Bin Laden Is History. The Jihad Is Not

Osama bin Laden was a symbol of the Islamic jihad. After 9/11, surveys by al-Jazeera and other sources indicated that between 10% and 50% of Muslims regarded him as a hero. That is somewhere between 150 million and 750 million people. Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important. But the jihad will go on.

The fact that bin Laden was killed in a mansion near Islamabad (fitting name) is but one mark of the support he had in the Muslim world. But by the time our forces reached him, ten years after 9/11, the center of the jihad had long passed from the caves of Waziristan to the Middle East — to the Islamic Republic of Iran, to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, and to the fount of the Islamic hatred and crusade against the West — the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Obama will take credit for the death of al-Qaeda’s leader, and he deserves it — for the aggressive war he waged in Pakistan in particular. This was a forward strategy that provoked the wrath of the “liberal” establishment when Nixon tried it in Vietnam, and Reagan in Libya and Bush in Iraq. Unfortunately, this is only the right hand of Obama’s strategy towards the  jihad. The left hand is simultaneously stoking the fires of Islamic aggression in its heartland, the Middle East, and our war with this evil is just beginning.

In his speech tonight the President talked as though the war is a war with al-Qaeda, although al-Qaeda has played a very small and diminishing role in the 17,000 plus Islamic terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated since 9/11. After that attack, Bush swore that the United States would not tolerate terrorist regimes that threatened the democracies of the West. You’re either for us or against us he said, to the dismay of the appeasement Left. But since then Islamic terrorist regimes have been created in Lebanon and Gaza and Somalia, the Taliban has been resurgent in Pakistan and the Muslim Brotherhood has risen in Egypt. The storm clouds that are gathering — not least because of the feckless ineptitude of the Obama Administration itself — will not be dispelled by one man’s death.

There are many days of grief and suffering on the horizon still. As President Bush so rightly said in the days after 9/11, this will be a long hard war that is likely to last our lifetimes.

  • Edward

    osama bin laden gets 72 virgin socialists, who all look like helen thomas.

  • Fred

    Muslims have been at war with everyone around them for 1400 years. Islams bloody borders. When are we going to stop kidding ourselves and say the problem is Islam.

    • SoiKasemsan3

      Bingo..100% true. Islam is the problem.

    • SoiKasemsan3

      Their right to kill us supersedes any and all rights we think we have for self preservation. We rather be politically correct and let Americans get killed then "offend" Islam. That is the and has been the policy of the US and the EU. So we let them butcher us.

    • http://frontpage Olga

      Couldn’t agree more. Yes, ISLAM is the problem!

  • ks762

    So now that Bin Laden is dead, does that mean that the funding for jihad disappears? Nope? Okay then, does that mean that all of the jihadis will crawl home with their tails between their legs and open up lemonade stands? Probably not? Surely it must mean that we are no longer in danger from jihad and that the vicious murder and mayhem around the world that is the daily business of the jihadis is finished? No????

    Our illustrious president would have us believe, and his sycophantic media peddle, that the war against terror and jihad is now over and we have won? In the words of Chris Rock, what the **** did we win? This ridiculous posturing by our unfortunate president is just one more big lie in a nearly infinite stream of bigger and bigger lies. We got to listen to Senator Obama and his "peace as a political hammer" colleagues talk about how the war could not be won. For years we had to listen to those jerks tell us about how Bush was a stupid criminal, and now we see Obama step out from the shadow of GW Bush and take all of the credit? Are you kidding me? What happened to the promises of Obama to end the war in Iraq, bring all of the troops home, and close Gitmo? Are you kidding me? Now the media is trying to portray our pathological liar in chief that he deserves all of the credit for stepping into the shoes of President Bush, a true Commander in Chief, while the lying turd breaks another promise but tells us with a straight face that he gave the order to get the job done? So what? You want a cookie Barry? After you tried to sabotage the war effort for years for your own political gain, we are now supposed to forget all of that because you pulled the plug on Bin Laden's dialysis machine, or iron lung, or whatever life support system has been keeping him in a coma all of these years. Are you kidding me? Go play some golf Barry, and leave the hero business for the real heroes, our military. Obama, you are truly a piece of work.

    • Ticked Off Too

      Thank you so much for your post ks762! My hearty thanks goes out to PRESIDENT George W. Bush and our fabulous Military with a special nod to the Navy SEALS! No one else…not one ounce of credit belongs anywhere else.

      Obama Bin Golfen deserves nothing! (name stolen from a FB poster earlier today)
      When PRESIDENT Bush got near the Pak border all we heard was screaming and gnashing of teeth. Now, we want to credit barry with the "aggressive war he waged in Paw-kee-stahn" … are you kidding me!? When did we go to war with Paw-kee-stahn? Did I miss the CONgre$$ional approval for that war?

    • Dispozovdaburka

      I hope you do stand up comedy.
      Loved your comments.
      Ha ha.

  • Artie

    My sentiments, exactly! Spot On article!

    • Amused

      All FOUR OF YOU ARE IDIOTS .No one , including Obama considers bin Ladens death "the end of anything " …..but ALL Americans see it a justice for this s.o.b. , payback , evening the score to a degree , and sending the message that you can run but you can't hide . But you idiots are so obsessed with your Obama Hate Syndrome , that you talk like arsholes , but then again that's exactly what you are . You make this crap up as you go , and blow smoke up each others arses , then you begin to believe this utter crap that you endlessly spew out on this site .It was made for jerks like you , for YOU ARE THE SYCOPHANTS .

  • Shalom Freedman

    This article puts the killing of Ben- Laden in its proper perspective. It is a major victory in both real and symbolic terms. But it does not put an end to Islamism's war against the West. In fact one possible negative consequence of this event is that the general public will see the Obama Administration as a great success in its anti- terror policies when it has been as the article points out, largely a failure.

  • Alexander Gofen

    This is a sober review, yet not near sober enough.

    The deliverance of justice to the most wanted enemy happened shamefully late: Improperly late for a nation considered a super power.

    Besides, in the words of Yashiko Sagomori, America ceased to be a super power already 9/12/2001, because an attack against a superpower is presumed to be impossible, and if an attack nonetheless had happened, the enemies and their symbols are presumed to be evaporated the very next hour.

    "Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important" – correctly wrote D. Horowitz. Yet the main symbols of the enemy Mecca and Medina are not even in the list of targets! If America were at least a self respecting nation (forget a superpower), Mecca and Medina ought to be nuked on 9/12/2001, all mosques closed, Moslems rounded up and deported faster than they began dancing on the street "celebrating" the 9/11.


    • Just me

      How you so ignorantly call for such idiotic actions is beyond me but then what would you expect from someone who is so clearly following the nazi ideation of one nation or one people being better than the rest..

      • pagegl

        IMHO the United States is and has been better than the rest. And it's not even close for most. If you really have any doubts about that I suggest you go live for a year or two in some place like Yemen or Somalia or even the northern regions of Mexico. Your moral relativism outweighs any semblance of rational thought you might have.

    • Alexander Gofen

      So D. Roosevelt in your opinion must be an idiot becuase he mobilized the nation for the war on Japan instead of considering the Pearl Harbor an isolated police incident, just finding an opportunity to execute some important Japanese general ten years later… He ought to be "idiot" because he rounded up Japanese in America, and did not allow Japanese/German propaganda freely flourish in American mosques (sorry bunds, whichever) and he clearly uphold the idea of American superiority… Ye… seems not good for you, is it?

  • Alexander Gofen

    The shame and defeat of America began on 9/12/2001, since the moment when the "religion of peace" Bush said that Islam is not our enemy.

    Since then, alas, "the jihad is going on" everywhere in the world.

    Our home country is littered with Islam, which has taken roots in the entire government and media structures, the main Islamic enabler residing right in the White House! The memorial to the 9/11 heroes of the plane crashed in Pennsylvania, is shaped as an Islamic crescent, and the "victory Mosque" is being built a few blocks on the bones of the 3000 Americans murdered that day.

    And surely enough, "The storm clouds that are gathering … will not be dispelled by one man's death":

    But wait: see at the place and timing.

    The enemy's den happened to be not in a dirty hole at the edge of Waziristan, but in a luxury villa in the suburbs of a capital of a friendly country, where the enemy #1 could be taken alive and brought to justice legally (unlike kidnaping of Eichman by Israelis from Argentine)!

    Moreover, OBL ought to be there for many month if not years. Why to wait so long risking to lose him again?

    Here is the hint: this was the so called impostor's trump card envisioned by pundits years ago. The impostor threw OBL on the table in the moment when the brain dead America finally began to get concerned about the total illegitimacy of the impostor; When America began to finally understand a difference between citizenship and Natural Born Citizenship incompatible with dual citizenship! When SSN fraud has surfaced. When the hearing of the court of appeal on May 2 of one of the cases of Dr. Orly Taitz takes place. When Col. T. Lakin will get out of the jail soon in this May. When the great Pastor Manning sees even more damning side of this deal:

    Shame to our military brass, who obediently waited the permission from the Commander-in-Thief instead of fulfilling their duty long ago.

    Wake up America! You are being fooled and manipulated in the most cynical way!

    • Alexander Gofen

      Just in case if it really was not clearly said: The soldiers who implemented this operation as they were ordered are heroes indeed.

      Yet the military brass who ordered to do not take OBL alive and who waited for indefinite time to synchronize the operation with political campaign of the impostor – those dishonored the military. They turned the military into an Alinsky's propaganda machine to not miss an do utilize any crisis… Shame on them!

      • Jim_C

        The brass are SOLDIERS too, and if you think anyone "allowed" bin Ladin to stay alive just so that Obama could look good, you are tinfoil-level insane. It shows incredible disprespect for the military and their mission that your bit of lip service can't buy you out of.

    • Alexander Gofen

      The brass is EXPECTED to be soldiers – the soldiers of the highest caliber at that – yet nowadays they are not. They have turned into the party yes-men. The brass is busy promoting homosexual agenda and destroying moral of the Army. The brass suppresses the Christianity and allows imams in the US Army! Worse: the brass backs and covers for Islamic terrorist like Major Hasan who caused the worst terrorist act inside the Army! The brass has actually turned into dhimmies.

      The brass maintains the impossible rules of engagements in favor of the enemies, unnecessarily killing our soldiers. The brass prosecutes and imprisons the soldiers for doing their job well.

      And the worst of the worst: the brass betrayed their oath to uphold the US Constitution by their supporting and obeying to the illegal Commander-in-Thief – instead of immediately arresting him and restoring the Constitutional order.

  • bgm

    So you guys still maintaining that Obama (and by extension, his supporters) are all traitors who should be shot for treason? He's laying down an awful serious smokescreen over his traitorous activities here.

    • Foolster41

      Of course, nowhere is that said in the article, but insist on being a troll and slandering the writers here.

      • Amused

        I guess you too , suffer from selective dysfunctional reading comprehension. David waits till the end of his article to throw in the diggs , and his sycophants LIKE you join in . Don't blame bgm for having the intelligence to see that . I guess that bit about ? " the left hand [Obama's no doubt ] is simultaneously stoking the fires of islamic aggression …." that went over your head eh foolster41 ?
        "slandering " ….oh get serious , there's been nothing but coming from your mouths , since 2008 . Who are you trying to kid ?

        • Foolster41

          So, saying someone's policy is a disaster is the same as accusing of treason? Hmm. A traitor president? This sounds familiar…. At any rate, this is such a stretch to be incredible.

          Also, you're apparently not paying attention., Did you see the Cairo speech where he demonized the west and America? His constantly telling the people that this war has nothing to do with Islam, never mind the 17,000 attacks from Muslim nations, and hatred, slavery, mysogany and subjugation of non-Muslim religions.

          By the way, I'm not saying I think Obama is a secret muslim (frankly, I think that's a bit crazy), and I'm not saying Obama or the Democrat party are the only one who's wrong (there are plenty of Republicans who seem blind to Islamofascism), but it's pretty naive to not see how Obama's policies (like Bush's before him, frankly) have not helped keep us safe.

    • ziontruth

      Put it this way: Even without its unholy alliance with Islam, Marxism is still a seditious movement, because it has the plan of subverting the nation-state, the best man-made political safeguard of mankind's security and liberty.

    • jaythehistorian

      Give me a break ! LOL . If it was up to Obama , the interrogators who obtained important intel from KSM, would have been imprisoned by the "great patriot" (sarcasm) Hussein Obama. He would have closed Gitmo where much of the important info (besides KSM) needed to kill the worm Bin Laden was obtained. Are you on drugs?

      • Jim_C

        Dear dingdong who calls himself a "historian" but doesn't care about history:

        Obama clearly discovered Gitmo was an important source for intel once he was in office and privy to that intel. Politically, his base clamored for him to close Gitmo: he kept it open despite the cries of "shame" from his own constituency.

        With this intel, ordered the CIA to find bin Ladin. They found him. He ordered OBL killed. OBL is dea. Your president deserves your thanks, jerk.

        • jaythehistorian

          How do you explain Holder's intent to prosecute the interrogators who obtained key information from KSM and other terrorists? Holder intended to jail the CIA interrogators who were the very people who discovered the owner of the house OBL was killed in was a member of Al qaeda. Your hero Obama was more interested in jailing patriots who were attempting to prevent another 9/11 than protecting our country. . He only kept Gitmo open because no location in the US would agree to having terrorists in close proximity. You speak of alienating his base as if they would have voted Republican had Obama not kept Gitmo open. OBL had little fear of the US finding him because he was under the protection of Pakistan. As we speak, Obama is planning to give Pakistan $7.5 BILLION in aid despite the fact OBL's fortress was a stone's throw from a Pakistani army base. If Obama didn't order the death of Bin Laden, and the info was leaked it would have seriously hurt his chances for reelection. Clearly, Obama's actions were hardly the makings of hero.

          • Jim_C

            There are many reasons Pakistan has been receiving money from us for years and years. One is being able to cultivate contacts within the echelons of their ruling class. Another is trying to provide relative stability in a strategic location germane to our national interests. No, it's not the best relationship but it must be working somehwat, because we've gotten a lot of bad guys that way.

            Show me where Obama has prosecuted a patriot for doing his duty. Ascribing to him "secret motivations" to do so do not count in the real world.

        • pagegl

          The CIA and military intelligence had been looking for bin Laden for a few days before Obama came into office. He can't take credit for that order. I'm a bit surprised he didn't blame Bush for having to issue the order to kill bin Laden. The fact that he did does deserve credit.

          • Jim_C

            Fair enough.

            I'm wondering, if this mission somehow failed (which it didn't look in much danger of doing), does it sink Obama's presidency? If so, heck of a gamble.

      • trickyblain

        Uh, all those things ARE up do Obama & his DoJ. He didn't do any of them.

  • crackerjack

    Obama has done his nation a great service. Those who raise suspicion and spread slander against the domocratic leader and commander in chief of the nation harm their country and support the goals of its enemys.

    • Regina

      How do you figure that? His speech was difficult to stomach as his eyes
      followed words he could never back..this man drips insincerity. We aren't at war with
      Islam? Really? CBS news correspondent Laura Logan (covering the jubilation back in Egypt) gets a 40 minute sustained attack -molested and beaten by 200- 300 Muslims in Cairo. Now our President felt the need to get us involved in Libya? So lets see..just who are the bad guys Obama wants us to believe are over their?
      What really struck me was how merciless they were," Logan said,
      "They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence."
      Hmm? They couldn't even remain cool for the press?

      • Amused

        Spoken in the spirit the true hatred you have of the man , you just cant hide it , it drips from your words as it does from the rest of your lot . So , does it bother you to see Obama making that announcement ? Good , may it burn a hole through your gut .

      • Rob Jones

        The same thing happens to women here who get caught up in riots, and you know it.

        You know it is dumb to blame Islam for the actions of Hamas, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups, just as it is dumb to blame Christianity for the actions of the KKK, the Branch Davidians, or Westboro Baptist church.

        Either you are a troll, or you are absolutely intimidated by the shadow puppetry that these evil people orchestrate to inflate others perceptions of them.

        • Regina

          Actually, the problem with Islam is Islam..not race. Chistians don't strap bombs to themselves, blowing everyone in tarnation up- all over the dang world.and neither do they instill in their young such tender hatred towards the infidels but especially Jews!To quote David Horowitz in regard to (The Palenstinian Wall Of Lies)..they announce their intentions from the's not like nobody hasn't noticed them flip out and kill tons of Christians in their own land cause someone happens to say or do something they don't like.. but what's with the KKK? There are cults out there too with a few bizarre traits but you have to check the records and compare (Political Islam, Tears of Jihad) and right here at Frontpage mag is a good place to start.

    • IQalRassooli

      You really are fooled by what has happened so far:
      1 US forces entered & operated within Pakistani sovereign territory with the tacit approval of itsgovernment
      2 They attacked a compound that was puropse built to hide special people years ago under the noses of Pakistan's Secret Service & they did not know about it?
      3 Pakistan realised that Osama was dying and is of no further use to them or al Qaeda
      4 What better method to let him die than as a MARTYR?
      5 At the same time they give Obama (the Muslim) credit for ending Osama when it was Pakistan's SS that had kept him safe all these years
      6 What you read & see are not the facts
      7 What will the USA do with his body? Are they going to show it to us like with Che Guevara or just take their word for it?
      8 If they do have it, are they going to have him buried & make his grave holy ground or just cremate him like he did with 911 victims?
      Lets wait and see
      IQ al Rassooli

      • kelley

        i think this is a cover story to distract the american people from the real issues. A man about to be impeached or forced to resign amid fake birth certificates and bubbling beneath the surface his SS# felonies. Also please note during his birth certificate press conference he never once used the words "original birth certificate" If you listen carefully to what his attorneys at the US Justice Dept wrote for him he says "I have released additional information about my site of biirth." He never said he was releasing an original birth certificate. He knows about the False Claims Act and doesn't want to be sued.

        • Jim_C

          "real issues"…like Obama's birth certificate? LOL

    • jaythehistorian

      Obama wanted to stop the use of interrogation , to close Gitmo, to give Jihadist terriorists Miranda rights, to recognize Hamas (which is currently mourning the death of OBL).Obama stopped the use of rendition, and his Director of Homeland Security wanted to switch to focus from jihadists to our returning patriotic veterans. Anyone who attempts to give any credit to Hussein the Muslim moron Obama, is a fool.

    • Jim_C

      It's AMAZING you'd get a -10+ "dislikes" for your post.

      What a bunch of unprincipled cretins.

  • IQalRassooli

    Although the American people have every right to celebrate the demise of a mass murdering thug like Osama, they should also be aware of the following sobering FACTS:
    1 Osama and all believing followers of Muhammad (Muslims) are only abiding by the instructions and dictates of the most virulently destructive Intellectual and Moral virus known to man called QURAN
    2 This virus literally obliterates the areas of the victim/host's brain dealing with Logic, Mercy & Compassion turning it into a Zombie; the Living Dead!
    3 Osama was only the symptom of this disease
    4 Every believing male Muslim is an Osama and or a potential Qaeda terrorist
    5 Humanity is fighting an ideology that has adherents covering every corner of the Earth where there are no borders.
    6 Democracies are also fighting an ASSYMETRICAL war whereby they follow Rules of Engagement against terrorists with No Hold Barred rules
    7 The next few weeks may unfortunately prove my points
    IQ al Rassooli

    • ziontruth

      People are used to the idea of invasion armies as being comprised of soldiers bearing weapons. Thus they are unequipped to deal with the invasion armies of Islam, which more often than not come in the form of immigrants, immigrants seeking asylum no less, and to whom the opposition is tarred as "racism."

  • patti

    To be sure. We are fortunate to have the Horowitz Freedom Center and other voices of sanity and strength. The world is turning inside out…. have a look:

  • Chezwick_mac

    An unmistakable message has been sent to the world: No matter how long it takes, the long arm of American justice will prevail. Bin Ladin will never, ever orchestrate another murder in this world.

    May the families of the victims of 9-11 draw some solace and peace today.

    • kelley

      how dc you know he's dead, have you seen a pic of him? Or do you believe everything you hear/see on the fake news stations?

      • Chezwick_mac

        I see, it's all a conspiracy?…just like 9-11, the lunar landing, and the heartbreak of psoriasis, right?

      • Jim_C

        I see, you want a death certificate, now, kelley, you total dumb-ss?

  • freeourpows

    Right you are David. And thank you for posting that the obamessiah is supporting terror by supporting the muslim brotherhood. He is a muslim communist usurper and he HAS to go.

    • Jim_C

      If Obama is "supporting terror" by "supporting the Muslim brotherhood," by that reasoning the U.S. government has been supporting terror for the better part of a century,

  • Amused

    Amen .

  • Al M'aarri

    Unfortunately Zaiman Al Zawaqari does not appear to have been killed. He is the real brains behind Al Qaeida. Lets hope he is the next to go to 'Paradise' which, if it exists is ruled by women!! Wouldn't that be one in the eye for muslim mysoginists!

    • Dispozovdaburka

      Don't you know that when Muslim MEN die-
      they reincarnate as…….
      drum roll……..

  • kafir4life

    I'd like to offer my condolences to the co-religionists of the spiritual leader osama bin laden. In case you're wondering, we're passing out sweets today. Please note that your leader was not even given the ritual washing, nor treated as a muslim in death. His body was summarily dumped in the sea. Within days, he'll be shark feces (so no change form his living form). In case you are wondering what happened to him in the afterlife. His hollowed out body is being used as a condom for one of the minor demons that's been assigned to care for Mr. bin laden on the bowels of hell.
    Allahu Snackbar!

  • kelley

    i must be cynical because i find the timing of this too amazing. It comes on the heels of a best selling book about to be released about his birth certificate by Jerome Corsi (#1 best seller on Amazon even though it won't be released till May 17) and right after another fake certificate was released. Then add to all that, his SS# fraud is bubbling beneath the surface. This is a distraction. If they can redirect the American people's attention for about 2 weeks all will be forgotten about his fake birth certificate. Note to the astute: During his press conference he never once says he is releasing his "original birth certificate" his lawyers carefully planned the wording in which he only said "I have released additional information about my birth site." He doesn't want to be sued under the False Claims Act so he never claims that he has released his "original birth certificate."

  • Steve Chavez

    WE DESERVED IT!" This was on a sign at a University of New Mexico Duck Pond protest after 9-11 sponsored by the Albuquerque Peace and Justice, one of the groups that I have detailed as Communist-fronts! I eagerly await the headlines at CPUSA.ORG and their online news page, PWW.ORG!!!

    LISTEN TO ME PLEASE! When Ronald Reagan died, these groups were cheering along with the Communist Party USA! It was Reagan that brought about the downfall of the Soviet Union, a country these groups, and members, loved more than their own! They were the most bitter of all Communists from around the world!

    WHEN THE WALL FELL, and the Iron Curtain fell, we cheered, they cried! WHEN THE TWINS FELL, we cried, they cheered! It is Communist groups like the United for Peace And Justice, ANSWER, World Workers Party, (Google these groups and add "Communist" and you can find their own websites that claim they are led by Communist Parties!) that began the 9-11 Truthers which blamed Bush, CIA, Israel, etc…! (And like Trump is equal to these groups?)

    "JUSTICE NOT REVENGE" was another sign at UNM. I was wondering where their most famous sign was: "No Justice. No Peace!"

    These groups, and their members and haters of the United States, will now come out from under their rock again, shedding their tears for UBL!

    "PUTIN'S REVENGE!" KGB Putin was also bitter at the fall of his country, and the Wall, so now he teams up with any country, or group, that will aid in our defeat in Afghanistan, as revenge for the U.S. aiding in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Iran (Our peace groups "No War On Iran."), the whole Middle East, and the icing on the cake, the destruction of Israel!

    Watch and listen closely to the bitter American's who will make excuses, lay blame on Bush, and virtually side with the terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah.

    OSAMA IS DEAD! Tears or cheers!

  • IQalRassooli

    Many people have been really fooled by what has happened so far. Let me explain:
    1 US forces entered & operated within Pakistani sovereign territory with the tacit approval of its government
    2 They attacked a compound that was purpose built to hide special people years ago under the noses of Pakistan's Secret Service & they did not know about it?
    3 Pakistan realized that Osama was dying and is of no further use to them or al Qaeda
    4 What better method to let him die than as a MARTYR?
    5 At the same time they give Obama (the Muslim) credit for ending Osama when it was Pakistan's SS that had kept him safe all these years
    6 What you read & see are not the facts
    7 What will the USA do with his body? Are they going to show it to us like with Che Guevara or just take their word for it?
    8 If they do have it, are they going to have him buried & make his grave holy ground or just cremate him like he did with 911 victims?
    Lets wait and see
    IQ al Rassooli

  • Dispozovdaburka

    We should have tied a dead pig to his legs as an anchor.

    • alexander

      there was a muslim (cleric (?) to ensure proper prayers……I AM NOT KIDDING!
      And he may tell the muslims the location – for buildind a shire…
      What a circus.

      • Dispozovdaburka

        A muslim cleric to ensure proper prayers, wow…
        what an amazing conciousness of our country to allow such a thing.
        After the prayers,
        then tie a dead pig to his feet as an anchor.
        May he reincarnate as a Saudi Muslim woman.

  • Kim Bruce

    I am just reading "Muslim Brotherhood" for the first time.
    I think, by what I read, our problems lie right here at home. The jihad is within our borders and we must clean up our own backyard.
    It's lovely that Usama is gone, but there are other Islamic organizations worldwide including al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbullah, Lashka e-Taiba, al Shabaab Mujahidine and let's never forget the threat the Muslim Brotherhood poses here and abroad. Then there are the crazed dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to think about. We are surrounded by 1.4 billion Muslims, approximately 10% of which are chomping at the bit to attack us and kill us anywhere at any time. No "Infidel" is safe.

  • tanstaafl

    Now can we stop paying jizya to Pakistan?

  • SoundDoc

    Watch the fearful lefties take a stand against the celebration for fear of a backlash. The Trojan Horse of Islam KNOWS how to dupe the dumb and dumber. As their lone self-appointed prophet proclaimed, ''I have been made victorious by terror'' Osama/Obama is still only a deceiver. But its too little too late while we bend over in cowardly shaking, taking it up the rear. The greatest storm is on the heels of the flood of the Mississippi.. we should have cured the cancer at the outset by annihilation and ethnic cleansing. Impeach Obama before he starts a war to keep his ass in the seat.

    • Jim_C

      What kind of sick b_strds would give thumbs up to this piece of garbage?

  • visitor

    Dear birthers and other wingnuts:

    Are you so consumed with your hatred for the black man our country chose as president that you can't even give him credit when he scores a big win for America?

    Evidently. Have fun on the lunatic fringe.

    Mission accomplished. Thank you, Mr. President.

    • alexander

      thOBL Funeral: instead of spraying him with pig's blood, there was a muslim cleric (?) to ensure proper prayers……I AM NOT KIDDING! Ordered by who????
      Maybe B. Hussein was kept out of the loop about the sting? didn't he say that the sound of muslim call for a prayer is the sweetest sound in the world?
      We love smart men, "visitor", we hate idiots.
      To ensure the revenge, we keep our so. border open.
      What a circus.ere was a muslim (cleric (?) to ensure proper prayers……I AM NOT KIDDING!

    • Fred Dawes

      Are you so consumed with your BS? THE ONLY REASON WHY BALCKS ARE A FREE PEOPLE IS BECUASE White and others died for that freedom one million, 1861 1865

    • jacob

      TO VISITOR :

      Why anything critical of OBAMA is tagged as racist ??

      Are you going to deny his history, his associations, the fact that he is a populist demagogue who sold a lot of minds perverted by years of indoctrination by a
      rotten leftist academia and morons in general, the mermaid song of a "CHANGE"
      that was nothing but a jump off the frying pan and into the fire, a copy of the same
      CHANGE Castro sold the Cuban people 50 plus years ago, Chavez the
      Venezuelans 13 years ago and counting, etc,. ????

      But now of course, his sycophantic abject media and people like you, will
      make believe all those morons with their eye on his reelection, that it was
      OBAMA's infinite wisdom who coordinated the operation…..

  • William_Z

    Not knocking the efforts to get bin Laden, but he stopped mattering years ago. Radical Islam is polluting the whole nations in Africa and endangering people everywhere. The goal to save the civilized Western world must go on.

    • Jim_C

      It's true. But OBL's the pre-eminent symbol of radical Islam, and he did deserve death. "You want to go after the United States? Look what happens to you."

    • trickyblain

      He didn't stop mattering to, at the very least, over 3,000 American families.

      • William_Z

        Yes, bin Laden is dead. The 3000 families still mourn and radical Islam goes on creating more mounrful families, and still bin Laden is dead.

        • trickyblain

          "bin Laden is dead."

          Still makes me smile to read that. :)

  • BS77

    now the terror bug is dead and gone….but will he be turned into a martyr? will there be a wave of revenge attacks? oh, how long before KSM meets the same fate?

  • effie 1

    Osama a martyr! May he have 73 black-eyed 75 year-old virgins to rape. Me thinks they will all resist and throw him out of heaven into hell.

    • Dispozovdaburka

      Don[t worry (Osama)
      preferred young boys
      (younger of 13 of course)
      to virgin women, anyway.
      //see article: ":Dancing men of Afganistan."
      Oh, I forgot,
      he was a Saudi.
      They prefer young boys from Pakistan
      who they steal
      to tend
      and ride for their camel races,
      Ages 5 to 13.
      But the parents are grateful if their sons are returned to them in Pakistan
      and thank the Saudi's for their return. years later.
      The children are stolen from Pakistan
      because they are darker complextioned
      therefore considered "slaves"
      considered "inferior" to their white Saudi race.

  • Jim_C

    Just goes to show: Obama campaigned on shutting down Gitmo, but Gitmo turned out to be a font of intelligence. Thus, the C-in-C's idealism was leavened by reality, and he left it open to the detriment of his standing among his own base.

    Keeping Gitmo open produced results. Nothing will bring back the innocents who died, but the single biggest reason they are dead has, himself, finally found the violent end he deserved.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

    • pagegl

      So, Obama finally figures out that Bush et al were right about Gitmo. And his base has gotten their knickers in a twist because of it. Kinda makes you wonder about Obama's base.

      • Jim_C

        Pagegl, I think some of them can be fairly naive about what happens in wartime, yes. They're not the ones in the hot seat.

        BTW I'm one of the few libs who winds up defending Mr. Bush to others. I think he made a lot of poor calls thanks to poor advice, but I'm convinced his heart was in the right place, and I don't envy him ANY of his decisions. In no way does Obama's "luck" today reflect poorly on Mr. Bush's luck.

  • Mike

    I want to see a body!!!! Show a body now!!!Show a picture at least!!! Wheres the evidence!! IM not taking anyones "word" on this issue. The truth is only present when the proof is provided.

  • Steve Chavez

    Is the Yale Justice for Palestine, the MSA, Muslims in America, CAIR, CRYING OR CHEERING?

    Earlier I wrote: "WE DESERVED IT" which as bad as it gets from our leftist groups.

    Should I mention who friend and mentor said "Chickens coming home to roost?"

  • Ekofo

    over 1 year Ago, I posted that the Muslims world will sacrifice Osama on silver Plat to get Mr Obama re-elected so that their evil plan on Israel and Unied stated be pursued and completed… If americans people are fooslish enough to give Obama 5 more years, than by the end of his mandat, United states will become weak, Israel will have her hands tied n push to commit suicide but Islamic Nation will unite and become stronger with Nuclear weapons…. They will do anything to get him re-elected.. from Congo

    • trickyblain

      Congo? Are you naked from the neck down, holding an AK and wearing a Donald Duck mask?

      • Jim_C


  • timespost

    Just to give you further orientation on the nature of Hamas:
    "Hamas condemns killing of 'holy warrior' bin Laden"

  • Texasron

    Speaking of symbols:
    Muslims get all upset when someone either mutilates a Koran or even if they think someone did. I thought Muslims do not believe in icons (the Taliban destroyed religious statues). They also object to drawings depicting Mohammed.

    By placing so much importance on the Koran, haven't Muslims made the Koran into an icon of sorts? Isn't this hypocrisy?

  • pagegl

    Even in his own words it is clear Obama did not "put together a systematic plan to find OBL".

    "Last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible to lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain and it took many months to run this thread to the ground." – Obama

    He just got lucky that the folks who have been chasing bin Laden for years finally managed to get sufficient info to locate him.

    As I stated above Obama does deserve credit for issuing the order to kill bin Laden.

  • visitor

    It is quite legitemate to criticize a president whose policies you don't like. Indeed, dissent is patriotic.

    However, there is a lunatic fringe that cannot accept that the president was legally elected, or is a US citizen, or is a "real American," or practices the religion he espouses, or was rightfully admitted to Ivy League colleges, etc etc. These people I believe are simply racist and cannot accept a black man as president.

    Do I think all the conservatives who oppose Obama are racist? Of course not. Are the birthers? In my considered opinion, yes. That isn't "playing the race card." It's just a conclusion drawn from facts. And the GOP operative who circulated a graphic showing the president;s face on that of a chimpanzee, using a well-known meme that Africans are monkeys rather than humans, was that not also racist? Conservatives would do well, as Bill Buckley said of anti-semitism, to purge racists from their ranks as it only serves to discredit your cause.

    • ziontruth

      "It is quite legitemate to criticize a president whose policies you don't like. Indeed, dissent is patriotic."

      The Race Card has been pulled by the Left on all critics of Obama's policies from Day One after the election.

      "…there is a lunatic fringe that cannot accept that the president … is a 'real American' ".

      And there is nothing racist about that.

      Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger running for President, and imagine we didn't know he was born in Austria. Now tell me: Would they be racists, those who demanded proof of Schwarzenegger's American birth?

      "Conservatives would do well, as Bill Buckley said of anti-semitism, to purge racists from their ranks as it only serves to discredit your cause."

      The Left would heap abuse on conservatives even if they were squeaky clean.

      The Marxist Left thrives on gaining power through the tactic of "Divide and rule," one of the oldest in the book. They pit sectarian groups one against the other for their purposes, according to the following rules:

      1) If there is no sectarian strife, create it from scratch. (Invent grievances if need be.)
      2) If there is little sectarian strife, blow it out of all proportion.
      3) If there is great sectarian strife, rise to power by claiming to be its one and only cure.

      There is nothing to conservatives to apologize for. Even if there were, apologies would only be seized upon as signs of weakness.

      • visitor

        The Race Card has been pulled by the Left on all critics of Obama's policies from Day One after the election.
        – The majority of people who hold conservative social and economic views are not racists. But there are racists on the right just as there are on the left.

        Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger running for President, … Would they be racists, those who demanded proof of Schwarzenegger's American birth?
        – The difference is that Arnold was born in Austria and Obama in Hawaii.

        "Conservatives would do well, as Bill Buckley said of anti-semitism, to purge racists from their ranks as it only serves to discredit your cause." The Left would heap abuse on conservatives even if they were squeaky clean.
        – The reason to rid your ranks of racists is not that the left will like you but that it's the morally right thing to do.

        The more you associate your cause with kooks and conspiracy theorists, the less support you will gain from the center, which is where elections are decided. So keep harping on the "Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan Mau Mau traitor" meme. Birchers don't get to be presidents.

        • ziontruth

          "The difference is that Arnold was born in Austria and Obama in Hawaii."

          Did you miss out the important part on purpose?! Where your ellipsis of my quote stands, I wrote:

          "and imagine we didn't know he was born in Austria."

          "Imagine" meaning, "I know it isn't true, but for the sake of argument assume it is." Suppose, hypothetically, that people have reason to hold varying opinions as to Schwarzenegger's birthplace. Is it or is it not "racist" to ask for his birth certificate in such a hypothetical situation? If not, then why a different standard for Obama?

          "…the less support you will gain from the center, which is where elections are decided."

          Of course. That's why John McCain (bipartisan hand-outstretcher extraordinaire) is now President of the United States of America.

          What? He isn't? /sarc

    • LindaRivera

      The vile, disgusting person who sent the sick graphic around of the president is ONE person. Why try and blame others for the action of one very, very vile, disgusting person?

      Birthers are racists? Far more important than any birth certificate are the many things that are hidden. College records, etc. What is there to hide? People are worried about what is being hidden. Does that make them racists?

      • visitor

        Nobody ever demanded to see GW's grades. The subtext about the "need" to see Obama's college records is the belief that he couldn't possibly have been admitted to the Ivy League on his own merits…evidently because he's black. Beaten back on the birth certificate non-issue, the birther true believers move right along seamlessly to the next conspiracy theory, his college admission status.

        Obama won because he got votes from both the left and center and also because he was a better campaigner. Palin rallied the rightwing base but alienated moderates who frankly didn't see her as qualified to be one heart attack away from the presidency, as she has amply demonstrated by her subsequent career.

        • mkcusa

          First of all, you, Mr. visitor, are a bigot. You assume that anyone who wants to see Obama's college records is doing so because they doubt he could get in, evidently (to you anyway) because he is black. It couldn't possibly be because of Obama's own words from his book about being "drawn to leftist and radical professors". His writings are what we want to see in order to better understand his true beliefs. You know as well as we do that you can't believe anything any politician says in campaign mode. You have to look at his track record and history. We don't have any interest in his grades or entrance exams. You are also a bigot because you assume conservatives as a group are ignorant or just plain stupid. That we couldn't possibly have any intellectually sound arguments for any of the other questions that we have about the President. That is as bigoted as assuming the same about a group by race, stereotyping. You won't even listen to any arguments. In typical liberal fashion you automatically throw the race bomb. Or is it that you don't have any legitimate answers so the race smoke screen is all you have. One more thing. Voting FOR a person because of their race is just as RACIST as voting against them because of their race. How many people voted for Obama because the thought it would be so 'cool' to have the first black president, without seriously looking at the qualifications of the person. That is racist. Or, were so unsure of their own beliefs that they were afraid to vote against him for fear that, even though they had legitimate questions, deep down inside they may be harboring some latent racist tendencies. The fact is, you don't know another mans heart. When you charge racism for no reason, you are a bigot. On a different note, I don't care where Obama was born. All this hullabaloo about the birth certificate, even the new fake one, is a mute point. It is a fact that his father was not a US citizen. That makes Obama not a 'natural born' citizen and therefore not qualified to be president, according to Obama himself.

    • Ticked Off Too

      Seriously, enough with the race card bs. Legally elected? Who knows? Have you looked into all the voter fraud cases? How about the reported 9.2 million fraudulent votes? Then of course there is the Black Panther Voter intimidation trial that was dropped, even though there clear video footage showing it all. Now THAT is racism pure and simple.

      US citizen? He very well be that, but what I want to know is, is he a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. I won’t even wade into the “real American” nonsense. Just what religion is it that he allegedly practices? I’ve not seen him practice any religion. Also, I have seen no evidence that would indicate the intelligence or the grades to allow acceptance to any Ivy League school, least of all Harvard. I must admit I do have friends who were Mensa Society members who were turned down for medical and law school in order to fulfill their affirmative action demands.

      • Ticked Off Too

        Were you living in a cave during President George W. Bush’s term? Did you see all the graphics and posters, not only all over the internet but marching down the streets of America, depicting President Bush as a monkey and/or a Nazi? Did you happen to see the film made about his assassination or the t-shirts saying “Kill Bush” among other vulgar items? Did you not see the words “Sniper Wanted” across the bottom of the screen when President George W. Bush was the only one splashed across that screen? Will worry about purging “our” ranks of those who may discredit “our” cause just as soon as you communists purge your ranks of the vile, vulgar, vermin in your ranks who only discredit your cause.

        And FYI, not only did President Bush release his grades, but he released his military files, including his dental records to prove he was where he was supposed to be. You people are sick!

        • Ticked Off Too


          Detesting the usurper has more to do with his color on the inside – red for communism – than his skin tone no matter how light that may be. 

          Furthermore, I would crawl over crushed glass on my hands and knees from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean right now to cast my vote for Congressman LTC Allen West for President!!!   Look him up…he is black!  So take your phony racism clap trap and cram it.

  • k00lit

    Obama succeeded on his fight against terrorism though many lives has been sacrifice due to bloodshed that took almost years . Now that Osama Binladen is Cold Dead Meat I hope the terrorism will ends on that. Too many died including innocent children. Lets unite to fight and stop any terrorism acts.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Dear visitor,
    Trust me.
    The skin is just a cover for the soul.

    It's the conciousness of his soul or lack thereof that concerns voters.
    Ego is his greatest downfall.
    Pharoah's ego knows no bounds.
    We all give him credit when and where credit is due.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Click my name to read my piece on the signs that prefigured bin Laden's death under Obama.

  • alexander

    ………….And to ensure easy-in for the terrorists, we keep our southern border open. Thank you, Mr. B. Hussein O.

  • alexander

    OBL Funeral: instead of spraying him with pig's blood, there was a muslim cleric (?) to ensure proper prayers……I AM NOT KIDDING!
    And he may tell the muslims the location – for buildind a shire…
    What a circus.

  • bob maram

    even though i voted against him barack obama is my president and i am proud of his policies and behavior during these moments of victory and glory. however we must continue to fight against radical islamists. bob maram

    • Jim_C

      Even though I voted against Bush I give him credit for doing what he thought was the right thing to do in a tough time, so I appreciate your comment.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

    It is extremely alarming for America and the Free World that Muslim President Obama has appointed Muslim Brotherhood operatives to key positions in the government. The only conclusion one can come to is that the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are shared by the American government. The complete annihilation of civilization and Muslim conquest.

    It is well known that the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is global Islamic conquest, including the conquest of America.

    And subjugation of all nations under extremely cruel Islamic sharia law where women are treated as inferior and defenseless non-Muslims have no human rights.

    From the document of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America:

    The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" and all the word means. The
    Ikhwan [Arabic for brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within, and sabotage its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated, and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

    It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny…"

    In the Judeo-Christian nation that is America, President Obama is unable to hide his rabid hate for G-D, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity:

    Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible

    • Jim_C

      bin Ladin is killed on Obama's orders and you run your president down as a Muslim? Wow, how depraved can you get? You are truly the scum of the earth and unfit to be a citizen of this great country.

    • Amused

      Linda , YOU are a LIAR , Obama NEVER mockerd Christ .What in the hell is the matter with you , are you really as dumb as you sound ? Rabid hate foir God ? SAYS WHO ??> YOU , you deranged lieing twit . No doubt you're Cuban/Roman Catholic , what does the catechism say about SLANDER ? What aboput the Commandment condemning FALSE WITNESS ? You are a hateful little hypocrite , and a Liar to boot .

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes we must understand one fact our enemy is in power here, by the way i really think that bin laden was long dead before this show, but the show is all about BS To keep people from seeing what is really happening.

  • alexander

    OBL Funeral: instead of spraying him with pig's blood, there was a muslim cleric (?) to ensure proper prayers……I AM NOT KIDDING! Ordered by who????
    Maybe B. Hussein was kept out of the loop about the sting? didn't he say that the sound of muslim call for a prayer is the sweetest sound in the world?
    We love smart men, "visitor", we hate idiots.
    To ensure the revenge, we keep our so. border open.
    What a circus.

  • LindaRivera

    Report–Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts
    February 15th, 2011

  • LindaRivera

    To Alexander,

    The U.S. are anxious to inform every Muslim terrorist on earth that if they are killed by American forces, America will NOT wrap their bodies in pig skin. They will be buried with great care taken to honor Islam. America wants to assure every Muslim killer they will be rewarded with their expected 72 virgins in Islamic heaven.

  • Amused

    I like how my post got slotted under a statement I disagree in part with ., so it appears I agree with David . That' s OK boys , my bad , I shoulda known better , my " Amen " was to Chez_Macs post , not the comment it now appears under ., but this one :

    An unmistakable message has been sent to the world: No matter how long it takes, the long arm of American justice will prevail. Bin Ladin will never, ever orchestrate another murder in this world.

    May the families of the victims of 9-11 draw some solace and peace today.

  • Amused

    o , snce most people on this blog will CHOKE on the words , so I'll say'em for ya .

    Thank You CIA , Navy Seals , and Thank You PRESIDENT BObama , Commander-in -Chief.

    Now , let's see all of them thumb downs .

    • Amused

      C'mon , just ONE thumbs down ? where are all you so called patriots ? I gave an UNQUALIFIED THANK YOU TO THE PRESIDENT OF MY COUNTRY !He accomplished what WE ALL have wanted for the past 11 years ! He did atleast ONE thing right …..Ooops , I forgot …he's a muslim who wants to destroy America . Must be another "secrit conspiracy " ……………

    • Ticked Off Too

       Don’t be ridiculous! I have no problem saying Thank You CIA , Navy Seals , and Thank You PRESIDENT George W. Bush and our most awesome US Military!  In fact I’ve been saying/writing it constantly for the past 9 hours.  So there!

  • Fred Dawes

    Sad it wasn't the Army but the Seals GUYS did a great job. And i for one do understand that obama did his job for once, but it was for the show and to get back into power and want obama in power so when he starts his rea; moves i can die happy knowing i was right all along.

  • Ticked Off Too

    "The man made a career out of demonizing the Patriot Act, renditions, waterboarding, Gitmo."

    And President Bush! Now he is trying to take credit for policies and programs set up by President Bush to his advantage.

    You are correct, he is a fraudulent, shameless pig.

  • Lightning Jack

    Congratulations to President Obama who authorized the CIA and navy seal units to take-out Osama bin Laden.

    Of course, should anyone mention that Yemeni security services offered bin Laden to President Clinton on two occasions between 1998 and 2000, which he did absolutely nothing thereby setting in motion bin Ladens attack plans for 9/11?

  • Fred Dawes

    you must show this poor fool Love that way he can toss his racists out the door and come to the full understand of being a real American, love is the way home to total truth and keep him from doing evil and help him out of the prison of his own little brainwashed and scramble brain of mix-up racists BS.

  • Fred Dawes


  • John

    I disagree David to give Mao/Hitler I mean Obama any credit, if it wasn't for the Republicans and their aggressive approach in Pakistan the Obama administration wouldn't have been their…..According to the Democrats at the time we should have just talked about everything WE have done to the Muslims – and we deserved it. Lets not forget.

  • jaythehistorian

    Obama did nothing except give the order. Peter King the chairman of the House Intelligence committee revealed the information which eventually led to finding the house Bin Laden was living in ,guarded by the ISI (Paki intelligence), was obtained by RENDITION and Waterboarding which Osama , correction Obama has stopped. You are a typical left wing traitorous moron like your ideal Obama.

  • jaythehistorian

    When did you have your lobotomy?

  • Anjanjeet Singh

    I have only one thing to say to read the article by Salman Rushdi which says that Pakistan should be labeled a terrorist state. To read more see

  • jacob

    Now the abject sycophantic media will sell us the notion that it was OBAMA's
    infinite talent who brought about bin Laden's demise…

    Conveniently, he wasn't captured alive, as such would have brought on him
    most probably a recognition or Nobel Prize as bestowed on ARA-RAT for
    having helped alleviate somehow the overpopulation problems of the world.

    But what calls my attention and I wonder many more people would question
    as well, is the reason for having observed rigurously the prescriptions of the
    Koran on burials, copied verbatum from the Jewish prescriptions by the only
    Prophet ALLAH ever had., the illiterate Mohammed…

    Could it have been ordered by his White House correligionist..???

    I wonder….

  • trickyblain

    "his campaign was no match for Karl Rove."

    Who falsely accused him of having an illegitimate black baby.

  • noronhavivian

    The person is history ,but we cannot drop our guards,as his followers are all over the world and strangely they allegethey believe in God.Tjhe problem is they are broken up into hundreds of sects,but they are united in one strand i.e of "Infidels",i.e. the others who do not believe in their nonsense.Another word used is Kafir.

    The main culprit in this sorry story is the U.S.Government,that still funds the mother of Terrorism,i.e.Pakistan .The other leaders who worked to create this headache for the world are Saud of Saudi Arabia,Gaddafi of Libya,Musharaf of Pakistan and Mohd Mahatir of Malayasia.Till the world understands that this is not a peaceful lot of people ,we will never have peace.Any country that has more than two of them is headed for trouble.

  • Sexy4648

    The killing of Osama Bin Laden will only make terrorism worst, not stop it.

    And Musarraf, Pakistan President / PM is letting the USA come and kill innocent lives. And USA is only interested in making friends with Pakistan as they have nuclear power and are afraid the one day Pakistan will use that nuclear power on the US.

    And why did Obama go into Lybia? Because Gadaffi wanted to change the currency from US dollar to gold. The US have been supplying weapons for the rebellious people, Gadaffi was trying to protect his people!