Bin Laden Is History. The Jihad Is Not

Osama bin Laden was a symbol of the Islamic jihad. After 9/11, surveys by al-Jazeera and other sources indicated that between 10% and 50% of Muslims regarded him as a hero. That is somewhere between 150 million and 750 million people. Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important. But the jihad will go on.

The fact that bin Laden was killed in a mansion near Islamabad (fitting name) is but one mark of the support he had in the Muslim world. But by the time our forces reached him, ten years after 9/11, the center of the jihad had long passed from the caves of Waziristan to the Middle East — to the Islamic Republic of Iran, to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, and to the fount of the Islamic hatred and crusade against the West — the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Obama will take credit for the death of al-Qaeda’s leader, and he deserves it — for the aggressive war he waged in Pakistan in particular. This was a forward strategy that provoked the wrath of the “liberal” establishment when Nixon tried it in Vietnam, and Reagan in Libya and Bush in Iraq. Unfortunately, this is only the right hand of Obama’s strategy towards the  jihad. The left hand is simultaneously stoking the fires of Islamic aggression in its heartland, the Middle East, and our war with this evil is just beginning.

In his speech tonight the President talked as though the war is a war with al-Qaeda, although al-Qaeda has played a very small and diminishing role in the 17,000 plus Islamic terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated since 9/11. After that attack, Bush swore that the United States would not tolerate terrorist regimes that threatened the democracies of the West. You’re either for us or against us he said, to the dismay of the appeasement Left. But since then Islamic terrorist regimes have been created in Lebanon and Gaza and Somalia, the Taliban has been resurgent in Pakistan and the Muslim Brotherhood has risen in Egypt. The storm clouds that are gathering — not least because of the feckless ineptitude of the Obama Administration itself — will not be dispelled by one man’s death.

There are many days of grief and suffering on the horizon still. As President Bush so rightly said in the days after 9/11, this will be a long hard war that is likely to last our lifetimes.

  • Fred Dawes

    you must show this poor fool Love that way he can toss his racists out the door and come to the full understand of being a real American, love is the way home to total truth and keep him from doing evil and help him out of the prison of his own little brainwashed and scramble brain of mix-up racists BS.

  • Fred Dawes


  • John

    I disagree David to give Mao/Hitler I mean Obama any credit, if it wasn't for the Republicans and their aggressive approach in Pakistan the Obama administration wouldn't have been their…..According to the Democrats at the time we should have just talked about everything WE have done to the Muslims – and we deserved it. Lets not forget.

  • jaythehistorian

    Obama did nothing except give the order. Peter King the chairman of the House Intelligence committee revealed the information which eventually led to finding the house Bin Laden was living in ,guarded by the ISI (Paki intelligence), was obtained by RENDITION and Waterboarding which Osama , correction Obama has stopped. You are a typical left wing traitorous moron like your ideal Obama.

  • jaythehistorian

    When did you have your lobotomy?

  • Anjanjeet Singh

    I have only one thing to say to read the article by Salman Rushdi which says that Pakistan should be labeled a terrorist state. To read more see

  • jacob

    Now the abject sycophantic media will sell us the notion that it was OBAMA's
    infinite talent who brought about bin Laden's demise…

    Conveniently, he wasn't captured alive, as such would have brought on him
    most probably a recognition or Nobel Prize as bestowed on ARA-RAT for
    having helped alleviate somehow the overpopulation problems of the world.

    But what calls my attention and I wonder many more people would question
    as well, is the reason for having observed rigurously the prescriptions of the
    Koran on burials, copied verbatum from the Jewish prescriptions by the only
    Prophet ALLAH ever had., the illiterate Mohammed…

    Could it have been ordered by his White House correligionist..???

    I wonder….

  • trickyblain

    "his campaign was no match for Karl Rove."

    Who falsely accused him of having an illegitimate black baby.

  • noronhavivian

    The person is history ,but we cannot drop our guards,as his followers are all over the world and strangely they allegethey believe in God.Tjhe problem is they are broken up into hundreds of sects,but they are united in one strand i.e of "Infidels",i.e. the others who do not believe in their nonsense.Another word used is Kafir.

    The main culprit in this sorry story is the U.S.Government,that still funds the mother of Terrorism,i.e.Pakistan .The other leaders who worked to create this headache for the world are Saud of Saudi Arabia,Gaddafi of Libya,Musharaf of Pakistan and Mohd Mahatir of Malayasia.Till the world understands that this is not a peaceful lot of people ,we will never have peace.Any country that has more than two of them is headed for trouble.

  • Sexy4648

    The killing of Osama Bin Laden will only make terrorism worst, not stop it.

    And Musarraf, Pakistan President / PM is letting the USA come and kill innocent lives. And USA is only interested in making friends with Pakistan as they have nuclear power and are afraid the one day Pakistan will use that nuclear power on the US.

    And why did Obama go into Lybia? Because Gadaffi wanted to change the currency from US dollar to gold. The US have been supplying weapons for the rebellious people, Gadaffi was trying to protect his people!