An Israeli Fable

Iran has crossed the nuclear threshold and is testing its Shihab-3 long-range missile. King Ahmadinejad has just delivered a TV address in which he celebrates Iranian invincibility and lets it be known that he has no intention of sparing the Zionist entity. The United States has issued a carefully-worded reproof while at the same time extending the hand of peace and assuring its allies that containment, sanctions and dialogue remain the best policies under the circumstances. But no one in Israel sees a silver lining in a mushroom cloud and all prepare for the inevitable. Fearing abandonment from above, the rabbis raise their voices as one, in humble prayer to the God of Israel.

And lo! their prayers are miraculously answered, for the Lord has taken pity on His suffering people at last and His heart has softened. An iridescent rainbow arches across the sky and suddenly the Heavens open and a golden stairway reaches from Jerusalem to the empyrean. A Voice is heard over all Israel commanding, “Come, My people! Hearken to My Word!” And one by one, family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood, religious and secular, scholar and laborer, leftist and rightist find themselves in Jerusalem, as if Time had contracted to an eternal instant, and all proceed to climb the golden staircase into the Lord’s beneficent embrace.

A silence covers the land. A heavenly wind arises, the earth begins to shake, and cities, villages, farms and buildings vanish as if they had never been. Not even a Starbucks remains. In the twinkling of an eye gardens, groves, orchards, greenhouses, vineyards, every cultivated field, all the work of industrious Jewish hands turn back to desert and malarial swampland, leaving only desolate hamlets and clumps of shriveled lemons and puckered olives. Bewildered Palestinians, foreign journalists, NGOs and European plenipotentiaries look about in stunned disbelief for there is nothing there any longer to slake their enmity—except locusts, mosquitoes, drought and barrenness, as it was before the great aliyah. Even the tree and the stone are perplexed at the disappearance of the Jew hiding behind them, sheltering from Abdullah who is equally nonplussed.

At the same time, the world’s infrastructure collapses. Every Israeli invention that has ever been adopted by mankind—cell phone components, computer algorithms, firewalls, voice mail, wireless LAN, search engines, SMS (texting), video platforms, desalination plants, insect control methods, agricultural drip technologies, medical applications, chemical discoveries and more, indescribably more—cease to exist. The world is bereft. The nations send up a plaintive wail. The General Assembly disbands for lack of a purpose. The United Nations Human Rights Council packs up and goes home, as does the Organization of the Islamic Conference. There is nothing left for them to do. In despair, men look about for someone to blame but find only themselves and their cankered resentments. Even Iran has begun to tremble.

The Jews in Heaven look down and are overcome with sorrow. They plead with the Lord to forgive erring humankind but His heart has now hardened. Men will reap the desert, winnow the dust and harvest destitution. Then the gates of Heaven close, although the jubilant strains of Havah Nagilah sung by the choir of angels can still be discerned, growing ever fainter.

King Ahmadinejad sits forlornly on his throne, pining for the bomb he would lovingly stroke before bedtime to inspire his dreams. It too has evaporated. Beside him, the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi, who has chosen this moment to make his long-deferred appearance, with a mixture of fury and resignation addresses the hapless monarch. His words echo in King Ahmadinejad’s ears.

“Why couldn’t you wait, you idiot?”

  • Annie

    What a great, scary story!

    Unfortunately, the muslims would not be idle for long. Like rabid animals, they would simply turn on another segment of what remained of civilization!

    • Cynic

      and the OIC, organisation of Islamic conference, would revert to its true identity OII, organisation of Islamic incoherence.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    What if God is an invention made up not older than some 7 thousand years back.
    Read the latest book from Laurence Gardner (before he past away).
    What if Ahmadinejad made up a fake rainbow and golden staircase into….Oh boy.
    What if the last Jew is incinerated and he will yell out"We ,ve got them"
    Nicely said and framed but it will be a fairy tale. Reality will show the world,if it comes
    to a final confrontation with their Arabs and Jew hating cohorts,a midle East
    covered with devastation and millions of corpses and the last Jews in hidden parts
    of the world will turn out the light and an eternal darkness will fall on the earth.

    • daren

      Jeremiah 31 : 35-37 !!!

    • johnnywoods

      Since Mr. Gardner passed away he now believes in GOD because he has since met HIM in Person.

    • nina

      I like that the Jews will be the last ones on earth. As for turniing out the lights, I rather think they would leave the lights on and try again. They are optimists.

  • Thomas A. Manning

    This is only a partial list of the great things God's chosen have given us. They at the wailing wall pray to the same God that we Christian's do. Why shouldn't God hear their prayers? He is the one & only God, none other, that looks down from the heavens. And yes my friends, one day, and I believe soon, He will put an end to all their suffering and evaporate those evil ones & their false gods. Tom M.

    • James R. Manning

      Only, by the name of and through the Lord Jesus Christ, does God the Father hear anyone's prayers. And, except those who are Jews call out to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord, then God doesn't hear or respond to their prayers. But, one day soon and it will be very soon, the Jews, at least 13 of them, will call Jesus Lord and their Christ. This will be when he comes to their defence and rescue at the end of this age, when the times of the Gentiles are come to the full. Don't get me wrong, I stand with the Jews and all of Israel 100%, for they have been blinded only in part, but their eyes will soon be fully opened.

      • stern23

        Oh cheez, you had to go and spoil it, didn't you. Mr. Manning, I suggest you read a bit of the Torah, Pay particular attention to the Shema, the central prayer of Judaism: Hear O Israel, the Lord is G-d, the Lord is One". One! Not a father and son. Not a trinity. One. And the Ten Commandments: "You shall place no other gods before me" In other words, we do not need anyone to come between us and G-d. We speak directly to Him. Nor are we blind. We respect your beliefs and we believe that anyone can merit heaven, no matter what their religion. We do not try to change them and we would appreciate the same courtesy in return.

        • James R. Manning

          I'm sorry my friend that you take issue with my comment and it's your right and privilege to disagree with it, but one day soon you will see that I am correct. If you refuse to believe in Jesus, "The King of the Jews", then you will not see eternal life for he is the author of eternal life. It would behoove you for your eternal soul's sake to seek sincerely with all your heart for the truth. If you will, then Jesus will reveal himself to you, but if you remain sarcastic and closed minded; then there is no hope for you. By-the-way, I have studied the Torah, (The Holy Bible, the Word of God) from cover to cover very thoroughly with the guidance of God's Holy Spirit and he has taught me very much. What he has taught me, he can also teach you and all that would truly seek him with all their hearts.

          • stern23

            Okay, now you're annoying me. You clearly consider your beliefs to be far superior to mine, and you can't stand that I disagree with you. I could easily point out where the Torah states that your beliefs cannot possibly be true, but I won't do that. Instead, I will respect your right to believe whatever you want, and I will not try and impose my faith on you. Can you have the decency to do likewise? I have no need for your messiah in my life. He is not my Moshiach and can never be because he has not fulfilled the conditions laid down in the Torah. Accept that, as I accept your beliefs, and stop preaching at me. Your words are not welcome.

          • James R. Manning

            It's your prerogative to choose and believe as you please. I'm just doing as my Lord and Savior has commanded me to do. You initiated the conversation with me in replying to my comment. And once initiated, it is my duty as a Christian to tell you the "Truth". Now, what you do with that "Truth" is up to you. By me providing you with the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ, then you no longer can say on Judgment Day that you weren't told. I have hereby relieved my obligation of Christian concern and love for your eternal soul and your blood and soul will not rest upon my head, but upon your rejection of the message of truth. I'm just a messanger for the Lord Jesus Christ, he provided the message and I'm sorry if you are offended by me, the message of truth and by the "Truth" giver, Jesus Christ, the only begotton Son of God. Take care my friend and I do hope for your sake that you'll have a change of heart in the future. Provided, that a merciful God grants you a future tommorrow, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

  • al Kidya

    Ha, ha! That is a very good story but so true!
    Every great invention the Jews devised disappears, "poof" and humankind is left basically in the stone age. There is nobody left to blame the world's ills on.

    That is about what will happen if Ahmadinejad and anti-Semites worldwide have their way. Of course, that will have to be over my, and every other Israelite supporter's, dead bodies.

    He is an idiot!

    • johnnywoods

      I have heard that the Iranian middle class hate him and refer to him as a buffoon. I agree with their assessment.

      • Indioviejo

        They may hate Ahmadinejad, but they are still Muslims.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Israel will endure………………………………William

        • johnnywoods

          You are correct but even they despise this "clown". He is dangerously stupid, hmm kind of reminds of somebody in our government.

  • Charlie Disque

    I am glad there have been Jews, are Jews, and I hope there will always be Jews. But one might note that non-Jews have made some contributions to science, culture and philosophy, etc., and in time might have broken some of the ground that Jews did first.

    Also, in imagining what the world would be without Jews, you also need to subtract Karl Marx, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, and various of the liberal "creative" class who have degraded our culture- of course, along with plenty of non-Jews.

    My main point is that every ethnic group has its sinners as well as its saints.

    I wonder if it is really a healthy exercise to look at what the world would be like without a certain group. If so, then a look at the scoundrels needs also to be taken.

    • stern23

      What's particular interesting is the disproportionate number of Jews who have contributed to society, as evidenced by the number of Nobel awards won by Jews and by Israel. I think you may find that the scoundrels are also disproportionate in number, but in the opposite direction. That would make for an interesting study.

  • James R. Manning

    Sorry, it's supposed to read one third of the Jews and not 13, my slash didn't survive between the numbers during message post.

  • Tziona

    If the Jews, and all inventions reliant upon Jews disappeared then not only would the all the technologies mentioned in the piece go, so would Christianity, Islam, and their sub-cults (the would have been no Jesus, and no Mohamed trying to 'out do the Jews'). And so would the whole Socialist spectrum (Marxism, Stalinism etc.) disappear, and the whole concept of social justice and the Human Rights too. Also gone would be modern popular culture (Hollywood, Broadway and the music industry as we know it). The Jews are the yeast of the world.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Adam and Eve, what a couple of trixters……………..William

  • James R. Manning

    So were the Jews offended in Jesus day also. He had and still has strong words and a message for them and all who seek to enter into eternal life. He said that the Gospel of Salvation was to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles. My friend, in eternity you will remember every message and every warning that was given to you in this life concerning your rejection of Jesus as Lord and Savior, but too late, for it will be in the torment of the flames of the Lake of Fire. I have said my peace. End of message; end of communications. You are on your own, take care.

    • stern23

      Yes, shut up. Please.

  • David

    In fact the Messiah that the Jews have been waiting for is already here. Each person needs to recognize Moshiach for himself. This may not be that easy, since he will appear as an ordinary man, still incognito, until most people acknowledge him. The way to recognize him is thru his words or the message that he brings – the message of peace, brotherhood and justice. See