Is Obama Real?

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A little over a decade before anyone had heard of Barack Obama, cyberpunk author William Gibson already had his number, as it were. The novel was called Idoru (“idol” in Japanese) and told the story of a holographic emanation, an entirely virtual media star projected upon an adoring world. As Rolling Stone put it in a review, “Gibson envisions a future in which the lines between the virtual and the actual are terminally blurred. How ‘real’ are today’s celebrities?”

There’s no doubt that the world’s “greatest” celebrity creation is Barack Obama, an idol who mesmerized the American public and much of the West besides, drawing enormous crowds wherever he went, inspiring millions upon millions of mindless infatuates who regarded him as the answer to all the world’s problems. People gazed upon him and swooned over his pectorals or felt tingles crawling up their legs. Others thought a god had arisen in their midst. He was the savior, the messiah, “The One” who would resolve the world’s most intractable conflicts, who would roll back the seas, who would introduce transparency into American politics, and who would bring harmony and wisdom, hope and change, to a distracted electorate.

Two years have passed and the shine has faded. Every initiative that the American idoru has undertaken has generated only controversy and failure. Add to the record of his blunders and hesitations the fact of his shrouded identity, anemic CV and playboy-like behavior, and we have a veritable enigma on our hands. Does he fly under or over the radar? The then-senator who constantly voted “present” seems as president disturbingly absent, junketing about the planet, shooting endless rounds of golf, practicing his jump shot, warbling at parties, sipping slurpies.

Worse, when it comes to issues of major significance, Obama cannot seem to make up his mind about anything. Taking a reasoned, consistent and principled position seems beyond his means. Rather, he is prone, to quote T.S. Eliot from The Hollow Men, to “behaving as the wind behaves.” Is he in or out of Afghanistan? Is he for the Ground Zero mosque or against? Does he admire or disapprove of his former pastor, America-hating Reverend Wright? Is he prosecuting terrorists in civil court or relying on military tribunals? Are the Articles of the Constitution to be observed or ignored? Is Congress to be circumvented or consulted in carrying out domestic and foreign policies, a question recently highlighted by his mobilizing the EPA to skirt legislative resistance to Cap and Trade or participating in the action against Muammar Gaddafi? For that matter, is he committed to the Libyan adventure or not? Is he pro-Israel, as he has often affirmed, or anti-Israel, as his conduct plainly suggests? Why does he support the so-called “democracy movement” in Egypt but not in Syria or Iran? If health care reform is meant to be universal, why have public sector unions been given exemptions and congressmen spared? Why do statements emerging from the White House often seem downright contradictory? These paradoxes, evasions and ambiguities can be multiplied indefinitely.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    It is not only Hussein Soetoro itself who appears to be "a creation of a group of spectral manipulators David Axelrod, George Soros, Bill Ayers and other tenebrous figures"! And not only his party. It includes also the "opposition" party!

    The "tenebrous figures" owe also the entire so called "opposition"! For it was GOP which refused to fulfill its main and sacred duty: to jump on and immediately expose any smallest glitch in the opponent! To vet and expose the ineligibility of the candidate, whose qualifications were at odd with everything: From his both foreign fathers to Indonesian citizenship to his fraudulent SS# to his fraudulent studentship in Columbia to his associations with terrorists, which normally would not allow to obtain security clearance even to clean toilets in the White House. Look deeper…

    • jacob

      But then the GOP got the HOOF IN MOUTH of postulating washed out JOHN
      McCAIN, for whom I felt sorry while watching his poor performance at the TV presidential debates and definitely inclining towards the DEMOCRAPS the
      feelings of people…

      I feel you are 100% right in placing the guilt where it belongs but worse
      yet, the GOP in Congress seems to be making the same mistakes it made

      And as to the article, I'm affraid it puts squarely the finger on the boil, as it
      is mind boggling how this Senator nobody, a clear product of CHICAGO
      rotten politics and a real 'PARACHUTIST" anyway you check his Congress-
      ional record , other than "HERE" when presence was taken and of course,
      opposing McCain's legislation to curb FANNIE and FREDDIE's abuses,
      could be sold as the savior of the country and a "CHANGE" which, like that
      of CASTRO in CUBA and CHAVEZ in VENEZUELA, was just a jump off the
      frying pan and into the fire…and to think he is contemplating reelection and
      that he could actually make it, makes one puke…

      • Alexander Gofen

        The fact of pushing McCain instead of the more successful GOP contenders betrays GOP's real allegiance to their shadow owners… Just as McCain's/Palin campaign which played for the opponent, and just as campaigning of a few other prominent Repubs like C. Powell and Bloomberg directly for the opponent! And just like farther GOP's campaign of denial and silencing anybody who expose the truth. In terms of criminal gambling, Repubs and Dems fixed the game serving to their common owners.

        • sky

          anyone wanting to be president in 2012 better expose the usuper now,for the ones on capital hill they are now playing the part of traitors,and treason.I think there is a punishment for treason.Protect our borders.

        • Alexander Gofen

          Sky is 100% correct! In a previous discussion here a party hack tried to convince us that to be "Fooled yet Proud" is patriotic! Just let the party hacks to do their business as usual! Hack no!

          Ask each and every contender: What did you do in 2008-2011? How did you expose illegitimacy of the impostor and betrayal of your party? Let the issue of illegibility haunt them forever!

  • FiatSpider

    Excellent article Mr Solway. I am not totally swayed by the hypothethis that Obama is merely a hologram but he does seem to act like a machine run by a committee. The perfect example is his handling of Libya. How many different positions has he had? Unfortunately being a "blank screen" means you can be filled with anything. Now that is terrifying.

    • jacob

      Sir :

      I also praise Mr. SOLWAY's article and I firmly believe he is just the mouthpiece
      of a sinister bunch behind him with the complicity of a rotten media by commision
      or by omission…but I'm only glad for the 80% of American Jews who knowing
      absolutely nothing of him, voted him in due to the fact most all of them are
      genetically DEMOCRAPS

  • Glenn

    Don’t know where to start. For one thing as an uneducated person I had to go to the dictonary for some of the words. But I surely agree with the author on this one. Obama in my opinion is an empty suit or maybe a better description would be, “The president who wasn’t there”. You may not have cared for Bush #2. He has made some mistakes but you at least knew where he stood.

  • geez

    Obama is an empty suit simply being used (and happy to do it to fulfill his fathers dream) by the real power, Sorrow or Soros. Who in their right mind without shame or humiliation could stand in front of a class of kindergartners and speak using a tele-prompter? A homeless person wouldn't do it if they had the choice. Can you imagine what the press would have done to George W. Bush had he pulled this gutless, moronic, ignorant, ridiculous, spineless, childish, lack of confidence move being the most powerful man on the planet??? At best Obama will go down in history as being the most incompetent President since the brainiac Jimmy Carter. Maybe even reaching the heights of Barney Franks beeotch. He brings shame on the United States of America daily. Hurry 2012, please hurry.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    Is Obama real? He's perhaps the most plastic, artificial, inauthentic, compulsively lying president in US history. And to think that this clueless, shallow, smooth faced, boyish fraud likened himself to an honest, brave, conviction politician like Abe Lincoln. It's mindboggling!.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    By the way, speaking of idols, Obama is THE MICHAEL JACKSON OF AMERICAN POLITICS.

    • Dan

      THE King of Pop. THE King of Rock & Roll (Elvis). "I'M THE King" (Muhammed Ali). And now THE One, THE Messiah (and no seeming attempt to dissociate oneself from such labels). Furthermore, such labels have global import. Seems like our latter day "ones/kings" wind up not so good and in premature demises. I believe a read somewhere that a certain diety will not be mocked. Just sayin'.

      • josh

        And Dan your just dumb, so just stfu and let him post what he wants. Oh "im just saying"

    • AzDebi

      Don't insult Michael Jackson!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    He's been Trumped!

  • temarch

    I have said since the beginning that he is just the front man for the committee that is running the country.  As time has gone on, I felt more and more, that is what is happening.  It is both satisfying and frightening to read this article.  Glad I could see it early on and and depressed to learn it is probably true.

  • voted against carter

    "And behold, the people saw that,… in fact, the emperor was indeed naked."

    Quote from the future histories of America, Vol 3. published 2231ad, Sop Worth press, Eng.

    Artcl.ab." The Demise of the U.S.A. as World Power "- circa 2000-2019

    Subset "The Failed Obama Administration – causations/reactions ",
    by G.B. Baldwin. pblsh. 2145

  • GalileoOnTheMoon

    Barack Obama == America's Millie Vanilli (i.e the teleprompter) president

  • Carl Sesar

    Solway's got Barry's number, but when he says "we can see right through him," I'm not sure how many "we's" there are of us who do. Suckers abound like bunny rabbits, and we're in the big top now — See Bunko Barry Bow Down Low to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — Watch Obama Cup His Balls During the Star Spangled Banner — Prez Barry Dribbling With The Stars (Plus Assorted Golf Antics) —

  • jsobieski

    Sovereign Soul has it exactly right, but there's more. Senators of the 110th Congress, both R and D, passed S.R.511 which deemed John McCain a natural born citizen. It was a lie and they knew it. Because they lied about McCain, when Obama overtook Hillary in June '08, no one dared out Obama for fear of being exposed in the McCain lie. The certification of the electoral college vote, by Congress, prior to the inauguration, needed a Senator in order to post a dissent. Nothing happened that day because Senators (and I suspect the House by this time) knew they were accessories to the crime of allowing an usurper to become President. Now, everyone is trying to hide it by marginalizing "birthers" and alligning themselves with the tea party.

  • conservative4ever

    It's simple, actually. I figured this out the other day. Our Ditherer-in-Chief does not speak out against Syria or Iran because they are already anti-America. Why mess up a good thing?

    There are a number of things our all but invisible POTUS has done since instituting the regime:

    he returned the bust of Churchill to the U.K. Get it outta here – they might be pro-America!

    he threw Israel under the bus at one of his first U.N. meetings. I will never forget the look on Netenyahu"s face. But, sadly no, that might be pro-America.

    Egypt protests; Murbarek must go! Umm, more pro-America.

    he went to Brazil to pledge lots of money for them to drill, but won't let us. Anti-America!

    And now Libya………..somewhat harder to define. If you look past his rambling, incoherent speeches, Reagan put him in his place in the 80's. I think Ghaddafi is more pro- than anti-America (although he would never admit it, I'm sure).

    As far as Syria and Iran – no problem. Theyr're anti-America!

    • Burke101

      Your point is well taken. Obama comes across as someone way out of his depth as president. You wonder if he were not stage managed into the White House by the liberals behind the curtain. Obama is the front man, while Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the rest of the liberal establishment run the country.

      On a related front, by leading the USA into another Middle East War without cleaning up the other ones in which we are engaged, he is creating the danger of turning this into a general conflict throughout the region. One wonders if we are not where Europe was in the spring of 1914?

      • kblink45

        Well said Edmund, but isn't it possible that Hillary and the rest are simply giving Obama enough rope to hang himself? What she (they) want is power. Obama may be serving a different constituency altogether. Obama is not just a "consensual hypothesis," he is the personification of 60's radicalism. Hillary and her ilk created this monster; fortunately, it is in their best political interest to see him killed. He is certainly too inept to further their political ambitions.

  • ObamaLikesCock

    Tell him to take the cocoa puff off his face.

  • truthin

    OH MY GOD, It's the Moriarty theory of History again: Radical Bill Ayers and George Soros secretly pulling the strings of the puppet president. It's called the 'Paranoid Style of American Politics', people. And to think that you people laugh at 9/11 conspiracies (well, most of them…). LOL LOL

  • truebearing

    Obama was chosen by the powers behind him for his non-identity. His racial identity is neither black or white. His religious affiliation seems intentionally obscure. His origin controversial. His academic records are hidden. His health records are hidden His early political life was intentionally hidden. If you believe the rumors circulating in his old church, even his sexual identity is murky. Obama is the first Occult president.

    When Obama says he is a "blank screen on which people project" he is telling us the truth, and a rare one at that. He is telling us the truth about lying to us. He has frequently made the claim his administration will be the most transparent ever. Again, he is telling the truth but misleading us on what he is actually being transparent about. I suspect he is parsing words and actually means translucent, not transparent, though his efforts to further the radical homosexual agenda and Islam do fit the definition of transparent.

  • truebearing

    When Obama recently announced that it was time for Ghaddafi to go, Louis Farrakhan, his old radical Muslim friend, berated him and asked the curious question: "who the hell do you think you are?" Is Farrakhan one of the simulcast projectors that make up the simulacrum that is Obama, and was his disrespect of Obama telling us that the real power in the Whitehouse is outside of the Whitehouse?

    How many times has the Center For American Progress issued statements that sound like they are coming from an official government agency? I don't know the specific number, but it's every time.

  • truebearing

    EMarionettes are puppets controlled by nearly invisible strings, operated by puppeteers that are more accurately known as "manipulators". (Could the analogy get more perfect?) Obama seems to be modern day marionette, the strings replaced by teleprompters, blackberries, and cellphones. His manipulators seem to derive from the Soros cabal, as well as certain Muslim groups, and he struts and dances to their prompts like a wooden doll with a goofy, deranged grin, oblivious to the impropriety of any kind of mirth in a time so grimly serious.
    Only a wooden puppet, or a hollow soul, could be so devoid of appropriate human emotion. Obama"s profound and lazy narcissism makes him the perfect, pleasantly blank, human screen, willing to do the bidding of the occult manipulators in return for the constant spotlight, the pomp, and the glory. nter text right here!

  • AzDebi

    Another excellent take on Obama is given by Victor David Hanson…it's about 28 minutes long and well worth your time…he's really got his number!

    Click on the "Video" link at the top of this page; then Click on "Wednesday Morning Club"; then Click on "The Father of Us All" by Victor David Hanson!

    • josh

      No you are wrong about everything the us consitituion is clearly written in US documents so before you say anything else, i hae the right to say this. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


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