Barak Bolts Labor in Israel

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There’s a price—as noted, playing along with a delusive, U.S. and European-propelled approach to the Palestinians while leaving bad-boy Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel Our Home faction almost alone in speaking blunt truths. But with the Palestinian side, for any fair-minded observer—including much of the incoming Congress—blatantly indisposed to compromise, it’s a tolerable price for the time being.

Where, though, does all this leave Labor?

The question resonates deeply in Israel, since it was Labor that led the country for 29 of its first 30 years and is still associated with its founding and early triumphs.

Indeed, it was not for nothing that in this week’s press conference Barak claimed the newly formed party “will be centrist, Zionist and democratic and act according to the legacy of Ben-Gurion”—David Ben-Gurion having been Israel’s first prime minister and Labor’s dominant figure.

In other words, Barak was saying that to be true to Ben-Gurion—to Labor—one had to leave Labor.

Is he right? More so regarding Labor’s security legacy than its economic legacy.

Traditionally Labor was hawkish, realistic about Israel’s neighborhood and leading it to victory in the 1948, 1956, 1967, and—albeit much more problematically—1973 wars. But it was also socialist, saddling Israel with statist structures that it took Netanyahu’s reforms, as finance minister from 2003 to 2005, to partially remove.

In the 1990s, though, Labor, along with its economic leftism, embraced a political leftism in the form of the disastrous, bloody Oslo “process” with Yasser Arafat.

And it is Labor’s left wing today—the folks Barak and his allies have now abandoned—that, like other leftist circles in Israel, still clings to an ossified statism in economics and a reflexive peace-nowism toward the Palestinians and Syria.

Labor’s eventual demise, then, seems to have been written in its socialist genes. But as for an older time when socialists could also be fighting Zionists, the new Independence party—as a Labor offshoot—will make an important contribution if it can partially resurrect it.

And as for what’s left of Labor itself, it’s to be hoped that the Israeli public will keep it, and like-minded elements, electorally marginal.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    One of the biggest mistakes I see most Israel writers and supporters making when they write or speak about Israel today is that they do so in the political correct context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict being a regional conflict only or being a conflict limited to Israel and the so-called Palestinians.

    However, the truth is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is not really a regional conflict or a conflict limited to Israel and the so-called Palestinians. Indeed, it is not even a conflict at all, but instead a jihad of conquest being waged against Israel not only by the so-called Palestinians, but also by the entire Islamic world, as the so-called Palestinians are in reality the proxies of the Islamic world.

    Furthermore, that jihad being waged against Israel is permanent and will continue to be waged against Israel perpetually no matter what as long as Israel continues to exist. Hence, any and all so-called peace processes are really political ruses used to weaken Israel and to deceive gullible unbelievers, as again the jihad being waged against Israel is permanent and will continue to be waged against Israel perpetually no matter what as long as Israel continues to exist.

    In addition, that jihad being waged against Israel is also part of the greater global jihad at large, which like the jihad being waged against Israel, is also permanent in that it will continue to be waged against unbelievers perpetually no matter what as long as unbelievers continue to exist that haven’t been forced to submit to the authority of Islam.

    Hence, the jihad being waged against Israel at the same time is also being waged against all unbelievers around the world, and that means that all unbelievers, whether they realize it or not, also have a stake in Israel’s survival.

    Thus, if Israel writers and supporters of Israel want to help instead of harm their own cause they need to immediately cease portraying the jihad being waged against Israel in the wrong political correct context because that context plays right into the hands of those seeking the destruction Israel. Not only that, but if people around the world are made to realize that they also have a stake in Israel’s survival, then Israel will also naturally gain far more supporters in the long run as well.

    Indeed, Israel writers and supporters have been writing and speaking about Israel in the same political correct context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for decades. Yet, in each succeeding decade more and more people around the world have become anti-Israel. Hence, the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome.

    Thus, if Israel writers and supporters start presenting the jihad being waged against Israel in the proper and correct context and make it clear at the same time that the jihad being waged against Israel is also a part of the greater global jihad at large that not only targets Israel but also all unbelievers around the world as well, they will gain far more supporters for Israel in the long run because as a result people will understand that they too have a stake in the survival of Israel.

    Hence, this means dropping altogether the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict political correct context and adapting the correct and more accurate jihad model instead when writing and speaking about Israel.

  • Winnifred

    Most wonderful and important topics

  • dawning

    Well put Yomama. I like to say, there are ONLY 2 things anyone needs to know about isslime.1 Jihad, which is basically death to all non isslimes, and 2 taqiyya which is, we will lie to you until we become strong enough to do jihad on you…. And as many have said "Israel is just the cannary in the coal mine"

  • hijinx60

    When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill said that Japan had awakened a "sleeping giant'. Islamist terrorists used two jets on 9/11 to "bomb" the Twin Towers and America still hasn't awakened. What is it going to take until America see that these terrorists are a world problem. Israel and the USA are the two "devils" that the jihadists hate above all and are out to totally destroy. Obama refuses to see it and Netanyahu has made concessions to them that were useless in stopping them. Territory for peace, as called for by the USA, never lasted two weeks. Perhaps soon both giants will awaken and deal a death blow to these murderous cowards.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      That’s because we had a Leftist President masquerading as a conservative repeating ad nauseum that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists. Which is why instead of acknowledging the threat that Islam presents to freedom in the world and banning and reversing Muhammadan immigration, he instead like a Dhimmicrat on steroids doubled the size of the federal government via the creation of the massive Department of Homeland Security and the immense National Intelligence Directorate not only to ostensibly protect the homeland from Islamic terrorist attacks, but also to continue accommodating Muhammadan mass immigration with all its excess baggage.

      Of course, just like growing government is never the answer for anything much less protecting the homeland from Islamic terrorist attacks, it all miserably failed and today the homeland is just as vulnerable if not more vulnerable to Islamic terrorist attacks as it was on 9/11, as the Fort Hood Massacre, Christmas Day Bomber, and the Times Square Bomber all demonstrated. Meanwhile, we are in the process of bankrupting our country, which is one of the aims of OBL and AQ.

      Moreover, because he misled America so thoroughly, the vast overwhelming majority of Americans including most so-called Republicans today unfortunately still believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace™. Meanwhile, I’m wondering how many millions of dollars he collected from the oil rich Saudis and Gulf States emirs in return for his loyalty.

      • hijinx60

        Obama YoMoma : You are exactly right. I would add that this endangers Israel also primarily but also the whole world. I hope they impeach the Radical Muslim-in-Chief.

    • Richard A

      The TeaParty is getting there ..Christians in America are trying to bring back the values in new testement that paul was after but we know that those who fight or freedom to be their own Gods are always gonna be siding with socialistic values that are not good work ethic. and alotta folks will love the evil of their own judgement ..It repeats itself alot through history . .. we're waking up we just repealed Obama care in the house yesterday and we goona keep crying out against the folks who wana side with things like sharia law and abortion and much more..