U.S. Aid to Israel: Why It’s a Must

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In contrast, the problems the United States faces in the Persian Gulf today stem from the fact that it does not have an Israel equivalent there.  Absent a strong, loyal, and dependable ally in the region, the United States has had to deploy, redeploy, and redeploy again, at a cost that easily exceeds a trillion dollars.  Repeated U.S. administrations came to power predisposed to associate with the Arab world and to disassociate from Israel; but in the end, most came to acknowledge the worth of Israel as a steadfast ally in a volatile region.  From Lyndon Johnson on, most have come to see that US support for Israel has been the most cost-effective national security investment for America since World War II and the Marshal Plan.

In sum, Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies.  Israel fights the same Islamo-fascist terrorism that brought down our World Trade Center, blew up a large chunk of the Pentagon, killed more than 3,000 innocent American civilians, and cost our economy as yet unascertained billions of dollars.  Israeli-American strategic cooperation is not a given, it is not automatic, it is not a knee-jerk reaction to shared values, and it is not a panacea; but without it the world would be a much more dangerous place.  Israel helps keep America safe.

At $3 billion a year, that’s an incredible bargain.


[1] See http://www.mythsandfacts.com/NOQ_OnlineEdition/Chapter17/unitedstatesisrael1.htm for a detailed history of the development of the “special relationship.”

[2] For these and others see  http://www.aipac.org/~/media/Publications/Policy%20and%20Politics/AIPAC%20Analyses/Issue%20Memos/2011/02/PoliticalQuotes.pdf.

[3] The most infamous of late being Walt and Mearsheimer, http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n06/john-mearsheimer/the-israel-lobby (and see http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=376&PID=0&IID=1795 for a very thorough rebuttal); and Thomas Stauffer in The Christian Science Monitor,  Dec. 9, 2002,
http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1209/p16s01-wmgn.html (and see http://honestreporting.com/u-s-aid-to-israel/?mobile=1 for a very thorough rebuttal); Stephen Zunes in The Jerusalem Fund, Feb., 2001, http://www.thejerusalemfund.org/www.thejerusalemfund.org/carryover/pubs/20010201ftr.html; Scott McConnel, “The Special Relationship with Israel: Is it worth the Cost?,” Middle East Policy Council Archive, http://www.mepc.org/journal/middle-east-policy-archives/special-relationship-israel; and a variety of articles over the last few years condemning Israel and urging the USA to end its support, financial and political, for Israel in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), and especially the August, 2008 edition, http://www.highbeam.com/publications/the-washington-report-on-middle-east-affairs-p61470/august-2008.

[4] For a detailed analysis of the history of American aid to Israel, its substantial increase after 1970, and the role of our government’s hard-headed, logical, and fact-based analysis of the strategic value of the “special relationship” in the realms of military intelligence, ordnance and operations, see A. F. K. Organsi, “The $36 Billion Bargain: Strategy and Politics in U.S. Assistance to Israel,” New York, Columbia University Press, 1990.  And for a review see http://www.danielpipes.org/604/the-36-billion-bargain-strategy-and-politics-in-us.

[5] For a detailed analysis of decades of Israeli intelligence support to the USA, see Wolf Blitzer, “Between Washington and Jerusalem,” New York, Oxford University Press, 1986, and the New York Times review for a summary at http://www.nytimes.com/1986/03/09/books/better-than-5-cia-s.html.  For one example among many: In August 1966, the Mossad recruited an Iraqi pilot who defected and flew a Soviet MiG 21 to Israel. Israel shared this intelligence coup with the U.S.  Israel furnished many whole Soviet weapons systems, like 122-mm and 130-mm artillery and a T-72 tank, to the U.S.  For a detailed list of such coups see http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=376&PID=0&IID=1795

[6] And Secretary of State Hague was not exaggerating.  According to one professional assessment from July, 1986:

“Washington has shown interest in Israeli help in possible air and sea battles with Soviet forces in the eastern Mediterranean. The growing strength of the Soviet Navy and declining political reliability of Premier Andreas Papandreou’s anti-American regime in Greece has increased the importance of Israeli cooperation in this vital area…. The Israeli Air Force has had extensive combat experience over the Mediterranean and could play a dominant role in the area south of Turkey and east of Crete.  A U.S. Navy study [DML: not available to the public] reportedly has concluded that Israel’s Air Force alone could destroy the entire Soviet Fleet in the eastern Mediterranean. By one estimate, Israel could launch 20 times as many air attack sorties as an aircraft carrier air wing or 12 times as many air combat sorties. Even if only 10 percent of the Israeli Air Force were committed to sea control missions, Israel could project more air power than could a U.S. carrier in the eastern Mediterranean (author’s emphasis). …. The small Israeli Navy, meanwhile, is a modern force comprised of fast missile boats that pack considerable punch. .… Even if Israel sits out a military conflict with the Soviet Union, Jerusalem could make a major difference in the outcome by permitting U.S. warplanes to use Israeli air bases.”

http://www.policyarchive.org/handle/10207/bitstreams/9275.pdf and cf. also http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/1986/07/americas-security-stake-in-israel.

Israel’s military capacity has only grown since then. For a broad over-view of Israel’s strategic value to the USA see: http://www.aipac.org/israel-and-the-us and http://www.aipac.org/israel-and-the-us/military-partnership.

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  • maturin20

    The Mearsheimer and Walt report counters all of this author's claims with great efficacy.

    • SHmuelHaLevi

      I worked for and still contribute to the US DoD at Senior-Fellow level.
      Please let us know if either one of those two ever participated on US national defense.
      Harvard, my friend produced some of the worst "graduated" junk ever. Granted that in cases it also produced fine scholars. But…
      I worked with a huge industrial firm including over 120000 employees world wide.
      In the Defense Division, not a single Harvard graduate led a thing.
      Just as I did, many other Israeli experts did then and do now give their best for the US National Defense. And of course Israel's national defense.

      • maturin20

        Isn't your last sentence a case of dual loyalties?

        • SHmuelHaLevi

          Good question.
          President Bush visited our facility and was made aware of a Patent I had developed for one of the most critical Programs. Military Avionics that is.
          He did not quite feel the way you do, nor did the pilots but then again who cares about what you think, fellow. LOL

          • maturin20

            I'm honored that you consider me a fellow. Perhaps in time I can aspire to Senior Fellow status like yourself.

          • SHmuelHaLevi

            It is a good opportunity for readers to have a better understanding "maturing20".
            Allow me to report to you the following.
            Professor Daniel "Dan" Shechtman born in Tel Aviv, is this year's Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry.
            He is a Professor at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Eretz Israel.
            AND he is also a staff member of the…
            as well as:
            Professor at Iowa State University
            That is how "double loyalty" works…
            I hope you like it. ;)

            Of course I am not a Nobel Laureate but I am one of the best Engineers in my specialty. Patent holder and book writer on behalf of US interests and Israeli as well. Hardly any aircraft serving the US and many others would not include some of my work.
            Proud of my loyalty may friend.


          • maturin20

            Is it wise to have such a close relationship with another state?

    • normtrub

      They have been totally discredited

    • stern

      A number of people have demonstrated the major errors in Mearsheimer and Walt's work. You should try reading those as carefully as you read M&W.

      For your convenience, here's a rather long list: http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_context=8&x

      • maturin20

        Thanks for the list, I have started reading them. What I'm most struck by is how the different respondents treat Mearsheimer and Walt's claim that Israel's security is not a long-term US interest.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      With all due respect, Mearsheimer and Walt are both anti-Semitic bigots and unhinged morons just like you.

      In addition, show me a moron who is obsessed with bashing Israel and I'll show you a moron who also is completely ignorant of Islam and the grave existential threat it represents to freedom in the world. Not to mention that leftwing Marxists are unhinged totalitarians as well, which also explains their natural affinity for Islam.

      • maturin20

        Their sentence structure is better than yours.

    • Nick delany

      At the most obvious level, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East? They are the only country I have heard of that is considered a democracy while directly oppressing millions of people behind a fence. The only reason they are called a democracy is because we allow them to get away with behavior that no country in the world would be allowed to continue for more than a year. We give them all that money so they do not go to war on a whim. You say: :" to consistently stand alongside the United States on strategic issues in the UN and in other venues for international cooperation. Israel votes with the USA in the UN about 94% of the time." The reason for that is because we are doing their dirty work, and if we didn't start in 67' they wouldn't still today. This is an Israeli agenda, not a religious one' Israel is the crazy kid in the class room who was beat by his dad so much that he does the same to his kids now. They are the direct cause for every military issue since Vietnam. There are 190 countries out there that learn and hear a very different version of Israel and people like you are going to never let us clean our hands and walk away because public support is key when fighting or supporting very wrong things. History will look back on them, the same way we look back on the Germans to a lesser extent of course, but still not justifiable. The complex learned that in Vietnam and therefore we have AIPAC. Scarring people into ignorance and approval.

  • Ardin Bolt

    Israel is no longer the "only democracy" in the middle east. I am not anti-Israel, but I am definitely pro American. Give Israel credit for knowing our political system better than we do. AIPAC and their affiliates donate 200,000,000 every election cycle (2 years) and the US "donates" 3.5 Billion of US taxpayer money every year to a wealthy country, Israel. The US is hated by Arab nations because of our support for Israel, General Petraius noted we lose American lives because of it. We ask Israel to stop developing realestate on occupied land to further peace objectives, they tell our President to go fish, then the US Congress applauds Israel's prime minitster like he is a king of peace. Israel must think Americans are a bunch of chumps, and we are. It's absolutely pathetic. I am not angry with Israel, but I am very angry at American politicians. Last I checked, the US constitution seperated the church from the state, why are we supporting a Jewish state again? WAKE UP!

    • stern

      How much does Saudi Arabia donate? Why does America continue to pander to the Saudis, and continue to buy their unethical oil?

      Answers those two questions, then tell us why you are so pissed off about US aid to Israel.

    • PhillipGaley

      Concerning this first question, our author greatly misses the larger point: sure, India is a democracy, too, but only Israel is Western in thought, the demarcation of which, is religious—our G0D seeks us, and fellowship with us ("Come now, let us reason together, . . .") and the notions of gods of the heathen nations, have them seeking their gods and trying to placate them.
      And for example, my friend, who was at the head of Sudanese people in Portland, Oregon said: "When the Moslems help people, they ask first, to know whether you are Moslem or, no; when the Christians help, they help everyone."; and arising from the same Source or The Source Who Remains The Same, Israel is the same way, . . .
      This natural division between that which is Occidental and that which is Oriental shows also, why the Western nations have so much to give, and the Moslem and others, so very little.
      All of Western thought follows from this relationship as things truly are. While the one is sourced in a religion of grace, good times, and fellowship, the other seeks to establish man-made inventions as a religion with weak notions of the Creator—all, religions of mere works of man's hands, the religion of Cain the Rejected, and ultimately dejected and disappointed, . . .

    • John Dogherty

      Ardin – you wrote that "the US is hated by Arab nations because of our support for Israel, General Petraius noted we lose American lives because of it." If you research this further you will see this is a mistaken idea. If Israel disappeared tomorrow, the Muslim nations would not hate the U.S. any less. In their eyes, the U.S. is the Great Satan; Israel is only the Little Satan. They hate European civilisation as much as they hate the U.S. – for what they see as its corruption, licenciousness, and for its "infidelity" to the Quran.

      I would add that one of the reasons the U.S. is hated by Muslim nations is its wars on Muslim soil, wars which you can hardly blame on Israel. I'm not saying those wars are unjustified, only that Americas own leaders considered it to be vital to their own national interests to wage those wars, whether for access to natural resources, or to spread democracy, or in the hope of implanting pro-US regimes, or for other reasons.

      As for Congress giving Netanyahu a warm welcome, I understood this as a reaction to Pres. Obama's clueless policies. Obama thinks that if Israel bares its neck to the Islamic sword, PLO Fatah will turn from a tiger into a pussycat. Thank heaven some Congressmen know better.

  • J. Rabinowicz

    I'm not anti American, though I would prefer having leaders here in Israel speaking more frankly to the US. Instead of receiving $3 B. we could bill the US for the valuable intelligence (as you say worth of 5 CIAs during the xyz period), and bill you for ALL the valuable technical changes of the F-16, F-15 aircraft which were adopted throughout the years by the US! (worth Bilions of research) Israel isn't doing it, because its leaders are too comfortable (for the time being) and partly "refuse to see" the reality. In the end we are not ready for national suicide, and if pushed to the brink, we should act accordingly, without phoning first to the White House.
    The problem with the US, is the inconsistency of the foreign policy, the rough treatment of allies, the general shortsightedness (partly due to "Harvard producing graduated junk" as Shmuel Halevi commented in this forum) and the US political attention span which isn't longer than the next quarter. I could write a full essay, it is wise to refrain. The future will tell. A last word: The famous historian A. Toynbee said: Civilizations die from suicide not murder. America has to be careful for its own sake. Part 2.

    • stern

      What a brilliant idea – billing the US for what Israel provides. Love it!!!

    • Ardin Bolt

      If Israel is such an enormous asset to the US, then why doesn't any other country stand by Israel at the UN so they can recieve such an enourmous benefit. Can the US get back the American sailers killed by the Israeli airforce when it sunk the USS Liberty? I think our airforce was fine, and is fine, without Israel. Use someone elses military equipment to kill Palistinians, PLEASE.

      • stern

        Canada? Australia? Or haven't you been keeping up on the news lately?

        Probably not, as you keep insisting on reminding us about the USS Liberty, no matter how many posters inform you that the Liberty was giving away Israeli positions to the Egyptians and that despite Israeli requests, refused to stop doing so. That episode is over, dealt with, done. Now go away until you can come up with something new and worthwhile to post.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        If Israel is such an enormous asset to the US, then why doesn't any other country stand by Israel at the UN so they can recieve such an enourmous benefit.

        Several reasons, but clout is a big one. For instance, if a country supports Israel and if it isn't a world superpower like the USA, then it can forget about conducting international trade and commerce with not only the 57 Islamic states currently waging permanent and perpetual jihad against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but also all the other states that have been cowered into supporting the Islamic world's genocidal jihad against Israel.

        Not to mention that the Islamic world is not only waging jihad against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but it is also waging jihad against any and all non-Muslim unbelievers. Indeed, show me a moron addicted to bashing Israel and I will show you a fool totally oblivious of Islam and the very real existential threat it represents to freedom in the world.

        Another one is using oil as leverage to influence countries. This was particularly influential during the 1973 oil embargo following the Yom Kippur War when the Euro-Arab Dialogue was created, whereby the Islamic world successfully coerced the ECC, the precursor to the EU, into tossing Israel under the bus in return for cheap, reliable, and uninterrupted supplies of oil.

        In fact, as a direct result of the Euro-Arab Dialogue, the Euroloons also agreed to allow mass Muslim immigration into Europe, agreed not to attempt to assimilate or integrate these Muslim immigrants, agreed to allow thousands of mosques and madrassas to be built throughout Europe, agreed to revise all their text books used in schools, colleges, and universities to reflect an Islamic perspective of world history, agreed to allow Muslim professors to head Middle East Studies Departments in colleges and universities, agreed to numerous one sided Islamic biased cultural exchanges, agreed to force their medias to present only an anti-Israeli perspective, agreed to distance itself from the USA and to strive to separate the USA from Israel, etc., etc,, etc. Anyway, all of this is detailed and also copiously documented in Bat Ye'or's book, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. http://www.reformedreflections.ca/book-reviews/eu

        Also, most countries around the world today have large and restless unassimilated and unintegrated Muslim populations living in Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia as fifth columns in them, and anytime the permanent jihad being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel gets heated up, these restless populations of unassimilated and unintegrated Muslims march and riot to denounce Israel and in support of the jihadists fighting the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, while at the same time also sending a loud and very clear message to the governments of the countries in which they reside, that if they make the mistake of supporting Israel that there will be internal hell to pay.

        Thus, when you put all of it together, the clout of 57 Islamic states plus their supporters, the leverage and influence of oil, the huge impact of the Euro-Arab Dialogue since the 70s, the large populations of restless and unassimilated Muslims living as fifth columns in Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia inside these countries, etc., and then it becomes easy to understand why so many countries eagerly throw Israel under the bus.

        Can the US get back the American sailers killed by the Israeli airforce when it sunk the USS Liberty?

        That was irrefutably proven to be an accident when the NSA finally released the copies of the transcripts of the Israeli pilots in 2004. Hence, the fact that you don't know it or otherwise ignore it and still attempt to use the USS Liberty accident to incite hatred and violence against Israel proves unequivocally that you are little more than an unhinged and very obsessed anti-Semitic Jew hating bigot.

        I think our airforce was fine, and is fine, without Israel.

        Thankfully, most people aren't morons and obsessed Jew haters like you.

        Use someone elses military equipment to kill Palistinians, PLEASE.

        So-called Palestinians are a proxy created in Moscow in 1964 by the Soviet KGB as a disinformation campaign to camouflage the Islamic world's permanent genocidal jihad being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel under a cloak of nationalism to dupe gullible useful idiots and Jew hating bigots like you. Nevertheless, anyone who has studied Islam knows that nationalism and nation states are products of Western civilization, and that Islamic civilization only believes in the Dar al Islam (the realm of submission) ruled by a world Caliphate.

        • foramerica

          Not only is your rambling completely false you look very unintelligent calling someone an antisemite only because they dont support israel. You are a close minded bigot.

      • Tobe

        @ardinbolt: I agree. What can we expect from these Israeli to say but how great it should be for them but at American lives with American dollars. If they so want their freedom, I'm sure they could have it. Just say no to our blood and money, just so say no. I like how one comment boast of recycling American money as what we give them are given back to us when they buy our weapons. Are they kidding? This kind of logic is dumber than the people who talks of it: I give them a dollar and they give me back the dollar for my bread, so they got the bread for free! Those people are a joke to themselves.

  • Ben

    Maturin20.It wil be interesting for a Russian to know that your guru-Mearsheimer in an article of 1989 had predicted the great economic success of USSR( that collapsed in 1991).

    • maturin20

      Spasiba, tovarish.

  • Ben

    Great article! Israelis` gratitude is big,too big I think. I agree that 3 billions of help must be returned to Americans and this will be good for Israel.I`m sure that Mearsheimers will continue their propaganda after that. Jew-hate will find a channel.

  • WildJew

    I tend to agree with J. Rabinowicz above. I would like to see PM Netanyahu begin to make good on his pledge before a joint session of Congress in 1996, to wean Israel off American aid. It would be good for the U.S. and good for Israel. In 1996, U.S. aid was only about 3% of Israel's Gross National Product. In 2008 U.S. aid was reportedly around 1.2% of Israel's GDP. I am not suggesting Israel should not buy state of the art American made weapons on the open market. She should buy US weapons, in addition to other country's weapons. Israel should manufacture as many of her own weapons as possible, including a state of the art jet fighter like the Lavi which was unfortunately abandoned.

    Giving up U.S. aid should free Israel of much of the unwarranted American pressure that comes with aid. Israel would be under less pressure to exercise "restraint" in the face of jihad terrorism the way the United States and the Europeans demand. Israel should fight to win her wars. She should not be constrained to stand down before defeating her enemies on the battle field – most recently Lebanon and Gaza come to mind – only because she is receiving American aid. Israel need not be under immoral U.S. pressure to give way to the jihadists; to surrender precious / strategic land to our enemies – to both Israel's enemies and America's enemies. U.S. does not give aid gratis. There are strings attached. Every diplomat worth his or her salt knows it.

    I am not saying I disagree with David Meir-Levi's thesis. America gets her money's worth for the aid she has given Israel, and then some. But mostly in terms of Jewish blood and treasure. A more independent Israel is a more healthy Israel.

    • Tobe

      @wildjew: Pt 1…"Restraint" Israel from setting off your nuclear bombs at anyone who don't agree and give you everything you want like land and money. Israel has no chance alone against the rest of the Middle East, the only way your country would win any war would be to set off a nuclear bomb and of the twisted your mind set to do so. Your view are those of an "absolutist"–absolutely your way. "Free Israel of much of the unwarranted American pressure" who asked for our help to fight your wars in the 50's before we gave you the money to buy our weapons now? And in this respect, who gave you the weapons to buy our weapons? And who gave you the money to give back to us to buy our weapons? We gave you "our money" to "purchase" our "weapons" which means you literally got all your weapons for free. I give you thousand dollars and you give me back the thousand to buy my guns! So I just gave you my guns for free–you follow the logic. Don't play that political bs.

      • tobe

        @wildjew: Pt 2…"Jewish blood and treasure" how many Jewish blood lost their lives in Iraq and wasn't Iraq's WMD the "underground" idea of the Jewish intelligence? Hell yes it was and now Israel is using the same "idea" to edge us into war with Iran (Israel's arch enemy, not the U.S.). If it works on convenience then it's scripted. I have no doubt Israel alone will start WW3 and will come crying through the way of anti-American Jewish support in America to "purchase" influence on the greedy corrupt selfish self-serving U.S. Congress to save Israel; so it will be once again our blood and money you will be soaking up.

        • Tobe

          Being that this is a pro-Israel site, I have no doubt my comments would be (-) out–truth be damned if its against your agenda. Another truth, the Palestinians and Jews had no problem living together until Israel invited Jews from around the world to occupy lands as part of the biggest modern day land grab. That was when the sh*t hit the fan. This is 101 land grab strategy and loosing some Jewish lives was part of 101 propaganda of warfare and getting the public scared and angry give your blind support. Though many in Israel are aware of it's government's ills, the gods never allowed intelligent, fair minded, peaceful people to rule.

          • Gene

            “Another truth, the Palestinians and Jews had no problem living together until Israel invited …”

            Truth? Jew and Palestinian relationship was never really peaceful – swine, go check before you troll. Go and educate yourself about Hebron Massacre, Saffed Massacre, Labor Riots, etc.
            Land grab ?
            No, UN partition of Colonial land with no real established sovereign Arab government in the area. Arab violence caused by jealousy over Jewish success in agriculture and establishment of modern communes. For most part Arabs received employment from Jews and basically wanted the spoils through “easy” conquest.

  • StephenD

    We provide "aid" to Israel for our benefit. Israel is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When the sh*t hits the fan Israel will be front and center. Our problem isn't the $3B to Israel which is paltry compared to the cost without having them there. Our problem is that we also provide AID TO OUR ENEMIES. How much have we given to "Palestine?" or for that matter, Pahk-ee-stahn? Or any other nation-state that does NOT SHARE our values as Israel does? This issue is a non-issue. Israel is us and we are Israel…if we want to maintain a Free America and not become a dhimmi state.

    • Raymond in DC

      Indeed. What Ben-Meir fails to point out is that Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinians and Lebanon collectively get *more* US aid each year than does Israel. What do *they* do for the US? They do what they want then spit in our face.

      Also, as long as the US is arming Israel's neighbors, if it's going to preserve Israel's military edge that means some level of military assistance.

  • davidhorowtiz

    If you're a true Tea Partier, you can't be serious about tax payer dollars sent overseas.

    • StephenD

      Ohhh, OK then. According to you I should shed one title to wear the other. "Taxed Enough Already" should also mean no aid to Israel right? How much more in taxes will it cost us in the long term without the stipend to Israel when we're paying a Jizya tax? BTW, I am not officially in any TEA Party though I would gladly be since they represent my best interests. I am a long working American (37+ yrs.) who is only 2 paychecks away from going hungry. So the TEA Party, despite the popular concept, isn't all rich white corporate jet owners

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I know this may come as a great big shock to you, but Ron Paul and his anarcho-kook acolytes aren't tea partiers, they are self-hating kooks and misfits.

  • mrbean

    The jihadists are motivated by the core principles of Islam with the goal of converting, killing, or subjugating all non-Muslims. Unfortunately, too many non-Muslims have reverted to a pre-9/11 mentality and do not see the necessity of an offensive war with the Jihadists, or of a defensive war at home. All of us as non-Muslims are going to have to decide to fight for our cultures, freedoms, and values or we are going to lose them. It is our killer instincts which must be harnessed if we expect to survive in a war with the Jihadists. Our weapons are only tools. It is a hard heart that kills. If our killer instincts are not clean and strong we will hesitate at the moment of truth. We will not kill. We will become dead Americans and Jews. And then we all will be in a world of trouble. Why? Because there are a billion Muslims and on a few million of us who will actually fight! Do you understand? Sound off like you have a pair! I can't hear you!

  • Cynic

    Amazing how the R&D that Israel has performed and enriched American companies is ignored, along with the technological advances that have improved American’s standard of living in exchange for some 3 billion a year in military aide, while some 45 billion gets sent to Mexico each year for giving the gardens a short back & sides in California and other states.

    By the way it would do well to have a look at how many of those Silicon Valley groups started out as Israeli start-ups.

    • foramerica

      The U.S. does not need Israel for technological advances or R & D.

  • Cynic

    By the way can some of those commenting here explain why America gives more than 3 billion a year to Pakistan while the ISI targets Americans using the Taliban?

  • Moishe Pupick

    W., 10/05/11 common era

    Israel will soon no longer be a liberal western democracy but a Torah State instead.
    No human power can stop this transformation. Israel should start to wean itself off of U.S. foreign aid as quickly as possible. Don't forget about the Allen and John Foster Dulles,
    Prescott Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, and Henry Ford.– all good buddies of I.G. Farben during WW2. Read or re-read THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS. The U.S. has never let Israel enjoy the full benefits of its military victories. Fear of the Gentile leaders has caused much Jewish death and suffering.

  • J. Rabinowicz

    I tend also to agree with WildJew, StephenD and mr bean. My thanks also to Stern. Coming back to the topic US aid to Israel, it's not so much the money, (which is small, and anyway spent in the US,…alas with all strings attached!) it is another level that we must touch. The political and diplomatic one. Let me also remind any reader that all Intel chips are designed here in Israel at Intel Israel, (and many other high tech, medical devices ect) and it is to the benefit to the US, to Israel and eventually the rest of the world. Israeli companies at Nasdaq are second or third in number, after the US and Canada (?). Part 1

  • J. Rabinowicz

    Certainly our larger mutual bond is strong and valid. One (and important) of the points was touched by mrbean, the muslim aggressiveness and urge of world dominion. I feel America has the power to counter this fenoma, has it got the will? Aid to Israel also means for America to support Israel politically in world forums, and standing firm; this language would be understood by all, instead, I notice the US is flip-floping. Another note: Egypt today has a large F16 fleet and the US Abrams tank is manufactured (kit assembly) in Egypt. This is now a big concern for the US and for Israel. Ironically Egypt NEEDS also 50% of the flour, courtesy from the USA! Finally, with our small territory we are fighting for our national and naked survival. Part 2

    • UCSPanther

      Egypt has one huge weakness there: They lack the ability to maintain their American equipment on their own and as such, are dependent on the US for parts and armaments.

      If they become hostile to the West (Of which seems like a certainty at this point) they will lose that support (Any any future President at that point would be stupid to provide them with assistance).

      Israel has the ability to manufacture replacement parts and ammunition on their own, the other ME countries don't.

  • Cynic

    Israel's latest Nobel for Chemistry awarded this year researched "quasicrystals" helping in the production of, for example thin steel needles of exceptional strength made specifically for eye surgery.
    But of course some of those commenting here are blind to the implications.

    • stern

      Nice one, Cynic!

  • Cynic

    What does the US get in return for the 2 billion/year aid to Egypt along with the charity donations of food etc?

    • UCSPanther

      The answer (Drumroll): Almost nothing!

  • UCSPanther

    I don't think it's aid so much as doing business.

    We get a good return, and we don't have to worry about blowback like we have to with places like Egypt…

  • Bert

    Years ago State Department official Joseph Cisco was reported to have said that if America did not benefit, Israel would not get a dime. One purpose of that aid is to also addict and entrap Israel into a dependency on that $3 billion to exert pressure. Israeli attempts to become less dependent on American weapons have sometimes met with opposition from the U.S. government. American foreign policy is to keep Israel on a leash that we can use to limit her freedom of action.
    To promote American interests we should stop massively arming Israel's enemies which now include Turkey and Egypt. In that case Israel would not require such aid to protect against American weapons in Arab hands.
    The help that America derives from Israel is huge and remains largely unknown to the public. This is because the America Jewish leadership is too dumb and too lazy to compile and update the full accounting and to give it the publicity it deserves.

    • J. Rabinowicz

      Well said, read above my first 2 comments, I'm saying the same. I gave the only solution possible, which was also discussioned here in Israel among certain politician. Israel should say no to the $3B. (I think there are talks to phase them out) We would be much more at liberty without. As mentioned the israeli political elite is still too comfortable with this arrangement. As for the US Jewish leadership….unfortunately as a Jew, in Israel, I've to say you are correct. And when it comes to the voting pattern it gets even worse.

  • Asher

    I am in total support of Israel and would do anything to help them. I have donated and intend to do so again to charities and people who need help through organizations in the US. I do believe at some time as the bible predicts that Israel will stand alone, that is without support from man, but Yeshua will take over the protection for Israel and Israel's enemies will be destroyed…It is written and will happen in all certainty!

  • crackerjack

    It sure must be a "special relationship" when a near bankrupt, recession plagued US economy funds a booming Israel economy with 3 thousand million dollars a year.

    God bless AIPAC for its efforts and the US taxpayer for his munificence.

    • steven l

      Without the $3bil 2 Israel, the US would be in the far far red! U know what I mean?

  • Katie Caliente

    Maybe we should send them more money…cut amtrak and send the liquidated funds to israel. Cut the postal service too…we've got empty beds in our new supermax prisons.

  • Katie Caliente

    Man, i cant wait for the muslims and david duke to work for peace!
    The only good thing about those nutters is: they are going to liquidate the feminist and kooks of america one day!

    i cant wait!

    perhaps david duke will get his own suicide bomber!

    Im aware alot of people dont like me, but get this…and make a note of it!


  • steven l

    $3bil is the "prize" of the veto power of the US at the security council.
    Life would be more difficult without it since we cannot count on the Russian and/or Chinese vetoes.

  • http://time.gov mm

    So without Israel big bad voodoo daddy’s gunna occupy Kansas?
    Israel is goin down. And if Israel even THINKS about risking 100 million people to a nuclear winter in an attempt to protect a mere 4 million Israeli Jews it’ll be gone even sooner.

  • Cynic

    Pakistan’s official inquiry into Bin Laden’s presence in the country has come out recommending that the Pakistani Dr. who helped the CIA track BL be charged with treason.
    US officials who have given Pakistan some $20.7 billion according to the Congressional Research Service.
    So now along with some of those commenting we have US officials as stupid to have thrown away all those greenbacks for nothing in return except betrayal.
    Yep, there are several born every minute.

  • Kevin Gray

    How does Israel vote – and do they vote along the US lines at the UN? this article says " about 98 % " and I would like a real number and clarification-
    Kevin Gray

  • joe

    The people in the us let this happen over and over again. The people in the us will not support to pay for health care to help out our own neighbors and families in need but we will not even raise an eyebrow when we give isreal 8 million a day. The people in the us need to wake up. We have to quit paying for this nonsense. Everytime something comes up to help people out in the us it is posed a a big negative and people will fight against it. But we help other countries without a question. This is our money. This is our money. This is our money.!!!!!!

  • joe

    I know the next comment will be we are tired of supporting the bums in the us. But its ok to support all the bums in isreal.! Ive looked this over many times why we would support other countries. Im an ex marine with an honorable discharge and there is no reason I can come up with no matter how you spin it to me. Our military is the best equipped and the most powerful in the world. We dont need to pay other countries for anything. Rebuild america and prosper. Shut down the forign trade agreements. Get rid of the democratic and Republican partys in office and shut down the boarders. They keep everyone in your neighborhood divided on who is to blame while they give away your money rught in front of your face. The us is not broke. They are giving away our money. We dont need to pay more taxes. We need to quit giving away our money. Wake up people. The first thing we cut out of the budget is giving away our money. Just like you would do if your household budget was failing. If I came to you for help with my own budget and told you I was giving away half of my paycheck every week and the only way I could buy food for my family was on a credit card you would tell me im a idiot and to quit giving away my money. So why is it ok for our government to do it to us.

  • Eric

    This Jewish propaganda, posing as impartial discourse, makes me sick.

    Incidentally, how does a bible 'resonate' exactly?

    Doesn't it concern anyone that such a blatent Jewish ethnic activist has access to mainstream media in a white country? I wonder how many white people have the opportunity to peddle propaganda in Israel's media.
    (Answer: none)

  • gofuckyourselfalice

    By David Meir-Levi


    • I’mRight

      Jooow propaganda…all LIES. Who gives a FUCK about a FAKE “democracy” for 5 million jooows? Democracy is MOB rule. The U.S. is NOT a “democracy.” It WAS a Constitutional Republic. It is now a corrupt commie shithole… thanks to the jooows. IsraHELL has actually cost the goyim Tax Slave nearly 10 TRILLION dollars when you realize that the wars that WE fight and pay for and for the dirty evil joooows… and the only reason that we suffer terrorism is because we back the dirty evil joooows. The give NOTHING in return. We also now suffer with and pay for DHS and TSA and NSA, etc. due to the lying scum.

      • Michael Wright

        You should consider focusing your hate and joining Hamas.

        • Michael Wright

          BTW, you areWrong!

  • irfan

    I am a Muslim and I am opposed to all US aid to all countries. I am against US aid to Israel. This article is so bogus. However, I am not going to curse anyone including Jewish people. It is usually a small group in each country/ nation that runs the affairs and make everyone either look good or bad.
    At least we, common people, should be nice to each other!!!

  • irfan

    I am a Muslim and I am opposed to all US aid to all countries. I am against US aid to Israel. This article is so bogus. However, I am not going to curse anyone including Jewish people. It is usually a small group in each country/ nation that runs the affairs and make everyone either look good or bad.
    At least we, common people, should be nice to each other!!!

    • johnrhett

      We might not have to give military aid to Israel if we didn’t give many $Billions MORE, plus fighter planes and weapons, to the enemies surrounding her.

    • Ray Haze

      I’m a Jew and this entire site is bogus. lol

  • Lea

    Hi, I am a Christian and I am opposed to all US aid to all countries. I am against aid to Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Iraq etc. This article, however, seems to be one of the few that provides a more balanced view of the Israel/USA relationship. It is true that it is just a hand full of evil people that are controlling things. At least, we common people, can stop them if we stop trying to be so nice all the time, that is, for a while.

  • Zelda

    Israel is a parasite leeching money off the Americans and land off the Palestinians. Regardless of how much, why is aid being sent in the first place. I think of $3 billion and I think of natural disasters like Katrina that could’ve been better managed, I also think of free healthcare and welfare to people living in squalor in the US… I guess a powerful Israeli army is much more of a priority than a basic American standard of living

    • kronikdenny

      Zelda…if there is a breakout in Iran concerning an attack in which they might use some of the nuclear weapons they’ve been building for years, who do you think will respond first? Israel. They have been stockpiling weaponry that the U.S. has put there just in case of such an event. It is there for the US soldiers to use in time of war, but is open to be used by the Israelis in time of desperation. We are protecting our interests abroad, which in turn protects our interests at home. It’s all proven, do the legwork and seek the sources which will show you why they are in co-existence with the US

      • hjffa

        Why does everybody think that Iran is like some crazy dog that needs to be kept on a leash. Iran’s government has some sadistic laws and strict Islamic fundamentalist views. I agree with that. This doesn’t make them completely nuts. Their still people just like us. They also have human survival instincts. Iran is aware that as soon as they launch weapons of mass destruction against the US or its allies, they will be met with totally assured destruction. Every country on the planet has innocent children that they don’t want harmed. Every human being desires safety for themselves, their friends and families. Iran’s self preservation needs are America’s greatest ally in the middle east not Israel.

      • kittykat

        Kronik – If everyone would look at history and the big picture, they might better understand why the US does, and must, support Israel.

        Israel is our strongest ally and the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel puts about 75% of the military aid provided by the US back into the American economy buying US goods. Do any other countries receiving US aid to that? NO. Much of the aid from the US to other countries ends up in the pockets of the dictators. Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world, and she is, effectively, our base in the Middle East.

        ‘Former Supreme Commander of NATO and U.S. Secretary of State Gen. Alexander Haig (deceased) described Israel as “the largest US aircraft carrier, which does not require even one US soldier, cannot be sunk, is the most cost-effective and battle-tested, located in a region which is critical to vital US interests. If there would not be an Israel, the US would have to deploy real aircraft carriers, along with tens of thousands of US soldiers, which would cost tens of billions of dollars annually, dragging the US unnecessarily into local, regional and global conflicts.”’ [Taken from Frontpagemag.com]

        By the way, the US spends about 3/10 of a percent of Gross Domestic Product on ALL aid to foreign countries, so it is relatively a very small amount.

        • kronikdenny

          kittykat, i know that you are correct. Not a lot of people know these facts…my comment ” do the legwork etc.” was meant to be taken as general not specific. You obviously know your stuff, it’s refreshing to see that. I believe that this is a bigger issue than we can really understand…it seems like they want to push Palestine out of the way for their own benefit…but again, i can’t truly understand the logistics of it unless i was right in the middle of it and was truly affected by it. How much can the people of those areas take?…peace should be the ultimate goal, and i just don’t see either side putting forth the effort to make it happen. One can only hope…

    • everybody

      I agree but $3 billion is a small fraction of what the US gives to Israel. I’m not American, jewish or Palestinian but its obvious to me as well as the international community that Palestine and the American tax payer are victims of the greedy, murderous Zionist movement

  • Sanitystillecists

    The U.S, is not in a position to be giving aid to other countries, certainly not aid to both sides of a conflict whatever it is. The U.S, has a debt to GDP ratio of over 100 – a very dangerous level. Israel doesn’t need help from the U.S but that is neither here not there. Likewise I will ignore the hate speech in comments below that is probably responsible for hate crimes against Jews ( [published by the FBI) at 7x their presence in the US population. Jews are not important. All of this hyper-involvement in the middle east and micromanagement of other countries is not important. Getting our act together in the US before it’s too late should be this country’s only priority.

  • Corey Ronson

    This article loses all credibility when they say theiims perpetrated 9/11

    • Ray Haze

      it’s muck raking propaganda man. The generalizations are bad enough. I wonder if they have an article talking about the Moroccan Jewish leader ? Nahhhhhh lol

    • kittykat

      So Corey, if it wasn’t the Muslims, who was it? You?

  • Dan Duquette

    How it is such a beneficial agreement when 15% of the military aid is not recycled back into our economy? News flash: WHY DON’T WE JUST KEEP OUR MONEY AND NOT LOSE THE 15% EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR? Why don’t we just halt all aid to Israel for one year and focus on internal issues such as unemployment, poverty levels, and destructing major U.S. cities? Sure, the so called “billions” of dollars earned in military intelligence is nice, but we still don’t have a verified record of what these Israeli leaders are truly spending this money on. Why do we have to be friends with everybody? Can we stick to worrying about our own country and not aiding everyone else’s problems.

    • gambet


    • Guest

      Another thing, why should American tax payers foot the bill for increase in US arms sales from foreign countries?

    • Calvin

      Even if 100% is used in military aid the weapons and arms bought from it are given free!

  • http://www.fuck-a-cracker.com <—-Fuck A Cracker

    This is bullshit, the ONLY reason why America gives money to israel is because its the jews that run the world financial system (all of the major banks and lending institutions and the media corps are owned and controlled by zionist dirty jews).

    America is too scared to talk about it, but everyone knows it (well at least people outside the US know, M’erikans are known for being stupid).

  • Jennifer Cohagen

    Supposedly super-awesome that all this money is given to Israel, because Israel turns around and spends it on the US Industrial Military Complex. I scratch your back, you make me a billionaire. The US military budget in 2015 is 495 billion, I guess make that 498 billion going into war profiteer’s pockets.

  • Death

    Israel’s decades-long campaign of military occupation and settlement-building in the West Bank is completely inexcusable and morally repugnant.

  • ReformSchool

    The hatred and taqiyya deception and denial within most of these comments reinforce the saying, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and removeall doubt!” Those ‘living in de nile’ should move to Egypt!

  • Tobe

    @citizen65: What about Israel being a horrible ally to us? They sign treaties that means nothing (to return certain portion of land to Pal), they make promises but never kept (not to build with aid money on occupy territories), etc. Our 911 was specifically because of our support for Israel–find OsB video and hear from the devil's own lips. Why does the rest of the world hate the U.S. and Israel? We weren't hated until the middle of the last century–and it escalated thereafter. I don't know which country of citizen–it sure don't sound like U.S. though you might claim so. China is more of an ally than Israel, your comment is better place at that country than Israel. And yes we do treat our ally's badly as China bought U.S. debt and the Obama declare them a threat and set up military base in Australia. They are no threat, they just don't agree with U.S. and Israel's Middle East views.