The Depravity of the Homicide Bomber’s Recruiters

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Thus they recruited her to die as a “martyr” and take many of the “accursed Zionists” with her , even though these “accursed Zionists” would in all likelihood include other Gazan Arab patients at the Israeli hospital, the most certainly the doctor who saved her life, and nurses and other attendants, some of whom were Israeli Arab Muslims working at the hospital, who made her sojourn at Soroka hospital so comfortable.

The recruiters even convinced her parents, who eventually encouraged her “martyrdom”. A “farewell” video clip was taped in her home with the consent of her parents, and when it was time to put on her explosive-laden garments that weighed 10 kg (22 lbs), her own mother helped her dress and fixed a broken zipper.

On June 20, 2005, Wafa entered the Erez crossing ostensibly to travel to Soroka hospital for further treatment;  but this time she hid an explosives belt in her underclothes, intending to carry out a suicide bombing at the hospital.

Her heavy clothing aroused suspicion at the crossing and when the explosive belt was revealed, she attempted to detonate it.  The detonator failed to function.

Under questioning Wafa revealed that she had been instructed by the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade to use her personal medical authorization documents to make her way through the Erez crossing without the usual careful inspections, and then carry out the suicide attack in a crowded portion of the Israeli hospital.

An NBC video clip captured the incident at Erez Crossing. Notice on the video how she screams in anguish because the bomb does not detonate.  But then later she weeps and pleas for clemency protesting that she repents of her choices and actions.

One could perhaps feel some sympathy for her, vulnerable prey to the terrorist recruiters who exploited her depression  and  brow-beat her into submitting to a mission of suicide and mass murder. But now, after 6 years of imprisonment, she returns to her home in Gaza, hosts grade school children at her home, and urges them to: “…walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs.”   The children respond with cheers and, waving Palestinian flags, they chant: “We will give our souls and our blood to redeem the prisoners. We will give our souls and our blood for you, oh Palestine.”

Now she is the recruiter, the one who preys upon the vulnerable, in this case impressionable young children, whom she prepares for their future recruitment into the ranks of homicide bombers and mass murderers.

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  • meekee

    Sounds like a candidate for the Not So Noble Peace Prize!

  • PatriotX

    “Since she wanted to commit suicide, they argued, she might as well do it in a way that would bring glory to herself and her whole family.”

    What happened to, “glory belonging to allah”?

    “even though these “accursed Zionists” would in all likelihood include other Gazan Arab patients at the Israeli hospital, the most certainly the doctor who saved her life, and nurses and other attendants, some of whom were Israeli Arab Muslims working at the hospital, who made her sojourn at Soroka hospital so comfortable.”

    Oh, just collateral damage to them, I’m sure. I wonder what those Arab patients would think of people who take THEIR deaths so lightly….hmmmm. Interesting that the Jewish doctors just looked at them as human beings in need of help.

    I caught on to this “not afraid to die” garbage a long time ago. One of the tell tale indicators of suicide bombers are disorientation from the drugs that they pump them with so they can pull it off. Any other way, they wouldn’t do it.

    They are mentally depraved men and women, filled with evil and hatred for anything and anybody who does not submit to their beliefs. Trust me when I tell you they are quite capable and afraid of dying just like you, I and all other ordinary people. Sure, you always hear about suicide bombers but a fact that somehow escapes the news, is that these vermin often recruit the mentally disabled, people with severe mental illness (well, you could probably say that about all terrorists), or what I particularly find despicable is the use of innocent children, to conduct this act of insanity. This should give the entire world a hint, as to the type of deranged cowards they really are and to stop romanticizing them and their ridiculous call to Jihad. I’ve done a couple of combat tours in Iraq and my unit never really saw a lot of combat action. I do know from the few incidents we’ve had, that when we opened fire on these “not afraid to die” barbarians, they ran like cockroaches after someone flipped a light switch.

    • WSK

      They're not afraid to watch others die…….

  • DanKelso

    Brilliant article which shows the sick demented people the Palestinians are.
    And to think the left supports these Islamo Nazis.

  • StephenD

    I used to wonder after some of the depictions in the Old Testament where G_d had entire villages wiped out; including every man, woman and child, goat and ass because of its corruption. Though for many years I reconciled this action with the possibility of medical concerns I now wonder if it was more in line with what we see now.

  • Ghostwriter

    How come I'm not surprised by this?

  • LindaRivera

    The Israelis saved her life and this hard-hearted woman repaid the love and kindness of Israelis with great evil. Now freed, she has dedicated her life to teaching and indoctrinating PA Muslim school children to hate and to kill Jewish innocents.
    This is why peace can never be made. The poisonous hate and savage murders of Jews and other non-Muslims is taught in the Koran, in mosques, PA schools, universities, and mass media.

    Israel must never be so suicidal as to give even one inch of land to a people so inhuman and cruel, they are utterly dedicated to the genocide of every last Jew in Israel. G-D protect all innocents from such monsters.

  • kafirman

    A terrible story, but one which needed to be told. Allah is having parents sacrifice their children. Allah=Molech (see Lev. 20:2)=leftist ideology (abortion), the god of child sacrifice .

    • PatriotX


  • WSK

    Thank you for calling them HOMICIDE, not Suicide bombers.