Jerusalem: Capital of ‘Palestine’?

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Throughout all of history, Jerusalem has been the capital of only one nation: Israel.  From the time of Kings David and Solomon, late 11th – 10th centuries BCE, to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE, almost 1,100 years, Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish nation.

From the onset of Islamic rule in 638 CE to its end 1917, except for Crusader rule from 1099 to 1187, Jerusalem was never the capital of any Muslim state, nor even a provincial capital, until late Ottoman times (19th c. CE) when it became a special provincial religious site (vilayet) separate from its larger provincial area [sanjak].

Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Qur’an.  “The Night Journey,” in chapter 17:1, recounts  Mohammed’s magical flight on the back of the winged horse, el-Buraq, and his landing in “al-Aqsa” (literally, the faraway mosque), which is interpreted by later Muslim scholars to be the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; but Jerusalem is not mentioned in the text.  The Temple Mount, however, is acknowledged in Muslim tradition to date back to Solomonic times.  In A Brief Guide to al-Haram al-Sharif,[ [i]] published by the Supreme Moslem Council in Jerusalem in1925, Muslim scholars expounded upon the antiquity and sanctity of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, stating that it dates to earliest times, certainly to the time of the Israelite kingdom, and is identified beyond dispute with the site of Solomon’s Temple.

In a description of the Temple Mount area known as “Solomon’s Stables,” which Islamic Waqf officials in Jerusalem converted into a mosque in 1996, the guide states: “…little is known for certain about the early history of the chamber itself. It dates probably as far back as the construction of Solomon’s Temple… According to Josephus, it was in existence and was used as a place of refuge by the Jews at the time of the conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 A.D.”[ [ii]]

And the above is consistent with Muslim tradition.  Islamic post-Qur’anic texts recount that originally Muhammed prayed toward Jerusalem (and not Mecca), making Jerusalem Islam’s first Qibla (direction toward which Muslims should pray).  This tradition is based upon the account on the Qur’an’s chapter 2, verses 144 &149-150, where we read that Mohammed changed the direction of prayer to Mecca.  The Qur’an does not state where the first Qibla was, and Jerusalem is not mentioned in the text; but later tradition preserved in biographies of Mohammed and in some Hadith collections (especially Sahih al-Bukhari) indicates that the original direction was toward Jerusalem.  However, today there is some rather acrimonious debate among Muslim scholars of Islamic history about when and why the change came about, and if it came about at all; but what is important for this study is that the change, if it did happen, effectively nullified any religious significance that Jerusalem might have had for Islam. If it did not happen, then Jerusalem had no religious significance for Islam, ever.

For centuries thereafter, Jerusalem played little or no role in the religious affairs and development of Islam.  In the 13th century, Ibn-Taymiyya, a major Muslim cleric and ideological godfather to later Saudi Wahhabism, wrote extensively about Jerusalem, demonstrating from Muslim sources that there were only two holy cities in Islam – Mecca and Medina. Ibn Taymiyya went to great lengths to explain that the veneration of Jerusalem was nothing more than the “Judaization” of Islam.

So how did Jerusalem become Islam’s third most sacred place? — By subterfuge.

In the late 680’s, just 50 years after Mohammed’s death, a civil war erupted among the Muslims. The Umayyad caliph, Abd al-Malik, who at that time ruled from Damascus, wanted to put down a revolt by his Muslim enemies who controlled Mecca, the place of pilgrimage. In order to weaken them, he created a counter-pilgrimage site in Jerusalem in 691, to compete with Mecca and to which to redirect pilgrims who might have decided, once in Mecca, to take up the rebels’ cause. He therefore built a mosque, the “dome of the rock,” on the site where Solomon’s Temple had been build in Jerusalem, and declared Jerusalem “al-Quds” (the sacred place). So Jerusalem’s sanctity to Muslims originates with a political and propagandistic ploy.

Under centuries of Muslim and Crusader rule, Jews were prohibited from, or limited in their access to, the city’s holy sites.  Even the sacred precinct of the Temple Mount fell in to neglect and disrepair and disuse, due to the Muslim world’s lack of interest in Jerusalem.

With Zionist immigration to Israel in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Jerusalem again blossomed; and with the growth of the Jewish population in the city, the non-Jewish population grew too.  Under British control (British Mandatory Palestine, 1917-1948), the city expanded even more, growing to a population of almost 300,000, more than half of whom were Jews.

The UN Partition Plan, UNGAR #181, Nov. 29, 1947, declared Jerusalem to be an international city under a special mandate.   Israel accepted the plan, but the Arab world rejected it and declared a genocidal war against Israel.  Against all odds, the Jews won, but Jerusalem was divided by the 1949 UN Armistice lines.  West Jerusalem, in Israel, flourished, and became again, for the first time in almost 2,000 years, the capital of the Jewish state. East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, under an uncaring and illegal Jordanian sovereignty, languished, impoverished and neglected, much as it had during the centuries of Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid and Ottoman rule.

After the 6-day war (June 5-10, 1967), Jerusalem was re-united, under legal Israeli sovereignty [ [iii]], and East Jerusalem was annexed to the State of Israel.  The West Bank was not annexed, as the Israeli government had offered, at the UN, to cede back to Jordan all of the West Bank except for Jerusalem.  Jordan spurned the offer.

But Arafat recognized the PR value of al-Haram ash-Sharif in Jewish hands, and he milked it for all it was worth.  “The Dome of the Rock turned up in pictures everywhere, from Yasir Arafat’s office to the corner grocery. Slogans about Jerusalem proliferated and the city quickly became the single most emotional issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict.” The PLO began to specifically mention Jerusalem in its 1968 constitution as “the seat of the Palestine Liberation Organization.”

Other Muslim leaders followed Arafat, and the importance of Jerusalem for Islam spread suddenly throughout the Muslim world. “….the Islamic Republic of Iran has made Jerusalem a central issue, following the dictate of its founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, who remarked that Jerusalem is the property of Muslims and must return to them.”

So today there can be no “Palestine” without Jerusalem, thanks in large part to Arafat’s adroit machinations.

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  • Larry

    That's the International Law that Israel should be shoving down the throat of the terrorist collaborating press and leftards.

    And Israel should act upon it, by formally annexing Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and booting out the scum. Don't even let the "right of return" be mentioned without breaking into hysterical laughter, and point to all the other relocated populations of the 20thC, many from cities they established 3,000 years ago.

    • Anamah

      And laugh louder when they say King David name was Abdullah…. Pilistinian must return to Jordan to claim as they will.

  • RPolese

    What self-serving Zionist nonsense!

    Urge everyone to read Book of Joshua, which immediately follows the Torah (Pentateuch). The early Hebrews took the city of Jerusalem through murder and pillage. It's all right there in the scriptures!

    I say, let the three "people of the book" share this ancient city peaceably — as they have through much of history.

    • MoVA

      Well said. The UN was wrong in 47? As is Israel and the US today. There are no chosen people in Palestine. My question is why do Jewish leaders consistently seek the counsel and support of the Western Christian World like the Crusades and Zionism when everyone knows that the Christians will ultimately turn on them as they have for most of western European history.

      • MixMChess

        "There are no chosen people in Palestine."

        Tell that to the Palestinians who have been trying to steal all of Israel for themselves rather than compromise with a two-state solution. Why do the Palestinians walk away from every peace talks without even making counter-offers?

        • Flipside

          What are you, the Palestinian Referral Service? Don’t you know that us part of the well earned stereotype about Israelis and Palestinians, that they will always blame one another? How do you think the world reacts each time you live up to this stereotype? Sympathetic or disgusted?

      • ziontruth

        "There are no chosen people in Palestine."

        Could be debated, but I'm not going into it at this time.

        What can't be debated is that there are indigenous people in Palestine, and more importantly, that those are the Jews and not the Arab settler-colonist land-thieves falsely calling themselves "Palestinians" to pull the wool over the world's eyes.

      • ajnn

        why are you talking about 'crusaders' ?

        this is nuts.

        only muslims talk aboout 'crusaders' as a present force in 2011.

    • MixMChess

      "The early Hebrews took the city of Jerusalem through murder and pillage. It's all right there in the scriptures!"

      You either accept the scripture at face value or you treat it as an allegory – you can't have it both ways.

      "I say, let the three "people of the book" share this ancient city peaceably — as they have through much of history."

      Huh? Jews have lived continuously in Jerusalem since the time of King David. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for more than 3,000 years, and has played a central role in Jewish existence. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Christian entity.

      In fact, only until Israel captured Jersualem in the 1967 war, was there religious freedom for all faiths in Jersualem. Israel abolished all the discriminatory laws promulgated by Jordan and adopted its own tough standard for safeguarding access to religious shrines for peoples of all faiths.

      • Anamah

        Perfectly said, MixMChess…

      • Flipside

        In the same way that any Caucasian has the right to claim Serbia, or any black person owns Egypt.

        • nina

          It is almost futile to have discussions with someone who is ignorant of history. Of course Caucasians have a right to Serbia. Who do you think were the indigenous peoples there? And who, pray "owns" Egypt, the Arabs?

    • Lassen

      Most people are aware of basic religious history.Your lack of further knowledge is cute.

      The parent of monotheist religions is Judaism .The archeological and written histories fully support this.There would be no Christianity or Islam without Judaism.

      There is no proof to support the the muslim claims whatsoever.They are not "people of the book".Muslim claims are based on greed and politics,not any god.

      The violated Balfour agreement and archeology are the keys to this mess.The failure of the UK and UN created this disasrer.
      The facts far outweigh the fantasies .
      The so called Palestinian -Arabs can be ignored since they are just opportunistic squatters.And Arab groups took land equal to four times the size of Israel in expulsions and pogroms in the middle east from 1920-1970.
      Paid in full.Palestine is Jewish land.

  • yaakov_306

    Nicely explained David. We know that a person can and many will say anything to claim what is not theirs. I am reminded with the story of how the "Ark of the Covenant" fell into enemy hands because of King Saul, IT was passed from nation to nation with each nation getting a punishment from G-D while the Ark was in that nations possession.

    The place that G-D placed HIS NAME,and where the "Ark of the Covenant" resided was on the Temple Mount, in the Temple King Solomon built. The HIS NAME is still at that place, which makes those not legitimately owning it in danger. Only G-D knows the plan, but I don't think it will be pretty when HE acts.

  • Watchman

    Israel is the only country that if conflict on a huge major scale were to take place I would hope they would ask for any and all volunteers from America, I WOULD be on the first plane if possible.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There should be no argument, no question and no thought of Jerusalem as not
    being the Capital of Israel. Anyone who suggests such brings down anger from
    above and below. The day is coming when the Islamist thugs will be rewarded
    for their perfidity and mayhem…………………………………………William

  • Damilola Habib

    why should God almighty share into three faith when Abraham the father of the three faith their are claiming worship one God let the three faith come together, reason together and choose one faith in one God of their father Abraham so that the whole world we have peace.

    • Mike Elmore

      "why should God almighty share into three faith". God doesn't. The God of the Muslims is not the God of Christian and Jews. When people get around to learning this then real hell is going to break out in the world. Learn the truth and you will see why dealing with the Muslims is impossible..elmore

  • Damilola Habib

    When Almighty is not God of Confusion but the God of peace. i would like to see the whole world in peace worshiping one God of Abraham the father faith. Ameen

    • welldoneson

      dami, you're saying exactly what Islamists say; there is only one religion- Islam. all others are blasphemy, etc. Their "peace" means eradication of all non-Moslems.

      • Random Guy

        You are very ignorant :) The Quran tells the truth, stop getting your info of islam from the media.

  • Raymond in DC

    If the Palestinians get sovereignty over even a portion of Jerusalem proper (and especially the Temple Mount), it will only confirm to the Arabs and Muslims that they are "winning". Rather than be sated, that "victory" will only encourage them in their aggression. Rather than contribute to peace, we can expect more terrorism, and a Jerusalem that will be unlivable for Jews. The city whose sacred sites are today, under Israeli sovereignty, at last accessible to people of all faiths, will be no more.

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Jerusalem Center of Faith or Apocalyptic Trigger" Dore Gold
    Jerusalem is under assault. In Western diplomatic circles, it is now being argued that by pushing hard for a Middle East settlement, with the redivision of Jerusalem at its core, the flames of radical Islamic rage will be lowered, stemming the tide of al-Qaeda's ideological spread. Yet the exact opposite is true. Radical Islam is fed by its sense of victory in the race of repeated withdrawals: a redivision of Jerusalem would not only endanger its holy sites, but also unleash new jihadist momentum on a scale that most political leaders have not begun to consider."

    • welldoneson

      Islam is a sickness. Defeat is a "sign from Allah we must continue the struggle".
      Oddly, victory is ALSO a "sign from Allah we must continue the struggle".

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Obama said, "All of us have a responsibility to work for the day when the mothers of Israelis and Palestinians can see their children grow up without fear; when the Holy Land of the 3 great faiths is the place of peace that God intended it to be; whe Jersalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a pllace for all the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra–applause- as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon him, joined in prayer."

    • mark

      Mr Muslim, taqqiya (requred practice of all muslims to lie to disguise islams teachings, history and agenda, when in too small numbers to get away with killing those who will not pervert to islam). will not work on people that know what islam really is:)

      We know that islam teaches to slaughter untill there is no religion except islam and other evil quranic/hadith verses.

    • welldoneson

      Obama has repeatedly shown his Moslem upbringing, both in saying "peace be upon him" and in quoting the Koran, to the extent of rolling the "r", seen on Youtube.

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Obama was making reference to the Islamic tradition that after his Night Journey from Mecca to Jersalem, Muhammad ascended to heaven and on the way prayed with the earlier prophets. That Obama chose this Islamic reference and not a UNIVERSALISTIC vision from Judaism or Christianity about Jerusalem is not surprising, given that he was engaged in an outreach effort to Muslims. But there was one problematic element in his remarks. He described a day in the future when"Jersalem is a secure and lasting home: for all 3 great faiths. On that day, according to Obama Jerusalem will be a place for all the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together. Ironically, that day, when members of all three great faiths could finally pray in Jerusalem actually came to pass forty-two years earlier before Obama's speech. when the Israel Defense Forces re-united the Holy City." Prior to the Six Day War,(1967)were not equally accessible to all faiths: under Jordanian administration.Christians were restricted and Jews denied access to the Western Wall. Under Israel, the freedom of Jerusalem was restored."

    • welldoneson

      the story of Mohammed's spirit travelling from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven is just the sort of childish invention we expect from inbred radical Islamists.
      It's merely a myth to allow Islam to claim the Holy Site of Judaism as their own.
      They've done the same thing in India, which is littered with Moslem "holy sites" that used to be Hindu "holy sites".

  • Dispozadaburka

    "But Obama implied that today, under Israeli rule, Christians, Jews and Muslims cannot enjoy freedom in Jerusalem, that Jerusalem under Israel is not a "secre and lasting hoe" for all three faiths. Obama did not say, specifically, what sort of settlement he wanted in Jerusalem, but he did make clear tht a united Jerusalem under Israeli juristiction was inadequate." In other parts of his Cairo speech, Obama correctly confronted extremist elements in the Muslim world that engage in a "Holocaust Denial." In the Jerusalem section of his speech, he had the opportunity which he let pass, unfortunately, – to refute another sort of denial: the disturbing trend of "Temple Denial." The Palestinian leadership, in particular, has been undermining the priciple of mutual recognition that must be the foundation of any meaningful peace process in the future." Dore Gold The Fight for Jerusalem

    • welldoneson

      You are correct, Obama did imply that Jerusalem isn't free access now.
      He more than implied it, he SAID it. The man is a Moslem, no big deal,
      but why does he deny it even as his words prove it? He's a Moslem, that's why.

  • Dispozadaburka

    TYPO " Secure and Lasting Home"

  • Sound&Fury

    Muslims are like cowbirds. They take over the nest, then shove out the host. They do this by creating a false historic narrative & by force when possible. There is no appeasing them.

    • ziontruth

      Only in two periods did the Muslims ever glorify Jerusalem: During the Crusades, and after 1967.

      The late 19th century affords a few pictures of the Al Aksa Mosque showing some of the tiles falling out, from neglect. Thus much do the Muslims appreciate Jerusalem when they don't feel a threat to their possession of it. The miser sitting upon a ton of gold coins.

  • mark

    Why wond there be peace with islam/muslims and israel, its against islams teachings.

    Also note the hamas charter


  • Lee Garrison

    The Muslims claim another tie to Jerusalem (Quds) through their prophet Muhammad's visit there on a flying horse on his Night Journey to met with earlier prophets.

    • potb

      That's funny because Al-Quds is never mentioned in the Quran. Muslims have no business there. The only time they were interested in Jerusalem was when other people were ruling the city. For them this isn't about the holy aspects, it's about supremacy.

  • myomy

    who says murdering muslims deserve a state of their own? They deserve to go to prison or devil's island forever for all the crimes and human rights violations they've done to humanity for the past 1,400 years.

  • James Hovland

    There is a very real and significant reason that American Jews lean left. Like the rest of us loony liberals, they tend to be more intelligent than emotional. Backing off a cliff because they’re afraid of what’s in front of them just isn’t their style.

    Here: Get a clue! The ill-conceived notion of annexing the West Bank is far more acceptable and appealing to the Palestinian people than it is to any intelligent Jew. The one-state solution is a bi-national state that includes an Arab majority. They would most likely call it Palestine.

    The two-state solution has always been the plan. The reason that Israel and America reject recognition before negotiations is that recognition is all they have to offer, and Israel wants more than is rightfully theirs.

    You can spin this in the western media all you want. The Palestinian people know the truth, and they’re the ones that Israel has to make peace with.

    • MixMChess

      "The reason that Israel and America reject recognition before negotiations is that recognition is all they have to offer, and Israel wants more than is rightfully theirs."

      WRONG, all Israel wants from the Palestinians is peace, security and the right to exist. Palestinian Unilateral Declaration for Independence seeks to delegitimize Israel by allowing the Palestinians to create a state without mutually negotiated borders and without having to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. That's a fact.

      On numerous occasions Israel has been more than willing to negotiate and give away its fair share of land. As recently as 2000 Israel gave the Palestinians over 98% of the W. Bank and all of Gaza and the Palestinians WALKED AWAY without even a counter offer or negotiations.

      Palestinian people know that they can be rewarded for terrorism and belligerence. That's why they refuse to make peace – its far easier and more rewarding to simply attack Israel.

    • ziontruth

      "There is a very real and significant reason that American Jews lean left."

      Yes, there is: Because, having been robbed of true, authentic, traditional Jewish religion (as in Orthodox Judaism, and only in Orthodox Judaism), they've had nothing to feed their souls on but counterfeit substitutes. Such as Leftism.

      "The one-state solution is a bi-national state that includes an Arab majority. They would most likely call it Palestine. … The two-state solution has always been the plan."

      The Arabs want neither. They want to kill all the Jews in Palestine and steal all their possessions. That's the harsh truth an intelligent person, as opposed to an emotional one, acknowledges.

      "The Palestinian people…"

      Are the Jews and only the Jews. The falsely-called "Palestinians" are Arab settler-colonist land-thieves who have no legitimate claim to any part of Palestine, the indigenous land of the one and only true Palestinian people, the Jewish people.

  • Marty

    Legally, morally, and historically Jerusalem is the capital city of the Israeli state. No one else can document a presence there for more than 3000 years. More to the point, Israel since 1967 has guaranteed access to holy places for all religions, more than was ever offered by christian and islamic occupiers. jordanian soldiers prior to 1967 used Jewish cemetary tombstones in East Jerusalem for urinals. Israel has respected and protected all holy sites and has not prohibited anyone from visiting them. muslims would not even consider such tolerance and sensitivity. They are incapable of doing so.

    • chayahn

      Well said. But then what do you expect when you are dealing with Satan's followers?

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember hearing about Mark Twain visiting Palestine in the nineteenth century. He found it a sad,neglected place under the Ottoman authorities. I think he might like how it's changed now that it's the state of Israel. Unfortunately,there are those who want to return it to that sad,neglected place.

  • Neel

    Jerusalem was captured from the natives by the Jews through murder and pillage, it is there in their own scriptures. It is also there in their scriptures that his land is promised to them through a special 'Covenant with God', agreed with that too. But if you look further, this promise was based on a mutual covenant between the Jews and their God. It is also mentioned in there, what would happen if the Jews did not live up to the covenant – namely, they would lose the right to Canaan, which is exactly what happened. Their own God decided to take this land away from them, Read your scriptures, its all there!!

    • Anamah

      Neel, you are very funny!!! Ja, Ja, Ja… But stop drinking because is not allowed for Muslims and beardless… It will be better for you if you go to sleep!!! Read again the lesson honey and this time try to understand…Yes?

    • potb

      Jews were the natives, you fool

    • ziontruth

      "It is also mentioned in there, what would happen if the Jews did not live up to the covenant – namely, they would lose the right to Canaan,…"

      But not in perpetuity.

      The transgressions of the Jewish people cause them to lose their right to reside in Canaan. They do not cause their rights to Canaan to be transferred to another nation. The exile of the Jews is temporary (even if that means 2000 years), and so is the possession of the Land of Israel by any other nation during that time.

      "Read your scriptures, its all there!!"

      Yes, please do. The scriptures say God's commandments (mitzvot) are forever, and since many of God's commandments can be performed only on the Land of Israel, that means the Jews must return to the Land of Israel someday, otherwise those commandments would be null and void, and then God would be a liar (perish the thought) in saying all His commandments are forever.

      God's words is eternal, and because His word is eternal, the Jews' exile from the Land of Israel is of necessity temporary. Anti-Zionists, you lose!

    • Mike

      Yeah, read your scriptures…God also says that in the last days, He is going to gather them back to THEIR OWN LAND…Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah.

  • Guest

    A thought beyond comprehension for those who invest so strongly in a belief that any single place on earth is more holy or sacred to another is a thought that will lead to real peace. NOBODY owns this particular piece of holy ground. Let go of the need to seek the creator of all in a single place on earth. There is still plenty of earth and places for people to live, to have peace with one another. The real insanity is making this one place worth so much blood shedding and loss of human life, billions in human resources that could go to feed the starving people on the planet. The arrogance of pride and stubbornness of 'tradtion' is what is evil, it is on both sides. It takes two. If one were to say, fine, you know, there is more importance in having a life lived in peace and I know there is plenty of green earth to have that on…to move on peacefully, not with a sense of victim hood or compromised 'rights'…that would be a real earth turning event that would bring true and lasting peace. It will take a change of perspective, a shift of what is real in the here and now, what is most important, life! This is a future looking approach, let go of the 'history' and stop it from becoming the endless source of human hatred, violence and suffering. Quite frankly, to be honest, I am truly disgusted with the whole issue.

    • ziontruth

      "Let go of the need to seek the creator of all in a single place on earth."

      But what if the Creator says in His book that there is only one place on earth—the Temple in Jerusalem—where He will ever consent to draw down His spirit of holiness?

      It's not about what you want, it's about what He says.

      "There is still plenty of earth and places for people to live, to have peace with one another. The real insanity is making this one place worth so much blood shedding and loss of human life,…"

      The Muslims need your message. Tell it to them instead of wasting words here.

      "…that would be a real earth turning event that would bring true and lasting peace."

      There will always be wars until God changes human nature. Currently, human nature is inclined to evil (Genesis 8:26), thus precluding any possibility of permanent peace.

      "This is a future looking approach,…"

      It was once believed that the cure for humanity's ill lay in a new approach, breaking clean with tradition and history. It was tried. 100,000,000 victims so far have been laid in its wake. That new approach is called Marxism.

      You think you're saying new words. You aren't—your ideas are old hat. Tried and failed.

  • elihew

    You say the land of Israel belongs to one one? The Bible disagrees with you! But I guess that wouldn't matter to you anyway, or you wouldn't have said it in the first place!

    Jehovah God speaking:
    [23] "The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me." (Leviticus 25.23.).

  • john in cheshire

    I don't like the use of the terms BCE and CE. That's what socialists would have us use. BC and AD have served the Christian West well for the best part of 2000 years, there's no need to change it.

  • Flipside

    Meir-Levi is pretty mad about Yasser Arafat. Forcing the guy to die of renal failure while blockading him in a building and televising his slow death wasn’t enough, I guess.

    • UCSPanther

      Arafat lived by his lies and died by them, is more or less forgotten and now remembered as no more than a charismatic liar and tin-pot dictator.

      It was nice to see him humiliated before he died with a whimper, and the so-called "Palestianian" cause will follow in the same manner.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Do not forget liar, murderer and son of evil…………………………..William

        • UCSPanther

          And a thief too, for he robbed the "Palestinians" and somehow, took his ill-gotten gains with him.

  • Carl

    @Neel: You are right about Scripture saying about saying that the Jewish people would be drive out of Israel. That cannot be denied. However, Scripture also says that in the last days, God would bring the Jewish people back to their land never to be driven out again. God's promise to the Jewish people has always been that the land given to Abraham would always be theirs. That hasn't changed. Yes, God allowed Israel's sins to bring them into captivity, but God always brought them back to the land He gave to them. This is the case today, and in these last days, they will be protected and they will never be scattered again.

  • Dani Tadmor

    I suddenly had to think about Jerusalem as the “holy Muslim city” (or rather a city that was suddenly and very recently made to be a holy Muslim city). A city which has no religious links (in the Qur’an) to Muslims other than a vague dream of Muhammad (where he PERHAPS dreams about Jerusalem). He (Muhammad) has never even visited Jerusalem, nor do Muslims even pray towards Jerusalem. A city that was never ever a capital of an Arab or Muslim entity and when the Arabs did rule Palestine, they made Ramla their capital, not Jerusalem. Even when Jordan occupied east Jerusalem they haven’t made it their capital. Not only that but all governmental offices that were present in Jordanian Jerusalen (from the British Mandate days) were shut down and transferred to Amman. Jerusalem no longer had authority even over other parts of the West Bank. Arab Jerusalem became an isolated provincial town, less important than Nablus. To take out a bank loan meant traveling to Amman. Jordanian radio broadcast the Friday prayers in Jerusalem not from Al-Aqsa Mosque but from an upstart mosque in Amman (Ironically, Radio Israel began broadcasting services from Al-Aqsa immediately after the Israel victory in 1967).

  • Dani Tadmor

    2. No foreign Arab leaders even visited Jerusalem during all those years it was under Jordanian rule. King Faysal of Saudi Arabia spoke often after 1967 of his yearning to pray in Jerusalem, yet he appears never to have bothered to pray there when he had the chance. The PLO’s founding document, the Palestinian National Covenant of 1964, does not once mention Jerusalem or even allude to it. A city that, until recently (just 100 years ago), was basically very neglected. If the city was so holy to Muslims through so many centuries you would think they would have at lease made it a bit desent, wouldn’t you?

  • Dani Tadmor

    3. At any rate, this neglection of Jerusalem came to an abrupt end after June 1967, when the Old City came under Israeli control. At that point, Palestinians suddenly made Jerusalem the centerpiece of their political program. The Dome of the Rock turned up in pictures everywhere, from Yasir Arafat’s office to the corner grocery. Slogans about Jerusalem proliferated and the city quickly became the single most emotional issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The PLO made up for its 1964 oversight by specifically mentioning Jerusalem in its 1968 constitution as “the seat of the Palestine Liberation Organization.”
    On the other hand, by 1840, the Jewish community constituted the largest single religious group in Jerusalem. From the 1880s onward, the Jews constituted the majority within the city. However, it was only in 1937, under the British Mandate, that the first Jewish mayor was appointed…

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You are correct Dani and it is because of the media slant against Israel, the
      Jewish State and Jerusalem being the correct Capital of Israel that the falsehood
      is jammed down everyone's throat. Islamists have paid off in millions of dollars
      to promote falsehood, the life of Arafat is the greatest example known that I
      can think of that equates to liar personified amongst other evil characteristics.

  • Jesus N God

    May God Bless Israel! Anyone that goes up against Israel – Will become Food for the LION OF JUDAH!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Daniel

    There wll be no peace between muslim and jew. Israel is surrounded by it's enemies Its WMD's and the U.S. is the only thing preventing a combined attack by the enemies of Israel. An internally weakened America removes one leg of the deterent. The production of nuclear weapons by Iran removes the other. A war will be fought. Waitiing for the Islamist to attack so as to justify to the world an all out response is not in the best interest of the jewish state. Israel with a little help could defeat it's enemies at this point in time. Israel should offer the wolves at her door, peace or total destruction, and deliver their choice immediatly.

  • Bill

    Muslims are thugs and terriortists

  • Mazen Mallah

    i know that any response that i'm going to write is going to be emotional one since i'm palestinian but whenever u steel something one day u'll be judged for it one day the rights shall be returned to it's orginial owners palestine shall be either given or taken back we welcomed jews at the beginning of the 20th century to live with us they worked in palestine they had same rights as we did then suddenly they started trainning, importing weapons preparing an army why was that??_to accomplish the new zionest racist country that is israel _and suddenly the whole world agreed every one stood against the rightfull owners of the land you built your country on the sculls of the palestinians and the river of the bloods but now ur exposed more than any time u idiots u wanna declare a racist country at least hide it not saying to the whole world israel is for jews only _tell me then, what will happen to the mosques and churches that had been there for thousends of years??_another question did find any thing about ur so called "temple" u already digged most of jerusalem u have ur own underworld there but nothing had been found because there is nothing for u there it's Palestine history knows it the world knows it we know it's comming back for us …

  • chokri

    Jérusalem capitale de la Palestine pour toujours et bientôt on va tous prier là dedans

  • PatriotX

    Yea, that’ll happen. LOL