Blind Rabbis Leading the Blind

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At the battle of Thermopylae (translation: the Hot Gates) in 480 B.C., as Herodotus tells it, 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans held up the advance of over a million Persians, an act of heroism that led in the course of time to the victory of the Greek alliance over the armies of King Xerxes I. The historian notes that the Spartan and Thespian contingents at Thermopylae did not flinch before the advancing hordes, but the Thebans “stayed against their will,” reluctant to face the enormous odds arrayed against them.

Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that the Greek force under Leonidas might have kept the Persians indefinitely at bay had they not been betrayed by a certain Ephialtes of Trachis. This Ephialtes, says Herodotus, “stirred by the hope of receiving a rich reward at the king’s hands, had come to tell him of a pathway which led across the mountain to Thermopylae, by which disclosure he brought destruction on the band of Greeks who had there withstood the barbarians.”

Flash forward to 2011 to a different, yet in some ways comparable scenario: the state of Israel surrounded by enemies and defending its own Hot Gates at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and the Persians in their millions once again armed to the teeth, threatening to “block out the sun” not with arrows, as in the original battle, but with missiles. Mutatis mutandis, instead of 400 Thebans assembled at the pass, we have 400 rabbis, mainly Reconstructionists with a smattering of Conservative and Orthodox hangers-on, prepared to surrender the gates to the enemy—or, in effect, 400 Ephialtes’ poised to betray the faith and give succour to those who would rejoice in their misfortune. Their words and actions make it plain that their purported defense of Israel and ostensible support for the country’s friends and allies are problematic, wavering, and perhaps even disingenuous.

The sordid story of the 400 rabbis is common knowledge by now. Taking exception to Glenn Beck’s demolition of the apostate Jewish billionaire George Soros, the 400 took out a $100,000 ad in the Wall Street Journal accusing Beck and Fox News of cheapening the memory of the Holocaust, of making “literally hundreds of on-air references to the Holocaust and Nazis when characterizing people,” and for drawing attention to Soros’ self-serving behavior as a teenager in Nazi-dominated Hungary.

It would appear, however, that most of these rabbis have never or rarely watched Glenn Beck or Fox News since their allegations are inaccurate and seem almost wholly based on hearsay. As Bill Narvey writes in his Open Reply to the rabbis, “I have not heard Fox News use the term Nazi ‘hundreds of times’ as you allege,” and wonders whether “any of you 400 Rabbis ever watch Beck or Fox News.” Moreover, they are plainly unaware that Beck has often encouraged his readers not to take his word but to investigate the issues for themselves. Nor have the good rabbis seen fit to disclose that the Jewish Fund for Justice, which paid for the ad, is partially bankrolled by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros, ever the magician, has no trouble pulling rabbis out of a hat—or rather, hucksters posing as rabbis.

Obviously, they are not impressed by the fact that Beck is a “righteous Gentile” with enormous influence for good, a stalwart defender of the Jewish state and a scourge against anti-Semites while Soros is an undoubted apikoros, or “wicked son,” who funds unsavory venues like Media Matters and backs the disreputable advocacy group J Street, an outfit that regards Israel with suspicion and works to further the interests of Palestinian Arabs at the Jewish state’s expense. Soros targets Israel as contributing to anti-Semitism, scapegoats the Jewish state for the turbulence in Egypt and as an obstacle to peace and democracy in the Middle East—“The main stumbling block is Israel,” he writes in The Washington Post—, seeks to discredit The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), believes “the pro-Israel lobby” is invested in “suppressing divergent views,” blames Israel for “refus[ing] to recognize the democratically elected Hamas government”! and for pursuing “military escalation,” and has subsidized terrorist-defending lawyers like the infamous Lynne Stewart—one could go on. No matter. The 400, whether through ignorance or perfidy or both, proceed to vilify their protectors and champion their adversaries. Beck bad, Soros good.

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  • thomas paine

    glen beck is a cynical charlatan who couldn't possible be stupid enough to believe the national enquirer style garbage he peddles

    • Neil

      Tommy, You know so much about Beck, that you're unaware that his first name is Glenn, not Glen. Plus, you're mighty short on facts, just poorly worded commentary ("who couldn't possible"). Finally, I think that it's poetic justice that these so-called rabbis placed their $100,000 advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, a division of News Corp., the parent company of the Fox News Channel. I wouldn't at all be surprised that the rabbis were unaware of that fact, as they appear to have relied on Media Matters and/or MSNBC for their propaganda.

    • Dennis X


  • Amos

    Please. Pseudo-rabbis, not rabbis. AIn't a legit rabbi among the bunch of 'em.

  • Ezra Mazal Mordecai

    These Rabbis are part of "the erev rav". They fit right in the liberal arena.

  • dgene

    A word of praise to you, DaveSolway, in using your gift for phrasing, metaphor and clear elucidation to help gird up those of us who have to fight these bastards.

  • Bert

    Couldn't these so-called rabbis find a humanitarian use for their hundred thousand dollars such as feeding the poor in Israel or replanting some of the many trees lost in the recent fire that was also of suspicious origin? They have shown just where their priorities lie.

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck is the personal front man for stupidity on a national scale in The United States of America. He is and always was a complete idiot. His personal form of patriotism is false and you’d have to be a brainless, half educated, red necked idiot to believe anything this fool says. But that pretty well describes the tea party and the GOP. This closet homosexual never went to college and never knew anything about World History, American History, World Religions or the US Constitution. He is simply a mocking bird for the twisted views of the John Birch Society and people need to wake up to the fact that Glenn Beck is just another uneducated charlatan who does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity.

    • John

      Guest: Your typical leftist 'ad hominem' screed is devoid of a single fact and the refuge of a scoundrel. You prove yourself an empty suit, posing as an intellectual — the antithesis of Glenn Beck.

    • Nick Shaw

      Isn't it weird when people on the left, as this jerk most certainly is, say they champion the rights of everyone, that everyone is equal in their eyes, yet, they throw out the epithet "homosexual" in mocking tones? I'm glad I never learned lib-speak when I was growing up or I would be a blithering idiot as well. Oh, and I love the "never went to college" line. Just another way to divide us up? What a marroon! More and more I am coming to trust people who never attended brainwash institutions. They don't gibber.

      • Aaron

        I have often been told that I am the most intelligent person people have met and I have no college degree. Intelligence and knowledge are two different animals. That is one thing they don't teach you in college.

    • Victor Laslow

      If you had any education you would have posted actual facts rather than blind accusations meant to demean an opponent. Glenn Beck has reinforced every word he ever said with printed facts from both history and publications from the radical left.
      If you indeed had an education it thought you how to be an elite, degrade the righteous so you may take advantage of the uneducated. The fact is you posted on the wrong page; the people here have the intelligence to see you for what you are. For this I thank you as it shows us your strategy and how far the elite leftists will go and only serves to strengthen our resolve.
      Thank you for your giving us reason to come together, to see how hard we will have to fight to remain free and not cattle.
      Victor Laslow. The Republic Revealed

    • Shari

      You attack the messenger when you have no argument, but that is why you are on the Left.

    • michiganruth

      I'm really glad you're taking to heart Pres. Obama's plea for civility.

  • Bob Madden

    I would suggest a look at the list of Rabbis is likely in order. As with John Kerry's infamous "Winter Soldier" their status as Rabbis might well be questionable. It would seem improbable that even the mighty George Soros could have done a lot of checking in advance.

  • minnieiam

    Glenn Beck is teaching American History as it was and not the revised anti-America, anti capitalism, politically correct version now being spoon fed to our students from K through post grad school. Those of us who are old enough to have been taught to honor, admire, and respect our founding fathers are appalled at the all inclusive gibberish and trash that is now being taught in our public schools as history. Beck is a breath of fresh air in the America hating community of elites who now control center stage. His popularity gives us a glimmer of hope that all is not yet lost.

  • Canuck

    Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares about the opinion of those 400 pretend rabbis. They were simply parrotting the party line, hoping to gain publicity and increased financial support from their sponsors, who changed their religion to a feminist / leftist pseudo-religion.

  • Yosef

    The institutions affiliated with these so called Rabbis should be stripped of any tax exempt or religious status. These rabbis and the Reconstructionist and Reform movements promote faddish secular liberalism (whatever is currently fashionable from the San Francisco wing of the Democrats) and contradict the Torah in theory and practice. They are frauds pretenting to be "religious" and scared of losing more of their flocks to authentic Jewish religious institutions such as Chabad.

  • artcohn

    Who are the 400 rabbis? In all of the articles about their ad, I have never seen a list of whom they are.

  • thomas paine

    if the moronic conspiracy theories beck broadcasts every day aren't enough for you, please visit the Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator page, and let it invent new moronic conspiracies for you as fast as you like!

    beck is a hustler and you are the marks

    • annie o'hare

      "Bect is the hustler and you are the marks", And you know this because God granted you superior knowledge and wisdom? I think not. You're just another average schmuck who'se just trying to bully other people around cause you got no real power.

      • thomas paine

        go ahead – try out the conspiracy theory generator and test just how gullible you are… apparantly very…

        and if yer bs detector ain't a-workin' at the normal level, don't blame me!

    • Nick Shaw

      This is what you've got? A humour page making up outlandish theories that Beck might believe? You really don't know who Thomas Paine is do you? You get all your information from PMSNBC, that's obvious. There are rocks available for people like you to crawl under.

  • Carman

    Glenn saved the Republic single handedly and the liberals are foaming at the mouth