The American Left and the Crisis in Egypt

The Mubarak dictatorship is crumbling, the Muslim Brotherhood is warning that regimes will fall all over the Middle East and the radical left in America and internationally is cheering them on.  Of course. The unholy alliance between the radical secular left and the forces of the Islamic jihad was forged a long time ago in the crucial of the Palestinian Islamic jihad against Israel and the West. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood as are the Muslim Students Association, CAIR and every major Muslim organization in America. The MSA and the pro-Palestinian left was part of the coalition of radical organizations that defended the Saddam regime during the lead up to the Iraq war and was on the steering committee of the International Answer demonstrations. Yassir Arafat was one of Saddam’s leading cheerleaders when Iraq tried to swallow Kuwait, triggering the first Gulf War. The roots of the alliance we see shaping up in the Egyptian struggle are deep.

We saw the unholy alliance at work in the Hamas inspired campaign to break the Gaza blockade. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were leaders of the American wing of the Hamas coalition against the blockade and went to Gaza to meet with Hamas shortly before the terrorist Flotilla was intercepted by Israeli forces. The Gaza blockade was jointly instituted by Israel and Egypt – by the Mubarak regime in Egypt. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood’s army. If the Muslim Brotherhood topples the Mubarak regime, Hamas’s war against the Jews will be immeasureably strengthened. The radical left in America and internationally is committed to Hamas and its genocidal campaign against the Jews and its general war against the United States. That is why the fate of Egypt in this crisis resonates for all of us.

And if this story is correct and the snake Mohammed ElBaradei forms a national unity government with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood will be the new government of Egypt.

  • dj6ual

    Now that the protests are hitting there peak I think things are sure to move quickly. Soon this scenario will play out here on the streets of America. There are forces at work trying to usher in the last days, Revelations, the Apocalypse… call it the Illuminati, the New World Order, or whatever you want… it is coming… hell it is already here! Step by step we will all watch as the reality around us unravels, that is unless we are lucky enough to be awake. Those of us who have our eyes open can avoid the initial blows but it will take a strong Army to fight the wars that are ahead. Be prepared, be safe, and awaken those around you, they will be next to you in the battle.

    ~ DJ6ual

    Americans Being Evacuated from Egypt
    Phone Numbers and Web Sites Available Here

    Tear Gas Causes Anti American Sentiment in Egypt
    US Weapons Being Used Against Egyptians

    • Rifleman

      That last is just their propaganda. The alternative to US tear gas is Russian bullets. We won't hear about those causing anti-Russian sentiment.

      • Faith

        Good one, Rifleman. You are so right. I am really sick of these America bashers.

      • RockyRococo

        Russian bullets? Is that what the Egyptians have been buying with their $1.3 billion annually of US military aid?

        • scum

          Who is dj6ual, and why aren't her hysterical (in BOTH senses of the word) being challenged by FPM? Illuminati? Final Days? What are we talking about, the Mayan Prophecy fulfilled? You people are truly hilarious, that's why I love this site. Hurry, RELOAD!! LOL LOL

  • jbtrevor

    I am stunned by the Obama admin response, specifically Sec of State Clinton who has repeated since the uprising began: "we are looking for a non-violent transition in Eqypt"…
    What in the heck does she/Obama think is going on? Have they no eyes?

    • QSuzy

      What are they supposed to say…..we only support democracies for the Western world? I'm sure our military ships, etc are patrolling the Suez Canal and have it under control. I think Mubarek and his military have more control than is being discussed on the news.

      Without a dictator for the ME Islamic nations, the Islamists take control, so it's in our interest to support Mubarek or Suleiman. I'm sure the Obama team is talking with the Bush team and prior presidents on both sides so don't worry.

  • Amused

    Why is everyone surprised ?Egypt has been exactltly the way it is for the past 5 decades ….we've watched as the Soviets funded their wars with Israel , we've watched as they have pined for revenge against Israel for their defeat . Had we NOT gotten the MESSAGE when SADAT was ASSASINATED FOR MAKING PEACE WITH ISRAEL ? So successive administrations have propped up Mubarak . given him military aid , why ? so he would do our bidding , irregardless about millions of Egyptians who disagreed.
    What in the hell do any of you exp[ect any American President to do at this time ? Or Previous Pres . The mold had been set long ago as for the treatment of Egypt , since the Suez Crisis and Nasser ….who are you people trying to fool by bringing up nthe left OR right in this mess ? This is a result of American Policy past and present, nothing less . The chickens are home to roost , and NOW we will deal with the REALITY of Egypt .

    • USMCSniper

      You say " This is a result of American Policy past and present, nothing less . The chickens are home to roost ." Ahhh but not for the reasons you give. It is because Egypt has a peace treaty, security, and trade agreements with Israel. Gamal Nasser, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, told DPA that his group was in talks with Mohammed ElBaradei – the former UN nuclear watchdog chief – to form a national unity government without the National Democratic Party of Mubarak. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group,is in talks with other anti-government figures to form a national unity government without President Hosni Mubarak. IT IS BECAUSE THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA IS SEEN AS WEAK!

    • QSuzy

      Some history so Amused can sober up:

      "Remember the Iranian revolution when all sorts of people poured out into the streets to demand freedom? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now president.

      "Remember the Beirut spring when people poured out into the streets to demand freedom? Hezbollah is now running Lebanon.

      "Remember the democracy among the Palestinians and free elections? Hamas is now running the Gaza Strip.

      "Remember democracy in Algeria? Tens of thousands of people were killed in the ensuing civil war.

      "It doesn't have to be that way but the precedents are pretty daunting."

    • DrBukk

      "Irregardless" is not a word.

      • StephenD

        Thank you. It bothered me as well.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The signs are troubling:.

    Obama won the presidency on November 4, 2008 which fell on the 29th anniversary of the hostage crisis in Iran-the first act of war by militant Islam on the US leading to the 9/11 catastrophe 22 years later. This occured under Jimmy "we have overcome our fear of Communism" Carter-the man who deserted the pro-Western, secularizing Shah in favor of the US hating Islamist Ayatollah Khomenie believing he was a democratic reformer. Ominously the Shah fled to (and died in) Egypt a country now in turmoil like the one he left.


    • scum

      Awesome: More Illuminati garbage. I love it. Mayan Prophecy fulfilled. Every 1000 years a neuron fires in Apollo's brain. LOL LOL

  • ApolloSpeaks

    On April 6, 2009, shortly after Obama delivered his first fawning speech to Islamfrom Ankara, Turkey (his first trip to a Moslem country, which is now an ally of Iran and turning Islamist) a Turkish-born Canadian citizen stole a small single engine plane from a Canadian flight school and flew it across the US border where he was forced to land by two pursuing F-16 jets. Ironically and ominously, and I do not believe this was a mere coincidence, the plane landed in CARTER COUNTY, MISSOURI…………….

    Click my name to continue reading article.

    • scum


  • tanstaafl

    How soon they forget. The left in this country has no recollection of the past. I remember the Iranian students in this country demonstrating against the Shah. They realized that Komeini had double-crossed them and began demonstrating against the mullahs. Then they disappeared. I imagine that they were convinced to return to Iran and then were taken to Erin prison.

    And now history repeats itself. Can the left in this country remember? Islam tolerates NO rivals. Islamic brotherhood exists only between Muslims. The "revolutions" occurring in the muslim world are simply restoration of Sharia and chains of Islam.

    • Steve Chavez

      I lived with an Iranian, in his large home, during the 444 days. His friends would come over every night to watch the news and eat rice. (They literally fought over the crusty bottom of the pan.) I never knew where they stood since they spoke Farsi but the arguments were heated. Then at the University, I saw two protests with one being surrounded by horses and police and the other in the park, who were my friends and roommate who were anti-Khomeni. They told me to leave since the pro-K group had cameras and were filming everything and because of that, they could never return to Iran. They are still here, have families and are in the forefront against the Mullahs. (As a side issue, I arranged and recorded a famous Iranian tune "One Last Kiss Goodbye" for orchestra. Arrangements are being made to have it played by two orchestras.)

    • scum

      Well, your line is completely different from Coulter's or Horowitz's. They believe the so-called 'Left' was in 'cahoots' with Khomeini from the beginning. At least you understand that the Revolution against the torturing dictatorship of the Shah was a democratic one, which was coralled by the hardline Shia. At least you recognize that the Left was correct about the situation in Iran (unlike the Right). And even FPM continues to display ignorance by arguing that the whole conflict in Egypt is about hardline Muslims seeking power. It is that, but it's also a broader movement that is sick of U.S. sponsored dictatorship… Welcome to reality, Neocons…

  • Andres de Alamaya

    And for the first time in their 1400 year history they have a powerful ally, the president of the United States.

    • Guest22

      What would you have the president of America do??? Deploy troops and fight a war??? With who???? You people sit in your homes and write things you know nothing of. Give a suggestion of what he can do at this time

  • Steve Chavez

    What about FIDEL CASTRO, hero of the Left/Hollywood,Black Congressional Caucus, who has been in power for FIFTY YEARS? Then you have the likes of Penn, Glover, Stone, and hundreds more Americans who praise the "democracy" in Venezuela where Hugo Chavez won the Presidency through democratic elections and then immediately began to dismantle those very democratic institutions through violence and intimidation, and through his supporters in control of the branches of government, with the goal of turning into another Fidel Castro! USING THE MANTRA OF "DEMOCRACY" IS A FARCE WHEN THEY WIN THROUGH ELECTIONS AND THEN BAN ELECTIONS AND/OR JAIL OPPONENTS!!!

    • scum

      You mean like HOSNI MUBARAK??? LOL LOL

  • dlleg

    Bad things come from this part of the world. There is no end of it.

  • sydchaden

    The Shah was overthrown in Iran during the Carter presidency, and now, Mubarak is being removed during the Obama presidency. What a coincidence! It isn't that they both don't warrant removal. The list of leaders in the Muslim countries who don't warrant removal is a very short one. Our mainstream media would have you believe that the reason for the uprising is the desire of the Egyptian people for democracy. The imams would have you believe that it is the desire of the Egyptian people for an Islamic state. Since those two desires have largely incompatible results, either one or the other may emerge. With such stalwart backers of democracy as Obama and the EU, those who desire democracy are apt to get the same type of support that they gave to the Iranian protestors. The Egyptian military probably offers the only viable alternative to the Islamists. But, so did Mubarak. Obama says that he is watching the situation carefully, but he apparently hasn't noticed the persecution of the Copts in Egypt. If he has, he certainly hasn't taken any steps to help them. His speech writers undoubtedly have already scripted speeches for any eventuality.

    • scum

      Carter-Iran; Obama-Egypt!! Ooohh, it must be a conspiracy, it must be the stars, it must be the 'malevolent' Soros waving his magic wand. MORE ILLUMINATI, MORE MAYAN PROPHECY FULFILLED!! LOL LOL

    • DrCruel

      Not really. It's just that the Leftists and Muslim fundamentalists view President Obama as weak, and unlikely to react in the face of a crisis. By contrast, the Marxist Assadss in Syria were so terrified of President Bush's move into Iraq that they "suddenly" remembered the Taif Accord and pulled out of Lebanon – at least for a little while.

      I expect the "people for democracy" mask to last just long enough to get Mubarak out and dismantle the governmental apparatus. Once they feel secure enough, we'll see which specific marxists or Muslim fundamentalists are behind all this. I suspect someone from the old ASU, or maybe an Egyptian equivalent to the Iranian MeK, or some equivalently nasty Leftist faction.

  • BLJ

    It would be nice to drop all of these scumbag lefties into a Taliban stronghold. See how long they would last.

    • scum

      Your post is meaningless

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        It seems as if he was referring to you, cement-headed scumbag. And may the door hit you on the way out.

    • tagalog

      Along that line, remember when the pacifists were going to go to Iraq to be "human shields" so that the evil coalition, led by the U.S., would be discouraged from picking on poor little Saddam Hussein, and how they exploited Saddam's intention to use them to "shield" his laboratories and factories? How convenient it must have been to them to use that as the reason not to be targets for cruise missiles!

  • steven L

    The left is as fanatically religious than any other religious organization. Their god is: MAN.
    Their goal is power, the pretext is people well being. But this is a farce for the dummies. They want power for a minority: the ELITE.

    • scum

      Again, your post is meaningless

  • dawning

    Th muzzelem Bro hood would eat socialism for lunch. The fools in socialism do not know what they are dealing with. The "religious " fanaticism of isslime would totally analiate the commies in very short order. So a bunch of the socio/commies could switch and become good muzzies and their womwn could become chattle. It would serve them right but I fear for some of them who are just ignorant followers.

    • Al'Marri

      I agree with you. I refer to Lenin's statement of using 'useful idiots' that is supposed interlectual western dupes who screemed with delight at the bolsheviks taking power in Russia in 1917. The same ideology is being used by islamic fanatics today. Use western leftists, ie useful idiiots, to further their -islamic – cause. When their usefulness is over then chop their heads off!!

    • scum

      ooh, scary

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And the first people butchered en masse by Khomeinis henchmen were those Leftists who helped him to power, under the pretext "If they're powerful enough to get me here, they're also powerful enough to topple me", so 200,000 Leftists were eliminated inside his first year.

  • DrBukk

    When will demographics, especially the role of polygamy, be discussed and condemned by those on the right or the left? Look at the top fastest growing populations and they are all Muslims. You cannot prosper when some men have 50 children and some men (cannon fodder) have nothing but domesticated animals. Look at China and India. By reigning in their population growth, they have found love for their children and prosperity. Admittedly China is authoritarian, but their lives used to be as miserable as Arab's one or two generations ago.

  • Martel64

    Can Obama's favorite traitors,Billy and Bernardine, be far behind in this, and the chaos that is about to come?

    • scum


  • Guest

    So that first sentence: "the Muslim Brotherhood is warning that regimes will fall all over the Middle East and the radical left in America and internationally is cheering them on." One would assume clicking on the link would lead to article supporting the assertion. It does not. Rather it is a column that basically identifies one writer Bruce Riedel as not being as scared as, the linked articles author Ron Radash, of the Muslim Brotherhood. The closing statement to Reidel's article is: "We need not demonize it nor endorse it. In any case, Egyptians now will decide their fate and the role they want the [Muslim Brotherhood] to play in their future." Seems perhaps overly optimistic but harldy cheering anyone. Mr. Reidel is the author of "Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of Global Jihad" and has had a book event put on by the Heritage Foundation for Pete's sake. That's the radical left in America? I am not sure I caught who the the international cheerleaders were suppose to be. Weak opener.

  • Fred Dawes

    Money it makes the world run and with the Left it makes money watch the money, obama and a lot of the boys have big money on the muslim brotherhood.

    • scum

      Yea, Fred, those LEFTIES look to see where they can invest their hardearned cash. They usually find a Muslim corporation and send them all the money they can muster. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Julie

    ElBaradei is an Iranian proxy, exactly what he was when head of the IAEA. Iran's tentacles are all over Tunisia, Egypt..maybe Jordan next. Realpolitik in the Middle East is clear…the choices of gov'ts are secular dictatorships or Jihadist/Islamic states. That's it. Israel is the sole democracy whose existence is further threatened by the eventual unraveling of its only peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Will Israel be able to defend itself on two fronts–Iran and Egypt?? The Bush/Cheney fantasy of Arab/Muslim democracies is laughable…Iraq is still in its infancy, The Arab 'street' doesn't want a Jeffersonian/Washingtonian/Hamiltonian/Madisonian democratic republic…the vast majority of Arab Muslims want to live under Sharia. What the late Samuel Huntington predicted in "The Clash of Civilizations" will become the basis for the next World War. Pray that I am wrong.

  • exchangerates

    That is so 2010. Everybody knows it’s really the result of violent rhetoric from Palin and the TEA Party.

    • scum

      After the posts here, I don't think we need to worry about the LEFT having a lock on the 'paranoid style of politics'. There's so much paranoia here I feel like I have the idiot Glenn Beck screaming at me from my own living room!!

  • WildJew

    I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. After the 9/11 Muslim-terror atrocities in New York and Washington Bush lost my support and confidence in light of all the untruths he told the public about Islam and Israel.. Mr. Horowitz is living in denial if he thinks this is strictly a thing of the left. Pro-Bush, pro-democracy, pro-open elections (in the Muslim world) conservatives and Republicans are solidly behind President B. Hussein on this. Listen to Boehner. Listen to Senator McConnell. They are 100% in support of Obama on this. The right is all the more complicit because they should know better! Did Bush and the Republicans learn anything when the Muslims living in Israel elected Hamas? Did David Horowitz?

    • Viet vet

      You seem very nuanced. Even a little myopic.

  • scum

    Does anyone even realize that HAMAS was given financial support by Israel? Israel was playing it's funny little 'divide and conquer' strategy, thinking that it could contain the monster. They funded Hamas to break the PLO. Well, it sorta worked, but as the saying goes: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!!!

    • MixMChess

      Israel had nothing to do with the creation of Hamas, which grew out of the ideology and practice of the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood movement that arose in Egypt in the 1920s.

      Hamas was legally registered in Israel in 1978 as an Islamic Association engaged primarily in social welfare activities. At the time, Hamas was not engaged in terror so Israel did not view it as a threat. Israel’s assistance to Hamas more "passive than active," in that, "it did not interfere with Hamas activities or prevent funds from flowing into the organization from abroad." Hamas FUNDING came PRIMARILY from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

      Journalist Richard Sale speculated that Israel may have provided some funding to Hamas during its early years. However, his thesis is built on "inside information" from "government sources." But even Sale admits that Israels funds had little or no impact (especially in comparison to funds from Islamic/Arab states), and were most likely used so Israeli security forces could infiltrate the organization.

      • QSuzy

        That's right. According to scum's twisted thinking, the German Jews funded Hitler.

        • Viet Vet

          He's definitely twisted and scum.

  • kafirman

    What is the point of the remark, "Yassir Arafat was one of Saddam’s leading cheerleaders when Iraq tried to swallow Kuwait, triggering the first Gulf War"???

    Yassir Arafat was the PLO head. He fought _AGAINST_ HAMAS, the MB proxy in Israel.

    • MixMChess

      Arafat never really fought against Hamas, they were more akin to political rivals. Mahmoud Zahar, one of the Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, revealed this past September that Yasser Arafat had personally "instructed Hamas to carry out a number of military operations in the heart of the Jewish state after he felt that [the 2000 Camp David] negotiations with the Israeli government had failed.”

      In fact, rather than engage Hamas in "armed conflict," Arafat simply funded the Fatah sub-group al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades to attack Israel and "compete" for the hearts and minds of the Palestinians.

  • kafirman

    Thanks. But what is the point in discussing Yassir Arafat cheering for Sadaam (in an article highlighting the alliance of the left with Islam)?

  • USMCSniper

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has never gotten one single job on her own anywhere in her life. And when she got them she botched every single one of them. But now this inept failure is the Secretary of State and again failing miserably. The mess in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen in the Middle East will soon to become out of control and spread to Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim Arab states. She has never done anything significant in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not chased and married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never be a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidential candidate nomination.

  • Guest

    Please read Psalm 83. Everything is going according to God's plans and prophecy. All the nations are lining up against Israel and as they do, God is starting to pour out His judgment on them. Look at Australia and their flooding after her prime minister told Israel to divulge her nuclear status, Ireland's economic collapse after they told Israel to give the "Palestinians" a state, the South Americans getting hit with earthquakes and flooding after they recognized a "Palestinian" state prematurely and now this conflagration in the mid-East. This is the first time the U.S. has had a president that didn't support Israel.This is the one of the reasons forl our country's broken borders, problems with muslims, national division, etc. If you have never realized that all the problems in the world are because of sin, that you too are a sinner and asked Jesus to save you from hell, please do it now because very soon it will be too late.

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