The Jewish Enemies of Israel

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It has never been easy for Israel—the understatement of the century—from the day of its establishment in 1948 when it was invaded by seven Arab armies to the present moment when it is facing multiple threats to its very survival. It suffers a history like no other nation in the world, surrounded by enemies, fighting wars on every front, infiltrated by terrorists, confronting the wetware dreams of genocidal regimes, in particular the prospect of a nuclear Iran sworn to the country’s annihilation, and subject to an international delegitimation campaign carried out via the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, spurious NGOs and “peace” organizations, labor unions, university campuses, a hostile European Union, and the efforts of an American president who wants to see the country reduced to indefensible borders.

As if this were not enough, there is yet another menace it has to face, deriving from the Cain and Abel paradigm, which has inwardly corroded the Jewish community since the thunderous instant it purportedly received the tablets from Mount Sinai: betrayal from within. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram against Moses and his mission to create a unified and cohesive people set the tone for much of what followed in the history of the Jews. The record is inexhaustible: the backsliding tribes and their idolatrous rulers whom the Prophets railed against, the conflict between the brother states of Israel and Judea, the quarreling Jews Josephus tells us about who were in large measure responsible for the Roman victory and massacre in the first century A.D., the apostates, “wicked sons” and Court Jews who have proliferated through the ages, and those who contracted the wasting disease that Ruth Wisse in Jews and Power called “the veneration of political weakness.”

True, the quietist Jews who took refuge in ritual and scripture caused no material injury, but they, arguably, instilled an attitude of helplessness and defeatism into the plasm of the Jewish sensibility—precisely what the vigorous and determined Palmach fighters and the Zionist kibbutzniks who settled and farmed the land of Israel intended to counteract. They would no longer go “like sheep to the slaughter”; instead they put the debilitating syndrome to rest, struggled valiantly to survive and built a strong and proud country. However, the renegades and turncoats did, and continue to do, immeasurable harm. The motive for treachery seems to be immemorial. As Wisse writes, “For every Mordecai and Esther who risked their lives to protect fellow Jews, there were schemers who turned betrayal or conversion to profit.” Indeed, “the ubiquitous informer, or moser” is always with us. In the modern age they beget like rabbits on aphrodisiacs.

But it is not only a question of schemers and betrayers. There are many Jews who have turned against, or disembarrassed themselves of, their own compatriots for ostensibly “noble” reasons, like the Yevsektsiya or European and Russian Jews who joined the Bolsheviks and were instrumental in the formation of the Soviet Communist Party, until they were duly liquidated. Today, these are the Jews who embark on flotillas to abet a terrorist regime in Gaza, validate the Palestinian faux narrative, practice outreach and dialogue with Islamic murderers, vote “liberal,” pride themselves on their pacific and ecumenical ideology—a  “universalist worldview,” as Daniel Gordis writes in a poignant Commentary essay, that “does not have a place for enemies”—and celebrate their birthdays in Ramallah bars festooned with “PLO posters advocating the death of Jews.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Thank you David Solway for this sobering in-depth analysis. You are correct in every word. It IS a birth defect of the Jewry to betray the God's testament and its own kinship since the ancient till the very modern time: Especially in the modern time!

    In fact, a big split took place 150 years ago, when the ethnic descendents of what was Jewry in the past formed a new "social entity" of ethnic only Jews. The aggregate and unspecified term "Jewish" nowadays became meaningless and confusing. We have to distinguish the Jews in spirit from the "ethnic only" misnomers:

    Indeed, the term "Ethnic only compatriots" applies not only to Diaspora, but to the Israeli own "nothing-but ethnic" Jews as well. Loyalty and love for Israel reliably follow only from the God's commandments. (It is the peculiarity of a situation of Israel). Therefore it is futile to expect the loyalty from apostates.

    • KathleenP

      But Jewishness IS an ethnicity and a nation as much as, if not more than, a religion. It seems possible to have a strong Jewish identity and love for Israel – and willingness to defend her – without being particularly religious. Zionism itself wasn't a particularly religious movement., it was a national movement. Many of the most religious Jews in Israel refuse to serve in the military. I fail to see how defining Jews according to how much they pray and how many traditions they observe is going to ensure the survival of the Jewish state.

    • Alexander Gofen

      You are not correct if you mean as though Jewishness is ONLY an ethnicity, although yes, a subset of "Jews" characterized only by their ethnicity (mostly Ashkenazi) do exists emerging 150 years ago (follow my link). Yet "nothing-but-ethnic" Jews do not necessarily adhere to Judaism. On the contrary: more typically they warship anti-Judaism.

      You are correct that the Jewishness is not so about how one prays (Phariseeism), but rather how one acts and lives (please follow the link).

      And you are correct that Zionism have had also purely secular founders who too contributed to restoration of Israel. Yet see

      • nina

        "Zionism have had also purely secular founders". Is this a joke? Most all the founders of Zionism were secular. Does it mean that they didn't belong to the Jewish nation? Or that they didn't believe in "ahavat Israel?" Here is a classical example of the unnecessary strife amongst the Jews. What does it matter if one is religious or one is just proud of one's heritage, knows well Jewish history and feels as one with all Jews? This tension between the religious and the secular people was going on in Israel for some time. Recently, though, there are organizations from both sides, but especially the observant citizens to find a common ground, and they have had great success. You may take this saying of our sages to heart: Be like Hillel, not like Shamai.

        • Alexander Gofen

          1) Zionism originally was a purely religious concept of Judaism and Christianity, meaning that the Jewry gathers again in their God's given land, they restore the Third Temple, and the Messiah returns. As Bert wrote here in his reply below: The Torah is itself the source of Zionism but not for those too ignorant to read it or too dishonest to admit it.

          2) Zionism as a practical idea and political movement emerged only in the 19th century: first among Christian Zionists. Perhaps it is true, that the majority of the Jewish founders of Zionism then were secular. Yet again, as Bert wrote: Theodore Herzl, founder of modern political Zionism, stated that Zionism means going back to Judaism even before returning to our native land.

          3) You misread what is the distinction between spiritual vs. nothing-but-ethnic Jews. I called "Jews-in-spirit" those who consider themselves Jewish because of acknowledging Judaism as the ultimate guide in life. (It is up to this person to decide to which degree he or she practices Judaism, attends synagogue, or even whether the person sincerely believes in God). You are asked just to leave your secularism for yourself, and to not out it of your closet: if for nothing else, at least for the reason that under secularism there is no justification even for Israel's existence!

    • Hal J.

      The first and most important thing y`all forgot!!! The Roso-Rothchilds-and all the Jews in their control–TV-NEWS PAPER- HOLYWOOD-need a 3rd wold war to be able to have millions of people killed–Then they will take over the world and put in ONE WORLD GOVERMENT!!!! The Jews in Israel are the Catlist to start the war–Jews using Jews to control the world!!!

  • crackerjack

    It would seem that Zionism has kidnapped Judaism and is holding Jews hostage.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Zionism is in the very core of Judaism and Christianity! And if this is not an authority for you, Zionism is also happened to be the most ancient and the most just national liberation movement of Jewish people from colonialism: Roman and Turkish/Islamic (Item 2 in… )

    • Bert

      The Torah is itself the source of Zionism but not for those too ignorant to read it or too dishonest to admit it. Theodore Herzl, founder of modern political Zionism, stated that Zionism means going back to Judaism even before returning to our native land.

    • ziontruth

      Change "Zionism" to "Marxism" and you've hit on the truth about the problem described in the article.

    • KathleenP

      I think you've missed the enire point of Mr. Solway's article. He has nothing against Zionism. The Jewish people have a nation today because of it.


      What is a Zionist?

  • tarleton

    Mr Solway , you write that'' Israel has a history like no other ''..maybe you should read about the EIGHTY YEARS WAR , Dutch war of independence 1568-1648 as it makes Israel's postwar history seem quite tame
    Furthermore , you seem to imply that only jews have a fifth column of potential Quislins , where in reality it's part of the human condition …the so called ''Jewish enemies of Israel '' are just typical Leftists who happen to be Jews and it shouldn't be surprising that jews are over represented in leftist politics as it has been promoted as a progressive cause , from the original Bolsheviks to the ''peace activists ''of today
    During the Holocaust there were jewish collaborators like the judenrat , but that;s just human nature ..desperate people trying to save themselves and buy a little more time

    • B Goldstein

      To lump the Judenraete together with other Jewish renegades is not only a distortion of what went on in the ghettos set up by the Nazis, it perpetuates an outrage first formulated by Hannah Arendt who had the good fortune of having been rescued and brought to the safety of America. Neither she nor any of the critics of the action of the members of the Judenraete ever had to face a dilemma of like enormity. Shame on you!

      • KathleenP

        Exactly. it's one of the favourite tropes of the Israel-haters – I refuse to call them "anti-Zionists" – to bring up this notorious "collaboration" between "the Zionists" and the Nazis. "Collaboration" means working together toward a common goal., which in the Nazis case was millions of dead Jews.
        The word used in this context is an obscenity.

  • Terry

    It's better for us to know our enemies within. Then, when the time comes, they can be dealt with.

    • nina

      Not all are real enemies. Some are misguided. Especially the young people. It is very sad that without the parents' knowledge, they were brought up by hardened leftists via the movies, television, and especially the colleges and universities.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    About a decade ago I coined the term unJews for the internal enemies passing as Jews and today the term is being, in one way or another accepted. JINO's for example. The reaction to that trash is growing in intensity as much as it is the reaction and stern plans against non Jews anti-Semites mixing with the flotsam.
    During Jerusalem Day one, and I want to say it again, ONE, such item, from the US subspecies of Jino's/unJews, thought that, as it was in the past, he could hurl insults, threats and more against the FLAG waving masses.
    I believe that after his actions were addressed by the folk, and I mean he got toroughly addressed… the Border Police special unit took over and completed the processing of the item into the waiting police van.
    More to come for the "flotilla".

  • Monty Lasovsky

    David Solway has expressed admirably the truth that refers to the "Enemy within" that poisons the Jewish chances of unity as a people, a country and a nation. It is one thing to have freedom of expression in a democracy such as Israel is and will continue to be. It is another when the vast majority of Jews in the diaspora form themselves into left wing cliques with the express aim of harming the Jewish state from afar. The Jews of the diaspora are not hiding in shelters from missiles or being targeted like the Fogel family to be butchered in their beds at night. Instead, they enjoy debating Israel's future more from the extreme left than from any other position. They form "J Streets" funded by people like Mr.Soros whose left wing agenda is well known and do all manner of things that can only harm the Jewish people and their hard won liberty and country. The question is "Why?" Much of the "Why"?, has been explained by Mr.Solway's article, which is quite unique in its presentation and for a lot of Jewish people, it serves as an answer to the eternal "Why"? How to we ever get to grips "with the enemy within?"

    • Guest

      There is NO ANSWER TO THIS WHY!!!!!!!

      I can testify to that from a very personal experience, having an anti Zionist brother, extreme leftists cousins and a whole slew of leftist friends in Israel.

      I am a child survivor myself and have had two survivors parents!

      I grow up in Israel and understand the secular left very well.

      But where do they and how do they cross the line to the delusional hateful stupidity that they present and act on is just unexplainable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • al Kidya

    Is this any different than the Jews of Nazi Germany who aided and abetted the Nazi SS to seek out and turn in the friends and neighbors for a free trip to a Nazi death camp?

    Some people, and it doesn't matter which race or creed, will do anything for money or their own grovelling, selfish little lives. It all comes down to power and money.
    You cannot serve both G-d and mammon.

    • Alexander Gofen

      This is different – in fact much uglier – than collaboration with SS then. Unlike then, now betrayal is being done not under torture, nor for saving own life for one day more.

      • Guest

        This time it is done for political ideology!

        Cannot be uglier then that!!!!!!!!

    • michiganruth

      yeah, it's different. you know why? because today, in 2011, we have the example of Nazi Germany to show us what could happen. so we should know better.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    To all those mesuggene Jew haters in the world I will say this:
    Thank G–d I'm a Zionist. And with a litle help from Him, and all her ennemys
    destroyed, the third temple will take his rightfull place.

    • cuddlz24

      Can't wait, because when that happens, Jesus Christ, the Messiah whom most Jews denounced and mocked will come back to get the saved children of God while God's final wrath will be enacted upon his chosen people, YOU, for seven years. 144,000 of you will preach the truth of Jesus Christ to the rest of your people. Some of these men may have already been born already, babies now, with one of the most important tasks given by God to man, ahead of them. How exciting, and how sad that 7 years of pain, suffering and death has to happen to a world that ignored it's Creator and it's Saviour.

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    W., 06/15/11 common era

    Once upon a time, some Jews in Europe decided to eliminate or at least reduce anti-semitism. The abandoned prayers in Hebrew, let men and women sit together, introduced organ music, made Sunday the main worship day, and ignored all of the Kosher laws. All this was done in an attempt to make Jews' religion similar to the Protestant Christianity of their neighbors. Well, those changes didn't work– in dear old Deutschland, home of Reform "Judaism."

    • damon mccann

      So you are promoting a sorta Sharia Judaism. How sweet.

      • MixMChess

        No such thing as Sharia seeks to subordinate all peoples to Islamic law, Judaism is perfectly harmonious with secular society as it only seeks to promote (not subordinate or force submission) Jewish law and learning among Jews.

      • nina

        The worst are ignoramouses. What do you know about Judaism to conclude that if one is not Reform, one therefore is the same as Sharia Judaism? There is too much for you to learn. It can't be done in a post. Still, you could read a few books.

  • Jack

    You can add half of Israeli government to the list of enemy collaborators. Rabin, Peres are just a few examples.

    • Gary Aminoff

      i would disagree about Rabin. His position has been misrepresented, but I do agree about Peres.

      • Guest

        They are and where misguided to say the least!

      • nina

        You, and Jack are ignorant about these people. Not everyone who is slightly to the left of center, and most times they were not , is suddenly an enemy of Israel. This is ridiculous. These people were among the builders of Israel. And, yes, many of the early pioneers were leftist. Not the modern leftists, but they were. But they also gave their lives for Israel. They were real patriots. So it is denying history and showing your shallowness to call them names.

    • damon mccann

      Yes sir and there are probably palestinian Zombies under your bed. lol

      Just love this STORMfront page, its like all the xenophobic and crazies bent on WAR and Theft- cicle-jerk club.

      • MixMChess

        Ask the Fogel family about Palestinians under the bed…. oh that's right the Fogel's were viciously murdered by Palestinian thugs. Never mind, no reason to have any worries about the xenohpobic death cult know as the Palestinians.

  • Human Rights

    I don't know why it's ok to be anti- Arab and not ok to be anti-Jews since both are semitics people. Israel should stop it's ethnic cleansing to Palestians just because they have different religion. There is no DNA which proves Palestinians are Arabs. And saying Israel is state for only "Jews" people is not going to help the image of the country since it claims it's "a democratic country ". Israel hosts only 2 million Palestinian (who don't have equal rights in the country) in order to get outside support and plays the only domecrocy in the Middle East card . Palestinians= Israelis, enough of playing holocaust card and acting like Nazis. I personally don't see the difference between blockade of the Gaza Strip and the Nazi death camps of holocaust.

    • trickyblain

      "I personally don't see the difference between blockade of the Gaza Strip and the Nazi death camps of holocaust."

      Well, other than cattle trains delivering victims, forced labor, forced starvation, forced separation from family members, confication of all personal property, mass murder, gas chambers, incinerations that turned the towns black with ash, I don't either.

      Seriously? No difference?

    • michiganruth

      there's a 5:1 birth rate in Gaza. that means the Palestinian population is growing like crazy. not much of an ethnic cleansing, is there, to have MORE Pals than there were a year ago? boy, those Jews are really bad at ethnic cleansing aren't they!

    • Lael

      Why does it appear that most of you people who want a claim in the human rights field are so uneducated in the areas you are so vocal about? I wonder if you have even lived in Israel and are aware of the situation on a personal level……or are you just a copy cat of the other garbage disposals.

    • Guest

      You are such an ignoramus, that there is no way even to start answering your stupid, absolutely incorrect ,in every sentence, statement!!!!!!!!!

      Why don't you read some history and get some information before you open your trap!

      • Edward

        Humonster Rights,

        Too bad for you that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested europe.

    • MixMChess

      "Israel should stop it's ethnic cleansing to Palestians just because they have different religion."

      This is complete and utter NONSENSE. Jews have never committed ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people. In fact the opposite is true, did you know that under Israeli rule the Palestinian population increased exponentially? For example, it increased over 84% from 1993-2004 in the W. Bank ALONE.

      "And saying Israel is state for only "Jews" people is not going to help the image of the country since it claims it's "a democratic country "."

      Its pretty obvious that Israel is not for Jews-only, you said it yourself, over 20% of Israel's population is Jewish. Israel is a SECULAR democracy. Did you know there is no official state religion in Israel? Did you know Jews and Non-Jews are treated equal under the law? Did you know that Israel guarantees and protects the equal rights of its minority citizens?

      "Israel hosts only 2 million Palestinian (who don't have equal rights in the country) in order to get outside support and plays the only domecrocy in the Middle East card ."

      This is an outright LIE. Israel GUARANTEES the EQUAL RIGHTS of its Arab citizens. Arabs have the same rights under the law as Jews, in fact Israel even has special affirmative action programs to help Arabs with education and jobs and to combat any discrimination. Get a clue moron.

      "I personally don't see the difference between blockade of the Gaza Strip and the Nazi death camps of holocaust."

      The Nazis’ objective was the systematic extermination of every Jew in Europe. Israel is seeking peace with its Palestinian neighbors. Over two million Arabs live as free and equal citizens in Israel. Those are the FACTS.

      • MixMChess

        *over 20% of Israel's population is Arab.

    • potb

      "Israel should stop it's ethnic cleansing to Palestians just because they have different religion"

      Are you aware of the fact that this is exactly what the Arab Muslims are doing?
      Why? Because Allah wants the Jews dead. Go buy that nasty book, the Koran, and try to learn the very nature of this conflict. It doesn't matter what the size of Israel is, purely because it is based on former Muslim land. That's what this is all about.

      • Gary Aminoff

        You are in error when you say this is former Muslim land. It was never "Muslim" land.
        The land was always occupied by Jews for thousands of years. Muslims came to the area in the 7th Century and shared the land with the Jews who were already there, but it was never exclusively Muslim land.

  • Gary Aminoff

    Are you living on another planet? Israel has ethnic cleansing? Israel has a population made up of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Bahai and many other religions. It is the Islamic countries who have ethnic cleansing. How many Jews live in Arab countries today? Virtually none..they have all been ethnically cleansed. How tolerant is Islam about Christians, Jews or any other religion in its lands? Since Muslims have many countries that are strictly Muslim states, it is just that the Jews have one country that is a Jewish state. You obviously are trying to spread propaganda rather than telling the truth.

    • Human Rights

      Well Muslims countries are not democratic countries like Israel are they? So Israel should act better than those Muslims because it's the only democratic country in the Middle East right? Plus I'm talking about Palestians, both Palestian Christians and Muslims don't have equal rights in Israel with their Jews Israelis. There are Jews people in Morocco, Tunisia, Iran even Lebanon and Syria, they treated them well because they are loyal to their countries and refused to immigrate to "only jews people" state – Israel. Mossad played a big role ethnic cleansing of jews people in Arab world, go read about it. Some were not loyal to their countries and played dirty with Zionism, so they were kicked out. All I'm saying is, Israel should act like a democratic country instead of just claiming to be one.

      • David

        U mis-represent everything and u have no idea what is human rights. We Jews from the oppressed Islamic Lands experienced first hand the harsh cruelty nof Islamic justice. We were treated as second-hand citizens. Our friends were killed . Heaven forbid if a Jew was killed & he complained to the courts. There is no witness to support him and he becomes the victim again. Islam is a cult of cruelty and has no use for any infidel including you. Jews were incarcerated in Iraqi prisons just for being Jews. So, your idiotic comparison makes zero sense.

        We have heard the death cries vs. the Jews to this day even on the Mavi Marmara. ""The warriors of Muhammad are coming' to kill you. Islam means surrender (or die). The prophet slayed and conquered with a bunch of thugs no different than today's barbaric leaders like Saddam, Ahmadinejad,Ghadaffi, Assaad, etc. They all follow the same sick line of their fake prophet, Muhamad.

      • MixMChess

        "So Israel should act better than those Muslims because it's the only democratic country in the Middle East right?"

        Israel already acts better than each and every Arab/Islamic country on the planet and most Western nations as well. As British Colonel Richard Kemp, stated in 2009: "I don't think there's ever been a time in the history of warfare when any army has made more efforts to reduce civilian casualties and deaths of innocent people than the IDF is doing today in Gaza."

        "Plus I'm talking about Palestians, both Palestian Christians and Muslims don't have equal rights in Israel with their Jews Israelis."

        This is an outright LIE. Arabs, Druze, Christians, Armenians, Chaldeans, Muslims and any other peoples all have equal rights guaranteed under Israeli law. Did you know that Arabs in Israel enjoy not only equal civil rights but more civil rights than in any other Arab/Islamic country in the world?

        "There are Jews people in Morocco, Tunisia, Iran even Lebanon and Syria, they treated them well because they are loyal to their countries and refused to immigrate to "only jews people" state – Israel."

        Nonsense, and how dare you make up such a blatant LIE. Jews in those countries faced pogroms, rape and violence at the hands of the local Arab populations because they were JEWS. My family fled Morocco for precisely that reason.

        "Mossad played a big role ethnic cleansing of jews people in Arab world, go read about it."

        I love when people just make up lies to defame Israel and Jews. The Arab states were the only ones who ethnically cleansed Jews from the Arab World. There are countless quotes and documents proving as such. This is where you walk away before you get made to look like the fool that you are. :-)

      • potb

        Yeah they treated the Jews very well in Tunisia, Morocco and Syria and so on. They had to pay special taxes and their testimony against Muslims was invalid in for example Syria. They were forbidden to ride a horse, forbidden to carry arms and prohibited from building and repairing places of worship. Don't even get me started on the violent attacks on Jews.

        Is this what you would call being treated very well?

  • Zafar Khan

    Your "fifth column of Jews" is what will eventually save Israel, not those who endlessly shriek persecution while continuing with violent ethnic cleansing. There are many, many more Norm Finkelsteins and more are coming. These are the true Jews, the admirable ones. You should be proud of them.

    • michiganruth

      yeah, save Jerusalem by renaming it Quds, is what you mean.

      not gonna happen. and with a new president in 2012, America will help make sure of that.

    • Guest

      You are an useful idiot , who ever you are!

    • Edward

      Don't worry zafar khan, The "holy" city of mecca and the cursed kabba will suffer the consequences of any sand nazi crime against humanity.

      Think about it on your next "hajj".

    • damon mccann

      Yes Sir,
      After the forcefull arabic ethnic "uncleansing" of all illegal setllments in 2022, Yale will know the gravity of their mistake. Dershowitz, you got to be kidding- Bush Jr. with a Hannaku.

    • MixMChess

      How is there ethnic cleansing when the Palestinian population keeps exploding exponentially? Just by discussing Palestinians you can probably claim refugee status with UNRWA. The Norm Finkelsteins are a dying a breed, his brand of Marxism and Arab Orientalism has already been swept into the dustbin of history.

  • gfgds
  • Yankele

    It would seem that "crackerjack" is a horse's patoot who hates dem Joos because his pecker is so tiny.

  • mathy

    All these ennemies of Israel have been listed by the author, but what about the Orthodox Jews? it is their interpretation of the Torah, with their radical man-made laws of observance, conversion, their lack of tolerance and their propagation of extreme right wing Zionism that that is causing the Jews in the Diaspora and Israel to seek other ways for Jews to define themselves and to retain their strong Jewish identity and Zionistic affiliations in this modern world in which we live? There are some of us who are very Jewish in identity and tradition, and who care very much about Israel, but who do not fit in all the categories listed as the ennemies of Israel.

    • Gary Aminoff

      What? You are saying that Orthodox Jews whose practice of Judaism is the authentic Jewish religion handed down for a couple of thousand years, are radical? Orthodox Jews follow halacha, Jewish tradition and religious law, so when they practice conversions or other religious observations, they do so in accordance with Jewish practices. So obviously you are someone who is not an observant Jew. You are looking for another way to "define" yourself, other than being Jewish. I don't understand your last sentence, but it seems to me that you are saying that you care very much about Israel but you oppose Jewish tradition. Am I correct or am I misreading what you are saying. I still don't understand if you are a supporter of Israel or if you oppose Israel. Your message could use some clarity.

  • Jeremy


    What drugs are you on? Maybe you should lower the dosage.

  • Maxie

    As a non-Jew I've long puzzled over the appeal of, and involvement in, global communism for Jews. I have concluded that many Jews see communism as a path to tikkun olam – repair of the world. Such a "repair" would seem to demand elimination of all sources of human conflict – a homogenization of mankind: Ideally a levelling of all cultural, economic, social, and religious asperities. Nothing left to fight about. This would have to include especially the elimination of nationalisms. Erez Israel stands as an affront to this idealistic vision of the Chomsky's of the world. All IMHO.

    • nina

      You are about 90% right, and expressed it very well.

  • PAthena

    The only "Palestinians" are the Jews. The Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to "Palestinian" in 135 A.D. after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kokba, after which "Palestine" became synonymous with "land of the Jews" or "the Holy Land" (since Jesus was a jew) and "Palestinian: became synonymous with "Jew." That is why the British were given the Palestine Mandate after World War I to be the "homeland of the Jews."
    Calling Arabs "Palestinian" is the consequence of Soviet and Egyptian phony history and propaganda – The Soviet Union and Gamal Nasser of Egypt (both haters of Jews) in Cairo in 1964 invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization" with all the phony history and propaganda about Arabs as "Palestinians." They are not and do not deserve antyhing as such, including a state.

  • Eloy

    Yet another excellent, excellent article, David!
    I would have liked more names named, though.
    I am Christian and I support Israel and the Jews with all my heart. And there are many, many more like me that do. We love and admire Israel. THAT is one of the reasons why Israel will triumph eventually. We outnumber them.

    • damon mccann

      could you put a little mouth-time on my crouch too please. Only thing Evangelist and Judais have in common is the sick first book that did not have a thing to do with Christ. Old testament is vile garbage – Ant-Christian. Yeah jesus would a been in charge of collective punishment!!???

  • damon mccann

    Don't like Obahma – Emigrate. Oh I forgott your instigated a revolt in congress by the likes of Romney – A Mormon – fairly-tale crap = like secret scroll plates and twirlin chickens.