Defending the English Defense League

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The EDL, or English Defense League, which vigorously opposes the advance of Islam into the cultural nexus of Western democracies, finds itself on the receiving end of the customary hysteria that greets every such attempt to defend a way of life we have too long taken for granted. Originating in the city of Luton in England, where a substantial, radicalized Muslim population has been linked to various terror plots and fomented demonstrations against British troops returning from Iraq, the EDL has taken its premonitory message to Europe and North America. A rally was held on January 11, 2011 in Toronto, hosted by the Jewish Defense League (JDL). Predictably, it was met by “pacifist” protesters, associated with several anti-Zionist and ostensibly anti-racist groups, chanting such peaceable slogans as “EDL—go to Hell” and “Smash, Smash, Smash EDL”—and, yes, initiating pockets of violence requiring police intervention. So it goes.

Although defamed as a “neo-fascist organization” responsible for targeting “all Muslim people simply for being who they are,” nothing could be further from the case. The EDL warns of a dark and troubling future in which Shari’a courts become part of Western legal systems, no-go zones spread through our cities, and Islamic violence increasingly becomes a norm of daily life. In effect, the EDL sees Luton as the potential face of 21rst century Europe and a harbinger of the destabilization of Canada and the United States. This is a message that does not sit well with militant left-wing organizations, such as Unite Against Fascism in the U.K., so-called Human Rights groups such as the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the ridiculously named Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in Canada, and even the TSA in the U.S.

In defiance of the luridly obvious, no reference is made to the pro-Islamic slant of the campaign to discredit the EDL’s judicious sounding of the alarm. The EDL, as we have seen, has been castigated as “part of an alarming rise in fascist, racist and neo-Nazi organizing in Europe” which targets Muslims and immigrants. It is denounced for street rumbles, for sponsoring hate fests against Muslims and for lighting the fires of social unrest. The evidence to the contrary is considered inadmissible.

For the truth is very much the antithesis of the largely unsubstantiated claims and accusations being hurled against the League. The truth, as Rochelle Michaels points out in a recent article on the subject, is that “corrupt EU governments and politicians” have become advocates for Islam, that “Marxists in the mainstream press…continually whitewash the truth about Islamic Fascism,” as do academics in our universities, and that “roving gangs of Islamic thugs are wreaking havoc…in every EU country.” And indeed, the street clashes laid at the door of the EDL, as Michaels indicates, are generally ignited by leftists and Islamists attacking EDL demonstrators, often with the complicity of the police who “turn a blind eye” to what is actually taking place—a frequent occurrence in Britain. There can be little doubt that the agencies of political correctness have given these disruptive elements a free pass.

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  • crackerjack

    Jews hopping onto the white supremist bandwagon and rallying behind St Georges banner? It's got to be a joke! How self-hateing can on get? Do these goons really believe that their new hooligan and skinhead allies will forget thier Jewish identity once Paki and WOG bashing is over?

    Sorry guys. You're not white or Christian and you just don't belong,. You're a pawn in the game, nothing more, nothing less.

    • gsw

      St George's banner is the flag of England – and the English.
      It is not a Fascist flag (like the islamic black flag or the nazi swastika flag), it is the flag of a knight. It represents Justice and Equality.

      Since you will not be rallying behind it, I assume you are on the side of the islamic fascists?

      • crackerjack

        If St Georges banner the flag of justice and equality,why did Etzel and Haganah bomb the English out of Palestine? Do you really think Englich nationalists have forgotten who hung their soilders from the trees of Jaffa? Check out your history book and find out how the English public reacted to these atrocities perpetrated by people they had granted exile from the Nazi faschists and freed from the concentration camps, at a time the nation was reeling under the aftermath of the war.

        • Raymond in DC

          The English were "bombed" out of Palestine because they'd betrayed the Mandate they'd taken upon themselves to midwife a Jewish homeland, instead allying themselves with the Arabs. Israelis haven't forgotten that British troops stood aside as scores of doctors and nurses were massacred by Arab forces. One shouldn't forget that the British were warned that if captured Jews were hung, British soldiers would be hung. It was a nasty business, and I'm not sanctioning it, but no Jews were hung after that.

          • crackerjack

            Jews hanging Brits, Brits hanging Jews. And now Jews in the English -Defense-League, trying to import Israel's conflict with its neighbours onto the streets of London? You can sell that to the Hools, Skinheads and Yobs, but not to the Veterans and Nationalists.

        • CanadConserv

          It is you who needs to check history. You'[re wrong on every account. Go educate yourself. unless, that is, truth is not what you seek, only an opportunity to spout your anti-Semitism.

    • lnfidel

      Has it never occurred to a lefty like yourself that Jews and Christians share common values founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and ethics? These values that have led to the greatest and most advanced civilization known to man, are now under threat from a barbaric, misogynistic and retrograde force that exerts itself under the cover of religion – our common enemy, Islam!

      As this fight has nothing to do with race and everything to do with values, it renders – racism – the looney left's usual argument for attack, useless. It must be very frustrating for you delusional Marxist types, to see people uniting over race and religious barriers, to confront the greatest threat to our liberties, our security and to the survival of Western civilization.

      Get over it buddy, we're only getting started. We are connecting internationally, building ties and partnerships and forging alliances, and once the masses are educated and wisen up, your Commie and Islamonazi asses will be relegated to the scrap heap of history.

    • lnfidel

      Has it never occurred to a lefty like yourself that Jews and Christians share common values founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and ethics? These values that have led to the greatest and most advanced civilization known to man, are now under threat from a barbaric, misogynistic and retrograde force that exerts itself under the cover of religion – our common enemy, Islam!

      As this fight has nothing to do with race and everything to do with ideas and values, it renders – racism – the looney left's usual argument for attack, useless. It must be very frustrating for you delusional Marxist types, to see people uniting over race and religious barriers, to confront the greatest threat to our liberties, our security and to the survival of Western civilization.

      Get over it buddy, we're only getting started. We are connecting internationally, building ties and partnerships and forging alliances, and once the masses are educated and wisen up, your Commie and Islamonazi asses will be relegated to the scrap heap of history.

      • crackerjack

        Judeo-Christian principles? What's that supposed to be? As far as I'm informed, persecution and slaughter of Jews has been a cornerstone of Christendom since the European progroms of the first Crusade up to the Holocaust. The only principles in Christian dealings with Jews have always been hate and resentment .

        • TechOps

          Learn your history, CrackerJack. The crusades were in response to desperate requests from both Jews and Christians being plundered and murdered by the Gyppos who had invaded the "Holy Lands".

          • crackerjack

            If it be so, why was the First Crusade 1096 accompanied by the first Europe wide progroms against Jews? and why were the Jews of Jerusalm, who had assisted in defending the city, slaughterd by the Franks and burnt alive in their Synagoges? The Crusaders were obviously unaware of this Judeo-Christian-Values thing.

          • Ray

            yes, Christianity had an extremely intolerant phase. Heretics were burned at the stake, Jews were herded into ghettos and sometimes massacred or burned alive, Christian women were identified as witches and burned. Lets not forget that, but lets also see that Christianity has its good side, and it has multiple threads as well. I'd rather stand with a believing Christian who believes in freedom and tolerance and yet sees the danger of Islam, then with some leftist multicultural peacenik supposedly inspired by the same bible.

    • Proud

      I'm glad that people are waking up to the need for organisations like the EDL.

      I think it's a good thing that Jews are welcomed by them, considering how people like crackerjack smear Brits and the UK. If they were a political party I would vote for them, as a British Jew.

    • Tzipi

      The EDL is the only organisation in the country standing up for the LGBT and Jewish communities in the UK against Islam.

      What is the UAF doing for the LGBT or Jewish communities against Islam? What are the doing for these communities in general?

      F**k all!

    • Bob

      This jew is going to side with England, not Islam. It takes a while but eventually the English do the right thing.

      To side with Islam…well… I might as well cut my own head off

  • NickMcAvelly

    Did you even read the article? Do you know anything about St. George? Have you read the EDL's 'Mission Statement'?

    • crackerjack

      I don't waste time reading statements by Faschists, Nazis, White Supremists, Hooligans, Skinheads or the likes.

  • Fnord

    McAvelly: Have you ever been to an EDL march? Granted, they have quit heiling now as they used to do in the beginning, but there are still a pretty strong contigent of "former" nazi-skins among them.

    • The_Lord_Regent

      Same thing with "Racist Tea Partiers" – the "racist" banners and talkers turned out to truly fascist (or pure socialist) lefties doing the false flag act.

    • Archie121

      Muslims gangs have terrorized the "civil" British for decades. A formidable and menacing presence by white "lumpens" is a beautiful thing indeed. It will be even more beautiful when the skulls start cracking!

  • Nohopeusa

    So Fnord, you are alright living under Shiri'a law? and living as a dog before your Muslim masters?

    • Fnord

      Umm, I havent seen much of Sharia law round here, mr. "no Hope USA". I do believe that problem exists only in your head.

      Are you comfortable with vigilante hooligans marching through your city scaring the elderly and children and instigating riots?

  • Alan

    Fnord is misinformed. There was a person at one of the earlier demos who sieg heiled and photographed by his friend. Guess what? They turned out to be members of the UAF. If any idiot is heard to be shouting racist comments at EDL demos, they are dealt with very quickly and told never to attend another demo again.

    • Brett

      In some cases I think these people are even plants, sent there by some Islamo friendly left wing organization that wants to smear them. The left often uses these tactics here in the US as well with the Tea Partiers.

  • potkas7

    In the early 1990s my job required me to spend a significant amount of time in Luton. There is an old church in the center of town. Visiting it one day to admire the building I asked the caretaker when it was built. I was thinking probably the early 19th Century. "It was built in 1100," was his reply. I was amazed.

    "What's your biggest problem maintaining an old building like this?" I inquired? I figured he'd probably say heating the building.

    "My biggest problem is Muslim kids throwing rocks through the stained glass windows," he answered

  • hippiepooter

    Mr Solway, wrong, wrong, wrong. The EDL is, at the least, semi-BNP (Britain's Nazi Party) and is composed of many, many football hooligans (Its leader Mr Robinson is one of them. He has a conviction for assaulting the Police).

    I agree fully with the threat that Islam poses, but I'm not going to delude myself about the threat that a nasty bunch of yobs like the EDL pose as well.

    I'm a Brit who used to live in London.

    You're deluding yourself to align yourself with this anti-Islamist force Mr Solway.

    • Richard Hannay

      Mr hippiepooter, The EDL have nothing to do with the BNP or any political party. The EDL is just a street protest movement. It has no political ambitions other than getting the incumbent party in government to act to defend our way of life from the Islamist invasion. Most of the EDL is made up of ordinary working people. It's true there are former football hooligans who are members, and there are members of Casuals united but the EDL are neither violent, racist, fascist or right-wing. Where the EDL have been involved in violence it has always been after assaults and provocations from the Unite Against Freedoms…sorry Fascism. They are the ones who have consistently come to counter protest and cause trouble , often in collusion with Muslim youth. As you are no longer living in the UK (I assume that from your statement that you are a Brit who used to live in London) you are sadly out of touch with the realities of the Islamisation of the UK and England in particular.

      • Fnord

        Sir, go read pro-Israel anti-islamist but also anti-fascist Harrys Place on these people, where I got my list below. The core of EDl are old fascists, sorry to say.

        • Richard Hannay

          I suggest very strongly that you are wrong. Harry's place may well be pro-Israel and anti-facsist and anti-islamist, but it's not the EDL. Go talk to EDL people , visit their forum and see for yourslf. They are definitely not right-wing, certainly not racist and are anti-homophobic. They have a strong Jewish division and they support Israel's fight for survival and right to exist. They have black members, gay members, Sikhs, Atheists, even a couple of muslims or two. They have Jewish members.

          Islam is not a race it's a political ideology just as Communism and Nazism were ideologies. It denies the rights the left claim to uphold and be the guardians of, – justice , equality for all, the rule of just law, freedoms of speech, religion, thought, and liberty. The EDL don't have a problem with what anyone worships if at all and they don't have a problem with the colour of someones skin colour. What they have a problem is with a minority inflicting their barbaric beliefs, practices and political system on us. They believe British law is good enough for all citizens of the UK .

          • hippiepooter

            I'm sure EDL supporters are 'with the programme' Mr Hannay and will spout the same rhetoric you are spouting. Its just the National Front and BNP put out very similar disclaimers. The evidence belies your words Mr Hannay. Your tactic of smearing anyone who who prefers to believe the evidence about the EDL than your rhetoric as indifferent to the evil of Islam convinces me even further of the evidence.

          • NickMcAvelly

            You've just agreed that EDL supporters mean what they say in the EDL's mission statement (see previous link). Ok then.

            The guy has presented an argument which you have agreed with. That's all he did. The only person here who is 'smearing' anyone is you. According to your own reasoning, this means that it is you who is 'indifferent to the evil of Islam'.

            Just to remind anyone reading the thread who might be distracted by your attempts to discredit the original commenter, here is what he said:

            Islam is not a race it's a political ideology just as Communism and Nazism were ideologies. It denies the rights the left claim to uphold and be the guardians of, – justice , equality for all, the rule of just law, freedoms of speech, religion, thought, and liberty. The EDL don't have a problem with what anyone worships if at all and they don't have a problem with the colour of someones skin colour. What they have a problem is with a minority inflicting their barbaric beliefs, practices and political system on us. They believe British law is good enough for all citizens of the UK .

    • JoshWilliams

      I'm EDL and am not a football hooligan, or a former member of any party

      I'll be in Luton on 5th February, God Save The Queen

    • Doug

      Okay, well, what group would you suggest patriotic Brits who don't like what is happening, join?

    • crag

      What an arsehole you are. Football hooligans and Nazi thugs my arse. Same old trundled out left wing "propaganda" lies. I could not give a damn about football and like jews, blacks…anyone for that matter who supports freedom of speech and does not hate woman, gays, music. You pathetic brain washed anti British Stalinist clown !

      • hippiepooter

        A likely story. Did I mention something about 'nasty yobs'?

        Your protestations of 'touchy-feeliness' about humanity ring as true as Islamist claims Islam is a 'religion of peace'.


  • Fnord

    The connections between EDL and BNP are almost too many. Tommy Robinson can be seen here with Holocaust denier and National Front official Stephen Lennon:…!

    Or maybe this list of known nazi connections will do it?

    • Jon

      Tommy Robinson is Stephen Lennon, so how could he be seen with him?

    • guest

      The connections between EDL and BNP are almost too many. Tommy Robinson can be seen here with Holocaust denier and National Front official Stephen Lennon:

      shows what crap you talk – everyone knows Tommy Robinson IS Stephen Lennon !!
      you muppet

  • Fnord

    Moderator, If you dont accept links here (wich I support), heres a list of nazi connections from Harrys Place…
    : Leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, former BNP member.
    EDL website was set-up by BNP activist Chris Renton.
    EDL co-founder Paul Ray described Chris Renton as “de-facto Commander of the EDL.” Paul Ray says he’s been ostracized from the EDL for opposing Chris Renton linking with Combat 18 (C18).
    EDL organizers Steven White and Luke Pippen are Combat 18 activists.
    C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official BNP steward.
    EDL Facebook + You Tube chat shows hundreds of EDL support racists like the BNP, NF, Blood and Honour, BFF, C18 and KKK.

  • Fnord

    EDL Wayne Baldwin has been pictured in a Swastika T-shirt.
    EDL supporter Earl Turner has been shown wearing a British Freedom Fighters t-shirt
    The Welsh Defence League is riddled with Nazis.
    Scottish press famously revealed that dual membership of Scottish BNP and Scottish Defence League is almost 100%.
    2nd in command Kevin Carroll nominated a BNP candidate for election, but claims he was tricked into doing this and claims he can’t be racist because he says he has a mixed-race daughter.
    WDL finally ostracised Swansea C18 for refusing to stop making Nazi salutes on demos but Jeff Marsh is still happy to work with the known C18 members with whom he currently runs the WDL.
    Luke Pippen Swansea C18 member runs the Casuals United Blog with EDL Wales / WDL founder Jeff Marsh.
    Steven White, Jeff Marsh’s assistant has a Swastika tattoo on his chest and was pictured holding British Freedom Fighters t-shirt.

    • Nero

      The EDL are evil incanate. Only the love of our Islamists brothers can save us, it says so in the Quran. Just read it you sick Chistians and see how superior Islam is. Fnord is right. All westen women are inferior to the Muslim queens and are ripe for plucking and hearding. Its good to have support for our superior idiology.

    • Brett

      Why is it with the left that whenever they critisize the right you have to equate us with the Nazis? Even if the majority of these people were affiliated with Nazi or skinhead groups (which I doubt) what threat are they compared to the Islamists where we see another terrorist act almost every day in the name of Islam? Not that I like Nazis but at this point the radical Islamists groups are much more of a threat, yet you show little or no concern for them but rant on & on about some supposed EDL connection to Nazis. And you people wonder why some of us on the right think Liberalism is a mental disorder? Your posts are a perfect example.

  • AB7

    ALL non-Muslims must join together to defend their various interests and civilizations FROM Islam. If Satan himself wanted to join in the battle (though he would not since Islam is in fact his creation) it would be the duty of Christians, Jews and others to work even with him in this battle. Even if NAMBLA wants to join in the battle, as despicable as they are, you need to join with them in the battle against Islam. Islam is an existential threat, all of your other silly little worries, whatever they are, pale in comparison.

    • Fnord

      Thats nice for NAMBLA, finally they can get a welcome somewhere. Good to know that you lot endorse nazis and pedophiles.

      • AB7

        It is interesting how you get your back up over Nazis and NAMBLA but don't have any problem in joining forces with Satan himself, who in case you are not aware, is worse than Nazis or NAMBLA. The point that you need to grasp is that if Islam is allowed to spread in the West you won't have the freedom to express your opinion. As to Nazis – right now, today, Jews are having to flee Europe due to the rise in anti-semitic attacks FROM MUSLIMS now living in Europe, and as to NAMBLA – homosexual pedophilia is well grounded in Islam, look it up, read the stories about how our military is looking the other way in Afghanistan. You need to get serious and figure out who the enemy really is.

  • AL__
  • Atlas_Collins

    Why is it always A-OK for self-hating leftist vermin and/or non-whites (more specifically non-northwest european-descended people) — even at a neo-con jew-run site like Frontpage — to express racist hatred toward white people?

    Please explain?

  • greg

    islam is a festering, puss filled sore. Please tell me how a man can follow a pedophile that comitted murder, rape, sodomy on boys, who professes the joy of stealing, lying, cheating to get ahead. When put into real, honest and provable context, anyone following islam has died inside themselves. islam kills G-d's spirit and replaces it with an evil lust. ALL muslims are corrupt as a little rot on an apple will eventually consume it all. There are no moderate muslim's, only those waiting their time out to murder, steal and rape.
    islam is like a pretty patterned diaper. Nice to look at but when opened to the eyes it is quite foul.

    • Laura

      Very well put–thanks for saying the trut.

    • hornet

      spot on

    • Ben

      When you scratch the surface of any religion you will find things you don't like. The Bible speaks of God's moral right to kill children. Ultimately, it is how people interpret religious texts that is the problem. It is surely far better to educate people on the less-radical intepretations of Islam than it is to wage a hate campaign (which only breed more hate later on).

  • sheikyermami

    I am a proud Jew and I proudly stand with the EDL.

    I will not let Muselmaniacs or far left loons dictate what's politically correct and divide us.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Islam is a total menace. The Quran, Sunnah and Sirah provide more than ample evidence to show the self-styled 'Prophet and Messenger' was by all psychiatric criteria an extreme pathological narcissist. Islam has inherited this narcissim and threatens the well-being of the human race.. The Quran is not the revealed word of a god, it is the words of the mentally deranged Muhammad.
    Apostates of Islam refer to their former religion as 'A sick vile religion', 'a veritable disaster', 'the biggest lie in history' and they call upon Muslims to read the Quran, come to their senses and 'eradicate this religion from the Earth'. Muhammad was no prophet, he was an evil madman.
    Islam is a bigger threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Ghengis Khan ever were………. IT MUST BE OPPOSED


    • Ben

      Islam, like any religion, has bad eggs. but there are over 1 BILLION Muslims in the world and if even 1% of that population are actively involved in terrorism I would be surprised. I wonder what so many of these 'haters' would say if it were Christian mobs enforcing the strictest possible interpretation of the Bible- would that be ok? I bet we'd see a double-standard.

  • SanityInspector

    Just watch the videos out there. People who mob in the streets, chanting "let's go fookin' mental!" and throw stones through the windows of kebab shops are the no defenders of civilization. You don't have to be blind to the menace of radical Islam to be repelled by the EDL.

    • AB7

      The problem is that the politicians and the traditional media and religious representatives such as Christian clergy etc. are doing just the opposite, they are pretending there is no problem, they are totally castrated, incapable of defending their civilization in even the smallest way, they won't even raise their pinky finger in the fight. If the West is to be saved it will come down to average folk being ready to fight to save it. The longer that the West allows Islam to spread in the West the more horrific the battles will be to get rid of it. The state will likely be fighting on the side of the Muslims! We need all of the soccer hooligans, all of the blue collar football fans in America, and any other group who is not castrated, not turned into limp wristed effete twits, to stand up and fight. Look at the no-go areas in Europe, the Western police can't even go there, the "macho" Muslim youth rape Western women with impunity. The Western man is just bending over and begging to be taken prison style.

      • crackerjack

        British soccer hools rally to save the nation? LOL. It's a wonder they find the time between mugging opponents, attacking the police and drinking alcohol. Stick to the beer and brawl boys, politics is for the educated.

        • AB7

          It is 1000 times better to be mugged by a soccer hooligan from the opposing team, a drunken hooligan at that, than to be blown to pieces by a stone cold sober Muslim following the example of the "perfect man" Muhammad and killing or maiming you and countless other innocent people around you in a suicide bombing or other insane Jihad attack.

          • crackerjack

            …how about Brit Hools publicly declaring from now on to stop makeing a general nuisance of themselves every weekend, occupying valuable police time that could be far better used tracking down Radical Islamists?

            That would be a greater service to the nation than starting a private conflict with local Paki dimwits.

          • AB7

            Oh boo hoo! It is 1000 times better for the West to spend money on police forces to monitor rowdy sports fans than to do what we are now doing since the spread of Islam in the West and that is wasting countless millions if not billions of dollars on pointless airport security screening innocent people as if they were Muslim terrorists, along with millions of dollars wasted "monitoring" Muslims for jihad activity, all of these efforts to protect our civilization from Muslims within our borders WILL ECONOMICALLY DESTROY OUR CIVILIZATION, BANKRUPT US, DESTROY OUR WAY OF LIFE AND FREEDOMS, long long before we actually become part of the greater Islamic state. The problem is Islam within our borders not ANY other security issue related to sports fans, hooligans, drug dealers, whatever or whoever, none of them represent the existential threat that Islam does.

    • NickMcAvelly

      I remember those videos, with mobs in the street yelling the takbir, setting fire to buildings and threatening to kill people … oh hold on that was Muslims, not so very 'radical' Muslims either, after someone told them there was a cartoon of their 'prophet' in some Danish magazine.

  • Francisco

    Mohamed committed genocide when he ordered the execution of all Jews in Arabia because, the Jews cough him cheating (using the old and new testament for his new religion) . There lies their ancient hatred specially toward Jews. No wonder Mohamedans today commit atrocious acts against anyone who disagreed with them and as long as people continue to ignore these truths the indiscriminate slaughter will go on. The enablers are feeding a crocodile hoping to be be eaten last but , sadly the delusional ones don't even contemplate that possibility.

  • waterwillows

    Say yea and say nay, but the fact still remains that it is not much fun watching our leaders bend over and grovel to Islam. They greatly demean themselves in their foolishness and submission. Plus they are too stupid to be ashamed of themselves.
    Now compare that with the EDL and at least you see men acting more like men. So in the face of reality I'll take the EDL over our weak leaders any day.

  • ADW

    I'm a normal English guy. I work hard in a good job. I don't watch football. I pay my taxes and live with in the law. My wife is not English. I do drink but not allot as I'm a little over the hill now.

    People like me make up the majority of the EDL now. Sure, there were a few racists lurking at the start. But they were soon kicked out. Yes, the UAF and left have tried to deface everything we do. They typically throw many accusation and link to sites that have been written by them selvs and hold no factual truth. But when you are dealing with the UAF (for example) that has never stopped them.

    Its funny, because some (one) of the posters here is what we have to deal with on a daily basis. I'm sure they think if they throw enough mud some will stick. But we just keep calm and carry on. Let the left scream as every time they do, our number grow.

    What I would like to point out is; Recently when the wide spread abuse (rape jihad) of young girls (11 to 15) was uncovered (hidden by the police) the left fell silent. Not a single peep could be heard. Not a single womens rights campaigner. Or childes rights group… Do the left hate there own so much they are ok with having there children raped in the name of Islam?

    We know the EDL is not perfect but its the best we have.

    • rdw

      I live in the u.s. and i agree with your ideas, we must all stand together and crush the islamic murderers. Long live the EDL and may God protect and bless you in your stand!
      a former us army ranger and 3 time combat vet and brother in arms

  • lol

    Hey, I got banned from posting. Is this a nazi-site?


    • ADW

      Fnord, do you really see Nazis every where you go? Maybe you should take a look in the mirror. You left wing types have some very fascist tenancies.

      Are you the type to only allow free speech as long as it serves your message? It was Billy Bragg who said: Free speech is only fine when you agree with me. Its on you tube, go look it up.

  • stevenp

    LOOK ! im getting sick of keyboard left wing warriors search EDL on youtube then talking like they are the inside man and know all there is to know,im a member of the EDL thanks to my african girlfriend who dragged me to my first demo.We recieved nothing but love from the other protestors and didnt see a single nazi salute.On the other hand the EDL peacefully protest yet the muslim and anarchist counter protester are there for violence which is obvious when you see roaming gangs of muslims hunting down what ever white people they can to beat them up.REMEBER THIS YOU LEFTIST COMMI FOOLS THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE CROCODILE ONLY HOPES TO GET EATEN LAST!!! and that was made clear when the local muslim gangs turned on some UAF protestors simple because and i quote "white".

  • ROME84

    The reason the left dont like the EDL is because there white working class and the left is full of self hateing middle class.

  • hissing sid

    Is cracker headed jack aware that the nobel EDL has a jewish division, gay division and a disabled division? What country are you from mr crackhead? NO SURRENDER-EVER!

  • Doody Levi Rosen

    That's rubbish! The EDL are filled with a load of UNEMPLOYED YOBS MATE!

    The Left are Trade Unions etc. Unions of WORKER!

    The EDL are doing bugger all excpet waste tax payers money on pointless and stupid demos. They ARE Nazis and yes I am a JEW!

    • martin

      Um I don't think the EDL get any public money. Unlike the UAF and lots of Muslim groups. (Google 'PREVENT', though thankfully this has now stopped.)

    • Nazi hater

      I'm EDL,i have a job,i pay taxes and you are pathetic.The EDL have no death camps,colour and creed mean nothing to us.We are against Islamic extremism and nothing more.Have you read(assuming you can as i think you are a non Jewish UAF idiot)a copy of the Qu'ran?I have a copy,get back to me and i will tell you about the Sura's concerning the Jews,not very nice and would you believe that it involves another final solution for the Jews.Now who's the Nazi Judenrat?

  • NickMcAvelly

    No they're not, so there!

    Seriously: go ahead and provide some evidence to support your assertion that the English Defence League are 'filled' (let us say more than half) with 'unemployed yobs'. That will required you to do several things. First you need to show that you have access to the names of everyone who supports the English Defence League. Then you need to show that more than half of those people are not employed, or are not running their own business. (Good luck with that!) Once you have done that, then you will need to show that the same people are, in addition to being unemployed, are also 'yobs' (whatever that means). If you feel that you can provide the evidence required to support your assertion then go ahead and do so.

    If you cant, well …

  • Jim

    Anyone who is fighting islam is my friend.

    • AlanfromRye

      exactly how I feel!!

    • Ben

      This sort of ignorant knee-jerk reactionism is far more dangerous to the long-term well-being of this country than Islam. The default assumption that Islam = enemy is the same sort of philosophy that Adolf Hitler used to persecute the Jews. Britain cannot and will not ever be a Nazi state with that sort of philosophy.

  • Vertnuit

    The EDL are not very sophisticated, nor are the BNP, or even UKIP.
    However, they are the only people defending the West. The rest of us should be ashamed, not of them, but of ourselves that we are losing an undeclared war to a fifth column that our politicians welcomed in.

    • Ben

      I'm more ashamed of reactionary nonsense from these groups.

  • AlanfromRye

    From the little I see, the EDL is doing what needs to be done – educating the public about the very real danger of allowing Muslims into our Western Countries. Which is a helluva lot more than most mainstream Jewish groups are doing – way too many of which seem to 'join' with the Muslims (of course only when it suits the Muslims to oppose 'Islamophobia.' I think Islamophobia is the same as Naziphobia, as I see very little difference, as a Jew between Islamophobia and Naziphobia. Islamophobia is a term coined by liberals to make us believe that being against a religion, cult, call it what you may, that not only expressly states that its goal is to kill or convert all 'Infidels' is a phobia – but does so in country after country, year after year and in ever increasing numbers. Thus, the White Rose in Nazi Germany, would today be described by liberals and many of my fellow Jews, as Naziphobic. Well, then call me Islamophibic!! Where and how can I join the EDL??

  • ivanethan

    I do not to say anything just watch this

  • Marky

    Judaism is a theological virus.

  • Peter Thompson

    I am a member of the EDL and I will be peacefully proesting in Luton this Saturday. I am deeply concerned about the Islamification by stealth of my country; new mosques appearing almost weekly, muslim violence, the slow introduction of sharia law courts – genuinely sharia! – halal meat being served up in our schools to appease the muslim "community", no go areas in inner cities, the burning of the poppy….the list goes on. Anybody who cannot see what is happening is either brain dead or blind. Wake up people!

  • spain 53

    It seems to me that the EDL has got things right here, someone has got to stand up and have a voice for against the Islamification of uk. There are whole areas in uk where non muslims are simply not welcome. I have been shown the door when i went into an large indian shop to get some provisions and i am a middleaged lady.
    I am not saying all of these shops are like this but its just a different culture and we don't fit into it. I would not like to see what has happened to sweden happen to the uk, it would be a terrible shame. Holland has got terrible problems also. so i think that british people should stand against this problem which is going to hit us in the face soon if we don't address it now.

  • spain 53

    uk is also getting more and more segregated, i dont know if edl is nazi or not, i certainly do not want a nazi movement representing me, but i think that muslim communities spreading all over the uk is not appealing to me as i am jewish,
    quite a few politicians can see the problems. you cant force people to mix if they dont want to. also our troops have the right to march through our streets.
    yes there are alot of people who think the troops should leave afghanistan but we should still support them.

  • Tomasz

    I am a foreigner who came to England some 20 years ago. I still have a strong accent and look decidedly non-native. In all my time here I have never encountered any hostility form English people. On the other hand I ended up in hospital for daring to walk in a “Muslim Area”, This was the one and only time I have ever heard racist language, and it was delivered together with extreme physical violence, in which the assailants took considerable pleasure. Some of the the muslim passers-by shouted encouragement – none seemed shocked or displeased by what was happening.

    Since then I have met EDL supporters and held in-depth conversations with them. They are normal people seeking to cease the often violent colonisation of their country.

    Having encountered both sides. I can say that in my experience EDL are not fascist – what they are fighting is!

  • Greg

    I for one will be glad when the EDL disband.
    It will mean that our work is done and the threat of sharia law has gone away.
    Until then, we march.