The Gharqad Tree

The Gharqad Tree

Come, said the stone,

O Muslim, servant of Allah,

come, there is a Jew hiding behind me,

come and kill him.


Come, said the tree,

O Abdullah, servant of the Lord,

come, there is a Jew crouching behind me,

come and strike off his head.


But the gharqad tree says nothing—

it is not given to hyperbole,

it does not betray those who planted it

and whom it shelters,

it grows thick,

it spreads its thorns and bristles,

it turns on its slender stem in every direction,

it lets loose its power.

It is a fine, noble, unpretentious tree,

more of a shrub than a tree, but no matter.

It flourishes everywhere in the Holy Land.


Come, come, Abdullah,

leave your stones to be stones,

your trees, trees.

Let them live in peace with the gharqad.

Note: According to a hadith attributed to Mohammed (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 6985), Judgment Day will see Jews hiding behind stones and trees which will betray them to their Muslim attackers. Only behind the gharqad tree, which we know as the boxthorn, will Jews be safe. (Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was once photographed planting a boxthorn.)

  • Foolster41

    Interesting, I had heard that no one knows what the Gharqad was. Now I want to plant boxthorns everywhere!

  • StephenD

    I wouldn't give any credence to anything a Hadith says and I certainly wouldn't take it as fact that a certain tree would offer protection from a barbarian. Now, if the Torah or Bible had said this….

  • "gunner"

    i hope the israeli leftist appeasers come to realise the islamics will make no distinctions when they come to "kill all the jews", and if/when that day comes the islamics will find a jew with a rifle behind every stone, tree and bush. "ready right, ready left, lock and load…"

  • Supreme_Galooty

    'Tis a thing of terrible beauty.

  • PhillipGaley

    I kind of think that, Ben N. is a better friend to America, than B. O, . . .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Muslims would like that, hiding Jews but I think not. The IDF has other
    ideas for the advancement of the Jihadist lunatics who may just wind up
    hanging from those same trees.

    Consider the perspective in Israel, surrounded by millions of Muslims
    who are prepared for, desiring of and anticipating with glee, suicide.
    The question arises to the life loving Israeli, how to best help them
    succeed without getting any of the obvious on themselves, they
    have their own anticipations and partaking in mass suicide does not
    look like one of them………..a gift from afar maybe?……………William

  • waterwillows

    One does not mess with the Lord of Hosts. None have ever been known to win for having done so. None shall ever, into infinity, be known to win for having done so.

    Psalms Ch 37; v- 34
    Wait for the Lord, and keep His way,
    And He will exalt thee to inherit the land;
    When the wicked are cut off, thou shall see it.

  • rockman

    As a geologist, I can assure you of the rock's continuing cooperation in providing reliable cover for any Jews or Israeli commandos who feel so inclined.

  • Muhammad

    As a muslim, I would like to say this Hadith is not correct and majority of muslims do not believe as such. We do believe there will be a big battle before the day of Judgment but it will be of good vs the bad, not muslims vs jews, or muslims vs christians etc.

    At that time it’ll be corruption vs rightous, pious vs sinners, oppressed vs the oppressor.

    Religion is ur choice and killing u because u are a different religion is not something Islam teaches. It might be something extremist believe but majority of muslims are not extremist and we believe it is the oppressors that deserve to be punished, not those that choose to follow a different faith.

    • faukka

      Sorry to refute you brother… But please read the hadith before you comment. It is reported by Muslim and bukhari.. The mere fact that Jews are planting this tree in Israel is the fact that at least they are believing in the hadith. Sahih Muslim, 41:6985, see also Sahih Muslim, 41:6981, Sahih Muslim, 41:6982, Sahih Muslim, 41:6983, Sahih Muslim, 41:6984, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:56:791,(Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:177

      • tahir

        Have you read all the Bukhari or Muslim ….or considerable part if not all. Both books are written under the Banu Umayyah ragime. there would not be a battle between Muslims and Jews but between extremeists and those who kill them. You can find those extremeist disbeliever in Pakisan, part of india, afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and middle east. They dont even know reality of Quran, they just have a desire to rule the world.

  • Contenderia

    @Muhammad, why do you think this hadith is not correct, in the first place? Second, your argument is right, it will be good vs bad, but you will see the muslims will be on the right track fighting against the jews on the wrong one, and wont be killed simply because they are non-muslims, but becuase they will be corrupt.

  • Zain

    Muhammad, following a different pre-Islamic religion, or a post-Islamic religion is considered hateful in the sight of Allah, as per the Qur'an itself. Even if you disregard hadith, the Qur'an itself is clear about this. The qur'an is supposed to be the new-and-improved version of old faiths, but is also the last one without further upgrades. So if you don't accept the invitation to join Islam, Allah hates you. "And who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah untruth while he is being invited to Islam." – Qur'an 61:7

    And if after becoming Muslim you want to choose another faith, the penalty is death.

  • just a muslim

    "allah hates you…" ?!!

    • tahir

      they why did your allah let them born at the first palce. wasnt it better not to create them, rather then first give them life and then took away.

      Reality is you dont know the religion and Allah's will. You just have a disire to rule the world. Keep in mind Army of Imam Mehdi (A.S) will kill more so-called muslims like you then non-Muslims, because they would accept Him (A.S), but disbeliever like you will not.


    this is true and as a muslim alhamdulilah we beleive in ahadees books and our belove prophat MUHAMMAD(SWT)

    • tahir

      You dont believe them. You just like part of hadis that suits who. Do you accept Bag-e-Fidaq hadis? You dont although it is present in Bukhari

  • seyfoe

    Seriously, Allah does not need to hate you. Its not about who is gonna kill who in the end. In the end its all about your faith in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers and the day of Judgement. And of course the practise of the well-known five pillars of Islam. Jews had a great position by Allah, just think about how many Messengers and Prophets came out of the jew nation. Issa( Jesus, Yeshua puh) was from the jew nation. He knew the Thora. What the hadith says, comes close to these days we are living in now. Middle east is only corrupted because one nation is oppressing another nation directly and indirectly ten other nations with the help of some powerful nations. Now, tell me, if there are any christians reading this, tell me, why doesnt anyone grieve over the more than 22 million christians killed during the Soviet forming? We al can tell immediately that about 6,5 million jews were killed(jews? or dutch, french, german, cech, polish, belgian citizens, because what is a jew?) This is another corruption. I can tell, I live in Europe and we only grieve about the holocaust of the jews. Maybe I am too radical for some of you. I suggest you go and read the talmud. You find passages where you can find permission to have "sex" with a child without it being a sin. That is radical….no? Another corruption. One more for the non-jews? According to the talmud(one of them is from the babylonian era, which most christians see as an evil and corrupted time) we the non-jews are not even like humans. We are just not the same. They now have even proven this with DNA proof. But I have to be careful when I refer to them as a race. Anyway, another corruption. Do you know how interest came into life in Europe. The christians did a fair good job and kept away from it. The jews however had found a permission in their selfmade book(talmud is written by more corrupted jews then you can imagine), to charge every gentile interest when loaning them money. Corrupted? No? Another corruption for the christians. The Bible states that Allah( God, but I rather use His real name. Got is derived from a pagan deity in old old Europe, look it up. Issa, puh, said Ellaha in his time…sounds familiar…Allah…Ellaha…Allah..hmm?)promised the holy land to Ibrahim(Abraham puh) his offspring. Okay, according to the same Bible, his offspring are Ismael en Isak(peace upon them). So…the arabs, not only the Palestinians, have a right to live there as well according to the Bible, who corrupted this again…? I prefer to change the word jew, i dont have the right, but I hope I am forgiven for this, but all the trees will say there is a ZIONIST behind me, kill him.

    • tahir

      it means whoover change God's word weather it is in Torah, Bible Quran or any other form like Hadis-e-Qudsi or refer something to Ambia (A.S) should deserve same punishment. Keep in mind many of the so-called Godfather Muslims of Islam in early stages…right after the death of prophet (P.B.U.H) have the same allegation. 5% Muslims accept those allegation and 95% would be surprised when those satanists will be punished. Labeling himself with Islam is much easier but understanding Islam is far difficult if you dont have heart to understand and recongnise devine people (A.S) and devine words.

  • fuad

    This hadith is correct and valid. If anyone says this is not true then doubt his Islam. Who says most Muslims do not believe in this hadith? Maybe just someone pretending to be a Muslim. One interesting thing from the truth of this hadith, the Israelis really believe that planting trees Gharqad everywhere.

  • Rafi Punjabi

    Dear friends, Muslims and Jews. Listen I am a moderate Muslim who believes in Live and Let Live. There is a rising tide of militancy around the Muslim World which threatens the basic fabric of Muslim societies itself. I don't think that any sensible Muslim does believe in killing a harmless Jew. Your conflict with Arabs does not mean that you become unqualified enemies of every Muslim. So far above referred Hadith is concerned, I may inform you that we believe the genuineness of that Hadith which is only supported by Quran. And, Quran says that If you are Muslim, Christian, Jew ,fire worshiper or belonging to any other faith but believe in oneness of God, the day of Judgement and do good deeds, you need not to fear( AL-Baqra). Now what is this Gharqad about…???

  • mjazzguitar

    The turks decided it was the olive tree so they destroyed 6000 olive trees.

    • kitty

      no that’s the Zionist regime.