A Tale of Two Babies

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The grotesque fabrication surrounding the supposed “death” of the young al-Durah, for which the Israelis were duly held responsible by almost every media outlet in the world, merely substituted a dictionary of received opinions for the truth. If the boy was shot, it was certainly by the Palestinians, but it is equally conceivable that he is still alive since his body was never found. No matter. A network effect or centralized platform for “traffic exchange” was set up, in which an array of identical items—spurious “facts,” hypotheses, figures and assumptions—circulated freely and served to corroborate one another while implicating the Israelis. The news was trimmed to fit the media’s ideological priorities.

The fix is in. By implicit consensus, not only are Palestinians given substantially more “clip time” in the boilerplate coverage of events, the Palestinian casualty is almost always rued, the Israeli almost never. How many of us have heard of four-year-old Afik Zahavi killed in Sderot by a Kassam rocket? How many of us remember or even know about Shalvet Pass, aged ten months, drilled in the head by a Palestinian sniper, or Dorit Aniso, aged two and Yuval Abedeh, aged four, playing under an olive tree, killed on Sukkot

by a Gaza rocket in the Western Negev, or four-year-old Einat Haran clubbed to death by Samir Kuntar, a member of the Palestine Liberation Front, or pregnant Tali Hatuel shot point blank in her car by terrorists from Rafah, along with her four young daughters, Hila, aged eleven, Hadar, aged nine, Roni, aged seven, and Meirav, aged two?

And when such monstrous deeds are even hinted at, they are nearly always discounted as an effect of presumed Israeli malfeasance and therefore accepted as perhaps unfortunate but eminently “understandable.” It’s the “occupation,” don’t you know? Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005 and has been shelled ever since. No “occupation” there. Despite what the newspapers say and people unthinkingly believe, Judea and Samaria are not “occupied” but “disputed” territories, as UN Resolution 242 and the Rhodes Armistice Agreement of 1949 make abundantly clear—not to mention the League of Nations Mandate, the Treaty of Sèvres and the San Remo Conference which confirmed the Jewish historical connection and lawful claim to the lands in question. International law deposes in Israel’s favor. None of this impinges upon the faux consciousness of the media and the international cabal against the existence of the Jewish state, any more than the death of baby Hadas resonates in their collective sensibility.

And yet the difference between Israeli and Palestinian attitudes and practices cannot be more evident. On the day of the murders, Israeli paramedics saw firework celebrations in the neighboring Palestinian villages. The abomination inspired rejoicing, as it was commemorated in Gaza with the handing out of candies. Only a few days later, the same paramedic team saved the lives of a Palestinian woman and her newborn baby in the very settlement where relatives of the Fogel family were sitting shiva, mourning the deaths of their loved ones. But the fate of two mothers and the tale of two babies do not even register outside of Israel.

Gadi Amitun, the director of the local Magen Adom medical team, noted that “in any case of accident or injury” help is always offered to Palestinians in need without distinction, even treating a wounded terrorist “who attempted to place a bomb on the road.” True to form, none of this is so much as noticed by the decadent and indifferent international media.

One’s indignation knows no bounds.

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  • http://www.fxexchangerate.com/ fxgeorges

    Ok then hope you had fun doing that!

    • StephenD

      Fx, I don't understand. Are you attempting to make light of the premise of the article? This appears to me the crux of the issue with Islam itself. If the balance of the world could look at it full on and see what darkness lies in the depths of this system of beliefs perhaps we would all take a different approach. One would hope it would be Life Affirming rather than what is currently the status quo of abiding a cult of death worship.

      • Chiggles

        Commercial spam. Run your cursor over its name and you'll see what I mean. That reply may not even have been composed by a real live human person.

        • Python

          Chiggles, you really are a moron of the highest order. Spend a week in the Israeli towns that border Gaza and your bigotted microsopic mind will reel in horror. Spend a day in the Gaza and your idiotic uninformed opinion will change immediately when you see just how hamas treats its own people. Nothing, absolutely nothing is taboo in their minds in achieving their goal. Even killing thier own is justifiable, it's all for allah you know.

          • Chiggles

            I know it is many weeks later and you will likely never see this but my reply was to fxgeorges, you fLicking pinhead.

  • sflbib

    "…trying to apportion blame evenly,…"

    This is what happens when moral relativism is your guiding principle: you lose your ability to recognize real evil and you will ultimately tolerate it.

  • jewel

    I pray for this family and light a candle everyday.. and for all that suffer at the hands of evil islamic terrorist.. satan is their god… that's clear, if you read the bible, or the tora… God reigns here.. over all of us, not islam

  • Rifleman

    This wasn't done without family and elder approval. Give the nearest arab village two to 12 hours to clear out (or don't, I don't care), then level the place. Repeat as necessary.

  • oneg12

    The infant girl was beheaded, it was later revealed. The 4 yr old boy was stabbed twice in the heart. Once, apparently seemed insufficient for the terrorist murderer. The street celebration of these murders involved the distribution of candies. I have not read or heard of anyone refusing these candies.

    Army trackers found the terrorists footprints leading to a nearby village. What adult or teenager was unaware that his village was the safe haven for the murderers? No doubt, their identities are common knowledge. All who abetted the atrocities are guilty, if not to the same degree as the killers.

    Justice demands a clear and immediate reaction.

  • Marty

    The Lord Almighty commanded us not to assassinate. It is written down in his word. At the end of this short life all will be judged. We will be judged by HIS WORD.
    Not a ridiculous system of religious works, nothing more than a self-righteous attempt
    to show other sinners who much better we are than them or than we were yesterday.
    I am saved by HIS GRACE and not by works.
    It makes me so depressed to know that men can slay a beautiful family and decapitate babies ………in the name of their god.
    Lord forgive them for they know not what they do, yet my prayer goes to the people of Abraham. I know you will keep them and as a nation they will not disappear

  • steve

    The crusades never ended and maybe never will.

    Sad but true – the mohammedans can only live in subjugation to civilized societies.