Muslim Liars: How the Muslim Students Association Deceives the Naive

The Muslim Students Association is a national organization with chapters on hundreds of U.S. campuses. It has a privileged position on these campuses such that no student paper would print the statement that follows in this blog. It would be regarded as “offensive to an ethnic and religious group.” What is truly offensive are the subterfuges under which the MSA operates, lying about its core mission — which is to advance the Islamic jihad against the Jews and Christians of the Middle East, and ultimately against the United States. Unfortunately the lies of the MSA (like its sister organizations CAIR and the Muslim American Society) are successful in snookering the willing accomplices of the political left and the unwitting accomplices of the inattentive middle to support and protect them.

Here is the deceptive Mission Statement of the Muslim Students Association at UC San Diego, where I confronted one of its members last year who endorsed the extermination of the Jews (and was defended by the MSA for doing so):

“The purpose of the Muslim Student Association 
of the University of California, San Diego
is to provide an environment for the development and networking
 of Muslims on campus while fostering a sense of community between Muslims and non-Muslims through education.”

This is an organization that sponsors Israel Apartheid weeks, sponsors Israel-hating speakers, advances the false and genocidal claim that that Israel exists on land stolen from a mythical “Palestine” that never existed and promotes the propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood, creator of Hamas and spiritual guide of al Qaeda. Its “education” consists of informing the gullible that Islam means “peace” (actually it means “submission”) and that “terrorism is, in fact, a term that spans the entire world and manifests itself in various forms,” and is, in fact, a term applicable to “sanctions” (e.g., the sanctions against Iran to prevent its dictators from developing nuclear weapons. The MSA site directs the inquisitive who want to understand Islam (and Islam’s relation to terrorism) to a site called — a site that happens to be sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America, which like the MSA itself, is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unfortunately this transparent double talk is enough to snooker gullible university administrators, faculty and students into regarding the jihad-supporting MSA chapters as religious and cultural organizations, while providing them with special privileges and protections. This allows them to conduct their war against the Jews and Crusaders in the heart of America’s educational institutions. The main Jewish organization on campus, Hillel, joined forces with this arm of the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the “Palestinian Wall of Lies” which our students put up at Brown, Florida State and the University of North Carolina, to refute the lies of the anti-Israel, anti-American left and the Nazis of Hamas — a sister organization of the MSA.

  • Fred Dawes

    "Ok I will be good on this one". The muslim and all groups are out to subjuagte all people and any who don't go along and become muslims will be beheaded at once if the muslims gets power here inside the USA.
    WE who can see understand that point, but i will be dead soon and i will not care about this place, so be happy kids if you want evil you will get evil. BY The way most universities are made up one little fools who run things like some senseless communist government of children of monkeys.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    The Supreme Galooty, as He gallumphs about the firmament, notices occasional disturbances in the veldt and the range, and has determined that they are caused by Musselmen.

    He approached His father for guidance, "Hey Dad, are we Jewish? And WHO are these Musselmen, and WHERE did they come from?"

    His father, in disdainful perturbation due to the annoying annoyance continued (unperturbed) picking Pork feathers for the dinner table centerpiece, replied with aplomb, "I dunno, Spanky. Why don't you research it and tell ME?"

    • trickyblain

      You ok?

      • Supreme_Galooty

        'tis nice to ramble now and again. But thank you for your concern.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    So Spanky went on a great search for the "Palestinian" homeland, and the exact location of the Great Beyond, and the ultimate JOY of Islam.

    As of today, The Supreme Galooty remains discontented in His Great Pursuit of Islamic Honour. Where could it possibly be?

  • John

    I am confused, we went after commuism in the 50's and 60's, we went after the KKK, and hate crimes, and – unfortunately this is true – practically ever Muslim Place of Worship's leader belives and is deeply devoted to their origin of beliefs. Their doctorine channels every one of them – kill alll non belivers.

    The Jews doctorine only specifically stated to them to "live in s specific piece of land, take care of their own people, be nice to aliens and respect their borders because they are decendents or somewhat realated to Abraham".

    This is a cut that needs ointment (education – debate- and the introduction and belif in Jesus) no other way. For Christianity would never have gained momentum if signs and wonders wern't displayed for people to see. They have been neglected. Mercy reigns – and justice is Gods.

  • AB7

    What is so scary is that so many otherwise very intelligent people (perhaps studying very advanced courses, with large vocabularies, etc.) are so easily fooled by the Muslim narrative. For someone to fall for the Muslim lies requires not only a general gullibility but a profound ignorance of basic history of the world, for Christians, a complete failure to UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN RELIGION, and a lack of intellectual curiosity that all things being equal should disqualify them from any positions of importance in society regardless of their area of expertise. Truly, Islam exposes the utter moronic nature of the modern citizen of the West like no other ideology or test. Anyone that does know the truth about Islam has to be shaken to their core seeing the inability of so many in the West to even begin to broach the subject of the problem of Islam and its incompatibility with Western Civilization and freedom and democracy.

    • fleedo

      Most so called intelligent people arent very intelligent or if they are they lack the circuitry to make the intelligence function.

  • TruthisStrong

    The alleged prophet Mohammad beheaded all the men (over 600) after they had surrendered completely simply because they did not want to abandon their religion and become vicious Muslims. He then took the women and girl prisoners as sex slaves and he and his troops raped them and owned them for the rest of their lives. Before that though he marched the female prisoners past the open trenches which held the beheaded bodies and the heads of their fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, sons and cousins so that the females were demoralized, put in shock and would not resist and therefore were easy to rape. Muhammad conquered several villages this way before he died, e.g., Qurayza in 627 A.D. and Khaybar in 629 A.D. These atrocities are all proudly documented in the Quran and corroborated by devout Muslim Imams in the Hadith (or Traditions), the biography of Muhammad and other biographical writings.

    • kafir4life

      muslims are disgusting sub humans. being sub human, they can't be held accountable for their deeds as they don't have any concept of humanity. They should be treated as rabid dogs. I don't blame rabid dogs for being rabid, but the treatment is the same none the less.

      • fleedo

        I declared war on islam about two years ago. l consider myself to be in a state of war with islam and its adherents. They are at war with us, its only polite to return the favour. l suggest you do the same

  • Jerry

    I heard Horowitz is a front for Hamas. Must be true. Your mission statement says nothing like that, but hey – you wouldn't put it in your mission statement if you were. So prove it. Hamas and Horowitz spread lies and hate together. How cute.

  • TruthisStrong

    The alleged prophet Mohammad defended his later more vicious alledged revelations against the fact that they contradicted earlier alleged revelations by saying that his later revelations replaced the earlier ones. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam is an excellent book that cites the exact documents that document the atrocities of the alleged prophet. Mohammad also owned many slaves and bought and sold slaves, and owned sex slaves. As a motivation for his evil army, Muhammad had claimed that he had a divine revelation that the taking of sex slaves was heartily approved by Allah. Jesus, Buddha, Zoroastarians, Bahais, and the Jains never advocated or committed atrocities like this. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a violation of the separation of church and state for the U. S. Government to keep telling us it is. It is unconstitutional, illegal and treason for U. S. Government Officials to repeatedly tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. You never hear the liberals saying that Christianity is a religion of peace.

  • TruthisStrong

    The consitituitions of Iraq and Afghanistan are also illegal because they state that Islam is the supreme religion. My tax money and American troops should not be wasted on supporting the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Iraq. Those countries should be treated as conquered and not be allowed to operate as Islamic Republics. The Afghanistan Government executes and tortures Christians with only a few cases becoming famous like the Muslims who become Christians in the famous cases in 2006 and again recently in 2011. In 2006, The U. S. Government had to beg to stop the execution and then the 2006 convert had to be smuggled out of Afghanistan like a thief in the night so the common people of the Islamic Republic would not kill him. The liberals controlling the U.S. Government are waging a secret UnConstitutional war against Christianity in favor of Islam. You never hear the liberals saying that Christianity is a religion of peace. Even George Bush was wrong and supported the present terrible Islamic constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq..

  • TruthisStrong

    This is the core of the religion.  Fifty percent of the 1.6 Billion muslims must know this and be either Jihadists or sympathetic to the Jihadists.  Ten percent of the 1.6 Billion must be Jihadists.  I think other estimates are too low because Muhammad was a genocidal sex maniac and anybody that reads the Quran or his biography or the other biographical writings (Hadith) must realize this.  Also look at all the Islamic countries with savage and unreasonable laws which the population support.  Look at how savage was the reaction of the Islamic world to some cartoons of Muhammad and how they killed people that had nothing to do with the cartoons. It was just an excuse to act out their hate that is incarnated into Islam. mohammad was the only prophet that had alleged revelations and actual actions that were as evil as the ones that occurred during the later period of his life (after 622 A.D.) also known as 622 Common Era. He was 52 years old and the revelations and actions became progressively worse until he died in 632 A.D. These evil revelations were the final and overriding revelations that set Islam indisputably as a religion of evil when Mohammad died and their were no more alleged revelations possible.

    • old white guy

      if muslims believe the koran then all muslims are potential jihadis.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    As those jolly Musselmen romp and frolick on the somewhat greenish playfields of the wondrous, magnificent, pimpled Allah HIMSELF, poor souls like Tagore and I must grab ahold of perceived reality as it parades in front of our faces. Mere explosions at the bus stop accompanied by tormented agony in the demolished Christian churches of Iraq, mixed injudiciously with quaint little verses from the queerahn, have not served to adequately bring our tepid souls to bear.

    As Musselmen perish, so shall Peace gain ascendancy.

    • Jerry

      I think you confuse who demolished Christian churches in Iraq. Operation Iraqi freedom is such a beautiful distant memory. Christianity flourished amongst the ashes and rubble of the bombs! But what is life, say thee, when one has God. For faith need not a church to carry on. And thus began the planned demolishment of an ancient city.

  • trickyblain

    Editors: It is never really necessary to repeat words in headings/titles. You use "Muslim" twice. We get it.

  • kafir4life

    "muslim liars"…..isn't that redundent?

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    If we don't use a form of pesticide soon,the locusts will swarm the earth and
    devour all that is'nt a locust.

  • art

    Our soldiers are creating "good muslims" daily…..bless their heart..!!!!!

  • patti

    When it is Warren Buffett's pal and Bill and Melinda's money manager that is pouring money into all things Muslim. —including Eboo Patel — the big picture puzzles me. What do they thing they're getting out of this?

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    Th., 04/28/11 common era

    The MSA is simply a front for The Moslem Brotherhood and seems to attract the same useful idiotic Jews who support Israel Apartheid Week. Mr. Horowitz's dialogue with the depicted kafiah-clad woman in the audience tells us all that we need to know about the MSA's ultimate object: Turn the 2-State Solution into the 2-State Final Solution 2. (Oh dear, is that an Islamophobic comment? Have I sulled the altar of Holy Diversity?)


    God Bless America! Stop mind melting Islamo-terrorist everywhere.

  • Stuart Parsons

    There is no VERIFIABLE evidence for the existence of any god, angel or jinn. Islam – the Cult of Muhammad – is a greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were.

    • hill65

      That is true but facist and communists allow them thrive and have set the stage for years.

  • topperj

    I recently received an e-mail from my alma mater, The Ohio State University, praising the group's presentation on campus. The naive students were told that most of our laws come from Islam. Juries and the principle of reasonable doubt, they were told, came from Islamic heritage. Nothing could be further from the truth. But this is the kind of dangerous tripe that is being foisted on an ignorant college student base. We have always been warned that we would be destroyed from within. This is happening at a rapid rate.

  • garyfouse

    As one who has taught part-time at UC-Irvine for 13 years, I can tell you this article is spot on. That is the UCI-MSU to a tee.

  • GKC

    He is not Amused, or is he….

  • Joe

    so not only is david horowitz wants to get rid of Religious freedom but now freedom of assembly. What next internment camps? I dont understand how anybody can called themsleves conservatives and hate civil liberties so much.

  • Victoria

    Spiritual Guide to Al Qaeda, makes it seem that you will propose a war against Islam. Is this what you are proposing? You sir, are a King of that transparent double talk, keep up the good work. I also love your slippage between Christian and Crusaders, harkens back to do the day of the Crusades, when there was tons of bloodshed on the hands of the Christians to get back the "holy land."

  • RealMuzzie

    Why not all Islamist commit terror? Look no further!
    —————–Surah 9 At-Tawbah:122 states "It is not right for all the believers to go wage war at once; send forth a certain number from among you, so that those who remain would learn a greater understanding of the religion, and teach the people when they return that they might be cautious."
    —————-"Extreme" Muslims wage the war, "Moderate" Muslims spread the religion and smile at your faces knowing full well what is going on.