The Vice Chancellor of the University of Michigan Dearborn Campus and the Arab Press Respond to the Wall of Lies Ad

This article appeared in the Arab American News about our Wall of Lies ad. I note that neither the Vice Chancellor, nor the author of the article, nor anyone quoted in the article offers a single statement from the ad or by me to justify their slanders of me or to explain their reaction to the statements in the ad.

Editor’s note: Along with the Wall of Lies ad, the Freedom Center has also created the video “Palestinian Wall of Lies” to counter the genocidal propaganda campaign launched by the Hamas-related Muslim Students Association as “Israel Apartheid Week.” Watch the video below:

  • Amused

    Again in response to the Truth and History , the arab view , is one of eternal victimhood . The reaction will only be More Lies.

    • cgerber

      I agree, here is the part I like. Lets see Jews have been in the Middle East since about 1000 BC in Egypt. Christian and Jew have been the religion of that area since Constantine the Roman emperor declared it the religion of the empire. The Christian were in Cairo, Alexandria, Jerusalem….ect…ect. So there was no such thing as Muslim (Muhammad) till the 6th – 7th Century (Allah). So what Muslim lands did the Jew steal? I don’t’ get it. They say they are against infidels and all they stand for it’s anti Muslim (You wear a watch, made by infidels, drive cars invented by infidels, Shoot guns, grandes, rocket, fly Airplanes, use Cell Phone, Satellites dishes. Ect.. ect…) who is the hypocrite? Beside the Continent of Africa I cant’ think of a culture that is so illiterate and brainwashed. The Crusade was a response to Muslim attacking Christians not an attempt to steal Muslim lands. The Christian and Jew were there before the Muslims…

  • theleastthreat

    It's been said that the world would not recognize the next Fascist movement when it appeared. Whoever said that was a prophet.

  • Amused

    Indeed , in fact those looking for a "facist movement " wont recognize what's coming . It will make facists look like boyscouts . Listen and UNDERSTAND what the prophets have said .

  • Watchman

    This goes beyond freedom of speech, this is treasonous. They all should be arrested and the muslims deported. ALL muslims deported.

  • Watchman

    This is equivalent to aiding and abetting the enemy and THAT'S why they should all be arrested for treason.

  • aspacia

    The Left does not refute claims, they attack a person's character. This is sad.

  • publius

    Michigan-Dearborn Vice Chancellor Stanley E. Henderson also wrote a response column to the ad.

    "Intolerance is a cancer; it sucks the vitality, the glow, even the life out of good people as surely as a tumor," he said in the opening paragraph before later calling the ad intolerant.

    "A one-sided view such as the "Wall of Lies" ad does not present a path for peace in the Middle East and it does not represent the core values of our campus," he added.

    — A one sided view – maybe its the correct side? And who says there is a path for peace in the mideast anyway? You have to be delusional to believe that one.

    • sflbib

      Was he referring to Muslims?

  • JosephWiess

    Our country has lost the ability to be courteous and civil, and I blame the liberals for this. In the last sixty years, they have indoctrinated our children to get what they want by throwing temper tantrums.
    If that doesn't work, they destroy what they don't want, and attack people that stand in their way.
    The liberals belong in prison, where they can get whatever they want for free. The Muslims that stand against us need to be deported to the middle east and we need to stop providing visa's for people who won't leave without causing trouble.

    • trickyblain

      " I blame the liberals for this"

      Of course you do. Yuo should just do us a favor and tell us what you DO NOT blame liberals for. You know, make it simple?

      • sflbib

        You'll never get blamed for lowering taxes.

  • jacob

    Here is another "USEFUL IDIOT" talking about "INTOLERANCE" and forgetting
    there is nothing more intolerant than ISLAM and its followers in general, of
    which those Muslim students at all superior educaton institutions are a sample
    of what is to expect, should it ever, GOD forbid and our stupidity allows it, for
    them to ever get the upper hand…

    Have you people learned about the intervention of the Justice Dept of the genius
    with the brainstorm of judging the GITMO terrorists in civil courts, in the dispute
    on the MURFREESBORO mosque construction issue ????

    Well, the people there OPPOSE the building of the mosque and the matter went
    to court on the issue of whether ISLAM is a RELIGION…but I wonder how come
    the lawyer for the opposition did not bring about the preachings of the Koran
    about JEWS and "INFIDELS" in general but just the issue of SHARIA….but seems
    the judge limps of thre same foot as his New Jersey colleague who exonerated
    that Muslim husband from raping his wife, as he acted according to SHARIA law …

    Just watch the kind of hands our destiny lies….

    • Alfonx Shmedlap

      M., 03/28/11 common era

      Radical Islam is playing Americans for suckers. Whenever a local Moslem community wants to build a Mosque, extensive research must first be done by its opponents in order to determine the direct– or more likely indirect– source of the funds to be used in that construction. I strongly suspect that Saudi Arabia is the Sugar Daddy of jihadiis worldwide.

  • DeShawn
    • seels4truth

      deshawn is a Jew hating antisemitic piece of white trash.

      • John

        From studying made up names, Deshawn is not a "white" trash name. Sorry.

      • ziontruth

        No, he's a black supremacist–the African-American equivalent of a KKK member. He's of the same stripe as Jeremiah Wright, the "reverend" from whose fountain Obama drank for two decades.

        He said he's black on a previous thread, so that makes him a black counterpart to the Aryan Nations crowd.

  • John

    Once again. Israel builds, Muslims destroy. Let's face it. The Muslims have better PR and because of it always manage to look like the victims. I spoke with a couple last night that do not believe that the Muslims want to destroy Israel. Regardless of the facts I could not convince them of this new anti-Semitism. We have our work cut out for us.

    • ziontruth

      "The Muslims have better PR…"

      Not entirely false, but much less true than people think. Let's just say their PR is better than Israel's in that they know which heartstrings to tug on, while Israel is still stuck on showing how good and peaceful it is instead of trumpeting the Jews' rightful claim to the land and showing the Arab imperialists to be the land-thieves they are.

      However, the greatest difference between the Muslim's PR and Israel's is that the Muslims have the entire global mainstream media at their disposal, by virtue of the fact that that media is under the almost total control of their allies, the Marxists, who are as staunch anti-Zionists as they. In order to rectify this situation, Israel will have to coerce the hostile media outlets to do its bidding. This proposal is legal as a consequence of the Jewish State having the duty of acting as the political protector of all Jews worldwide.

      • John

        True. Thanks for the response. I often wonder what it would take for Israel and the Jews to do some protesting of their own to defend themselves. Then I realize that most of them have jobs so they don't the extra time to just protest and protest and protest. They're too busy creating good stuff. Maybe some of these Muslims should get jobs too.

        • worried

          Remember America " "The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

          ~ Albert Einstein

        • ziontruth

          Israel's PR problem is, essentially, the same one the Tea Party has: The trouble of getting its message past media keepers who are, almost to a man, hostile to it. I don't know what advice to give the Tea Party, but as for Israel, being a nation-state, I'm bullish on the idea that it must repay the offense of the Marxist-dominated media with its own offense, in the form of forcing their hand not only to stop spewing anti-Israel propaganda but spread the pro-Israel narrative, be it against their will as it surely must be.

  • seels4truth

    Mr. Henderson,
    You recently stated: "Intolerance is a cancer; it sucks the vitality, the glow, even the life out of good people as surely as a tumor," You made this in response to the Wall of Lies advertisement that was placed in the school newspaper. What is ironic is that the ad itself was in response to the anti-Semitic nature of the Arab Islamic attack on Israel called "Apartheid Week". A glaring case of intolerance towards Jews under the guise of "anti Israel" rhetoric. None of what the Muslim student association promotes as truth is even remotely factual yet you stand against an ad that is based on history. The Arab student body, which extends into the Arab controlled UN (how else could a Libya be on the Human Rights Commission), states that what is written in the ad is "hateful" and portrays Muslims as violent and intolerant. Which religion inspires their followers to "seek and kill Jews and non-believers"? Which members of a religion are killing other members of the same religion on a daily basis? Even someone with a bias towards Muslims would be hard pressed to identify any other answer except Islam. Let me explain a simple rule of International Law: Territory won in a defensive war becomes the property of the VICTOR. That is International Law. The exception seems to be if the Victor is Jewish and the loser is Arab. No matter what the Arab public relations machine wants to say, houses do not kill. Building a house on DISPUTED territory is NOT a war crime. Killing babies in their sleep IS a heinous and cowardly act of murder. Dancing in the street in celebration of such killing is beyond any rational explanation. It would be in your best interests to visit Israel and see for yourself how intolerant the Jews are. You can see how Arabs are free to practice their religion, get involved politically and participate in Israeli society as free citizens. You can even take a calculator to help keep count of all the Arab mosques located within Israel itself. Then you can go to Jordan or Syria or Saudi Arabia and count all the synagogues on 1 finger. You see Mr. Henderson, when you speak of intolerance it is the Arab populace that you really should be addressing and not Israel. Shame on you for being such a weak leader and accepting your Dhimmi status so meekly.
    When your school can grow some balls and takes a stand against Islam-inspired hate you can talk about intolerance. As I see it, as a leading member of a school that promotes Antisemitism and kowtows to the Arab lie you have lost any right to judge what and what is not to be considered tolerance.
    Good day!

    • worried

      Thank you so much seels4truth we need more answers like yours!

      “TRUTH has no agenda ~ nor does it NEED one."
      ~ Ronald Reagan

      "The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." 

      ~ Albert Einstein

  • Lionsgate

    A guide to Leftist response:

    1. Use the words "racist" "hate", "fascist" "Islamophobe" in the first (maybe 2nd) paragraph – did someone say "ad hominem"?
    2. Don't answer any claim in a logical manner – The fact that you regard it as "hateful" will magically render the claim false.
    3. Imply the author is mentally ill. or is so overcome by hate that he is hate-mad.
    4. After you have "established" the fact that the person making the claim is a hateful lunatic (by declaring it over and over), analyze him, and warn people about the dangers of hate.

    Did that?
    Congratulation! you have managed to argue the Leftist way (and cause all dead rationalist and critical thinkers to spin in their graves.)

  • ziontruth

    Pure, unadulterated Stormfront. I promise you, if you register at Stormfront and post there, you'll be an honored and much-loved member just so long as you don't mention you're black. Except for that small detail, you fit that company like a hand fits a glove.

  • Verum

    Hey "DeShawn," did it ever dawn on you that many of the ridiculous accusations you leveled above have been applied unfairly to black people over the years? That blacks are parasites, that they destroy nations, ruin economies or pollute the culture? These are obviously gross oversimplifications and generalizations. I don't know how or where your anti-Semitism flourished, but if you have half a brain and a modicum of intellectual integrity (assuming you're not simply a malevolent moron), try finding some empirical evidence that supports the tired, transparent canards you spewed above. Here's a friendly hint: the evidence doesn't exist.

  • worried

    You are not only an anti Semite but a trash, black or white doe not matter. You are also an ignoramus that does not know history or understand what he is taking about. People like you are the the "useful idiots", that trash like Farrakhan use to spread his poison against the Jewish people.
    What I am surprised is that the American people have tolerated this garbage for that long! All what can be said is;
    Remember America " "The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." 

    ~ Albert Einstein

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Why, brother DeShawn, do you suppose they lynched blacks in the good old days? Because they stole, raped, and killed when they got a chance, in other words they were a cancer in communities. Now look at crime statistics in America today. The cancer has metastasized. Poor America. Now it has a second cancer to fight – Islam.

    • lessiboy

      Seriously, I have met a lot of good black people who are sensible, good-hearted, and tough. They really are out there.

    • aspacia

      Too funny, turning the tables on the ignorant fool, however he probably will not understand your sarcasm.

  • theleastthreat

    Good Lord, DeSHawn, look at what you are saying! Are you sure you want to get caught up in something like that? That kind of thinking never works. Do YOURSELF a favor and reconsider. Please. The world is not as you portray it.

  • Rifleman

    I noticed the picture in the youtube link to “The Wall of Lies” near the bottom of the homepage, and had to comment. Who else, but Islamic terrorists, gives press conferences wearing masks? It’s a safe bet there are also children hanging out in the background. You’ll notice they don’t do that when it’s their coreligionists that might target them. That’s because collateral damage is desirable in their culture, and muslim enemies wouldn’t hesitate a second to take them out.

    I missed this one ‘til now somehow. Mr. Horowitz has been prolific lately, love it.

  • aspacia

    I usually do not waste my time dealing with uneducated bigots, albeit, I will set you straight regarding one fact: Khazars did not convert to Judaism until the 8th century.