Honor Killing Adoption

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A British court recently made legal history — ordering the adoption of an out-of-wedlock Muslim baby to prevent it from suffering an “honor killing.” Britain is abuzz over this bizarre and unprecedented ruling.

The London Daily Mail reports:

A baby girl born out of wedlock must be adopted to save her from the risk of being slaughtered in an “honor killing,” a court ruled yesterday.

If the unmarried Muslim woman’s father found out about the child, he would feel such “unimaginable shame” he could unleash a vengeful bloodbath by killing the baby and his whole family, three senior judges agreed.

So they made the extraordinary order to have the one-year-old girl – known as Baby Q – adopted for her own safety.

She will now grow up with adoptive parents and, when she is older, they will explain to her why she could not have been brought up by her biological parents.

It is believed to be the first time an English court has ordered an adoption to prevent a murder.

The baby’s natural father wanted to adopt her, to be sure. But judges objected, concerned the baby would be at risk from the baby’s maternal grandfather or members of his community. Aside from those concerns, judges no doubt made their decision within a larger context — their awareness of soaring numbers of “honor” attacks and killings occurring among Britain’s large and unassimilated Muslim population.

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  • tanstaafl

    The PC note in all this is that the court feels that the child should be placed with a Muslim couple. So the poor kid is "out of the frying pan, into the fire".

  • john

    The Evil world of the Muslim faith on display to the world. Satan himself would love this religion. It must be defeated at all levels!!!!!!