Remembering Pre-Obama America

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It is pretty much common knowledge by this time—except to his diehard supporters—that President Barack Obama is ill-equipped to occupy the highest office in the country. The only campaign promise he has not broken is the pledge to “fundamentally transform” America, which he has done in record   time, at great cost to both America’s solvency and its standing in the world. Aside from his undoubted socialist convictions and his undeniable anti-Israel bias, which he shares with his voting constituency, he is a man who cannot box his compass, whether morally or directionally. Indeed, he functions several vertiginous levels below his pay grade and, aside from following a nation-killing neo-Marxist agenda, basically has no idea where he is going in the real world of practical affairs.

This is bad news for just about everybody—heritage Americans, Muslims,  minority communities, geostrategic allies and especially Israelis, the latter having taken the measure of his ineptitude and disingenuousness more effectively than most. It is by no means surprising that Israel should have figured out who Obama is and what he represents since its very survival is at stake—but then, so is America’s. Obama’s constant swerving, misreading the map, reversing course and flaunting the rules is by now too well known to require much in the way of comment. Steered by someone who does not know how to drive and may not even have his license, the nation has gone completely off track and lost its way, mired in debt, its gas tank near empty, sideswiped by its competitors, like an old jalopy rusting in an empty field.

I often think of the America I saw as a kid when I would accompany my father two or three times a year on his business trips, mainly to New York, Baltimore and Washington, plus a few other places as well. It seemed so different from everything I knew back home in Canada with its “lethal combination of passive-aggressiveness and smugness” (to quote a recent email from a friend). It was a country bursting with vigor and adventure, brash, pugnacious, swashbuckling and multifaceted, laced with an invigorating sense of manageable danger. It was an intoxicating land. And of course, like any kid, I loved American cars, the tailfins of the Cadillac, the wraparound windshields, the lavish chrome, the luxobarges, the Texas pick-up trucks with rifles strapped to the roof of the cab, the hot pony cars, and Jeeps everywhere. The Jeep became my youthful symbol for the U.S. (as it did for the husband of a colleague who gratefully remembers the G.I.s at the end of World War II rolling through his liberated city in convoys of Jeeps).

My impression of American pep and moxie was reinforced years later when I was a student at Berkeley and drove across the U.S. several times, east to west, north to south, and back again—once in a rented Jeep along the magnificent route from San Francisco to Seattle. This was Rubicon country for me. Canadian poet Peter Van Toorn could have been describing America when he wrote that it “Just jeeps right up. Five hundred turkeys/on each hubcap…For traction.” How things have changed, celebration of a dynamic, can-do nation having turned to mere nostalgia. Even the Jeep badge, or a part thereof, has been carved up and shunted overseas. The new Chrysler co-branded, Fiat-planned micro-Jeep, like the Jeep mule based on the Fiat Qubo, will be built in the former Yugo plant in Serbia (Motor Trend, July 2011). Adding insult to injury, an Italian company now enjoys a controlling interest in emblematic America.

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  • tarleton

    North america is the greatest continent for a road trip …i remember back in 1985 driving an old V8 oldsmobile from alaska to tucson arizona..the wild desert sceenery of wyoming /utah /arizona was magnificent ….that big car was a war waggon and luxurious too with the velour one piece front seat that i could streatch out on at night……happy memories!

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Living in Europe under continuous moslim harrasments you like to escape
    to the one country in the world where you could be a free man.But since Barack
    Hussein Obama sits the oval office America is becoming an copy of the
    European countrys.The muslims are winning .The freedom loving land of hope
    and glory of turnig the tide has cone up in smoke.Once you liberated us from the
    nazi beasts.I wonder who will liberate America now.Who will stand up and fight
    for that so costly freedom.

  • BS77

    We were very concerned about illegal immigration over twenty years ago….it turned into a flood … look at the SW states. US manufacturing is diminished….now China is building our bridges, milling the steel we use, making our shoes, clothes, appliances, computers and furniture. Trillion dollar deficits, millions of home foreclosures, soaring gas and energy prices….these are tough times for American citizen taxpayers….It will take a lot of effort to turn this situation around. Our nation needs to get going….just like it did after Pearl Harbor….in fact, it is like an emergency situation.

  • charandcoop

    I now understand why men and women in previous wars were willing to give up their lives, or interrupt their life, to fight for freedom. Thank you to all of you that have fought for America's freedom.

  • Asher

    We the People will never give up our Freedom….Even If Obama buys the Presidency! The reason the White house is stopping exemptions of the health care law is because they will be challenged, The Health Care exemptions are for donars and Muslims. Its called Dhimmitude, and is on page 107 of the healthcare bill. It is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through Jihad. Specifically it is the taxing of non-muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence and as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam… under health care exemptions…..Yes people, all of this happened by Taqiyya…Deception,

  • Jim_C

    I have always wondered what conservatives actually LIKED about the United States.

    After this article, I'm still wondering.

    • trickyblain

      Well, they sure like to whine and feel percecuted.

      • Jim_C

        I think playing victim all the time actually comforts them, feeling so put-upon and helpless because the world is too confusing. They look for enemies, gripe and moan, and yearn for some vague past time that never really existed, when things were "right" with the country that they can't bear to admit they really don't like all that much.

        • trickyblain

          They really don't seem to like it at all. And that romanticized "ideal" time was the 50s; women couldn't work, minorities could lawfully be discriminated against, and of course, unions elevated wages for common workers, enabling manufacturing workers and others (now making close to minimum wage) to buy houses and raise families on one income.

          • Jim_C

            Yep, the very unions their dads belonged to, as well. Hey, on the nostalgia trip, maybe we should go back to the tax rates under Eisenhower! Those really stifled growth, didn't they?

          • Ghostwriter

            You guys enjoy bashing conservatives,don't you?

          • trickyblain

            I respect conservatives, actually. I do enjoy bashing "conservatives."

          • DJJ

            Having a hard time understanding why you don't just slide right back over to MMFA from whence you came.

          • trickyblain

            Nah. I've been hanging here for almost a decade. Everyone would totally miss me ;-)

            DJJ, I think you should slide over to MMFA. One bad thing about the Internet? It enables people to find "news/political" sites that echo their beliefs. Anyone who comes in with a contrary POV get's told to "go back" to a bubble Website. Happens on both sides (lefties call righties "freepers"). Not really a healthy environment when the extremes coddle true believers, free of any dissonance.

  • LindaRivera

    Every day this great country is being destroyed. Polls reveal that Americans have never been as pessimistic as they are now. Polls also reveal that Americans believe that their future and the future of their children will be worse. That we can never regain what we have lost. And that we are less free.

    We are also betrayed by RINOs (Republicans in name only).

    It is frightening to contemplate the destruction that will be perpetrated against America in the next two years. If Obama is re-elected, it will be the end of America as we know it.

  • Jim_C

    Great. Now paying the bills equals "neo-Marxism."

  • trickyblain

    Last weekend, I took my Jeep Unlimited 4 door Wrangler on a camping trip through the majestic Sierra-Nevada. Just west of Tahoe, we rode a 28 mile dirt road from French Meadows campground to Soda Springs – traversing fallen trees, snow and muddy streams of runoff. All to get more beer, which we cooled with still abundant snow.

    Glorious. The American made Jeep. The American wilderness. The lunker rainbow trout that ended up on the fire grate back at the American campground.

    And I didn't think of being victimized by a made up political boogeyman the entire time. Still don't.

    Solway should try it.

    • Jim_C

      I love those Wrangler Unlimiteds! Coolest looking car on the road, hella fun to drive, too.

      • trickyblain

        Thanks, Jim! I do love that thing. In summer 2007 I saw one up at Tahoe and fell in love. On the way home to Sac, pulled over in Folsom and bought mine and have never gotten tired of it…a rare impulse buy I've not regretted.

  • Martin

    During the sixties it became "non-intellectual" to attend worship services, so the "smart" ones stayed home. And their numbers grew. At the same time, our society changed to reflect the non-religious mind-set. The result has been what you see in our society and on TV, at the movies, the behaviour of some and the laisez-faire of others. Is this what we want? No. We have created this monster by things we have done and by those things we have not done. But, nature abhors a vacuum. The Religion of Peace thinks it has a plan for us by filling this "void." This is a very real threat. Their history, both present and past, is violent. If we're not real careful, we are going to lose what we have and we will not get it back. We'll be answering to the ROP in ways un-imaginable to us, but lived every day in many parts of the world today. Return to the basics and get our house in order before someone else does it for us. It all starts with you.

    • trickyblain

      "During the sixties it became "non-intellectual" to attend worship services, so the "smart" ones stayed home."

      You mean the 1760's, right?

  • Larry C.

    Mention something like this in FRONT of a demo-"RAT" and you will get that stare from H—- why?? Because Pre-America was the nation that was governed by that man known as GEORGE W> BUSH!!! Oh No!!! It can not be, that anybody wants to return to such a time in "OUR" country's history. WHY I DARE YOU!!! Such non-sense is this, that a man wants to go back when the economy was doing better, and the unemployment rate was only 5%-[AT BEST SOMETIMES IT ROSE TO AROUND 6.3]-But you want to go back to that?? Please. WE ARE ALL AWARE. That the "GREAT" leader that we have now was sent to us from God Above to cleanse us from all evil that was bestow on us as a nation form the last President, and if you believe that I HAVE SOME PROPERTY THAT I WILL SELL YOU IN FLORIDA RIGHT NEXT TO CASEY ANTHONY HOME, NO DUCT TAPE REQUIRED.

  • Dennis X

    Yeah, two unpaid wars by a man that the courts put into office ( he loss the popluar vote by a mere million) the 911 hit when he looked like a deer in the head lites and an economy that tanked as his corp. boot kissing behind left office in shame, yeah turn the hands of time , I don't think so , my 401k is doing fine, now thank u.

  • Ghostwriter

    In response to those like Jim C and trickyblain who want nothing more than to blame conservatives for this nation's problems,I say get a life. At least try to be respectful of other people's opinions,ok? Hopefully,the pre-Obama era America can return. It might be awhile in coming,but with the economy and this country in the state that it's in,President Obama might find himself out of a job.

    • Jim_C

      Hey, listen, this website bashes and blames liberals everyday. The whole "they hate America" can grate on you after a while; I'm just giving it back.

      I enjoy talking to principled conservatives and Republicans who have a consistent point of view–in other words, what's bad when "they" do it is still bad when "we" do it. For the record, I was never a Bush basher. I didn't care for his policies, I think he listened to the wrong people during his first term, but I never thought he was out to destroy the US or make Halliburton richer. I thought he was doing what he thought he was supposed to do for the good of the country, just like Obama is doing–sometimes poorly, no doubt.

    • trickyblain

      All opinions are not deserving of respect, kind sir.

      And I don't blame conservatives for this nation's problems. This publisher of this website, however, makes a good living by playing on peoples' fears that liberals are destroying this nation. This article actually seems to hold it against Obama that cars no longer have wrap-around windshields. The author laments the demise of Jeeps, as part of Obama's grand plan, even though Jeeps are better made — and fun — than ever.

      This whole "pre-Obama" idea is absurd. How has this administration directly and negatively affected your life in any way?

  • Amused

    Then don't put all the blame on Obama , because what all you hypocrites don't want to hear is, the nation was officially on the skids in November 2008 , and that skid started in 2006 . Bush 's ]2nd] Administration . The National debt that all of you whine and wring your hands over, was actually there BEFORE Obama took office . You can criticize his policies all you want , I do myself , but anyone with half-a-brain KNOWS who got us here . The stock market was in the 8's now it's in the 12 's . The auto industry is almost paid up on their bail-out money , and their selling cars and hiring , so try sticking to the truth with your criticism .
    Pre-Obama era ? Yea right .

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Then don't put all the blame on Obama , because what all you hypocrites don't want to hear is, the nation was officially on the skids in November 2008 , and that skid started in 2006 .

      You are right, the skid began in 2006 after conservative voters revolted on GWB because he was not a conservative but instead a big spending delusional leftist and also because like a leftwing multicultural loon, he tried to give amnesty to over 20 million illegal immigrants, which was the camel that finally broke the straw’s back, and it was that revolt that enabled the Dhimmicrats to take over both houses of Congress. Once that happened and both houses of Congress were controlled by Dhimmicrats, the downward trajectory became inevitable.

      Nevertheless, up until the financial market collapse in 2008, there was very healthy economic, wage, and job growth for years thanks to the Bush tax cuts. However, two things happened almost simultaneously, first the Islamic world waged financial stealth jihad against the USA during an election year by curtailing oil production causing oil prices to skyrocket at the same time, and those skyrocketed oil prices had the same exact impact on our economy as raising taxes, as the last thing the Islamic world wanted was for another Republican to win the White House.

      Next, the artificially high gas prices and resulting economic slow down helped precipitate the financial collapse, which was the final nail in the coffin for the economy. Then the federal government’s panicked corrective actions were almost as bad as the financial collapse itself, and only exacerbated the problem, prolonged the recession, and made the recession deeper. Meanwhile, none of the over inflated bubbles were allowed to collapse, Thus, they still could possibly burst at anytime.

      Of course, the financial collapse was a direct result of government over-regulation and over-reach, as the Dhimmicrat Party along with a few leftwing RINO Republicans had for years regulated financial institutions to make mortgage loans available to first minorities that had no hope of ever repaying those loans back, and then subsequently for everyone. Then when it became evident that those mortgages weren’t worth the paper they were printed on, the federal government reacted again by creating new federal regulations to bundle those worthless mortgages with good mortgages, thereby poisoning our entire financial system at the same time in the process.

      The rest as they say is history, the law of unintended consequences inevitably kicked in and then it was only a matter time before the whole house of cards created by big government over regulation and over reach came tumbling down with the help of an economic slowdown precipitated by high oil prices. Of course, as usual no one was held to account and then the Dhimmicrats together with their lapdog lamestream media like clockwork successfully blamed the whole damn thing on a lack of government oversight and federal regulations caused by congressional Republicans during an election year.

      Hence, Obama inevitably was elected and with the Dhimmicrats already in control of both houses of Congress, they proceeded to emulate FDR’s and Jimmy Carter’s very destructive Keynesian economic policies by massively growing government, implementing new and greater government regulations that predictably stymied economic, wage, and job growth, and then by spending money recklessly like there were no tomorrows and exploding the federal deficits and the national debt simultaneously, and so today it is very surprising the economy is not any worse off that what it is. Not to mention also that cramming government socialized health care down the American people’s throats and against their will also greatly exacerbated the economic woes as well as it added to the level of uncertainty.

      Bush 's ]2nd] Administration . The National debt that all of you whine and wring your hands over, was actually there BEFORE Obama took office .

      I don’t know what it is you are smoking son, but whatever it is it must be pretty damn strong. Indeed, it has to be for you to swallow half the garbage you swallow.

      The truth is Obama has expanded the national debt already more than all other presidents including GWB combined. Not only that but he doesn’t want to cut spending other than defense spending, which is why he is proposing raising taxes, to raise federal revenues.

      However, any federal revenue increases realized from raising taxes on our economic engine of our economy would be only short-lived, very brief, and temporary, and inevitably in a very short time federal revenues would start rapidly declining because the additional tax burden imposed on the economic engine of our economy would further inevitably slow down economic, wage, and job growth.

      Anyway, the way to increase federal revenues is not to increase the tax burden on our economic engine of our economy as Obama and the Dhimmicrats in Congress are advocating. Instead, the way to increase federal revenues is through economic growth, and raising taxes on the engine of our economy, especially during an economic recession, will only inevitably stymie economic, wage, and job growth.

      –continued below

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Hence, while Obama and the Dhimmicrats publicly profess that they want to solve America’s current economic and fiscal woes, if you read between the lines and watch their actions closely, their actions betray their words. As always Obama and the Dhimmicrats really want to increase America’s economic and fiscal woes instead to increase the amount of people dependent on the federal government and thereby at the same time increase their voter base.

      Indeed, it’s also why in addition to advocating raising taxes during an economic recession, they are also stopping oil drilling, imposing economic stifling federal regulations, socializing healthcare, implementing a very disastrous green energy economy, advocating for ruinous cap and trade mandates, imposing ridiculously destructive CAFÉ standards, and advocating to give in excess of 20 million illegal immigrants full amnesty, all of which will ultimately destroy the American economy and turn America into an economic basket case at the same time.

      You see the Dhimmicrats could care less about economic, wage, and job growth because they hate capitalism with a passion and desire power, because ultimately their goal is to destroy capitalism as they are nihilist, and they can’t destroy capitalism unless they garner power, and the way Dhimmicrats gain power is through increasing the number of voters dependent on the government’s dole.

      You can criticize his policies all you want , I do myself , but anyone with half-a-brain KNOWS who got us here .

      Well then you just proved you don’t even have half a brain. Indeed, if you believe the Dhimmicrats want to solve America’s current economic and fiscal woes; then I have a bridge I need to sell you.

      The stock market was in the 8's now it's in the 12 's .

      You ever heard of QE1 and QE2? You ever heard of less than 2 percent economic growth rates and a 9.2 percent unemployment rate, that really is in excess of 18 percent when you factor in all the people with expired benefits? Wow…you definitely are an economically deficient basket case.

      The auto industry is almost paid up on their bail-out money , and their selling cars and hiring , so try sticking to the truth with your criticism .
      Pre-Obama era ? Yea right .

      Of course, what do you expect, they have been relieved from paying back their financial obligations. However, the root cause (unions) of their financial woes hasn’t been eliminated and so, of course, over the long haul those same problems that plagued them before in the past will inevitably reemerge many years later down the road, that is if the Dhimmicrats don’t destroy the economy first.

      Indeed, you need to take an economics 101 course, stop swallowing leftwing garbage, stop being so naïve and gullible, and start paying attention much more closely. Indeed, you got a loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnng way to go son!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    BHO like most elites on the left is a nihilist, he dreams of bringing America and the Capitalist system with it down. He wants to replace it with a Socialist utopia. Hence, the downward trajectory the country is currently heading was inevitable.

    Nihilist should never be allowed to lead the most powerful capitalist country the world has every seen. It’s like allowing your worse enemy in the world to run your life. Inevitably he will steal you blind and then shoot you.

    • CHARLEY 60

      Well that would be providing a lot of the shovel jobs he promised. Lots of graves to dig.

  • Jim_C

    Today's cars, just like today's workplace, require a much more specialized knowledge. In the past, you could be a generalist. For many white collar jobs, you just needed a college degree–didn't especially matter what you majored in.

    Nowadays, we're all specialists. We don't have time to master all subjects. Cars are computerized, and proprietary. You learn your field in college and that's pretty much it. The world has changed at breakneck rates: we've experienced change in the last 10 years equal to the change of the previous 25. And that is compressing.

    You're right about the call for more dads of that ilk. We can still put an addition on the house, fix a lawn mower or bicycle. But the knowledge base for much else has become more specialized and demanding.