Obama: Incompetent or Malevolent?

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The phrase “politics as usual” has gained a certain currency in our time. Regrettably, it is no longer relevant. What we are presently witnessing cannot be described as politics as usual. Consider the concatenation of events and factors that now confront us: the upsurge of terrorism and the growing strength of Islamic radicalism, a United Nations that has violated its Charter and is now home to totalitarian regimes and rogue nations, the international ostracism of Israel and an impending war in the Middle East, the American betrayal of its allies and a foreign policy that supports the Muslim Brotherhood and faux Arab revolutions, the corrupting influence of the left in the mainstream media and the universities, the potential economic implosion of Europe and possibly of the United States as well, and perhaps most distressingly at so critical a historical juncture, the election of Barack Obama, a man with neither business, military nor executive experience, to the most powerful office in the world.

What we are observing is, in fact, the politics of the unusual, a perfect storm of forces and influences that threaten the democratic polity of the West and augur a coming epoch of peril and convulsion. And the one bulwark that might have resisted the towering wave of oncoming misfortune appears to be crumbling before our eyes. I am referring, of course, to the United States of America.

What happened to New Orleans when Katrina struck is only a microcosm of the devastation that is now brewing. People rushed to blame President Bush for the disaster that devastated the city, but they were dementedly wrong or simply seeking to extract political profit from a natural catastrophe exacerbated by civic ineptitude. There can be no doubt, however, that President Obama is at the center of the approaching tsunami. I have long argued that the most dangerous man in the world is not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-il or Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, but Barack Hussein Obama. This, I believe, is no exaggeration.

In a troubling article for American Thinker, Stella Paul contends that in electing Obama to the presidency, Americans “tried to create a god to defend our freedom, because it was easier than the hard work needed to defend it ourselves.” The result proves that outsourcing courage or delegating integrity, especially to an unknown quantity, always backfires. To cite the title of the famous 1949 book charting the defection of former communists, Obama, like communism itself, ineluctably became “the god that failed.” Paul goes so far as to claim that “the destruction that Obama wrought may ultimately dwarf the wreckage of 9/11.”

Judging by the poll data, a majority of Americans—a considerable number prone to buyer’s remorse—have come round to sharing this view of Obama’s dreadful stewardship of the nation and the destabilizing effect he has had on world affairs. His conduct in office has sapped the economic strength of the U.S. and impaired the rule of law (e.g., his bypassing congress in the Libyan adventure), sowed fear and confusion among our allies, prepared the scene for the rise of inimical movements and states, and materially weakened the democratic West. But the jury is still out on whether he is “only” a bungling amateur or is motivated by a spirit of ingrained hostility toward his own country.

The debate is gaining momentum as both the foreign and domestic situations plummet from bad to worse. Is Obama merely incompetent, a man completely out of his depth who has no understanding of real-world economics or realpolitik, who cannot deliver a coherent speech without the aid of a teleprompter, who is compelled to rely on the advice of sharpers and operators, and who has absolutely no prior, genuine accomplishments to his credit outside of a capacity for political maneuvering, polished mendacity and, as David Remnick gushed in The Bridge, the ability to wear perfectly creased trousers? A community organizer as president? A feckless nonentity as Commander-in-Chief?

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  • Joseph A. Cummins

    Outstanding analysis and article that articulates very well what President Obama, and his minions, are doing to this country!

  • alexander

    "wishes for nothing more—or less—than to see its status in the world diminish" – author got caught in a saying "nothing more—or less"….NO!!! He wants much, much "less".
    Even in socialism, -un-dear leftists, there is a ruling class, answering to nobody…….and what an absolute power does to them?? Yep, now you've got it right.

  • oldtimer

    He is very competent at destroying this country. He said he was for change, didn't say what kind or how it would be done, he has done what he set out to do.

    • Upaces

      Old timer, if anyone wrote out directions on how to destroy the U.S., he is following it point by point. He has a team to advise him. He has fired many of them or they have quit. It is obvious to me that his entire "intent" is to destroy America.

      • Jim_C

        Let's hope he destroys it soon. Whatever you guys think is worth saving must truly suck.

  • TK Heekin

    I would personally give the edge to the malevolent side of the argument. I can see where he personally bumbles around but the appointments of all these socialists to the administration cannot be accounted for in terms of incompetence. Thanks for the article. This debate would make a superb video with three thoughtful people arguing each side.

  • Paul B.

    Bravo. Excellent indeed. I would only add one word: *relatively* few initially suspected Obama's dark malevolence, compared to the dominant masses that fell under his sway. But still, the numbers that did see through him were sizable. The warning was loud and clear, from The Obamanation to The Case Against Barack Obama books, to innumerable articles. Anyone who would have investigated his huge, but plausible and smooth presidential debate lie concerning his opposition to the Illinois Born-Alive Act would have seen it. Anyone who would have listened to his breathless, falling vocal cadences with spiritual discernment could have sensed he was lying. Merely studying those harsh eyes, or observing the surreptitious middle fingers coldly given in plain sight to his opponents, could have confirmed what should have been obvious to most: this man is not the person he pretends or portends to be, and certainly is no savior.

    Unfortunately for us, the moral dumb-down is nearly complete, and with the media leading the charge against the American electorate, and a poor Pub candidate and campaign, we didn't have a chance. And so we are on life support at this time, playing in sudden-death overtime.

  • cedarhill

    It has been rumored Obama possesses and brain and actually uses it to think about things. Which means, simply, is what he's doing is intentional. Captialize the word. INTENTIONAL.
    Not only is it intentional it's repeated over and over. Churchill exhibited the same trait – intentional dogged determination.
    One need not even ask the question unless you're going after an advanced degree in a field that studies insanity.

  • voted against carter



    Jimmy Carter loses "WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER" tittle to Barack Obama!
    Barack Obama takes "WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER" title from Jimmy Carter.
    Carter was notified late yesterday of the loss. Carter expressed bitter disappointment at the loss. Carter stated that when he was president, he worked hand in hand with the Middle-East Anti American Coalition to obtain the tittle and was assured by Middle-East Anti American Coalition that the "WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER" title would be his for at least the next 100 years.

    Obama was proud of his accomplishment and stated that THIS title he has ACTUALLY EARNED!

    Not like his Nobel prize that he received for JUST SHOWING UP!


    • fsgs

      at least he didn't sell weapons to iran to fund south american terrorists…

  • Spider

    Obama never fooled me. From the very first time I saw him speak in public I knew he was full of $hit. I honestly can say I did not vote for him. This man has done immeasurable harm to our country and must be stopped in his tracks.

  • Cuban Refugee

    If the destruction of the capitalist system, and the freedom he despises, is his mission, then Obama is decidedly not "incompetent" as he has diligently continued the work of Carter, Clinton, and both Bushes to "fundamentally transform" America from a respected world power to the puny, powerless guy on the internationalist beach who gets sand kicked in his face and is pummeled by a gang of bullies. As Obama prepares to administer the coup de grace that will relegate our moribund republic to the pages of history, I cast my vote for "malevolent;" however, this wolf in sheep's clothing must share that adjective with the complicit press and the Congressmen who gave him carte blanche to operate as a de facto dictator.

  • StephenD

    You have poured out my heart with this article Mr. Solway. I will re-post here what I said in response to another article so you can see how you say what I attempted to so feebly.

    Smoke and Mirrors. As he proclaims the fight to be between the "Haves" and "Have Nots" and gets us either feeling guilty or defensive or he justifies our indignation, he wonders off with his elite international friends (GE, Buffett, SEIU, et al).
    I don't believe it is ignorance but rather a calculated attempt to complete the usurpation of America and to cause us to be no more "Exceptional" than a European Union Nation-State. He has done what Khrushchev threatened to do, "We will destroy you from within." He has proven himself to be the perfect soldier for Marxists. Even if you are convinced he is not a Marxist himself, everything he has done is exactly what a Marxist would have done as well. America is well served to be done with him in 2012.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    On a talk show last night, a retired U.S. Navy intelligence officer called in. He described in great detail how Obama's emasculation of the U.S. Navy has put
    America in great danger. He described how the Chinese Navy has super-quiet
    submarines, that our Navy cannot detect, even with the most advanced equipment,
    and some of the advanced EMP weapons the Chinese have, that can "fry" our
    aircraft carriers. An idea: Impeach Obama asap.

  • Stephen_Brady

    My vote: Malevolent …

  • Carbondioxide

    Thanks for the strong search for truth, David.
    I think another question to be debated is whether the Republican establishment cooperated with Obama by nominating John McCain or was it just their incompetence to pretend such a candidate could win?
    Conservative Republicans need to prepare for disaster if the same guys are in charge in 2012. The convention must not rubber stamp a doomed ticket.

    • johnnywoods

      I vote for "incompetence" by Republicrats.

  • William_Z

    Obama: Incompetent or Malevolent?


  • flyingtiger

    Of course, BHO wants to destroy america! That is all he knows. All his friends hate america. The only monkey wrench in his plans is that the country is falling apart faster than he expected. He wants to get reelected to complete the job.

    • WolfCounsellor

      Monkey wrench ? RACIST !!!

  • James Sarafin

    It does matter whether it is incompetance or malevolent because of the support behind Obama.
    Incompetent behavior does not breed support, only disdain.
    Malevoplent behavior, however, does breed support by those that agree with Obama's behavior such as the mainstream news media, Fox excempted, and this is proved by the fact that the media DID vet Obama but they refrained from reporting the results ot the vetting to the American public because the media saw in Obama the means to accomplish their end which is the overthrow of America from within.
    The media knew that if they exposed Obama for who he actually is that he would not have even received his party's nomination, or if he did would never get elected to the Presidency.
    The mainstream media hid Obama's intentions before the election and continue to refuse to shed light on Obama after the election because the media supports everything that Obama is doing to diminish America.

  • Ben

    The great article! The grave prognosises of Ayn Rend come true. The leftists` danger growth,the hidden racist-president have appeared..

  • SMeloche

    To simplify this good article, here is the maxim about marxists that I have always liked: There are really only ever three types of marxists: Evil Plotters, Dupes and Victims. So, is Obama an evil plotter or an incompetent dupe? Either way, unless he is defeated in 2012 (and legislatively stymied in the mean time) we will all be VICTIMS.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Finally, an outspoken, intelligent, factual commentary on the "usurper-in-chief", Barry Sorteiro, alias, Barack Hussein Obama. If more media pundits would connect the dots, the American people might wake up before it's too late. (although, sadly, I think that point is already passed).
    I would add this, though. If all is true and "Barry's" aim, at Soros's urging, is to destroy the American economy and bring down the greatest nation that has ever existed, that would not leave him much to be President over, now would it?? This would only leave one other option…….he has his sights set on somthing greater than the American Presidency……..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..I wonder what that could be ????
    Rev. Roy….<><

  • Jim_C

    Viva "malevolence!"

    And bonus for any dimbulb who mentions "Soros!"

  • Dispozadaburka

    He is just finishing what the Saudi's wanted him to.
    Destroy the economy so we can't support Israel anymore.

    Next thing ya know he will open up our borders
    and instead of the dollar we will have the Amerco.
    Like the Euro.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think President Obama is more incompetent than malevolent. He doesn't know what he's doing and the American people and the rest of the world are beginning to figure it out.

  • Charles

    Evidence abounds to support the contentions that Obama is not bright and not well educated. He is, undoubtedly, malevolent. The question is whether, if Obama were less incompetent, would he be more effective in the destruction of this country. Or is malevolence sufficient in and of itself to destroy the U.S.? Fortunately we have "checks and balances" but they are effective only for so long as the courts maintain a semblance of independence. I use the word "semblance" advisedly.

  • Richard

    If Obama were incompetent he would occasionally do things that help the US, since he doesn't we have to conclude he is malevolent.

  • xlent

    You nailed it Richard

  • johnnywoods

    I vote c. "Both of the above" and would add that he is so arrogant that he cannot not see his own incompetence.

  • http://zillablog.marezilla.com zillaoftheresistance

    Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that it is his intention to utterly destroy the United States of America; with his sympathy for evil, surrendering to Russia, and pandering to the taliban, muslim brotherhood and al qaeda against the interests of the United States and Israel, it is a bafflement that he has not been impeached yet. What a pity that our Congress, including (or perhaps especially the alleged Conservatives in the GOP) are such gutless sniveling weasels who refuse to stand up for Americans and the Sovereignty of the United States and put stop to the destruction and Obama's wretched islam first policies.

  • alphakilosingh

    What is worse? He is going to be re-elected.

  • samthesixth

    Malevolently incompetent.

  • nexus888

    It surprises me that Americans can SEE and THINK what really goes on in everyday politics. As for me: Definitely HOSTILE and MALEVOLENT to the SPIRIT and INDEPENDENCE of the USA. Let us see what supports these asessments: A) Looking back to the CLINTON-ADMINISTRATION in the 90s; we had MONEY IN OUR POCKETS and were RESPECTED all over the world. This due to a fine 1st Lady Hillary operating in the background of her charismatic husband; learning the ropes of politics and intrigue REALO. Then Hillary started a political career of her own…we know she succeeded admirably. Then the NOMINATION for the Democrats in 2008 – I never EVER experienced
    a more BIASED, UNFAIR and even HOSTILE TREATMENT of a Democratic Candidate in all MEDIA; including Europe. Whenever Hillary WON OVER a state; the TV channels said: "Oh NO !… Obama was the REAL WINNER; because HE won the SUPER-CANDIDATES who are more importat than winning a state !" To shorten it: Whatever electorial gain Hillary achieved was discarded and downplayed in a MEDIAL CONSPIRACY of unprecedented PROPORTIONS: EVERYBODY was AGAINST HILLARY and EVERYBODY WELCOMED THE BLACK MESSIAH WITH ICE-COLD EYES and evident INCONGRUENCIES in verbal and nonverbal behavior display. B) It is beyond any
    intelligent American's comprehension how a single PRESIDENT could RUIN the FINANCES and REPUTATION of the former #1 LEADERSHIP-NATION..unless you further it by standing by in a helpless manner and let him continue his sabotage: "It is obvious that OBAMA's machinations are aimed at a much higher goal than merely DESTROYING the U.S.A."

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