Sarah in 2012?

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Among the most astonishing phenomena of the current political scene in the U.S. is the relentless percussion of hatred, animadversion, revilement and outright dissimulation hurled against Sarah Palin—the mirror image of the orgy of adulation which Barack Obama enjoyed prior to his election and in the auroral days of his administration. One is put in mind of the vicious and slanderous campaign waged by the liberal-left against George Bush. But this is something different from Bush redux. The difference is that Bush was a sitting president whose policies many felt, rightly or wrongly, were steering the nation in a perilous direction, whereas Palin is without public office and executive power. The media have clearly gone beyond the limits of reason or propriety.

The question is why. What is it about Sarah Palin that has generated so intense a degree of tractarian misprision, that has turned almost the entire mainstream media against her, and has even led many reflective people to doubt her competence and her intelligence? What explains the abuse she has had to absorb, from being dismissed as a rabble-rousing populist lightweight to being accused as a murderer by proxy in the Tucson shooting?

In an article for FrontPage Magazine, Evan Sayet has essayed an answer to this provocative enigma. “What is it about her that they hate?” he asks, and replies, “It has to be her life story” which, pace her critics, “could not be more laudable.” And that, of course, is the problem. Everything she represents violates the Democratic left’s agenda and narrative: she is a self-made woman, enjoys a stable marriage with her high school sweetheart, has raised a together family, refused to abort her Down Syndrome child, is equally at home in the wilderness and in the halls of State, was a successful mayor and an effective governor, upholds the Constitution, is a doer and not only a talker, and exemplifies the traditional American virtue of self-reliance. Thus, as Sayet writes, “at every turn, Ms. Palin’s story debunks the myths of victimization and self-centeredness that is at the heart of the Modern Liberal ideology.”

In other words, Palin is neither a liar nor a parasite, but a truth-teller and an industrious worker—two attributes that have cost her dearly in a liberal environment dominated by special interest groups, entitlement seekers, political predators, fiscal sycophants, tax evaders, people addicted to welfare, single-parent families living off the dole, labor union apparatchiks, official and media appeasers in the “war against terror”—in short, the swarm of barnacles that have battened onto the ship of state.

Historian and commentator Victor Davis Hanson concurs. In a summarizing article for Pajamas Media, he concludes that Palin’s being “a mom of five children flies in the face of the demography of yuppie careerism.” In the “binary world” of network columnists, late-night TV hosts and the culture of the left, “Sarah Palin is apparently all that they are not.” Moreover, Hanson points out what is palpably obvious but often unadmitted. “And how can it be fair that Sarah Palin seems stunning after five children when so many in the DC-NY corridor after millennia on the exercise machine and gallons of Botox are, well, ‘interesting looking’?” This latter phrase is the most tactful—and tactical—of satirical put-downs, and says volumes about unconfessed resentment. Palin’s undeniable beauty works against her, especially among the feminist sorority, no less than her candidness, moral rectitude and integrity of character feature as liabilities in the eyes of her detractors.

Hanson believes that Palin is “scary not so much in 2012” as an antidote to Barack Obama, but that “she could be around—and around in an evolving way—for a long time to come.” Here I would be inclined to vary, however modestly, from Hanson’s analysis of the menace Palin represents to the liberal-left constituency. The veritable tornado of hatred and defamation to which she has been subjected argues something far more immediate in its implications. What the Democrats and their supporters earnestly fear is not only that Palin may be around for the indefinite future, but that she is indeed potentially electable in 2012 and must be stopped at all costs. This is perhaps the principal motive for so libelous a spectacle as the left’s all-out debauch of vilification. But will the strategy work?

We need to remember that the liberal-left ideology which seems so potent and widespread in contemporary America is to a large extent the creature of a progressivist elite and its media organs, busy collimating their quarry. It does not speak for the vast majority of Americans but, as Arthur Brooks clearly sets out in The Battle, accounts for at most 30% of the nation. What he calls the 30% coalition, grounded in “European-style statism…expanded bureaucracies, increasing income redistribution, and government-controlled corporations,” advances an agenda that is not shared by the remaining 70% of the population. And it is precisely here, in the preponderant sector of the electorate, that Palin’s real strength lies.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Sorry folks, but I'm going to buck the tide here. I'm not overly impressed with Palin, though I do like her as a person, think she's certainly more qualified to be President than Obama, and feel she's been dealt with incredibly unfairly by the media.

    I just feel we have to put a sterling candidate forward to beat Obama, one with less pronounced negatives and a sharper intellect…because this particular election has profound implications for the future of America. We need a candidate who doesn't drive the uncommitted and independents to the opposition just because of personal negatives.

    My ideal ticket is Gingrich/West. Newt is the most intelligent, articulate politician around and would presumably overwhelm Obama in debate. West would be ideal on many levels, because of his youth (as a healthy balance to Gingrich's "maturity"), because his African-American heritage could appeal to socially conservative blacks who are not enamored with Obama, because he hails from Florida – a pivotal state, and because he seems to grasp the concepts of Jihad and dhimmitude…and the civilizational challenge they pose.

    Let's remember, Bill Clinton was resoundingly repudiated in 1994 just as Obama was last November. Two years later, Republicans retained control of the House, proving the mood of the country remained center-right….and yet, in that same election, Clinton was re-elected Prez. Why? Because of the quality (or lack of) of his opponent. Let's not repeat the same mistake in 2012. The stakes are much, much higher today.

    • Gylippus

      Yes, there are a few potentials out there who would make fine Presidents. But Mr. Solway is correct that there is a reason the left fears Mrs. Palin so intensely. It behooves us to focus on that for a moment. For my part I think that they recognize in her the capacity to move the country like no-one else on the right so far. She does indeed embody so many of the foundational values, indeed, the very soul of the country. She does it effortlessly and un-selfconsciously; and in a charismatic, earnest, slighly saucy and very contemporary (the first woman President!) sort of way. That's a pretty winning combination. People want to orient towards someone they know they can rely on to champion their values, and who is not tainted by the whif of Washington.

      • Gylippus

        …Besides, we don't even know if she will run or not. Either way, the primaries is the appropriate field upon which to decide the issue. Let the hopefulls square off and let us decide who is best suited to lead the country out of this darkness. For my part I believe that passion and intensity are what will drive a Conservative victory in 2012. It is what will stir conservatives of all walks to get out there and make the case to the independents and liberal-centrists in their midst. Word of mouth still remains the best form of advertising. That is what won last November and it is what will 2012. My sense is that the independents are panicked (and even angry) by Obama and can be persuaded if they see unity and purpose on the right, combined with principled focus. Let's see what kind of platform she presents, how she does in the debates and on the campaign trail, how smartly she handles the media assault (not to mention attacks from the right) which will surely intensify… and then decide.

        • Gylippus

          …I just hope the GOP leadership understands the cusp we are at and does not try to micro-manage forces which are greater than it is. If the GOP does this right, it can reclaim all three brances for most the next decade. If not, it, and the entire country will be in the wilderness once more, perhaps for good.

    • Carl Sesar

      Expressions like Sarah Palin's supposed "pronounced negatives" don't hold water. Who's forever relentlessly pronouncing such negatives but the wild-eyed media out to destroy her? Or if "pronounced" means glaring and all out of proportion, what are those imposing negatives anyway? She's complicit in mass murder? Such negatives speak more of her accusers, not her. And her supposed need for a "sharper intellect" sounds more like wishing she was a smooth talker, or accomplished liar instead, like what's-his-name is. Sarah Palin's way smarter than he or his veep will ever be, and can hold her own with any candidate out there, many of whom haven't anything near her proven executive talents and strength of will and character.

    • QSuzy

      I believe the GOP and tea party strategy is to make sure that both Palin and Bachmann keep talking to the media. This makes the other far-right extremist candidates appear almost moderate.

  • EPM54338

    Good article … It's just way to ealry to count Palin in or out. … If unemployment is still higher than say, 9%, Palin or whoever the GOP nominee is will have a very good shot at beating Obama. … Millions of people have been out of work and been listening to empty promises for two years. … Will they vote for Obama again? … Doubtful.

  • Cuinn

    I'm tired of both the left AND the right cramming Palin down everyone's throat. I'd vote for Bachmann before Palin.

    • Pierce

      If she ran, I would vote for her, and there others who I would consider, Bolton, and Huckabee are definitely presidential, but are they electable. As much as I like Sarah I don't think we are ready for a woman/lady president, too much bias. Same goes for Bolton, whom I also like, a most interesting man, who like Palin has been dragged over the hot coals far too much. Huckabee will be the MAN because of his electability.

  • davarino

    I dont care about electability if the person doesnt turn this country around and make things right. Reagan wasnt supposed to be electable either cause he was to dogmatic (the left told us), had convictions, didnt want to be BIPARTISAN. Well look at what bipartisan got us over the previous 8 years. Huckabee or Romney may be electable but will do nothing for this country.

  • Tpartywarrior

    The left told us Reagan was nothing but a dumb actor yet he spoke to the millions of average folks out there. Palin relates to these same folks more than anyother candidate. Only a small percentage of Americans vote. If she can get the rest out…….she can win!

    • Jim C.

      Please read Peggy Noonan on making comparisons between Reagan and Palin.

      Reagan was a self-made man who by dint of sheer will worked his way through union politics into state and then national politics, building coalitions and learning the whole time.

      Palin was a small town, spunky cutie who was elevated via the state machine as an accessible face to a position she wound up quitting due to the "pressure." I think she is a very nice lady who bit off way, way more than she could chew.

    • Questions

      Reagan completed two full terms as governor of the nation's most populous state; Palin completed a half-term of the nation's least populous.

      Reagan was sharp as a tack and put together a first-rate team of policy advisors; Palin is poorly-read and has almost nobody advising her (and frankly few of any caliber who would).

      Finally, Reagan was nowhere nearly as aggressive in promoting religion as Palin; most Americans may be religious, but are turned off by the self-rightousness of Palin and people like her. Reagan would have found it ludicrous and beneath him to sent tweets to millions of fellow "prayer warriors."

      Sarah Pailn, in short, is no Ronald Reagan.

  • robert in Srq


  • 888jah

    If Sarah runs, she has my vote. She holds the same values I hold. She loves America and so do I. I'd have a problem voting for Michele. She voted for the Patriot Act. Patriot Act sounds great, but the name was a disguise to bring about the police state in America. It flushed our constitutional rights down the toilet. I wonder how she voted on Homeland Security, because that's the New World Order in disguise. I'm tired of politicians Lying about what they believe in. Once you vote them into office it's to late. If Sarah did run and win, it take an army to protect her an her family from the Illuminati, The Elite and so on. To many groups to name that want to rule the world.;

    • Jim C.

      If Sarah ran and won, she would be the face, and dupe, of that "Illuminati," make no mistake about it.

      • 888jah

        She has to much class and integrity to be anyone's dupe, especially a group of money hungry Satan worshipers.

  • Chris

    As a woman and a Conservative Republican, I have enormous respect for Sarah Palin. However, I would be very comfortable with her in a Cabinet post or as vice president (McCain lost the election because of himself, not because of Mrs. Palin). As potential candidates, Gingrich still has some baggage from his last time in Congress and has a personal agenda that we don't know about yet; Huckabee is certainly likable, but he is also a RINO and I don't see him as a strong president, more of a deal-maker.

  • 911Patriot

    Herman Cain.

    • Carlie Coats

      …with Palin as VEEP

    • Questions

      I like Herman Cain. But selling pizza does not qualify one as presidential material. He needs some political experience.

      • Charles Thompson

        Herman Cain is more qualified than the man in the office now. He knows how the free market works. Is very informed on foreign policy.

  • CharlesmartelsGhost

    As an independent who despises the democrat/statist/marxists and RINOs I do not think Palin is presidential material. She has well grounded values, which I agree with, but what did she accomplish in Alaska? Alaska is a union state. Did she fight for "right to work" laws? The majority of Alaska citizens work for the government, state/local/federal. What did she do to encourage private business in Alaska and stem the tide of bloated government payrolls? Due to the weather many Alaskans factor in government dependency into their lifestyles, i.e. during the winter months collecting unemployment benefits. What did she do to curb this? In almost every business venture in Alaska, thank you Ted Stevens, their is preferential treatment given to Native Alaskans, at the expense of innovation/entrepeneurs, regardless of whether they have the expertise. What did she do to eliminate this form of discrimination against non-native Alaskans?

    That said I believe she would be valuable in DC as a cabinet member of a Republican president or as a power broker in Republican circles.

  • CharlesMartelsGhost

    It is too early to start picking 2012 favorties, although they are starting to jockey for position, but from a first glance Herman Cain, Allen West, Michelle Bachman, Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan would get my attention.

    As for the fossils/RINOs/dinosaurs such as Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney if they even are conisdered a front runner this independent would be be convinced that the conservatves/Republicans are not serious is reversing the marxist Obama agenda and would vote third party, even if it meant a write in candidate.

  • CharlesMartelsGhost

    One last comment. Christie of NJ is all the rage, but why isn't any conservative media or political group questioning his kowtowing to Shari'a law and Islam? He has nominated a Shari'a Islamist to the NJ court and is silent on the ground zero mosque.

    For these reasons he is correct to stay in NJ and out of national politics.

  • USMCSniper

    It is the liberal women and their male castrati that hate Sarah Palin, and the envious omega metrosexual males as well. The government has ballooned to astronomical proportions due to liberal women. Liberal women voted for each and every social welfare program that came down the pike, and their male counterpart liberal idol FDR helped fuel the burgeoning government by implementing the NEW Deal era. Obama is our President instead of McCain because they liberal women appear to have a Kim Kardasian syndrome. All the failed social welfare programs of our history including LBJ's Great Society menace were created with the help of the liberal female vote and with the lesbian liberal femanazi vote. Conservative women are the opposite as they realize just how important our military is, and they won't vote to increase our deficit by supporting any of the useless tax burden welfare programs. The greatest female leader our world has ever seen was a Republican in Margaret Thatcher. Sarah Palin is an American version of Margaret Thatcher – and they hate her.

    • Jim C.

      Thatcher was a highly accomplished, bright, proven leader with a backbone of steel and a real vision for Britain. Palin has exactly none of those qualities. She is a person of little accomplishment, not very bright, no proven leadership skills, the backbone of an earthworm who loves to play the victim, who parrots convenient applause points about "America!" and "taxes."

      Now, if she looked like Thatcher, you guys wouldn't know her name. But she's cute as heck, and therefore, you put her in the spotlight.

      I do hope she runs!

      • Guest

        [He] is a person of little accomplishment, not very bright, no proven leadership skills, the backbone of an earthworm who loves to play the victim, who parrots convenient applause points about ["Hope and Change."] Guess who?

        • USMCSniper

          That wouldn't be the clandestine Muslim Marxist liar who is descrating the oval office now would it? Jim C can't help himself. You know his type of omega metrosexual males and the closet homosexuals hate strong sensual women who have traditional values. Jum C. probably prefers old post menopausal bitter hags like Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi

          • Jim C.

            Well, dingdongsniper, I sincerely hope she does run. I think it would be hilarious.

  • Charles S. Long

    Just about all the press Gov. Palin gets is negative, whether it is from the Progressives, Media or RINOs who fear her. Yet her following is strong and unfailing. Think what will happen should she run, the advertising campaign and positive exposure would overcome the negatives. As America learns more about her, her opponents would look mean and nasty with thier attacks. There would be a lot of sympathy developed for her. Her positive and uplifting message coupled with her more down-to-earth speaking style would truely set her apart from the established politicos and endear her to more and more of the "Forgotten People" those of us in Fly over country.

  • RobertPinkerton

    I speculate that one major, though deeply covert, reason why the Left so virulently hates Mrs. Palin, is that culturally she is lower-middle class. She adds insult to injury by taking no shame in that.

    • Jim C.

      No, it's because she's an opportunistic fool without a substantial thought in her head or achievement to her name who does not belong anywhere near high office.

  • ReaganTMan

    This is a fantastic article and nearly echoes all the sentiments I have been talking about and blogging about since 2008.

    Palin is our best candidate. Some just haven't recognized it yet.

  • Armando

    I would like too see Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, run for the presidency.

  • BLJ

    I like the way Palin makes the libs and MSM go into a tizzy fit. I think she scares them because she refuses to play the "I am a woman so therefore I am a victim" game. The fact that she is a looker bugs them as well.

    The Republicans need to field a candidate that can win in 2012. I am not sure Palin is that person. Compared to the boob in the WH now she would be a major upgrade. The biggest obstacle she faces is the amped up lie machine of the Dems.

    Personally I would like to see Paul Ryan make a run. When he wins he could offer Palin a job in his administration.

  • Atlas_Collins

    The article boils down to this: Sarah Palin is one of "them" (i.e. Us) to the political establishment, both the vermin Left and the ostensible "Right".

    We know why the vemin on the Left hate her — for the same reason the RNC establushment hates her. She's not one of them

    That's why I like her. I'm not one of them either.

    • Questions

      That still doesn't means she's qualified. A lifestyle isn't a platform.

  • Porky_Pig

    Sarah Palin has lost her chance of ever being president after the Gabby Giffords shooting. Even if she was to run it will be a landslide victory for "Camp Obama" with him taking away most of the vote like he did with the last election.

    Please read the petitons taht we have about…….* Ms Sarah crosshairs Palin *…at…..

    Thank You

    Oink @

  • Patriotrick

    Sarah has a place in the game, that being the Republican cheerleader. She can fire up the base and sway the masses but I don't feel she is the true Conservative she tries to make herself out to be. That said let's see how the newly elected "true" Conservatives pan out. If Paul Ryan sticks to his plan I think many of you out there will eventually agree with me.

  • RebinTexas

    Sarah has written (and taken positions) on virtually every major issue these past several months – many before any one else did – courage of her convictions. Any who take the time to read all these, as well as to study her many accomplishments as Governor of Alaska, cannot help but be more and more impressed. And, as to often mentioned, she is 'one of us' and is frankly interested in serving us (not her crony buddies) in the best way possible.

    Never forget – whoever should arise out of the R primaries – the media and leftists will "set on" just as much. Most cannot handle that – Sarah has already proven that she not only can – but that she gets stronger, better with each arrow shot at her.

    I've been around many years – watching and working in politics as my life and work allowed……….I truly believe Sarah Palin is a once in a lifetime person, much like Reagan, who we would be most fortunate to have as our next President.

    • Jim C.

      Ah her "accomplishments as governor of Alaska." A job she got through cronyism. A job she quit at the first sign of pressure…well, and they waved a lucrative contract at her to be part of the….wait for it…MEDIA (gasp!) Yep, she's presidential, all right. Hope she runs!

  • Juice

    I would vote for Palin in a heartbeat. She's what is good for America. She represents America better than anyone. I also like Bachman. Maybe a twosome?

  • dregstudios

    The public is finally coming around to seeing the true Sarah Palin. Instead of smiling and nodding while talking about murders and national tragedies, she should have shown some humility. I was compelled to create a visual commentary of her political rhetoric and its effects on my artist's blog at… Drop by and let me know what you think.

  • lisamom

    Sarah Palin is America, that's why liberals hate her. Sarah Palin can win the presidency. That's why some Republicans say she is not ready to run, while they are making plans to run themselves.

    • Jim C.

      If Sarah Palin is America, then we're wayyyy too stupid to survive.

      I do hope she runs…her love of victimhood status will go through the roof.

  • falling

    During the last presidential campaign, it took Palin less than a week to start drawing crowds to rival the ones Obama had taken two years to build! Without McCain as an anchor on the top of the ticket I suspect she may very well have won as conservatives who shunned McCain would have turned out in droves to vote for her. She has stood for America against the massive Obama government growing machine and if she decides to run, America needs to stand with her! After all, if it comes down to Sarah Palin VS Obama on the presidential ballot, could you really and truly pull the lever for Obama knowing he would think that being given a second term meant he had a mandate to completely shred our Constitution?

  • BS77

    As much as I llike Sarah Palin, I fear the Lib Left Media has destroyed her for most AMericans by constant ridicule, criticism and vicious, relentless attacks. She is no longer who she actually is….but a cardboard cut out created by the NY Times, liberal cable TV news and the usual gas bags on the Joy Behar show etc etc If a Republican is to win in 2012 that candidate will likely be a moderate without a lot of exposure to the withering leftist attack machine….somebody unexpected…..

    • Jim C.

      Yes, poor, poor "victim of the media" Sarah Palin. If only they would stop putting her speeches and appearances on TV and allowing her to put her foot in her mouth over and over again. If only they would stop interviewing her and making her, like, answer questions and stuff. Scary, scary questions from tough journalists like Katie Couric such as "What magazines/newspapers do you read?" If only they would stop offering her money to appear on Fox, or making reality TV shows about her so she could finally get some privacy. Poor Sarah. She's just like you and me, after all–she should be president!

  • Jim C.

    Why can he and not she? If you have to ask…. All I can say is: I hope she runs.

  • ADM

    Sarah Palin evokes hostility from the left (and conversely so much admiration from some on the right) for reasons which reflect the left's own obsessions. The admiration many on the right have for her seem to be more a response to the left's dislike of her than anything more substantive. This ties into whether she is qualified to be President.

    In my opinion, she is not qualified to be President, particularly because of her failure to finish her term as governor. I'm certain she's not stupid, but I'm not at all convinced that she's particularly curious intellectually nor a particularly disciplined thinker. A president needs both qualities, whether they're a genius or not. Reagan, who read and wrote voraciously, certainly had them. GW Bush didn't and this created unnecessary problems for him as President.

    Obama was elected because too many people ignored his thin record and instead projected what they wanted to see onto him. I see no virtue in those of us on the right making exactly the same mistake.

    • Jim C.

      Sarah Palin would be nice to have as a neighbor, completely underqualified for president. It ain't gonna happen, though I sorta hope she does run.

      You're right about Obama, too, as far as projection. But turns out he's making a pretty decent, so far not great, president, given the dire situation we're in. Obama has said he looks to Reagan as a model for leadership (not policy, obviously) but I don't think he's picked up Reagan's skill as a communicator. Not many have it.

  • QSuzy

    Since it appears that the right will run anyone the left hates, Palin qualifies and runs in 2012.

  • Amused

    Sara palin , pretty face , nice person to have living next door , but not as Pres. If she ever got elected , which is EXTREMELY doubtfull , [infact not even as VP , for I dont think anyone would want her one heart beat away from the Presidency ] she'd merely be a puppet with handlers . Wanna gurantee Obama another four years ? Make Palin your Candidate ……as for Bachman ? That will be time to call in the clowns . She's only about three steps fron the looney bin on any given day ., or else she thinks all in this country are as dumb as she is .

    Better get it right this time , and dont forget the centrists who'll put up with neither of the nonsense from the right or left .

  • Jim C.

    GRETA: Governor, last night there was a lot of discussion about the Sputnik Moment the President wants us to have. Do you agree with him? Is this our moment?

    PALIN: That was another one of those WTF moments, when he has so often repeated, the Sputnik Moment, that he would aspire Americans to celebrate, he needs to remember that what happened back then with the former communist USSR and their victory and that race to space, yeah, they won, but they also incured so much debt at the time that it resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union so I listen to that Sputnik Moment talk over and over again and I think, no we don’t need one of those.

    • Jim C.

      So here's Palin, showing off that great intellect on Fox News, as she's known to do. Of course, she misses the point entirely AND gets the history wrong, too. This is one instance of far too many. Of course, to her supporters, this represents the Big Bad Media "getting" her again.

  • Daniel

    Sarah Palin is the only Rebublican or politician at all for that matter that strikes me as someone who can lead our nation away from catastrophy(the only one since Reagan). All of the posturing about electibility nonsence plays to the liberals "blood libel" agenda and I am from the tribe of Ephriam. We have no hope with a conservative lite to fix this mess, no half measures will do. If you have a Margret Thatcher and don't use her you are helping the libs win and we are doomed for sure. She's not perfect so stop trying to require her to be and respect her as the once in a lifetime gift from G_d that she it.

  • Daniel

    All of this angst I here from some of the peanut corner here and the media and from the establishment right can be easily overcome by those of us who give a dang if America survives another 4 years. Sarah is a pearl of great price where it reaaly counts getting us energy and therefore economically. If you were playing poker and some lib poured coffee on you royal flush would you fold because the hand didn't look perfect? Can you think of anyone in history that was so vilified as Sarah has been and still shake the news world every month by the odd twitter or independent video not be totally destroyed-by the lies of the left name them to me! Instead of crying about your spilled coffee tak up her banner with us and let's do something about it! Lets make 2012 Teaparty be the Teaparty on steriods compared to 2010 and rock DC from it very foundations with our volunteer work, phones and door to door cancassing like the libtards do in do it in spades! Let them never forget they are dealing with the iron lady of the right!!!

  • Olga Bradfield

    Swindon chairman suggested PDC tried o defuse a row between Leon Clarke and the fitness coach and was trying to get Clarke down the tunnel to deal with it behind closed doors. However it all kicked off in the Tunnel instead!!!