Killing the Messenger: The Left Strikes Back

Only the blind will fail to see that there is a large fifth column of Americans who sympathize with our jihadist enemies and wish our nation ill. These are the people who seek to block every inquiry into Islamic terror, and every attempt to refer to “Islamic terror,” with cries of “McCarthyism” and “witch-hunt.” These attacks are designed to demonize the inquirers as “Islamophobes” and bigots who want to “lynch all Muslims.” This attempt by leftists and jihadists to conflate all Muslims with terrorists is merely the latest in a long history of radical attempts to hide their terrorist fish in the “ocean of the people.”

This very accusation was actually leveled at me at Brooklyn College the other night, after an hour-long talk I gave detailing the hate-filled, genocidal agendas of Hizbollah, Hamas, the rulers of Iran and the terrorist agents of the Palestinian Authority. [To see the full talk, Click Here] During my talk, I provided chapter and verse documentation of the bloody-thirsty intentions openly proclaimed by leaders of the Palestinian cause and supported by their campus sympathizers across America. The chants shouted during “Israel Apartheid Week” this spring demand a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” A Palestine stretching from the Jordan River, Israel’s eastern boundary, to the Mediterranean sea, its boundary to the West, would obliterate the Jewish state, wiping it from the map. Which is precisely what these hate weeks against the Jews on college campuses are intended to bring about.

The Hamas supporters of the Palestine Club (sponsors of the hate week against the Jews on the Brooklyn campus) who came to hear my speech could only respond to the evidence I presented with this retort: “you want to lynch all Muslims.” They had no other response because there is no other response. The indisputable fact is that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority openly proclaim that Israel should not exist. Their supporters from the Muslim Students Association to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is an actual spin-off of Hamas, agree. Hence the only course open to them is to turn the aggressors into victims, and the victims into bigots.

No sooner was the video of my speech posted on the Internet than Philip Weiss who runs a blog for the Nation put up a version of the video, which had been edited with a hatchet. It is called “Horowitz Spews Hatred at Brooklyn College.”  Weiss’s employer, the Nation magazine, has a long history of supporting America’s enemies and their genocidal activities — from the Communists in Russia to the Communists in Cambodia and Vietnam. It came as no surprise to me, therefore, that the Nation’s leftists would be enablers of the Islamic jihad against the democracies of the West and of the war against the Jews. But even I was taken aback by the ham-fisted dishonesty of the cut that Philip Weiss had tossed off without even a note to the unsuspecting that the video had been doctored.

In Weiss’s video I am seen accusing Palestinian terrorists of being Nazis and Palestinians of having sunk to a moral low unequalled in history. But the reasons for these judgments were consigned to the cutting room floor, so they appear to be merely the kind of bilious venom that the left itself is so adept at. Here are statements I read to the audience (which can be viewed on the uncut video of my speech) from two Palestinian leaders – one the founder of Hamas, and the other the chairman of the Gaza parliament – expressing their intentions towards Israel’s Jews – and, indeed, towards all Jews:

“There is no place for you Jews among us, and you have no future among the nations of the world.  You are headed to annihilation.” — Mahmoud Al-Zahar

“Be certain that America is on its way to disappear,… Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.”  — Ahmad Bahar

If these are not the sentiments of Nazis, then what is?

The other statement I made, that the Palestinians are morally sick and have sunk to a moral depth unrivalled by any other people in history, was a conclusion anyone might draw from what are indisputable facts. For while ethnic groups and races have been oppressed from the beginning of time, no other people in history has strapped bombs to its own children and sent them to blow themselves up in order to kill other children, telling them that if they committed these murders they would go to heaven and become saints and, if they were lucky enough to be males, would receive 72 virgins as a reward. If this isn’t morally sick, I don’t know what is.

So for blurting out the impolitic truth I am tarred now as an anti-Muslim bigot by supporters of Jew-hatred and terror at the Nation Institute, and by their mindless cohorts on the political left, and by the supporters of Hamas among the members of the Palestine Club and the Muslim Students Association and their campus allies. I can live with that. But don’t think for a moment that this is my personal problem. It is the problem faced by everyone and anyone who will stand up to the enemies among us, who hate our freedoms, and are working within our institutions and our homeland to take those freedoms away.

  • nochopcharlie

    for millions your courage and honor remain undisputed.

  • Chezwick_Mac


    As you know, I have the greatest respect for you. I've read almost everything you've written, post-1980. I've distributed your books as gifts to friends and family at Christmas and birthdays. I've spent hours watching Youtube of various speeches and television appearances you've made. I readily identify myself as a disciple of yours, so I hope you'll accept the following comments in the spirit in which they are intended…

    It's always been apparent to me that there is a telling difference in tone and style between the way you write and the way you publicly speak. Your writings are every bit as hard-hitting and fearless as your speeches, but they are stylistically much more eloquent, and correspondingly tempered. This is reflected even in your speeches when you are reading from prepared script, such as your appearance on BookTV showcasing 'The End of Time'. That speech was one of your most intimate…and one of your best.

    When you speak extemporaneously, as you did at Brooklyn the other night, you are much more prone to moments of emotionalism, hyperbole, losing your train of thought, going off into tangents, etc. There is no question that your breadth of knowledge and your brilliance qualify you for making such an extemporaneous presentation, but in doing so, at least to a degree, you set yourself up for the slander that the Left is now leveling at you.

    After watching your speech last night, I went to bed and with God as my witness, I told my wife that – while everything you said was undeniable – some of the language you used made me uncomfortable, not because of any delicate sensibility on my part, but merely out of concern for you and your reputation. Believe me, I often use similar language in my discourse with others, but I'm a nobody, so who gives a damn. YOUR viability and continued acceptance in at least a portion of what could be called "polite society" is important (whether or not it's VITAL is a matter of opinion) in furthering your indispensable work on behalf of reform in our universities. There is simply NO ONE who can fill your shoes, David.

    I've always been one who strongly believes in the worth of substance over form, but as I've aged, I've grown to appreciate the tactical relevance of form in fighting the strategic battle over substance. Even just a nuanced re-phrasing of some of some your statements would have gone a long way to mitigate the incendiary hue our enemies have attempted to paint them with (at least in the eyes of the fair-minded).

    This is just my opinion…and God knows I have my own problems with rhetorical excess (which is perhaps why I'm attuned to the issue). I just feel as a loyal disciple, it's my obligation to express to you my thoughts on this matter. I could very well be wrong and I welcome input from anybody who has our best interests at heart.

    With the greatest affection for you David,


    • theleastthreat

      "Even just a nuanced re-phrasing of some of some your statements would have gone a long way to mitigate the incendiary hue our enemies have attempted to paint them with "

      I know what you're saying, but I'm not so sure it would make a difference. I believe this (defaming of Jews and Israel and Mr Horowitz) is all a prelude to war.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I think that when in Brooklyn there is a change in dialectic and it is
      axiomatic, it is in the air, the ground and all round and definite influence.
      Just getting together with Brooklynites and other native New Yorkers,
      the New York comes out, my wife tells me this often when I let loose,
      she says I change. It's a Brooklyn thing………………………….William

    • StephenD

      Chez, you know I admire your intellect. However, I’m not quite there with you on this one.  I think, what you are saying that matter to me is that in order for David to remain "acceptable" and continue to speak freely on campuses, television, and other such forums, he would have to "water down" his rhetoric. I don't know if this would help or hurt. We need a Lion with a roar and when it comes to life and death (because that is exactly what this is) we need a fearless warrior. I am torn. I see your point that some folks get to believing the lies of the left or the apologists of the Islamists when they hear the disgust in David’s words. I think we need this to stay focused on the atrociousness of the message and actions of the enemy.

      • Aubrey

        Chez, if you can't stomach the truth, don't read David's blog, because this is the main place you will read it.

        David, please don't change, I rely on you and Frontpagemag for the truth.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Valid points, Steve. You may very well be right.

        I certainly don't believe in "watering down" the rhetoric, I just feel the exact same thing can be said in a manner that is less prone to alienate the fence-straddlers and those who are otherwise in sympathy but who have been culturally conditioned to reject what they perceive as "extremist" language. More importantly, I want to see MORE invitations from universities for David to speak, not less.

        Robert Spencer is a perfect example of someone who can convey an uncompromising message without using incendiary language. But David is not Robert…and we don't want him to be. He brings very different assets to the table. He is indeed a "Lion" and it's his passion that makes him such a unique and formidable intellect. So again, you may be right.

        Thanks for the input.

    • truthin

      Notice how even an indoctrinated Rightwinger like Chezwick is becoming disenchanted the rantings of Horowitz.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Bullcrap! Everything David said in that speech was the God's honest truth. My concerns are tactical, nothing more. But thanks for trying to discredit me in the eyes of my comrades here.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    David, you certainly DID poke a stick into the hornet's nest judging by the semi-literate outrage being expressed in response to your article It's Time For The Jews To Stand Up For Themselves. In several cases it is obvious that the complainers were not able to comprehend the simple written words of that article. It occurs to me that while Truth is a ubiquitous casualty when dealing with the left, ignorance and jealousy also combine to completely scatter their thoughts, which is why arguing with them is an exercise in futility. Indeed one subjects oneself to the real danger of losing his own coherence, not to mention the very real danger of being saturated by flying flecks of spittle.

  • waterwillows

    It would not matter what David did or how he did it. Their minds were already shut and have been shut for quite some time. They see only what they wish to see. But like David, I still think it is worth the effort to speak out. And he does it so well.
    BTW, their commander Allah is a dustmite, and his followers shall follow their commander into the dustbin. Some nerve they got to challenge.

  • Lisa_H

    No no no no no.
    There is a double standard at work here. When a person gets raked over the coals for speaking truth with passion, there is something fundamentally wrong. Anyone who feels 'offended' is playing victim and living in denial. Compare ANYTHING that Mr. Horowitz has said to what the Muslim Brotherhood- and Leftist-sponsored groups ROUTINELY and REPEATEDLY say without being challenged. There is way too little critical thinking going on.

    • Jaafar_1946

      Amen — way too little critical thinking, and way too much leftist indoctrination.

      It's not just this stinking anti-Semitism. What are we to think or do when our schoolteachers riot against a democratic vote? Who's teaching civics around here?

      David Horowitz, like it or not, is now a litmus test, a shibboleth. People who hate David Horowitz hate America.

    • Eliz

      I agree, Lisa!!! There's a huge double standard out there, and I give kudos to David for speaking with passion about the most pressing subject of our time. How else is one supposed to get the word out????

  • Fran

    If Israel would agree to peace at '67 borders and compensate the refugees a long time ago, there wouldn't be these disgruntled masses complaining about Israel around the world. Blah, Blah, Blah, Mr. Horowitz, we are all insufferably tired of you silly chickens calling "The sky is falling! as you talk, talk, talk — all the while ignoring Israeli arrogance, aggression, and brutality. The game is over. Start writing your speech which will apologize for all the many exaggerations and lies you've told over the years.

    • David Horowitz

      You have your history upside down. It was the Arabs who rejected peace at the 1967 borders and the 1949 borders, and the 1973 borders after launching three aggressive wars against Israel. There were 600,000 Jewish refugees from Arab states. How about compensating them?

      • Fran

        No, I'm no dummy. I know all the history, starting with the Nakba — the original sin. I know plenty about Zionist terrorism to "encourage" those Jewish refugees to Israel too. Israel is a pariah state — their government is delusional. One state is not far away.

        • Slickster

          Fran you are indeed no dummy, you surpass dummy and advance straight to mindless idiot.

        • Hank Rearden

          Well, SOMEBODY here is delusional!

        • Jaafar_1946

          Fran, you are indeed a dummy if you believe that Israel is the party preventing peace.

        • MixMChess

          "No, I'm no dummy."

          Really? Are you sure about that?

    • Amused

      A true picture of these poor , "disgruntled masses " who have five times tried to destroy Israel , is the recent slaughter in Itamare of the Fogel family , stabbed to death as they slept , a 4month old infant girl an eleven and seven year old child , butchered in cold blood , followed by two legged animals passing candies to their kids in celebration . Perhaps FRAN , you forget why TODAYS borders are what they are , INDEED , why the 1967 Borders were what they were ….because arabs and muslims could not accept the 1948 U.N. mandated borders , and BTW there have been peace agreements tossed aside in favor of bombing and revenge, that came very close to the '67 borders . You shall never see any agreement reverting to the '67 borders , and that is because the palestinians are incapable of coexisting by ANY borders which include a state of Israel . Smarten up Fran .

      • Amused

        And BTW Fran , your use of the word Nakba , proves who you really are , inconsequentially male or female but most definitely a muslim .

  • jes

    Islam is morally sick. What other religion calls for the death or subjugation of non-believers? What other religion mandates lying? What other religion murders those who leave the religion? These are all characteristics of cults and that is what Islam is – a sick, evil cult.

    What other religion celebrates the murder of a family of Jewish settlers by handing out sweets and candies on the streets? Two parents and their three young children, one just a baby, were stabbed to death while they slept in the Jewish settlement on Friday and their deaths celebrated by the Palestinians on Saturday. If that's not morally sick, I don't know what is.

    Why aren't the non-jihadist Muslims informing on jihadist Muslims in order to stop terrorist attacks? After each terrorist attack there is always some mealy-mouthed Muslim who condemns the attack, tells us such action are non-Islamic and then lays the blame for the attack on the west. The non-jihadist Muslims are the people best able to stop terrorist attacks but their silence and lack of action makes them supporters.

    As evil as terrorism is, colonization is the greater threat. It is colonization that is changing Europe into an Islamic world and terrorism is a tactic that works with the craven left to facilitate colonizationation. Each terrorist attack results in leftists standing even more firmly with Muslims.

    • Eliz

      Thanks for taking the time to clarify our thoughts. You speak truth, Jes!

  • fxgeorges

    Finally conservatives have some ammunition against 'leftists', hahaha! This guy was a victim and of course he's pissed at the Tea Bagger rhetoric, any sane person should be. Now Dems have gotten MANY MANY death threats…they still do! How many 'leftists' have acted on actually killing or trying to kill a Republican because of what Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman, Lawerence O'Donnell have said?

    • Supreme_Galooty

      That was some of the stupidest, blithely ignorant twaddle I have seen in ages. Whoever sold you your keyboard should be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a half-wit.

    • Slickster


  • Elder Zion

    Standing up to the left is actually a good thing from every point of view. Even the left can get educated by hitting a wall in their otherwise unobstructed path at the universities. Its a good thing to put them on the defensive. As far as being portrayed as a meanie by radical journals like the 'Nation', go for it.

  • tanstaafl

    The truth bears repeating. Bravo, Horowitz!

  • Horwitsss

    Ha ha ha…did u see the number of ppl at this douches hearing??
    Everytime someone tried to make a comment at this fool, the crowd tried to frustrate them by screaming and hollering…anyways there was like what 50 ppl at this crap….

  • Cynic

    If you’re still around, just for information, the 1967 “borders are not borders but the 1949 Armistice lines when the fighting stopped after the armies of 5 Arab countries invaded the fledgling state of Israel which just been given its independence by the UN.
    Read what Eugene Rostow, if you know who he was, had to say on the subject in The New Republic on April 23, 1990 and The New Republic, October 21, 1991:

  • Cynic

    I meant to include this excerpt:

    ” With the divided support of the council, the British took that step in 1922. The Mandate does not, however, permit even a temporary suspension of the Jewish right of settlement in the parts of the Mandate west of the Jordan River.

    The Armistice Lines of 1949, which are part of the West Bank boundary, represent nothing but the position of the contending armies when the final cease-fire was achieved in the War of Independence. And the Armistice Agreements specifically provide, except in the case of Lebanon, that the demarcation lines can be changed by agreement when the parties move from armistice to peace. Resolution 242 is based on that provision of the Armistice Agreements and states certain criteria that would justify changes in the demarcation lines when the parties make peace. “

  • John

    In reality, there is very little hope or help for those that hate everything, especially the fact that they were even born. Only try to reach those that aren't blind or deaf. These other people still believe the world is flat and have been the true ones that have kept our world down and not progressing. Keep trying David, there are those that are still listening and above all taking action.

  • Person

    No one spews more hatred than you Mr. Horowitz, not even Hammas itself. You've come onto campus to draw a line between Muslim and Jewish students that was not there before. Good job. I hope you are really proud of yourself.

  • Person

    Oh, and if you want to really show how not-racist you are, then why not actually post up the full video of the talk? Not just link to it claiming that its up there for everyone to see. Its a private video. Why make it private if you have nothing to hide?

  • craig4iam

    Person, you're a idiot! There is no palestine, that's a historical fact. If the Arabs had not tried to destroy the Jews in '48, '56, '67, '73 and still trying, maybe there could be peace.
    I can't have an intelligent conversation with an unarmed PERSON.