The Unraveling Middle East, Part III

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[Editor’s note: the following is the last installment of a three-part series. Click the following to read Part I and Part II.]

It is the near future. The Middle East has been shaken by violent upheaval. A bloody stalemate takes hold in Libya. A power struggle has developed in Egypt between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood, which has increased pressure in Jordan. The same is true in Yemen. Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait and Oman have also seen growing unrest, with violent clashes. Egypt’s chaos has led to Hamas effectively controlling the Sinai, deploying guerrillas and rockets on Israel’s vulnerable Negev border. Tensions are high in Korea, while socialist Venezuela, faced with serious domestic troubles and buoyed by its alliance with Iran, is taking an aggressive stand against the U.S. These developments have had a debilitating effect on global markets. Oil is over $100 a barrel, while commodity prices have soared in the Middle East, stoking the upheaval.

For Iran, this growing crisis provides both danger and opportunity. The danger comes from growing unrest within, as the pro-democracy movement increasingly challenges the Mullahocracy. The opportunity comes from the developing global situation. Israel is effectively surrounded, with the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank forming a unity government with Hamas and Jordan unstable. With interests in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America under threat amidst growing economic turmoil, the U.S. global position is highly vulnerable. By contrast, Iran’s position has strengthened. With a naval base on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, unopposed transit for its warships through the Suez Canal and establishment of a missile base in Venezuela, Teheran has increased its military reach considerably.

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  • zain rizvi

    very hypothetical scenario but with some very interesting and probably upcoming future events.

  • zain

    Iran will never get involved in any direct conflict with Persian Gulf states unless it will effectively neutralize or destroy the western attack capabilities in the region. Till then Iran will support internal uprisings like now to further destabilize these unpopular regimes in neighboring countries.

    • DOV

      The terror Masters must be stopped. The US and Brits need to send 500 Tomahawks into this hellish regime and light up the city of QOM and eradicate these twisted devils.

  • geez

    However it plays out in the Middle East you can bet there will be two common uniting goals among the Arabs. The extermination of all Jews, and the destruction of the free world. Even with the help of China and Russia the Jewish Nation will stand. If we don't get on our knee's to God and vote the Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House, I'm not so sure about the West.

  • Jefferey

    So much fear mongering written in so few lines !!

  • Arius

    Fear mongering? Anyone, even an idiot should be able to see that multiple regional wars will erupt in the near future. It's easy to bury your head in the ground to avoid the unpleasant obvious trends.

  • Lightning Jack

    Israel is estimated to have over 230 tactical nuclear weapons, and if not careful, Iran just may find its nuclear ambitions fulfilled one day soon when the atmosphere over Tehran reaches 5,000 degrees centigrade.

    As for the "bad boy" camel jockeys of Hizbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood riding tall in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, well…as Dirty Harry would say, "Do you feel lucky?"

    • jean

      do you mean you advise Israel to use nuclear weapons against Iran and the Arabs?do you think that if Israel is committing the greatest genocide in history, the world will stand idly by?

      • jean

        your post is scary, I understand why Iran is seeking nuclear capacity if we had a neighbor that nuclear threats as you, so I support iran

        • adam

          i would remind you that it is the Iranians and her allies that are seeking to wipe Israel off the Map. not the other way around. Israel recognizes Irans right to exist. Iran does not resiprocate. the arabs that seek the devastation of Israel unfortuneately have mistakenly forgotten one huge detail in their plans to destroy her! its not her missles. its her God! they better worry about! the God Of Israel never sleeps nor slumbers! I dont recomend that you make him angry! :)

        • MixMChess

          Israel has never tested, used or threatened the use of nuclear weapons. Israel has called for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East and has stated multiple times that it will never use a nuclear weapon first.

          Iran on the other hand, has waged war and made territorial claims to its neighbors including Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Iran has boasted that it will exterminate the state of Israel.