The Necessity of Israel

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And yet it may justifiably be claimed that Israel is one of the most necessary countries in the world. It is, to begin with, a haven for the Jewish people from the world’s ancient antipathy—at any rate, as much of a haven as is possible in a region riven by hate and bristling with missiles. It is a testimony to the sense of historical continuity and cultural memory in an age of temporal dissipation. It is a sign of what is possible when a people gathers together and pools its intelligence, courage, obstinacy and talent to create a vibrant pluralist democracy in the midst of ignorance and barbarism. It is the source of innumerable technological, medical and agricultural discoveries and inventions that have immeasurably benefitted the world at large. It is also an object lesson in how to manage a robust economy, running an engine with almost no lull in the output curve. And it is, of course, the spearhead of the democratic West in the war against Islamic terror, receiving and resisting the brunt of the theo-imperialist onslaught against Western institutions, interests and, indeed, its long-term survival.

Those who study the history of civilization and who are disturbed or fascinated by the threatening specter of decline exhibited by our own will find Israel important for another reason. As I contended in The Big Lie, it is difficult to repress the suspicion that ominous forces are working toward our unhappiness and possibly our cultural demise. And I would hazard that many people in the ordinary walks of life are troubled by an inchoate premonition that something has gone terribly wrong with the culture, governed by a political elite without convictions and educated by an academic elite without scruples.

In this context of doubt and apprehension, Israel is necessary because it will tell us who and what we are, that is, assuming we are interested in recognizing our own features. It constitutes a catechism for the West, a trial of values and a test of honor and principle—a test which the West appears to be failing. For the cherubs of political correctness and the fantasists among the intelligentsia cannot abide what Israel ideally exemplifies: the belief in justice and truth, the commitment to a genuine historic purpose and the virtue of unapologetic self-affirmation.

This is not to suggest that Israel is without blemish or that it has not been partially infected by the Western proneness to false hope and political myopia—the Oslo travesty, the disengagement from Gaza and the “peace process” mirage are examples of such lapses, among others. And like any nation on the planet, it has its share of gonifs, opportunists and sell-outs. There is no exemption from the human stain. Nonetheless, there can be no denying that since its founding it has embodied an ideal of heroism, determination, enterprise and spirit rare, if not unprecedented, in both its intensity and concentration. In this respect it is like no other nation on earth.

For this reason, the narrow slip of land between the Jordan River, the Judean hills and the Mediterranean is a kind of litmus strip for the civilization of which it is an intrinsic yet disparate part, to ascertain whether that civilization is viable or deficient, strong or weak, resilient or bankrupt, capable of integrity or inwardly corroded by spiritual indifference and intellectual corruption. In other words, the way in which the West responds to Israel and its ongoing predicaments serves as an infallible indication of civilizational vitality or irremediable decay.

This small nation of six million Jewish citizens—the same number as those who were lost in the unthinkable infamy of the Shoah—demonstrates, for all its flaws, the pluck and vigor, the energy, fortitude and tenacity, that seem at present to be in short supply among the major occidental powers. It is a country that should be celebrated, not condemned; it represents a model we should be shooting for, not shooting at. For in the last analysis, Israel provides an image of the possible while at the same time serving as a touchstone of the real.

Regrettably, we find here perhaps the chief grievance of the Western world, or of those who formulate policy and doctrine and those who climb aboard for the ride, against its tiny outrider in the Middle East. Deep down, at the barometric levels of self-suspicion, an intuition festers. The West knows it is being judged. And it cannot forgive its arbiter.

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  • Frederic

    great, excellent article and analyse !

  • Carolyn

    Excellent! A bullseye.

  • ImaFreeAmerican

    America and Israel are the only two countries I'd fight and die for. Europe….I wonder when they will grow tired of the muslims and start deporting them after a brief mini war. These leaders know that they have a problem but have not yet decided what action to take. It's easy, start ridding the countries and bring back a Europe that people want to come to.
    Israel has some of the brightest people and they are a peaceful country with the exception of the muslims. They have to stay on guard because of them. They also have some of the richest history in the world. The biggest reason to want to fight for it is Jesus Christ was born in the country and will return to it. God's country simple as that.

  • ziontruth

    I prefer even neutrality or apathy with regard to Israel than the current penchant for appeasing the Muslims on Israel's expense, and the outrageous intervention in a sovereign nation-state's affairs by telling it how much and where it may build on its own land. A thousand "I don't care about Israel" statements and not one "The road to global peace runs through Jerusalem."

    Appeasement of the Muslim on Israel's expense is the height of unthinking, and of ignorance of history. These criminals who call for forcing Israel to concede what little it has to the possessors of so much are in abject ignorance of historical lessons such as that of Byzantium, whose demise in 1453 did not prompt the Ottoman Turks to lay down their arms and be content with Anatolia and the south of the Balkans. On the contrary, it only emboldened them to be more vigorous in their conquests.

    No good could ever come out of strong-arming Israel. Everyone must acknowledge this fact, even if they don't like the Jewish state. It is futile to try to address the daily flow of contrived grievances cooked up by those who can't stand even a bunch of mediocre cartoons. If you want safety from them, then the only human solution is the same as for Israel: Expel them all from your midst. The road to peace does not run through Jerusalem; it begins and ends on your own turf.

    • Jim_C

      Really good post.

  • Ariely

    The so called human rights protectors- don't protect 21 century vales!

    They support movements that fight against all the values they pretend to defend.
    They are silent when Islamists are denying:
    Women equality–human rights–religious freedom–democracy
    However they are practicing:
    Kill people that condemd Islamist values-hate teaching in schools and children garden–genocide preaching in Mosques and TV—indiscriminately targeting civilians—chasing Christians-slavery in Sudan and Golf states
    And don’t blame:
    1:Muslim brotherhood speech saying:
    'Hitler didn’t finish the jog—The Muslims will finish the job"
    2:Hamas charter:
    The day of judgment will not come until Moslems fight killing the Jews.
    The stones and trees will say O MOSLEM, THERE IS A JEW BEHIND ME, KILL HIM
    3: "Hiding among civilians prevents armies with western values the ability to fight. We impose a new non conventional equation in wars"
    Said by Hamas leader Khalid Mash'al on Al-Jazeera.

  • Ariely

    The so called human rights protectors- don't protect 21 century vales!
    They should support the following values.
    *will promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants;
    *will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets;
    *will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of race, creed or sex;
    * will guarantee full freedom of conscience, worship, education and culture;
    * will safeguard the sanctity and inviolability of the shrines and Holy Places of all religions
    Those are the defending Israel values and practice based on the independence declaration:
    Despite non stop wars, terror attacks, boycodes and dehumanization Israel has to phase for more than 65 years –Israel follows those guidlines.

  • Johann

    Excellent, 100% on target ! Political Correctness is a pestilence we can do without. but we need Israel as an example of what courage, determination, hard work and the will to live are capable of.

  • steven l

    It is as if the West (Christians & seculars) could get rid of its guilt by allowing the ELIMINATION of Israel and the Jews.

    The Romans crucified Jesus. Not the Jews.

    Imagine if Israel was at peace.

  • stern

    Ha ha Thanks for the laugh, mcccccaaaccca.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Question: Why Israel?

    Answer: Jihad and dhimmitude.

    The rise of antisemitism in the West correlates to a wider process of Islamization. When one notices the proliferation of Muslims and their mosques throughout the West, this is only the physical embodiment of the process. The cultural facet is more insidious, but can be readily found in our schools, textbooks, universities, newsrooms, and political discourse ("Islam is peace", "Islamophobia", etc).

    Such a pathology won't disappear if Israel does, it will just be redirected at other impediments to the Islamic agenda, including the US Constitution. To sum up, the new antisemitism is NOT indigenous to the West, it is an Islamic import that the West is mainstreaming…just like so many other facets of Islam.

  • Alaskat

    Israel is a land bought and paid for. How come nobody mentions that fact? How come nobody offers to pay for the land being stolen?