A Tale of Two Babies

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The brutal murder of Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children in Itamar, a village in the Samarian hills, has been met by the international media either with callous disregard or a perverse inclination to explain it away as the result of the so-called Israeli “occupation.”

The BBC gave scant coverage to the slaughter, initially professing a subtly displaced skepticism of the terrorist nature of the attack. “Israel suspects the attack was carried out by Palestinian militants,” the Bebe opines. Note the key verb “suspects” instead of “knows” and the word “militants” instead of the more accurate “terrorists.” The Los Angeles Times engaged in its own brand of whitewash, citing a “tit-for-tat mentality” and deciding that it is “completely impossible to say with any authority who began the hostilities or to distinguish actions from reaction”—an instance of either blatant ignorance or glaring bad faith. According to the paper, the killings were perpetrated “presumably by Palestinian militants.” Similarly, CNN originally put the term terrorist attack in quotation marks; after all, it’s only a presumption. Time Magazine characterizes the terrorists as “gunmen” and the settlers as “extremist,” and approvingly quotes the anti-Israeli “human rights” organization B’Tselem which speaks simply of “mutual violence.” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for its part, devoted all of half a minute to the atrocity, concentrating on Israeli settlement construction. This is just a sample of the kind of media accounting we have gotten used to by now. When not heaping the onus of guilt upon Israel and laundering Palestinian savagery, the press is content to let the matter die with the Fogels.

Nevertheless, the gory details of the massacre are well enough known by this time. Much of the horror of the event felt by people of integrity, people capable of empathy, naturally focuses on three-month old Hadas whose throat was slashed by the terrorists. This does not make the gruesome murder of the father, the mother and the other two children any more assimilable, but the wilful slaughtering of an infant in her bed stands out as a particularly heinous and unfathomable act of unmitigated barbarism, the expression of a culture that has often pronounced itself as loving death more than it loves life. Indeed, it can cynically sacrifice its own children to the Moloch of a religious and political imperative as readily as it kills the children of its enemy.

Somehow, far too many of us have not managed to realize what we are dealing with and plainly not what the Israelis have to face as an intrinsic part of their daily experience, whether in Sderot which has been on the receiving end of thousands of Hamas rockets or in Itamar where a young family has been pitilessly cut down. Moreover, by insisting on the “cycle of violence” meme and in trying to apportion blame evenly, we have made ourselves complicit with the bestiality we would not for a moment tolerate were it visited upon our own families.

One notes, for example, a stock difference in the reporting of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by the media in general, especially when it comes to the suffering of children. Twelve-year-old Muhammad al-Durah, reportedly killed by the Israelis in a shootout between the IDF and Palestinian “irregulars” near the Netzarim Junction in Gaza on September 30, 2000, became an iconic figure, an international cause célèbre and a prime illustration of the media and official complot against Israel. Following a decade-long investigation by the indefatigable Philippe Karsenty, it is now clear that the episode was rehearsed, directed and staged with the collusion of French TV and Palestinian stringers and cameramen.

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  • http://www.fxexchangerate.com/ fxgeorges

    Ok then hope you had fun doing that!

    • StephenD

      Fx, I don't understand. Are you attempting to make light of the premise of the article? This appears to me the crux of the issue with Islam itself. If the balance of the world could look at it full on and see what darkness lies in the depths of this system of beliefs perhaps we would all take a different approach. One would hope it would be Life Affirming rather than what is currently the status quo of abiding a cult of death worship.

      • Chiggles

        Commercial spam. Run your cursor over its name and you'll see what I mean. That reply may not even have been composed by a real live human person.

        • Python

          Chiggles, you really are a moron of the highest order. Spend a week in the Israeli towns that border Gaza and your bigotted microsopic mind will reel in horror. Spend a day in the Gaza and your idiotic uninformed opinion will change immediately when you see just how hamas treats its own people. Nothing, absolutely nothing is taboo in their minds in achieving their goal. Even killing thier own is justifiable, it's all for allah you know.

          • Chiggles

            I know it is many weeks later and you will likely never see this but my reply was to fxgeorges, you fLicking pinhead.

  • sflbib

    "…trying to apportion blame evenly,…"

    This is what happens when moral relativism is your guiding principle: you lose your ability to recognize real evil and you will ultimately tolerate it.

  • jewel

    I pray for this family and light a candle everyday.. and for all that suffer at the hands of evil islamic terrorist.. satan is their god… that's clear, if you read the bible, or the tora… God reigns here.. over all of us, not islam

  • Rifleman

    This wasn't done without family and elder approval. Give the nearest arab village two to 12 hours to clear out (or don't, I don't care), then level the place. Repeat as necessary.

  • oneg12

    The infant girl was beheaded, it was later revealed. The 4 yr old boy was stabbed twice in the heart. Once, apparently seemed insufficient for the terrorist murderer. The street celebration of these murders involved the distribution of candies. I have not read or heard of anyone refusing these candies.

    Army trackers found the terrorists footprints leading to a nearby village. What adult or teenager was unaware that his village was the safe haven for the murderers? No doubt, their identities are common knowledge. All who abetted the atrocities are guilty, if not to the same degree as the killers.

    Justice demands a clear and immediate reaction.

  • Marty

    The Lord Almighty commanded us not to assassinate. It is written down in his word. At the end of this short life all will be judged. We will be judged by HIS WORD.
    Not a ridiculous system of religious works, nothing more than a self-righteous attempt
    to show other sinners who much better we are than them or than we were yesterday.
    I am saved by HIS GRACE and not by works.
    It makes me so depressed to know that men can slay a beautiful family and decapitate babies ………in the name of their god.
    Lord forgive them for they know not what they do, yet my prayer goes to the people of Abraham. I know you will keep them and as a nation they will not disappear

  • steve

    The crusades never ended and maybe never will.

    Sad but true – the mohammedans can only live in subjugation to civilized societies.