Diagnosing the Left

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When it is observed that Israel withdrew entirely from Gaza in 2005, it is then duly condemned for the “blockade.” When one objects that the blockade is intended to impede weapons smuggling, that it is wholly legitimate according to the provisions of international law since Hamas is demonstrably at war with Israel, that Israel allows hundreds of thousands of tons of material supplies annually into Gaza, and that the Hamas-dominated enclave is actually flourishing compared to other Muslim nations in the region, the subject is either closed off or the focus shifts to the Golan Heights. When it is shown that…by now one gets the picture. For the denizens of the left, we can be sure there is always a scheming Israeli lurking about somewhere in the whorls of their delirium. David Mamet gets it right in The Secret Knowledge: “The price of admission to the extravaganza is indictment of the State of Israel, which is condemned and scorned regardless of the facts of history, the exercise of reason, or the recognition of cultural affinity.”

The syndrome at work is one of absolute conviction based on the transformation of objective stimuli into subjective impressions via the baleful alchemy of a private obsession. Theory supersedes existence. The delusion is plausible because it is rendered seamless and coherent although it has no application to things as they are. Internal consistency, however strained, replaces external correspondence. Paul Hsieh memorably compares this “willful blindness to facts” to a driver following a malfunctioning GPS rather than “real-world landmarks,” leading to what is called “death by GPS.”

Thus, the hallucination can persuade because it appears intelligible even if it is discontinuous with reality and because every incompatible fact is either discarded or re-valued. As John Le Carré writes in Smiley’s People, “The more one has paid for a forgery, the more one defends it in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.” And, naturally, it is open season on conservatives, whose plausible rebuttals and marshalling of countervailing evidence must be rejected outright and who must therefore be denounced and ostracized. Whether on the personal or collective levels of belief, the system is unassailable. It cannot be defeated; it can only be quarantined.

The epitome of the sealed worldview is represented by the political phenomenon of socialism, in whatever form it adopts. As has often been demonstrated, socialism, however it may be defined, has failed wherever it has been tried, from the reverberating implosion of the U.S.S.R. to the Peronism of Argentina to current European states like Greece and Spain (and others) sinking into unsustainable debt and heading toward fiscal default. “Progressive ideology,” remarks Bruce Thornton, expressing a truism of the ages, “reflects a narrative founded on unexamined ideas long exposed as unworkable.” No matter. The harder reality pushes, the harder the mind committed to its illusion pushes back, impenetrable and resistant.

Admittedly, for some on the left, their concern with humanity and the health of the planet is a brazen scam. As H.L. Mencken reminds us, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule,” at least among the commissariat. But for many others, likely a majority—especially among the rank and file—we are dealing with a cognitive and emotional infirmity that has assumed the proportions of a social epidemic.

The etiology of this psychological disease is complex and not entirely understood, but it remains a compulsion that garbles and disfigures the world.  There can be little doubt that committed socialists and Marxists are immune to reality and will favor policies that deform rather than advance communal benefit, turning the world into an ideological cul-de-sac in which misconceptions multiply and neighbor is set against neighbor. The left toils in the grip of a persistent fantasy that is utterly impervious to logical refutation. Its adherents, all chanting together the formulae of epistemic solidarity, will not be influenced by such frivolities as objective data and sober reasoning.

It is, in short, sheer madness on a planetary scale.

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  • BS77

    most of the libs and leftists are indoctinated…so rational debate is impossible. Remember…was it Orwell who said (?) "Those who are truly brainwashed do not know it."

  • Scottish Sceptic

    It's people like you who spin for all it is worth who allow the global warmists to portrays sceptics as idiots. The simple facts is that living in Scotland I look at horror at the US experience of so called "health care" which is the same as so called "global warming". It is entirely subjective and for some it really exists because they experience it, but for most I don't believe it does exist as a real concern. The small rise that is scientifically based is far too small to be a concern.

    The evidence on global warming is very clear. It doesn't need spinning to show these charlatans up for what they are. We just need the truth. As for US health care. How can any nation call itself "modern" and allow many people not to have any health care at all?

    Moreover those who do get so called "healthcare" are paying through the nose because you are all being ripped off. And I'd love to say "serves the US right" but as I said it dramatically affects the poorest (and illest) US citizens, but it also affects us in Scotland because your high prices roll over to UK prices.

    As for Israel: the Israelis have no more right to Israel than I do. They certainly have a lot less right than the Palestinians. And yet again the situation is very similar to global warming. A group of nasty individuals who tweak the conscience of the rest of us whether it is the "holocaust" or the "climate holocaust" and then once they are able to declare that anyone who objects to their zealotry is a "denier of the holocaust".

    Personally I believe that those Israelis who have occupied Palestinian land should go to the international court for their crimes and whilst I wouldn't turf out Israelis, I would force them to buy each and every square inch of land it stole from the rightful owners: the Palestinians. But then again I believe that climate alarmists should be put in jail for their crimes.

    • ropheh hanefesh

      You wrote: "As for Israel: the Israelis have no more right to Israel than I do."

      Actually, they do have more right to Israel than you do. You are an unattractive curmudgeon and an idiot.

      Oh, and regarding you choice of placing the word Holocaust in between quotation marks as though to suggest doubts about its reality, you are also a filthy pig.

      • Scottish Sceptic

        I was quoting something not suggesting it was made up.

        And to be frank, the Germans caused the Holocaust, and I really can't see why the Germans and Jews shouldn't work out the solution … why e.g. wasn't part of Germany given to the Jews as a homeland instead of someone else's home in Palestine.

        And as for the right to Israel: if unattractiveness gives someone the right to take over another's country, then just look at all the fat Americans.

        Come on my ancestors got turfed out of africa tens of thousands of years ago, does that someone make me own Africa? Of course not! The Jewish expulsion was a travesty at the time, but that was almost 2000 years ago and that is no basis for a modern claim to land ownership.

        • chaver la'rofe

          There is absolutely no point in arguing with a fanatic (plus, in your case, it is extremely boring to do so). No one was ever persuaded by the brief verbal text bites posted on websites. The only thing you need to know, walking-anus, is that we now have an independent state of our own, your own filthy antisemitism notwithstanding. Your utterly inconsequential hot air blathering posted here will do absolutely nothing to change that in any way whatsoever. Stick that WAYYY up your kilt, you bastard.

          • Scottish Sceptic

            As I said, it was a mistake it ever happened. To be frank it was not the fault of the Jews who asked for their own homeland, it was the allies fault for expecting that a homeland would magically solve the problem of the jews without making an equally and potentially worse problem for the legitimate owners of that land. Moreover, if you weren't alive after WWII, it isn't the mistake of your generation. So, I can see you are upset because the modern generation doesn't accept the right of a racist and religious intolerant group of extremists to expel the rightful owners of land because they aren't the same race and religion.

            What am I talking about. People have been making excuses for this abysmal behaviour for years and it is time we stopped making excuses for people like you!

          • Scottish Sceptic

            On reflection, perhaps I ought to be more tolerant of Chaver La'rofe. I believe it is common for children who have been abused in some way to themselves grow up to be abusers. That doesn't make the abuse any the more acceptable, but perhaps it does mean the rest of us have a greater degree of responsibility to ensure that people who have been victims don't assume the role of abuser.

            The Jews were certainly victims, and they certainly were horrifically abused, but I see a lot of echoes of that abuse in the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. Sympathy for those who were abused YES! But tolerance of their like abuse of others NO! And certainly the blame doesn't lie just with Israel, but the way Palestinians were treated by the allies and jews in an equally racist way with no regard to their rights (like land ownership).

            I suppose on reflection it was an absurd idea to expert to take a lot of religious zealots stirred up toa frenzy by Nazi abuse and dump them in the desert in someone else's land and then expect them to live in peace. Now we are paying for that stupidity by the hostile Muslim attitide to the west which was undoubtedly behind the 911 attacks Alkidya, etc.

          • Tsochkim

            You emit a lot of hot air which produces absolutely no effect at all, and about which no one cares in the slightest, but Israel prospers and endures nevertheless, and will continue to do so long after you are nothing more than a pile of writhing maggots. Enjoy that thought. In the meantime you ought to clean your kilt – it stinks of haggis-powered diarrhea.

          • Scottish Sceptic

            I've always wondered what it would be like to be a Jew suffering the but of arrogant Nazi racism.

            Thank you for giving me that insight.

    • tagalog

      You believe that an international court should decide the claims of the Palestinians vs. the Israelis?

      How about when the United Nations decided to cede Israel to the Jews? Don't you think THAT international body considered the rights of the "Palestinians?" Of course they did; what you want is a second bite at the apple now that the international political climate has changed; why should that point of view carry any credibililty?

      • Scottish Sceptic

        Look its a very simple case. Some land was wrongly given to the Jews out of a misguided sense of "fairness" to the jews and total disregard for Palestinian rights. The israelis then flouted international law and now have an apartheid state.

        If the police recover stolen property they don't go to court … they just give it back. Likewise there is really no need for an international court because it's a very simple case of stolen land.

        And as for the holocaust … yes it was right that people had sympathy with the Jews after WWII, but their actions since then and their atrocious behaviour to the palestinians means that they have reneged on the right to expect sympathy. They are just a two bit illegal landgrabbing state with a vile record for treating minorities and whilst I'm sure there are some nice Israelis just as I'm sure their are vile Palestians, … well let's put it this way, I can't wait until this global warming rubbish is thrown out so I can stop being on the same side as the Israeli apologists.

        • JTm

          That land belongs to the Jews. It was given to them by God. In your heart you know it's true. If I do recall, it was not the Palestians who built 2 temples there. For whatever reason you hate the Jewish people, I will pray for you. God bless.

          • Scottish Sceptic

            Every people in history have said that their land was given to them by god/gods. From the Egyptians to Romans to the British and the Empire – they all claimed god gave them the right to steel other people's land. The Jews were nothing special.

            The only difference is that the rest of the world now believes in the rule of law the right to property and the discarding of stupid ideas like land being given by "god" when we all know it was made up to justify some ancient land grab.

  • tarleton

    Enviromentalism is the new marxism …a substitute for the ''god that failed''__Instead of ''all people are equal'' , it takes a page from Orwell's Animal farm to announce that all that ''all animal life is equal !''…human beings are taken from the apex of evolution and are placed on EQUAL footing with all other animal life resulting in us being no better or worse than polar bears , birds, rain forest , wolves etc etc…__The ECOTWITS are watermellons …green on the outside but red inside and the hysterical predictions of the ''cult of global warming ''is just the return of LYSENKOISM….junk science corrupted by a political agenda…hmmm , have you noticed how many GW twits happen to be Gay ?____It was the Nazi's who were the first serious enviromentalists in Europe , promoting the good healthy life , bringing anti smoking laws , animal protection laws and equating certain ''races'' of humans to the level of animals

  • tarleton

    continued…and it shouldn't be surprising that they treated certain peoples like animals
    It was Juda/christianity that evoked special status and sanctity for human life and we are now in danger of returning to pre chrstian paganism in the form of high tech animism , deism and new age mysticism….becareful what you wish for …you may just get it !

  • tarleton

    The movie ''sound of music ''is a movie that promotes the great outdoors , the glory of nature and ironically very much the kind of world the nazi's would have loved …blond haired girls in ponytails and white dresses , young strong boys in leaderhosen , all enjoying the glorious outdoors to the ''sound of music ''
    Hitler and Goebbles would have loved it !….only one word would have to be changed …nazi to communist …after all , in reality , the Von Trap family would have a great deal more to fear from the Reds than the Nazis

    • tagalog

      So, if somebody makes a movie out of Ayn Rand's We The Living, the neo-Nazis among us will cheer?

      BTW, it's von Trapp.

  • Ladybug

    I need to share this ariticle with high school seniors!
    Mr. Solway completely, succinctly and clearly explains the left's worldview with effective diction! I can glean many SAT vocab words form this article-if it does not cost me my job!

    • http://hpjunior.wordpress.com hpjunior

      I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Solway's rhetoric AND his conclusions.

      However, there is one word you mustn't crib from this article: "exceterize." There is no such word. I'm sure Mr. Solway intended to type "etceterize," which also might not be a word, but would certainly convey his intended meaning, since it contains the roots of the two-word phrase "et cetera."

      • Ladybug

        Thank you!

  • theleastthreat

    I have to say, this article was well done. Before anyone tries to debate GW, health care, or Israel, remember these are props to illustrate a point which has been well made. That point being, the Left is very deep in denial to an extraordinary degee such that an ordinary person may not consider possible. Phrenic is a good root word to build on when describing the Left.

  • nightspore

    I think there's also an element of PSTSD (post-soviet traumatic stress disorder) in the waxing craziness of the Left.

  • Ozzy

    See!! No need to study rhetoric or political science or anything. Your opponent is just mad.

    :: ))

    • StephenD

      Did it hurt real bad to finally acknowledge that Ozzy?
      Tell me where David misspoke please.

  • djd

    Although I agree with you for the most part, I wonder why those who live under single-payer regimes seem to not only like it but want to defend it to the death.

    Your thougts?

    • tagalog

      It's the same reason why libs vote for the guy who will raise our taxes, then cheat on their taxes so they will pay less.

  • http://www.FauxScienceSlayer.com Joseph A Olson, PE

    Big Green and their associated Lefties are just the visible useful idiots of the real sinister force on the planet, the monopolist/monarch crime syndicate. Read the “Pinata Planet Syndrome” at Canada Free Press on the ‘games’ these ruthless basturds like to play on humanity. Visit http://www.FauxScienceSlayer.com for details of the vast Faux Science and Faux History frauds that these control freaks have created. It is time for a new Magna Carta and trials for these blatant crimes against humanity. Veritas Vos Liberabit !

  • http://Maxentropy.squarespace.com Maxie

    I've written elsewhere that the difference between the political Left and Right is that the former has an Agenda to remake the world. Leftsts are notable for their huge egos and mediocre intelligence. The Left runs on emotion and wishful thinking and hates the Right for its logic and pragmatism representing the masculine aspect of politics as the Left represents a feminine perspective. In my view these characteristics are at least somewhat genetic and impervious to argument. Google MaxEntropy blog if you're interested.

  • CisscoKidd

    Liberalism is a "mental disorder". More information on those "crazies" that are known as liberals can be found here–

  • Ladybug

    Dear HPJunior:
    Thank you for the vocab update!

  • Steve

    THANK YOU for posting this! Glad I visited…

    Common Cents http://www.commoncts.blogspot.com