An Unholy Marriage

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Whether they are fabricating the death of Mohammed al-Durah, or beatifying the foolish Rachel Corrie, or blaming the so-called “settlements” for the butchering of the Fogel family in Itamar, or holding Israel responsible for the murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis, shot dead in Jenin by the very Palestinian “militants” whom he ardently befriended, or denouncing the Jewish state for the killing of Vittorio Arrigoni, strangled by the terrorists whose cause he had dedicated his life to promoting, the celebrants of Palestinian terror will not be easily persuaded to end their infernal festivities and spare the one sliver of genuine democracy in the region. As David Hornik says of Arrigoni, a summation which applies to the vast contingent of “young, Western-bred totalitarians” of which Arrigoni was a part, it is “unacceptable that there should be a haven or a state for Jews anywhere in the world.” It is, rather, the death cult of the Palestinian Arabs that represents the desired shape of the future.

Clearly, the generation now in place will prove largely inadequate to the layered complexity of global politics and the refractory nature of the conflicts that confront them. More and more, these young people give the impression of inner lack, of hosting a vacuum where an identity should be. They are thus prone to what we might call landfill enthusiasms, compensating a void by absorbing the extraneous. Of course, this is an old story—when has it ever been different?—but in today’s intensely politicized world, characterized by the Gramscian rise of the New Left in the media, the entertainment industry and our institutions of “higher” learning, permeating the entire culture, the dilemma has assumed alarming proportions. It is perhaps for this reason these kids are so hard to reach and seem utterly inured to, let’s say, learnable moments. There is no independent center of reflective judgment that can be addressed. To put it metaphorically, our progeny tend to marry young, seeking a dominant partner to give direction and content to their expatriated lives.

With few exceptions, then, they can be expected to make all the wrong decisions, driven by sentimentality, lack of historical awareness, simplistic diagnoses of the world’s ills, and the pro forma and consuming hatred of Jews. This is the legacy of the contemporary left, pursuing in an access of misguided romanticism what David Horowitz has called an “unholy alliance” with a cunning and ruthless enemy. The left’s deluded epigones are the child brides and grooms of the West voluntarily entering into an abusive relationship from which they will not emerge intact, if they emerge at all. Indeed, they bear an eerie resemblance to young Pippa Bacca, the Italian performance artist who, wearing a wedding dress, set out in March 2008 on a “Brides on Tour” pilgrimage through southern Europe and the Middle East, only to be raped and murdered in Turkey.

Believing that a kind of conjugal alliance with an alien and exotic guerrilla culture will relieve them of their anomie and lead to conjoined bliss, the children of the left have formed an intimate relationship with Islam and especially “Palestine,” amounting to an ideological betrothal. But they are in for an unwelcome surprise. The old saws have never been more pertinent. Beware who you get into bed with. Think twice before plighting your troth. A demonic nuptial is surely to be avoided. For in this case, once the alliance is consolidated and the marriage solemnized, no divorce is possible.

Editor’s note: Jamie Glazov’s speech before the San Fernando Valley ACT! for America chapter on March 16, 2011 dealt with various aspects of this phenomenon of “sleeping with the enemy” discussed so eloquently by David Solway above. Glazov did a power-point presentation on honor-killing victims to expose the Left’s agenda of burying their memory and excusing, aiding and abetting their murderers. See the speech below:

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  • bob maram

    liberal jews who have unholy alliances with enemies of israel are entering political marriages with strange bedfellows and are susceptible to strange diseases including those that can be fatal. please my fellow jews wear moral and protective condoms when having your left wing political affairs.

  • jzsnake

    Once again I believe Corrie was a useful idiot but I have never seen it documented that she threw herself in front of the bulldozer. We do not have to stoop to lies like the left wing do we?

    • HLD
    • PhillipGaley

      So dimly as I remember, the footage which I saw, was of her standing in front of it, . . .

      • Rifleman

        Yep, a woman under 5'6" in front of an armored D-8 with a 7ft blade. It's even dumber than that idiot that sat on the tracks in front of the train carrying those nukes that time. She was an America hating terrorist jockstrap, but she probably died from ignorance of earth moving equipment. Still, unlike many of those murdered by those she aided and died for, she chose it. That infant her comrades slaughtered never got to make a real choice of any kind.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Andrei S. Markovits, writing in the relatively progressive magazine Dissent, said in the Winter 2005 issue, “A new European (and American) commonality for all lefts—a new litmus test of progressive politics—seems to have developed: anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism (though not anti-Semitism, at least not yet).”
    Here are some further thoughts of mine on the subject:

  • JosephWiess

    It's because Liberals have a mental disorder that prevents them from seeing what's right in front of them, including the wolf that will rip out their throats.

    • James Pawlak

      Please translate the following into modern Hebrew for me: "Kill them all, G_d will know his own!"

  • nunyainct

    Unfortunately, Liberal indoctrination excoriates Conservative principles while glorifying diversity and multiculturalism. All cultures are perceived as equal, which they are not. As stated above, Utopia is a fantasy and by design and can never be reality. This perfect fantasy place will always be, fantasy. Liberals say they are for diversity, human rights, rights for gays, a just and impartial legal system, equality of the sexes and all these things are absent in Islamic countries. Shariah law condones the beating of women, the stoning of women to death, beheading of homosexuals, women are considered property, always throughout their lives. The cotillion dance between Liberals and Islamists is dangerously naive and potentially deadly.

  • PJG

    When I was a teacher (not for long) I noticed that compared to my own education when we were asked to "discuss" a topic when writing an essay, kids are now expected to have an opinion and argue it forcefully. I felt this is wrong, because if kids form strong opinions too early in life they tend to hang on to them from sheer pride. Of course, not only are kids expected to have strong opinions, they are pretty much told exactly which strong opinions to hold.

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