR campus giving such unfair statements. I'm also very disappointed with a student yosef sobol who actually invited him to give a speech. mr. horowitz is a BIG mouth and he should stay away from us. He has only HATE in his mind.

      • truthin

        Ah, the Moriarty theory of education, again.

    • Tabitha

      You're either very ignorant about what's going on in Brooklyn College, of lying intentionally. Either way, you serve no good purpose whatsoever; shame on you.

      • Eszter

        Like I said, I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim but I do have a lot of friends from both circles and none of my Jewish – and these include modern and very religious Jews as well – friends have ever expressed any kind of feelings of being disliked or discriminated against ON THE BROOKLYN COLLEGE CAMPUS. I will not be like Mr. Horowitz and talk about other campuses I do not know, but I know mine and I know this much – no one is treating the Jewish students badly. But you know, just to tickle your fancy, I did ask some of my Jewish friends today – and will ask more as soon as Sabbath is over – and asked if the reason they never expressed concern or feeling of being disliked is because they are afraid of speaking up. You know what they did? They laughed. Then I showed them this site and they concluded that they're glad they didn't come to this event.

        Also, I am not an object…I did not comment here to "serve a purpose". And if I am lying intentionally which I am not, then the whole freaking school's student body must be lying. And if I am ignorant, which I am not, then the whole school is ignorant, but then again, I could say the same about the commenters who disagree with us. Since I last commented, quite a few more have decided to comment and they're saying the same thing I am, which is that Horowitz doesn't know our school. Tabitha, are you a current student of BC by any chance? I mean, if you feel BC has done something against you in any way, you should say it now.

    • HostileLogic

      "I'm a student of Brooklyn College and I think there is an equal of amount of dislike towards Jews or Muslims on my campus, but from my unbiased (unbiased because I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim)…"

      And exactly why does being neither Jewish nor Muslim automatically confer to you an unbiased status?

      • scum

        seems to me this student has supplied an honest appraisal of the facts, as he sees them. At least you can applaud him for that, rather than using the usual biased, sarcastic remarks we so often see on FPM.

        • alan g

          your name fits your comments very well. nobody says you have to read FPM.

          • truthin

            Gee thanks Alan, for that really intelligent observation. Instead of applauding someone for reading ALL SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT, you wish to shunt me to the side?

      • Eszter

        Well, because I'd most likely side with Jews if I were Jewish – like most do here – and side with the Muslims if I were Muslim. It's sad, but we're humans and we will usually – not always, but usually – side with the side we favor even if they're not always right. But I'm neither. I am outside of the beehive, so to speak and see everything clearly because I'm not siding with anyone. Therefore, I am unbiased. I will be the first to admit that because I'm not in either circle, I'm not too familiar with all the issues – I follow politics, watch news, etc and know the basic facts, but I don't really dig deep in all the Jewish/Muslim debates. Which is why I stayed away from that part of this article, or at least addressing that part of this article.

        But I do take offense to having my school called anti-Jewish and leftist and Muslim-favoring. We don't favor anyone more than another person. And I spoke to a Jewish friend of mine – he couldn't be reached for obvious reasons yesterday – and he was at this event and said that things did happen but his main problem with Horowitz and the probable reason for the hesitation of Brooklyn College and everything was that no one likes the *manner* in which Horowitz presents his debate.

        He said, "Regarding his calling BC anti-Jewish, I obviously disagree and I don't see where he pulled that out. But people don't not like him because he's Jewish, and they don't not like him because he's a moron either. People don't like to support him because of the staunch manner with which he pleads his case, which often leads to disagreement and conflict in the room, as was the case with his talk last week."

        So I wasn't there, but excluding this event, I've never heard from anyone that BC is in any way an anti-Jewish school. My friend who was at the event agreed that Horowitz just wanted to create unnecessary controversy and in the end, he told me that it doesn't matter if Horowitz feels this is an anti-Jewish school, it matters if the actual students / faculty feel that way and that if they do, they should make sure people dislike them for their religion and not just an opinion.

    • Sadie

      Horowitz explains in the article the need for protection and body guards and you still find no problem with BC.

      No, dear student, it is not laziness or being overwhelmed – it's a very poor excuse.

      • Amused

        Wrong Sadie , Horowitzays he always brings a bodyguard , he did not say that he saw a specific need for one at B.C. In other words having one is a matter of practice . I guess reading comprehension is not your forte .

      • Eszter

        Sadie, he is not the first person to speak at my school and he's certainly not the first Jewish person to speak at my school. I've never heard of *needing* extra security at any of the events so far and despite the fact that I haven't attended this one, I have attended a lot of of other events in my three years at Brooklyn College. I still think I somewhat agree with other commenters that for him to ask for extra security – checkpoints and whatnot – instead of just regular security (which would've been fine) and then ask students what it felt like to go through a checkpoint was a bit childish. He asked for the security. Trust me, no school wants to be in the news the next day because some Jewish man with a microphone got physically attacked. I'm pretty sure they expected verbal debates / fight, but nothing physical and that's why they didn't care too much. So I highly doubt the school "didn't care", they simply knew that Horowitz is just trying to create controversy – and you know what? We're not a rich school, so I'd rather not have BC spend my tuition on extra security for Horowitz from the "lefitst, crazy Muslim terrorists". The Muslims at my school are mostly peaceful. They might be slightly religious (which is fine), but I'd never compare them to terrorists and I'd never accuse my school of being anti-Jewish.

  • fxgeorges

    I just want people to stand up for themselves. They lived through the Nazi holocaust and failed to learn the lesson that you can only run so far before the enemy catches up and you have to fight.

  • A sane person

    You seem to be under the impression that people – at least my school – don't like you because you're Jewish…but after reading your article, it is clear that it has nothing to do with your religion and the reason we didn't want you there is because what you say is flat out ridiculous. Of all schools to call anti-Jewish, you call OURS anti-Jewish? The one in Flatbush, surrounded by all types of Jews? Educate yourself on our school before you go nuts writing an "article" that has absolutely no truth to it.

    • unreceivedwisdom

      You seem to be missing the point. Whether or not there is a large Jewish student body is irrelevant to this discussion. If they are cowed into submission by the radical new left-which is ensconced in the faculty-and by Muslim supremacists.

      • A sane person

        I think you seem to be missing the point. There's no point beating a dead horse. You don't know our school is my point. Neither does the author of this article. He blew it out of proportion completely. And our school i anything but Anti-Jewish.

        • Gerard

          I'm an alumnus of this school, so don't try to sell me the pap that I don't know Brooklyn College. It's a nice evasive debating tactic for someone who knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on, but it doesn't prove anything.

          • A sane person

            It's not a tactic but a simple fact. How Brooklyn College was back in your time might not be how it is now, and you need to accept that. Our point of view is more recent and more accurate since we're spending 80% of our time on campus versus what you hear from people like Horowitz which is completely inaccurate.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          You are OBVIOUSLY missing the point. One of the great enigmatic imponderables in the universe is the condition of being a liberal Jew. The Supreme Galooty has determined, through extensive research including experimentation on actual human subjects, that Judaism is religious in nature – not racial. However the condition of being liberal is ALSO religious in nature and not racial.

          It is with heavy heart and weary mind that we conclude that liberal Jews are not Jewish at all, and – like liberals – neither are they liberal. They are merely deficient in terms of the ability to THINK properly. Facts and logic are anathema to them while feelings, emotions and imagination are penultimate, virtuous attributes.

          • Andres de Alamaya

            You hit the nail square on the head, SG.

          • A sane person

            I'm not Jewish so I don't really care what qualifies you or someone else to be Jewish, however I'm a Catholic and gosh golly darn, you can be a liberal Catholic even though everyone prefers Catholics – like Jews – to be an uptight, brainwashed, conservative, traditional, out-of-the-Stone-Age Catholic. You're right, you can't be liberal AND Jewish because if you're a traditional, turn-my-lights-off-on-Saturday kind of Jew, there is no way you can be liberal and actually *think* and not believe what all the smart Jewish people tell you. You'd be just making babies left and right and not worry about anything else and just believe what everyone tells you. Right? Oh wait, did I make an assumption? Hm, so sorry if I offended you. How dare I talk about something I know nothing about, right? Well, you should follow that logic. You and Mr. Horowitz don't know our school.

            I don't care what you determined through whatever hocus-pocus philosophy of yours, I disagree with you, and last time I checked, I'm allowed to do that. Now, I don't know if you know about Brooklyn College and I certainly don't care if you were a student of it *at some point, ages ago*. I am a student there *now*, and me (along with many other current students) don't really care about what you're all yapping about. As you can see, what we all take offense to – even an actual Jew that I'm sure you'll disqualify from being a Jew, because you're the all-knowing, most powerful ignorant moron in the world who now dictates what it takes to be a Jew, and then soon, what it takes to be a person like some other Austrian-born German politician with a funky mustache named Hitler – what we all take offense to is Mr. Horowitz's article and him calling our school anti-Jewish. Because it's not. I'm not saying it couldn't have been at some point, a long time ago; but right now and for the last four years I spent there, our campus has been a peaceful, friendly place for all types of people including Jews and Muslims and all other religions / ethnicities. Now, if you don't have a real rebuttal and you just want to yap on about your philosophies, then I kindly ask you to stop because I'll just keep telling you that you're wrong along with all the other BC students. Shalom Shabbath.

          • Tamarah

            You call yourself a Jew and can't even type an appropriate Sabbath greeting? Seriously…Shabbat Shalom is the greeting.

            And now that Shabbat is over, Shavua Tov.

          • A sane person

            Oh sweety, I'm not Jewish, I just figured I'd say Happy Shabbat to you in your language.

          • Also_Amused

            Proof you only read what you want to read – the first part of that person's response was "I'm not Jewish" and then you attack for spelling something wrong. Again, you're all too focused on spelling and typing appropriate Sabbath greetings and don't actually read the response. You just want to pick at anything you can.

      • scum

        Have you not been reading the other posts – the ones that mention the large number of courses on the Holocaust and so on?

    • David Horowitz

      Here's a challenge for you. Identify one statement I made that's ridiculous and is not backed up by the facts.

  • Ariely

    Part 2
    What s the status in Muslim countries?
    *Iran- more than 200 gays have been executed
    *Iran- Teachers were hanged up because teaching Bahai religion.
    *Iran Women low- Virgin women to be executed is raped by a guard ahead execution.
    *All over the Muslim countries: Christians are being persecuted and are under run.
    *Building or repairing of non Muslim shrines is either forbidden or severely restricted
    *Limited woman rights
    * Acceptable honor killing of doters and wife's
    *People conversing from Islam to other religions may get by low death sentence
    * Political parties are either forbidden or limited.
    *Iran- By low only Shia Muslim cab be president, army chief, judge.

    The so called human rights organization or democratic supporters don't blame, vote resolutions or demonstrate against Muslim countries.
    What is the definition of this behavior? Hypocrite!

    • HAmuzziesrdum

      hey you forget to mention the female teacher from the uk who gave the name of teddy bear to kiddies as mohammed and nearly lost her life in one of those sub sahara low life countries a couple of years ago!


      What the hell are you talking about!!!!
      All of your above statment are completly thru, but you obviously talk about what you do not know any think, IRAN isn't a muslim country!!
      SHIA PEOPLE ARENT MUSLIM!!!! it's like me calling 'christian', the people from the sect 'awake', coz they are white and old a bible!!!!
      So please go learn somthing before ambarrasing yourself….

      knowledge is power…..

  • Ariely

    Part 1
    The Arabs/Iran are building a false Myth.
    They will not be confused with real facts!
    Unfortunately some innocent people (or not?) from the west are joining the false chorus.

    By the Israeli law and practice all citizens are:
    Equal by low—–Full political rights—-– Equals in universal human rights ––religious freedom––Citizens express freely––Women equality––Social rights equality–- study on same universities—- sharing the same medical treatment in hospitals- serves as judges and lawyers- play in the same sport clubs–share equally all public infrastructures– and more…..

    Is this is apartheid??
    Should Israel changed in line to Muslims countries?

    The ridiculous call to change the above lows of some of so called human rights organization or democratic supporters!

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Your command of written English is below par. Your thinking, however, is without sin. Do not allow anyone to criticize you because of your language skills. As you write, so also will you improve. Godspeed.

    • scum

      If this is so, the why is it that honest critiques of Israeli state policies are automatically and unthinkingly called anti-semitism by the neo-cons? You can't have it both ways: Either Israel is basically a Jewish state, OR it's a modern democracy in which all citizens are free and equal. Make up your mind. Moreover, when you talk about full political rights, are you talking about full political rights for non-citizens in areas controlled by Israel? Because the way I read your post, you're speaking only about 'citizens'.

      • MixMChess

        "If this is so, the why is it that honest critiques of Israeli state policies are automatically and unthinkingly called anti-semitism by the neo-cons?"

        Honest critiques of Israel are not antisemitic and are not labeled as such by "neo-cons." However, efforts to demonize, delegitimize and destroy Israel are plainly antisemitic. Legitimate critics accept Israel’s right to exist, whereas anti-Semites do not. Anti-Semites use double standards when they criticize Israel, for example, denying Israelis the right to pursue their legitimate claims while encouraging the Palestinians to do so. Anti-Semites deny Israel the right to defend itself, and ignore Jewish victims, while blaming Israel for pursuing their murderers.

        "You can't have it both ways: Either Israel is basically a Jewish state, OR it's a modern democracy in which all citizens are free and equal."

        Israel is a secular democracy. It is informed by Jewish values and adheres to many Jewish religious customs (such as holidays), but this is similar to the United States and other nations that are shaped by the Judeo-Christian heritage and also have expressly religious elements. For example, in the U.S. we recognize Christmas (and sometimes Good Friday as a holiday. Israel has no state religion, and all faiths enjoy freedom of worship. The Jewish people are a nation with a shared origin, religion, culture, language, and history. Zionism is the nationalist movement of the Jewish people.

        "Make up your mind. Moreover, when you talk about full political rights, are you talking about full political rights for non-citizens in areas controlled by Israel?"

        Palestinians in Gaza and the W. Bank are not citizens of Israel and do not enjoy all of the protections provided by Israeli law. That said, they have full access to file claims and petition Israeli courts. The Palestinians in Gaza and the W. Bank are governed by Hamas and the PA respectively, and their political rights depend on those governing authorities – not Israel.

  • gumby stein

    You people are all sheeple being led around by AIPAC.

    • Gerard

      And the anti-Semitic bigot shows his true colors.

    • MixMChess

      Of course, there is always a secret cabal of Jews running the show from behind the scenes. As I understand it AIPAC bio-engineered the cast of the Jersey Shore to turn American youth into the dumb zombie sheep you speak of!

      Seriously, read Mitchell Bard's "The Arab Lobby" if you want to know who has really been secretly influencing U.S. policy over the past 60 years.

      • scum

        You have to be kidding, given the power of the AIPAC'. Your post is laugbable.

        • MixMChess

          Keep laughing. AIPAC is an independent, not-for-profit entity. AIPAC is funded entirely through contributions from its American members. Conversely, the Arab lobby is funded from the roughly 21 Oil Rich Arab countries (52 if you consider the Islamic countries). So who really has the power?

      • scum

        Of course, there is always a secret cabal of Arabs running the show from behind the scenes. As I understand it Arabs bio-engineered the professors at all universities to turn American youth into the dumb zombie sheep you speak of!

        If we haven't gotten the point yet, MIXMCHESS uses the Moriarty theory of History to attack the Moriarty theory of History. Seems his understanding of racism was developed by standing in front of a mirror. And if you don't believe it, you'll notice that MIXMCHESS's posts are among the most racist on this site.

        • MixMChess

          How is defending Israel, Jews, Gays, Africans and Asians against attacks from Arab States and Islamists racists? If you are allowed to lie about AIPAC then I am equally allowed to tell the truth about the Arab lobby. What's fair is fair scum!

    • ziontruth

      Kindly apologize for this blatant lie! I have no need for AIPAC, I take my orders straight from the Elders of Zion themselves!

      • ziontruth

        Oof. It seemed so obvious, but I forgot there's a bunch of Muslim and Leftist readers here, so it's no obvious after all, not to the terminally humor-impaired:

        The above is sarcasm.

        Can't be too careful. You know how it is, if you publish an April Fools' Day feature on how William Shakespeare was really a crypto-Muslim Sheikh Speare, then you can expect to find your spoof quoted all over the Muslim-operated blogosphere as truth. Humor: Where the divide between haves and have-nots can't be denied.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          "Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood." — H.L. Mencken

          Especially by those jolly Musselmen….

      • scum

        And again, we see the resort to 'Anti-Semitism' in place of any viable form of argumentation whatsoever. Yawn…

      • truthin

        Uh, OK

    • Eraina

      You wish, Gumby! What an appropriate name you have given yourself — Gumby! Someone who can be twisted in any direction, without a spine of your own!

      • scum

        And again, a silly response with no substance.

    • Kalev

      If you are living in America I recommend you immediately leave and return to your cave.

  • Edward

    David, thank you for the excellent article. Some famous Leftist last century said "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Your straight forward statement of the factual errors and the Leftist lies repeated over, and over, and over again re Israels founding and subsequent history is most effective.

    • HAHAHA

      more confusing the truth huh…see it is people likeyou who write things like this to suck unsuspecting readers in to think one way then you hit them over the head with more lies and ambiguty what is the matter, afraid to write up front how you feel so no one will read what you wrote? i see alot of this going on now, obsfucation. when people write how you do to confuse would be readers, this is what is known as obsfucating. twister of the truth is what you are mister.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        Ha! You should sue your teachers for malpractice.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      It WAS a famous leftist. It was Joesph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  • Commenter1215

    Mr. Horowitz,

    I am a current Brooklyn College student who has many concerns about this editorial. Let me first begin by saying that I recognize your academic and professional accomplishments, and am in perfect agreement with your numerous assertions that you are entitled to your opinions and your freedom of speech. I will also concede, that you have many valid points regarding these controversial topics (My concessions are strictly regarding individual supporting points made by you and not your overall argument). What I have a problem with are as follows: 1) The allegation that the Brooklyn College campus is hostile to Jews and that the administration is anti-Semitic; 2) The condemnation of the editor of the Excelsior and the paper itself; 3) Your allegations that “Jews who attend Brooklyn College are members of a minority who are the victims of eight times the number of hate crimes that are committed against Muslims – let alone Arabs – according to FBI statistics”; 4) Your demonizing of certain members of our student body; 5) The reasons regarding the reluctance with which you were accepted on campus; 6) the style by which you exercise your freedom of speech and the manner by which you conduct yourself.

    • GuestWho

      Simply do a fact check with FBI then post your ridiculous assertions with those facts.

      • Commenter1215

        The bottom two posts are also part of this post. I go into further detail and I HAVE done a fact check with the FBI, at least on their public records…which I'm assuming is what Mr. Horowitz used. Please read the bottom two posts that elaborate on my "ridiculous assertions".

    • michiganruth

      what an idiot. you "have a problem" with FBI statistics? wake up, kiddy. it happens to be true: anti-Semitic crimes account for 8 times the amount of anti-Muslim crimes. sorry if you don't like it.

      • Commenter1215

        As with the reply from GuestWho…The post which you are referring to is merely the introduction for the bottom two posts. I elaborate further in those two posts on the specifics regarding this. If you had read more carefully you would have seen that my problem does not lie with FBI statistics but rather with Mr. Horowitz's incorrect use of them.

    • David Horowitz

      Are you saying that FBI statistics on hate crimes do not show that Jewish targets outnumber Muslims by 8-1? Look it up.

      Are you saying that the editor of the Excelsior is not a pro-Palestinian Nation leftist who has posted a diatribe against me on the Nation website? She came to my event but didn't bother to talk to me before or after. You call this fair-minded journalism? And what manner would you be speaking of — my refusal to avert my eyes when Palestinian students who are supporters of Hamas — an organization dedicated to exterminating the Jews — hold a hate week against the Jewish state based on very big lies?

      • Commenter1215

        First off, I would like to thank you for personally replying to my comment. Had I known you were coming to speak at my school I would have attended your lecture.
        As I have elaborated on my questions about the FBI statistics and the Excelsior in my subsequent posts which, based on your comments, you looked at after posting in this one, I will not address them further unless you'd like me to. As for the approval of Israel Apartheid Week I can only speculate, as I am not part of the administration. I had not known, prior to this editorial that Brooklyn College was hosting an Israel Apartheid Week. When it comes to the Israel-Palestine debate I am for all intensive purposes, Switzerland. I am an Asian-American Christian, and have ties neither to any Muslim/Palestinian club, nor any Jewish-affiliated club. I simply go to school at Brooklyn College. I believe that the college administration's decision to condone the Palestinian club's hosting of Israel Apartheid Week at Brooklyn College to be an error in judgement, albeit a serious one. I hardly think that it is grounds for labeling the whole of Brooklyn College as anti-Semitic. Prior to your response, as I am still relatively uninformed on the serious matters being discussed here, I was going to go and talk to the college association that regulates club activities to inquire about the reasoning behind their decisions. My problems with this particular editorial are your blanket accusations…which upon re-reading my posted comments, I realize I did not make clear enough. As for the Palestinian students…I do not know where their political ideals lie individually, and as such cannot comment for nor defend them. Personally, I do not condone the tactics nor the doctrine that Hamas upholds, and as such, would put them on par with a terrorist organization. Many Palestinian students I personally know do not support Hamas. Even if they supported some of the ideals of Hamas (which I'm sure the majority of the Palestinian students that do agree with Hamas, do not agree with their violent tactics or some of their more controversial doctrines), is it fair to compare our STUDENTS with the Nazis? My point, Mr. Horowitz, is that blanket condemnations of our entire institution based on the actions of a few is quite unfair. While I am experienced enough to know that the actions of a few usually result in the consequences of the many, and that life is by no means fair in that respect, I am firm in my belief that here in America we strive to combat that. It is unfortunate that a small portion of our student body has caused you to have such a low opinion of our school, but that by no means gives you the right to publicly condemn our school as anti-Semitic. The problem with this particular issue is that those persons who are informed enough to make an educated comment in this debate are on the extremes. Either wholly pro-Palestine, or wholly pro-Israel. This was reflected in your audience. Any debate needs mediators, and therein lies the problem. One good by-product of this editorial however, is that you have sparked my interest in this on-going debate. I would enjoy hearing further comments from you.

        • David Horowitz

          Saying that there is a hostile environment for Jews at BC is not an accusation that all or most or even a sizable minority of students are hostile. it's saying that the university allows and the paper supports behavior towards Jewish students it would not allow towards other ethnic group. The Palestinian students and leaders of the Palestinian Club present at my event clearly supported Hamas and the destruction of the Jewish state. It's not just Hamas's methods but it's goals that are genocidal. Read it's charter. How can you be neutral towards that?Sent from my iPhone

      • Person

        Yes, I am saying that the editor of the Excelsior is not a pro-palestinian leftist, and also is not a she, which shows how much you know about my school.

        • David Horowitz

          I”m referring to the managing editor, Zoe, who was at the event and looked very female to me.

  • Commenter1215

    …continued from above post…
    I would like to now state that I do not represent Brooklyn College and am merely stating my opinion and observations, exercising my freedom of speech. Also, before your advocates (or yourself) disregard me as a “liberal, leftist, biased, tree-hugging hippy”…may I present a little background on myself. I am a conservative in almost every respect. I am registered as a Republican and like you, am a supporter of interventionism and parts of the Bush Doctrine. I served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, did two tours in Iraq, and was the most highly decorated first term sergeant in my unit of 1500 marines. I have a purple heart, a navy commendation medal with V denoting valor, and in addition to my combat experience also collected information in face-to-face interviews on over 400,000 Iraqi civilians. I have first-hand experience of the suicide bombers that you liberally make reference to, and witnessed the ultimate sacrifice of our military members more times than I can count. I have trained with several branches of the Israeli Security Forces (including Tzahal *sp? The Israeli Defense Force) and have the utmost respect for every one of its members. With that being said…I will elaborate on the aforementioned points of conflict. I find your allegation that Brooklyn College and its administration as being anti-Semitic extremely hard to believe. As you yourself stated, we have a sizable Jewish student population (3,500 students by your numbers, in a total undergraduate population of 13,000). The idea that Brooklyn College tries to stifle pro-Israel sentiments by expounding upon the suffering of the Muslim population is equally preposterous. Brooklyn College is not trying to push a political or religious agenda. Yes, Mr. Bayoumi's book was mandated as required reading for incoming freshman, but it in no way pushed a political or religious agenda. It simply stated some hardships that were expressed by the young men and women that he interviewed. Brooklyn College offers over 20 courses in Judaic related studies, including a MAJOR for Judaic studes. But I'm sure those two courses in Islam and the other two courses in women's studies, focusing on Muslim women, clearly mark Brooklyn College as anti-Semitic. As far as the campus being hostile towards Jews? I have seen absolutely no conflicts in my time around campus, hate crime or otherwise (unless you count roaming mobs of high school students who mug college students for their cell phones or iPods on the outskirts of campus)…and frankly….your insinuating that the campus is comparable to a war zone is offensive to me. In my time, I have never been to any area as peacefully diverse as Brooklyn College is (and I have lived all over the country including almost all major metropolitan areas).

    • David Horowitz

      Explain to me why the Brooklyn College administration would tolerate a hate week against the Jews (which is what Israel Apartheid Week is) when you know they wouldn't tolerate for one second a hate week against African Americans or Muslims.

  • Commenter1215

    I also question your use of the FBI hate crime statistics. The most recent statistical poll I was able to find was for 2009. I was unable to find statistics specifically for Brooklyn College (although I found statistics for numerous other colleges). According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (to which I was referred to from the FBI crime statistics website), your statement, that Jews are subject to 8 times the amount of hate crimes that Arabs are subject to, is indeed correct…for New York STATE as a whole. If by your statement you are referring to the Jewish students that attend Brooklyn College as being part of the JEWISH COMMUNITY…then yes…these statistics hold true. However…your statement can easily be misconstrued as Jews attending Brooklyn College SPECIFICALLY are subject to 8 times the amount of hate crimes. I have found no statistical evidence (neither on the FBI website or the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports) supporting your claim. If I am mistaken…please correct me by sending me the link or posting it here. I'd also like to add that when I challenge these statistics I am by no means demeaning the seriousness of the hate-crimes suffered by the Jewish community…or any community for that matter. Furthermore, your defamation of the editor of the Excelsior and the paper itself is absolutely appalling. I do not know if the editor is a 9/11 “truther” or not, but what I do know is that is I could really care less. You are attacking the editor's own personal beliefs, to which he is entitled to just as you are entitled to YOUR own personal beliefs. I have read the Excelsior on several occasions and find your accusations of it being an “anti-Israeli propoganda sheet” to be completely unfounded. Lastly, regarding your reluctant acceptance as a speaker. I am not part of the administration, and as such I have no solid idea of why you were received with such reluctance. What I can do, however, is infer their reasons based on your actions, statements, and from what I have seen of the college administration thus far. Based on your past “performances” at colleges around the country…I can safely assume that your presence on any campus does more to incite discontent and trouble than any other reasonable individual speaker that I can think of. Your abrasiveness, rampant accusations, and obvious distaste for educators would make you unwelcome at any college. I have never felt that I was being pushed into the views and beliefs of my professors. At most, they would encourage a healthy debate and play devil's advocate by throwing in some alternative viewpoints. Your distrust of “liberal educators” is completely unfounded in my eyes. Based on my experience…I would label you as a radical…and we both know that it is the radicals on both sides that perpetuate any kind of conflict….the rest of us are just trying to live our lives. I am open to any comments, questions, or rebuttal, as I have fought for your right to express your opinion freely. I'd like to think that I have a relatively open mind…and I am willing to hear out your arguments or the arguments of those that support you. Also…please do not hesitate to correct me on anything I have said in error.

    • Gerard

      I think you're conflating two separate and distinct ideas. David Horowitz was attempting to expose the fallacy used by so many of these Islamist apologists who want to highlight the supposed suffering of American Muslims by comparing their hysterical claims with statistical data. He wasn't attempting to claim Jewish students on the Brooklyn college campus are victims of hate crimes-a category that he repeatedly said shouldn't exist, BTW. His point is that Jewish students, or anyone on campus who is patriotic and/or pro-Israel, is intimidated by the stultifying intellectual climate into not speaking freely.

      • Commenter1215

        As I stated previously, my qualm was with that particular point was the ease with which the casual reader could have misconstrued that statement to be associated specifically with Brooklyn College, which to my knowledge does not seem likely. Perhaps I didn't state that clearly enough and I apologize for MY lack of specificity. As far as this stultifying intellectual climate that you are referring to…Brooklyn College is a commuter school…and as such most students go to class and go home. Even more sad is that most people don't really care about any of these big political issues, let alone express their opinions on it. For those students that do stick around… I have quite a few Jewish friends who are not afraid of expressing their pro-Israel sentiments. As for being patriotic, I am damn proud of being American and never feel as if I should be "shamed" or "intimidated" by that fact. I express my patriotism whenever I can….and I cannot bring to mind any instance in which someone was prevented from speaking their mind. My responses to Mr. Horowitz was based soley on this article as I had no prior knowledge of his coming to speak at my school. Had I known, I would have liked to attend his talk just to hear his opinion. It is my belief that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to their right to voice it…provided no one gets hurt.

      • scum

        This is precisely the point. We are thankful that college campuses ARE the flashpoint of opinion and protest. David chooses these sites not because of the 'phantom indoctrination' on campus, but rather because he can pretend to be part of a persecuted minority and gain attention.

    • HAHAHA

      you idiot, you would call nazi's the same thing wouldnt you? calling names to Horowitz who is only calling a spade a spade. more osbfucation….to lure people into reading your wicked words then handing their heads to them on a stick…

      • Commenter1215

        Well…I'm assuming you're speaking of me calling Mr. Horowitz a radical….in which case I would definitely label Nazi's radicals as well. Calling Mr. Horowitz a radical is not really a derogatory term, although you seem to think it is. I call Mr. Horowitz a radical because he favors drastic political changes, which inherently is not a bad thing. However, the way Mr. Horowitz goes about this process by insulting students and educators alike is what I have issues with. As for my obfuscation of facts…I thought I was fairly clear in my earlier posts. Please let me know which part of my "wicked words" you would like me to clarify. I assure you…I have no intention of handing anyones head on a stick to anyone.

      • scum

        What names are you referring to? Could you please respond in a sensible and respectable manner to Commenter1215, as he would to you?

    • Fred Dawes

      within 20 years when the muslim population is 5 times that as today it will become a new Holocaust on jews and us all. stop the muslims population now from coming here and remove all muslims no matter who that muslim is.

      • Morally Good

        Do you think before you say anything? What you said seems like something Hitler would've said decades ago, "stop the muslims population now from coming here and remove all muslims no matter who that muslim is"…substitute "muslim(s)" with Jews and you've just said what Hitler said. How can you be proud of saying something that another horrible person said about Jews not too long ago???

        Not all Muslims are bad. Some are, but not all. And not all Jews are good. Some are, but not all. See where I'm going with this?

        • Spirit_Of_1683

          Of course Morally Evil, in your mindset the bad Muslims are those who haven't murdered any infidels, and the good Jews are those who have been murdered by Muslims or any other antisemitic barbarian.

      • scum

        I can only assume you mean 'by any means necessary'…

    • David Horowitz

      My statement was about hate crimes against Jews nationwide.

      • truthin

        There are hate crimes against Jews, there are hate crimes against Muslims, David. Why not OPPOSE ALL OF THEM EQUALLY?

    • Jerry

      I am amazed by the selective attention people demonstrate. David clearly indicated how Brooklyn College expressed its anti-Jewish bias: 1) Failure to initially provide protection so that he could deliver his speech, 2) Need to find a sponsor in the upper reaches of the school administration to obtain protection, 3) Permitting Israel "Anti-Apartheid" week, 4) first allowing a bulletin board expressing pro-Palestinian points and then cancelling the pro-Palestinian bulletin board so that a pro-Israel bulletin board could be cancelled.

      These actions are typical of other places in the country. That student experiences are individually more positive about the campus atmosphere is encouraging, but wussy administration policy takes its toll on rational thought. Wussy policy is the result of fear. That fear may have preceded policy pronouncements or resulted from previous specific negative experiences. Either way fear rots both people and institutions. It is precisely the large number of committed Jews that attend Brooklyn College that allows the administration to maintain a semblance of rational discourse instead of melting in response to the heat of anti-Israel rhetoric.

      • Commenter1215

        The "selective attention" I demonstrated was because of the problems I had with his specific points. As I stated before, I cannot speak for the administration but Mr. Horowitz referred specifically to the hostility of our CAMPUS, which implies that the offending party was both administration and student body. This is simply not true. Furthermore, I have never heard of a speaker at a school requiring "protection", and as such cannot fathom why the school administration is required to provide it. As for Mr. Horowitz having trouble acquiring a sponsor, I spoke briefly on that point already. I do not know to what extent or even if Mr. Horowitz was "blocked", and can only speculate which I have already stated. I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment of college administration policy. They are indeed wussy. The problem lies with a college strategy of appeasement, which is impossible. You cannot please everyone. It would be much better if they came out told students why they couldn't do something along with a rational discourse as you said. Also, the numerous factors and failings in administration policy could fill an entire novel, let alone a comment post or an editorial. Point being…my specificity in my comment had a purpose.

    • nina

      It could only be misconstrued by people who have a limited understanding of language and its uses. Bodes ill for BC.

  • carol

    Can never thank you enough for your courage and persistance. We can do better, people like you do our share for us.

  • jacob


    • muchiboy

      There are bugs in the system that can be frustrating,jacob so don't take it personally,as it may not be an editorial decision.Before I hit the submit button,I copy my post in case it is rejected for any reason.I can then paste and re post,sometimes with corrections.Too long posts,even if short,can be posted in two separate posting.muchiboy

    • Mo_


  • Underzog

    All these Leftist infiltrators here. Our colleges are little North Koreas thanks to these Leftists. In Berkeley, their view of the Jews is reminiscent of the atmosphere the blacks had in the deep South.

    • BC2

      We're not at Berkely. We're at Brooklyn College, and we at Brooklyn College welcome all types of people, including Jews. We at Brooklyn College have a friendly, calm atmosphere and do not discriminate against anyone. For Horowitz to call our school without knowing it an anti-Jewish school is ridiculous. Also, if you don't want us Leftist tree-hugging hippies infiltrating here, then don't post a controversial "article" with no truth to it.

      • Underzog

        What? You at Brooklyn College welcome all types of people? Including Nazis and advocates of Muslim terrorism? How diiiiiveeeerse of you!

        I didn't say you Alinskyite clowns shouldn't post here, I merely said that you ARE here. Your threats to post here should not deter David Horowitz or any one else from telling the truth.

        Just as your Muslim friends believe in lies (taqiyyah) to advance their horrific plans for a worldwide caliphate, so you Alyinskyites lie for the purpose of advancing your even more idiotic nihilist/minimalist desires.

        This is another reason the Muslims you aid will triumph over you. They stand for something (albeit very evil) and you stand for nothing but the childish rage that your 60s punk forefathers stood for in the 60s.

        David Horowitz did not give into your assault of nearly having his glasses smashed in his face by your heroes' pie throwing and he will not give up his rights to free speech just because you post lies and smears on his board.

        He is a courageous man.

      • scum

        Actually, Jews are welcome in Berkeley too. The problem with college campuses is not that they're all 'little North Koreas' (an absolutely idiotic assertion, if anyone actually makes that claim seriously), but rather that they have become amazingly apathetic. Students are so engrossed in Facebook, Twitter, and texting in general that there is very little interest in politics, or even education for that matter.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Mr David Horowitz you are a shining example of courage and perseverance,
    and I love you for that.We have Geert Wilders and I wish that there were thousands
    of the both of you, it would make the life of Jews everywhere a bit saver.

  • John

    Over the last several years I've given much thought to this. I study with the Jews in synagogue to learn more about the roots of my religious beliefs and am staggered at how in the Christian community we have been mislead by the misinformation on the Jews that came and even in certain denominations still comes from many of our leaders, both past and current. The Israelis embody, to me, the fighting spirit of the Israelites of the Bible. However, so very many of the Jews in America still seem to embrace the European idea before Hitler and the Nazis attempted to wipe them out. It's difficult to get them to recognize or actively get involved in the fight they are unwillingly part of. That also has to change. The Nazis tried to hide the evidence of the camps because deep inside they knew what they were doing was wrong. The Muslims will not feel compelled to hide anything. They believe in their pathetically misguided dogma that they are right in attempting to destroy the Jews. Many of the Jews recognize that, but many will not.

    But I truly believe that it is the Christians that need to stand with and up for the Jews to defend them. To actually defend them by whatever means is necessary. If the "Muslim" world realizes that we will not tolerate or allow this to happen, they will back off. They respond to numbers and themselves never, never, never really stand up unless they feel they are in the majority. And you're correct in that no matter the situation, they take it as an attack against Islam. So, that being said, we (unlike our current president) actually are in a war with Islam. That's all they see.

    If we read our Bible, all throughout it it gives us our direction to defend our Jewish brothers and sisters because we are of the same ilk. Therefore, if one attacks a Jew they attack me and every other person that goes by the name of Christian. To love what G-d loves and hate what G-d hates. We, as Christians, should want to be the very first to defend G-d's people. If we don't, who will defend us when the insanity comes to attack us and it has already started to. I'm afraid it's going to take more than mere words to make an impression on these people. As you said, they do not listen nor reason.

  • ydroustan

    Congratulations and my respect to Mr Horowitz from a long time admirer.

  • Patriot

    Thank you, David Horowitz. Keep up the hard fight.

  • aspacia

    It seems David is mistaken regarding the anti-Jewish sentiment at this college. However, he is correct regarding the Left and Muslim' fallacious, off topic response to his allegations.

    • BC2

      It's not that it's off-topic, just that naturally students of Brooklyn College will take offense and stand up for their school when someone calls their school something it's not.

      • unreceivedwisdom

        Unthinking partisanship is not what being a college student is about.

        • BC2

          When was the last time you were at a college as a student and not an old Conservative? Don't tell us how Brooklyn College is now, just like we don't tell you how Brooklyn College was in your time.

          • Gerard

            You have no clue. No clue at all.

    • David Horowitz

      If there is not a hostile environment for Jews at Brooklyn College, explain to me why there is an Israel Apartheid Week that does not spark outrage on the part of the administration or the student body. Would such a hate week be tolerated if it were directed against African Americans or Muslims?

      • aspacia

        Not only is it tolerated, the police protect the freedom of speech issue. The ACLU argued for the protection of NAZI's marching in a primarily Jewish neighborhood approximately 40 years ago. This fact does not make most of the USA NAZI's or approving of NAZI's.

        • David Horowitz

          The university could withdraw recognition from the Palestine Club for violating it's diversity policiesSent from my iPhone

  • Leo

    Unfortunately you are one man army of truth. We need many many more of you who can
    articulate the truth.
    As you said, there is already a Palestinian state called Jordan and the Jews should not be afraid to say it aloud. Second the majority of the Arabs living in Israel are transplants
    from neighboring lands who came to the area during the last days of the Ottoman Empire in search better life. Third regarding Jerusalem being an Arab city myth, we need to remind the world that even after the destruction of the city by the Romans the Jews continue to live in the city during Arab and Ottoman Rule. Is a matter of fact that
    for over 100 years the Jews constituted the majority of the population in Jerusalem
    Thank you for all you do
    God bless you.

    . We need to
    make clear to the world that there is already a Palestinian Called Jordan.

  • Yoski

    What ideology will prevail in the coming years? Islam? State-ism? The Judeo-Christian values that underpin Western democracies? If the later fails then the world will lapse into anther thousand years of darkness. It is really scary to see the inroads that the Muslim Brotherhood has made into our campuses and our society. I fear for the future of our children.

  • RiverFred

    Thank you Mr. Horowitz for standing up to the politically correct and Muslim propaganda.
    Since the Arabs have not been able to destroy Israel they have resorted to lies about the only democratic state in the Middle East. Unfortunately Israel is not adept at countering
    the lies and it takes individuals like you to inform the public of the historic truth.

  • BC_too

    "The Hillel organization on the Brooklyn College campus is 1,000 Jews strong but it would not sponsor our event." – what a ridiculous statement. They mostly likely did not sponsor your event because they'd be ashamed to be associated with you, and rightly so.

    • unreceivedwisdom

      Cowardice is never a commendable quality in anyone or any organization.

      • BC _too

        But it's not cowardice. It's logic and reason. Neither the Hillel organization – which you can't call Muslim-loving or cowardly – nor Brooklyn College wanted to deal with the controversy that Horowitz was going to (and did) stir up on a campus that otherwise welcomes all kinds of people. Just stop commenting unless you have a real answer instead of just some vague statement.

        • Gerard

          How is it his fault that a radical socialist organization, and the Hamas fan club, ginned up hatred of someone who gave a sober, rational, one hour lecture? The only "controversy" that was created was created by the puerile Muslims in the audience who repeatedly disrupted his speech, despite the fact that they were given ample opportunity to respond to his points in a question and answer session.

  • OldEsq

    As horrific as the conduct of the Westboro Baptist Church is, the US Supreme Court's decision in Snyder vs. Westboro, helps put a stake through the heart of the enemies of the First Amendment.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    The Supreme Galooty has perused the comments ostensibly from students at Brooklyn College, and one can only feel embarrassment for them. In addition to showing an astonishing degree of functional illiteracy, the comments also display a certain vacuousness that is dismaying. 'Tis truly a grand display of colossal ignorance and feckless logic. Though not possible, and nothing productive could come of it, one would hope that they could return to their primary and secondary schools and sue their teachers for malpractice.

    • Someone

      I'm an English major who is obsessed with spell-checking everything, and I have to say when I get into a heated debate – which is exactly what this is – I tend to care more about what I'm saying and can sometimes spell things wrong here and there. There is no "edit" button after you post, so perhaps you should stop trying to get personal by implying our education is worthless because a few people out of thousands of students spelled something wrong. You don't seem to care when that other person with her "Part 1/Part2" comment spells things wrong and writes incorrectly. So which is it? Stop being a hypocrite, and I agree with the other commenter, if you're so big and bad behind the computer screen, perhaps you should show your name and not be…cowardly as you called so many of us.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        Who majors in their native language? If English is your second, third or fourth language, my hat is off to you. Otherwise try some REAL scholarship. It is obvious that you have issues while driving your brain around the block since nowhere did I ever call anyone cowardly.

        P.S. I am not so big and bad behind the computer screen. You do NOT want to meet me face to face with an attitude such as yours – ESPECIALLY being an English major. My Divine Mother, Theodora, raised no shrinking violets. One does not become an ordinary Galooty by milquetoasting about the universe. You should re-examine your hole card, me bucko.

        • Amused

          LOL….hey " bootygalooty ", you're outclassed man , give it up , as your B.C.opponents can remain above personal attack , which it seems is your only tactic . A counterpoint is raised and all you can do is insult and point out obvious typos or OMIGOSH spelling errors , which most likely are part and parcel typos themselves ……and nrver addressing the content of a rebuttal .It seems you too , suffer from 5 minute memory . " functional illiteracy " ?? Sounds strange coming from someone who refers to themself in the third person . Is THAT bad grammer , or psychosis ?

          • Also_Amused

            Psychosis sprinkled with some Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I do have to applaud and agree that most of the Brooklyn College students are very good at being diplomatic and not getting personal, while Supreme_Galooty is only able to get personal. Let's see how soon he gives it up.

        • Someone

          I'm Hungarian so English is not my native language, it's my second language. Technically third since I also speak Italian. And when someone majors in English, they usually mean they're majoring in Literature, not the English language – it's just that schools officially call the major English (I understand, must've not been in school in a while). If I wanted to learn about the linguistics of the English language, then I'd go for that, but I was more interested in Literature. But heck, even if I am just some dumb non-Jewish American (which I am not), who are you to say what major is worth studying and not? Who are you to judge people? No one, just someone big and bad behind his computer screen. You comment on everyone's comment with the most idiotic, vague statements and you try to be sarcastic and cynical and get personal by pointing out that someone forgot to cross their T's and dot their I's.

          Get off your high horse, please. You know what my mother told me once? Only morons call themselves smart, divine, supreme, etc. A real person who's good and actually smart / supreme is instead humble and shows his or her intelligence / intellectually instead of telling everyone.

          • truthin

            Thanks to 'Someone' for your able defense of the obvious, that what is meant by 'ENGLISH' means literature, as any educated person knows. I'm just sorry that you had to waste precious seconds of your life respondeing to the 'SUPREMEGALOOTY', as did I. Stay strong.

          • Supreme_Galooty

            No need to defend your majoring in English to the Supreme Galooty since, as you apparently did not notice, he specifically excepted folks like yourself from his most excellent criticism.

          • A student

            I noticed – I'm not the blind one after all – but I felt I should defend others whose native language IS English since you clearly did not understand what an English major studies and does and most likely have never been in an actual school. Or the fact that someone with an English degree can go onto do just about anything like becoming a book editor, journalist, English teacher / professor, writer, marketing / advertisement people, etc.

            You're just an incredibly haughty man full of contempt and someone ought to yank "folks like yourself" off his high horse.

          • Supreme_Galooty

            Studying ENGLISH when it is your native tongue is like studying NOTHING AT ALL. Why not just study EBONICS and REALLY supercharge your scholastic excellence. You people are embarrassing and disgusting. You prance about Academe ripping off honest (yet naive) folks for incredibly excessive amounts of tuition while providing less than nothing in return. The Supreme Galooty remains in utter comtempt of your existence.

            Have you ever considered a REAL college instead of your "in lieu of" so-called "education?" CHALLENGE: Define "education."

            You can't, you won't, your "perfessers" can't either.

          • Someone

            Again, English majors don't study the English language – sure we have to be grammatically correct and all, but you learn that in elementary school. Us mere mortals, English majors study literature and essentially art since books from centuries ago can serve as history books in a way. Are you in contempt of History majors? Art (history) majors? Music majors? Are you in contempt of everything except yourself? Because we're all in contempt of nothing but you.

        • truthin

          Dear Supreme, When you speak of REAL SCHOLARSHIP, I assume you mean analysis that is fully footnoted, and devoid of ad hominem attacks? I suggest you look at Horowitz's writings, which are NOT footnoted but often contain unsubstantiated attacks. When you're done with that task, take a careful look again at the posts of the Brooklyn College students, and compare their point-by-point rebuttals to that of their detractors on FPM, who are mostly adept at character assassination. In terms of WHO MAJORS IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE, I can only assume you understand that English is a standard major everywhere. Finally, I can't figure out how 'You should re-examine your hole card, me bucko' qualifies as anything intelligent, scholarly, meaningful, or engaging in any sense whatsoever.

          • Supreme_Galooty

            You assume incorrectly, me bucko. Your simian, disjointed ramblings not being worthy of rebuttal, I will merely deign to say that – with rare exceptions – people whose first language is English who then choose to major in English are simply running away from serious academic work and should consider instead the more rigorous major of Horizontal Folk Dancing, or perhaps Underwater Basket Weaving.

          • EnglishMajor

            So dare I ask what you do for a living besides post vague, pointless comments? You basically just said that anyone from a historian, writer, literature scholar / professor is useless. Good job.

          • Supreme_Galooty

            For a living, the Supreme Galooty adives poor bemused folks like yourself to abjure English majors if English is your native tongue. You should be able to excel in your native language by other means such as reading history, improving argumentation through rhetoric and logic studies, learning a foreign language, and sussing out pejoratives when called upon to defend your unextraordinary positions from bureaucrating fiddling. Can't you learn your own damned language without resorting to COLLEEEEGE level, remedial courses? What an embarrassment. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            …Do you mean advice or have you just created a new verb, "adive"? If I may say so, you're quite Godly – looking down on everyone, creating new words…please stop being big and bad behind the screen.

  • dawning

    To the pro muslem/socialists folks who have written here I only have one question. Why did your side feel the need to disrupt and threaten. Do you fear truth and freedom of speech?

  • Maurice Muhammad

    Peace and Blessing I think the Jewish leadership and it’s people not all but most need to come down off that high horse and begin to have truthful dealing with people esp. Black people and our Leadership that we pick for ourself and stop trying to run our matters. Be good and stop acting like devils. Why are you hated in all parts of the world not by all but by most. You should ask yourself that question. Stop treating people like you own them and be a partner in the world and not a destroyer of the world.

  • Fred Dawes

    I hope all jews stand up the only way we can stop the muslims from mass murder of this population is for All to say no to evil.
    Just look at what happned to a family of jews inside israel this family was Murder and Behead, if it can happen inside Israel it can happen here inside the USA. it is not a Caiminal act to protect your life from beasts like muslims. don't be fools the Nazi is here and he is a muslim, see world war two 250,000 muslims in the SS, Most in death camps.

  • Shalom Freedman

    I also applaud the courage and the dedication of David Horowitz in speaking Truth to the fanatical Radical Left and Islamist unholy alliance.

  • GuestWho

    We should get the school administrator's home addresses and protest there the same way libtards do to republicans.

    • Liberal&Proud

      …Yes, because mindless protesting is how people get things done. Seriously? Don't confuse fanatics with liberals, I take offense to that. I am a liberal, but I would never act like a caveman and go to someone's house and protest it by acting uncivilized.

      Protesting like an animal is not a *liberal* thing to do; it's a fanatical thing to do so don't confuse the two just because you hate both – even though you seem to be one of them.

    • truthin

      Stop calling people names.

  • 080

    Without free speech there can be no university worthy of the name. It is all the more important when it comes to social discussions. "Social science" is no more of a science than "puppy love". So "political correctness" can have no basis. Any person engaging in disruptive activities should be expelled from the University. There is a big difference between indoctrination and education. This whole situation is reminiscent on the sixties when "students" were crowing Mao's dictum that Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

    • truthin

      actually, it was the National Guard that fired on unarmed students at Kent State. And clearly by your logic, it's now 'politically correct' to be politically incorrect.

  • Quantpro

    I am so glad to have met you at BC Mr. Horowitz. You are a brave and righteous man. You provided intelligence to the ignorance and hate of Islamic fascism which has become the accepted rhetoric on the left. God bless you and your work.

  • hippiepooter

    God bless you Mr Horowitz. You give hope.

  • Truth 101

    it's funny how 4 Palestinians out of 100+ Jews is 20 percent..besides that fact. Mr Harowitz/Mcarthy you are a RACIST and love to spread hate. You know nothing about Muslims at all, its HILLARIOUS that you said you defend the social rights of MuSLIMS AFTER YOUR HATE FILLED AND VILOENT SPEECH
    hahah you are hillarious!!!! Jewish women are treated so low! when a female has her period she can not sleep on the same bed, serve food to, cook for, hand something to her husband!! what a piece of garbage she is treated like! yea, talk about female equality when it does NOT exist in judaism!!

    • Gerard

      The anti-Semitic ignoramuses are out in force it seems.

    • MixMChess

      Truth 101 you're a liar and an idiot. The basis of the menstrual rituals have their basis in providing both women and men a chance to rest without feeling any pressure to engage in sex. It has nothing to do with treating women as inferior. Women's obligations and responsibilities in Judaism are different from men's, but no less important – thus they are still seen as a (necessary) equal to men under Judaic law. Of course it is Jewish ritual for a husband to sing of his wife's praises each and every sabbath in Eishet Chayil.

    • Fred Dawes

      Truth 101 You are writing about Islam not the 75 percent of reformed Jews.
      Muslim beat woman murder little kids and want to eat the life from all Americans and freedom love people of this world. You follow Islam And follow the prophet mohammed watch is the real Prophet of Hell and the evil spirit of hell become a good person become a jew or a christian and love God not the hell.

      • truthin

        A female friend of mine was sexually assaulted by a Jewish man after he asked her if she were Jewish, and she responded 'No'.

    • Fred Dawes

      you will be doing a real HAHAH In hell stop following the prophet mohammed become a human being become a jew or a christian and stop being a follower of evil people of the evil spirit of Islam.

      • Atheist

        Why does a person need to become anything to become a…person? So not getting the logic. I'm an Atheist but that doesn't mean I'll burn in hell – well, I don't believe in it but if I did, I still wouldn't think I'd burn in it. I can be a good person without religion. I know without religion that stealing, killing, cheating, etc is wrong meanwhile anyone that truly knows and studies religions knows that religions were always and kind of still are corrupt.

      • jesus for peace

        a human being like David Harowitz??? I will pass…he is an insult to humanity, complete disgrace! I think truth 101 likes to take showers so he/she wont become jewish:D

    • Jerry

      Your reference to the sexual practices of Jews as justification for hating them, bespeaks a dark personal immersion with such matters. I speculate that you conflate sex and violence, anger and sensuality, to the point of obsession. Can you think of nothing but sex? Do you carefully study sexually explicit material for each detail of anatomy? Are you overwhelmed by your furtive, driven thoughts of sexual conquest? Have you bitten off any teats lately? (Reference to the unfortunate experience of South African journalist Lara Logan in Egypt during the recent uprising.) Hahaha, yourself!

      • truthin

        seems you're obsessed yourself, based on your post.

    • Benlevi

      thats why I left Judaism and became an women's rights at all.
      Jewish men all over avenue M beat their wives, and treat them as objects.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Trute 101, I recommend ExLax.

  • Eraina

    David: Thank you for your bravery and for your willingness to keep speaking the truth! We need you. Eventually hatred and lies are defeated by truth but it always requires brave people like yourself, Geert Wilders and others for the truth to be told. I was truly sickened at hearing what has happened at Brooklyn College but I'm not surprised.

    I will say a prayer for you every day, David Horowitz — you are a true hero!

  • Regina

    This was so encouraging!! deepest gratitude!!
    Warmest regards,

  • Eddie

    Speaking of walls and checkpoints, every airport in the world has checkpoints, to keep islamofascist terrorist swine off of planes.

    Checkpoints to prevent another Pan Am 103 bombing.
    Checkpoints to keep jihadis with bombs in their shoes off.
    Checkpoints to keep jihadis with bombs in their underwear off.
    Checkpoints to keep jihadis with liquid bomb components off.
    Checkpoints to keep jihadis with knives off.

    • Anonymous

      Are you one of those people that think that all terrorists come from one place only? Please. Like they don't come from all over the world and look like anyone and everyone.

    • punkdout

      checkpoints to keep your smell off–go wash your yamaka!

  • Mo_

    Thank you so much for your work, Mr. Horowitz. I cannot imagine how stressful it must be to put up with the threats and everything else. Your work is important and will continue to yield results.

    No retreat, no surrender! I will not submit!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I can not forget the Palestinians dancing in the streets in celebration
    of 9/11 and so can not get misty over their self imposed plight, the
    plight of sewer rats with leftist pied pipers luring them to America to
    poison our wells. Leftists and Islamists the two sides of one cursed
    coin. Evil is always there to be fought, their lies would be as destructive
    as their bombs but are not as long as we are blessed with courage as
    exists in David Horowitz and the truth expounded by FPM and NRB……….William

    • truthin

      what are you talking about?

  • Joey

    After reading this, my feeling are very hard to explain. Mr. Horowitz brings proof to his statements and the Arabs continue to shout blindly what their relatives have said half way across the world. This just make me want to punch them in the face. People can't be that dumb. Yes, we have seen a lot of stupidity from the Arabs within the past couple years but c'mon!!! This is beyond. Someone needs to shove them in the corner, smack them up a little and tell them that if they don't get their act together they will be the one persecuted in the end. Once they start on the Christians (it actually started), they will get it big time. They need to grow up and stop acting like children because that is the main reason they don't get respect.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      The Supreme Galooty has refrained from rating your comment. While we empathize with your sentiments we cannot agree with your talk of smacking them about – no matter how satisfying a prospect that may be. 'Tis far better, far more effective, to keep one's mouth shut and simply DO it.

      And by the way, those benighted souls are not stupid. They are ignorant. Only some of them are stupid.

      • truthin

        The Supreme_Galooty has spoken. Tis better to be violent, than to threaten violence. All must listen.

      • PD

        I must ask you in a serious tone, because your responses to everyone's comments just make me laugh. Are you some crazy schizo with a narcissistic personality disorder, sitting in his mother's basement, on the prowl to find commenters to attack or are just a haughty schmuck who's completely all there mentally but chooses to be a schmuck?

  • HenryCrux

    I don't think so because loose talk sinks ships forever, and I think, along with many other really intelligent and well informed posters, that now is not the time to stand up for yourself if you are Jewish because doing so just might push manipulatable Obama to abandon poor little Israel to the savage murderers and their savage murdering Islamic Bible forever – good time to go easy on such talk…

  • HostileLogic

    Loved all of it!!! I have often used the historical facts surrounding the fact that Palestine never existed and detailed the facts surrounding Rome and Israel Provincia SyriaPalestina or Palæstina. Nobody has ever has a comeback other than an ad hominem assault after laying these and other facts out.

    David was armed with the truth and that's the reason his detractors were so resolutely vanquished.

    • truthin

      David knows all about ad hominem attacks. No one is better at leveling them than him.

  • Joey

    Do you know what happened in Israel recently? A terrorist arab came into a family's house in the middle of the night and slaughtered them all in their sleep. 5 people are now dead because of their beliefs. 2 adults, 3 children. Are these the people that the arabs are saying are suffering??. are these the people the arabs say are peaceful?? i think not. Anybody that supports this kind of terrorism is as if they are doing the act themselves. they give these psychos the ability to kill 5 people without thinking about it. These are the so-called peaceful people that live in Israel. Its time for Israel and its allies to stand up. Israel is the first front to hate was on Islam.. if Israel goes down, the world is doomed. Everybody come together and take out an evil that has run the Earth wildly for 1400 years. I think its about time we get rid of them and this will be the first step to acquiring purification. Am Yisrael Hai!!!!!!!

  • scum

    Don't get sucked into this site. Keep you mind open and look at all sides of the story

  • scum

    Thanks to all the Brooklyn College students on this site who have posted honest, unbiased and admirable discussions for us, and David, to consider. We appreciate your contribution to rational discourse.

  • Bert

    Fifty years ago I was a student at Brooklyn College with its large Jewish student body. I found that the vast majority of the Jewish students were mostly apathetic about their Jewish heritage. The Hillel Foundation on campus did not have many Jews as participants.

    Now I read that of some 3,500 Jewish students only 100 people showed up and that may have included 20 Muslims. I can believe it.
    The hard reality is that the Muslims and the anti-Semites are bold and confident while the Jews are mostly meek, weak and cowardly. That is why even some Jews are annoyed that David Horowitz is trying to wake them up. We also had these Jewish cowards before WWII who also chose to remain blind to danger.

  • scum

    I just went on the TERRORIST NEWSPAPER EXCELSIOR and typed in 9/11 in the search box. Here are two stories I found in this "anti-Israel propaganda sheet" (David's words):
    "Children attending Israeli Summer Camp caught in Terrorist Crossfire". 3rd paragraph of article by Susana Scheiner: "You see, 'my kids' live in Kibbutzum (collective communities) near Sderot, Israel. This means that for the last ten years – for most of these kids lives – terrorists in Gaza have been launching deadly rocket attacks at their homes, attacks that have resulted in terror, mutilation, and death."

    Here's anothe article that popped up: "BC Alum Proves Jews Come in all Hues" by Leslie Anselme. 2nd paragraph: Twenty eight year old Rison has been practicing Orthodox Judaism all his life. His mother can trace their Jewish roots back to the 1800s, while his father converted to the religion after meeting his wife. What makes them different, however, is the fact that this Brooklyn family is African American."

    According to Horowitz, all of this proves, of course, that BROOKLYN COLLEGE is clearly a hot-bed of intolerance and anti-semitic bigotry. WOW!!!

    • Susana

      In response to Scum's comment:

      As the author of the article you refer to, "Children Attending Israeli Summer Camp Caught in Terrorist Crossfire," I feel compelled to correct a misunderstanding:

      My article was published in spite of The Excelsior's editors. It was only printed because it was submitted indirectly and because the editors-in-chief were unfamiliar with my views. Once it became clear that I'm a supporter of Israel with sound, logical arguments to back up my position, and that I'm against terrorist organizations, my articles were very quickly censored out of the paper and I was strongly urged not to attempt further submissions.
      And I wasn't the only one having trouble expressing my opinion via The Excelsior – I've heard complaints from a distressing number of Brooklyn College students who had tried to voice thoughts contrary to those of the editors.

      I love Brooklyn College. I love the fact that it's multicultural and that its students come from all walks of life and bring with them varied outlooks. But that diversity is threatened when students smother their classmates' views without just cause. I hope, for the sake of future BC students, that the atmosphere on campus ceases to deteriorate and that Brooklyn College becomes again the college it was created to be.

      Note: My troubling experience with The Excelsior took place prior to the Fall 2011 semester and does not reflect on the current Excelsior editors, with whom I'm not familiar.

  • PAthena

    The Japanese military did use kamikaze pilots in World War II. How is that a justification for Arab suicide (or other suicide) bombers? It was terrible for the Japanese military to get young men to be kamikaze pilots, just as it is terrible to use young men and women to be suicide bombers.

  • sarah

    I was a fan of David back in "The Day" and have enjoyed, sort of, mimicking his trajectory as he (and I) segued from the Left to the Right.
    It is such irony that the Left of 21st century has embraced the philosophical and political thought that it vehemently opposed in the 1960's. It was the concept of big, intrusive government that drove the demonstrations of the Sixties. Ironically, the Left is now endorsing and fighting FOR bigger, stronger, more powerful, more expansive government control.
    It's no wonder that so many of those who fought the fight back then have come around to what seems to be the other side —-It is the Right that wants Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity, Civil Rights, less government…. While today's Left has become like the totalitarian states we once opposed.

  • Amused

    I commend David on his efforts , however a lesson he has learned is , Brooklyn College is NOT Berkely . And never was . I attended in 1967 , slacked off and got drafted ,but only to return after 13 months in Vietnam , and finished on the G.I. Bill . Having been born in Flatbush , the only anti-semitism I saw [ aside from the garden variety ]was when the Liberty was sunk in the 1967 war. An event which to this day is misunderstood by the masses . Brooklyn College ,as already stated is a commuter school ,and thus comprises the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods in Brooklyn for the most part .A large Jewish community in fact immediately surrounds the College itself . So while David makes valid points regarding activities at several universities across the nation , denigrating B.C. and /or its faculty or students , it is simply not the case at B.C.

  • Wacky

    Great article. So sad people commenting on this don't focus on what it is about – just like the Muslims in the audience. You say A, they say B.

    This whole subject is not mainly about the hostility towards jews @ the campus, yet people keep talking just about this part. They are looking for something to argue with, because they cannot argue with all other crucial and important points considering Islam, Muslims and the Middle East. Well, this behaviour shows they are only human. Dumb, but human.

  • Amused

    Gee , and I thought it was about Jews standing up for themselves . I dont think there is a single Jew in B.C. that doesn't know , what muslims are about . The fact that they take exception , to the implied perception , that this occurs on all campuses , in this case theirs , does not indicate that they are DUMB . A very poor and misinformed assumption on your part Wacky .

  • joel

    Thanks, Mr Horowitz, for your informative and truthful article. However, I believe we are just skirting the issue without discussing what the koran teaches about jihad/sharia. The left/intellectual/scientific group,especially since the "enlightenment", has spent forests of ink demonizing the Bible for supposed discrepancies,yet they have not subjected the koran to the same treatment;they are too worried of hurting their fellow travelers' feelings.

  • Zvi Horovitz

    I can't help but lament the sorry state of Jewish unity. We have enemies from within our own tribe on top of our traditional enemies.

    We can't expect support from outside when from our side support is badly lacking. Sorry, but too many Jews confuse expensive BMWs & Mercedes; spacious luxory homes; and lavish vacations with a sense of security – they think nothing can touch them! These types should leave their goddamn plush offices and take part in organizing demonstrations on campus where Jewish students are harassed! They should also help organize demonstration in front of various embassies.

    I am sick and tired of taking part in demonstrations where one or two buses unload senior citizens from local geriatrics homes. So, dear Jews, don't expect action from the rest of the world when so many of you are just content to write out the odd cheque to the UJA and wash your hands off everything else. As David Ben Gurion said long ago "It matters not what the world says, what matters is what we do."

  • truthin

    David, could you please provide citations for some of your statements? Who is the editor of Excelsior? Do you have a link to the internet site pushing for a Muhammed Atta memorial (you seem to supply a link, but it's an ad for Comcast)? What precisely is your evidence that the Excelsior is an anti-Israel screed? Thanks

  • Morally Good

    Because he'll only care for his own people, not people in general. What a great person.

  • non Jew

    Goodness – another Jew with a persecution complex.. and I at all surprised?
    No, but, I am somewhat embarrassed for the author of this piece for not recognising that the only people who see Jews as victims – are Jews. Victimhood grand standing could be the reason why Aspergers is so prevalent amongst this group of people.

  • painful truth
  • Truthsayer

    After 2000 years of persecution I think I'm entitled to my "complex", especially when Muslims (and Christians) have taken what's mine as their own. Yes, David's right it's time Jews were less reasonable and compassionate and started to kick some Arse!

    • Anonymous

      What have we (I'm Catholic) taken from you?

  • J

    Exactly right ,DH.

  • ecool4us

    Whatever you say whenever you say it’s a Lie! You’re well known for this! You should stop embarrassing yourself and end your career ASAP! Helen Thomas was pressured to resign for her “less than a minute” comment. There were no Jews Lobbyists backing her up like in your case and she was telling the truth and promoting peace. How can this earth carry people like you?!

    • MixMChess

      Helen Thomas was a filthy antisemite propped up by the oil rich Arab Lobby. No wonder you're upset that she resigned!

      • ecool4us

        I see what's going on here…… :)
        Mitchell Bard is the Executive Director of the nonprofit American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) and one of the leading authorities on U.S.-Middle East policy. Sounds to me – he has very bias opinions! Besides, he is like mr. horowitz is very much pro-Israel on campus – attacking every student or faculty member whose opinion differes from his, especially if it's pro-peace between Muslims and Jews. Don't just have a one-track mind!
        In addition plz see: Jews for Helen Thomas: – I really have respect for these people!

  • ecool4us

    Do only the Palestinians suffer there? No – the Israelites who have brain and who understand what’s really going on there, who don’t listen to propaganda and who speak up the Truth – they are jailed, tortured, silenced. This is the Reality! But how would you know this? You’ve never even being to Israel! You sit comfortably in front of your computer, ignorantly oppressing others with your words, getting paid bucks for promoting hatred, war and ignorance on campuses and everywhere else.

    • MixMChess

      Your lies about Israel prove that you have never actually visited the country. Israel has one of the freest and most open presses in the world, encouraging Israelis and Arabs alike to comment and criticize the government. Anti-Israel journalists and reporters are not jailed, tortured or silenced. In fact, torture is an impossibility in Israel considering it was legally banned by the Supreme Court in 1999. You are an ignorant hatemonger.

      • ecool4us

        Well, I'm not a hatemonger!!! I really want people live in peace with each other. And I'm not ignorant since I read this article, read the opinions of others and even respond to your messages in a respectful way. What you said is true on a paper – the reality is quite different. I'm not suggesting that all free-speakers are jailed but many are – this is the fact! As the matter of fact – just yesterday I listened to one Israeli woman in Tel Aviv answering a reporter's question on democracy in Egypt and she said she would like they had more democracy in Israel themselves.

        • MixMChess

          "I'm not suggesting that all free-speakers are jailed but many are – this is the fact!"

          That is not a fact, it is a bold LIE. Israel has never jailed anyone for speaking out against the government or exercising their free speech. Since 2000, there have been more foreign journalists in Israel and the Territories than in almost any other country of the world.

          "As the matter of fact – just yesterday I listened to one Israeli woman in Tel Aviv answering a reporter's question on democracy in Egypt and she said she would like they had more democracy in Israel themselves."

          What? Israel is one of the most open and democratic societies in the world, much more so than Egypt. Out of a population of nearly 7 million, about 1.4 million — 20 percent of the population — are non-Jews (mostly Arabs). Israeli women and minorities are guaranteed equal rights and equal protection under the law. In fact, Israeli Arabs enjoy more civil rights in Israel than they do in every other Arab/Islamic country worldwide. Minorities are protected by laws that in many cases are more progressive than those of other democracies. For instance, there is legal protection against religious persecution and Israel has no official state religion (it is a secular state). Additionally, the right to vote is universal and Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote.

  • jesus' home!

    go to Israel scumbag. You guys killed my father a PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN!!! that is the land where JESUS WAS BORN!! christians have more of a right then either of you! You are the number one racist you ignorant animal! spreading lies and hate you disgust me!!! its people like you who keep racism alive in the world!
    In honor of my father i say one thing: YOU'RE A DISGUSTING RACIST!!!

  • jesus' home!

    go to Israel scumbag. You guys killed my father a PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN!!! that is the land where JESUS WAS BORN!! christians have more of a right then either of you! You are the number one racist you ignorant animal! spreading lies and hate you disgust me!!! its people like you who keep racism alive in the world!

    • MixMChess

      No sir, you are a racist. While Christians are unwelcome in Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, and most have been driven out of their longtime homes in Lebanon, Christians continue to be welcome in Israel. In fact, Israel is the only Middle East nation where the Christian population has grown in the last half century (from 34,000 in 1948 to 145,000 today), in large measure because Israel guarantees their equal rights and freedom to practice religion.

      Of course the Palestinians regularly persecute Christians. For example, Samir Qumsiyeh, a journalist from Beit Sahur reported that Christians were being subjected to "rape, kidnapping, extortion and expropriation of land and property." Qumsiyeh, has a list of "93 cases of anti-Christian violence between 2000 and 2004" and specifically mentioned the case of a 17-year-old girl from his town who was raped by members of Fatah. He added that “almost all 140 cases of expropriation of land in the last three years were committed by militant Islamic groups and members of the Palestinian police” and that the "Christian population of Bethlehem has dropped from 75 percent in 1950 to 12 percent today." Qumsiyeh has warned that if that trend continues, “we won't be here any more in 20 years."

  • MixMChess

    "the Israeli authorities oppress and kill the Palestinians, damage their properties, withheld the food supplies and medication, make every single effort to make their life miserable and unbearable …"

    Nope, you are a liar. The Palestinian population has actually increased exponentially under Israeli rule – increasing by over 80% from 1993-2004 alone. Just look at life expectancy and infant mortality in Gaza versus Turkey: "In Turkey life expectancy is 72.23 and infant mortality is 24.84 per 1,000 births. Where as in Gaza: life expectancy is 73.68 and infant mortality is 17.71 per 1,000 births. Or compare Gaza to the millions of Africans that die each year from famine. Life expectancy in Swaziland is less than 40 years, and in Zambia it is 42 years."

    Israel has provides over a million tons of humanitarian supplies to Gaza on an annual basis, equaling nearly a ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza. Food and supplies are shipped from Israel to Gaza six days a week. In a typical week the IDF coordinates the transfer of hundreds of trucks containing about 15,000 tons of supplies.

    In the W. Bank, Israel provided the necessary economic aid to allow the W. Bank to experience an economic boom in 2009 (with an unprecedented 8% economic growth). Have you seen the fancy boutiques, 5-Star Hotels, high-end restaurants and entertainment growing in Ramallah?

    So tell me again, how is the humanitarian and economic aid Israel provides an attempt to make the Palestinians miserable?

    • ecool4us

      And where all these data are coming from – wikipedia or some other pro-state Jewish report? I take first-hand stories from Americans who traveled to Israel (also Gaza and West Bank), who did personal investigations there; also from American Palestinians who have their families back home; and also the Israelities who are fed up with lies coming from media and the government and who are fed up with endangering their own lives and putting their kids to IDF – some of them even were soldiers and they tell the truth that you won't hear in the news! Look, I'm not here to promote a one-sided story – it is a horowitz's way – not my way! What I really want you to do and others – is simply to realize that whatever happens there – it is BAD for both nations; and do your own investigations, be open-minded and remember – people die there and many who promote this are here. Agree or not – this is your choice and we all entitled to our own opinions.

      • MixMChess

        "And where all these data are coming from – wikipedia or some other pro-state Jewish report?"

        You wish, they come from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and World Bank Data to name a few.

        "I take first-hand stories from Americans who traveled to Israel (also Gaza and West Bank), who did personal investigations there; also from American Palestinians who have their families back home; and also the Israelities who are fed up with lies coming from media and the government and who are fed up with endangering their own lives and putting their kids to IDF – some of them even were soldiers and they tell the truth that you won't hear in the news!"

        What media lies? The media is largely anti-Israel. For instance, in 2001 Journalist Judith Blaint pointed out that: "But for most of the…western correspondents there are certain 'given' assumptions that provide the backdrop of all their coverage. Topping the list is the notion that Palestinians are engaged in a noble struggle for independence and Israeli oppressors are using their might and muscle to stand in their way." This should be no surprise considering Saudi Arabia princes own large shares of media outlets throughout the world and hold a virtual monopoly on media in the Middle East.

        I've been to Israel multiple times, traveled to Arab towns in Israel and the W. Bank. I can give you dozens of first hand accounts to support my claims, or you can rely on the plethora of anecdotal evidence from Israelis, Arabs and other world travelers who also support my position.

        The fact remains, Israel has a free press and doesn't "hide the truth." Of course, journalists are severely censured and kept in line by intimidation, threats and even violence from the Palestinian Authority if they disagree with the PA's public relations agenda. But that's a whole different topic.

  • MixMChess

    "not letting the kids to go to school, not letting the sick people, pregnant women to be admitted to the hospitals, continuously disturbing people’s lives at night and day, continuously closing gates…"

    You are lying again, no Palestinian is denied medical care in Israel (unless HAMAS refuses to grant a medical permit). Israel maintains a corridor for the transfer of medical patients out of Gaza, and about 200 medical staff members go through the crossings every month. In 2009 alone, 10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel. Moreover, there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes. Additionally, Israeli groups like the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donate millions in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel.

  • Dawn Yonah

    Great job, Mr. Horowitz. But what about addressing your title, "It's Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves"? We need a revolution in thinking and doing. No more explanations and apologetics! We are a special people with a unique destiny given us by the G-d of Israel. Are we ready to accept that and "step up to the plate"?

  • Burn Alive.

    I hope you burn a live.

    • Terry Walbert

      Dear Burn Alive,

      What is a "live?" I hope yor learn English first.

    • crawbar

      Sure, I will burn yours. Learn how to write in English, bastard.

  • crawbar

    Dear Commenter1215,
    let me first express to you my appreciation for your service in the US military. Second for your exciting savoir fivre of a good military officer. I cannot boast with the same, I received military education/training in the Soviet union and I apologize if I will be a little bit more hot and emotional than you. (see my next post, intensedebate for some reason says my post is too long, I am experimenting with this short introductory one)

  • crawbar

    …You got stuck in a minor issue in the Mr. Horovitz editorial – whether the whole college is anti-semitic or only the lefitst brotherhood together with muslim brotherhood. The fact is that obnoxious behavior of muslim student groups around almost all universities is a fact of life. They do not allow to exercise the freedom of speech and do not allow the truth on the topic to be spoken. The leftist brotherhood being on the same side with muslims being against Israel makes them anti-semitic as well and this attitude does carries over onto the Jewish students. If they don't speek daily about that, it does not change this fact. They speak about that at the events like the speech by Mr. Horowitz. The Universities' administrations doing nothing against that, accepting professors sympathizing with Hamas and in general with muslim terrorism and allowing them to brainwash our kids makes the administrations accessories to those anti-semitic groups. So, Mr. Horovitz is not too far away in his formulations if at all. (see next post)

  • crawbar

    What makes me extremely amazed about some Americans, you are one of them, is the following:
    1. You do not see the danger of muslims in America. They are anti-American en-masse and I am not afraid to be politically incorrect, they listen to anti-American and anti-Jewish propaganda in their mosques without even saying a word against that. Have you seen many muslims complaining about that?
    2. Many, I am sure not you, believe that there are "moderate" muslims who deserve ther center to be built next to the Ground Zero site. There is none! If there were, they would protest it vehemently! If there were such, their voices were minute.
    (see next post)

  • crawbar

    …3. They lack passion in their fight (verbal so far) against the attack of Islam on western civilization (is there any other? I combine all humanistic civilizations under that name. Islamist "civilization" is not a part of it). As if you do not see how muslims gradually penetrate into the whole fabric of our society, push their sharia law into our country. Just see what has already been happening in Europe. We are in trouble and all we are doing – just only part of us – just talking, looking for moderate muslims, saying that not all muslims are bad, i.e. distracting from the essense of the fight…

    What you did with your posts you dampened the essense of what Mr. Horovitz said and the obnoxiousness of muslim students that they always demonstrate at such events. If I was young and I was a student at BC, I would organize with other Jewish students and other students on this side of the fence and would teach those beasts how to behave… Unfortunately, this does not happen… Muslims are not afraid to act like that. But not the other side. Well, I forgot that they are organized by our oil money…

  • Jack


    Does Israel have fluoride in their water?