Islamophilia and Judeophobia

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In a BBC interview on January 4, 2008, the senior prelate of the Church of England, Rowan Williams, argued in favour of recognizing certain aspects of Sharia law, which in any case “seems unavoidable,” and that Muslims should not have to choose between “the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty.” Indeed, the rise of Sharia courts in Britain, part of an effort to turn various British cities into Islamic states as promoted by the Islamic Emirates Project, is gathering momentum daily. The UK is riddled with “Sharia law enforcement zones” and, according to Soeren Kern, a senior analyst of the Groupo de Estudios Estratégicos in Madrid, with as many as 85 Sharia courts. Kern cites Bangladeshi-born Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets in East London, who is “dedicated to changing the ‘very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed…from ignorance to Islam’.” And this state of affairs is, for the most part, winked at by the authorities. Recently, when about-to-be-married Tommy Robinson, head of the English Defence League, walked into an alleged Muslim ambush in East London during his stag night, he and his friends were taken into custody while the “violent Muslim youths” were allowed to go free. The police admitted that the orders to arrest Robinson and his group “had come from above.” The U.K. is no longer OK.

It actually looks as if Sweden might predecease the U.K. as a viable, sovereign Western democracy as it hurtles into the Islamic abyss. Pat Condell has delivered a chilling account of the advanced state of the country’s Islamic plummet which should be consulted by anyone who still believes that coddling the Islamic demographic is a sign of enlightened thinking, social justice and the benefits of unmonitored diversity. We see the same love affair with Islam and multiculturalism being pursued in Denmark, Austria and Holland where prominent individuals are prosecuted on the grounds of “hate speech” for warning against the Islamic aim to subvert the liberal traditions of these countries. Norway is rapidly becoming a kind of earthly Jannah for Muslim immigrants (Arabic for the heavenly garden, or Paradise). In other countries, such as France and Germany, love is plainly alloyed with fear; nevertheless, parties seeking votes in the many Muslim enclaves that chequer the social and political landscape will continue to “make nice.”

What is occurring in Europe is by no means an isolated phenomenon. Events there will soon be appearing in an American theatre near you and, indeed, they already have. One need only consider the possible—perhaps likely—erection of a mosque in the immediate vicinity of Ground Zero; jihadist recruitment among the Somali community in various states, primarily Minnesota; the planning and execution of terrorist assaults on American soil and against military installations, the latest attempt being the plot by Nasser Abdo to attack Fort Hood once again; the effective lobbying and propaganda efforts by radical Muslim organizations like CAIR and ISNA; the spread of Muslim influence on university campuses around the country; the president’s policy of outreach to the Muslim world, including the infamous “apology tour,” the appointment of Islamic ideologue Dalia Mogahed to the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and the formal recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood as a partner in dialogue; the media with few exceptions promoting the Muslim agenda, rarely identifying jihadists as Muslims but as “lone gunmen” or “of Asian origin,” and going soft on the threat of Sharia law; and much more.

We recall that when Nidal Malik Hasan, who was also an army major, shot thirteen unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, then-chief of staff Mike Mullen worried about a possible anti-Muslim backlash! The counterinsurgency doctrine (COIN) put in place in Afghanistan, ostensibly to win the “hearts and minds” of the local people, has resulted in the needless deaths of American soldiers whose operations are severely hampered on the field of battle. As Diana West, author of The Death of the Grown-Up, observes: “When the fear of giving offense to the local Islamic community (by shooting Taliban or wearing body armor) trumps self-preservation…we know the military’s dhimmitude is complete.” Clearly, the military is catering not only to Afghan villagers but to the growing Islamic constituency on American soil.

The Islamic fact is solidly entrenched in the U.S. and continues to bore its way ever more deeply into the body politic, with the collusion of the Democratic administration, a significant portion of the judiciary, the press, the army, and the vociferous left-wing intelligentsia. The European experience is being imported wholesale into the country. Pointing this out is quickly denounced as Islamophobia. The truth is that significant elements in the country have succumbed to an epidemic of Islamophilia.

Corresponding to this love-in with Islam—schmoozing with terrorists, to quote Aaron Klein—we note the demonization of Israel in the mainstream media, the court of public opinion, the European Union, the United Nations, the majority of NGOs and the current American administration. This is a sign not only of collective bad faith, international hypocrisy, millennial prejudice and pure malevolence, but quite simply of massive intellectual derangement. It is facilitated by a refusal to sift the historical facts from the welter of lies and disinformation that deliberately cloud the historical and political context, the dismissal of the provisions of international law and, once again, the abandonment of reason.

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  • Infidel 4 Ever

    Great article Mr. Solway.

    There is a world-wide irrationality afflicting the world. today. No amount of reason, no long lists of islamofascist attacks all over the world can wake up supposedly educated fools (AKA Socialists) to the danger the world is facing today.

    Europe is a goner. Just as Europe appeased and joined nazi Germany in the 1930's and '40s's, today Eurabia appeases and joins islamofascism.

    Tony Blairs wifes sister Lauren Booth has become a Muslim. The archbishop of Cantebury says that Sharia Law in the UK is inevitable. Meanwhile British Muslims openly call for massacres in Europe.

    These people and many more in the British media are collaborators and defeatists.

    Norway has returned to its Qusiling, nazi appeasing roots.

    SCREW Europe.

    • Marxist hunter


    • Duke


  • Alexander Gofen

    Thank you David Solway: It is exactly as you put it, or even worse.

    Wake up America! It will require a wide anti-islamic front to counter the assault on our homeland and civilization. Yet here are things that can and must be done right now.

    1) "Celebrate" islamophobia, or better islamo-hatia.

    2) Make a best use of these images:

    3) Burn and shred korans at any appropriate public event.

    … Just to begin with.

    • 4N 2L

      Sadly, there can never exist enough bullets.

      • Vermont Yid

        Oh, but we can try. There are many millions of gun owners in America who are not muslims and are not blind to what is happening here. If push comes to shove and the zhit really hits the fan, it will be open season on muslims with no bag limit.

  • Viking

    Europe barely believes in its own values. People who try to change that are silenced or vilified. Everyone attacking traditional western values, leftists and jihadists, are celebrated and get away with everything. Europe is like a car heading full speed towards disaster.

  • Maxwell E Webb

    I am going to send this article on to all the socialist/communist green party members of the Australian Federal Parliament. Of course, they will hand my name on to the muslims whom they have made an alliance as a typical example of an islamophobe. That in itself is illegal, but what's the law between allies. The greens have gone so far in 'persisting with their bigoted view' that one lefty woman councillor in Sydney even tried to disinvest with Israeli products at Council level to cost ratepayers of 4mill$. Councils are in the business to look after the city they represent, not get involved in geopolitics at international level. Such is the arrogance of the left.

  • tarleton

    The problem here in Europe is not the death of Xianity , per se …it's the vacume of values and guidence that has resulted from the end of christendom …what is filling the void is trashy celebrity ''culture'', neo pagan enviromentalism , mindless crass materialism and a sense of existential despair
    Western Civilisation is petering out in an orgy of hedonisim and decadence that wouldn't be out of place in the age of Tiberious

    Mankind can survive struggle and adversity ….but can mankind survive affluence and nihilism ?

    • EuropaEuropa

      Europe is pagan. Not christian, or jewish, or muslim; but pagan. And not some celebrity b.s. version of paganism, the real thing – honor, valor, steadfastness, self-reliance. These virtues must be restored to Europe in order for her to get back on her feet and expel those who disagree with that.

      • tarleton

        like the nazis were pagan ?..they were the first serious enviromentalists too

        ''hard as krupp steel and as pityless as an eagle ''…Hitler

  • tarleton

    As a British citizen who has spent most of my adult life in America , it's quite revealing , sobering and sometimes frightening to see the moral decay and degeneration on my return to my homeland
    Sometime in the future , someone is going to write a best seller on the ''death of modern Britain'' as no other country in Europe has fallen so low from such lofty heights in 50 years …the UK is in a moral tailspin and is unlikely to pull out of it until it hits rock bottom…the future belongs to the young and the present , upcoming generation of young people are quite possibly the most degenerate for hundreds of years , as post modern Britain is an open sewer of drunkeness , debauchery , fatherless children , high tech ignorance and moronic celebrity worship …it's a return to bawdy Georgian England of the early 1700's , but without the fear of god or the law

    • aspacia

      Do you hold dual citizenship?

      Yes, the UK's youth are debauched, similar to the Libertine, but the US has ghetto pockets of debauched youth as well. Geez, I have had 10th graders with a child and another in the oven. Yes, they are Hispanic, and illegal, and admit it.

      • tarleton

        I have lived in over 10 US states that has given me a birds eye view of the US and while it's true that there are pockets of poverty and ignorance it's not broad and mainstream like here in the UK
        Post modern Britain is spiraling out of control …a kind of back to the future of Stanley kubrick's 1970's classic ''a clockwork orange ''…this is what happens when religion dies and you don't have a suitable substitute

        • aspacia

          Interesting. I have many relatives in the UK and they often mention drinking Vodka. We periodically have Bloody Marys, but wine is our regular drink.

          How very sad that our motherland is dying.

      • tarleton

        and furthermore , the UK has FAR more serious problems to worry about than 1.5 moslems out of 58 milliom….they are more symtomatic of the UK's other serious problems

        • Parker

          The US does too. Growing unemployment, a trillion dollar debt, a Govt that spent massive amounts bailing out financial institutions who made rotten decisions that we paid for, seemingly endless, costly wars and doing oil business with the Saudis who have a horrendous human rights record. We're in great shape.

  • emmess1

    Islamophobia? There is nothing irrational about a fear of Islam. To not fear it is to be insane.

  • StephenD

    I do not fear Islam; I LOATHE Islam.
    I have the TRUTH on my side. Though Islam may win battles it cannot win the war. Take heart, the TRUTH will prevail.

    • terric

      AMEN!!! I too LOATHE islam. I get so frustrated when our so-called "elites" in this country let these savages run wild and make exuses for them and their infirior culture. I worry about the day when it will not be safe for a woman or a girl to walk around by herself.

      • Jack Fuller

        You both are very insane people.

        • SpiritOf1683

          And you're an insane Jew-hating troll.

        • StephenD

          Please enlighten me. By what measure are you are able to diagnose insanity? Should we assume you believe you have an all knowing mind? Ahhh, but this would actually be indicative of an insane person would it not? You are funny, I'll give you that. Thanks for your opinion. It really matters to me what you think. LOL

    • Stephen_Brady

      And "loathing", in reference to the Greek suffix "phobos" is a proper usage of the word.

  • mrstarry76

    Even though we seem to be on a collision course with disaster, I at least want to go down fighting! Does my Christianity teach that I must "turn the other cheek"? Do I ignore the occupation by the enemy? Do we let them come to kill or enslave us? What would Jesus do? If we had leaders who held to the U.S. Constitution we wouldn't have to have this debate. God help us!

    • sue

      Yes, but angels do slay demons in the battle of good and bad.

    • turn the other cheek

      but don't get smite twice.

  • waterwillows

    It is a terrible state that the UK has fallen into. Thanks to their feeble leadership. Today the government fear their own people and consider the EDL as possible future civil war leaders against their feeble leadership.
    They couldn't be more wrong. Civil war will come from Islam. Always has.

  • BS77

    How soon before infidels are beheaded in downtown Londonistan?

  • mcrobbins

    The type of multiculturalism introduced by the hardcore Left was a tool to relativize the cultural ideologies of Western societies. It was a slow acid to erode the cultural values, morals, and religions of these societies. The impulse was anarchic, to bring down the old "misrable house" and build a socialist utopia.

    It is not surprising that these political prostitutes will join with any force, including Islamists, that show contempt for the shared values of the majority. Their goal is not eliminating racism or common prejudices but societal transformation.

    It is disturbing that hardcore Leftist and Islamists are speaking similar slogans and flying similar banners. However, both share a millenarian ideology: one based on neo-Marxism and the other on Sharia.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The Islamics have something in common with the left. Both schools of thought are intolerant. Both require respect from their opposition while offering disrespect to other schools of thought. Our problem is that if we do not stand up to them they will end up running the show their way.

  • catmann

    I won't shed a tear for those neo Nazis in Norway. Push back is coming and with any luck the Satanic Muslims will return to their cess pool in the middle east and east asia.

    • Jack Fuller

      You are a sick, vile ignorant piece of human excrement. Please do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  • Ronald Wilson

    Ha! ha! ha… ho, ho.

    this is hilarious!

    This website is paranoid about demographics. More muslims in the west (or anywhere else for that matter) equals less support for israeli BS. and fewer gullible morons believing Israeli government propoganda.

    Remember, you once had power to do good… but instead you followed the path of lies, greed, power for power's sake, and violence ..and so this version of the Israeli reich will end up in the dung pile of history where it rightfully belongs. What a shame! so much potential wasted.

    • aspacia

      Most on this site are probably far more educated than a troll like you Ronald. Your whole rant is nothing but Judeophobic drivel without one bit of valid support. That is, it is one large fallacious ad hominem attack (look it up).

      • Ronald Wilson

        HO, Ho, HO!!!

        Read every comment on this story (I mean bit of fiction) and tell me how many fit your definition of falicious ad hominem attack. And for the sake of honesty and balance reply to them with your comments. Go on… i dare you…. Be a man…or lady!

        • aspacia

          Christmas is around the corner so keep practicing for your role as Santa.

        • jasonz

          Ronny you wouldnt know a man if he bent you over. your LIES about israel are laughable. its not ad hominem to say islam is full of child raping murderers. you dont have balls or brains so ill make this short n sewwt. israel will win, islam and your lil butt pirate marxist buddies are the ones gonna end up in body bags screaming where you belong. there is nothing you can do about it . so enjoy thinkin you a tough guy on the web,.,.,.HO HO HO fool!

      • Pierre T

        Ronald is right. You're a wimp!

        • tedh754

          Gonna be interesting if Israel ever releases its nukes on its enemies.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And fewer Jews will mean fewer cures for cancer and other lethal diseases. You wouldn't have been out of place in the Sturmabteilung and you know it. And why was trrash like yourself given Jewish-invented vaccines and medicines?

    • jasonz

      Hey ronaly you might want to take off the tin foil hat and join reality…MUSLIMS are the ones causeing so much death and destruction not jews. its little NAZIs like you who are the killers and pedophiles of the world. Quit lying to yourself that you care about freedom and good. If you support islam you support DEATH! If you support islam you support SLAVERY NA RACISM!. if you support islam then you support the raping of children. If you support islam you support alot of things none of which are good! An i look forward to the day you figure this out. hopefully befoe you actually get yourself killed by the muslims you so brainlessly support.

  • mcrobbins

    You would think that Israel instigates military actions in a vacuum according to its critics. Their narrative is that Israel enjoys ridding the world of Arabs for the hell of it. Never are the genocidal intentions of Arab armies or the countless terrorist attacks ever mentioned. The problem is not the Israelis, it is the Palestinians. They have an irrational fantasy of conquering the land from the river to the sea, inspired by their fevered infantile narcissism. Who has been the compromising party in this international dispute? Who has been the intransigent party? The answers are obvious.

  • LindaRivera

    "Senior prelate of the Church of England, Rowan Williams​, argued in favour of recognizing certain aspects of Sharia law". Why does this detestable man still have his job in the church? It spits in the faces of all who believe in G-D, the Bible and G-D's Laws. Most of all, it is a massive insult to Almighty G-D.

    • tarleton

      Williams is a broad minded , liberal christian , typical of most (but not all) xians in the UK today ; he's not a hopelessly anachronistic fundamentalist from a bygone era

      A narrow literal interpretation of the ''holy book''is for kooks and fools

    • Marxist hunter

      Theres a lamppost for that moronic Islamic appeaser,dont you worry. Utter scum,laying the foundations for a bigger and more violent conflict since ww2

  • LindaRivera

    "about-to-be-married Tommy Robinson, head of the English Defence League, walked into an alleged Muslim ambush in East London during his stag night, he and his friends were taken into custody while the “violent Muslim youths” were allowed to go free. The police admitted that the orders to arrest Robinson and his group “had come from above.”

    Orders from above: It is possible that UK leaders arranged for the Muslims to beat up the EDL. Having the EDL arrested, demonstrated UK leaders absolute APPROVAL of Muslim violence against non-Muslims. Innocent non-Muslim victims of Muslim violence get arrested. This exact same thing happens all the time in Judea and Samaria in Israel. Arab Muslims attack Jews and the Jewish victims are arrested by Israeli police. The violent Muslim attackers walk away free. Despicable.

    The above tells us so much about UK and other Western leaders. The persecution and prosecution of Europeans who protest against unjust Islamic sharia law and warn about the terrible dangers of Islam, also tells us a great deal about European leaders.

    It reveals that UK, European and other leaders have an intense HATE for Christianity and Judaism; dislike other religions, but LOVE and admire the totalitarian political/religious system of Islam.

    As Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims, we are HATED by our Western leaders for our LOVE of freedom, our love of EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL UNDER THE LAW; our strong belief that women are equal to men.

    Most of all, we are HATED by our Western leaders for our LOVE for JUSTICE, FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS. It is so obvious that these are the things power hungry Western ruling elites seek to take away from us and they are using Muslims to help accomplish it. The New World Order: Western ruling elites partnered with CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. ruling over a despised, beaten down non-Muslim populace.

    • Marxist hunter

      The authorities allowed the Marxist hateful UAF to ambush and assault the two elected members of thee BNP outside the Houses of Parliament and the Pigs just sat back and allowed it to continue. Time to get angry,NOW.

    • mrstarry76

      I agree! The division is starting and we may all be called to take our side. I'm glad I can stand on the RIGHT side!

  • Moshe Pupick

    Tu., 08/02/11 common era

    The Moslem Brotherhood has a steady supply of American suckers. The A.D.L. is campaigning against "Islamophobia." The A.C.L.U. will be quick to step in to defend the rights of jihadis. It all begins in The Oval Office. Barack Husein Obama is a closet Moslem because his biological father was a Moslem. He and his band of useful idiots are trying to destroy our democratic republic. The Imam has no clothes!

  • Flipside

    Sharia Zones! The worst thing to hit America since Halacha Zones? Are they really coming to the United States? Benjamin Netanyahu stood on the floor of Congress a few years ago and told us that bus bombings were going to come to America soon. How long do we have to wait for all this excitement?

    • SpiritOf1683

      You had 9/11 doofuss. You had that so-called 'excitement' 10 years ago. The trouble is, seeing those towers collapse was excitement to a fleabrain like yourself.

      • Flipside

        Oops. I forgot to goosestep with the rest of the country after 9/11! I forgot to get a Crying Eagle plate from the Franklin Mint and Never Forget tattoo on my chest. Was that what I was supposed to sell my birthright for a bowl of soup over?

        • SpiritOf1683

          You partied and handed out candies to your kids instead after 9/11, didn't you, scumbag?

          • Flipside

            No. But I also didn’t accept some new communal identity over it that supersedes my identity as a free citizen. I didn’t buy into these stopgap measures to whittle away my sovereignty in the name of cowardly security. I can still walk by a statue of Samuel Adams with my head held high and view a TSA agent or an anti-constitutionalist like Fareed Zakaria with the derisive scorn they deserve.

    • jasonz

      wait? are you kidding me? its happening all over. do you need another 9-11 or ft hood or xmas day or time square bombing? is this a game to you? is this funny to you? how many have to die for you to believe the threat is real? how many rockets must be launched into israel? Im glad this isnt serious to you. heck the same response back in the 20's and 30's in eurpe..look how that turned out. I guyess the bull has to shove a horn up yer butt before you are capable of seeing it.

      • Flipside

        It's happening all over? The only thing I see happening all over is a currency devaluation war, a few alliances pouncing on some oil, and a whole lot of media hype and ruckus about how this is supposed to make me drive a hybrid car, live happily in a country with no stock market and look for Muslims under my bedsheets while the Constitution gets gutted. No. Those little media fizzles are not whipping me up into an Ingsoc-feeling frenzy yet or saluting the flag of Israel. I still firmly feel like an American who has a right to earn a living and nothing to fear but fear itself.

  • Attila the hun

    'What we are really witnessing in Europe, the U.S., and its outriders in Canada and Australia—the synoptic West—is the doleful spectacle of a civilization in denial'

    Actually what we are witnessing is the use of a scapegoat( I.e The Jews) to hide the
    failure of socialism. European Ruling elite finally achieved their dream of a cowardly
    citizenry can be pushed around, and manipulated. I fear by the time Europeans will weak-up the Islamist will complete their mission of beheading all the elites and the rest of citizenry

  • jasonz

    these people are not stupid. they KNOW what happened and what is going on. its part of an agenda. islam and marxiam using eachother for their own gains…each thinking that once the main task is complete(destroying freedom loving Americans and western capitialism) that they can canabalize the other group. CHRIST its not exactly hidden its a tride and true battleplan thats clearly documented. They are OUR ENEMY! they will not be reasoned with, they will not like us. we need to trat this as a war and deal with our enemies namely islam and marxiam. they are either with or against. but these other types od societies are FUNDAMENTLY exclusive, and in no way can co-exist with ours. its either us or them make a choice and prepare for war!

  • TexExpatriate

    Goodbye England. The same thing has started in the United States in the state of Michigan. If Americans don't wake up and exterminate or deport these vermin one way or another, there won't be a U.S. in another hundred years.

    • tarleton

      spoken like a true neo nazi …you sound like you have alot in common with that creep in norway

  • Parker

    I think you're on slippery ground when you say land historically belongs to a group.
    Except maybe in a case like N Ireland, which is an artificial construct of the British Empire, which had a long history of abuse of the Irish, and where nearly half of it's current inhabitants have roots stretching back thousands of years.

    On the other hand, European US is hardly about to fork over it's land to the Native Americans. Israel cannot legitimately claim the land on a historical basis. Had many more Arabs lived there and either the Ottomans or the British (both of whom owned the land and different junctures) at some point declared a nation for them, there would not be an Israel there. However that didn't happen and I take it exact number of people there and how many of them were actually transient versus stationary is unclear.

    That said given the thousand-plus years of tragedy that befell Indian Hindus and the fact that the Brit's felt the need to partition them off from their "friendly visitors" and create a whole new country there, it's hard to believe they didn't know how things would play out in the middle east.

    Otherwise it does seem that three prime ministers/presidents in Europe (Germany, France, England) have openly declared multi-culturalism a disaster so I don't think Europe is in danger. In fact I was shocked about how pointed and blatant they were. And Clinton made it clear (tactfully) that we weren't going for a blasphemy law, so people are speaking up about not wanting to change their ways. Me, I'm more disturbed by the Patriot Act which extends the US govt's privilege to spy on citizens. Including wire-tapping. If one speaks up about something that is counter a poplular agenda you can be arrested and held without charges.

  • Avis de consommateur

    I think both in the whole world.