The Social Scum In Our Streets

  • Anamah

    I find David Horowitz as a real hero. He understands the Left in all of its versions, and has the courage to confront and fight against it, to discover their Agenda, to defend the victim from the attackers, to say the truth and show the reality in his didactic way to anybody…
    He has the honesty to recognize the uniqueness of America and take his time to explain it So, I find David does a great service, his message is really very important, specially here and specially now.

  • nunyainct

    Hilarious. Michael Moore, who is clearly in the 1% is speaking as one of them! How amusing, he's not parting with his millions, and merely dresses like a slob to appear like one of them. One of the protesters spoke of evolution, Really? It doesn't appear to me as though any of them have "evolved." Take over the buildings and do what with them? None of those pathetic excuses of sperm and egg have any skills or will contribute to the social fabric of society. Amazing. The "de-evolution" of society.

    • Herman Caintonette

      He dresses like a slob because he doesn't have to wear a suit. Besides, almost no one at OWS is opposed to capitalism; they just don't like our current form of crapitalism.

  • Herman Caintonette

    David Horowitz calling anyone scum is like Madonna calling anyone a loose woman. He even looks like a stinky, unwashed hippie….

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