How Billionaire George Gund III Funds Jew-Hate

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The phenomenon of leftist billionaires funding anti-capitalist activism seems on the surface to be a contradiction.  How could those who should understand the way individual freedom and initiative creates wealth with the power to do good seek the destruction of the system that produces this wealth? The answer is a complex one, although for those who inherited wealth, rather than making their own fortune, guilt clearly plays a role. This seems to be the case with billionaire former sports mogul George Gund III.  He used to own the San Jose Sharks and Cleveland Cavaliers. Today he’s the co-founder of two foundations which provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of radical causes.

In a rare public interview, Gund has commented on his admiration for those who led lives that challenged the established cultural order, like Zen artists. This affinity for the “outsider” has driven Gund to bankroll the films and activism of Iara Lee, his Korean-Brazilian wife 27 years his junior. Since 2003, Lee has globe-hopped throughout the Middle East, filming sequences for a documentary she and Gund released this spring as “Cultures of Resistance.” Last year she rose to prominence after releasing footage she shot on the Mavi Marmara during a clash between jihadist IHH activists and Israeli commandos during the “flotilla” confrontation.

In spite of their supposed sympathy for outsiders, the couple chooses to focus most of their activist money against the most tolerant Middle Eastern state. Israel is their primary target. The couple is completely  indifferent to the reality that the rights of gays, women and religious minorities are protected more diligently in this supposedly “apartheid” state than in Hamas-controlled Gaza. Thus, the Iara Lee and George Gund III Foundation (ILGGF) (founded 2004) and the Caipirinha Foundation (founded 2006) have funneled more than half a million dollars to activist groups committed to demonizing Israel and supporting Hamas.

The most troubling of Lee and Gund’s anti-Israel donations has been the Caipirinha Foundation’s grant to the The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) which sponsors flotillas that seek to disrupt Israel’s military blockade of Gaza. The IHH also has ties to Hamas, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a fact which prevented the IHH from participating in the next flotilla scheduled for the end of this month. Lee has defended the IHH in a video and blog post at The Huffington Post.

The dollar amount of Caipirinha’s grant is not yet available. The donation was likely made in 2010 as it does not appear on the organization’s 2007, 2008, or 2009 records. Caipirinha used the Zakat Foundation of America as a “fiscal sponsor.—that is, as a non-profit intermediary to funnel tax-exempt donations to another organization that’s too openly radical to qualify for 501©3 status, the progressive non-profit world’s version of money laundering.

In 2009 the ILGGF gave $50,000 to Human Rights Watch (HRW), a George Soros-sponsored non-profit which disproportionately targets its Human Rights concerns on Israel. In both 2008 and 2007 the ILGGF made donations of $60,000 to HRW, making their three-year total $170,000.

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  • Amused

    Isn't contributing to a terrorist organization against US Law ? Prosecute !

    • Attila the hun

      Excellent point. Those people must be defeated by any legal means necessary. If the government won't do it. Let's sue them until they bankrupt for good.

    • DavidSwindle

      They don't contribute directly to the IHH and the IHH isn't regarded as a terrorist organization. It just has terrorist connections. They used the Zakat Foundation as the "fiscal sponsor" of their grant to the IHH.

  • paddydonovan

    Isn't that a pic of Baron Harkonnen?

  • StephenD

    Groups such as these are not even relevant since Hamas is now part of the governing body of the "Palestinians" and we ~ you and I through our tax dollars, continue to give aid to them. If anyone should be prosecuted as Amused suggests it ought to be this Administration! Stop all aid now. Support Israel only. When others see this maybe the incentive to live like humans will compel them into changing their ways. If not, at least we didn't waste our money.

  • LibertyMan

    Even in the 'ol Soviet Union there were good Communist Millionaires that lived the good life. Bribes go further in a corrupt socialist regime. Even further then a Semi-socialist country like the USA is today.

    Back when this more of a capital nation, wealth was more transient. In other words, the rich do get richer in a socialist nation, and the capitalist to maintain his or her wealth has to keep on working.

  • Questions

    I always wondered who the Gund Arena in downtown Cleveland was named after. Now I know. Can't we rename it the Drew Carey Arena?

  • Reneeca

    Why are these people who because of our Capitalistic system made their wealth, so willing to try and bring this country down? American Jews in this country are the same way it seems. It is almost like they have a guilt conscience because they have so much and perhaps had to step on a few toes along the way with bad practices that bring them shame! But it is more than this simplistic answer. Perhaps they want to be even bigger in a New World elitist plan of things.

  • DavidSwindle

    The Gunds were all born into their wealth. George Gund Jr. was a very successful investor and entrepreneur.

  • palidin48

    Gunds is just like the people filled Madison Square Garden in the early thirty's in support of the Nazis.

  • yrd4soundingoff

    Gordon Gund owned the Cavaliers. He has retinitis pigmentosa and would come to the games in Cleveland all of the time. He is NOT THIS MAN YOU ARE REPORTING ABOUT!!
    George Gund III is his brother!! He never owned a stake in the Cavs or Sharks!

    Please Please Please Frontpage, don't start to get sloppy!!!!

    • DavidSwindle

      That's not true at all according to the sources cited in my article. George Gund III was the majority owner of the Sharks and the minority owner of the Cavs.

      • yrd4soundingoff

        MINORITY owner of the Cavs! Your article implies the evil Brother George was the sole owner. Gordon Gund was the majority owner and face of the Cavs. George may have invested in the Cavs but he was never a Cavs public figure. You placed the Cavs front and center of your article because you thought more people would be appalled by a former NBA owner acting in this fashion than a former NHL owner! Don't get sloppy with your facts just for sensation! You are too good a news source to stoop to those levels.Sent from my iPhone

  • yrd4soundingoff

    Gordon Gund was principle owner of the Cavaliers. Please don't make the mistake of implying that this Gund was the principle owner of the Cavs and Sharks. He may have been involved because of his family's money but he had little to do with the Cavs!!

  • Michael J. Kubat

    One possible explanation is that really rich people who give to radical causes think that their philantropy will make them invulnerable should any new and radical regime really take root. Instead of being dispossessed and sent to a reeducation/labor camp, they'll be feted as one of the founding fathers.

    In my experience, this may happen to a select few, while most of them will go the dispossession route once their usefulness had ended. There are many labels for these enemies of the new state: usurers, capitalists, exploiters of the masses, whatever. Good luck to them.

  • sky

    what is the punishment for treason,the federalist papers drkatesview right side column

  • Portugal

    The jews are the scum of the earth! They don't deserve anything and have destroyed this world.

  • cindi

    yet the dumb liberal Jews still vote democrat lol

    • Steve

      Because the last time the Republican party stood for anything resembling Tikun Olam was in 1865.

  • notobama

    God blesses those and countries that bless israel, and curses those that curse israel! notice those countries that don't have toilet paper and are cursed to this day and those that are heading that way! like the bible says! the bible words were written many centuries before other books by god, the way he wanted it written and god got it right the very first time, so don't call god dumb as they are in effect doing! there is a curse in the last verses in the bible for anyone that adds to or takes away from the bible any words, like they are in effect doing and leading many not of by god's word! i really wouldn't want to be them and instead prefer the peace god can give!

  • MTZtelluride

    I suppose George Soros is an anti-semite too! I've known George Gund for 30 years and he is no more an anti-semite than I am, and I'm a Jew.