The Multiculti Tango

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It takes two to tango, goes the cliché, a truth so evident even the cliché must blush with embarrassment for expressing it. But what is true of the tango is no less the case for the complex immigration dance in which the newcomer is expected to partner with the cultural norms and usages of his adoptive country—or, to be precise, was expected to do so before the terpsichorean disaster of multiculturalism introduced the scrum we see daily enacted before our eyes.

The successful integration of the immigrant into society demands a series of intricate, syncopated steps: he (or she, as it goes without saying) must learn the language well enough to function in the marketplace and the public square; should acquire a familiarity with at least the rudiments of the country’s history; needs to seek employment so as not to become a burden on an overextended welfare system; and must abide by his oath of loyalty and assimilate peacefully into the life of nation.

The conventional metaphor regarding optimal immigration is what is known as the “melting pot,” the paradigm developed in the United States, not the “salad bowl” model prevalent in Canada and Europe. The melting pot works, more or less; the salad bowl, with its fragmented ingredients, plainly does not. A nation composed of immiscible elements is asking for trouble. To revert to my controlling metaphor, immigrants must learn to dance chest to chest and hip to hip with the partner they have agreed to tango with.

All too often, the synergy does not “take.” Indeed, an alternative form of tango has become popular in recent years. The tango nuevo, as it’s called, provides for an open embrace which permits the “leader” to perform all manner of figures and evolutions of his choosing. Similarly, the immigration dance has become “heteronormative,” that is, the “lead” falls to the arrivalist who creates a kind of hyphenated space in order to impose the motifs he prefers on the other.

The tango nuevo is fine and dandy on a Rioplatense dance floor, but it does not belong in the multicultural ballroom. This means, of course, that there is no room for the separating hyphen in forming one’s national identity. Responding to the current events in Egypt, an Egyptian-Canadian interviewed on CBC radio affirmed, without the slightest awareness of the discrepancy, “I am proud of my country.” The question that naturally arises is: which country? For this particular individual, who has been long settled in Canada, the answer is dismayingly clear. He is not dancing to Canada’s tune, but to the exotic strains of another cultural and political world.

One recalls, too, that during the 2006 Israel/Lebanon war, the Canadian government repatriated, at taxpayer largesse, several thousand Lebanese-Canadians caught in the midst of the turmoil. After hostilities had ceased and a year or so had passed, most of these hyphenated beneficiaries of what they considered their entitlement as Canadians returned to their sunny Mediterranean billet as native Lebanese.

What we are observing in all too many cases is not a dance in which two partners agree to enact the proper steps, but a razzia, a raid by one party upon the generosity of another while retaining what amounts to an alien and often parasitical identity. Canada is especially prone to such depredations. As Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, points out, “Canada has the highest relative level of immigration in the developed world” and is, additionally, saddled with a judiciary that is soft on refugee claims. Again, this is asking for trouble, and there has been plenty of it. Our position requires excessive caution and stringent rules of admission, both in the protocols governing the reception of illegals to our shores and the vetting of legitimate applications.

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  • Rabbi Cooper

    Take a hike solway. If you don't like Canada… get the hell out. You're an extra…i.e. not needed. The vast majority of Canadians would be glad to see you and your right wing racists followers somewhere else. Suggestion… move to bonkersville USA.

    • John

      I think he does like Canada and is attempting to alert the Canadians left of a very dire situation. Canada is still a great country, but do not think it can't be taken down by those that hate it any faster than Europe has been subjected to. I used to come to Toronto all the time. It used to be a wonderful city. Now when I come into the airport, I feel like I'm in the smelly part of Pakistan. It's sad to watch the country be brought down to the lowest common denominator. And for you as a "Rabbi" (if you are even one) to be making these statements is sad. The Jews are the ones that are taking it on the chin by all of these people coming and the prejudices they bring with them. I see it everyday here where I live. You might want to consider waking up before they are at your front door and everything you value or adhere to is gone my friend.

    • aspacia

      He is entitled to his opinion without ad hominem attacks from a "rabbi." People who immigrate to another land, should be aware of the host country's social mores and history. Mom made sure I took French before traveling to France. She also explained some French customs so I could avoid being "The Ugly American."

      • davarino

        Ya, and she probably told you not to threaten the locals either, right. It goes without saying that you cant go to a foreign country and start plotting to destroy it without being the center of attention and eventually thrown out, except in Canada and Europe.

    • ziontruth

      Take a hike, fake rabbi. How do I know you're a fake? Because a rabbi's supposed to be an expert on Torah Law, including the laws of statecraft. I'm no rabbi and far from an expert, but I know the Torah's view of statecraft is anti-multicultural to the core. If I know this then a rabbi certainly should. Anyone who calls opposition to multiculturalism "right-wing racism" is not a real rabbi but a worshiper at the foot of the golden calf of Marxist ideology.

    • Satori_In_TO

      Engaging in a debate that has been going on nationally for some time is hardly a reason to tell someone to take a hike. I don't hang with fascists, and I don't know why you insist on hanging where you are unwelcome.

    • clean yes germs no

      Mr. Rabbi(d) Cooper get in touch with reality. I am of immigrant stock who adopted Canada as our home and although I am proud of my heritage I AM CANADIAN ! first and foremost. My parents came here to live, work , worship in prosperity and within the laws and customs and give us ,their children, a future to build not to suckle on the teat of government , whine and "apartheid" themselves, as too many hyphenated newcomers now do. Immigration is (was) a strength that is being abused now by too many. I used to be a Trudeau-ist ,but no more. Liberal does not mean what it used to, to me anyway. Get out from your small, very small, foggy rarefied circle of insulated "liberals" and start to really listen to people instead spewing knee jerk pol/correct tripe and preaching to your converted.

    • C.B.Harder

      What kind of' 'ridiculous and reactive' response is this.Wake up 'Rabbi' and smell the 'Kofi'!

    • Matthew Chase

      This is depressing, coming from someone calling themself "Rabbi." I am an Orthodox Jew and, though not Canadian, married to a Canadian and spend a good deal of time there.

      What on Earth did the author say that was "right wing racist"? He eloquently described a major problem with the fad of multiculturalism. My grandparents came through Ellis Island and assimilated. We speak English as our first language, yet learn Hebrew. We celebrate American holidays of Thanksgiving and the like (though not Christmas of course, national holiday though it may be), yet retain our cultural and religious identity. Yes, we retain that while not hyphenating our identity. I am not Jewish-American. I am American.

      Those he spoke of, quite obviously the Muslims, seek no sort of identity as American or Canadian. They seek to turn our countries into the 10th century hellholes they came from. THose who truly assimilate, be welcome and prosper. The vast majority who do not (as poll after poll proves), take a hike.

      This is not racist, nor unfounded bias. It is though discriminatory. Discrimination is not a four-letter word. We all discriminate, every day, all the time. Our laws of immigration and nationalization discriminate in countless ways. They should, though, further discriminate against those who can not, will not, and have no intention of, ever assimilating, adopting our ways, or giving up their desire for a nation run under the barbarism that is Shariah.

      This is not racism. It is realism. And it is the antithesis of the national-suicide mentality of the Left.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        I don't think he is a Rabbi. I think he is actually a barrelmaker who can't spell "rabid."

    • tagalog

      I'm glad to hear you say "Canada – Love It or Leave It." It makes me feel much more justified in saying the same thing to those whose politics causes them to hate the U.S.A.

    • Karl Stein

      The person who signed Rabbi Cooper is obviously a phony. The statement was his personal leftist opinion. A real rabbi would not have used that title for a very directed personal opinion. The person who uses that title in this comment defames all Jews. He should have just said Comrade Cooper. I am an observant Jew and I agree with Soloway.

  • al-Kidya

    Send all new immigrants north to Canada's gulag.

  • Fred Dawes

    All of the ideas of so called multiculti orders are totally insane, it come's down TO the end game which One will rule over that country, and yes it is a dance but of death for one cultural order over the other.
    The USA And Canada are built on ideals of right and Laws the people now coming to both counties want to remake both counties into the shadow of that place that the person has come from making immigration pointless because the immigrate has remade a nation into the same place and ideals he or she came to get away from, so if you look at mass immigration it is nothing but away that mass multicuituralism can rule over others for the same reason that person wanted to get away from.

    all cultural ideals want one thing to rule over others its about ruling meaning mass Invasion and the total dance of death of the ideals of both counties, read " they must be stopped", and understand one fact population is a weapon of WMD.

  • John

    I'm surprised by some of the posts here. It's almost as though you didn't read the article but already have the very same agenda the man is speaking against. Here in AMERICA, we have a similar problem. Just to give an example: America has only two things that unite us, language and money. There are communities that are completely immersed in their native language without any effort whatsoever to learn the language or adhere to the customs of the nation they now live in. And I've come to the opinion that if they want to only work at McDonalds, Taco Bell or only live our overtaxed welfare system for the remainder of their lives, OK. You're probably not going to go very far. But don't complain that you're not getting your "fair" share of the American dream because you only want it and are simply unwilling to put in the time and effort to make it happen. You have no blood in the ground, so to speak. For these people, I have very little if any sympathy.

    • aspacia

      How pathetic to believe we are only united in language and money? How about laws, especially the Constitution.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      "There are communities that are completely immersed in their native language without any effort whatsoever to learn the language or adhere to the customs of the nation they now live in."

      You're talking about Ebonics here, right?

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Poignant and literate, David. But your understandable desire to avoid banishment from polite society prevents you from taking your thesis to its logical conclusion.

    We're all aware of the ugly reality that there is essentially one and ONLY one group of immigrants who are loathe to integrate. Ahhh, but making such a distinction is discriminatory. As such, even a conservative stalwart like David Solway dare not make it.

    OK, I'll say it for you…Multiculturalism is a failure for ONE reason: Because MUSLIM traditions and values are antithetical to our own. This is not true of any other group. Hence, the necessity of TARGETED immigration restrictions.

    But how can we discriminate without discriminating? There ARE ways, believe it or not. We could refuse immigrants from countries that codify gender and religious discrimination, making exception only for the victims (such as Christians, Jews, Bahai and others who face institutionalized persecution in the Muslim world).

    And what would result? We'd have a more seamless, homogeneous society here at home…and hell, as an ancillary benefit, we might actually give the Muslim realm some inducement to join the modern world and end their sordid history of gender and religious supremacism. Or does that make too much sense?

    • Satori_In_TO

      I can't disagree with a thing you have written. I have expressed the same sentiments hither, thither and yon.

    • Ralph

      "We're all aware of the ugly reality that there is essentially one and ONLY one group of immigrants who are loathe to integrate."

      Wrong. Muslims are only the most blatant example. Try going through Mexican or Indian or Vietnamese or Haitian or whatever neighborhoods and see how much assimilation is taking place. Only some in the higher economic classes and virtually NONE in the lower classes, who make up the bulk of immigrants to the entire West.

      This is what galls me the most about these discussions on immigration. They quickly devolve into the theoretical without, in so many cases, any evidence of having experienced the thing first-hand. I noticed that it is people who are removed from it all who ask questions like "But how can we discriminate without discriminating?" and then come up with Procrustean schemes to make it work, somehow. It's quite another to live in a quiet middle-class neighborhood and see it transformed and suddenly be unwelcome in the place you were born and actually have your life and family in danger (Direct quote from one of my new 'neighbors' (to his friend) "Don't worry. We get rid of the white people and then we do what we want". They were not Muslim.)

      This is a problem with the entire third world. Except in tiny and selected numbers they have no place in western societies. Experience has proven that and no amount of wishful thinking will alter the inevitable outcome: the destruction of the West.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        How presumptuous of you to suggest I have no real-world experience in the realm of immigrants. My wife is an immigrant from another culture. Many of my friends are. I'm far closer to it than you'll ever be. And I submit, there are no barriers to successful integration of ANY immigrant group on cultural grounds except Muslims, save for the issue of language.

        East Asians, Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Latin Americans, are all hard-working, eager to advance, and assimilate with relative ease. The only problem with Latins is their concentrated numbers; some regions of America are so thoroughly inundated that there is no incentive for the newcomers to learn English. I concede this is problematic, but only on linguistic grounds, not in terms of ethics and values. The other concern about Latins is their propensity to vote Democratic…but the writing is on the wall, America will be a Latin-majority nation sometime later this century. It behooves us on the Right to reach out to them and identify the many areas of commonality we have, specifically our respective commitments to the values of family and small business.

        As for your ugly, across-the-board disdain for "the entire third world", I'll refrain from calling a spade a spade in the interests of comity, but the implication is clear for one and all.

        • Ralph

          My "ugly, across-the-board disdain for "the entire third world" is nothing compared to the abuse that millions of us have endured at the hands of your pets. Do you want to know what the barriers are to succesful integration? They are the immigrants themselves. And it's people like you who present such low barriers to their entry and such low expectations of their behavior.

          "…there is no incentive for the newcomers to learn English. I concede this is problematic, but only on linguistic grounds, not in terms of ethics and values."

          This quote alone proves to me you do not know what you are talking about. If third worlders are ALL so hard working why is it that they create sprawling slums wherever they go? Why do they disproportionally go on welfare? why do they so easily engage in meaningless populist uprisings which replace one barbaric strong man or ruling elite with another, with nothing changing? I would say that they as a population, exceptions notwithstanding, do not have the "ethics and values" to create their own high culture or assimilate into another one. This is the REAL experience of millions of Westerner who find them in our midst.

          My guess is that you, your wife and her friends are all professional class (not many working people read FPM). I come from the construction industry and was forced out by firms who hired barely competent hispanics at half the wages. I did well by switching to high-end cabinetry and architectural modelmaking but so many of my former American employees were not so lucky. My new 'neighbors' trashed my once beautiful neighborhood like you would not believe. We couldn't make friends with them because we were "dee white peepol" How's that for an entry barrier. There is so much more we can talk about but no space here. My opinion of your experience stands. Get off your moral high horse.

          • Chezwick_Mac

            Get off MY moral high horse…?!

            You consign 5 billion people to being culturally backwards and without values because of their point of origin. Talk about a high horse!

            You first mistakenly presume I know nothing of immigrants, then upon learning otherwise, you presume I'm of the "professional class". You can't get ANYTHING right, can you?

            My origins are working class, I spent 20 years climbing ladders and getting my hands dirty. I worked closely with Hispanics and found most of them to be hard-working, self-reliant…and not the LEAST bit racist.

            Perhaps you're projecting onto them your own prejudicial inclinations?

          • Nick Shaw

            You know Ralph, I had some sympathy for your argument until this, (not many working people read FPM) and I thought that statement to be pretty darn haughty. Perhaps this is the kind of guy that yells, "get off my lawn" to the neighbour kids, I wondered, maybe that's why he can't make friends. What a difference a couple of words can make.

          • Jim_C

            "Destruction of the West?" Ralph, you're an ass, no different than any ass from previous generations who thought the Irish, Italians, Asians, etc. were uncivilized, dangerous slum trash out to destroy "our" way of life.

  • Ray Czar

    Hey all you immigrants out there. This is a “melting pot” we all blend into
    the American culture. We all assimilate. Our diversity is subordinate to the “melting pot.” We are not here to make special accomodations for every ethnicity on the
    planet. The”melting pot “has been one of Americas greatest strengths!

    Retain your proud ethnicity, embrace it, but don’t shove it down our throats!
    Don’t tell the rest of us, who have our own particular ethnic ways, that we
    need to conform to yours! Don’t use our freedoms to try and destroy us.

    Our freedoms have worked for over 200 years, and made America a happy and safe
    place to live. I don’t see a flood of immigrants trying to sneak into the country
    you have left behind.

    So if you are here legally, your welcome, enjoy your freedom and defend it.
    If you want to change us into your failed image, please do us all a
    favor and get the hell out! Our freedom cost us a price in human lives
    and we are not about to roll over and play dead.

  • tanstaafl

    We are united due to our faith in freedom, not by money and language. Muslims are not free, they are all slaves of Allah and his representatives on Earth.

  • pennswoods

    Canada has two distinct cultures living side by side for over 250 years: one is Quebec and is French speaking and the other is the rest of Canada which is English speaking. At least twice in the past 40 years Canada has come dangerously close to splitting and becoming two nations. The separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada is a fact which looms over that country as Quebec becomes even more nationalistic, insulated, and self centered. The so called "Rabbi" who took his arrogant swipes at "bonkersville USA" better hope the vast flood of Muslims into Canada, especially into Quebec, don't become a large minority in his country in this century and turn Canada into another "bonkersville" like Lebanon. I'm sure he knows that the province of Quebec, which has had a low birth rate since the 1960's, is atcually begging French speaking Muslims from the 3rd world to come to live in their province. In the future as Islam gradually takes over Canada and becomes a major political force, and if Islamic Jihad destroys Israel, I think the USA will look quite appealing to people of "Rabbi's" liberal, left wing, ilk.

    • Horizon3

      When the Canadians let Quebec force multiculturalism on the rest of the country, is when it started going down hill. You cannot have a cohesive country with multiple mandated languages, It simply will not work. Aside from the expenses involved in double printing everything from food labels to road signs, it tends to isolate communities into enclaves of different cultures, with different politics and ideals that are far outside of the mainstream. Which is why Europe has always been a hotbed of revolution, they cannot form a cohesive community with 100s of different cultures and languages, hence the EU is destined to fail because none of the member nations want to give up their stubborn weakness', heck they can't even decide on what language to speak when hey have official meetings.

      The same thing is happening here in the US, and it must stop, and soon.
      In the Classical sense, when people from other countries immigrate to yours, bring their cultures and laws and languages, then insist they be incorporated over the existing system, it's not immigration, it's an invasion and an occupation.

      • Nick Shaw

        You know of what you speak, Horizon. It is an unbelievable maze of regulations one has to navigate to appease the dual language laws when you try to sell any product in Canada. Not to mention the number of pissed off English speakers that realize they are paying for bi-lingual road signs when there isn't a French speaker in a thousand miles. Build the wall first then cut Quebec loose I've always said.

      • pennswoods

        I agree 100%. In 1782 Congress, looking into the future and seeing the newly created United Statesexspanding westward and settled by immigrants from many lands, wisely adopted the slogan "E pluribus unum" ("from many one") as the motto for the Seal of The United States of America. During the Clinton era I read that Al Gore spoke before a crowd of Hispanics and he had the gall to say that "E pluribus unum" meant "from ONE many". I think he made a deliberate misquote to please his audience. The press was silent on that one. You are correct about the EU. Sooner or later the EU will have to select one language as the language of their united Europe in order that the EU can function efficiently. Then we shall see the sparks fly.

  • USMCSniper

    Acquiring Canadian citizenship requires a loyalty oath – literally. For immigrant Canadians, it goes:

    "I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen."

    There is no doubt many federally-funded multiculti lobby groups demonstrate open contempt for citizenship and allegiance. The Globe & Mail takes it as read that "citizenship" should be meaningless – a mere bagatelle one can define as one wishes. If you're born a Canadian citizen, that's just the lottery of life. But, if you come seeking it from the other side of the world as a discretionary gift of the Canadian state, a "loyalty oath" would seem to be the minimum Canada is entitled to ask.

  • Lisa_H

    It's all about political correctness. To even refer to someone as 'the black guy" or 'Chinese" in order to describe or point out someone is considered racist ("white guy" or, say, German seems to be ok). To protest an unacceptable habit that an immignrant group may have bought with them (such as spitting in the swimming pool) is seen as bigoted. That is why Muslims have so much traction in the name of tolerance.

  • Jim D

    What boring, self-flattering, naseatingly flowery tripe.
    Didn't Canada make the mistake of letting the French hang around some time back?
    This idiot thinks he's freakin' Voltaire.
    Try this on Dude.
    The Canadians like the US have become Poli-Co loons and opened up the whole of North America like Troy to the Greek's horsey and surprise surpise here come's the enemy and whoops there goes another great civilization.
    There. Wasn't that a lot easier?

    • Friisax

      The French made only one "mistake", not slaughtering the English at the Plains of Abraham! Your "Anglo-Saxon" (which by itself is a lie, you are neither Angel, nor Sachs) haughtiness is only the entrance to the hell awaiting you!

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Canada would indeed be a glittering jewel in the crown of creation if they could only rid themselves of those dratted Frenchies.

  • ziontruth

    There seems to be confusion owing to three factors in modern state politics that muddy the waters: 1) The question of race; 2) the question of national exclusivism; 3) the question of Islam.

    What follows is naturally my opinion only, but I think it might help. As far as the question of race goes, I think it depends how a nation defines itself. For example, the Jewish nation and I believe also the American nation do not define themselves according to race, so anti-multiculturalism shouldn't mean exclusion on the basis of race in their cases.

    However, even where a nation defines itself by race, race is only a prerequisite, not a sufficient requirement. For example, English nationalists might argue a non-white can't be an English national, but being white by itself doesn't an English national make–the opposition to Polish immigrants is just as strong as to "Asians," even though the Poles are all white. Clearly, even where race is involved in national identity, it is never sufficient by itself.

    I'm totally for self-determination; therefore, I think the definition of a nation is up to the nation itself. I don't know and I don't care how a nation is defined. But I know that, no matter how it is defined, it is the widest that a group of people can stretch and still remain a unit. Above the level of a nation, cohesion is impossible, and all attempts at it have led to averse, often disastrous, results. That is why multiculturalism should be opposed by anyone who wishes horrors as those seen in the breakup of Yugoslavia or in the Lebanese Civil War (1975-90) to be prevented.

    "As safe as houses," "Home is where the heart is," go the phrases. No matter what way a nation is defined, the state should be its home; where its members feel safe and welcomed and in charge of themselves. Of course, that also means a nation can't drop its economic woes onto others. Responsibility, in other words. True self-determination means both safety within the nation-state and taking responsibility to solve your nation's problems within your state.

    As for Islam, I think there's little to no debate here: Islam is imperialism, and imperialist armies have no place in any nation-state. This is so even without multiculturalism entering the fray. But multiculturalism gives an easy opening to Islamic invasion, and therefore needs to be rejected from that point of view also.

  • al Kidya

    Don't take it so literally.
    I meant the tundra, not Canada as a whole.
    I live in Canada but I live inthe south. I know what the northern wasteland is like and I just thought it would be a great place to send Islamists because the only ones to bother with their street preaching and prostrations would be the cariboo and muskox.
    I didn't mean to offend…only joking.

  • Jim_C

    I get the divisiveness-of-the-hyphen thing. Well, not a lot of European-descended people use the hyphenation (unless they are being sort of uppity) because, well, they're white people. I'm gonna assume you're not German until I hear a German accent. On the other hand, I can't begrudge some people from hyphenating because they WANT to claim American identity and not be mistaken for non-natives ("Chinese-American," "Mexican-American.")

    Now I never understood what was wrong with "black," (the term I continue to use), but if someone insists on being called "African-American" it's no skin off my nose–just a lot of syllables. They didn't exactly immigrate here, after all…

    • Nick Shaw

      Sorry Jim, that doesn't wash with me. If you live in America and desire to be an American there is nothing wrong with saying you are American. If you have an accent and a questioner says, "Come on, you can't be an American with that accent." the proper response would be, "I come from ——- but I am an American now!". Exactly what I do in my adopted country. One cannot be hyphenated and be loyal or, at least, be perceived to be loyal to your new country. To me, that's simply self administered apartness. That's my opinion anyway.

  • Amused

    Multi-culturism has failed , even the leaders of Germany , U.K. , Australia , France , Norway , Sweden ,and now finally Canada , have publicly said as much . . And the commonality in all of those countries , is the ONE culture that REFUSES not only to assimulate but outright reject their hosts culture , traditions and laws ….demanding that their own culture trumps all else . And that ONE culture is – lol….CONNECT THE DOTS >

  • Jim_C

    At least in the US, once you get a first-generation American (child of an immigrant), that individual identifies willingly as an American first. (Yes, that includes Muslims).

    Part of the problem in Europe is the neither-here-nor-there status of "guest workers" (cheap labor). USA's very nature is understood to be a nation of immigrants, democratic to the bone. That actually motivates immigrants to assimilate. Europe has a lot more ethnic homogeneity, centuries of undemocratic historical residue, smaller spaces.

  • Amused

    Multi-culturism works , in most countries ,all immigrants gladly adopt the way of life they have CHOSEN to join . They do not rail against their new host country , nor plot or desire it's demise .That is all , EXCEPT as it applies to ——- fill in the blank .

  • Edward

    When a man wants to commit suicide he buys a gun; when a nation wants to commit suicide, it buys into multiculturalism.

  • crackerjack

    The US was founded on multiculti and is the multiculti superpower of the globe. Why is what made the US great bad for Canade and Europe?

  • tpaull

    I may be wrong, but I suspect that the Rabbi Cooper in question is this man, associated with this Reform synagogue in the UK:
    Here's his blog:
    He's a member of the anti-semitic group 'Independent Jewish Voices', where 'Jewish' is to be taken ironically (if at all). It seems he's also a well known on the Guardian's blog 'Comment is Free', which seems to attract loons like him. Here is another link describing his literary activities:

    Enjoy kiddie! And thank you David for another artticle that is right on target (oops, am I allowed to say 'target' anymore?)

    • Helge

      Try to go to any third world country these "immigrants" come from, and demand free housing, food, health insurance. The'll roll over the floor laughing at your stupidity. Go look around in these countries, why do you think they are what they are, because of RACE. They cannot create, they are NOT honest, they lie and cheat. This attitude they bring to our countries. "Congratulations", we shall end op third word also. Canada needs only WHITE immigrants. Of course uou'all faal over me, because you are all Politically Correct brainwashed and persecuted. But what I wrote, you'll see that is correct, you will see it to your detriment, when it is too late!

  • lottery post

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