Complicity With Evil

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But in addition to the above, there are aspects of Hezbollah’s ideology that should brand it a rogue state-within-a-state incompatible with 21st century sensibilities.

Its extreme brand of Shi’ite Islam seeks to re-instate Shari’a law as a legal and political system, a system that submits all non-Muslims to dhimma, a form of religious apartheid suppressing all non-Muslims, universal to all Muslim states until the 20th century; and to create a legitimized form of gender apartheid relegating women to the bedroom and kitchen, on pain of extreme and cruel punishments such as acid disfigurement, beheading, or stoning.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has demanded that Muslims engage in suicide bombings in the USA to kill Americans; and part of Hezbollah’s extremist Muslim ideology includes making Islam supreme in the world and bringing Western civilization to an end.

So Christians of all denominations, without any commitment to Israel, and even those who feel antipathy to Israel for whatever reason, ought to be horrified by Hezbollah’s criminal activities, terrorist tactics, violent strategies, apartheid social ideology, supremacist religious ideology and long-term triumphalist goal of Islamic world domination, goals for which terrorism and mass murder and criminal actions are all justified, according to Hezbollah’s ideology.

Yet we hear no words, witness no deeds, at least on the level of public expression, from all but a small number of Christian or Muslim individuals or institutions; and, not unexpectedly, those in the West who have in the past expressed their support and sympathy for Hezbollah, identifying it as a noble freedom-fighting organization engaged in legitimate resistance against an obdurate and vastly more powerful enemy, have as yet made no acknowledgement of the obvious contradiction between supposedly good and noble people fighting for their rights and these same people engaging in evil crimes to achieve the evil goals of genocide and world domination.

So why are most of the world’s Muslims silent before the evil words and murderous deeds of Hezbollah? Can they all be intimidated by threats of retaliation from Hezbollah and those who share its goals? Or do some otherwise peaceful Muslims secretly share Hezbollah’s goals?

Why do so few Christians and Christian churches speak out against Hezbollah’s crimes?  Why are so many silent or overtly supportive?  Can those who support Hezbollah hate the Jewish state more than they love their Jewish Savior?

In light of the New York Times’ exposé, no journalist, no academic, no pundit and no holder of public office can honestly claim ignorance; and none have any excuse to remain silent.  Yet they are silent.

Incitement to genocide is evil, attempted genocide is evil.  Apartheid and oppression and lust for world domination — all evil.

Hezbollah is evil.  It speaks evil, it does evil and it promises more of the same evil and worse without end until Israel is destroyed, its Jews annihilated and all “global unbelief,” Christian, Jewish, Hindu and whatever else, is reduced to dhimmitude.

Silence in the face of evil is complicity. Complicity with evil is evil.

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To get the whole story on the Left’s complicity with evil, read Jamie Glazov’s book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.


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  • Norm

    The Left's hatred of Israel and the US trumps any evil that Hezbollah and Hamas do.

    • ziontruth

      This. But also the fact that like attracts like—the evil that is Marxism is irresistibly drawn to the evil that is Islam. The former needs the latter's violence, while the latter needs the former's PC (politically correct or post-colonial) rhetoric to paint that same violence in a light of legitimacy.

      It's a two-headed monstrosity.

    • InRussetShadows

      That, and the Left NEVER changes its mind.

      • PhillipGaley

        Because, "the Left" is itself, a mentality or mind set, an alteration or mere similitude of sound mind, it cannot "change its mind"—there is no whole mind to change; and further, if a mentality changes, it is a different mentality or it has evaporated, . . .

  • john in cheshire


  • Brujo Blanco

    Anyone who gets involved with any terrorist organization has got to be crazy. Terrorists and criminal organizations have worked together for years. Cartels have the bucks and terrorists have storm troopers and an international infrstricture. However, they may also betray one another at anytime.

  • LindaRivera


    • PhillipGaley

      SILENCE IS TANTAMOUNT TO CONSENT, and which is part of why this nation also, is correctly adjudged as complicit in the evil which Islam is, . . .

  • UCSPanther

    Mossad should do the world a favor and pick off Nasrallah. He needs to join Hitler and right now!

  • Ghostwriter

    This article is correct. Hezbollah is not an organization anyone with a functioning brain or heart would ever support.

  • Chiggles

    Not just a commercial spammer but a stupid commercial spammer at that. Do you really think you will get any business from a site like this one by posting comments like that?

    • InRussetShadows

      C'mon. You know he'll get all the Paulbots to click!

  • g_jochnowitz

    Marxism, an atheistic faith but a faith nevertheless, and Islam, a religion, are the only two doctrines that are accepted with absolute blind faith. It is no wonder that they are allies.
    The New York Times doesn't suffer from the problem of faith, but rather from the fear that people will think it's a Jewish newspaper. Here is my review of Laurel Leff's book:

  • jummy

    you realize that the photo published with this article was debunked as a staged pr image in front of a garbage fire?

    • StephenD

      Because it gives a false impression that there are men with AK-47's resting on their hip ready for use at any moment? That there are fires out of control? That sunglasses are for bad guys? What is your point? PR for who and for what purpose?

      • jummy

        well, the original caption, prior to the image being debunked, portrayed the scene as one of a hezbollah fighter standing in front of the wreckage of an israeli jet he and his comrades had just taken out of the sky. the point clearly being to aggrandize hezbollah's capacity to proportions much greater than they are in reality. perhaps that's why the editors of this publication chose the image.

        • jummy

          in other words, the same image used by hezbollah to convey "hezbollah is very powerful, fear us!" is being used here to convey "hezbollah is very powerful, fear them!" when in fact they're just a bunch of schmucks running around in the desert with ak47s on their hips.

  • Marti

    The Mullahs worked with the Nazis during the second world war.
    Muslims are Nazis. Our left wing idiots here in the US have no idea what they are involved with. They will be the first beheaded!
    Islam is a theocracy NOT A RELiGION!!

  • PhillipGaley

    "Yet they are silent."? Of course, they are: there are very many men of the West who see much of what Islam offers as a big plus: institutionalized sensuality, also, "a woman's place is in the house", the woman should be submissive to the man, and the natural extensions.

    Leftists especially, but many men find an utmost challenge to see a decent woman in normal exchange of dominance with themselves. Islam erases that, . . . the while, of natural course—as with all familiar contact with the implements of malevolence—any use or employment of Islam insures that, parts of the wholeness of the man and the woman are also, somewhat erased as easily; but, . . .