It’s Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves

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For thousands of years nations, ethnic groups, races and religions have suffered. They have been enslaved, they have been occupied, they have been oppressed. But never in the history of mankind until now has their been a people like the Palestinians who strap bombs on their own children and tell them to blow themselves up and kill other children, and that if they do so they will go to heaven and become saints. No other religion besides Islam makes murderers into saints. In the entire history of mankind no people has sunk to such moral depths as the Palestinians in their war against the Jews.

Let’s also look at the claims that Jews oppress Palestinians rather than the other way around. Let’s begin with biggest lie of the entire Middle East conflict —  that Israel “occupies” Arab land, let alone “Palestinian” land. To begin with, there hasn’t been a political entity or state called Palestine since Roman times, when Rome affixed the name Philistina (or “Palestine) to the homeland of the Jews which is Judea and Samaria, which is today the Palestinian occupied West Bank. The Romans did this because the Philistines, who were not Arabs, were the Jews’ enemies and they wanted to humiliate the people they had conquered and dispersed to the four corners of the globe.

In the second place the entire region around the Jordan out of which Israel was created was not Arab and had not been for four hundred years. The Arabs’ claim to Israel is about as credible as the Dutch claim to New York. For four hundred years prior to the creation of the state of Israel – not to mention Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq – the land belonged to the Turks who are neither Palestinians nor Arabs.

The state of Jordan was also created out of what was called the Palestine Mandate, when it was administered by the victorious powers in World War I. The majority of Jordan’s population are Arabs who today would be referred to as “Palestinians” – a “nationality” created in 1964 to combat the Jewish state. The “Palestinians” of Jordan are ruled and oppressed by a Hashemite minority. But no one is calling for their liberation. That is because the true goal of the Palestinian liberation movement is not a Palestinian state (which has been rejected by the Arabs as recently as 2000) but to push the Jews into the sea.

I went on to discuss the other indefensible lies that make up the total case against Israel – for example that Jewish settlements are a problem. There are a million Muslim Arabs settled in the state of Israel, who enjoy more rights as Israeli citizens than the Muslims or Arabs in any Muslim or Arab state. If Muslim communities in Israel are not a problem, why are Jewish communities in the Arab world or on the West Bank or in Gaza? Because the Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East are racists and refuse to live side by side with any non-Arab or non-Muslim people. That is the straightforward, factually accurate, but politically incorrect answer.  There were two democracies in the Middle East after the Second World War: Israel and Lebanon. Lebanon was actually a Christian democracy. Democratic Lebanon has been destroyed by the Islamic jihad and the Christians of the entire Middle East are under the gun or in flight.

I had encouraged the Brooklyn students to erect a “Palestinian Wall of Lies” ( that we had created to combat the malignant “Israel Apartheid Wall” that the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish left on campus was going to erect during “Israel Apartheid Week.” When the Brooklyn College administration learned of these plans they banned both walls. This is what a victory looks like in collegiate America today.

“Israel Apartheid Week” is a hate week against Jews, nothing more nothing less. Israel is, in fact, the only state in the Middle East that is not an apartheid state. Jews have created the only multicultural society in the Middle East, the only society that respects the rights of all ethnic and religious groups – and all genders as well. Jews have built the only society that respects women and gays. The very name “Israel Apartheid Week” is thus an obscenity whose only purpose is to demonize the Jewish state and make it vulnerable to the terrorist armies who whose rockets are poised to destroy it and whose goal is to push its Jews into the sea.

If this campaign had been directed against African Americans or any other campus ethnic group – including and especially Muslims – no university community would tolerate it. But because it is directed against Jews, Israel hate week is protected and funded by student governments and protected by university administrators. Moreover, and most disturbingly, the Jewish organizations on campus have been unwilling to stand up for themselves and to claim the same rights and respect as the groups who are attacking them. The Hillel organization on the Brooklyn College campus is 1,000 Jews strong but it would not sponsor our event. The Palestinian Club is 100 Muslims strong, but they came to attack it. Only one of the many Jewish organizations on campus — the Students United for Israel, a CAMERA funded organization – – was willing to co-sponsor the event.

By now you are probably wondering about the reaction of these members of the Palestinian Club who came to protest my speech. You are wondering how they responded to the detailed arguments I made refuting their claims and self-justifications or to my statement that while Palestinians were indeed suffering, the cause of their suffering was their own leaders and the Arab states who for sixty years have rejected peace because they want to push the Jews into the sea. The answer is that they didn’t. It was as though members of the Palestinian Club had not heard a word I said.

I have had the same experience on a score of campuses where I have confronted audiences, which included sizeable contingents from the Muslim Students Association, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and a sister organization to Hamas, along with their leftwing enablers. The reactions at the end of my talks are always the same. The only way I can truly convey what happens is to recount a speech I arranged for the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, who is under indictment for “insulting Islam” in the Netherlands. Wilders made very clear that he was not opposed to Muslims but to an intolerant and totalitarian ideology that demanded total submission to its doctrines and oppressed minorities whom it regarded as “infidels.”

During his speech Wilders turned to address directly the two dozen leftists and Muslims in the audience. He appealed to them saying “Look, I am doing your work. You say you are for the rights of women and gays. Under Sharia law and in many Islamic countries gays are hung from cranes and women are treated as chattel, denied education, and beaten with impunity by their husbands. I oppose the version of Islam that oppresses women and homosexuals. You need to do so as well.”

As soon as Wilders had finished his speech, the Muslims and leftists in the audience stood up en masse and started chanting “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Geert Wilders go away!” and marched from the room.

So it was with the Muslims who came to protest my talk. When they went to the microphones to ask questions after the speech they all had one talking point and it was the strategic talking point of the jihadists: “Mr. Joe McCarthy” (this is how the leader of the protest actually addressed me, “you said that all Muslims are terrorists….” Others before him had made the identical charge bolted from the room. None had even made a pass a questioning the history I had reviewed or the facts I had presented.

What struck me afterwards was this. Every Muslim in the room was a member of the Palestinian Club; most I was told afterwards were from Ramallah. But not one of them spoke as a Palestinian. I had said that Palestinians had elected two terrorist governments to rule over them, that Palestinians were willing to kill their own children in order to kill other children, that their schools taught their children to hate and kill Jews, that as a people they had sunk to the lowest moral level in history.  I had said that they were indistinguishable from Nazis. And not one Palestinian in that room stood up to defend themselves as Palestinians. To a man and woman they said, “You are accusing all Muslims of being terrorists.

I said to them, you are acting as foot soldiers for the terrorists – which provoked an outraged cry. I confronted the professor ringleader and said: “Will you condemn Hamas?” He hemmed and hawed and stuttered, and then began his evasion of the question, but everyone in the room who was not a member of the Palestinian Club knew they already had their answer. Yes these Muslim students from the “Palestinian Club” were all supporters of the terrorist war against the Jews.

There was one questioner who actually did offer an intellectual challenge to an argument I had made, and did make an attempt to defend Palestinians as an ethnic group – as opposed to a religious sect of Islam. This person was a Jew from Hillel who suggested that Japanese kamikaze pilots were akin to suicide bombers and therefore Palestinians were not the only people in history who had sunk so low. But, of course, kamikaze pilots were soldiers not civilians, and they targeted battleships and aircraft carriers not women and children in pizza parlors.

When it was over, I was glad I had come. I was proud of the small vanguard of Jewish students who had invited me and arranged my appearance, and come to my speech. I was proud of Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, the Jewish trustee who had gone out of his way to protect me, and the students who came to hear me. And I was gratified that they understood my message and would take it to the rest of the Jewish community at Brooklyn College: If we are not for ourselves who will be?

It is the same message I take to other campuses where my audiences are mainly non-Jewish. Israel is the canary in the mine. The chant of the Islamo-Nazis in the Middle East – shouted by millions – is,  “Death to Israel! Death to America!” If we in America do not stand up for ourselves now, there will be no America tomorrow.

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  • scum

    Don't get sucked into this site. Keep you mind open and look at all sides of the story

  • scum

    Thanks to all the Brooklyn College students on this site who have posted honest, unbiased and admirable discussions for us, and David, to consider. We appreciate your contribution to rational discourse.

  • Bert

    Fifty years ago I was a student at Brooklyn College with its large Jewish student body. I found that the vast majority of the Jewish students were mostly apathetic about their Jewish heritage. The Hillel Foundation on campus did not have many Jews as participants.

    Now I read that of some 3,500 Jewish students only 100 people showed up and that may have included 20 Muslims. I can believe it.
    The hard reality is that the Muslims and the anti-Semites are bold and confident while the Jews are mostly meek, weak and cowardly. That is why even some Jews are annoyed that David Horowitz is trying to wake them up. We also had these Jewish cowards before WWII who also chose to remain blind to danger.

  • scum

    I just went on the TERRORIST NEWSPAPER EXCELSIOR and typed in 9/11 in the search box. Here are two stories I found in this "anti-Israel propaganda sheet" (David's words):
    "Children attending Israeli Summer Camp caught in Terrorist Crossfire". 3rd paragraph of article by Susana Scheiner: "You see, 'my kids' live in Kibbutzum (collective communities) near Sderot, Israel. This means that for the last ten years – for most of these kids lives – terrorists in Gaza have been launching deadly rocket attacks at their homes, attacks that have resulted in terror, mutilation, and death."

    Here's anothe article that popped up: "BC Alum Proves Jews Come in all Hues" by Leslie Anselme. 2nd paragraph: Twenty eight year old Rison has been practicing Orthodox Judaism all his life. His mother can trace their Jewish roots back to the 1800s, while his father converted to the religion after meeting his wife. What makes them different, however, is the fact that this Brooklyn family is African American."

    According to Horowitz, all of this proves, of course, that BROOKLYN COLLEGE is clearly a hot-bed of intolerance and anti-semitic bigotry. WOW!!!

    • Susana

      In response to Scum's comment:

      As the author of the article you refer to, "Children Attending Israeli Summer Camp Caught in Terrorist Crossfire," I feel compelled to correct a misunderstanding:

      My article was published in spite of The Excelsior's editors. It was only printed because it was submitted indirectly and because the editors-in-chief were unfamiliar with my views. Once it became clear that I'm a supporter of Israel with sound, logical arguments to back up my position, and that I'm against terrorist organizations, my articles were very quickly censored out of the paper and I was strongly urged not to attempt further submissions.
      And I wasn't the only one having trouble expressing my opinion via The Excelsior – I've heard complaints from a distressing number of Brooklyn College students who had tried to voice thoughts contrary to those of the editors.

      I love Brooklyn College. I love the fact that it's multicultural and that its students come from all walks of life and bring with them varied outlooks. But that diversity is threatened when students smother their classmates' views without just cause. I hope, for the sake of future BC students, that the atmosphere on campus ceases to deteriorate and that Brooklyn College becomes again the college it was created to be.

      Note: My troubling experience with The Excelsior took place prior to the Fall 2011 semester and does not reflect on the current Excelsior editors, with whom I'm not familiar.

  • PAthena

    The Japanese military did use kamikaze pilots in World War II. How is that a justification for Arab suicide (or other suicide) bombers? It was terrible for the Japanese military to get young men to be kamikaze pilots, just as it is terrible to use young men and women to be suicide bombers.

  • sarah

    I was a fan of David back in "The Day" and have enjoyed, sort of, mimicking his trajectory as he (and I) segued from the Left to the Right.
    It is such irony that the Left of 21st century has embraced the philosophical and political thought that it vehemently opposed in the 1960's. It was the concept of big, intrusive government that drove the demonstrations of the Sixties. Ironically, the Left is now endorsing and fighting FOR bigger, stronger, more powerful, more expansive government control.
    It's no wonder that so many of those who fought the fight back then have come around to what seems to be the other side —-It is the Right that wants Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity, Civil Rights, less government…. While today's Left has become like the totalitarian states we once opposed.

  • Amused

    I commend David on his efforts , however a lesson he has learned is , Brooklyn College is NOT Berkely . And never was . I attended in 1967 , slacked off and got drafted ,but only to return after 13 months in Vietnam , and finished on the G.I. Bill . Having been born in Flatbush , the only anti-semitism I saw [ aside from the garden variety ]was when the Liberty was sunk in the 1967 war. An event which to this day is misunderstood by the masses . Brooklyn College ,as already stated is a commuter school ,and thus comprises the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods in Brooklyn for the most part .A large Jewish community in fact immediately surrounds the College itself . So while David makes valid points regarding activities at several universities across the nation , denigrating B.C. and /or its faculty or students , it is simply not the case at B.C.

  • Wacky

    Great article. So sad people commenting on this don't focus on what it is about – just like the Muslims in the audience. You say A, they say B.

    This whole subject is not mainly about the hostility towards jews @ the campus, yet people keep talking just about this part. They are looking for something to argue with, because they cannot argue with all other crucial and important points considering Islam, Muslims and the Middle East. Well, this behaviour shows they are only human. Dumb, but human.

  • Amused

    Gee , and I thought it was about Jews standing up for themselves . I dont think there is a single Jew in B.C. that doesn't know , what muslims are about . The fact that they take exception , to the implied perception , that this occurs on all campuses , in this case theirs , does not indicate that they are DUMB . A very poor and misinformed assumption on your part Wacky .

  • joel

    Thanks, Mr Horowitz, for your informative and truthful article. However, I believe we are just skirting the issue without discussing what the koran teaches about jihad/sharia. The left/intellectual/scientific group,especially since the "enlightenment", has spent forests of ink demonizing the Bible for supposed discrepancies,yet they have not subjected the koran to the same treatment;they are too worried of hurting their fellow travelers' feelings.

  • Zvi Horovitz

    I can't help but lament the sorry state of Jewish unity. We have enemies from within our own tribe on top of our traditional enemies.

    We can't expect support from outside when from our side support is badly lacking. Sorry, but too many Jews confuse expensive BMWs & Mercedes; spacious luxory homes; and lavish vacations with a sense of security – they think nothing can touch them! These types should leave their goddamn plush offices and take part in organizing demonstrations on campus where Jewish students are harassed! They should also help organize demonstration in front of various embassies.

    I am sick and tired of taking part in demonstrations where one or two buses unload senior citizens from local geriatrics homes. So, dear Jews, don't expect action from the rest of the world when so many of you are just content to write out the odd cheque to the UJA and wash your hands off everything else. As David Ben Gurion said long ago "It matters not what the world says, what matters is what we do."

  • truthin

    David, could you please provide citations for some of your statements? Who is the editor of Excelsior? Do you have a link to the internet site pushing for a Muhammed Atta memorial (you seem to supply a link, but it's an ad for Comcast)? What precisely is your evidence that the Excelsior is an anti-Israel screed? Thanks

  • Morally Good

    Because he'll only care for his own people, not people in general. What a great person.

  • non Jew

    Goodness – another Jew with a persecution complex.. and I at all surprised?
    No, but, I am somewhat embarrassed for the author of this piece for not recognising that the only people who see Jews as victims – are Jews. Victimhood grand standing could be the reason why Aspergers is so prevalent amongst this group of people.

  • painful truth
  • Truthsayer

    After 2000 years of persecution I think I'm entitled to my "complex", especially when Muslims (and Christians) have taken what's mine as their own. Yes, David's right it's time Jews were less reasonable and compassionate and started to kick some Arse!

    • Anonymous

      What have we (I'm Catholic) taken from you?

  • J

    Exactly right ,DH.

  • ecool4us

    Whatever you say whenever you say it’s a Lie! You’re well known for this! You should stop embarrassing yourself and end your career ASAP! Helen Thomas was pressured to resign for her “less than a minute” comment. There were no Jews Lobbyists backing her up like in your case and she was telling the truth and promoting peace. How can this earth carry people like you?!

    • MixMChess

      Helen Thomas was a filthy antisemite propped up by the oil rich Arab Lobby. No wonder you're upset that she resigned!

      • ecool4us

        I see what's going on here…… :)
        Mitchell Bard is the Executive Director of the nonprofit American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) and one of the leading authorities on U.S.-Middle East policy. Sounds to me – he has very bias opinions! Besides, he is like mr. horowitz is very much pro-Israel on campus – attacking every student or faculty member whose opinion differes from his, especially if it's pro-peace between Muslims and Jews. Don't just have a one-track mind!
        In addition plz see: Jews for Helen Thomas: – I really have respect for these people!

  • ecool4us

    Do only the Palestinians suffer there? No – the Israelites who have brain and who understand what’s really going on there, who don’t listen to propaganda and who speak up the Truth – they are jailed, tortured, silenced. This is the Reality! But how would you know this? You’ve never even being to Israel! You sit comfortably in front of your computer, ignorantly oppressing others with your words, getting paid bucks for promoting hatred, war and ignorance on campuses and everywhere else.

    • MixMChess

      Your lies about Israel prove that you have never actually visited the country. Israel has one of the freest and most open presses in the world, encouraging Israelis and Arabs alike to comment and criticize the government. Anti-Israel journalists and reporters are not jailed, tortured or silenced. In fact, torture is an impossibility in Israel considering it was legally banned by the Supreme Court in 1999. You are an ignorant hatemonger.

      • ecool4us

        Well, I'm not a hatemonger!!! I really want people live in peace with each other. And I'm not ignorant since I read this article, read the opinions of others and even respond to your messages in a respectful way. What you said is true on a paper – the reality is quite different. I'm not suggesting that all free-speakers are jailed but many are – this is the fact! As the matter of fact – just yesterday I listened to one Israeli woman in Tel Aviv answering a reporter's question on democracy in Egypt and she said she would like they had more democracy in Israel themselves.

        • MixMChess

          "I'm not suggesting that all free-speakers are jailed but many are – this is the fact!"

          That is not a fact, it is a bold LIE. Israel has never jailed anyone for speaking out against the government or exercising their free speech. Since 2000, there have been more foreign journalists in Israel and the Territories than in almost any other country of the world.

          "As the matter of fact – just yesterday I listened to one Israeli woman in Tel Aviv answering a reporter's question on democracy in Egypt and she said she would like they had more democracy in Israel themselves."

          What? Israel is one of the most open and democratic societies in the world, much more so than Egypt. Out of a population of nearly 7 million, about 1.4 million — 20 percent of the population — are non-Jews (mostly Arabs). Israeli women and minorities are guaranteed equal rights and equal protection under the law. In fact, Israeli Arabs enjoy more civil rights in Israel than they do in every other Arab/Islamic country worldwide. Minorities are protected by laws that in many cases are more progressive than those of other democracies. For instance, there is legal protection against religious persecution and Israel has no official state religion (it is a secular state). Additionally, the right to vote is universal and Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote.

  • jesus' home!

    go to Israel scumbag. You guys killed my father a PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN!!! that is the land where JESUS WAS BORN!! christians have more of a right then either of you! You are the number one racist you ignorant animal! spreading lies and hate you disgust me!!! its people like you who keep racism alive in the world!
    In honor of my father i say one thing: YOU'RE A DISGUSTING RACIST!!!

  • jesus' home!

    go to Israel scumbag. You guys killed my father a PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN!!! that is the land where JESUS WAS BORN!! christians have more of a right then either of you! You are the number one racist you ignorant animal! spreading lies and hate you disgust me!!! its people like you who keep racism alive in the world!

    • MixMChess

      No sir, you are a racist. While Christians are unwelcome in Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, and most have been driven out of their longtime homes in Lebanon, Christians continue to be welcome in Israel. In fact, Israel is the only Middle East nation where the Christian population has grown in the last half century (from 34,000 in 1948 to 145,000 today), in large measure because Israel guarantees their equal rights and freedom to practice religion.

      Of course the Palestinians regularly persecute Christians. For example, Samir Qumsiyeh, a journalist from Beit Sahur reported that Christians were being subjected to "rape, kidnapping, extortion and expropriation of land and property." Qumsiyeh, has a list of "93 cases of anti-Christian violence between 2000 and 2004" and specifically mentioned the case of a 17-year-old girl from his town who was raped by members of Fatah. He added that “almost all 140 cases of expropriation of land in the last three years were committed by militant Islamic groups and members of the Palestinian police” and that the "Christian population of Bethlehem has dropped from 75 percent in 1950 to 12 percent today." Qumsiyeh has warned that if that trend continues, “we won't be here any more in 20 years."

  • MixMChess

    "the Israeli authorities oppress and kill the Palestinians, damage their properties, withheld the food supplies and medication, make every single effort to make their life miserable and unbearable …"

    Nope, you are a liar. The Palestinian population has actually increased exponentially under Israeli rule – increasing by over 80% from 1993-2004 alone. Just look at life expectancy and infant mortality in Gaza versus Turkey: "In Turkey life expectancy is 72.23 and infant mortality is 24.84 per 1,000 births. Where as in Gaza: life expectancy is 73.68 and infant mortality is 17.71 per 1,000 births. Or compare Gaza to the millions of Africans that die each year from famine. Life expectancy in Swaziland is less than 40 years, and in Zambia it is 42 years."

    Israel has provides over a million tons of humanitarian supplies to Gaza on an annual basis, equaling nearly a ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza. Food and supplies are shipped from Israel to Gaza six days a week. In a typical week the IDF coordinates the transfer of hundreds of trucks containing about 15,000 tons of supplies.

    In the W. Bank, Israel provided the necessary economic aid to allow the W. Bank to experience an economic boom in 2009 (with an unprecedented 8% economic growth). Have you seen the fancy boutiques, 5-Star Hotels, high-end restaurants and entertainment growing in Ramallah?

    So tell me again, how is the humanitarian and economic aid Israel provides an attempt to make the Palestinians miserable?

    • ecool4us

      And where all these data are coming from – wikipedia or some other pro-state Jewish report? I take first-hand stories from Americans who traveled to Israel (also Gaza and West Bank), who did personal investigations there; also from American Palestinians who have their families back home; and also the Israelities who are fed up with lies coming from media and the government and who are fed up with endangering their own lives and putting their kids to IDF – some of them even were soldiers and they tell the truth that you won't hear in the news! Look, I'm not here to promote a one-sided story – it is a horowitz's way – not my way! What I really want you to do and others – is simply to realize that whatever happens there – it is BAD for both nations; and do your own investigations, be open-minded and remember – people die there and many who promote this are here. Agree or not – this is your choice and we all entitled to our own opinions.

      • MixMChess

        "And where all these data are coming from – wikipedia or some other pro-state Jewish report?"

        You wish, they come from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and World Bank Data to name a few.

        "I take first-hand stories from Americans who traveled to Israel (also Gaza and West Bank), who did personal investigations there; also from American Palestinians who have their families back home; and also the Israelities who are fed up with lies coming from media and the government and who are fed up with endangering their own lives and putting their kids to IDF – some of them even were soldiers and they tell the truth that you won't hear in the news!"

        What media lies? The media is largely anti-Israel. For instance, in 2001 Journalist Judith Blaint pointed out that: "But for most of the…western correspondents there are certain 'given' assumptions that provide the backdrop of all their coverage. Topping the list is the notion that Palestinians are engaged in a noble struggle for independence and Israeli oppressors are using their might and muscle to stand in their way." This should be no surprise considering Saudi Arabia princes own large shares of media outlets throughout the world and hold a virtual monopoly on media in the Middle East.

        I've been to Israel multiple times, traveled to Arab towns in Israel and the W. Bank. I can give you dozens of first hand accounts to support my claims, or you can rely on the plethora of anecdotal evidence from Israelis, Arabs and other world travelers who also support my position.

        The fact remains, Israel has a free press and doesn't "hide the truth." Of course, journalists are severely censured and kept in line by intimidation, threats and even violence from the Palestinian Authority if they disagree with the PA's public relations agenda. But that's a whole different topic.

  • MixMChess

    "not letting the kids to go to school, not letting the sick people, pregnant women to be admitted to the hospitals, continuously disturbing people’s lives at night and day, continuously closing gates…"

    You are lying again, no Palestinian is denied medical care in Israel (unless HAMAS refuses to grant a medical permit). Israel maintains a corridor for the transfer of medical patients out of Gaza, and about 200 medical staff members go through the crossings every month. In 2009 alone, 10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel. Moreover, there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes. Additionally, Israeli groups like the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donate millions in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel.

  • Dawn Yonah

    Great job, Mr. Horowitz. But what about addressing your title, "It's Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves"? We need a revolution in thinking and doing. No more explanations and apologetics! We are a special people with a unique destiny given us by the G-d of Israel. Are we ready to accept that and "step up to the plate"?

  • Burn Alive.

    I hope you burn a live.

    • Terry Walbert

      Dear Burn Alive,

      What is a "live?" I hope yor learn English first.

    • crawbar

      Sure, I will burn yours. Learn how to write in English, bastard.

  • crawbar

    Dear Commenter1215,
    let me first express to you my appreciation for your service in the US military. Second for your exciting savoir fivre of a good military officer. I cannot boast with the same, I received military education/training in the Soviet union and I apologize if I will be a little bit more hot and emotional than you. (see my next post, intensedebate for some reason says my post is too long, I am experimenting with this short introductory one)

  • crawbar

    …You got stuck in a minor issue in the Mr. Horovitz editorial – whether the whole college is anti-semitic or only the lefitst brotherhood together with muslim brotherhood. The fact is that obnoxious behavior of muslim student groups around almost all universities is a fact of life. They do not allow to exercise the freedom of speech and do not allow the truth on the topic to be spoken. The leftist brotherhood being on the same side with muslims being against Israel makes them anti-semitic as well and this attitude does carries over onto the Jewish students. If they don't speek daily about that, it does not change this fact. They speak about that at the events like the speech by Mr. Horowitz. The Universities' administrations doing nothing against that, accepting professors sympathizing with Hamas and in general with muslim terrorism and allowing them to brainwash our kids makes the administrations accessories to those anti-semitic groups. So, Mr. Horovitz is not too far away in his formulations if at all. (see next post)

  • crawbar

    What makes me extremely amazed about some Americans, you are one of them, is the following:
    1. You do not see the danger of muslims in America. They are anti-American en-masse and I am not afraid to be politically incorrect, they listen to anti-American and anti-Jewish propaganda in their mosques without even saying a word against that. Have you seen many muslims complaining about that?
    2. Many, I am sure not you, believe that there are "moderate" muslims who deserve ther center to be built next to the Ground Zero site. There is none! If there were, they would protest it vehemently! If there were such, their voices were minute.
    (see next post)

  • crawbar

    …3. They lack passion in their fight (verbal so far) against the attack of Islam on western civilization (is there any other? I combine all humanistic civilizations under that name. Islamist "civilization" is not a part of it). As if you do not see how muslims gradually penetrate into the whole fabric of our society, push their sharia law into our country. Just see what has already been happening in Europe. We are in trouble and all we are doing – just only part of us – just talking, looking for moderate muslims, saying that not all muslims are bad, i.e. distracting from the essense of the fight…

    What you did with your posts you dampened the essense of what Mr. Horovitz said and the obnoxiousness of muslim students that they always demonstrate at such events. If I was young and I was a student at BC, I would organize with other Jewish students and other students on this side of the fence and would teach those beasts how to behave… Unfortunately, this does not happen… Muslims are not afraid to act like that. But not the other side. Well, I forgot that they are organized by our oil money…

  • Jack


    Does Israel have fluoride in their water?