The Totalitarians Within

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The second footnote refers to the allegation that I said that “Islam is a sick, sick culture.” The footnote is a link to the audio version of the hour speech I gave at UCLA and which none but the most hardy will actually listen to. That is the good fortune of the Muslim Students Association for the transcript of the audio refutes the claim and it provides a measure of the audacity of the lies which the Muslim Students Association has concocted and believes it can get away with. Moreover, these are the kinds of lies with which it makes its case – swallowed whole by the UCLA student government — for suppressing the right to criticize their politics, their views and actions, or the politics, views and actions of any of the Muslims engaged in a holy war against the rest of us.

I am going to reproduce here the actual transcript of the only passage in my speech which refers to “a sick, sick culture.” As it happens – and it is not really coincidental — that I am referring in this passage to a film that was made by Palestinian Muslims at Brooklyn College who then doctored the film, cutting out the premise of statements like “this is  sick, sick culture” in order to make me look as hateful as possible. This doctored version was then posted on the Internet with the title “Horowitz Spreading Hate At Brooklyn College.”

In other words, the passage of my UCLA speech which contains this reference is an attempt – a futile one where these religious ideologues are concerned –– to correct the false impression made by the doctored version:

What I said [at Brooklyn College] was this — people have been oppressed for thousands of years, horribly oppressed.  Enslaved.  Massacred.  And yet, in thousands of years of recorded history, there has never before, never, been a people that has strapped bombs onto its own children, told them to go ahead and blow up other children.  And if you do, you’re going to go to heaven.  And if you’re lucky enough to be male, you’re going to get 72 virgins.  That is sick.  That’s a sick death cult is what —


Well, every one of you who applauded qualifies to be on the Internet, as I am — Horowitz spreading hatred at Brooklyn College.  Because all they show me saying is, “That’s sick, a sick culture,” which it is.

[Click here to see the actual transcript]

In other words, what I was saying was that suicide bombing was sick and that the culture that supports it is sick. I was talking about the Palestinian culture of death, obviously framed by the Hamas version of Islam. So what my UCLA Muslim critics are actually saying is that Hamas’s death cult version of Islam is Islam. I didn’t say this – the Muslim Students Association, which is a Hamas-supporting offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood did. But if the UCLA student government was an actual government, you can bet an Islamophobia law would put me in jail — or worse — I for saying what I did.

Keep in mind that these are students at one of the top dozen schools in America, and there doesn’t seem to be an adult around to teach them what a democracy is and what a totalitarian concept like “Islamophobia” portends.

Ah, yes, I promised in the title of this piece to talk about extortion. Well, one of the consquences of signing to a crusade against Islamophobia like this is that you have to fork over money to fund the crusade – and better yet – the anti-Israel, anti-American clubs and associations at UCLA who will be carrying on the crusade, and let’s have courses and re-education centers at UCLA to indoctrinate UCLA students in our ideology, our cause and our agenda:

Let it be resolved, that the Undergraduate Students Association Council does not tolerate or accept the behaviors of students, staff, faculty, or administration that infringe upon the safety of another person and/or develop a hostile and unsafe environment.

Let it be resolved, that the Undergraduate Students Association Council supports the efforts of the present work-group between students and respective faculty, in creating a series of general education Introduction to Islam courses, to help foster a better understanding of the religion of Islam and American-Muslim identity.

Let it be further resolved, that the Undergraduate Students Association Council urges the University of California, Los Angeles to financially support and promote all the Ethnic and Religious Studies Interdepartmental Programs, Departments, and Centers at UCLA.

[Editor’s note: The graphic for this article is a cartoon illustrated by Bosch Fawstin. Visit his site at]

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  • Dr. James Williams

    I've been a professor for 35 years and ceased being amazed by the stupidity of university students a long time ago. We can expect little else from young people who have never had to face the realities of life but instead live in a fantasy world. Their stupidity is not ameliorated by their professors but rather increased. A non-academic friend made a convincing argument not long ago that the sad plight of our young people is reason enough to require mandatory military service right out of high school. I am inclined to agree.

    • aspacia

      The liberal bs stems from the k-12 system where it is always the teacher's fault, never the student's fault. For example, recently a black P.E. couch marched a foul mouthed black student to the dean's office. The student not only threatened the coach, but a gym equipment salesperson. When the student again threatened the coach in the dean's office "I'm going to kick you a@@." The coach replied "You're going to try." The coach was written up and zip happened to the student. Both the coach and salesman filed a police report on the student. In another incident, a special ed. student threatened a female teacher. Because the special ed. student's spec. ed. IEP person was out of compliance, nothing happened to the student. Again, another police report was made, and the student was transferred to another class, but remains on campus and is a potential threat to others.

    • jacob

      Dear Professor :

      I agree with you 100% and moreover with ALL of your statements.

      In my opinion , the elimination of compulsory military service and substituting
      it with a mercenary outfit (DIDN'T SOMEBODY SOME TIME AGO SUGGESTED
      UNIONIZING IT ???) was a scourge and a curse on the American people,as
      at least, the Armed Services teaches DISCIPLINE which is practically extinct
      I don't want SHAARIA imposed on me and I believe we should to to Muslims
      what they will sooner than later do to ALL of us, as I firmly believe that, as in

      But if this makes me an ISLAMOPHOBE, then so be it and proud of it !!!

      • tagalog

        Many years ago, while there was still a draft, a former serviceman named Andy Stapp was one of the founding fathers of the American Servicemens' Union. It was active in the anti-Vietnam War movement, and was still going strong at the 1971 and 1973 antiwar demonstrations in Washington, D.C.. So yes, there was at least one effort to unionize the armed forces.

      • sky

        Frustrated Chinese Take Justice Into Own Hands

    • kblink45

      I have taught at all levels of education, from elementary to university, and I believe fervently that two years compulsory military service is an idea whose time has come. Once again, Israel leads the way.

    • Larry

      "reason enough to require mandatory military service right out of high school"

      Exactly what I said a few days ago to a friend.

    • Fred Dawes

      thank you

    • trickyblain

      Sounds good, but who pays? According to most conservatives, the taxpayer is already,, uh, overtaxed. You do know that increasing the size of the military fiftyfold would be somewhat pricey?

      • tagalog

        I am opposed to the draft. I'm fully in favor of an all-volunteer armed forces. But it's also true that two years of conscripted service would keep high school graduates and the unskilled out of the work force for a while and allow it to recruit those with skills while making jobs for the unskilled who are out of the service. That might be sufficient to make a revival of the draft economically workable.

        The draft would also have some tendency to have a maturing effect on those young people who might benefit from such things as basic training and participation in a short-term authoritarian/communitarian power structure. It would have less effect on youthful troublemakers and the chronically immature.

    • fmobler

      Professor James,

      I've been a professor for over 20 years,and ceased being amazed by the stupidity of my colleagues a long time ago.

      The fantasy world you mention is precisely one that your colleagues and mine have built for themselves. The faculty and administrators merely tolerate the paying customer tourism of students in our lovely world of untethered "ideas" (usually less coherent than the word "idea" conveys).

      While I don't really disagree that compulsory military service would be one corrective, I think in the long haul it merely kicks the problem down the road. Our culture needs a robust, serious academy. Fixing the young folks by training them to do push ups, to get up at dawn and to follow orders will not solve the other serious problem your comment suggests. Namely, we do not have a serious intellectual culture that understands itself to be one part of the defense of the wider Western culture that so generously supports it.

      Currently, the most vocal members of the academy seem to understand themselves only to be ironic accusers (satans — if these people know any literature, they'd admit to the metaphor). Sooner or later, everyone else will catch on that the West doesn't need an entire institutional system devoted to nagging. What it does need is an institutional system devoted to understanding who we really are and how best we can defend our ideas. Self understanding has plenty of room for criticism and accusation, but just as self-loathing is sinful for an individual, it is equally destructive for a culture.

    • Robert

      I agree with you Dr. Wiliams, all but for the military service. I'm not sure that it is any more a proving ground for young men than a spell at a leftist college. General John Casy said after Hasan's mass murder that it would be even worse (then his slaughter) were we to lose sight of the mandate of diversity. The military also meekly accepted the forced integration of homosexuals of very varieties without barely a frown. They are fully prepared for "experts" to indoctrinate them in to the need to defer to homosexuals.

      The military is not what it use to be nor will if ever be again.


  • MartianTiger

    The narrowing of the educational syllabus and the fascistic utilitarianism inculcated in campuses in the Western world post-WW2 prevents students from on the one hand understanding and honouring the supremacy of Western civilisation and its traditions and on the other hand from learning empathy and critical thinking – two uniquely Western abilities stretching back to prehistoric Europe and evidenced by the greatness of Ancient Greece, Rome and indo-european ie pre-islamic Egypt.

  • gsw

    Redefining 'stating the truth' as a 'mental disorder' can surely only work among those ignorant of the English language.
    Has the English education system really fallen so far?

    • aspacia

      Yes, read some deconstruction theory for a mind blowing experience.

    • tagalog

      When I was an English lit. major (with history and philosophy minors) back in the 1960s, we were required to study math and science (college level algebra and trigonometry, today calculus would be better, and biology, chemistry, and physics). I guess they've gotten rid of the first two years as a requirements track leading to the declaration of a major in the junior year and the spending of the last two years getting the necessary electives to fill out one's chosen course of study. Now it seems to be a four-year circus of electives. I suppose that's why we have courses on comic books and movies and ethnic studies of various kinds.

  • kafir4life

    A serious question about islam and muslims. Isn't islam the gutter cult that was invented by a terroristic pedophile named mad momo the dog-faced false prophet, and muslims the sub-humans that follow this mad momo and his made up cult, and invented false god allah? Anybody here know?

  • OLJingoist

    Sooner or later the west has got to wake up.

    • jacob

      The west's awakening is marked by the election of "socialist" OBAMA and his "CHANGE" TROJAN HORSE ….

      The saddest part of this story is that by the time it actually wakes up, it will be
      too damned late

  • Steve Chavez

    The only way to defeat them is play their same game!

    Try getting a 10-0 vote on “UCLA is a UC Campus Against Anti-Semetism.” No speakers or outsiders encouraging groups like BDS, Boycott Divestment Sanctions, which seeks to end the $30 Billion to Israel. No Hamas or Hezbollah supporters since they use tactics like suicide bombers! No protests like the one where a college group put up signs at dorms giving a "Three Day Warning" of their dorms being demolished like the homes that Israel bulldozes which they have proof of that home being used as a terror base or weapons factory. (I wrote here that "at least Israel gives "a three day warning. Suicide bombers give none!" I then wanted for a group to put up signs at those same dorms, "Beware of Suicide Bomber at any time!"

    Every university is full of Israel and Jew haters but if a student group tried to ban them, the "free speech" advocates, like the ACLU, would be out in force! This is the only way to make them realize what they are doing and in this case, who the real problem is!

    To make the case, go to a student meeting and request before you start your issue, that all women must leave!

  • Lee

    Facts are sufficient to demonstrate the problem

    "All Muslims are not terrorists but virtually all the terrorism in the world today involves Muslims" The common denominator is Islam.

    You draw your own conclusions, but it isn't Islamophobia.

    • Rob Jones

      Lee, remember the criminals who wore white hoods and called themselves christians? They were no more christian than Osama was muslim. The common denominator is not religion. It's organized militancy.

      Or are you going to blame Christianity for the KKK?

      These are dumb ideas, as dumb as Horowitz' idea that any of the so-called "martyrs" are voluntary to begin with. Quit buying the enemy's propaganda.

      • kafir4life

        Rob, Osama was muslim. He said he was muslim, and muslims claimed and believed he was a pious muslim. He was given a muslim burial by a terrorist supporter (who does claim to be Christian, but has no attributes of one) who honors dead muslim heros, and is honored and wept for by most in the muslim world. You'd have to show me scripture to support your claim about the KKK. If you'd like, I can show you or direct you to sections of the koran and hadith that show that Osama was just following islam as spelled out by its inventor, mohamat.

      • Kevin Stroup

        No Rob, it is you who is in denial. The Bible does not condone murder of non-Christians. The Koran DOES condone the killing of non-Muslims. The KKK may have been peopled by Christians, but they could not draw on the Bible to support the actions they were taking. The Muslims can draw on the Koran to support: killing infidels, killing homosexuals, destroying the property of infidels, taking the land of infidels, treating women as property, lying about anything to infidels, etc. Get a clue.

  • USMCSniper

    Hmm, let’s see. Just in the month of March, 2011, Islamic attacks accounted for 766 dead in 15 countries, including India, Nigeria, Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, Somalia, Indonesia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria and Germany (not even bothering to mention Islamic crimes committed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Iran). Add to this the beheadings of innocent U.N. workers in Afghanistan because someone burned a Koran in the U.S, murders of targeted secular innocent teachers in Thailand (over 134 killed since 2004), the murders of school teachers and burning of secular schools in Thailand resulting in the closure of 365 secular schools, (a regular event), and we unarguably see the intent and behavior of our Islamic brothers. An illuminating example of Islamic ethics and humanitarianism is provided by the beating death of a Buddhist female Thai teacher (Juling Pongkanmul), by Muslim women. This innocent, precious soul was a children’s art teacher. As usual, when Islamic criminals are brought to task for committing horrific crimes they cry discrimination or apologists rise to “explain” the reason for their vicious crimes.

    • Rob Jones

      Is it Christianity's fault what the KKK did?

      Is it Capitalism's fault what Bernie Madoff did?

      Maybe the next time you're a victim a theft, you can blame Socialism, since people are all ideologues who's meanness can be explained away as a mistaken value system.

    • tagalog

      On long-range shooting, my gun dealer, a former Special Forces trooper, told me when I told him that I'd like to get proficient at shooting a Remington 700 .270 at 300 yards that I'd be aiming the rifle at a ridiculous angle, pointing upwards. I am skeptical of that; is it true? I remember in the Army, holding the M-14 upwards at 200 yards in order to hit a target, but that was with iron sights. So what do you think?

  • USMCSniper

    Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war. The Carthage Strategy must be employed or just get out. It is an either – or as containment will never work. Muslims are like Orks of Middle Earth and require an annihilation for them to stop jihadism.

    • generalissimo


  • Damien

    The line between religion and state is not invisible in Islamic countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is non existent.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obviously dishonest the Muslim Students Union and it's members should
    be thrown off campus and expelled. It may be that honesty is no longer
    demanded of students and in that case it is a useless effort trying to
    work at the end of the problem but go to the leftist causation and it"s
    subversion of standards and operational ethics, no less absenting
    morality and civic responsibility. A major shakedown is in order for
    America to right the wrongs of today and top of the list is the elimination
    of leftists, Islamists and their supporters, exile, deportation and revision
    of the Constitution to force out of America all that undermine by acts
    of lawlesness which violate The Constitution. It would be a good start,
    but as long as we entertain Islam we are not doing anything to save our
    future from bloody conflict at home. I have no use for these people and
    nor does anyone I know, if the government does not act we must change
    the government and control it to do our will………………………….William

  • debeddebed

    The extreme Islam world declared war against America and capitalism.
    This was publicly announced on August 23, 1996 by Osama bin Laden, before the 9/11 attack.
    We must acknowledge that state of war exists. Look at history and see it as it is.
    This is their continued push to achieve world dominance and eliminate anyone who does not worship and live as they dictate.
    The Muslim world is governed by a political ideology whose goal is to control the entire world.
    The Muslim leadership has publicly & repeatedly stated this as their goal.
    It is taught, that it is their duty, (per the Koran), of all Muslims to convert all peoples to live and worship as Muslims.
    The Koran teaches that all non believers must be converted or killed. NO tolerance is allowed!
    Read the Koran to learn about the Muslim Sharia laws.

  • sedoanman

    I would throw in a one-year tour of duty overseas. They would learn that the rest of the world is not like the U.S.

  • Jim

    opinion pollsters are needed to find out what most students think. these student governments seem to be" pass down organizations" from old to newer radicals..
    Most students seem to ignore them.

    On the other hand maybe the students prefer the datk ages.

  • Shari

    If David Horowitz is so concerned about the motives and deeds of the MSU, then why did he issue a press release condemning a petition by a local ACT! For America chapter to have the MSA removed from UCLA for their seditious actions? We had over 1000 signatures, but his denounciation of our effort hurt our movement. Does he really believe that the MSA, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and engaged in a stealth Jihad against America has the right to use our laws against us? Horowitz should be held accountable if seeks to have any credibility on this issue.

  • Mike M

    Dropping some knowledge on the unbeliever.…

  • Don in B.C.

    a phobia is an irrational fear. Islamophobia, therefore, is an irrational fear of Islam. However, I do NOT have an irrational fear. Mine is well founded. For that reason alone, I reject the term "Islamophobia".

  • Greg S

    Our Universities have been hijacked by leftist extremist, a process that commenced in th1970's when the left realised their extremist ideaology would never be democratically accepted. As such they decided that the only way to impose their beliefs was to undermine institutions and beliefs they saw as a hindrance to their ideaological cause, and to take up roles in our society such as our Educational institutions where they could both promote their leftist beliefs in a vulnerable pool of young minds and to attack those that threaten their goals.

    • CJLaw

      You are correct about the education system but the plan started five decades before with the rise of the so called progressive movement, a code brand word for far left dogma.

  • cpmondello

    Glenn Becks book is being advertised on this webpage, that in of itself would make anyone question anything read here.

    As for the author of the article Mr. Horowitz, words cannot express my disgust in people like himself. (1)

    As I pass over the article and comments, all I notice is the usual demonizing of the "left" when it is actually "left" ideology that makes the world a better place and never the ideology of the "right", which is only interested in one thing; unregulated capitalism, aka "profits before people".

    As any fool can see, this supposed "left" ideology that so many on the "right" complain about, has only lost power over the last three or four decades. Though "left" ideology gave Americans the rights to get bathroom breaks at work, 8 hour work day, 5 day work week, sick time, retirement benefits, etc. We must also not forget it is the "left" ideology that has fostered everything from ending tossing Christians to lions for entertainment by the Romans, the very idea of a US Constitution with the words "We The People", woman being able to leave the house and get an education, to vote, to wear pants, to the ending of Puritans tossing anyone out of their town they didn't approve of, making those of different religions fund their churches, hanging Quakers, "witch" trials etc.

    If someone wants to complain about the "left" ideology, they should be blaming the freedoms that it has spun out of its ideology like Sarah Palin, who would never have been able to even open her mouth and give an opinion and would most likely be stoned to death for having had fornicated with the devil, which was the way of thinking before "left" ideology changed this, that any child born not "normal" was the woman's fault because she is procreating with Satan.

    I'm all for going back to the time when Christians were being tossed into lion pits for the towns to have some entertainment, but we can not cherry pick the facts of history. So, I along with everyone else should be giving credit where credit is due. As of this time, I have been unable to find any example of a "right" ideology made a difference for the better for America or mankind in general for that matter. I have asked in conversations online and in real life, and I read all the time, from "both" sides. So far, no one has been able to give me just one example. All I usually get is insulted. So, anyone want to clue me in on the supposed greatness of "right" (conservative) ideology?

    End note:

    1. "Horowitz has openly admitted he committed treason against the United States. He confessed in an article written by him and published in his own online zine, FrontPage, on October 3, 2000. In the article, titled "The Wen Ho Lee Cover-Up", Horowitz claimed that Wen Ho Lee was guilty of espionage, but the government decined to press charges because of the damage it would do to the inteligence services and William Clinton's presidential legacy. As anecdotal evidence to back-up this claim, he describes his own premeditated actions that violated the U.S. Espionage code in 1972, for which was never prosecuted." (Source:

    • paddydonovan

      You guys did a great job in the Soviet Union and in Nazi ( yes, that was Socialism ) Germany? How many died there? How about Pol Pot and Mao? Super! You've made the world a better place!

      If you think that conservatives are upset that an 8 hour work day was put into place and that retirement packages were institututed to help recruit talent then there is absolutely no starting point with you. I think that most people here have read BOTH conservative and liberal books on multiple subjects. Try it

      • tagalog

        How many died? Soviets: about 40,000,000. Under Mao: no one knows exactly but the latest number for just the Great Leap Forward (1958-1962) is 45,000,000 (see "Mao's Great Famine"). Cambodia: 1.5 million to 2,000,000 out of a population of 4-5 million. Not including the dead killed in World War II from enemy action, the Nazis murdered no less than about 12,000,000 to 13,000,000 (see the new book, "Bloodlands" for the count in Eastern Europe and Byelorussia alone). Include the dead from war and add another 40,000,000. No one knows how many the Japanese imperialists killed, but by May of 1945, it was estimated that about 100,000 were dying every month in the countries that Japan occupied; that's half a million by the time they surrendered, just in those five months. They captured at least 150,000 Allied soldiers in the early days of World War II, with about 100,000 surviving, nearly all of whom suffered from beriberi, dysentery, typhoid, dengue, boils, malaria, or some other nasty tropical disease left untreated. In "Prisoners of the Japanese," writer Gavin Daws said that if the war had lasted another year, all of the Allied POWs would have been dead.

        • Wesley69

          cpmondello, you are nothing more than a Left-wing Fascist. You bitch and complain about the US system, but what do you offer in return??? A state regulated by LIBERAL ELITES, that tell the rest of us about how we WILL live our lives. As pointed out by tagalog, dictatorships, even with so-called lofty goals, have resorted to mass murder to eliminate the opposition. Do you think the Lefties, if they seize the power, would allow such people as Hannity, Beck to exist??? They are currently trying to extend their power by executive orders from the appointed departments, agencies and bureaus they control. They are endrunning Congress. This would be obviously okay by you. Then again, anything done to pursue a lofty goal would be fine by you.

          All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
          Thomas Jefferson

    • StephenD

      Your attempts of maligning the "Right" and David Horowitz is comical at best and boring at least. Do you really think you are convincing anyone? You're all over the place with Romans and Quakers…. You'd be better off to go snap off in a corner and just be quiet afterward.

    • DavidSwindle

      "So, anyone want to clue me in on the supposed greatness of "right" (conservative) ideology?"

      You could read one book by David Horowitz, Thomas Sowell, Friedrich Hayek, etc. etc. if you actually wanted to get clued in. But since you don't want to you won't.

    • tagalog

      Not that it will change your mind, but "right" ideas of free markets, the profit motive, competition, the factory system, limited government, and individualism made the West rich. "Right" ideas of individual liberty and the Rights of Man, as espoused by the Classical philosophers and their descendants, the Philosophes, made much of the world free. Ask yourself why the American Revolution was such a success and why the French Revolution resulted in the upsurge of tyranny and imperialism. A focus on liberty and not equality is the answer. The "right" idea of developing a love for our ability to wage war made the West powerful. The "right" desire that all people be equal before the law (instead of putting the intellectuals and aristos to cleaning the streets) resulted in the most imitated form of justice in the world, the Anglo-Saxon system of law.

      By the way, on that "factory system" thing, we now know that the richer a nation is, the more attention it pays to reducing environmental pollution.

      Are those enough, or do you want more?

  • xirex7

    The young will inherit the Earth and those "idiots" will outlive you. You're a dying generation; end of story.

    • Paddyjdonovan

      There is a reason why young people do not rule anything. It's no accident that in EVERY culture, experience, wisdom and temperence of emotions leads to better decision making with more thorough information. Your idiot generation will get older and if you think this was now then you are going to remain stupid all your lives, bet on it

    • tagalog

      The interesting thing about the young inheriting the Earth is that the young eventually get old. When it's your turn, hope that the younger generation won't give you as much crap as your generation gives the one that has come before it.

      Once upon a time, older folks used to teach youngsters to respect their elders. We boomers put a stop to that. I can't speak for all of us, but I'm sorry we did that, among all the other things we did to hurt this country.

      But all that said, I doubt that youth has much to do with things improving from generation to generation. The history of the 20th Century should have told you that.

  • Merivel

    UCLA campus against "Islamophobia," eh? Would we be allowed to be "phobic" about this Egyptian cleric speaking about virtues of jihad and selling humans like groceries? I guess in the inverted world of UCLA we wouldn't be.

  • garyfouse

    I was present at UCLA and heard the Horowitz comment. Celebrating suicide bombings is, indeed, SICK. Some people simply don't want to hear the truth. So the UCLA students (those that make statements and proclamations) all make their predictable statements of support for the MSA.

    What Horowitz said at UCLA is the truth and I hope he will come back to UC-Irvine soon and educate the young people here.

    Gary Fouse
    adj teacher

  • Mark Anderson

    One word to for the proponents of mandatory service for young people, enlist.