Child Abuse as Public Policy in the Palestinian Authority

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New textbooks may appear more moderate, but the classroom environment, the old hate-filled textbooks, TV, radio and the Hamas stranglehold on the Education Ministry all promise more Jew-hatred, more Israel-hatred, and endless exhortation to children’s suicidal martyrdom.  Hamas uses its own children as political pawns, encouraged to participate in violent demonstrations, taught the virtues of mass murder, and exhorted to die a martyr’s death: a clear violation of the Geneva Convention, and a gut-wrenching example of horrifying child-abuse raised to the level of public policy.  How does one judge a society that invests so much effort and resources into the intellectual and emotional abuse of its own children?

Do the Palestinian Authority textbooks inspire children to mass murder and suicidal martyrdom?  The accurate answer right now may be: not as much as they used to; but if Hamas has its way, it won’t be long before they do again.  Meanwhile, other resources do exactly that, in the Palestinian classroom, media, and society.

Can a government so filled with hate and bigotry that they crucify their own children on the cross of jihad and Jew-hatred realistically be expected to develop a nation that will work toward peace?


[i] ,, ,, and most comprehensive is

[ii] Validated, interestingly, by Nathan Brown who otherwise presents a very rosy view of PA textbooks: pp 9f.)

[v] Other examples of negative assessments inadvertently validated by defenders can be found on the Miftah website,, where Fouad Moughrabi defends the PA textbooks by saying that the new textbooks of 2000 present Israel as “a settler colonial entity that forcibly expelled Palestinians and destroyed their villages” (p. 6), because this is in fact what they are.  Moreover, “serious scholars” have embraced this characterization of Israel. Thus he inadvertently acknowledges that the critics are correct. …this image of Israel as an occupier, destroyer, and ethnic cleanser is indeed taught by the PA textbooks.  Because some scholars accept this representation, it is justifiable to teach this to Palestinian children, even though, as critics maintain, children fed this type of education are likely to grow up hating the perceived adversary and seeking to maintain the conflict: hardly a recipe for future peace.

Moughrabi further validates critics in his attempt at rebuttal about the misuse of maps in PA textbooks.  He explains that “They [the textbooks] do not provide a map of Israel because the latter has yet to define its borders, and they do not provide a map of Palestine because its borders remain to be negotiated” (p. 3).  He may be right that final borders are not yet defined, but he ignores the critique that there is no Israel on Palestinian maps.

He stresses that new textbooks do indeed teach peace and promote tolerance, openness and democratic values, thus indirectly acknowledging that the former ones did not. Then he goes on to say that since the reality of Israel’s occupation is cruel and humiliating, it is not logical for the textbook to extend these positive values to Israelis, thus validating the assertion that positive values, while in the text, are not extended to Israelis.  (p. 11).  See for a comprehensive list of other research demonstrating hate-teach and incitement in PA textbooks which Mr. Barghouti does not mention nor rebut.

[ix] Knowing that outside approval is important because Palestinian public schools depend on foreign aid, Hamas leaders recognize that any attempt to change the textbooks must be done judiciously to avoid undermining the PA’s efforts to portray itself as politically moderate.  Validation of this assessment is found in, p. 15, where the author notes that 12th grade textbooks, prepared after Hamas took over the Education Ministry, are harsher and more akin to earlier ones than the 11th grade texts.

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  • Anamah

    Abused children for the world to see but It seems the UN protection for kids do not exist to them. I guess Palestinian are too damaged for their own choice, will never be normal, productive people. They embrace and feed their pathology of hate obsessively as rabid animal infecting their offspring. What a despicable culture, what a shame for human to watch!

  • StephenD

    A people able to celebrate the massacre of an entire innocent family, including a 3 month old infant, is beyond human reconciliation. Only an act of Divine Intervention will reintroduce such folks to humanity. Putting flowers in vases does not take the stone from their souls. Changing their text books does not change their hearts.

  • joseschwartz

    Child abuse is rampant here as well – compare the following story to how we abuse children in this country resulting in the deaths of over 15,000 per year.

  • LindaRivera

    From birth, Muslim children are taught genocidal hate for Jews. Sports teams, summer camps, city squares in the PA are dedicated to, and named after savage Muslim terrorist killers of Jews. Muslim terrorist murderers are deeply respected by PA society and are HUGE heroes. All of this is well-known to the nations. The nations finance the PA. America finances arms and gives advanced military training to the PA in the war against Jews. It is unforgivable. The nations share the guilt of the genocidal Palestinian Authority Muslims.

    Not one inch of Jewish Holy Land to Muslims bent on Jewish genocide!

  • Mark

    Palestine depends totally on foreign money.To solve some of the issues simply cut off the billions being wasted on racist,bigoted and antisemitic organizations and political groups.
    The misdirection and misuse of the most basic terminology also enforces their bastardization of facts and history. Palestinian is a person living in Palestine ,not a religious or political affiliation.Just as Israelite or American does not represent a singular race or belief system.Try defining Arab or sharia laws,there are hundreds of definitions of both.
    All muslim schools teach forms of superiority and victimization but PA is truly horrible and violent.As with their online comic book,they glorify gore and hate.Lucky for us muslims are ignorant cowards and pack animals or death tolls would be alot higher.

  • UCSPanther

    It's sickeningly like the Hitler youth in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, complete with vile propaganda targeted specifically at children in a way that would make Julius Streicher proud.

  • Honest

    The Arabs in and surrounding Israel probably have the sickest culture in the world.