Palestinian Refugees vs. the Arabs

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In 2008, during a presentation at a panel discussion on the Middle East conflict at Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), a young Arab-American lady claiming to be a “Palestinian refugee” posed to the present writer the following question:

“Why can any ‘Moishe Pipik’ from Brooklyn go to live in Israel, but I, a child of Palestinian parents living in the USA, cannot go back to my ancestral homeland, Palestine, where our families lived since time immemorial?”

The response to that question may be useful to readers who find themselves confronted with similar questions by friends, relatives, colleagues, or others.

The first thing to note is that “Palestinians” have not been living in Palestine (now Israel) from time immemorial.  Turkish and British records are clear that Palestine was flooded with Arab immigrants from the late 1850’s onward due to the salutary effects of British colonial and Zionist developments from the mid-19th century onward. Groundbreaking work on the Arab historical demography of Palestine during the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries has been done by Professor Justin McCarthy in his book The Population of Palestine: Population History and Statistics of the Late Ottoman Period and the Mandate (Institute for Palestine Studies Series), summarized here. McCarthy, not a Jew nor an Israeli nor a Zionist, writing for a Palestinian institute, demonstrates that the Arab population of Palestine almost quadrupled from c. 1855 to 1947.  Only a tiny minority of Arabs can claim ancestral attachment to this territory, and even those claims are based solely on anecdotal accounts for which there is no empirical evidence.

Then one must recall that the Arab side started the war, and lost the war. Israel accepted the UN partition plan in 1947. The Arab states launched a war. When an aggressor loses a war because the victim country successfully repulses the aggression, and in doing so captures some of the aggressor’s land, the disposition of that captured territory, and its inhabitants, must await a peace treaty between the belligerents. Refugees from the aggressor country have recourse to repatriation only in the context of a peace treaty.  Most Arab countries have refused to make peace.  It was Arab aggression that started the war.  Had there been no war there would have been no refugees, and there would have been a state for the Palestinians since 1947.

Moreover, a careful analysis of the evidence from Arab sources indicates that the Arab side encouraged, and in some cases even forced c. 90% of the refugees to flee.  Therefore the Arab leadership bears the onus of culpability for creating the problem, and thus the Arab side, and not Israel, bears responsibility for solving the problem.  Because Israel was not threatening that 90% who fled, there is no legal claim for refugee status. Refugee status accrues to those who flee due to persecution or danger. Just as that 170,000 stayed and encountered no danger, so too could many hundreds of thousands more have stayed.

It was not Israel, but Arab countries’ refusal to respond to Israel’s call for peaceful negotiations that made it impossible for refugees to be repatriated.  At the Rhodes Armistice talks in 1949, Israel offered reparations, resettlement assistance, and repatriation, but only in the context of peace treaties.  The Arab leaders refused all talk of peace.  Had there been peace, there could have been repatriation, and perhaps even the creation of a Palestinian state after the war. It was the Arab side that slammed the door on that option.

To the onus of culpability for creating and maintaining the refugee problem at the onset one must add the calumny of Arab states’ exacerbating it for decades thereafter.  Except for Jordan, Arab host countries denied citizenship to the refugees, locked them in barbed-wire camps, kept armed guards to prevent their leaving, and legislated laws against integration of refugees in to their host country. Lebanese law, for example, lists more than 70 professions in which the Arab refugees were prohibited from engaging.  It is illegal for a Palestinian refugee to buy land in Lebanon. There is ample evidence from Arab sources that the Syrian government transported fleeing refugees, at gunpoint, in cattle cars to far-flung borders in 1949,  in order to keep them away from Palestine, to thus prevent their repatriation, and to eternalize the “refugee problem.”

But Arab guilt in stymieing any solution does not stop there. At the Lausanne conference of 1949, Israel offered unconditionally and unilaterally to repatriate 100,000 Arab refugees even without any peace accords.  The Arab leaders refused.

Israeli offers of repatriation and reparation continued until June, 1967.  The Arab side refused all offers.  Not Israel, but the Arab refusal to countenance any possibility of peace treaties offered by Israel condemned the refugees to penury and homelessness.

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  • Nakba1948

    Free Palestine! Boycott, divest from and sanction apartheid Israel! One democratic state for two peoples!

    • dave

      Apartheid! Christians and Jews are not even allowed to visit Mecca!

      • Dorothy Wachsstock

        Jordan is the state for the Palestinians and always was supposed to be such. The Palestinians want all of Israel or Arafat wouldn't have walked away from Clinton after getting all that he asked for wasn't enough. He wanted all of Israel.

        The Arabs will not accept a Jewish State and though there are 22 Arab wealthy States, they will not help the Palestinians and the United States is a dupe for the Arab countries by not allowing us to use our own resources and give money to buy oil and enrich those states that are smarter than our representatives.

        They will win the United States and take over us as this President hands it to them on a silver platter as Sen. McCain did the same to Pres.Obama by not fighting for the Presidency..we hold him accountable for the demise of our country.

        • aspacia

          Actually all of Transjordan was to be a Jewish state.

          Oh, buy Arco, or Sinclair — the money does not go into terrorist lands.

    • Larry

      Free Judea and Samaria, evict the arab occupiers.

    • kafir

      allahu snackbar to ya, moon goddie worshipper!! Is it true that you have a mohamat blow up doll with a nice tight mouth, nakie?

    • guest

      Free ISRAEL! Boycott, divest from and sanction apartheid PALESTINE! One democratic state for ISRAEL!

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Free Palestine! Boycott, divest from and sanction apartheid Israel! One democratic state for two peoples!

      Thus even though it is irrefutable that the Palestinian narrative is false, you still advocate a one state for two peoples solution. Uhm…can you point to just one state in the world where Muslims exist side by side with non-Muslim unbelievers without imposing Sharia and rendering the non-Muslim unbelievers into harsh and degrading dhimmitude? In fact, in every Islamic state in the world today without exception, Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living as second-class dhimmis citizens in those Islamic states are all violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether. As a matter of fact, every non-Muslim country in the world that borders an Islamic country is currently under assault by Muslims. What are you, a non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadist? Or are you a myopic delusional leftwing moonbat living in a dreamworld?

    • UCSPanther

      I am proud to say that I bought a magLULA pistol magazine loader yesterday, which is proudly made in Israel.

      Chew on that….

      • aspacia

        Nice new toy:-)

    • aspacia

      Nakba, you post nothing but propaganda. Not one whit of reasoning or logic. Typical of a liberal or Muslim.

      Why should those who wish Israel harm be allowed to reap the rewards of Israeli labor and intellect.


  • John Kelly

    "Palestine" is the greatest example of Islamic deception and hypocrisy.

    The oil rich Islamic nations could easily absorb the Palestinians but it helps their cause to leave Palestine as a toxic, festering sore.

    One day the world will wake up and realize that the problems Israel faces today, the world will face tomorrow.

    • frank

      Actually, when the offer was presented to Bush to give west bank and gaza to israel, yet leave an international force in jerusalem, he didn't accept, and nor did sharon.

      Now that offer is no longer on the table, and 1967 is driving bibi crazy, because he cursed sharon for not taking the deal in 2001 when it was offered by the aliens directly.

      So now the aliens finally gave their second offer on oct 31 2011, and to their surprise it wasnt better than the one offered in 2001, and when bibi heard 1967, he nearly collapsed on the spot. So what is the next move? Bibi says no to the aliens, and they come back with another offer next year, and all of a sudden i wouldn't be surprised if the new offer by the aliens is 1948 borders. Then what will happen? the gambling addicts will say "nonsense!" and double down again, then poof, no borders. All this because of an alien mind game that no one noticed. if it wasnt' so serious, i would be laughing till the end of time.

  • Ben

    This facts where clearly stated in the media for many times but anti-Jewish prejudeces eliminate it from the memory of many people. Instead we hear endless propaganda cries: Palestinian people ( no people), suffering (self-iduced), occupation(of Israeli land), apartheid ( with Arabs- Israel sitizens in the parliament ).
    This lies are remembered better by prejudiced people.

  • Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf

    It is my understanding that Haj Amin el-Husseini, the Mufti of "al-Quds," encouraged the Arabs to migrate to the land west of the Jordan during the pre-War period. Hitler's friend, guest and adviser on all matters relating to the genocide of the Jews (blueprints for Auschwitz were recently discovered in the Berlin appartment he occupied during WWII) wished to use this influx to balance and eventually to counter Jewish immigration.

  • Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf

    The important thing to note is that for the Arab, the instinct towards jihad (especially against al-Yahud) does not necessarily contradict the need to work, although his sloth and incompetence generally lend another meaning to this verb. Arab contractors build houses for Jews in Judea and Samaria, and indeed all over Israel, and the Hamas/PA authorities let them, partly because they expect to inherit the properties and partly because they recognize that hatred can fill the heart but not usually the belly.

  • Ka'b bin Ashraf

    The Dogmush clan from Aza, famous for 'kidnapping' the BBC's correspondent in the territory at the time of the Hamas take-over, made their fortune from constructing now-abandoned Jewish communities in the Strip. And how many times have you heard a befuddled liberal claim that most Muslims aren't interested in holy war – just in earning a living for themselves and their families? I always reply that the two are not mutually exclusive, but that given the choice, most would prefer a life of leisurely, non-dangerous jihad and generous jizyah benefits. Sometimes they understand.

  • Larry

    What Christianity has done to the Jews in the last 2 thousand years, the Muslim's will to to Christianity in the next 2 thousand years. Remember there are 1.3 billion Muslims alive today.
    It always amazed me how we Christians can go to church on Sunday and worship a Jewish GOD and still have hatred in our heart for the religion of Jesus.
    Jesus was born, lived and died a Jew. He knew nothing about Christianity. When the miracle of his return takes place what do you think his thoughts will be on the persecution of his brethren?
    Were do you think he would go to pray? You can bet your life it would be a Synagogue and not a Church. Remember he would know nothing about the religion that Paul created and everything about the religion of his Jewish ancestors.

    • Barry

      The first converts were jewish. The early writings and the different spheres of influence of the various apostles(jews) and their disciples had no conflict, it seems, with each other. Who do you claim to be speaking for when using the word "we Christians?" The early Christians were thrown out of the synagogues. If Jesus came only to reform, then why is He quoted as saying "I will build my Church…?

      • aspacia

        Were they? Their new Jewish sect was rejected, but were they expelled from synagogues? What is your evidence? I am really asking.

        • InRussetShadows

          Yup. I don't have any links handy myself, but I have read this, too. When Christians were thrown out of the synagogues, ritual denunciations were added to the "oral tradition" that became the Talmud — with all of its vile anti-Christian language. This was all headed up by the Pharisees, of course.

          Interestingly enough, Luther's "Against the Jews" was focused primarily upon the teachings of the Talmud, and the evil behavior that it encouraged against Christians.

          • aspacia

            Nope Russet,

            I peruse Jewish teaching on Aish, and often go to Ask a Rabbi for answers. Jews reject Christianity on the fact the Jesus did not fulfill prophecy, problems with Joseph's lineage, and the messiah will be human not divine. Other than that, there is nothing against Jews in their religious texts, and there is zip about Jesus.

            Martin Luther, like Mad Mo, was angered when Jews reject his teachings; afterward both launched on a serious antiJewsih campaign causing many atrocities to be committed against Jews. Much of Luther's edicts were used during Hitler's reign as justification for violence against Jews.

            Oh, and Russet, you are also Judeophobic. I bet you cannot document one valid instance of Jewish attacks against Christians based solely on faith.

            I want valid sources not some bs antiJew David Duke site.

    • aspacia

      Excellent post Larry:-) Now, wait for it. . . the myopically stupid Christian Beth will post something stupid as she always does. Oh, and do not bother responding to the dolt, she will never acknowledge any error on her part.

    • InRussetShadows

      What has Christianity done to the Jews in the last 2000 years? For at least a good 300 years or so, Christianity didn't have the power to do anything to the Jews, being an outlawed religion. And from about 1800 onwards, let's say, Christianity didn't have the power to do anything to the Jews, because things like pogoms and such have been illegal. So at the best, you're talking 1500 years of history. However, Christianity does not teach people to do the sorts of things that Islam does. Thus, to compare the two as you did, betrays a lack of understanding. You do know the suras that explicitly teach Muslims to murder Jews, don't you? Now find me an equivalent in the New Testament. Go on. I'll be waiting.

      Jesus was well aware of what he said, when he made claims to being divine. He knew what he meant when he healed Gentiles and Samaritans. He knew what he said when he commanded his disciples to go and baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Bible does not support your claim that Jesus had no idea he was doing something new.

      I will bet my life. Jesus said "on this I will build my church."

      And do you think that he is somehow ignorant of structures dedicated to "where two or more gather in My name"? Do you remember what he said when people told him that his mother and brothers were looking for him? "Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother." Thus, he will worship along those who are doing God's will and who recognize him as the Christ. Non-messianic Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Christ, so he would not worship with them — obviously.

      And if you think that this same Jesus did not actually appear to Paul, as Paul stated he did, what else is there to say? You do not take the Bible seriously and you do not even know what it says.

    • bpete1969

      Larry, while not the most ridiculous thing I've read written by a "Christian" , it's up there on the list. First of all, I worship God, the God of Adam and Eve, the God that created the world, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. You may refer to him as a Jewish God but I think he was around before the Jews were chosen for a covenant. Secondly, Jesus knows full well of Christianity. He knew of it before the concept ever came into being in this "worldly" existence. You forget he has returned, it's that little thing we Christians call the resurrection. I think if Jesus came back and had to pray he wouldn't need to find a synagogue or a church for where two or more are together in his name, he is there. You seem to forget that Jesus had a problem with man's corruption of the synagogue. That was his reason for chasing the money changers and merchants from the temple. He saw the corrupted manner of the synagogue and of Rome and the secularism that had poisoned both. He would know everything of the religion he created because it was the same religion that existed before his birth. The "Jews" kept blowing that religion off, thus the reason for his crucifixion to allow all men, Jew and gentile to be forgiven. Jesus knew why he was here and what the outcome would be for it was his faith that allowed prophecy to be fulfilled.
      As to other replies to your post there were some instances of Jewish persecution of Christians. Not as doctrine but as pockets of resistance and competition with this "new" religion. St. Stephen was martyred because of his teaching as St. Paul and the other apostles were imprisoned and executed ( save St. John who died in exile). Martin Luther renounced some of his claims against the Jews prior to his death and claiming the Hitler used them to whip up the locals can be said about a lot of things stated by others beside Luther (some would said there would never have been a Hitler if it wasn't for Lenin). You forget that shortly after Hitler came into power the Confessing Church was formed and renounced the Nazis. The Nazis created the Protestant Reich Church and in 1943 after an attempt to assassinate Hitler, he sent leaders of the Confessing Church and the Catholic Church to the concentration camps.

  • mike3034

    This is what McCarthy said:
    Growth during the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Ottoman period was similar to that experienced in most of the Ottoman Empire
    The Arabs did not flood Palestine because of Zionist development. Pure rubbish

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Okay, according to you, Islamic civilization was always an advanced society relative to Western civilization, which is easy to confirm. I mean just look at the advance way of life the Afghanis enjoy. Indeed, it is one of the most advanced societies in all of history. Moreover, Muslim goat herders only herd goats as a hobby.

    • aspacia

      mike3034, most valid historians make this claim. What is your evidence to the contrary?

  • mrbean

    During Israel's fight for her independence, Arab leaders told the Arab population in Israel to flee. They promised to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea and then they could come back and live in the Israeli houses. The Arabs that didn't leave Israel were made Israeli citizens and today have Israeli passports. They enjoy protection, stability and the highest standard of living for a middle class in the entire Arab Middle East. Those that fled Israel are what today are called "Arab refugees." Their Arab brothers refused to absorb them into Egypt and/or Jordan as citizens. Israel however, absorbed some 3 million Jews that were expelled from Arab countries. The U.S. insisted these so called "Palestinian refugees" have elections. They did and promptly elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, to run the government.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It is illegal to wear a mask in what is alleged to be Palestine unless you are shooting or throwing rocks at Jews. In the 60’s I had an Israeli friend who told me that Arab mothers would provide knives to their sons which they would use to stab Jews. These people arenraised to hate and kill Jews. Letting Arabs return to Israel is suicidal.

  • BS77

    Get it straight…Israel is NOT the problem in the Middle East.

    • Bamaguje

      Islam is!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Very excellent article. However, unfortunately the writer in strict compliance to the unwritten rules of PC multiculturalism deliberately sanitized the words Islam and Muslims from the discussion, even though it is the one and only overriding motivating factor behind everything that has transpired in Israel. I mean how can one discuss Israel and not mention at least once the words Islam and Muslims? Indeed, imagine the support Israel would garner worldwide if people were educated and made to understand that the Islamic world is not only waging a permanent jihad of conquest perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but also against all non-Muslim unbelievers around the world.

    Nevertheless, sanitizing the word Islam completely from of the discussion like it is some sort of unwritten rule that must never be broken is something the supporters of Israel universally do in strict adherence. It is also the reason why most people in the world today view Israel as the evil greedy aggressor and the so-called Palestinians as Israel's lowly victims. It's because like an unwritten rule that must never be broken, Islam must always be scrubbed and sanitized from the discussion, and as long as that practice is universally strictly adhered to, Israel will continue to inevitably always lose the battle of public relations in the court of public opinion. Thus, in the greater scheme of things, this article unfortunately is completely useless and in fact a complete waste of time and valuable bandwidth.

  • artcohn

    Excellent article. But, in addition, it should be remembered that the UN was set up follwing WW2 with a Security Council whose permanent members with a veto, were the victorius allies against the German Nazi's and Japanese militarists which started that war. The leader of the Palestinian Arabs, al Husseini,spent the war in Berlin assisting the Nazi propaganda efforts and recruiting Moslem troops. Al Husseini led the Palestinian Arab efforts to destroy the Palestinian Jewish State, to be named-Israel, in the 1947-1949 time period when most of the Arab refugees became refugees.
    Given the onus of the Nazi's and their collaborators, and on Al Husseini and the other Arab leaders for starting the fighting that brought about the refugees, the case for the descendents of those refugees to flood Israel with haters of Jews is even less.

  • guest

    so who was living in the land before 1850 s? and who was in it from 1850 to mid twentieth? also if the descendants of refugees have no right of return then isnt that the same argument that might apply to the jewish influx you mention ?
    the history part is unclear.

    • aspacia

      According to both Samuel Clemens and Winston Churchill the land was desolate with almost not inhabitants except a few nomadic Arabs.

    • InRussetShadows

      Under "international law", the descendants of refugees have no right of return. That's what all/most of the nations have agreed to. Israel, as a sovereign state, has every right to set up whatever immigration laws she chooses. The two are not directly comparable.

    • ziontruth

      "so who was living in the land before 1850 s? and who was in it from 1850 to mid twentieth?"

      Jews, Samaritans, Arabs, Druzes and a few recent Ottoman displacements from the Caucasus knows as Circasians.

      Of those groups, only the Jews have an unbreakable tie to this land—in the period you ask about, they were the only ones to care about this land, whereas the Arabs and the Turkish rulers regarded it as a sub-sub-province, a backwater, and certainly nothing special.

      Furthermore, the Arabs themselves being beneficiaries of a land-grab anywhere outside the Arabian Peninsula, their indigenous territory, they have no legitimate claim whatsoever to Palestine no matter what their number on this land has ever been. The only legitimate claimants to Palestine are the indigenous Palestinians, namely, the Jews.

      For the sake of a just and viable peace, all Arab settlements in the entirety of Palestine will need to be dismantled, and all Arab colonists will need to leave, to abandon their ill-gotten gains for the sake of the rightful owners of the land, the only true Palestinians, the Jews. Anything less is a travesty and cannot stand.

  • drtruth

    Hey obamayomama, the muslims most certainly can be left out of the conversation because all they do is lie anyway. You can’t hold a rational discussion with people that aspire to have sex with young virgins. What’s with the whole virgins in paradise thing anyway. And they talk about very openly and publicly like its normal. Well, its sick sick sick. And this is the cult that the US president wants to associate with. He likes to believe that their are “peace loving” moderates. Sure just look at Egypt Libya tunisia syria bahrain yemen somalia and all the lunatics in these countries chanting like lunatics with no idea why or what they want or what to do. Sure let’s involve all these liers and wild animal Jihadists into the conversation. They should be included the amount of times that they included the name of their so called 3rd holiest city Jerusalem in their Koran…ZERO.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Dear drtruth…you definitely missed the gist of my argument. Either that or you don't understand Israel's plight.

      • drtruth


        I in fact do very well understand Israel’s plight. I am huge supporter of Israel. Perhaps I misunderstood you but from what you wrote which was to include the muslim and palastinian view in the conversation is pointless. Everyone or rather all the nations who are players in this political forum on peace with israel and the arabs have been there and done that. The arabs don’t want to talk…they want to dictate. Its their way or no way. Its islam or death. I’m sure you have heard the Israeli expression that ” all the agreements broken in the middle east are the amount of agreements signed in the middle east. The arabs don’t respect any agreements they sign because they all violate islam. They don’t respect anything outside of islam. Nothing said and nothing the world does will change that. I was merely pointing out a few absurdities about their religion of which there are many more to illustrate the point that you cannot have rational discussions and debates with a death cult and a people who have no respect for basic human values like “thou shalt not kill” those who do not attempt to kill you. What israel needs to do is to get the truth out as posted in this article very openly and very publicly in all the media forums possible to get out its message and in Universities to counter all the arab propaganda and lies.
        Although even that will be difficult since a lot of the condemnations against israel is racially biased. The arab propaganda machine has entrenched itself well and so it is much more difficult but israel must still try and, they must prevent in the future such as Iran they must act now before it is too late.

    • aspacia

      I enjoy good sarcasm, but you are not funny and your attempt falls flat.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Palestinians as described today are nothing but a contrived people by the
    Arab League made up of Jordanian and Egyptian nomads forced into camps
    by Egypt and Jordan as a ploy against Israel. No Arab Nation claims or
    wants these people nor do they want a Palestinian State, the entire enterprise
    is to make Israel look bad in the worlds eye and proceed to slowly choke
    the life out of the Jews. The next war will change the face of the Middle East
    forever, if Israel goes for broke the term Palestinian will disappear forever, if
    it is still around next year the Israelis are just doing a slow disappearance as
    they are sharing in the denial of Western Nations and at the cost of their own
    existence are nibbled away until being overwhelmed. My hope is Israel will
    finally reach the mental understanding that showtime is here and all stops must
    be pulled out and the destruction of their fasciest/Islamist enemies must happen.

  • Just another Guy

    If I was Jewish living in the Middle East and looked around at what all the other countries were doing and how Sharia Law dominates, I would most definitely want my own state. Especially when that state is one ancestral land. One state for both? Forget that. How long before Jews are run over by Islamic laws that they don't want any part of? I'm not anti-Islam, but I also know that I wouldn't want to live under Sharia Law or a conservative Muslim government which could very well happen, especially if I was Jewish. I feel for the Palestinians, but I also believe Israel should exist.

  • PAthena

    Note that calling Arabs "Palestinians" is part of the Big Lie concocted by Egypt under Nasser and the Soviet Union in Cairo, 1964, when they invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization." The name "Palestine" was given to Judea by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 A.D. to forever eradicate all memory of Judea, and he also outlawed Judaism. Since that time, "Palestine" meant "land of the Jews" (or "the Holy Land," since Jesus was a Jew), and "Palestinian" meant "Jew." That is why the British Palestine Mandate awarded after World War I, was to be a homeland for the Jews."

  • Hercules

    The refugees were created by the Arabs in 1947 as this excellent article points out. The Arabs' agenda against Israel requires that they maintain Palestinians in 'refugee status'. It is this 'status' which provides the Arabs and their misguided supporters the hammer needed to pound Israel with. The goal of the Arabs is to annihilate Israel and until that happens they will need the popular support they receive from the world from the 'plight' of the refugees, a plight which was, and is, of their doing, not Israel's. They also want to maintain the ignorance of the Palestinians as well as their impoverishment. It may be ignorance that will prevent the ultimate resolution of this problem and ignorance which will produce the conflagration which is inevitable for such matters cannot be defuses indefinitely, for all time.

  • Tony Kondaks

    I disagree with the author’s use of the affirmative action analogy to justify Israel’s right of return for Jews. Why not simply use the nationality example? It is enough.

    Affirmative action is and has too many negative connotations.

  • Alex Bensky

    It seems to be entirely unremarked upon that if the Arabs had won the 1948 war they would not have set up a Palestinian Arab state. I don't think there's any question but that the invading armies intended to seize and hold land for their own countries. In other words, land Egypt took in a successful war would have become part of Egypt, etc.

    Yet it is assumed that the Arab state was stillborn because of the Jews.

    • aspacia

      Yes. Egypt did annex Gaza and Jordan annexed The West Bank, why no call for a Palestinian state while under the control of these Muslim governments? Oh, right, key work Muslim government control is condoned, Jewish control is condemned.

      Lying hypocrites.

  • drtruth

    Good point Alex Bensky. Why did the Palestinians not “rise up” against jordan before 1967. Only when the Jews took over control from the jordanians did they suddenly care to define themselves and even when they were better treated under Israeli sovereignty which doesn’t make sense. That’s because its not meant to make sense because all they want is to destroy the state of Israel to achieve racial cleansing by “ridding” the land of Jews. “Juenrein”. And, as part of their ultimate goal of spreading islam around the world. This was never about occupation. This is clear from the Gaza situation now after a full Israeli withdrawl. Wake up world!

    • InRussetShadows

      The "Juenrein" part is especially odious. It is interesting how apologists for the psuedostinians never mention that. I suppose it would blight their apologia to openly support a second holocaust, even when that's what they really want to see happen.

  • KKKK

    excellent report. the "FALSEtinians" are a creation of of imagination to help get ride of Israel, the only free land in the Middle East. i stand by Israel!