Jewish Morons

I was sent this blog by Caroline Glick today:
Jewish Community in Danger
By Caroline Glick

This year at Jewish Federations of North America’s annual General Assembly, they invited the newly minted anti-Israel activist Peter Beinhart to speak. They also showcased the Boston Globe’s resident anti-Israel columnist James Carroll. These moves as well as much of the program of the 3-day conference which presented several panels discussing whether anti-Zionists should be embraced by the community are indicative of the advanced suicidal tendencies of the American Jewish community.

This is a community that has for generations seamlessly merged its definition of Judaism with leftist politics. And now that this generation of leftists has cast its lot with the anti-Semites, the young American Jews coming of age have embraced anti-Semitism to show their moral purity.

It may have once gone without saying, but apparently it is no longer obvious that this embrace of Jew hatred by young American Jews is a death embrace for the community.

The only way to deal with this is head on.

But who among the well-funded American Jewish leadership has the courage to tell these young people that they are deranged? Who has the courage to tell their children that they have embraced evil and ought to be ashamed of themselves?

If you think I am overreacting, take a look at the following video of Jewish American Birthright Alumni taking over a Birthright meeting in solidarity with the Jew-hating Arabs and the Jew-hating Occupy Wall Street mobs. Watch this and tell me I am overreacting. I’d love to be proved wrong because this is not only dangerous, it’s disturbing.
It’s one thing for the Spanish to embrace the cause of genocidal Jew haters. It is quite another for Jews to do so.

Thanks to Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs for sending me this video. While watching it ruined my day, we have a duty to know the truth. Denial is not an option.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    I was called "racist" on one of my trips to Israel; by one or two of these young
    airheads. A big part of the problem is that one cannot talk to them about these issues–
    mostly because of the horrifying mistrust they harbor towards older people; but also
    because their guides/chaperones won't allow it. They have been indoctrinated with this mistrust, not only by their parents, but by our broken down socialist school system.

  • SoCalMike

    They are as completely brainwashed as any cult member.

  • Glennd1

    Okay, I'm going to try this here. I have great respect for Mr. Horowitz and agree with him on so many of his criticisms of the left. But when it comes to Israel, I was greatly affected by the work of the so-called New Historians and their exposure of Israel's culpability in the expulsion of 650,000 Arabs living in Palestine between '47-'49. Now before you guys go crazy on me, please listen. I do not support Hamas or any militant/terrorist force or acts. I also realize that a sickening and evil strain of anti-semitism runs through Islam, particularly in its Salafist and messianic Shia sects.

    That said, I think a good moral person can conclude that what happened to those who were run from from their homes, now called Palestinians, was terrible. I think some folks questioning our Israel policy, including those within Jewsish political circles in the U.S. feel the same. It is possible that you could at least grant some of us who see this issue in this way some respect? Is it possible we have a moral objection? I should also separate myself from those rabid anti-Israel types as I don't castigate all of Israeli society and I see the tremendous good of the Israeli people. But still, to me, the sins of Zionism remain and there is a great unanswered question about being a liberal society and being a Jewish majority society at the same time.

    Please don't insult me or call me names. I understand many here see the issue differently but man, it seems that any common ground has become impossible to find. Okay, pile on, call me a terrorist loving anti-semite, i know it's coming.