Hugo Chavez: Sick in Mind and Body

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Over the years, Chávez has been described as a narcissist by many, an observation reflecting his desire to be the center of attention. When he was in good health, he regularly gave rambling speeches on the radio and TV that went on for three or more hours. But the diagnosis of bipolar disorder gives physiological underpinnings to Chávez’s high-energy and rambling monologues and governance.

Regarding Chávez’s personal habits, Navarrete said Chávez pays a great deal of attention to his personal appearance, keeping himself “very, very clean,” and this includes careful “nail care for his hands and feet.” He noted: “He thought he was not going to get sick — ever.”

As for health-related vices, Navarrete said Chávez “drinks too much coffee, a lot, consuming countless cups of coffee a day.” He also smokes “under stress or pleasure, in private, never in public.”

He added: “He works late into the night every day, is a night owl, and makes his ministers work at the same rhythm. He rises at six-thirty or seven o’clock, sleeping an average of three or four hours a day, no more than that, and sleeps very little. He’s a strong man, although he’s now deformed by the effects of chemotherapy.”

A recent article in El Nuevo Herald (sister publication of The Miami Herald) described Chávez as being in grave condition when he was recently rushed to a military hospital. But Navarrete said Chávez underwent kidney dialysis treatment due to complications associated with his chemotherapy and its negative effect on his kidneys. The kidneys cleanse the body of toxins.

Navarrete’s remarks about Chávez’s prognosis echo those of Roger F. Noriega, assistant secretary of state under George W. Bush and a former ambassador to the Organization of the American States. In a column last July in The Miami Herald, he wrote: “Doctors treating Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for cancer told him weeks ago that he has only a 50 percent chance of living another 18 months, according to sources close to his medical team in Cuba.”

Venezuela’s Future

It was a little over two-and-a-half months ago that Chávez, during a national television address, told stunned Venezuelans that he’d undergone two surgeries in Cuba to remove a pelvic abscess and cancerous tumor. Speculation has been rife since then about what a post-Chávez Venezuela will look like. Last month, early elections for next year were called for October as opposed to December.

To date, however, Chávez has no credible successor. But he does have his fanatic supporters, Chavistas, along with plenty of help from Cuba. Large numbers of Cuban intelligence agents now operate in Venezuela in support of  Chávez’s regime.

Venezuela has provided Cuba with economic largess and regular shipments of oil; accordingly, Cuba can be counted on to do all it can to make sure Venezuela remains an ideological and economic ally.

Unfortunately, Chávez has so completely polarized his country that it will be difficult for Venezuelans to repair the damage he has done. He has taken three bad ideas from Venezuela’s past – statism, authoritarianism, and populism – and taken them to epic levels.

Anti-Americanism has become more prevalent than ever. Large swaths of Venezuela’s economy have been nationalized. And hundreds of thousands of middle-class Venezuelans — including many of the country’s best and brightest — have immigrated to the U.S. and overseas.  They could have been part of the solution to Venezuela’s economic development, but Chávez viewed them as part of Venezuela’s problems.

The opposition will have much work to do to find a candidate to appeal to Venezuela’s poor majority; and even if an opposition candidate prevails, a new government will face an epic task to undo Chávez’s damage — soaring levels of corruption, crime, and dysfunctional governance. Venezuela’s state oil company, critical to government revenues, is a shadow of itself thanks to Chávez’s mismanagement.

Even without Chávez (or a Chávez clone) Venezuela will take years to recover from the damage Chávez has done with his leftist and anti-American agenda.

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  • Larry

    Sarcomas are the most painful of all cancers. How appropriate that an incredibly painful man should be dieing of one. I hope it takes 3 or 4 years, not 2.

    • Reece

      Chavez saved his nation from a Rightwing Pinochet style dictatorship and cut poverty by 50%.

      A great leader and a humanist.

      • jacob

        REECE :
        Make sure your brain is engaged before putting mouth or hand into gear :
        Whether you and your ilk might like it or not, CHILE ows the enviable
        economic situation it enjoys nowadays to none other than Gen. AUGUSTO PINOCHET….

        If SALVADOR ALLENDE wouldn't have commited suicide or was "suicided"
        CHILE would have been nowadays another "Paradise" like CUBA or
        Now put it in your pip and smoke it….

        • Herman Caintonette

          As far as Pinochet is concerned, the benefits of Chicago School economics are debatable at best; our foolish embrace of its principles have transformed us from the world's largest creditor nation to just another banana republic.

          • HalleysFifth

            The Chicago School hasn't tranformed anything because it's never been tried long term. What has degraded this economy is the totally discredited Keynes school whose disciples have been running the economy into the dirt for almost eighty years.

      • Yetwave

        There is no credible source anywhere on planet earth that would contend Hugo Chavez cut poverty by 50% for the people of Venezulea.
        On what planet do you live, reece?
        The only place his policies have reduced poverty by any amount is within his immediate circle of thugs and toadies who now own palatial condos in Miami and fat bank account in Panama.

      • HalleysFifth

        "A great leader and a humanist."

        I guess you're trying to make with the comedy.
        Stick to your day job.

      • kafir4life

        Reece, Are there any parts that you can donate to save this great man? I don't have a medical degree, but I'd certainly be willing to help you assist your comrade.

  • Richard Cheeseman

    Because estranged former associates retailing hearsay from anonymous sources is sooooooo obviously "the truth" for this poor excuse for a journalist … especially when it's confirmed by none less than the former professional US imperialist Roger Noriega, obviously now moonlighting on the Venezuelan President's medical team despite his pathological hostility to the man. What utter foolishness!

    This kind of fatuous vituperation masquerading as journalism would be funny if it wasn't a deadly serious symptom of the derangement of the US imperialist extreme right and their increasingly complete disconnection from mundane reality. They are being driven to insanity by the progressive collapse of the empire's former dominion in Latin America, which is exemplified by Venezuela's 21st century factual independence from US control and its political left turn.

    That's why they produce imbecilic hate propaganda like this, which scrapes the very bottom of the barrel for malice and stupidity, an intellectual disgrace even to this site.

    • jacob

      Mr. CHEESEMAN's slip is not showing :
      He is carrying one of the placards the morons atv the Wall Street parade do..!!!

      So this article is a mountain of lies because it tell the truth about CHAVEZ ,
      probably his hero as "CHE" most likely is for him..

      For this moron, America is still the imperialistic ogre and I wonder what in
      the hell is he still doing in this USA as, if I would feel about mine the way
      he does, I would have been long ago in any of rhe "socilalist" paradises…..

      He doesn't give a damn about what Venezuela became at the hands of this
      bastard, who got into power with the same Trojan horse of" CHANGE"
      CASTRO sold the Cuban people and OBAMA is still trying to sell the
      American people as well….

    • StephenD

      "symptom of the derangement of the US imperialist extreme right and their increasingly complete disconnection from mundane reality"You mean like the picture of his chemotherapy induced baldness or his own claim to have had cancerous tumors removed? A simple matter, really. We just wait and watch him die. Does that break your heart Richard? Awwww.

      • Herman Caintonette

        If you judge Chavez by how well he has served his people, it is hard to include him in the same category as Pinochet, Saddam, and other American-backed dictators. But if you judge him from the monomaniacal perspective of the Zionists in PNAC, he was a disaster. I choose to look at him in the former light.

    • kiki

      i think the only stupidity is being shown by you, who not only have some serious anger issues, but also failed to make a relevant comment about what was wrote on this "imbecilic hate propaganda"

    • Venezuelan Exhile

      Hi Richard,

      As a born and raised Venezuela who is a Political EXHILE living in England I CHALLENGE you to go live in Venezuela RIGHT NOW so that you get a sense for your 21st Century "SOCIALISM". See if you like it. As someone pointed out Chavez & his band of delincuent friends don't GIVE A DAMN about anybody but themselves. And if you Google Maria Gabriela Chavez New York (Chavez middle daugher) you will see them happily vacationing in the United States, shopping at GAP, etc. While claiming the US is full of snobby little rich people. Come on!! Wake up!!!! And smell reality: The Chavez clan is STEALING Venzuelan's money from our oil reserves to make themselves richer & everyone else poorer. I suggest you do more reading or actually visit Venezuela. I actually had a cousin killed in Caracas 2 yrs ago. Victim of Chavista hate & crime. Thanks

  • Ken

    Wow, someone has some anger issues!!

  • UCSPanther

    I don't feel any pity for Chavez.

  • tarleton

    It was Chavez who was promoting the old conspiracy theory that the US never got to the moon because of the ''flag photo''…it just shows the frame of his mind , doesn't it ?

  • Mike

    I couldn't think of a better person for this to happen to. This man has created a whole lot of stress and misery for the world. He is nothing short of a big mouth two bit ego maniac dictator. Let's hope the people of Venezuela can get someone in there bring back the business so people can get jobs.

    • Herman Caintonette

      I can, Mike: You. And let us not forget Roy's boy-toy, Jack Kemp.

      Chavez brought hope to his people, in a country where the GINI score was off the charts. When you judge on the basis of the general welfare of his people, he scores well, which is why he had such enormous popular support.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Chavez is one of many leaders which had to face an American-supported coup. The people supported him, which is why he remained in power.

    The parasites who run our country are busily creating jobs — in China. Do you mean to say that COMMUNIST China is better than Venezuela?

    As for Chavez allegedly being "bipolar," you conveniently forget another famous manic-depressive: ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

    • HalleysFifth

      I don't care what mental diseases Hugo has or hasn't.

      Let the scumbag dictator rot painfully from the inside out.

  • alexander

    Gaddafi – OUT today……..Chavez next…then Fidel and Raul….then Gorby…then……

    • ProudInfidel12

      Obama? just sayin'

      • bearone7777

        Hey remember they exchanged books——"I THINK IT WAS EARLY LAST YR., WASN'T IT?"

    • kafir4life

      Barry?? Please???
      455 days, 4 hours and our national nightmare comes to a close!!

  • armando

    One can already smell the odor of sulphur wafting up into his hospital room as they are redying a spot in purgatory for that evil entity.

  • Mr_Myxplyx

    Enough name calling already. Caracas is murder capital of the world; the country regularly suffers power outages; Chavez fired all of th technocras who ran things like power plants & dams & replaced them with cronies who know nothing about what they are being asked to run. Inflation is off the charts. Chavez replaced crony capitalsim with crony socialism. Don;t think I am a right wingnut. Not too long ago I watched a program about venezuela by Al Gore, er… CURRENT TV. Some idealistic American lefties went to visit the new Venezuela and came back disgusted. They discovered whart a fraud Chavez really is and that a kletocracy runs the country & how they rip off the very people they purport to run. Before the election, neighborhood Chavez stores are fully stocked with Gov't subsidized food & basic staples. After the election, the goods are gone. These are poor people who originally supported Chavez. Hugo doesn't give a damn about his people; he hates America, just like Castro; his so-called Bolivarian socialism is just a front for him to control the whole country, much like Castro had total control over every aspect of Cuban life.

  • Mr_Myxplyx

    And let's not forget that Comrade Hugo has mortgaged his countrys' economic future to China with bad deals, very much in favor of the Chinese thanks to Hugo, China has geat input on Venezuelan economic policy. Look at these deals closely and you'll find that Hugo has mortgaged his countrys' future for short term gain. He is a megalomaniac, just like Fidel Castro, Quaddafi (who is being reported as dead ad I blog), and many other petty tyrants throughout history.
    P.S. The USA has done more good for more people than any other country in world history and you can look it up. We are also the most generous people on earth.

    • bearone7777

      Mr Do not forget what else this special—–"IDIOT" did. He told the Iranians they could place missiles in there country. Pointing directly at the U.S.A. True story.

  • BLJ

    I heard he might be Ozzie Guillen's new pitching coach for the Marlins. They would make a great team.

    Chavez is a piece of garbage. I could care less about his health. Maybe his Iranian buddies can get his some radiation treatment from their rogue nuke program.

    • chavistalove

      awsome….lol….chavez is garbage……venecuba….its the new thing…lol

  • Ghostwriter

    Right now,Venezuelans all over the world,including in their own country are secretly praying for Chavez's death. Unlike his fawning acolytes above,from what I have seen of the man,much of the article is right on. The man is a lunatic who deserves to be overthrown. Hugo Chavez has done nothing for Venezuela but make it poorer. This man deserves whatever he gets.

    • bearone7777

      HUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! I am just reading this great post here, and I wonder who else if you did not see the name everyone would think that "GHOSTWRITER" is talking about. I hate saying like this, but your comment here "GHOSTWRITER" is dead on "CORRECT".

  • bearone7777

    Hello David,
    No offense here David, but I personally do not think it is "BAD" that this man will leaving Gods EARTH any time soon. He is a horrible man to his own people. Stealing there money, and putting them in prisons for no reason. So on behave of me, and millions of people from around the world that are getting fed-up with lefties telling us that there style of Gov. is better than allowing the people there free wills, and governing like it is mandated in there Constitution.

  • Yetwave

    One of Two
    Even before Chavez, the only way for Venezuela to earn foreign currency was through the export of oil. Before Chavez, there had been meager efforts to diversify the economy but all lead to nothing. For whatever allegations one can make about Chavez predecessors, they at least had the good sense to maintain the oil production infrastructre as they skimmed oil revenues.
    The funds that would have gone back into maintaining the oilfields Chavez redirected to his massive, ineffective social programs and fatuous foreign adventures. Without high oil prices to compensate for Hugo's reckless spending, the Venezuelan economy would have been deeper into the dumper than it is.
    Hugo's close buddies, the ones whom he has not imprisoned, have treated the oil revenue stream as their own fountain, dipping into it for their own purposes as liberally as their predecessors in any previous government.

  • Yetwave

    Two of Three
    What's different is that Chavez short sighted mismanagement of the Venezuelan economy will ultimately be the undoing of the nation. The abundance of oil reserves in Venezuela is the nation's golden goose that under the proper stewardship would produce for decades. While Chavez and his ilk have been enjoying the eggs that the goose laid, they have not been taking care of the goose.

  • Yetwave

    Three of three
    Production from the oilfields of Venezuela will diminish under continued Chavez mismanagement until the supporters whom he bought have to pay realistic gas prices. (They now pay about $0.10 per liter, about $.38 per gallon).
    When that happens, Chavez slow gruesome death by cancer would be a preferable alternative to being torn apart by an enraged Caracas mob along the Sabana Grande.
    The only rueful aspect of Chavez cancer, however virulent it may be, is the long-term damage he has inflicted upon the people of Venezuela.
    It is inhuman that some respondents to this story have given Hugo Chavez props because they salute his rabid anti-Americanism. They care nothing for the people of Venezuela, and as Lenin and every tyrant after him has said, " you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." Be mindful, you advocates of tyrany, that the people of Venezuela suffer greatly so that you can make your empty, ideological point.

  • George Jochnowitz

    Chavez claims he's been cured.

  • kafir4life

    Doesn't Sean Penn have any body parts he can donate to his friend, Hugo?

  • Vadim Shapoval

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  • Vadim Shapoval

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