Battleground America: The Presidential Wars

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In fact, the enemy is a large segment of the very population he is sworn to protect and honorably represent, if not the very country itself he ostensibly leads. His campaign against the vigor and solvency of the United States is indisputable, whether we are considering the unsustainable exorbitance of “Obamacare”; or the bid to install cap-and-trade; or the printing of fiat money; or the defamatory assault against the Chamber of Commerce; or the strangling effects of excessive bureaucratic regulation; or his intention, let’s say, to raise high the debt ceiling, carpenter; or his politicization of the Department of Justice; or his reluctance to drill for oil which would move the country along the path to energy self-sufficiency and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the process. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that for this president, the United States is Battleground America.

True, probing so inscrutable a personality as Barack Obama can be a frustrating proposition. The president, after all, is vexingly protean. Is Victor Davis Hanson accurate in his playboy depiction of Obama as “an inexperienced, hard-left, messianic president whose job apparently was to enjoy life, politick, play golf, hang out at Martha’s Vineyard, pick up prizes and awards, and turn the economy and foreign policy over to the Ivy League professoriate.”? Does “Obama clearly ha[ve] Muslim sensibilities,” as African-American clergyman E.W. Jackson claims? Is Stanley Kurtz right to see him almost exclusively as a “stealth” socialist or is Dinesh D’Souza closer to the truth when he posits a hatred for America stemming from Obama’s anti-colonialist father? Theories abound.

Nevertheless, as I have pointed out, several aspects or features of his “career” are plainly observable: his relatively obscure past, air of resentment and obvious irascibility, his anti-American training and agenda, his indecisiveness in foreign policy, and his evident belligerence and even hostility toward those of his fellow Americans who tend to disagree with him. As Alinsky recommended in Rules for Radicals, “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.” And this is precisely what Obama has done, though sparing America’s self-declared enemies where such a tactic would be useful and productive.

Instead, he has applied Alinsky’s Rule 13 not only to America’s geostrategic allies, but also to those amongst the American electorate whom he views as competitors, or as obstacles to his leveling ambitions, or indeed to anyone who resists on principle his vision for the country’s future. As has been well-documented, he does not engage in reasonable discussion; he attacks, denounces, slanders and strikes—he will bring a gun to a knife fight. And where he can, he will govern by executive order. There is lots of temper in his temperament. Such is his modus operandi.

Let Americans not be deceived about this. They are ruled by a gimcrack president with a chip on his shoulder who has bought into a loony and retrograde ideology. Worse, the nonsense Obama spouts and enacts is nothing short of destructive. As novelist and poet Mervyn Peake has said, “Nonsense can take you by the hand and lead you nowhere.” In the case we are examining, a winning smile is a losing proposition. As for rhetoric, it is as often as not a strategic distraction; by their deeds shall ye know them. The economic plan Obama is implementing looks to bankrupt the country. By his lights, Congress is a nuisance to be circumvented, as in the Libyan affair. The dictates and Resolutions of the United Nations appear to take precedence over the Articles of the Constitution, which is an impediment to his political designs. We are informed that America is no more “exceptional” than any other nation. And as we have seen, Americans of a different persuasion are to be frozen, personalized and polarized.

All this is so well known as to require little commentary; yet many are loath to draw the inescapable conclusion. A president for whom the major battle to be fought and won is not with totalitarian entities or hegemonic Islam but with center-right, consensus America is a president who is himself the enemy or the problem.

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  • Jim

    Obama is engaging in" Nudge"

    Read the book

    He lies to the public with such easy it seems as if he thinks we are pebbles and he is practicing his daily oration lesson.

  • reneeca

    Jim lying is what Obama does best but it's no mystery why he feels so relaxed and confident in doing so. His Muslim upbringing when he was living in Indonesia where they were taught lying according to the Quran is fine. It comes easy to him!

    • Eating

      You guys are clowns. Republicans do the same thing. It's all in the game. What an intellectually dishonest article and site. Now, I'll move along

  • Joey

    Great article. It pretty much sums up my feelings and observations about the One. Will enough voters in America realize this or are we doomed for failure? Because if Obama is reelected without the constraints of accountability for the next election cycle, he will absolutely DESTROY America. By the time he finished his second term, it would be completely unrecognizable. I firmly believe it would be a tyrannical dictatorship. I still think it may be something he may still try through Executive Orders and such. At this time in history, there are no checks and balances. There isn't anyone standing up and saying ENOUGH. Palin tries, but the MSM has marginalized her so much that a lot of voters discount her as a raving nut. Where this ends no one can say, but all I know is I want my country back. Everyday I wake up to some new horror that Obama is trying to inflict on the American People. Where does it end? With his defeat at the polls or through the boot of the government on the throat of the American people. Time will tell. Just keep praying for this great Nation. I know I do.

  • BLJ

    Comrade O makes Joe Izuzu look like a truth teller. I have no doubt about this creeps intentions. The biggest saving grace is the fact that enough Americans have guns and I think if push comes to shove will use them against his Brown Shirts.

  • SeaMystic

    As a Canadian, I do not have the legal capacity or right, to start an Impeachment Process, on President Obama of the U.S..
    Is there anyone with the BackBone to do it in the U.S.A.? Unfortunately what happens in the U.S., affects all Democratic country World Wide.
    IMPEACH OBAMA or else think LENIN, STALIN, MAO and MOHAMMED policies controlling your NATION, and your FUTURE GENERATIONS.


    GUARDIANS Site at:

    • BLJ

      I agree. The problem is the politicians in this country are spineless wimps. They are so afraid of being called a racist that they let this Marxist do what he pleases. Comrade O knows this and is ready to play the race card whenever needed.

  • Maxie

    It's clear that Zero has an anti-American chip on his shoulder. It's also obvious that he's just a charismatic front man hired to sell the collectivist snake oil of his mentors and handlers. He voices the policies and decisions made by others while he idles in the luxury and privileges conferred by the office he figuratively holds protected by the Marxstream Ministry of Propaganda aka the Lamestream Media. He will be re-elected easily '12 by the substantial voter fraud industry that has been put in place. See, for example, Sen. Franken (D)