Suicidal Jews and the Anti-Semites They Ignore (and Sometimes Embrace)

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Meanwhile at Brown, the student Hillel, which has written no such letters protesting Israel Apartheid Week, had this embarrassing mouthful to say:

To the Editor:

The student leadership at Brown-RISD Hillel would like to express its disapproval of an advertisement that ran on page 8 of yesterday’s Herald. The advertisement propagated several Islamophobic, racist and hurtful untruths by linking all modern Arab leadership to Nazi ideology and equating Islam with violence.

Though neither Hillel nor any affiliated students had anything to do with the advertisement, we feel compelled to declare that there should be no place for these spiteful, bigoted words in the Brown — or any — community, even under the guise of political free speech. We stand staunchly beside any members of our community who feel alienated and attacked by the advertisement.

We trust that the Brown University community will be wise enough to view the “Wall of Lies” advertisement as an unfortunate example of hatred and as unrepresentative of Hillel or the Jewish community.

The Brown-RISD Hillel Student Executive Board

The student leadership at Brown-RISD Hillel is upset not with the Muslim Students Association, sponsor of Israel Apartheid Weeks across the country, but with those of us who have had the temerity to attempt to correct the hateful lies spread by enemies of the only Jewish state. According to Brown Hillel, there are “Islamo-phobic, racist and hurtful untruths” in our ad which consist in “linking all modern Arab leadership to Nazi ideology and equating Islam with violence.” Of course there are no such statements in our ad. What the ad says is that “Today Arab leaders call for the destruction of the Jewish state and routinely deny that the Holocaust with which their forebears collaborated actually took place.”

Is this actually the case? Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestine Authority has actually written an entire book of Holocaust denial. Hamas, which is the government of Gaza, promises in its charter that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” Perhaps the Hillel Student Executive Board would like to name a Palestinian leader who does not call for the destruction of the Jewish state. And then they should explain how the truth can be described as “bigoted.” And then they should explain how they expect normal people to regard their embrace of the cause of Palestinians whose leaders without exception call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

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  • CanadConserv

    Seems far too many Jewish youth, like their non Jewish peers, are so indoctrinated with political correctness that they simply cannot bear any direct or implied criticsm of any identifiable ethnic group, like Palestinian or Arab, even if a subset, e.g.., those who who seek another Jewish genocide or the utter destruction of the one and only, tiny, resurrected, Jewish state (where Arabs enjoy more freedom and rights than they have in any other nation).

    Political correctness makes facts and truth irrelevant. It's an intellectual disease, negating reason in lieu of reflexive emotion and automaton reaction. Truth is subsumed to feelings. This well illustrates Mark Steyn's argument that we are in civilizational decline. And it portends tragedy as the far more self-assured Islamic and Chinese cvilizations become more powerful.

    • DaiofScotland

      Thanks to the relentless insidious infestation of the 'political correctness' disease – cerebral virus – the West is steadily going the way of a once powerful Athens and Rome. What is startling about this impending decline is that no one of prominent stature is able or willing to reverse the destructive course. The end result will be a moral and intellectual vacuum that Islam will be all too willing to fill.

      • Charles

        Well Stated

      • Fred Dawes

        Sad to say you are dead on the money, we are living in a replay of 450AD.

    • WildJew

      These are not proud Jews. They are ashamed of who they are – ashamed of their Jewishness, no matter what they try to tell you in their own defense. They are acting out of fear. It is very sad.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    "Coalition" is one of those words in the erstwhile English language that used to mean something. Now it is a buzzword to be used by mindless automatons of the left still meandering their way through Academe.

    "Student leadership" is an oxymoron. The Galooti over here have determined that "Issue Mongerer" is a more descriptive term.

    Should it ever come to pass that academic excellence rears its furtive head in the Hallowed Halls of Academe, it is certain to be chopped off by faculty far and wide – with the full faith and blessing of those awfully jolly Musselmen grunting and plotting here, there, and everywhere. (A pox on them, and may it trickle sand forever in their most private cracks and crannies.)

  • Eraina

    The Jewish students are clearly exhibiting fear of being associated with anyone who challenges the bully called the Moslem Student Union. At some point, they will realize that it doesn't matter what they claim they stand for — what matters is that they are Jews and they are targets whether they like it or not — whether they choose to stand up for Israel or not.

    No one respects a coward and they are indeed cowards. Their fellow students can see that and cowards always get bullied in the end. I won't feel sorry for them when it happens.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    For all David's gallant efforts, the culture in academe remains a monolith of stultifying political-correctness. It's absolutely disheartening.

    • truthin

      It's more politically correct now to 'bash the liberals'. Check out the radio or news, it's all right wing now.

      • kid bertha

        I'm not quite sure what planet you are living on Truthin.

  • Tamara

    Suicidal is an appropriate word, did you know there are many people who fantasize about being tortured before death….strange as it may seem it is true….it is horribly unfortunate, but if if were just one or two we could say these people are crazy, but this is more cultive than that. These folks run in packs. Much like the packs that want to kill them…..

  • Dragonfly

    Dear David, nothing you have written here is surprising me concerning American Jews. Someone (better not to disclose him name), a New Jersey Jew reviewed the book “The Stairway to Heaven” written by Therese Zrihen-Dvir, related to post-Oslo and Arafat period in Israel that culminated in a deluge of suicide bombers and the Pigua in Beit Lid… the 22 soldiers killed and some 66 others wounded – amongst some 1500 Israelis killed,
    Here is how he feels about it:
    Quote :
    The author uses the book to express her feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through her characters but the book is so one sided that it almost borders on Israeli propaganda.
    If this was issued by a non Jew I would understand, but coming from a Jew who knows the exact situation in Israel, who visited it many times… it meant a stub in the heart.

  • jaythehistorian

    These "Jews" are the one of the reason for antisemitism. How could non-Jews have any respect for Jews when some Jews using names of recognized Jewish organizations are such craven cowards. They might as well place ads saying "Jews are cowards. Please piss on us". For example non Jews I met in the US Army had great respect for Israel because they had been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. They had first hand knowledge of the Arabs' primitiveness , cowardliness, and intense hatred of infidels. They admired Israelis who "know how to take care of business". The jackass who responded to the Wall of Lies ad in the Yale Daily News who mentioned he was a veteran of Desert Storm was truly despicable. He believes his veteran status makes him better than Jews and implies Jews who stand up for Israel are not "American" while he defends Fakestinians who spend much of their time injecting their phony complaints about having their "homes" stolen onto American campuses. Even if he is a veteran, I am not impressed he was a veteran of a "war" which lasted 72 hours. The best thing Jews can do on campus is to meet Arab bullying on campus with flying fists. However, many Jews are raised to think of martial arts except for useless Dojo karate as not " Jewish" .

    • truthin

      Wow, you really are a racist: "The Arabs' primitiveness, cowardliness…" Talk about 'intense hatred' WOW

      • mghirsch

        Nothing like an ad hominem attack when you don't have any facts.

        • trickyblain

          can you point out one single fact in the post that thrutin was replying to?

          • jaythehistorian

            If you were suggesting there are no facts to support the adjectives I used to in describing a large percentage of Arabs (I'm sure there are exceptions) see the facts I posted.. I could post 1000 more , but anyone isn't antisemitic or anti Israel knows what I said is supported by facts. Can you state facts which prove my assertions wrong? Is the population of Arab countries considered "advanced"? What discoveries have they made in the past 400 years?

          • trickyblain

            I was just sayin'….there's not a single fact in your post. That your opinons may or may not be based on facts doesn't change this.

      • jaythehistorian

        @Truthin, Arabs aren't a race . What would you call a people whose moral values are more appropriate in the Middle Ages e.g. stoning to death females accused of adultery. What would you call people who stab a sleeping baby and a 3 and 5 yo to death while they are asleep? I call them cowardly. What would you call soldiers who are too cowardly to wear uniforms and locate firing positions in schools and hospitals? Is speaking the truth racist? If it is I plead guilty. Your name calling , while choosing to ignore the behavior of Arabs towards Jews in the ME is clearly bigoted.

    • Raymond in DC

      The only problem with your suggestion is that the Arabs and Muslims often outnumber the Jews on campus. Even where they don't, the Jewish students tend to keep their heads down, almost becoming invisible, while the Arabs and Muslims are defiantly "in your face". Nor are the latter averse to using violence, as happened most recently at a British university where one pro-Israeli student who sought to film an activist who insisted "the only good thing the Jews did was walk into the gas chambers" was beaten to the point of requiring hospitalization. (Among other injuries, he had his face bitten.)

  • bob maram

    regarding the liberal temptationthat auromaticallyenters the jewish soul including my own occasionally perhaps pogo was correct when he said, "" we have met the enemy and it is us"" bobmaram

  • olliez

    I don't think these Jewish students are talking out of Cowardice. I think the Brown Hillel, really believes that there are “Islamo-phobic, racist and hurtful untruths” in Dave Horowitz's refutation of lies. It is a mind-set. __I really am a Islamo-phobe, only the 'phobe' part has a association with a psychiatric disease, which a real understanding of Islam is not. Secondly I am a racist to some extent, in that I believe different racial groups exist, some with substantially higher levels of crime than others. Thirdly, I'm all for being "hurtful" in the cause of showing up liars.

    • jaythehistorian

      I believe you have a point. What might appear as cowardliness, may be some Jewish students acting on a belief they are in a no win situation. Their families must pay a fortune to attend schools like Brown University and they could be suspended by the left wing , politically correct, craven college administrators. So they understandably feel confrontation with Fakestinian storm troopers is a not in their personal interest.
      Other Jews may be exhibiting the Stockholm Syndrome or "Identifying with the aggressor". Perhaps I jumped the gun referring to all of them as cowards. However, there are some who can be called cowardly.

    • truthin

      At least you're honest about your racism.

    • WildJew

      Racism indicates a belief that one's race, nationality, ethnic or religious group (?), etc., is superior to other groups or nationalities; others being inferior to one's own. That you believe different racial groups exist, some with substantially higher levels of crime than others, I do not think in and of itself makes you racist.

      • Fred Dawes

        I know many black and brown and yellow all say one thing My race is Superior to you whites.
        Come on son do you think that some third world country is just like this country?

        Come on boy racists is so up front in the black race and muslims its a joke only one race of people have struggle against race hate. "only one the white race", It is called the civil war 1861-1865.
        Name me one race that was willing to die for all people, the white race is the only fools who have been willing to die by the millions for all race Groups.

        SAD To say whites will disappear from this earth within 100 years.

      • Dan

        Gee. What happened to the term "ethnocentrism"? First learned that term in my early 1970s' college Sociology 201. And ethnocentrism in that course was (properly?) presented with a negative connotation. Also in that course, I learned that Arabs were/are of the Caucasian "race". Now when someone uses the term race or racism, ethnic or other distinctions seem to be rolled in (i.e. if one discriminates against Hispanics, for instance, they are racist; as opposed to being an ethnocentrist on behalf of one's own, not race, but ethnic culture). How the language has been confused/dumbed down.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    The majority of Jews, it seems, have always been divorced from reality. In the 1930s as Hitler grew in power and made it clear to the world what his ambitions were, European Jews wore blinders until it was too late. The only thought of encouragement vis-a-vis these pathetic students is an old European pre-WW II joke: "Mr. Meyer, are you aware that you son is a Communist?" "Yes, I'm aware of it. He is nineteen. If he hadn't become a Communist by nineteen I would have disowned him. If he is still a Communist at twenty six, I'll disown him then." Students are in their learning years. Some of them will learn and others will remain ignorant Democrats for the rest of their lives.

  • truthin

    You folks shoud listen to David's rant at Brooklyn College. Hardly 'Academic Discourse'. Even knowing David's extreme penchant for race-baiting, it suprised even my how he competely dispensed with any attempt at objectivity…

    • WildJew

      I'm approximately 3/4 the way through the video. Let's discuss it. What specifically did you find fault with?

    • WildJew

      I'm approximately 3/4 the way through the video. Let's discuss it. What specifically did you find fault with? Actually the video I watched is entitled "David Horowitz spreading hatred of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims @ Brooklyn College." It was put out by a pro-Palestinian group and thus was cut, spliced, etc. I will try to listen to the entire thing on the following: "David Horowitz on the "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts" But before I do – I am busy running a business so I will have to watch it as I find the time – what specifically bothered you about the presentation?

      • stern

        I'll take a guess, WildJew. What specifically bothers "truthin" is anything said by somebody he/she perceives as right wing. It's typical liberal leftie looniness. Free speech for me, but not for thee. You only have to look at truthin's first post, where s/he complained that everything these days – on radio and TV – is right wing. Huh? NY Times? CNN? NPR? etc. etc.

        • kid bertha

          Exactly Stern! I told Truthin I was not quite sure what planet he was living on in response to his/her first post. Isn't it ironic that liberals whine and complaing about the few conservative media outlets when they have a plethora of far-left media outlets to soak up their brains? it's truly amazing!

          David's arguments are logical and make perfect sense, but this is not something a lefty can comprehend because the lefty thinks with his/her emotions and preconceived notions. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  • Fred Dawes

    People who do not see evil will pay with death, IT'S Not a game.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    Is this not the case of the "enemy within"?
    As usual we are our own worst enemies. So the Jihadists don't have to do much….they just let the Jews do it for them!

  • Hank Rearden

    I don't really agree with David on this. I'm not sure that the idea of an Israel Apartheid Week is all that bad.

    Israel and more broadly Jews in general, ARE "separated" in the Middle East. I mean, how many Jews are there in Gaza? How many Jews live in Jordan, or in Iraq, or in Syria? How many synagogues are there in Mecca? There is a lot of work to be done here on Apartheid, particularly to redress the effects of Arab Muslim imperialism.

    • stern

      But then, Hank, it needs to be renamed – because it's not Israel Apartheid, it's Arab apartheid. There's Arab religious apartheid and there's Arab gender apartheid – but we're not allowed to discuss those things because it's just not PC.

    • MixMChess

      What is interesting is Arab apartheid isn't just practiced against Jews, its also practiced against Christians, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Women, Buddhists… the list goes on (I would have added homosexuals but they are just outright murdered in Arab countries, rather than discriminated against).

    • MarionAbramowitz

      You wouldn't find many Jews in these Middle East countries because they have been driven out by harsh and threatening actions. Jews lived all over the Middle East, yes apartheid does exist but not in Israel, where Arabs also serve in the Israeli govt called the Knesset..

  • Mark

    The guy who posted i'm a desert Storm vet seems a little old to be at Yale,since that was 20yrs ago in 1991.And if he is an older student i would say less politics more studies. It could be his not a Vet and got it mixed up with Operation Iraqi Freedom. I find these liars all the time

  • YaakovPerez

    Horowitz' response is cerebral. Confront PC bigotry with an academic challenge: show me an Arab leader whose behavior does not conform to what I have said. No student will do that. That would introduce cognitive dissonance into his mind and people respond by screening it out. Rather, it has to be something that hits them in the gut. They need to be introduced to the fact that the Islamic crazies mean to exterminate all the Jews, even the “good Jews” who take their side and defend them. They need to be confronted with the statements of Hamas and the PLO and their charters, which call explicitly for the extermination of all the Jews, even you. No need to take my word for it . Look at their own words. Hear their own words. See their actions. Are the Jewish dupes moved to anguish by pictures of Arab civilians killed and injured by Israeli strikes against the terrorists who use civilians as human shields? Let them see the Fogel children and parents, who were deliberately butchered. They were not collateral to a strike against the Israeli military. Let them see the pictures ( and understand: “Jew, they mean you too.”

  • Judahlevi


    In contrast to the Jews in Israel, most Jews in the US, who are insulated from the reality of Arab anti-Semitism, owe their allegiance to liberalism, not Judaism. What you are seeing is a choice between disagreeing with their friends on the left, or abandoning their fellow Jews. They are choosing the latter. Nothing you can say will change this. And yes, they will march down that path until they are doomed. The dance to the Pied Piper of liberalism – first and always.

    • QSuzy

      Yes, that's it in a nutshell.

    • aspacia

      Pied Piper? How about the Bandwagon fallacy?

  • Raymond in DC

    In my college years in the 1970s, I benefited from my time at the Hillel Houses at McGill U (the only place then to get a cheap kosher lunch) and later at the U of Michigan. But today many Hillels have become hangouts for left-wing and liberal Jews that often put out the welcome mat – in the name of the "big tent" – to groups like J Street, Betzelem and Breaking the Silence, none especially pro-Israel. On many campuses the "real" Jews take refuge in Chabad Houses, though that refuge also means they tend to be politically reticent.

  • sydchaden

    Many Jews, particularly liberal Jews in the US, feel compelled to demonstrate their global, "not-Jewish-oriented", view of the world. They do so in the hope that this will erase the historic antipathy of Europeans toward Jews, that came to the America with the European immigrants, and that it will somehow end the historic hatred of Muslims for Jews. However, they are still Jews to Europeans, and infidels to Muslims, and their best hope for the acceptance that they seek is not apology and appeasement, but to stand strong. It is a much simpler matter to anguish over a Holocaust that has already occurred, than it is to take action to prevent one that has not yet occurred. However, the anguish won't prevent the recurrance.

  • USMCSniper

    Here is the psychology behind their thinking. A Jewish joke. There were these two Jewish men standing before a firing squad in Czarist Russia. Their crime? Being Jewish. So the Cossack captain heading the firing squad looks at Abie and Yankele and shouts, “Jews, take off your hats.” Abie takes off his hat. But Yankele says, “No, I won’t take off my hat.” So Abie leans over to Yankele and whispers, “Yankele, please don’t make any trouble.”

    • WildJew

      If this is what David H. is encountering, it is very sad indeed.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Abie and Yankele in my version call the Cossack cousin Joel……….
        not cause trouble, to live is trouble…………make it good……….William

  • crypticguise

    Jewish Student organization like Hillel are indeed proving themselves to be both SUICIDAL and STUPID. Not just ignorant of their own history but STUPID.

  • John

    Here's the problem for me. I spend many hours each week studying Torah with my friends in the synagogue. The majority are older and remember what life has been like for them because they were not only taught by their parents and Rabbis but have lived it. However, the younger generation is not being taught by an older generation but by younger Rabbis and parents that haven't trained them up with their history, or their obligations, on any level. Some of these people themselves don't know history further back than the Foo Fighters. What are they learning at home? I certainly don't see many students in the synagogue. So what the parents are not teaching them may be replaced by whatever agenda so many of the schools are filling their minds with. Self hate and favoring a unproductive Muslim community.

  • CanadConserv

    Tricky, which Israeli Arabs, as opposed to those governed by Hamas in Gaza and the PA in the West Bank, don't have more rights than they'd have in an Arab country?That Hannity and Palin are accepted by some, definitely not a great many, conservatives a serious thinkers doesn't denote anything aside from opinion. Perspectives on them are not coloured by political correctness, which is the point here. There have always been people of greater and lesser intelligence, of course. And thyere have always been people who wisely or unwidely adjudicate who is bright and who is not. Moreover, the appeal of palin adn hannity to many is far less based on perceived special intelligence than it is on perceived common sense and universal values of motherhood, parenthood, family, independence, self-responsibility, fiscally responsible government, and classic American values of small government and rights based on the individual rather than subset collective groups. And Palin, bte, it should be noted, achieved success on her own. Unlike most prominent liberal women, she didn't marry or come from family that was rich or connected.I disagree with you entirely about the constitution. Everything about the founders, the constitution's authors, their writings, their intellectual influences, makes clear that they feared government and above all wanted the individual to be supreme, government minimal.I see no redneck revival in the slightest. Moreover, I entirely disagree with you about cultural degradation being in any way a conservative doing. It was liberal ideas that degraded schools. It was liberal ideas on single parenthood that degraded the family. And so on.CS

    • WildJew

      You wrote: "I disagree with you entirely about the constitution. Everything about the founders, the constitution's authors, their writings, their intellectual influences, makes clear that they feared government and above all wanted the individual to be supreme, government minimal."

      Federalism was about strengthening the role of powerful, central government, wasn't it? Jefferson was anti-Federalist but he was also a slave-owner, as were other Virginians. Was Alexander Hamilton a limited government guy?

      • CanadConserv

        Google founding fathers limited government or federalist papers limited government and reams of stuff will come up, much from entirely credible sources.Some wanted a powerful cnetral government in the sense of ensuring unity. But not in the sense of dominating the lives of citizens.

  • Richard

    You could call it the Stockholm syndrome, but it's really bad when you just roll over and pee in the air of your own free will!

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Keep typing, twickyblain. Your incomprehensible comments solidify your standing as a grand ikon of pestiferous twaddle.

  • Curtis

    Young Jews are pretty damned stupid.

  • Jim

    Talk about Apartheid . The Arabs Muslims should look take a look at Islamic Countries.
    There they stand examples of apartheid. Let them look at them selves before they criticize.

  • Cindy

    I commend these students for taking a stand against hate, bigotry and racism. More than any of you, they love Israel, know her battles are not to be fought on college campuses because they cannot be won there, and strive to see a community free of antisemitism by embracing peace and understanding. It is much easier to hate someone you do not know, than it is to hate someone you do. By reaching out to students on all sides of the fence they have stopped Israel Apartheid Week from going to Florida State University. They have saved thousands of students from having to endure the pain of being called a nazi, a racist or a supporter of genocide. The wall of lies your organization brings does the exact opposite- it polarizes students and forces them to become more radical. You should thank Florida State University and Brown for helping Jewish students not have to endure that kind of hurt, not scold them.

    • aspacia

      And they are aiding and abetting those who call them apes and pigs, and pray for the annihilation. You are a fool. Read what the imams in the U.S. claim regarding our land and Jews.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What can be said of the willfully blind, deaf and dumb, they stick their heads
    up on a cloud and never know the Earth under their feet. I remember being
    confronted on campus many years ago by Iranian students shoving a petition
    in my face and demanding a signature. I had a wonderful and beautiful Belgian
    shepherd named Tiger, he ate their homework and they avoided me. Truly
    I was not what they expected. Airyfairy students and yum yum groupies soon
    learn of the World when they are on their own, or not living in Mom's basement.
    I wish that groups of the IDF would visit our College campuses and relate to
    the students, give them a role model to look up to. As a child I would hear the
    cries of holocaust victims meeting at a friends house whose parents spoke
    Polish, the looks in their eyes are with me today, maybe my Jewish friends
    did not want their children to have that reality in their life's journey. I figure the
    big bad wolf is out there and childhood is good but their is no substitute for
    a proper upbringing and that means healthy doses of reality………..William

  • Fred

    Kick ass Jews. I would rather go down fighting and have respect. FIGHT BACK JEWS. Do not be afraid. Fight them at every turn or comment.

    They fear strength.

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  • Marion Abramowitz

    Hillel as an organization supposedly promoting Jewish ideals and values is lacking the moral integrity required. Hillel has shown their cowardice and I will no longer support them. Facts and actions matter. The Muslim invasion is here. It is an insidious disease flourishing on a youthful society that thinks it is idealistic. Their Idealism comes from their Professors. Ho Hum