Santa Barbara Update

Five hundred students showed up for my event and were a model audience. This was thanks in part to the large campus police presence and to the protest event which drew 250 potential disruptors to a theater nearby. My remarks were pretty much along the lines of the speech I gave at UCLA. As usual the reports of the speech left much to be desired. We will post the best of them from the Santa Barbara News Press, whose current issues are unfortunately unavailable online.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency fell for a classic leftist trick. A few days before my speech a leftist member of American Students for Israel  went to the Hillel rabbi and told him that ASI wanted him to sign a statement drawn up by leftists in the “Respect Coalition” which was formed for the express purpose of trashing my speech in advance. When I met with the rabbi before my speech he told me that was the only reason he signed it. In fact the leadership of American Students for Israel came to my speech and publicly expressed their support. Nonetheless the JTA picked up the fabrication and reported it as truth giving the left a cheap propaganda victory — important to them because they can’t handle the argument and their only weapons are defamation and their control of the campus media which prevents students who did not attend my speech from hearing what I actually had to say.

  • Lisa_H

    Congratulations for elevating the conversation. The fruits of your labour.

  • Fred Dawes

    This is great news, maybe some hope for the future.

  • USMCSniper

    They will get you next time David. The indoctrinates of Herbert Marcuse' s indoctrinates will never be reformed.

  • Quantpro

    Thanks for speaking out against extremism and hate. I hope one day the media will do it's job.

  • crypticguise

    This is great; another step to freedom of speech and freedom of information and freedom from political propaganda on University and College campuses. Thanks again, David Horowitz.

  • Ex Leftist

    Unfortunately the Left has an entrenched position on college campuses and their agitprop agenda is even taught at universities. In this war of ideas, they have a great advantage in the schools – thank goodness David is out there trying to speak some sense.

    • scum

      No one is more a master of agitprop than Horowitz himself. His speeches on college campuses have generally been vacuous, meaningless events that elevate his ego, but are devoid of any scholarly substance whatsoever. But they do inflate his preferred stance as 'victim', disguising the vast corporate financial machine that funds him.

      • welldoneson

        if Horowitz's speeches are "vacuous and meaningless" then why do lefties make such a fuss about him? Surely they would want people to hear his "vacuous and meaningless" words so they'll know how "vacuous and meaningless" he is?
        face it, scum, yer full of it…

      • MixMChess

        This website is a vast corporate financial machine?

      • davarino

        Its amazing how this vast corporate machine has been able to dominate the media and influence the majority of the populace (snicker) with David's "vacuous and meaningless" propaganda.

        you are a funny dude

  • Max

    Hahaha you are too much of a coward to put the joint statement up here and respond specifically to what it says. If anyone wants to read it it's here:…. It's pretty damn clear to everyone in the UCSB community that the UCSB MSA does not "support a movement for a second holocaust of the Jews". That statement of yours was the reason why ASI and Hillel cosigned the joint statement. Not only have Hillel and the UCSB MSA cosponsored events together, last year MSA co-president Abdulla Saleh publicly defended ASI in the Daily Nexus:…. ASI and Hillel did not cosign that statement to trash your speech, they cosigned it as a show of solidarity with the UCSB MSA, which unlike many MSAs around the country is actually an apolitical organization.

    • Chezwick_mac

      I don't need to know a single thing about the UCSB chapter of the MSA to know that the mere thought of it being an "apolitical organization" is tantamount to saying 'Islam is not about religion'. You are a blind fool, sir.

      • scum

        Chezwick Mac speaks, as usual, from a position of what one is tempted to call 'biased ignorance'. Like Horowitz he failed to engage Max on the specific links and issues posted, preferring the usual ad hominem attacks of which Horowitz himself is a master.

        • Chezwick_mac

          Scum speaks – as usual – from a position of what one can readily describe as "willful ignorance". It is Orwellian in its implications…2+2=5 for example….and of course our all-time favorite: "Islam is peace".

          I can write with absolute certainty about only a few things…one of them is that 2+2=4, and another is that IF a university anywhere in America has an MSA chapter, that chapter has a political agenda!

          • Vermont Yid

            WELL SAID!

          • Max

            find me an event they did this year on the UCSB campus that had a political agenda.

          • Chezwick_mac

            The 'Respect Coalition' event was OVERTLY political. What planet do you live on?

          • Max

            That wasn't an event planned by the MSA, it was planned by members of around 15-20 different student organizations including one member of the MSA. Big difference.

        • StephenD

          You and Max should know that with me and many others, you have no credibility. Posting your "joint statement" to somehow prove you're an "apolitical organization" is as useful as a fart in the wind. Tell me where you stand on the FOGEL FAMILY MASSACRE. Speak out on this and the Ideology that would celebrate such an atrocity before you try to tell me how honorable an organization you represent. To me, you represent the vilest side of humanity to offer support for such ideology in any form. Of course, in your book I may be a little "Biased" for taking such a stand.

          • Max

            To me you represent the vilest side of humanity because you slander people in public forums without having any real evidence to back up your claims, just ignorant assumptions that reinforce your perverted view of the world. I'm not involved with MSA in any way, I'm just a UCSB student calling it like I see it. You can open the thread directly below this one to find out why I'm calling the UCSB MSA "apolitical". The Fogel family massacre was awful as are all terrorist attacks and as someone who lived in Israel during the height of the second intifada I don't have any love for people who support terrorism. I'm posting on this forum because I know for a fact that the UCSB MSA does not support terrorism. For you to think you know better than someone who actually goes to UCSB and has done the research is absurd.

  • Max

    No sir, you are a fool because you are making claims about specific people on my campus that you cannot back up with evidence. SJP is the UCSB organization which does all the kinds of events that the truly political MSAs around the country do. MSA hasn't done any political events this year and you can go to their facebook page to prove that to yourself. You might assume that SJP and MSA are joined at the hip but then you would be wrong again. The majority of the people in SJP at UCSB are not Muslim and are not involved with the MSA. The co-president of MSA had no problem disagreeing with SJP in a public forum last year. Try educating yourself before you form opinions or at the very least before you state them publicly.

    • macdaddy31

      Well, that is truly great if the UCSB MSA is as you say it is. But you seem to take too much glee in saying so and this makes me suspect your assertions since MSA organizations on the whole or at least in large part are certainly Islamist apologizing organizations and virulently anti-Israel/Jewish organization.

      • Max

        I know that there are MSAs/MSUs around the country that are virulently anti-Israel and I think that's terrible. The situation at UCSB really is different though and people need to recognize that. I think that even many of the College Republicans here would strongly disagree with Mr. Horowitz's statement about the UCSB MSA supporting a movement for a second holocaust of the Jews. It seems like he realized how out of line that statement was because he didn't repeat it this time around.

      • scum

        Sort of like the 'glee' that Horowitz basks in a pretending to be 'the victim' yet again, huh? Furthermore, if Horowitz is DIRECTLY attacking the UCSB MSA, what would you suppose to the be rational response? Bending over, perhaps??

    • Chezwick_mac

      Folks….read how the USCB MSA and SJP are NOT joined at the hip (cough, cough). Read how the USCB is an "apolitical organization" (virtually ALL of its commentaries are on political matters).

      I rest my case.

      • Chezwick_mac

        I sincerely apologize…I inadvertently posted a link to the San Diego MSA chapter of UC.

        The following is from Santa Barbara's MSA chapter website. Notice the victimization hyperbole…straight out of CAIR's (another MB front) playbook. One wishes the UCSB MSA would comment on the very REAL depredations, persecutions and killings suffered by non-Muslims on an almost daily basis throughout the Muslim realm, rather than accentuate their own non-existent persecution in America.

        From the UCSB website…

        "Our brothers and sisters are harassed daily at airports, in universities, at work, and in their own community centers. People who are trying to take part in American society are being prevented from building community centers and mosques as new roots for themselves and future generations. In parts of America — our own country — some Muslims and Islamic Centers have even been the targets of violent attacks."

        The smallest violin in the world is playing away.

        • Max

          I don't see any evidence of them supporting a second holocaust of the Jews in that quote. Do you? That's the issue here, not anything else.

          • Chezwick_mac

            You're wrong Max. You made an assertion that the Santa Barbara MSA is an "apolitical organization". That's the issue, as far as I'm concerned. Your statement was patently false. This single quote I unearthed from their website is a case-study in political victimology…and is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg.

          • Max

            Nice job taking a quote out of context and missing the point of the whole statement. Again, the entire statement is here if people want to read it: If you call trying to build bridges and cultural understanding by (for example) co-sponsoring movie screenings with Santa Barbara Hillel "political" then I suppose you would be right. I guess Hillel is "political" in that way too. When I say apolitical I mean they don't take organizational stances on controversial issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many MSAs around the country do and it makes a huge difference that the UCSB MSA does not.

          • Chezwick_mac

            Co-sponsoring an event that characterized David Horowitz's presentation at UCSB as "hate speech" is quite obviously political….at least for anyone with an understanding of the meaning of the word.

          • Max

            Horowitz inspired the event but it wasn't about him, it was about making UCSB a better place for everyone. The point was to encourage open dialogue about how to eliminate hate speech from the campus without censoring alternative ideas. One of the panelists clearly said during the event that the College Republicans should be part of that conversation going forward so no, it wasn't about censoring Conservative points of view. The event was inspired by specific statements Horowitz made last time he came here, most notably the one about the UCSB MSA supporting a second holocaust of the Jews. If he has no proof of that being true then it is 100% hate speech.

          • Chezwick_mac

            I don't know what David said on his last visit to UCSB, but did he specifically call out the UCSB chapter, or was his denunciation a generic one about the MSA in general?

          • Max

            This is the quote, "There is a movement for a second Holocaust of the Jews that is being supported on this campus by the Muslim Student Association!”. Its taken from here:…. By "this campus" he meant the UCSB campus so he was clearly referring to the UCSB MSA.

      • Daniel

        Your link is to ucsD's MSA, not ucsB's. Consider your case far from rested

        • Chezwick_mac

          I readily apologized for the mistake in the post below the one you're referring to. Too bad you didn't bother to read it.

  • converterwidget

    keep up the good work. i was worried for a while that CR was going downhill but this week's selection of videos was probably the best one ever. definitely made a stand against all the other instruction sites popping up. keep it going :D

  • Steve

    Great work. Thanks.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Could the JTA show some class and explain their mistake and put the
    onus where it belongs, on a student organization that is a front for
    vile Palestinian propaganda. It is sickening to have these Muslims in
    America for any reason other than receiving sanctuary from Islamist
    evil and conversion from one of the lowest forms of existence. That
    Muslim murder, slavery, mutilation, rape, violent beatings consciously
    intending to destroy the human spirit while turning their little children
    into suicide bombers is a good day for them is a good hint of what
    is under the death robes and screaming beards…..something for any
    sane person to be frightened by but not intimidated if forewarned, thus
    we have the mission, courage and positive effect of David Horowitz, and
    educator who provides essential truth about confronting and combating
    the evil of Jew hate and Anti-Semitism………………………..William

  • GDC49

    Say SCUM… Your name speaks volumes … and your words are tantamount ot that expected from a circus sot.

  • GDC49

    The LEFT is the LEFT… no matter what culture it spawns in or it's from. It is the antithesis of Christian underpinnings, history and scripture I might add.
    It seems those who harbor secularism and humanist values more, are easily molded
    into the ' distorted trappings' of the SOROIST culture, that permeates and infests the mainstream, our universities and their so-called crud-dentialed professors.

  • tanstaafl

    The truth bears repeating.

  • guest

    No one plays the victim better than Horowitz. Gotta give credit where it is due. A true hustler if ever there was one.

  • Harold

    Ecclesiastes 10 vs. 2 says it all!